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Thursday, May 1,1879.'
............. XDITOBS.
?. C ft I. B. B TIii.e-table.
Trains leave WeUington Station m t1-
lowat. ' - - - ""' t-
Vvoonra south. T
Wi,-Ib4. axaraaaa4 Man . . . -S:BS a. m.
IT. a. a. 1Mb Clai In II Exnmse,... : 10 r. M.
Be. S.-!k Xxillsi. A MsH....... .. 8:57 r-M.
Ha. T.Cli ! senosan to itsllusv. ....... S:30 p. m.
MB A. BL Ud S:30 p. .
V&t. msM sTSarsss. A Man....;......... 5:40 A.B.
Jte, .. Loots Ok. Exyreae Mall. ... I-.se r.M.
1-Omlai bnfc. ............ 7-.S1 r. K.
Ko. l-Omtal tonoMtmUttoa. S:S a. a.
.. .. .. SrlO A 7.-OS p..
W. H. FISHES, Agent.
Church. Directory
sncirta chubch.;
- twctO ASt u 7:00 P.
CHCBCH. likl every Sabbath at
m. BMni nriwui aa ia
If. B.
COK'ATietAL CHURCH. Sen Ices erery
u m-aO
A. M. Hi
, TW r. M. BIHKI
DM. Prayer
Tharsday eTea-
tnav. J. a,Mr,
immiR KPISTiOPAI. CWtTKCH. SssTlrea rr
ary Si lira interna A. M, aal7:oaP. M. Sabbath
Bahnoifc Schaotat ISM. . Prayer MoaUag oa Tnurs
arwraaaaasv B. Alartglil, faster. . .
A t"! f Departure of Mails.
.. . ,HACK U.VI8.
OWslsn, ArsreTweaT, Tnaraday and Bataraay
llni7at, L aaa A. it.. Agora at 1 P. M.
IT 1 lliwl r Ajofsw afooa
rArersw Moa4ay. WeaaeedaT aaa? Trt-
m sataraar t ' A. M.
and Batnr-
n,M- r
Leave at
1 to
rkaaaaU, thaa:
Jerry Smith 71 jan TO".'
BlialSaw law! Mr t r r hie M '
Jir-r AS7V. Ta mall list la corrected wee
ay eaag w addieaa label erery sobacrlber
tell 1st aaii
how his acoonat stands, and wheta-
afoaar eraou oa oar kou. . ,-
I la tlila col una at 10 cents per Una
; mssloa type. '
Jt"JoV t ot Hosiery, cheap, ftt Fltch'a.
Haarjr mixed Hoae, 5c a pair, at Tllcn'a.
- AS aantUiie of Fancy Hot atTlfcVk
1-Thoaa nlca summer Bala for men an4
eoyt caa b fotaaa at ritch's.
X"wlot PC Scar Is, Collan and Tiea,
TraS a4 amnrtraa Tareale BWrta at
lateat siylea, at TttcVa. :
' WTCH baa Just helred an elearant Uae
ot dotklsf for afen. Boys and Children, at
:tZj4S)Ni SHIHT8, enti W1.60 ;
VBaf trasak at to 85 Wttta atFltA's. : ...
-Yov cam ia two vooct nacB cullara, lat-
tjla, freah from factory for aa erea
Lar&ntcai. kfiiU.
fe! v I44iCI jSalrt for 60
' r l a. ;i
VS.," i
: wa ariU yrt Sftdr j4dafhlrt and
- sItw:'waBbH back,
a rv M Ualtk la baay
. aita at TUch's. '.
boasadeM aiad iaJmaen ta
lW.tW&. 9.1 Js, ot WaUagtoa, has a
laa 3mtZZ, Yjtd hy tkav-aoted Importer
aad brvaebJU pardaw.Korwalk, Ohio.
- lljt V whof aadrta recorded (a the
Aavertrur eriehiOe Club Beclater, and
k yexytjV anluist Those interested
" Mraralie woutct 'Jatoba tho la
' ka of elllnxlenand. Yidn lty that she has
- tost wpesod a Sn Bae of Bonaeta, Hats,
TTlhlniaa. Unii is. Tilisnili t Tl r r'1 rT
wOoria jai ant haUer they can be sold aa
sy error offered in thla Tillage, to
ifMaSkaSa vktek aH ate cordially in
, 'ltaoea oaa door sooVh ot Baldwin,
lA Co.'a. upatatra. . . . S1U :
We will pax the highest market price for
Jtood real ealTca, from S to 8 weeka old. Will
( f latypajytoai prloa for good, fat stear and
J k atfara, arelKhina; from tine to tUrtemrfcun
aresf poiinda." Fat hogs and sheep wan ted at
all tlaaea to be nsed la oar new market,
asjj mt. jqytfc a mqbehqtjse.
We Cballeng: the World.
- - "yheS we say wa beliere, -wfl hare erldence
decidedly the beat Lung Hedleiaa made, la
j"va mock aa It will core a commoa or ehroaie
'avauch ta one half the ttnae and reUere Asth-
naa, Broachltia, Whooplnjr Coaxk, Croap,
asvfl show more cases of ConaompUon eared
f than ail otter. It will core where they tell,
if- ft ia pleaaaat to take, harmless to the young-
v-rt-child, and wa coarantee what we say.
trice 10 eeww, 60 ceata.aad Si. U your
' tngm are sore, back or cheat lame, use Bhi
- lokV roroaa Plaatar, i Bold by,,BTerea A
StaV, WelHncton, Ohio.
S " i f itew Paint SHop. i '
Mr. Traak S. Powers baa Itted irp a Klnt
lav thareem Sxst aVeor eaat ot Croat er's
warahoaaa, ead ia bow preoared to do aay
-f tfchamia lha liaa of Hoeae, 8tgn and Carriage
Tslattir Be propoaea to atb Carriage
- raiattag a specialty aad wflf wire prleea
Isr the vter beforerheard of m'WtlOox
f aar ftaat a flmUjest Job' A Sit
- No' Deeeptlou Used. ?
It la etoanjre so many people will eonUnue
to svlasr day attar day with Dyspepsia, Ut
m leaaQalafli CosrsUpaflow, Sarar Btomach,'
Caairal Debility, when they can proeare at
. :."oajr atars aOOoVi YrtaUacr, free of cost U
It does Bat cave or reUere tham.' Price 75
eeata. ' SomT by XrereU A Starr, Wellington.
