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Thursday, Mayl, 187W.
i boitom.
Hon. June Monroe Introduced aever
1 Bnia lMVTaeadftT, among which ia
on relating to telegraphic communica
tions, astd -ob to provida 'against the
nvLsi shwiills.g frooa the aatoof iatozie
ting drinks in the District of Colombia.
The remaindar, amoanting to eleven in
all, were of a private character, princi
pally to grant-penalona! In exceptional
caaee net provided for by exiating laws.
In the vital statistics found in the . re
port of oar Secretary of 8ute, it ia
demonstrated that persons having no oc
cupation at all axe more liable to dis
ease accident end death, than any clasa
of people who labor j and it ia also
shown that Ohlo'hai''?, larger propor
tion of bread-winner, n move- uniform
distribution of Intelligence end wealth,
and mere native white people ". ' among
her inhabitants than any like territory
in the world- - -' t
. Every boy In AnlTJaited States ought
to read regularly and carefully the , Con
gressional news of the day, the leading
speeches by "members of. .Congress, the
arguments Mof .political disputants. It
'would be a good educator, help them to
an intelligent opinion, of, bt. patriot
ism consists, and enable thera .to be
their own judge of wh ia right when
they come to be V&tf-;Lt the. stories
and the light trash go, read that which
Is of aufioient importaiMe te pass' into
4 .
What bias become of all the prophet
who predicted hri- tUnea and general
financial ruin upon the return to specie
payment Yfltb.' resumption accom
plished, publla debt refunded at an an
nual aavlng to the government, In in
. tercet, of $7,000,000 sad business im
provlna' wbo can say that the finan
cial principles and practices of the lie
publican party have not been vindicat
ed T, .pecretaxy Sherman J, one. of the
few men who has lived long enough to
receive the credit he deserves from his
conatrvmea Instead of having- to wait
fbf ntatdy' recognition at the hinJs of
t utose generations.
lnf ru.l
Sha question iwas asked through the
Sirramnusn some time' rtnoe "Who Is
KlXojtrj.abo .U In :Cbarg pf the
Toledo hatoheries, we preen me could
; gH V lnUoii required. In 1875
JqEi FW iSoberit Cumminga and
John, H. KUppart were the Fish Com-
mtaloaera knd'' located th- hateherles
' ai'edoCJleveland, Keller'a ' Island
andCaitaiia. pn 1$, Sterling, was in
charts of; tha one at Cleveland. At
the fisbflIes last yjear white fish sold at
tiree "seata peirnd'l The', Cincinnati
Commercial of .April 86th ceo Ulna an
,v article-, CfoM af CMerestiog Information
. op fish cnituraln Ohfo? from which we
glean the shove facts, . v. (; i .
--Wo' are1 TOder1 special obligations to
Congressman Vonroe foe a copy of the
American .- Almanaa for 1879, a bound
volume full of" tabulated Information
ana'jststics.' .and ' Invaluable.. In 'a
newapaaet ofBce. fie has oar thanks
alaa for'itbe Coagreeaional Directory
and cotnes of the: Becbrd,. the r last of
which in these sUrrlng. tlmea we Uke
a.apeelal: interest -In reading. The
Congressional proceeding ought to be
read close! j b fx; Rvef Pf; hIs coun
try., r If we, have not already fallen up
o evU jUmes. there is great danger and
need WcMrUoa lest we losethe re
aUs W lb " war as,, has ' recenUy' been
ser,'si times. threatened b!y ex-members
o the.-ionederacy. ' In many- things
the sptrit 'of tebelHon can be as dis
tfttjttj TepTxedas In . the days of
185ft au4 1860,1 1' ft U of W use to try to
Ignorefeke -fact -that the South la deter
mined to rule" the "nation! and win If
thf rtft''pbt beaUr hersel;; ,7;
vl l;,wasaananan. snaasaasn sans sane . :
-iTBTff'Bainond' J Ames,' D. ! D
hop'oe; ' l Church; . died.' ,lu
Baamore,-April.25U, la hia. 73d year.
His grandfather was ' Chaplain' with
XibUigtoy.aapey Jorge, anidied
there.1 Ifiahop - Acaea was an Ohioan,
educated ",a.7 Athens, waa , :a" teacher, an
lU;era4 preacher, 'an4, for four years
ISsaianasy: v Secretary, -during a which
time traveled ever 2S)0O milea. Ha waa
first JChaplam' choaen, by, the Choc?
; tarsr Indiana, and established schools
- angthebes'-srest of the "Arkansas
Bivstvja ojie.,'iras 'in, 'Baltimore
. darbrg- the cwar, and- his iafiuenoe end
aft'ttoea In support of the TJnion can ae
were htghly esteemed by the govern
merit ' He was a -strong man, of supe
rior executive ability; had -great knowl
edge, of men and knew: how -to direct
themT'as' n" fotclMe speaker,' an ae
cmplisaed achplar, a versatile writer,
and a man Meminently useful to religion
. We are not;aurprlaed thai a loyal
, northern Democrat should repudiate the
teachings of the Okalone (Miss.) fiutes
Ia fact It la rather commendable to their
inteOlgenoe and patriotism, but would it
not be at well to go a' JIttle farther in
the direction of eaador end admit that
iris a faithful exponent of Confederate
sentiment, endorsed, by scores of the
leading journals of that section, end we
are ashamed to say,1 by n number of
Democratic journals in the North!
. Ye oould fill columns with notices In
proof of the truth of this statement.
and bur reanect for the intelligence of
the sverage editor is too great to allow
us to believe in his honesty and truth
fulness when he denies Jt. The
tion that it Is n sheet edited by en Ohio
carDet-bajraer. and DubllAhed in the in
terests 6f the. Republican party and
.supported by their money as a campaign
document, is not sustained by the facts.
It is edited by Col. A. T. Harper, a na
tive Southerner end. Confederate, sol
dier, and W. H. Keman. an Ohio copper
head during the war. 'By what rule all
the treasonable ntteranees of their sheet
can be exeiUtJ'li tbeOeio carpet-bagger
hea he has aa aaaiatant equaUixeepon
aiUe. who Is, and was an unmitigated
rebel, ia more than we can understand.