IVom all parta of the country re ports coma
of the Immeaae sales aad Increasing demand
- "forth Oaeorredly popular Be wina; Machine,
Tha Old amd Kellabla 'TAaOAKS." the Price
" of which the proprietor wisely reduced to
? 940 twoiadiaf adl tt attaehmeata, and at
owe secured lor them a popularity among
-the people, far heyeed that attained oy any
' ' -iJr k.Vwlaataar orice. the eoaaeouenoe
a wkteh la. aarenta are leariaa the old hirh
priced meehlaee, aad seeking territory for
the MrrATDABD." Knowing from ezper
leaee that with tka best goods at the lowest
price they easy outsell all otter maehtoea,
where the superior quality aad low pries la
made kaowuT ToU splendid machine com-
- braes all the Improrement. I 'far ahead of
all others la beauty and durability of it
T work, eaae of management, light runaiua;
and eertalnty of operation, is senaibly made
i pw aouad prlncipUs, with poelttre work-
1.. -iT:.l ho aafelv nut
asaraZa ti.. TfMaa at a Bervieeable
. sswiav maehme, in every particular, th1
riu ouuaal aa saachlae. and at a price
down batow. any other.
It ia thoroughly I
warraated tot ty years. -Sept In orderje ltp y,e,grj, out and hurting Miss
Vir&&2& th'to-trTLoreland badly. Those knowing of the
, Before payment ot the Mil. - We eaa
; equally as large a demand for them
-. section aa in others. ramUies wishing
- . ast as ac Bine aa an mac lured should w;
v. seat to tt Vaster, and eaterDriaina-D
. wishing to eeiae the chaac ehould appi
iseMrable aa agency. See adTerUeesaeat
- la another part of this paper. Address Stand.
v ard Maehlae Co., Cor. Broadway and Clin
...toeftaos, JW lor hv, .... ...... . ... -v,.-,
V-- -' --' T- J"1 i-w.i. ' ' c . v-: ., 1,;
. - . .
The Ladle' Aid Society met
week at the M. E. Parsonage.
Newest styles and lowest rates
Spring millinery, at Josie Briggs'.
iA roocsy adOition has been built to
the dwelling on the Harey homestead
north of town.
- Reliable receipts for coloring girea
sway with all dye staffs sold at Everett
ft Starr's. 31-4t
Walter, a little son of Mr. Darwin
Battle, fell from a fence one day last
week and broke his collar bone.
A woman In Burbank was proba
bly fatally burned whilo soap-making
ont of doors April 19th, her clothes
taking fire.
Roderick Close of Sullivan, has
exchanged s farm for the Stephen
Coatea place, at tho west end of Col',
lege street, Oberlin.
. Henry Ward Beech er will lecture
Tuesday evening, Slay 8th, upon the
subject of "Amusements," lh the Tab
ernacle, Cleveland. -'.
Mrs.' ' John 'Newman, who." has
been an invalid for several years,' Is
now very low sod her death at any
time wonld not be unexpected.
. The patches of new fence on the
bottom land show where the streams
cleared a track for strong currents
during the Winter and Spring floods."
' This might be called a late Spring,
the ground having boon too wet and
cold to grow . anything put in until
within ' s few days, and few gardens
bad been lanted at sll In April,,, .
- Mr. Worden, living sooth of Pitts
Held Center, lately lost s cow found to
have been poisoned by strychnine,, and
Drv Was. ' Bunco has - bad two - horses
poisoned, both of which finally recov-
ered-' -
; Mrs. Crasdall, widow of the late
Pardon Craudall, PIttsfleld, Ohio, died
at . the. resident of her daughter In
Toungstown, last week, and her re
mains were brought here on Tuesday
of this week for Interment. . J.. .'; ' ;
' We have printed receipts for color
ing with directions for use, which we
give to all purchasing dye staffs at our
tore.. They - have all bad' years of
trial and will be found reliable.' ' '
3l-4t ; " ' ': J. W. Bouohtok. ,
Mrs. Wooster, of this place, Is In
nnusnally feeble health tht Spring,
and the elder Mrs. Wooster, now In her
87th year, and living with her sort In
Xorwalk, Is III, and her daughter Mrs.
E. O. Foote has been sent for. ;
HollowsyV Pills snd : Ointment,
advertised In another, column, .will . be
found at Houghton's drop; store. - They
haye a reputation esUbllshed by ' year
of use, and need norecommendtlon to
those who are aquainted with their
merits..' Try them.. t . ; : SMI...
'Will s few of our subscribers who
live near by and who- -do not care to
preserre the EHTsspmiss after rerdiug
it, favor us" with their paper of this
week. We flad that !we need s few
extras, more than' ws coold provide for
until It was too late to Increase tbe
edition..' ". .' . '. ".":. '
A two- horse earrlage with several
s in It, narrowly escaped '.being
on over by the cars at the wes: cross-
leg last week, and would have been
bat s man rushed In front and stopped
the horses. '. The speed of .'the " train
was.eviUeatly, uader-esUmated as It
was In plain stgtrt. -l
The ,vthooping cough ia . making
some Of ourlattaeselks veryJU. dittos
formidable disemW'sfe' best,' and "when
in a severe typo it attacks children bf
frail constitution It Is so much to be
dreaded that It deserves to be classed
with the epidemics that are restrained
by qusrantlne regulations. '.n ".'
ur exchanges give accounts of
burglaries, thieving and other depreda
tions by tramps snd outlaws, so numer
ous that we cannot mention them.
The only way to kep one valuables
is to use oonsunt. caution Jo looking
srp. so that It will give - them -'some
trouble to get to them. ' ' : " '' "'" ;
Burglars enteretT the boasesiof etckv
oi me roirowing persons isst mesiiay
nlghU K; Uusted, A. G. , Couch, Mr
Smith, pn Prospect Street, and made
an effort to enter that of Chas. Beach.
In each of the three first' tbey secured
a pair .'of pants,two or .three dollars in
money, , knife, keysr ete. They were
not el 1 score red in time to interfere with
their depredations. " f
A canine that without' any one to
boss the job can catch sad kill poultry
as neatly as ii it had been aone with s
shot-gun, Is ot course a highly accom
plished dog; but when he come unin
vited into your. yard and, murders; a
choice fowl for the sake of stealing . his
breakfast, you cas't feel -as enthusias
tic over the Snimal's ' enterprise . snd
sagacity as you might unJer some other
circumstances. - . .i . , -i -i' - i
Thpl semi-annual mec.tingQf the
Cleveland. Conference,,. of, Consrrejra-
tJoBil JCburchyeonveQedatS&ongs-
ville April 23d and 33d. The Bev. Jaa.
Brand of Oberlin, Moderator, and Bev.
C." O- Bald wi av e PittafleUi; BeP ibe.
Messra. C. 3. Balrd.. J. N. Cary,rW. O
Frost, H. K. Painter,, IX. P, James end
B,:Benshajv.oi.tba , Sealer class
Oberlin Theological Seminary, .were
examined and hp probe ted to preach
V-MUa Phtlena Webster, daughter of
Oliver' Webster-whose borne is llule
west ef'WeiUngtan.Jiad been; assisting
In the care of the sick In ihsiajaily of
her slater. . Mrs. C. . Bowers," whose
children were III with -scarlet fever.
Miss Webster, was herself taken ill
o Monday of tat (week with the fe
ver, and died Thursday morning. Her
sudden death was s great shock to her
any . sequalnttneea -and. .deeply de
plored by her numerous friends, few of
which bsd heard or .her Illness.
Onr amateur hook and ladder com
pany, while on their parade last Tues-
I YJ iuijwu a. ihhk) unveu
rof Fred Johns, who had with him in
. -..!,,- hls sister and Frank le
-ia . . . . .
Loveland. The' horse tan, throwing
ffalr think It s result of gross careless-
Bess on tbe part of the hoys end that
something should be done to prevent
their racing the streets snd performing
wMrdadders to the great danger of the
lives of -travelers. Will our marshal
put s atop to It snd oblige tbe public
Master Frank Wsdsworth, a boy of
twelve, Is the happy owner of one of
thoae icroll saws worked with a
treadle, snd In the little time that he
has used It has turned out many useful
and very handsome articles In wood,
while at tho same time he Is cultivating
accuracy snd constantly getting new
Ideas of the mechanic art. Remembering
the toilsome carving and slow progress
with jsck-knlfe and carpenter's tools
of boyhood before the day of accessi
ble scroll saws, it Is pleasant to see a
lad working with Implements adapted
to the task attempted.
All who have noticed the beautiful
stone front of O. M. Stroup' uew
building have also noticed that It was
singularly free from traces of Iron and
other metals which give such an un
sightly look to the stonework of our
building. We learn that when tbe
contract for stone for the Congrega
tional Church was let,-no ptrtles ex
cept the Grafton Stone Company would
guarantee their stone to be free from
metalio substances.. This company se
cured the contract on that Account, and
also furnished for O. M. Stroup's build
iog." The Nerve Structure receives
strength snd vitality, and the whole
system is recruited by using "La wson's
Curative." Its wonderful curative
properties completely eradicates Rheu
matism, Neuralgia, and all diseases
having their orlgiu in disordered
lifA meeting of all the churches and
rclasens generally: was held at the Con-
regattonsl Church last Sabbath eve
ning in tbe Interests of tbe freedmeq
who are endeavoring to : escape from
political and social oppression in the
South. The meeting was addressed by
John Brown, a son of the John Brown
of Harper's Ferty notoriety, ne gave
an extended account of the conflict be
tween freedom and slavery in the early
settlement of Lansas, in which he had
a large personal experience. A collec
tion was taken at the close, amounting
to over sixty dollars. '
Humphrey T.'' Arnold, an esteemed
citizen of Be res, died of' typhoid-
pneumonia, April 18th. .
Mrs. Lizzie Smith Heszlit, a young
married woman 23 years of sge, died
April 21st at her home In Strongsvllle,
after eighteen hours Illness. '
Mrs. Vasbinder sailed for ; Chili,
Sooth America, April 30th. She left
Berea on the 21st tilt., and goes to as
sist her brother, L. C. Smith, in mis
sionary work. ..i . - '. . i !
Rev. and Mrs. A. W. nayee,, who
have been visiting friends In this vi
cinity, returned last week to ' their
home In OakfleldN. Y.
Mrs: 'W.''Wi RossJ of Fremont, came
op to ooernn to hear Joseph cook,
snd paid s a brief visit to friends in
Wellington. - " . " "
j Henry , Webster, of Shelby yilie, 111
came home to attend the funeral of his
sister last week. " '"-' ''! ;
H. J. Lewis, clerk of this county,
was in town Friday and Saturday.
Frank Cook, who is traveling for the
Chicago house with which he ia con
nected, made Wellington' s visit, arri
ving last Thursday evening.
Fred Purple, who has been many
years a clerk in the dry goods depart
ment of Baldwin, Laundon ct Co.'s
store, .left. Wednesday morning for
Oakland, California, where he will en
gage in the same same business he fol
lowed here. ., . 1 . :.;..!
Neighborhood News.
Wm. nart's store in Grafton
been closed for debts In Cleveland. .
Tiffin has formed a vigilance commit
tee, and tramps will be shown no len
ency trereafter' in''ttiat 'long-suffering
citv. " ' :-'.
Tbe offioe of the Ohio Fsrmer,
Cleveland, is now In the Crocker Block;
opposite the City Hall. . ,".';',
Baal Estate Transfers.
AraWlla' flalos to Byron Ful
ler. 15 rods la lot 82, He nr let-
to township, I '''
Jas. H. Spauldlng to Isabella
sad Frank Caley, lot 19, Ely-
rla township,' 38 seres,-.;".,"'1 '""ledQ
Albert .rJ. Houghton toJ. K. :
Hurbot, lot S, Elyrla Tillage, " ' OOO
C,'; Delchman, to .peter Valae-. '
rias, part of lot- 230, Xlyria ' :i
village "' " ' ' ' "' ' 50
Henry ,.E. Johnson to Mary E.
Hilerman,' lot; 11, "tract 1,
'JHantIngton township, 60 '
acres, ., , ...,., . .. 800
Minnie Body to Christian snd
Chas. Martin, Jr., undivided
U 83 acres, Black Biver tp 900
Peter Valserias,; to C. Delch-
man, part o Jot 230, Elyrla
village: ! ' 50
John C. King to Henry Kemp,
lot 15, ilyrla towuship, fil
acres,' ' 2500
Geo. E. Nichols to Louise S.