Such n dodge as that to shield the
Confederate! la a nttle-lhln, and no
Democratic editor can' look at hia Image
in a glass and say that without smiling.
Extracts from. '.ten prominent papers
published In Its own State, Mississippi,
pronounce It a "Simoa pure Democratis
paper;" "one of the purest and best;"
which "circulates in twenty-five States;'
"ranks with the first of Southern news
papers," and delivers "cool, steady
sledgehammer blows in the interests of
Democracy." Papers of other South
ern States apeak in like high terms of
its ability and influence, and even a
Democratic paper in Ohio pronounces it
'one of the ablest, as it is one of the
truest Democratic papers in Mississippi.'
The Memphis Avalanche itself, Demo
cratic, says, "The States makes no dec
laration that was not strenuously pro
claimed by the Bourbon organs- of the
South before policy called a halt, and
that its editors differ only from their
fellow Bourbons in refusing to 'surren
der their convictions to real or supposed
partisan exigencies." , , Notwithstanding
all this and much more that ia well
known by every reading man, we expect
to hear it still asserted that the "'States"
does not represent the .feeling of the
South, and all statements to the contrary
pronounced : malicious Republican lit a
circulated for partisan purposes.
"How we Saved the Old Farm, and
how it Became a New Farm," is the ti
tle of e pleasant volume published : by
A E. Loring, Boston, in paper covert
at 80 cents.;. -It shows how the
young sons of a' widow, aided by their
mother and sister, paid oil a mortgage
oh the homestead,' and by much con
sulting of agricultural publioationa and
of .a practical and prosperous uncle
who was also a farmer, made a valua
ble" and productive farm out of one
that bad been considered almost value
less beforj. The book is full of hints
and helps to young fanners or the own
er of a few: acres, . and would . delight
and Instruct any boy or girl, - man or
woman, who has a liking for a snug
home and .wants to know how at the
same time to attain comfort and to
make money. If there had been a few
of the ordinary hindrances to prosper
ity in .dealing with the .elements and
the soil it would seem truer to nature.
How to manage a few million of potato
bugs, and as many grass-hoppers, . the
best way to evado the ravages of birds
and mice In field and fruit, bow to con
tend successfully with rust and .blight,
with drouth and flood, and raise profita
ble crops ' in spite of the innumerable
company of bugs' and worms that stand
ready for every tender leaf and vine is
the srer-recurring problem with western
farmers; - But the book is an excellent
one in '.lis line,' and. .worth' much more
than the half dollar it costs.. . .;. .
The Case in a If ut-shellv '-"'
We quote from a speech of Hon.,: Hi
ram race, or lows, m ue nonse oi
Representatives,' the following which .
gives a deer view of. the question on ac
count of .which this extra session of
Congress" waa called. The reader can
judge, whether the. Interests ' Involved
are sufficient to . justify the expense to
the country : ' " -:'
"The whole question that haa caused
this failure to pass the appropriation
bills in this Fcrty-fifth Congress, and
haa called together at this, expense of
time and money the Representatives of
the people from different parts of the
Union In this extra session, ia simply a
question whether we will vote the sup
plies to keep the machinery of the Gov
ernment ' In ' operation . ' When it comes
to be divested of all the . trimmrngr and
Until foreign to the real question is
sue it amounts to this: that the "Republi-,
can party (and I read f rem the bill, that
there may be no mistake) aay that
i Kw? offleer of the Army or Navy, oc oth
er persons In thn elvU,-military or . naval
service of. the United States,.. who orders,,
brings, keeps, or has under his authority or.
control any troone or armed men at any
place where a general or special 'election is
held In airy Stale, unless snch force be nee-eMary-to
repel armed enemies of tbe United
States, or to keep tbe peace at the polls,
HhaU be fined not mora than S5.00O, and ioN
fer imprisonment at hard labor not lata
than three months nor more than ftve years.
Divested. at all surplusage,, the Re
publican party aay that none of these
things shall happen tinder a penalty of
fine and imprisonment unless it be; nec
essary. But I ask gentlemen en the
other aide of the .Chamber, jn . all good
faith, and honesty, are they prepared, to
say that if it Is necessary this shall not
be done? In all this discussion and I
want to bring this before the committee
and before the country no one man up
on the 'other side of the Chamber haa
had the courage 'to- say that In ease
there ia a necessity for It, it should not
be done. ;' But in general terms gentle
men on the other side propose to strike
from the law these monosyllables, 'or to
keep the peace at the polls;'" the effect
of which would bethatno power, civil
or otherwise, shall be used, even if nec
essary. ' This Is" the difference between
the Democratic and Republican parties
on this bill; 1 Republicans say the peace
shall be kept at the polls and" good citi
zens protected In their rights, and that
force shall be used. If necessary. ' The
Democrats say it shall not. '" '
The principal object I have In taking
the floor at this time is, to make this
matter plain to the people of the coun
try, because it is very evident that the
whole object of this discussion and the
failure to pasethe bill In the Forty-fifth
Congress and the efforts to defeat its
passage In this Congress is to make po
litical capital for elections in the future.
Nobody will dispute that ; it is patent to
- The battle-cry, the slogan of the dem
ocratic party is "free elections ;" and the
attempt is made to create the impression
that as a consequence, if they are in
favor of free elections, then we, aa a re
publican party, are opposed to free elec
tions. Well, the only difference, Mr.