Kemp, lot 72, Elyrla vll
lage, ; 1000
Alice Greeman to Dors Vsn-
Hlse, part of lot 21, Colum
' bla township,
Richard Chapman to Wm Mar
tin, lot 11, Columbia town
ship. 50 acres, 1500
Martin ' Schwartz to Richard
' K. . Peabody, part of lot 37,
Russia township. 40 acres : 2400
' Fisher to Alfred C Phlpp ,
lot 106, Elyrla village 1 acre - 700
John J. Belchler and Wm. H.
Fisher, undivided I ot lot
106. 1 acre 900
P. C. Thomas to Timothy Do
: land, property In Welling
ton village. 1630
Mary Lyman to Arri B.Lyman, ,
part of lot 93. Oberlin village,
4 acres. 'T '.;' . 10
Emma Cowan to D. R. Alexan
der, part of lot 93, 'Oberlin
village. . . 75
Mary W. Whitney to James M. '
Worcester, part of lot 9t f-.
PItibfield township, 37 51-100 ,
acres; also part of lot 103, -' -
Russia township. 27 screi. 2600
The --Knights of Honorr
The 'Knights of Honor' Is a secret be
nevolent society, composed of a Su
preme, Grand and Subordinate Lodges.
It was established In June, 1873, by
persons who felt that the vsrious sys
tems ot relief to the families of de
ceased members, as adopted by other
order,, were deficient in Important re
spects, and who believed that an order
established with the purpose of psying
death benefit as one of Its main ob
jects would meet with approval and
success. The astouishlng growth of
the Order has confirmed the wisdom of
its projectors.
The objects of the order sre stated
briefly by the Supreme Lodge, as fol
lows: 1st. To unite fraternally all accept
able white men of every profession,
business or occupation.
2d. To . give all moral snd material
aid in Its power to members of the Or
der, by holding moral, Instructive and
scleutifle lectures, ; by encouraging
each other In business, and by assisting
one another to obtain employment.
3d. To establish a benefit fund, from
which s sum not exceediug $2,000 shall
be paid at the death 1 of a member, to
his family, or to be disposed of as he
may direct. ' ' - - '
4th. - To establish a fund for the re
lief of alck or distressed members.
We clip tbe following from the re
port of the . Supreme Dictator of the
It is well known that s large number
of deaths occurred In onr ranks from
yellow .fever during the lost year,
Aside, from .t this cause we suffered an
unusually heavy death rate during the
Summer' months. Up to July, 1878,
our deaths had never numbered' over
twenty-one in any month. . .. , .
In the months of July, August, Sep
tember,' October and November, 1878,
the ' total deaths'' from all causes were.
three hn'udr'cd and,' sixty-six, and re
quiring the turn of f, 070,000 to meet the
calls ,ou the W. & 0. B. Fuud, an
mount greater than bad been disbursed
from this fund from the beginning ef
the orJcr, five years prevlou'. ' J.
To meet this extraordinary demand
assessments have been cheerfully met,
and orders on the Benefit Fund have
now been issued upon all deaths up to
January 2tth, 1S79, and the assessments
now In process of collection will pay
all deaths to March 1st. " -"
The first death lu the1 Order from
yellow fever occurred August 12th,
and tbe order for the benefit upon tbe
ssme was 'drawn October .10th. The
last death from this cause took place
November tbe ,20th, and the order for
the' benefit On' the same was signed
March 21st: orders upon all other
deaths' by yellow fever were Issued be
tween these dates;: -r ': ; : '. a :
With -a total loss more than, double
that of soy other like beneficiary soci
ety, we have paid In full every benefit
caused by the epidemic,' snd proved to
the world the ability of onr organisa
tion to successfully meet the severest
trial. This woi k ' has . been done with
hardly more than the usual number of
suspensions, and though our growth
was temporarily checked by tbe extra
ordinary, demand upon, (is, resources, a.
rapid increase Is now taking -place all
over tbe country, and. we pow. number
at least fifty thousand members. '
These' events -have proved the wis
dom of our system of cne general juris
diction Jfor the Widows' aad Orphans'
Fund,' and ' the efflciencyi of our1 laws
for' the "government ' ot the Order.' , No
extra judicial measures bave been nee
essary to meet the emergency,' and alt
consultation between the Supreme Off!
cers has been carried on by letter J !' .
Aside from the payment of death ben
efits, , about $15,000 , was : contributed
voluntarily for the relief. of the living,
who were in want and suffering by
reason bf the epidemic J' i. ...:
In this record every Knight of Hon
or may take a just pride. It' place ut
in the front rank as a great benevolent
aad business Institution,' and secures 'a
future of MntolJ usefulness for our bet
loved order.; i...,-i . it t- ).
A flourishing' Lodge of this Society
exists In our town, its membership be
log mostly from our'ttasthess men. ,,
- f4 r '
Grand and Petit Jurors;
The following) are the names : of per
sons drawn for G'fsi'd and Petit Jurors
fot. May, term, 187Vf.drawn April ?8th,
J8J9 . -ill tn.': -i
uilii -. :n '.Janiwr JCHTV '
..H..D. Hall, Elyria,! .,. ... . -
i t Henry Kvmp, Ely ria, . !
'.Ai'I'Llndsley, Pcnfleld,' : ,
" D.' T, Rush, Wellington.
5 John. A.; Topi iff, Elyrla, .f!;,.-'
Geo. Foster, Lagrange,' ' , ,
Wm. Stang, Amherst, , ', ,"' , ' I
; , W: E. Wheat, Russia, . "
Almon Hayes, Penfield, . .'.'
' Oliver Root Gisfton; ' '.
Morris Goodscll, Grafton,'! '' " '
...E. W, Pitts, PIttsfleld, ,
W. B. Gregg, Elyrla, ?- ; -'
Conrad Krautz, Black River.'
. , rax it jcbt. , "1 : '
James Vincent, Elyria, ; .'
' L. B. Daniels, Grafton,' '
Samuel Sampson, Penfield,
Chas. Albright, Russia, T
Wm. H. Brnlce, Camden,: "'
'.John Alexander, Eaton, V 1 ,
Adam . Kuschman, Brownhelm, .
Is aae Kirkbrlde, Amherst, .:
Samuel Hastings, Lagrange,
Edward Swartwood, Amherst, .