Chairman, ia this we are in favor of
free elections for honest men, raw-abiding
citisens, order-loving people of the
land who are entitled to the use of the
ballot ; and on tbe other side they are in
favor of free elections for men who do
not obey the lawa, for men who are dis
loyal to the country, for men whose bus
iness it is to see that the ballot-box ia
not kept pure but ia corrupted, that
there shall neither be a fair vote or a
fair count. .1 make this charge fearless
of successful contradiction. The history
of the country in tbe past and the prac
tices in the present justify me in tbe dec
laration. To-day, while we are discussing
this question upon this floor, there are
men in the Atlantic eltiea of this Repub
lic who are hidden away in the dark
alleys, in the 'dtn " and in the cellars,
who,, when night draws her sable cur
tain over the earth, will swarm out of
their hiding-places to prey upon honest,
law-abiding citieena. Every one of these
men wishes the democratic party suc
cess in the repeal of this part of the
election lawa. Every ballot-box atuffer.
every repeater, every rough, every thoit
boy, every white-Bner, every Vdesd
rabbit" every man of this disreputable
class, by whatever namea you character
ize them, wishes you success In this en
terprise and Is aiding and abetting yott
in lurtheranoa of your; project. Now
remember 1 do not say that ell the men
who are la favor of this project are of
w I - 1 . . .7 . w ,
uita ctaaa ; 1 am giaa to say inai sucn is
not the case ; but I reiterate that all this
class of men I have enumerated are in
favor of the repeal of this part of tbe
election lawa. And the democratic par
ty in this House say that these laws
shall be repealed even if, by so doing,
roughs, rowdies, repeaters, bullies and
ballot-box staffers take 'possession of the
polls and drive peaceable and good citi
eena from tbem. And they also say
that in order to compel compliance with
their demand they will withhold the
needed supplies for carrying on the Gov
ernment ; that the Army shall be dis
banded; the courts shall hold no aessions;
and that lawlessness - may run riot
throughout the land unchecked. The
republican party have opposed this doc
trine to the extent of their power and
will continue to do so and appeal to the
sovereign people to decide which ia right.
Pioneer Life in Lorain County,
In August 1880 1 came from Erie Co ,
N. T., making the trip with horses and
wagon. The condition of the reads is
atill fresh In my memory, on account of
their primitive state. : Such cities, how
ever aa Erie and Dunkirk had .! good
roads. Arrived at Cleveland,: a place of
much note, and found a small collection
of buildings; wood color.. We crossed
the mouth oc ue uuyanoga on ft noat
just long enough to take on a team and
wagon, the boat Demg arawa oy ft none
on the opposite aide. . We passed on to
Avon township, end stayed there until
February 1821, then- removed to the
northwest corner of Carlisle, ' West
Ridjre, and one mile west of the present
County Infirmary. Elyria at that time
was composed ot ft aoren utile nuts,
and gave small promise of the beauti
ful town that it now is. We began in
the woods without one acre of Improve
ments, built a log house' with a dutch
fire-place; that is, logs were taken out at
one end of the house f pace 5 feet long
and four feet high and filled in with
stone, then stick- chimney covered
with clay mortar extending up through
the roof. . The hearth was of common
stone picked Up In the woods. Pots
and kettles were hung over the fire by
means of ft chain attached to a long
pole placed across the chimney several
feet above. Baking in those days was
done in kettles set on ft bed of coals,
and the cover also spread with coals.
After a few years a clay oven was con
structed large enough to contain aix or
eight loavca at one time.. The great
difficulty . was. however, to get some
thing to cook and to wear. My father
once went on foot from Uarlisle to Avon,
then worked to pay for a bushel of com,
which he took on hia ahonlder to mill,
got it ground and then carried it home,
a distance of twelve or fourteen milea.
-' At one time as he was passing through
a lire piece of woods he saw three
young bears Jot before him. His dog
immedi(.telv attacked one of them and
made-rich s noise 'that the old' bear
bounded in from the underbrush and
made short work of - that battle. It ap
peared that there would' be- very little
left of the dog, and as be could not get
bold of anything to ' defend "himself
with .be shouldered his 'corn meal and
made tracks, fearing he might share the
fate of the - dog., He saw no more of
the bear, but what was left of the dog
overtook him after he ; had . travelled
about two miles.; .-, Ho recovered ; and
helped to kill ft number of bear after
that, with the aid of ft rifle well manned.
In reviewing these early times . I
would not give a dark shade to the ex
perience of the pioteers. ' We were per
haps as happy and contented aa people
in these days, ; My father had a large
family to support i his Chiiaren number
ing aboat one-half of those enumerated
for school purposes, and be, consequent
Iv had to pay one-half the expenses of
the district ... school .' for many, years.
It looks .to me how that it would ' be Im
possible for a man to provide food . and
clothing for such family, and he could
not if i tbe same luxurious tastes and
babita had pro vailed then aa now.
i We raised flax, and the women spun.
wove and made cloth tor summer wear.
My mother would do her housework and
spin two run s 'in ft day on a small or
large wheel. .: - !... t. ;
- My father waa a .shrewd hunter of
deer, ' beer,;, wolves, . raccoon, wildcat.
fox i Ac- The flesh of the deer answered
in the place of beef and pork, and as he
knew how to tan their skins,- he furn
ished us a large portion of our clothing.
I wore out seven pairs of leather panta
loons from the time 1 waa six until 1 was
fourteen .years' old. Wolves were very
thick and my father was very successful
in trapping them. The bounty on their
scalps waa seven dollars, the hide was
worth one dollar. 1 '
' We added also to our slender income
by gathering shack nuts. Cranberries
were .abundant; I knew my father to
seU at one time one hundred bushels for
seventy-five dollars. , All were picked in
one week s time by members oi bis lam
ily. Chestnut and hickory nuts were
worth from 87 cents f to one dollar a
bushel. - Nearly all of these were gath
ered by the children. Black salts was
the currency of the country, and were
worth from 8.89 to $3.75 a hundred
d -rands J" ' ' '.'- ".' '
Our stock would winter Itself with the
help of about four ears of corn a day te
each animal. Hoirs would get fat on
shack. In favorable seasons we made
large quantities of maple sugar,1 worth
at that time about five or six cents a
pound, taking four pounds to buy one
yard of cotton cloth. '
The timber was largely chestnut and
white oax. inesinut made into sum
gles sold readily for one dollar and fifty
cents, i thousand..'; White wood was
worth from aix to ten dollars a thousand
feet.. We hauled some of it with an ox
team to Ashland and exchanged it for
wheat, taking four daya to make the
trip.. W. HH. Bctufv.
Troth comes to us as gold is washed down
the mountains of the Sierra NcTndns, in
minnte but precious particles, and is still
truth, though it be found at the bottom of
an oil well, like Carbolme the great -natural
luiir restorer, which effectually pre
vents the falling ont of the hair, the necora
nlittions of dandruff, and the prenintnre
clianjre in colorduetoadifeased condition
of the Kcaip and the plant's which nourish
the hair. It is well known that the most
beautiful colors are made from prtrolpum,
and by some mysterious operation of na
ture the o'e of this article prndunllj im
parts a brantiful light brown color to the
hair, which, by continoed asc, deepens to
a black. The color remains permanent
for an indefinite length of time, and the
change is so gradual that the moat intimate
friends can scarcely detect its progress.' In
a word, it is the most wonderful discovery
of the age, and well calculated to make
the prematnrely bald and gray rejoice.
Carboline is put up in a neat and a I trac
tive manner, mid sold by all dealers in
Iross and medicines.
. Sudden Cbacfres
In the weather bring on acute attacks
of Catarrh, and render chronlo eases
much worse. The Constitutional Ca
tarrh Remedy brings relief at once. It
is for sale by Everett A Starr, Welling
ton, and Strong, Cobb & Co., Cleve
land. :
' Sfcewld be provided with si relte
j. aUe tnedielae te treats smell eessea
fiae constantly eeea ia he e
(holds. Sueta a, remedy eneeUd
'eesnblne heeling, aeetntatc said
estratlve properUesv Ns medici
nal preparation haa ever been
dieeeTcred which combines
theee 1st each at degree aa
r haa been so
in( never and
Neuralgia, : .
Sore Throat,
Lame Back,
Toothache, ..
; Kidney
neeefnl in cnr
ehreaie esse en of
Ague in Face,
Catarrh,. .
Where this medicine haa
aee waed me other will take its
place. It la eaie, nxreeeble end
powerful. He latammatien or
pain eaa exist where the Curm
ttve baa heess weed as we direct,
It ia the heat PAH KI1.LEK ever
Invented. j" "
Sold by all Drngglsta.'
LAKGE NEW 8IZEV SO cents and $1.00
. i n
Celebrated American' ;' ' '
THE countenance is pale and leaden
colored, with occasional flushes, or
a circumscribed spot on one or both
cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pu
pils, dilate; an azure semicircle runs
along the lower eye-lid ; the nose is ir
ritated, swells, and sometimes bleeds ;
a swelling of the upper lip ; occasional
headache, with humming or throbbing
of the ears; an unusual secretion of
saliva; slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning;
appetite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a gnawing sensation of the stom
ach, at others, entirely gone; fleeting
pains ' in the - stomach;" occasional
nausea and vomiting;. violent pains
L throughout the abdomen; bowels ir
regular, at umes costive; sioots sirmy;
not unfrequently tinged with blood;
belly swollen and hard; urine turbid;
respiration occasionally difficult,; and
accompanied by hiccough ; . cough
sometimes dry and convulsive ; uneasy
and disturbed sleep, with frnnding of
the teeth ; temper variable, but gener
ally irritable, ore 1 ' . '
' Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist, .
." . will certainly effect a cure. .
in any form ; it is an innocent prepara
tion, net capable of doing the slightest
injury to the most tender tnfitnt. t , .
. The genuine Dr. McLane's Ver
mifuge bears the signatures of C Mc-
Lake' and Fleming Bros, on die
wrapper. ( ::0:
: DR. C. tfolltVNZrS
are not recommended as a remedy " for all
the ills tbat flesn is Heir to," bat in attecuons
of the liver, and in all Bilious Complaints,
DvsDcrisia and Sick Headache, os diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
' No better cathartic can be ascd preparatory
to, or after taking yuinme. 1
' As a simple purgative they ire uneqoaled.
i , The Pennine are never sarar coated. -
Each box has a red wax seal on the lid with
the impression Da. McLane's Lives Pills.
Each wrapper bears the signatures of C
JJCLANK awt t lemino Hros. ;
. Insist upon ha vine the genuine Dr. C Mc
Lane's Lives Pills, prepared by Fleming
Bros., of Pittsburgh. Pa, the market being
full of imitations of the name JklcLane,
spelled dinerently but same pronunciation.,,
Surgeon ' Dentists.
., i
Do not neglect to care for and ao lose
your teeth. .A small amount of money
expended to keep them in good condi
tion Is a good Investment. 1 We keep
Tooth Brushes, Powder" and Mouth
Washes and will be glad to select for
each of our patients jast such as their
care demands.
This is tbe time of the year to have
your bad teeth removed before the cold
weather comes and they begin to ache.
We make Gold, Silver, Continuous'
Gum and Celluloid Plates (besides oth
er kinds), but And Gold a much better
base for artificial teeth than Rubber.
Examination and counsel free.
. We will be glad to work for any who
may desire our services.
' Teeth extracted without pain by (he
use of Nitrous Oxide Gas. 9-3m ,
Holbrook Bbothbrs. D. D. 8.
rony !x fotmd rm
AM lit UfcO. r.
nowiLt, a cos
NewopMper AdrertisinK
inn I
niveau (10 8pruee
tMiftei , wiMire ourur
1 isinv enntmrta may
(m luatlo lor it in.
MADE IN A B1XQLE DAT. Jaa. .loth, by
an airent. ft-nd 1 c ol St. mD for DutlrnlM.
Kbt. B. T. Bt'CK, Mlltoo. FaajrlYanU.
All Soldtera, wounded or injured, can now
obtain pennions, under the new law to date
from discharge. Address at once with stamp
for blanks and aew soldier's circulars.
11S Smlthfleld 8L, Pittsburg, Pa.
tSyOldest claim agency in the State.
or a cop? or r itbdical covmow erwsn
BOOK to an? paraoa .ufferlna with Couamptloa.
Asthma, Catarrh, Bronchi la, L.-aaof Voles or Born
Throat. Bend nne and post ofltae addma, with two
throe-cent poataira stamp and stata yovr sickness.
The book Is elegantly Illustrated. (144 pp. u mo.
IK7D) . The Information H eontalna. Is the p orldeaoe
or Ood, has eared man. Urea. The author has been
treating disss are of the Noes, Throat, and Luna-, as
a special pracuos la Clnrtnnsii staos 1837. Address
SR. V. B. WOLF. Cincinnati. Ohio.
j Important !