Job Alexander, Eaton,
John Preston, Russia.
Teacher's Meeting.
The regular meeting of the N. L
Teachers' Union will be held ot New
London, May 10th, 1879.
0:15. Ooenlmreiercl.es.
9:30. Making th recitation a means of
controlling pupils." O. 8. Grimn.
10:10. "Map Drawing," Mlsa M. Mars!
10:50. Recess.
11: to. ''Objective Teaching," Supt Oakes
1:45. P. M. "Reaalng," Prof. J. C. Bldge
of ClncinnaU. O.
8.80. "Frlmary Numbers," Miss Bllney.
8:00. Recess.
8:15.- "Construction of the Infinitive and
Participle," D. M. By am. -
A general discussion on each question.
. Qu cation Box at close of P. M. session.
- All teachers and others interested in
education are Invited to attend.
. " B. F. Rkminotox, Cb. Ex. Com".
' Don't fall to call for that 40 cent
Japan or Green tes st Houghton's, tf
-"'1 " OWtnarj.
Miss Armenia Herrlck was the sec
ond daughter or.Col. Francis and Hul-
dah Herrlck, was born in Tyringbsm,
Berkshire-County, Mass., April 6th,
1800, and died at Wellington, O., April
th, 1879."In her childhood her par
ents . changed their residence to Lee,
In the same county, snd Miss Armenis
received her later school advantages In
an academy "at Lenox. She taught
some in her -town State, and. In 1825.
went to Brooklyn, L. I. Shortly after
she took charge of a school for young
ladies, In which shs, continued until
1837 when ' she camo with . her father
and mother to Wellington.
Her father had previously purchased
tourth or, more of the township, snd
his sons, Francis and Ephralm, bad
transferred; their interests from. Gen-
nesee County, N. Y., to Wellington,
the other members of the family fol
lowing until all settled here. 1
Her widowed sister, Mrs. ' Wolcott,
also taught In Brooklyn and their home
was together, both there snd here, un
til Miss Derrick helped to relieve the
lonliness of another broken household
in tbe family of her youngest sister,
with whom she died, - Her oldest neice,
whose father died before bis children's
remembrance, snd w bo. lived almost'
continuously until her mar ri sge, In the'
came family with this aunt, spoke of
her as filling a father's place to their
half-orphaned childhood.
She was a rare woman,' who seemed
intuitively to discern what waa purest
and best, and to reject all that was
trivial aud unworthy. - Attractive in
person, faultless in speech, elegant snd
gracious In manner, she was dignified
without assumption, and combined, an
agreeable cordiality -with great modes
ty and , reserve. It Is seldom .that a
person, ol
such positive cowrlotlons I
gives so little cause for offence. A lady
who had been her neighbor for 'forty
years said that she had never heard her
spoken of except la terras '-of admira
tion and esteem.- The serene fairness
of lit r countenance after death, and the
refiued and .noble profile was so In
keeping with her well-ccntrolled life it
seemed as . though the chaste spirit
might have shsped the clay.
With Madame Bonaparte's tragic his.
tory and recent death fresh In. mind,
the peaceful life and triumphant de
parture of this christian woman seem
ed in strange contrast to that other ca
reer, which .was One long, fierce and
disappointing, struggle, for name and
place . and power; and ' suggested the
Inquiry: which was the happier or
more successful? (,
Miss Herrick's cliaracter was not
made tip of negative qualities. With
unusual leisure, and opportunities for
mental culture, her vigorous . mind did
not ccfcse to .assimilate from, every
source that which would add to its In
tellectual or spiritual growth.; Rich' in
religious experience, sagacious , In
worldly judgment, superior in intelli
gence snd deeply conscientious, sue
was equally fitted to entertain, to coun
sel dr console. ' Able to give more than
good advice,-' church enterprises, chart.
ties at home snd abroad and individual
necessities received substantial aid at
her hands. " ' ! " " " i .
We lcara 'that she was the prime
mover, in Instigating the building of
tho new M. E. Church, of Wellington,
in the centennial year of Methodism,
and , gave largely to A its ., erection, and
always liberally to its support. For
sixty years she was a' christian and a
devoted member ot that denomination,
enjoying.the fr.leudshlp of.many of Its
eminent men and women, and In earli
er life contributed to its - periodicals.
She was very much Interested In the
work, of educating and bettering, the
condition, of the Freedmen, and. If it
had been her habit to' sound a trump
et in connection with her slms-giring
we should be permitted' to record-some
figures that from time to time -have
made glad the hearts of missionary sec
retaries and stewards of benevolence.
Her life bad been an unusually hap
py one in its freedom from' bitter ex
perience;, or undue annoyance, or great
trouble ; but with hor-opportunities'
many women would have devoted to
selfish ends snd frivolous pursuits the
means and, umo st uer command, snd
derived less satisfaction from it. .
After less than s week's illness, fully
persuaded that it would be hex last,
tbout regret or gloom or . discontent.
she gave constant and joyful assurance
of, flie sustaining power of the religion
that had occupied the chief place in her
thoughts, conversation and affections,
and passed to the higher life. 11 '' -
wwrm-i't '. ; : AFRtL 38. 1879.
Rev. Lathrop Cooley, of Cleveland,
lectured at the 11. E. Church last Fri
day evening; subject:- "Egypt --Fast
and Present," In a talk of an hour
and a half, he gave bis audience a very
clear ides of tbe most interesting places
of thatanclent lsnd.
We understand that the Commission
ers settle upon soma plans to-day for
the - new court house. 'The plans of
Mr: Nugert of Detroit, have attracted
much . attention and are the favorite
with most of the officials. After plans
have been adopted, it is necessary to
advertise for . bids for four weeks.
Hence, it does not appear at all. likely
that spy thing will be dono on the
conrt house before tbe first of June.
John Cross' new agricultural depot
Is nearly completed.
The game of base ball between the
lawyers on the one side snd the doc
tors, druggists and dentists on the other,
resulted in favor of the lawyer a: score,
49 to 13.
Fishing is the common pastime for
the small boy now-a-days, snd also for
Some that are not so small. v
- lloyle & Flowers' new stoie is nearly
completed, and their new stock of gro
ceries wilt be opened up lh a few days.
' Our band gives a concert . In the
square most every week.