,- '-.. I- -- '-m . ..
new . ;
J;-' NEW . '
I ' .i:
'If !
' AT "'
; i i . . i
55 OOe'S.
CORSETS of all kinds. - The
best in town for 50 cents. "
A new lot of espeoially
' . desirable . colors and ' , .
.I '; quality, cheap. .
A new lot, of HOSIERY, very
cheap, in Ladies1, Misses'
li and Children's. : ,
i",: : ' i : g1 .variety. "
A lot of Children's Hose, job,
- 1 at 10 cents. ' '
reerlesa Carpet Warp at 18c.
. ' . .'';;;' -i i ,
Drsss Goods -
Of every style and quality, at prices to salt
the purenaser comprising unci
Silks, very low; Black Cashmeroe) th best
everenerea onerea ia sain. wm . w
money. ...... i .
- -L. Ae T Vn.al anil DaTDU
tic Drees Goods is verv full and complete,
and at prices that can nor fail to saUsly the
demands of all.- r , . . .
Domestic Olnft-hams ia large quantities
fmn ten eaata to ashilUasT.
Prints ra great variety, from four to eignt
. e ..ii. :i.u....kf a .f .xnlaT. In rrl V Inw
i . . wk k.t-,hlMi1iMl enlton at 6s
Xenta aver offered at that peiee. Poerleas
wraps-at 90 cents. . .i- . -.- . i
: Cloths and Casiumeres.
can make up to order at price that cannot
M. ,s a. 1 T.. .om.t. t-lsnsw sfsff sfaVsMnAtJnlsl
sail w pmew wuiuauia T T
.a a .1 . na akMfl sli11Hralsl WaUr.
UaOUUDHtlur euven ese ------- - --- j
Aiao- a Terj targo wwi.utwa
Cloakinga and an unuBually Urjce atock of
f ws) a 1 M rkAMH41s B Is aa wl sa fltlsft asVaV.
eortment selected with Rreat care.
. .. . ' ' . . . ill. 1 ' . I;. '
Ourlsiaen. Stools...!
. .: .1 . ..... k i..i :ii;.il..
Table Linen from 25 cents upward. ' Nap
kins unprecedently low. Towellngs of beau
tiful quality, and of every grade. , Handker
chiefsa very fine stock. Some sslow as
four cents each. -...
. : -. .
XTotlons. .
.-! : . .- i i y . .-. ,. .-..
' We carry a full line of notions' consisting:
of Hosiery, Gloves, Collars and Cuffs. La
dles' Neck Wear, etc., also a very 'rKe
stock of Robert's Needles and - Cutlery
which are guaranteed to please ta every re
spect. They are the very best in the world.
Our atock of
ZZardware V
and Crooorios
Is ample and the prices suited to meet the
want ot everybody. An elegant stock of
choice - j .
Carpets and
Oil Cloths.
Our spring; stock of
-. . . i . . .-. . .. .
Comprise, a fiae assortment of custom
made Clothing;, at prices so much below
those previous to the war aa to astonish any
whose memory may extend back so Ions; a
time. Also Hats, Caps, Gloves, Underwear
and Gents' Furnishing Goods.
department this sessoa we have obtained a
lartrer and better selected stock of the newer
styles than ever before. We have Ladies',
MUses' and Children's Shoes, also Men's
and Boys' Boots and Shoes, which we can
sell greatly below any former Ujrures. In
fact in all departments prices are more fav
orable for the purchaser than have been
known for years. i;
Tbe citisens of Wellington and vicinity
will do well to look over our stock before
purchasing. We will try to please all in
showing goods and making prices satlsfac
tory. . ,. .
Baldwin, Laundon & Co.
I-- -J"' h: i in I i-'',.1-
r a t. & fr.
Custom BHiMe
The Sest Known to the trade.
Utica N.T. ICllSf or Wamsutta 2400 "Isinenr ! $25.00
If unlaundried a reduction of $3.00"per dozen.',:
The "Diamond" is the leading
and does the bulk" of - the custom
eastern cities. We furnish a
$5.00 per dozen cheaper than the small factories and guarantee
perfect fit and satisfaction.,;," Measures taken at the New York
Clothiner Mouse. . mi--. .. '
-.I Ji.iul:
An 'agent wanted in this locality
The former high priced
Tbbroasbly warrsnted
fc.eiimi.itwn bpiwio , wu mj r wi s. (
: Ajid no oblixatkm t. keep ooe. If Dot arrrn thaA any machtM joa erer bad. ' w '.;'T
Every Family can now own' a Firstclass.Seng Machine
e...i..tu. n
The Old'Favonte iuid
Sewmff ; Maonine 320
cannot make 'a "better
The Highest Piemium, Awarded the Stitch at the Centennial. .it u
A Strictly First-Class Doable Thread Lock Attteh M actinia, more eompleto In eanlpments
say ether, and oomhlnlna all toe laic ImprOTesnems, srUhtlisold and .ell-tried quaUUc ,.,vS
Faithful Family Sewlnt-slaeblne In erery sense of the word that ran. smooth and doe. erery descrip
tion of plain or fancy sewing- with ease and certainty aostronc sod well made, and so UtOToasBly tested
while ta nee tor years In Thousands of Families, tbat each machine that leaves oar Fsctorr Is warranted for
Are years, and kept la order f r.-e of charge. Mone;
compaalod by s more complete oatst of aumeroas sad
extra chsnre) thsa Is alveo with .oy other machine at
DUCU 1. fSlCS 111 1WWI UILQW A 1.1. OTH.B
quaiitirs than these of doosie the price: L.18BT ahd
Aaxa. never out of order. BsnM and certain la
make s noise Win, Last for Tsab. Is ready la
never asiui wwr. napm
Double Thread Lock Stlteh. alike on both sldn of the
and Ptrena Needle. Extrm Lone, Lanss. easily threaded
Hobblna canable of holdln. one I
ctvlns It many desired quNlttte. and j
undrcd Tarda of thread.
clple and In point of coastiuctlon. Uas It one. and yon
lltOBeaand TOn
c capacity for
nmaij uincnc orarn auu oi-utct sw-nun. rnn mancmunts offered' uirgrinea-Teacaera, tlanPSS
Men, etc Illustrated nook, sample, of work. VBh price list, etc. fr-e. sale delrrerr of Koods ausranteed
rLACls. Mew York. 9
The New Era
' Is made from choice-- '
-White Winter Flint Wheat V
By Putnam's Patent Process of Prepar
ing, Steaming, Drying and Roasting,
and Is a perfectly pure article,, free
from any adultt-ration whatever...,
...It can be used by those' who cannot
use Imported CoflVe. and contains vir
tues .- and health-prod ucin element
not possessed by tea or: coffee,-
- Physicians univereally.liidorse It as a
healthful table drink. A 'prominent
physician and surgeon of San Francis
co, Cal., writes us, '-U.U the ,ypnder
of the Age!" ....... t,;t .7 .i.r- J.'-, ;
.."What the People Say'of ItV;
' Havmg used the New Ersv Coffee. : for the
past year, I believe t its general introduction
will prove a permanent good. -. , L -
,u , L.M.LEE
.: Dorchester, Sept, Sd, 187,,4, 1 t
Having used It rn my family' for" the past
?-ear and tested Its excellent qualities; I be
leve it la a real sanitary boon to people frun
erallv. - A FRED O. QARRA.TT, ja.'U- j
87 Hoylston BL, Boston. - . ..,-. ti ..it..i ;
I consider it a most . heathful and' nutrit
ious beverage and free from all t,he injurious
ffeCto 01 te"nd JEDWABD 'TAflit'
82 Commonwealth At., Boston.ajsy 29, "TO.
- For ten months I have drank the New Era
Coffee. The palpitation of the heart, which
I have experienced Irons drinking Java Cof
fee has entirely, ceased.. I think it excellent
... N..W. 8TKAK8.
Vft Columbus Ave., Boston nay 20th, 1.878.
t have ued the New Era" Coffee ' for' the
past nine months, and so much - pleased with
it that I intend drinking It Constantly.. 1
Nepoa set, July 18th, 1878. - n: i.-. .. ...
' i tor sale br W( W. Haevkt. .r'
.D. Ta Icier, D.D.S.
.. .. . 3 1 .
V Successor to fir. JVJ. Stedmsn. ''
; ... -. . . Ml ; t. .1 nl ;
Especial attention given to tlie
Prosorvatioix of Hie
XTatural Teotlx
By filling and cleaning.
Inserted upon all the various bases ; s
"' known to the profession.' i
All Diseases that Lead to It, each as
Coughs, Colds. Bronchitis, and all'
Diseases of the Lungs, -
Has beeome know and aoprectsted ia every sowa
snd vlllsgxi throuahout the Lotted Slates and Domin
ion of Canada. Hundreds of t.to-.And of bottles
are snnually sold; sad thousands of wltaesses tsKlfy
to It. unequsll.-d power ta healing the dUeases It is
recommended fur.
It Is harmless to' the - most delicate child.
It contains no opium in any farm. '
SWDlreetlons seeompsay each bottle, tt is sold
by BMdlcroe dealers teuerally. am .
Calciaod IsTagiiooia.
Mors actoosble to the taste and smaller dose than
other Maamta..' : :. .; .
For sale in government stamped bottles, at
.. .druggists and country stores, and by .. ,
T. J. HUSBAND, Jr., Philadelphia.
M f i tJ'r
' per Doe,
2100 . ; 23.00
2000 - - - -20.00
1900 - '.4 '17.0
Bhirt - company .'of America
work in Nevr Yorlc and other
nicer shirt i. and f rpp. 3.00 to
.;.-;.; uwittt
nl; -i n.-.-u. i
a. m. ncca.
to supply the rapid deniand !
machines REDUCED to
and sent to yxm for
v. . . cw a?- '- '' '-iM vt
Reliable' STAND AED
!! v -
wo Stjpeeiob ! ! 1
I .'I
innhiii at nnv ntnofiTcD
bh eacn niacnine that leaves oar rsctory I
ey Ref ended at once If not perfectly 8ai
HmHtHsa. Xn ..Ir.a t. n.v fn. C .H
.tfefacLoi f- -Rl'
asefnl attach 'nenta fur 'all triads of work free ot
any prtca The otandsrd Machine has morcuaoot
atscnine is ac-
Kast BtXKrxe,' a child can nee tt;' Srcova a
a moment, and understood In an boar.
ao useless ecus or Can to wear cub-or
aoods fnwi.'.ansbrle to leather.,ases s .sort. -BtsalKht
, and understood In an hour, Mskt-s
i the
easily threaded shuttle. , With fw ,Ai-tomtic Tsnsiox. Large
Tarda of thread. - A fraV KtrAeir uaVhene with w.t- A nf ami.
- A La,
a wide ranM of work. It Is ih. smi si.i!liinfi I. nrln.
will use no other.
Will nw nn nth.r. lrrlM Aianta w.n.H. In Chi.
. ia-9yl . ... ;
Ayer's. Ague
hi "IT
!-iii Ca-ji.-jr'
Tor Fever J and' 'Afeae,' Txitermittem!
. Fever, Chill 1 Fever, Iteinitten,, Fever, j
. Dumb AKuePexiCKlipr BTlipiijs Fever, l .
fie, arid sKleecV'ltl,afleHj6ni wbich, .
arise from malarious, znarah, or xaias-
matter TKwaona.ii tin-. '1--T n'::A
. ::i'"T)ils1.s romponna renshty prepared with. '
sclcntllkr skill from Tsertaiile faiKtedteuW, wfairh '
rarely fails to cure ,tlie, severest cases of dki)i
and Perrorana thc-roncomltAntejscoV.ts. 'rjikh 1
'a reined' the ttecessltie. of the people In fetnarM '
ous datniet. demand. ' Jts gstat swrtettarltywacaC '
any other medicine, yet discovered for tbe cur ,
of liilcrmlttcnu Is, tliit M contains no' q'nlujnc or
' miners!, anil thoib'Vlidtajio 'IrsJw'flffbin, :
danger of 'qntulsm or' any Itijiirlens-'cllectAi'Snd'
r!are as.haaltliy.aftec,i)fthiK H. as . bofone,. It, baa
, byen extensively eipploj-t.il iViriug die last lliirly -years
in the treatineot of these. iUstresslng 'dis-' '
orders, and so' unvarying ' has1 been tt sttcceVs
that It bo gained the reputation of beinf hlfcilfV-'
. bbs. It can,, bo, aafuly Keenunended as a, sure
.remedy sodecifi(;ur tbef over astd Ague of .