. The pipes for tUS water works have
arrived, and will be put In very soon.
O. W. Johnston, Esq., moved his old
house from his lot las; week, prepara
tory to bull ding a new one. ' ' .
John W. Carpenter, who was sent to
the penitentiary about six weeks ago
from this place, has been the recipient
of executive clemency, and Is home
again. ," A. Wr If.
! ' : . Aran. 20, 1879.
Things sre very quiet in our place.
The people are, generally speaking, at
tending to their own business; sowing
oats, making garden, planting shade
trees, (the M. .E.. Church and new
school house grounds have been so Im
proved)," making side . walk, trimming
hedges, building, repairing, etc.
The company factory In the east
part of the town is 'using' the milk of
nearly two hundred oows. Some of
our farmers are making butter ' and
raising calves.
So far as we have seen, wheat does
not make as good a show as a year' ago;
however, the plant looks healthy.
Mr. R. T. Worden lost a valuable
cow s few days ago. ' Analysis showed
arsenical poisoning. The question now
is, how did she get It ? w M.
Chas. H. Sheldon
lost a valuable I
hbrse last week. . .. - '. ,r e -:,
The Womans' ; Foreign . Missionary
Society of the Congregational Church,
gave s public entertainment Sabbath
evening.. .- ,;
ivid : Peters Is working up the milk
his dairy by the use of the "Cooley
Creamer,", which in our judgment is a
fine thing; and had its Introduction
been two months earlier the patronage
of cheese factories the present season
would have been materially lessened.
v Advertised Letters. :
List of letters remaining unclaimed
In Wellington P. 0 for the week end
ing April 20th, 1879 : ' -.'
Mrs. Jen hie Walker ; MUs E. -M.
Gongb: Judson Chamberlain; Andrew
Rogers; William Stalk; C.'M;' Wilson.
nen taiuug isr me aooye, -pieaae
say "Advertised," ; i .i. ,- .n. ,i
. ; J.'T. onsir,'P. M.
I have used Dr. Giles' Liniment
Iodide Ammonia from its first intro
duction in the Dominion; It performs
wonders in, my. stable, where " veterin
ary surgeons have failed ; it has cured
lameness and removed bunches. '";
, ' J. T. MocRia, ' "
Laganohotiere St., Montreal..
Sold ; by all druggists. Send ' for
pamphlet. ', ' , .- . Ds., Giles, :
: , 120 West Broad way, N. Y, ,
Sold by J; W. Houghton, Welling-
ton.p,, ; :r:-'::. ':.v
$25, Baward. , $25;, : ' : ;
. I will give the above reward tot the
arrest snd convictioii' of the parties
who toqk my gate , off the .hinges last
Tuesday night snd took It to parts uaT
known.v ' - ri -Q. A. Van Clxkp..
, -' '-a) oa. .v
. - -r.-i 'For'Sale."!'' ""'' ! -i
A desirable Hons and Lot for sale cheap..
Apply to J. H. Beldeo. -. t . . ;---.;81U
;v ... . S3 SW l .. , ;
:" Of the Same Hind. );
-' Brabt'b BniD, Pa.4 Jan. 20. 1874.
Da. M. M. Fajrwaa, FredoolevN. TV, i
' Dear Blr: I am neariT out of your
Biood aa-d Livor Kewedy aae Xerve Tonic,
Cough Hooey and Qoldea Behef. We are
senior. oUea ot them. .Please send me a
box at once. The people here think there is
nothing like Tenners medicines and I think
so too: ' fours army,
t:: W. J. MaxDaaw, Merchant.
"The conquering hero" of the times. . ItlT. Dolaad. 'aiid'iltted H UP fof
v ri i. X. ? i
ever has 'the blues" should take it, for
it reerulates and restores the, disordered
system that gives rise to them., .it ai -
ways enrca Biilioesnessahd Liver Com-
nlnlnt. Janndine. Dvaneoala. ConsliDa-1
tion, Headaches, Fever and Ague, Spleen
Enlargmenu, Scrofula; Erysipelas, Pirn-
w.l f lllratiiTiata aft1 a r aw-ttt' kTrtMlirina
piCD, il;WUVw) aUIA BU . fsa. ansa . MaWAaw-ua
and blood 'disorders: Swelled Limbs and
Dropsy; Sleeplessness; Impaired Nerves
and Nervous Debility: "Restores flesh
and Btrength when the system is running
down or going into, decline; . cures f e
male. Weakness and Chronic J Rheuma
tism, and relieves. Chronic!. Bronchitis,
and all Lung, snd .. Throat '. difilcultiea.
It does these tbincrs by striking . at the
root. of disease, and removing its- causes.
Dr. Fennel's Improved Cough, Honey
will relieve say cough in one hour.; ; 1 " -'
' Dr. Fenner's Golden Relief cures : an?
pain, as tooth-ache, neuralgia," nolle or
ree. rteumM
- f , -mm a a - --s
headache in B to 8u minutes, and readily
dlorrhcaa. dvsentery. ' For silo by Dr. S
B. - Emerson. Dr. Fenner's St. Vitus
Dance sped ac. uae pome always cures
For sale by dealers. . flj',j, .,.,w
I ' . : . .- ! . ' ..it ' :
I have received a large bill , of teeth
from which to select such as my cus
tomers requlrCj; and will be glad .to ..see
those for whom I have recently extract.
ed teeth.. We shall be able to select
just such teeth as Sre becoming to each '
case. ' .'.''., , .;':.-. L. P. uolbrook,
In neuralgia, -acuta and inflama
tory rheumatism, enlarged joints of the
hands or' feet, stiff neck. pains in tbe
back and loins, headache, I recom
mend Giles' Liniment Iodide Ammo
nia. ' R. S. Lath ah, Chemist,'
Cor. Blenry .and Craig Sts., Montreal.
Sold by all druggists. Trial size 25 eta
Send for pamphlet to Dr;' Giles, 130
West Broadway, N. Y. , Sold by J. W.
Houghton, Wellington, Ohio. :
, . - Dairy Markets. . T"
LrrrLa Falls, April 23th.