. the West, and Lbe Chills and Fever .of Uoi .
- South, which, once broken, np by 'ft,' do not '
retnrn unui the disease Js again contracted.' "
i o ..--;.-f .: li. life lni;,'i!,;
-Si: - The treat rasUry of saaordetu.whieti arsasj
. from the irritalssaiof -this poiaonsaslt as BTosa. ; .
rala-ta, lUseumatiana, Grat, HnadThn,; j
Blind ness, Toothache, Earache, Ca- ;
tarrh- 'Asthma, ' PaipltatloSi, ;- Spfemslo t
Asreeint, Hysrls aerate tfco ltcrwwi ;
ley Coil., -PMMiyala, aady- del unywot-nt of-
tbe Stomach, all of which becoui. kltermiMsnit . ,
, or fcriodical,. liave no speedier remedy than
ArEB'a Ague tBE, which cores them all alike,
and p'rdteels'ibc sf AHa from future sttacks.; 'AS ' ;
a prwcnrlve, tt I. tf Immense "service- In -those'' .
communities where Fever and Ajrwe prevails, :
. as It stays the development pf th disease If tneu
. on tlM first ajisjjroacb, of the premonitory symp? '.
', toma. travellers and ' temaorary rcaidenU ar !
' Inn. enabled to defy these, disorders, and tew '.
will ever suffer if they avail (bcmsetveS of the j
..iW'i lt !-1J : Jf ..i.-.,J-..T -iiJ-r'-i
, .... - For. JMvav Conaplalntsv Wnsj ,from !
torpidity, it is an excellent retnady ; it stipiulates.
this organ Into healthy activity, and' produces ;
snaay remarkable euros where etnas .Mssciaes ;
fail.(t-' '. 11 -i v'rfi.,; a Hivne ;
Prepaied ly Dr. J; G. Aycr tk Cbi I
Fraeticml and AstalyllcaJ Chsnalsts, j
, y ,. : o -HOWMZZ, MJUMi.''na?iiui. !
",'soto W au. naoooisTa xvwTwnsaaV'. i
Great : .Cause '
A Lecture on the Iff store. Treatment, snd ttadlca.
cure of Seminal Weakneaa. or epjermatorriusa, la
dueed by Self Abnse, Involuntary Emiaslons.. Imae
teney. Nervous Debl'lty, snd ImpedlmccU to Msr
rlaire generally: Consumption. Kpllepey. snd Fttj
Mental and Physical Incapacity, -sc. By KOBKKT
J. CULVk.fc.WKlX, M. B author of the Qreeo
Book." etc . ... !
The world-renowned author, la tilts' sdmtrsble Lee
tora, elearly proves from his own expertenee that the
awful consequeMx-s of Self -Abuse nisy be efl-ectusU
removed without medicine, snd without dangerous
uralcal operations, boogies, lnstrusseats, finals, oi
effectasl. by which every sufferer,
nointina- out s mode ot cure at c
lutlns out s mode of cure at once certain
aL bv which averv anSent-r. . ma matu..
what nu conauion uay oe, may cure himself
! cheap.
I-S I hi. Lecture wfll nmrs a annsi tn tbiSssssiSs
sndthonssnrta ,., , .i;i , . .,, .
Sent under seal. In a plain envelops, to any address,
post-paid, on receipt of six cents or S postage ""p. ,
Addres tbe Publishers. , .. ... f j
, Tie Ovorw-ell llolical Co.,' j
..... all. Ann St.. Hevv York,
P. O- Box 4S85. ... .,,', ,. '
S.CUissu.1 kleas.,
ja.cysjiirt.iir. aii
rH", C Sraaio ass
wsi. bbesoa,
ChmIaAa fr...
lAkal ul Oe.UA
shsl ss.4 nm aAUsr
SW Willi M SMI
'.Sk.r fMlS,SA-l
TSt-ASA, tSwaMl
.T." Vlwals r!0ti
P kx Private
Mfas sad aans Sm-Ls-tta.
A mi ms, srkjs SO
wau by S1.R. Mrsu.
M OT Sauar.. Pk,av;
slasy.-K MaiTissA, Or
K. af O.a.it..,
mma. at Terns sad,
Mnk-1; S Malik 1,
ok sad TAlAshls la-1
fcrfslli.,- wM immrv
BAStloa a e , s r keltor.
puSH-A-l. SV SmaII,
07AddnM. Pr. A. O.
JUJ t tmr, ac
Waiisutta fiuBL.iV b?Siu5k tnrti.f
arttyvalavae jrsw
tteSKl address oat
isllf uoracas, im vT.tnennitl.O
J. W. Wilbur's
Ch.ooso aotory
AND ..
,YnSfi!jr'T Y-: 'i"J.H5Utr.:f'-T
iL-ron '
.WfirmfZttt Ait r.Kii IV'.-
Cheese:. FtV",-'.;:
Curd Drainef&i i -:
Milk Cans,
-- fiJTr ff f i ,r?
Testing Inifrnments,
Thtrrnametet '
- Cujd. Knives,' fJ ;
, j Curd. JPcuh, yni t y
' fxlrpn, Clad Mili JBails,
SverTlbdzig that pertains
to the- raftnuf acturefbl cheese
andf butter" furnished at ' "the
lowest prices. Oppoeite-,fle
American House, Wellington.
". -. i..... i .'H.l.!'i- 7'iA'i.'
- - -..l:-- : f
ADptraed extract of Petrolenm,
Tttrfriilj -Articie that Will Be
storo Hair on Bald Heads.