Chekse. There were a very few lota
of skim cheese but there was no mar
ket for such, and with little exception
It was sent on commission. What pro
ducers expect to gsin by manufoctur
ing tnls poor stuff and selling it at 2o
to 3o per pound is more than we can
see. There was considerable quite fine
cheese offered.' f for fodder cheese) and
upon the whole the trade may be con
gratulated on the marked Improvement
of quality over that of the first make
of former seasons. The price ranged
. Thft nrlca rano-ed
from 50o, pretty low figures, snd dal
rymen can hardly be blamed for hesi
tating long before parting with their
goods at these prices. . About the same
grade of cheese that sold to-day at o
6c sold at this time last year at ll12c
Something of a decline, we should say,
Wblukotov, April 30th.
There Is no change in the market
from last week. There Is not enough
new offered td hardly affect or estab
llsh prices. Billing 6 cents.
The shipments of cheese r for the
week ending April 30, are as follows:
No. of boxes, 1,300. No lbs, 64,718.
Butter for the same time as follows
No. of pkgs, 504 No. of pounds, 2G.971
eliTniwiiTroirtice MarteiTj
-' -,- - oat "
n, Lstrs
Apples, dried,) In.. ...3V
Apples, green. V ba....2S
Beeswax. lb S3
Deans. 1) hu l fio
Oeese dressed. Ib.J...oo
Ht, Vteu..J.. J.8 00
Hsms smokad. lb.l 6
Hides, foven.1
Buckwheat. 9 bo Maple 8nar, V ik
een.w ID....MW
VDicaensareaaea, id... iroukM-a, Dl.
Clover aeea, oa 9 aoi
RS4,) Ib 1
tislt.Sne.Sl bbl 1 35
emir BkiBL v ib - 7
Deacon Skins, r Ib..t50
Sst,Asbtoa. Ib S
K.lt. rmn m bbl.. 1 35
iracn areatttO, ID..
BUTTEK I Salt, So! sr. bbl -3 OO
D.lrr. " Ib 1S9 Sheep Pelts, lb 35
Crsamerr. Sl-lb. Sn'TiiiSiiisSiiiiinil lhMSlO
Em. dos .... 8,Tlmolhs asl ..1 l&sll 35
Feathers, e lb ...ToWooi, aflb SSSaO
Grain, Flour and -Feed.'
Bran, ft ewt 85, ) too IS 00
Cora, shelled. 9 bu 45
Corn In ear, V Da...... .45
Oata. bu.. 30
Clover seed. ba S 75
Timothy seed. ba...l SO
Cora, belled, bo. .....8
Corn. In ear. v ba ..... .88
Oats, ba 33
Wheat. bo....... 801 uo
Clover saed, ba S 50
Timothy seed, DU...1 35
Best White. saca .1 SO
Best Ked, Vasck 1 i:
Na 3. ssrk 1 rail
Graham, cwt ..3 on
BucKwueat Moor, ....3 aoi
Bolted Meal. cwt ...1 (JO
Chop cwt ......90
Meal, sr cwt ,
Middlings, cwt ....... 8o
snorts. cwt 86
Oil Meat. ewt.. ...... 1 10
SlaarifTs Sale.
Tua Stats or Oaio, i ' In the Conrt of Common .
Eowis M. Hatxks. Flntlff.
Vs. -' -" "
Jams W. Smith, et si. tadanta., .
Bt Tlrtos-of aaorderof aalelaamid bp the Clerk of
the Court of Commoa Float of Loram - County. Ohio,'
to said case, and ro me directed, I shall offer for ssle.
at pubUe auction at DM deer of" -tho Ooart Hoaaa m
Elyrla, on M v - ' n i r
SATURDAY: MAT "Stst. 1879.
at 1 o'clock In the afternoon of said day, tbe follow
ing: described real estate, to-wit:
Situated In the township of . Wellington, County
and State aforesaid,, and described , as follows:
Bounded on the South by the center o the Eaat and.
West blffhwsr, on the sat by the center of Use I
aoteu ana noata uigowsy, on tne jxortn oy nusT
owned by Jqha M. flow aad Timothy Herrlclc, aad
on the West ny land ownedby said T. Herrlck, and
being-about Flrty-two-53) a erea of land, and part of
ortglBal lot number four 4V: .. t
AppralaedatSl&u.oa. . Terms cash on day -of sale.
HnanrS. Counjia. Sheriff of Lorala Couaty. " .
Yf. r, aaaaica aaa l. A. wiutib, - -PlslnUfTs
Attorneys. '
. The F'ricnd of,'
I had so annetftea HoUowaT"a Pills rare ma a
hearty one." - '
"Your Pills are marvelous." : - ' ,;" I
laI aemf er anotbor ho, 'and fessm HiMI In Otd
honae.?.. i .-,' . J.. , . T. , :, , .,
'Dr. HoUowav has eared mv haadseho that waa
I rjre one of -tout PfTa fetrTnr tabe for chalsam
morbus. Tile dear UtUs tklsa got well lnaas-f." .
'My nausea of a mofnlnc I now caroa."" : .
"Your box of Hollowar's Otatssent eared me of
noises in the head. I nibbed some of tout OlntaasnL
twihlnd that mm and th anlaa has fcrfr. - .
'Send ma two boxes; I want one for a poor family. -
"I enclose a dollar: .toot price la SScaats, but the
medlelne to me la worth a
"Send me Sre boxes of your Pills.
aLet me hsre three boxes of roar Fills h
- I bf mrr WM hurt, I tr,tf 1, ss tlM S.
bat want oi space compels toe to conclude. .
For Cutaneoua' Disorders. -
And all eruptions of the akin, this Otatment k moat
lnsaluablo. It does not heal exlamaliv alone, hist
penetrates with the moat searching effect to the Tesy
Possessed of 1his' remedy, every man may
ha ht's awb rlnrtnr' '--It Thaw h-VrlhrtSMl liatn
the system so' as to reach - any Ipternal com
plain oy tnese means if eares sores or Ul
cers iln- tho throat, stomach, Uveri-spine, or
other parte. It is an infallible remedy for
bsd ltfa, bad . breaats, contracted or stiff
jo4aU,gout, rhcauvatiam and all. .akin dis-
ease.., ; . .;. . .....v. .,.T4. i
Impoetai-t Cxcnoa. Nona are aenalne nnleas
the slgnatnre of J. Hatdock, aa tgent for the United
Btsteau surroumls each batv of niia aaa utnlmeat.
Boxes at, 54 Cents, caoeata, aad $1 each.
nrpere s considerable saying- by taking th largCT
.,.vr,: 1 HOLLOW AY a CO.. Krw York.