Wlta thVlTorld has btten
1 -lifanting for Centuries.
c-lMl 1-.. , .1 i ,1.1 i -i-,,w.il
krge portion of hatmtnlty Is coBccrned. Is CAVt
BQLrSK. an article prepared front petroSennt, and
which effects" s complete and radical cure in case of
baldness, or waste the asSri ewing to diseases of
tbe scalp, has become thin And. tends to fall oat.
It U slso a spsedj iwpjss ve while Its use ae- .
cares a lnxnriaat growth of hair, tt also brings back
tl)e!jiatiiral color,' Wkagtvos'the most compleessBt.
lsisciloeAn the using. '-, The fslllng ont of tbelunr,
the accumnlstlons of ciasdraS, snd the premature
change in color aieall efWences of. B dlsessea epn
dlcioa of the scalp and tbe glands which nourish the
hair. To arrest these caasea the. article need mast
peestss medical ss well ss chemical virtues, snd the
chainre must bctla janrirttbe sl to be of
nent and lasdng.benellt. , Such aa article. ia CAB
BOliS, and. like 'many other wonderful dScev
eriesTU'is found- to consist of elcmenU almost la
Ijh.eir natural state Petroleum oil Is tbe article
which is made to work such extraordinary results ;
bat it is aftet it has 'been' chemically treated and
completely deodorised that it la la proper condition
forth toilet. , ; W Was .tat fs-o Easvis that the
effect of petroleum upon 4Jie hair was fret observed,
a Government officer bavilife noticed that a partially
bald-beaded servant of bis, when trimming he
sunns, bad a habit of wiping his oU-besmosred
hands in his scanty locks, trad the result was in a
few months s moca aner head of black, glossy hair
rbaab swieiVJlsvell was tried on
tsaisi sail isafliihssarisa.il Inst tnidr hsfl tie
esttle-Bsarae, and tbe seentm were e rsasd satbey
were man sssnsj' Tbeaiaiv snd essm tae tsfls xf
horses, which had f allea eat, were : coaaplatelr re
stored Id a fis aeelLS. - These cAptrimeats were
heralded to tba wssleVmtthe, knowledge was prac
tically n selena to the prematnrely bald and pay, as
ao one la err Uized society, eooU tolerate the aee of
refined petrolemn is s aresssoj fbr the hair. Bnttbe
akfll OT one of onrsAernrrlrssl sweroosne ttaardia
ealty, and by sproti sshassra. only to sAnscifn
has, after very elabofstesM cosily upsilnreuts, sno
ceeded in deodortaiag reSsed. petruleam, which
renders it susceptible of being handled as daintily
M the f smous a it cdoqnt- The experlmeats with
the deodorised liquid on tbe ianma hair were d
tended with thejmost astonishing result. A few
spplicattona, where the hair was thin and fairing,
gav remarkable tone, and vigor to tae ' scalp and
hair. t Every parUde of .dandruC dissppesri on
the first or second dressing, and the liquid so search
ing hi Its natare, seems US pan trite ta th roots t
once, and set op a tadical chanfo from tb startit
is well known, that th aadss. bcaatilal colors, are
saatbv from' petroteam, aad. by sasasT aaysteriooa
spsrstioo of natare, the use of this article grads
snyTmparis a tsosntlTal Kght-browa cotor to the
hair which, by continued twedeepens to a black.
The color remains permanent f or aa indefinite length
of tiase.and.tha change ia so gradual that the most
intimate menus can scarcely uewci u, yne,
In a word. It Is the most w-osvdertat diseasn of
the sxe.nnd weU calenlatM to aaaa ta
rarely bald and gray rejoice,-' ' -"
We advise our readers to give It a trial, feeling
satisfied that one application will convince them of
It. wonderful eflecu. JHtlttmfk Ossisa.iiim' of
Oef,, 1677- -
The srticle is sailing Its own story ra tb. hands of
thousands who are using it with th asost gratifying
and encoarsgvv results : ,
W. H. BnrLt (jo.. Fifth Avensw rWsaaey, swvaT
"Wo bav sold prcparati oos foe the fceir for up yd
of twenty yearn, but hare never bad on. te ss
weU or give such universal sstlsf action, "w etsere
forereeommend tt with oonndeaw to eurfrfctoos
and tbe eoeaai peMic" . , -, , -.
Mr. Qcstatc V. Hals,- Of the Onss Opera
Troupe, KTiles: "After six weeks' ae 1 lot
vinccd, as are also my comrades, tbatywCarbo
line' has and is pred swing a wotnUrfal growth or
hair where 1 bad noa for yaara.
C. H- Sams, of the Jeaal B ComMntio-
writes: " After using your ' Csroolln tlkiee weeka
I am eonvinc-d thstbald head, can be re-haired.'
It's simply weaosrf al in- my case.
R w Anrnra. dtsnist. Hoirolce, jisss.. wntas;
" Voot 4 Carboline' has itistored my hair i
thing else had failed."
' Joes
TL Tom, sgorney-st-hrw, Tta. Attleboro.
- K-ad has beeasssasnnlh and free tresa hsii ss a
Sri:?7VT Ta eieht weeka aao I was Im.
-- - - nrsastassHTisnsDDniaisi
r il need to try yoor CsrboJW and the eflect ha
r been simply wonderful. Where BO hair haa been
seen for year these bow appears a thick growth,
and I am convinced that by continuing iu use I shall
have ss (food s head of hair ss I ever had. It Is
growing naarly as sapsdly as. hair aom after
5, is cut. i iV 'r-.-W: j
I, -now presented to the public without tear of con
tradiction as tbe best. Restorative and Bnantlllsr of
the liairlhe world hasever produced.
Pries, ONB MtiL4R psrbeltla -'
ald ij alt lvnasaia.
fUH AgeutS.fQZ tbaTJntted Statea, the CaMutaa ta
,t.r - wSvat nillalaj -
r4i -M BEAD'S
- T
e- " .
' U ... itMll I VJU '-
s 4
b a Ivy :: v-: '..-' "
He,' ,i.r.-..c-i i-fci
jt. . -i- 2- a
1JU .... ..ill. ...l

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