:-' r -.!.
. leaving' purclia?ed tie,' large
Wareropm fortnerlr owned by
a Ldvery rstaoie ana turaisnea
I. ... J----,.-... . -n. .
" Wltn.lirst-Clasa. riga, aii.inew,
1 am'-prepared toeet " every
V ' ; - "ft -it - ' n' "
Wani OI ! -A pUDHOt JJX H1J lUJft
i Uood teanl9 farhis3ied tit all
hniirs aniat. 'iithlaW'
I r ' - w
st -.I'r- l!-.--l iiJ. i
fj-,., ...; -r.Mi-if -!;.-ri : m:i i
Is a-' success. -iJTo- setting over night,
tid.stirrinj;, kneading ahd'j 'frettlng for
hours berorp baiting.. i.You,..mlx, bake,
and eat: il' ini-about the same time ytu
gettlng rdy to bake ihe or-
I ftinawrr' ' ' uasa s,l V. or. as a ft TIass.1 Kw ' A
dinary way with 'yeast. Bowlby '&
Hall, sole agents for. Wellington, j
We have a large variety, of Garden
Seeds;' a number of varieties' of Seed
Peas In bulk.' ."",;' i'1 V': ' "' :,V" I
Qui Sugar Cured Hams are the, best.
Our fancy brands. of. flour I'Sre not
equaled In town. - nr- , .
We want a few .more, customers on
our fresh roasted Coffee. ,,Tnere j Is a
freshness In our Coffee that yon can't
get from the stale stuff that is shipped-!
from the, city,-h , i . .. :v r,; ,a
Don't buy dishes and glassware un
til you see our stock;;'
i - :;' ! i-:-vi:t !- ;nj'!
.i To buy your SHIKT8 Of .., .T.
- t i-t--..: - - ' n-.tlf JHril ' "T..
PracUcal Shirt Maker,
I 1 -
T, Mills or Wamsutta, 2200 linen
' 18.00
.' " ;1800' .i-
Aa muj aa an .,al.rn attl-f t ' !'.'
Bix shirts tor - - .- - ' S CO
I do my own cutting: snd can furaiah a
better flttlcg and better shirt than you can
get elsewhere. Measure taken by "
F. C. LEACH, Agent,
At Harvey's. , ,' . ;,- Wellington, O.
P. 8. A nice line ot Imported shirtings. "
V '
I 1 1 am DOW in dally receipt of
frcgVi OvsterS from Baltimore.
ftTul ..if v,..!. -nd pan We,
I . . ..
ters cheaper than ever, by! the
dish, served up in every style
Hor church unci benevolent
objects I will make reasonable
deductions, also ta-mere
Please do not forget that I keep s full Shh-
ply of Groceries and Provisions, together
wttn rrmts sna (joniectionery, robacoo and
Cigars, Lunch and Hot Tea and Coffee at all
hours, and no pain spared to accommodats
-inanaiui lor past iavors.1 remain wnnr
1 .1.1- . - "
BHauasaefiasi,., ,. ,.,,( T .,.,., , : .
Sale Dills
printed at this office
on short notice hod or.
most reasonable! terms
Qive us a call. ' j. .. "
i rs found at the waferooxns of:
A. 6. & 6. L. C0VCD,
Wollingtca, O.
Great additions have bean made to
the stock to meet the' detnsads of the
trade.. The purehssser wilt find a match
less variety f splendid "low-priced
goods as well as the costly. .- The public
can see atvtheir showroom very fine
, Pa4RL0E " GrOODS
Whleh they offer at rCry Low Prices.
er?epare5 itxhiMUvrf thine
in the Coffin and Casket line. Shrouda
efrssU Icihtls ken on-inna.' Travlnw hail
wkTryarsrtpertencern this btwlHess
we guarantee to keep Uj good cenditioo
all bodies pet Jn our,.oharge: far any
length of time desired,' witheot-ehange
or decomposition v' autiiJtisr-i
-'i ' Iw t."fl
Come and see two of the best work
ing Plows in the country. I Warranted
b give saustacuon. . jrriees reduced.
Do you wish to ase Paints- and Oils?
Yea can-find the- best quality in the
I OIL, an article' that'wlll stencTtne win-
try-oiasts. ;.- . il'-'
Woold call atteatioav tst Nssls. Glass.
orsuayaariag lavSwe h Uisnming lice.
I aim to keep tlie bestquallty and make
tbese goods a sr)e(Aatf , and am prepar
sd to give yasi tlse lotfest figures. ,
Xme andZna ' surpnsed st the "low
price .IhS'sV-eiisaUtyoL. Whips.
rlscftatlstyfbolfctehlerftnd pocket, I
carrWektn baTslns. 'They are tbe
Wishii tcloM omV0 apoon trade,
&WliL- Sell tbemsrcjaardless of cost.
Coma snd see tor jfourseUes. r
'Tod may find at 'all times a large snd
well selected stock of all kinds of Hen
ry piston's Saws, "warranted, and at
prices down to. .hard pan. . I am now
marking down roods so low that tbe
fneccsstty of attending a taction Is past.
I n r . s r. its r a
rrrttdmeOTbavtra large variety snd
jrrrglTe; JO ctra bargains.-. r;
BELLS "for" famschools, doors,
cows. Sheep, and lhos? to make you get
tin Aavlw in tha tnApnln. , .
" I ' catf now " offer a large' variety of
Shelf Hard ware, since marking down
to cheap that close buyers will exclaim
"Can it be possible T' yet tltts is a fact,
and aa 1-am a very tnodest man and
dare Trot tell you all, please come and
ee forOBrselvea, P.-' s.-- -
fiuliM i: lis,u .
Tha near TTHDERBRATDER. which is the.
best and only thing of the kind ever used, is
now a part ot toe macnino, ana, wiin wa
rew 8elf-ThrediDg ShuUle, Self-Adjusting
Needle, new Take-up, Combination. Wheel
and otber Improvements makes it the best
Under-feed Be wing Mschine made.. I am
also agent for the .-
Davis Vertical Feed ; V
The ITewv Home
Sewing Machines, each of which has advan
tage peculiar to itself, which recommends
tuetn tor a ratiet y of uxes andTrralce them
cacond to. nona in tha market.
Parties desixinc machines will find it to
their advantage to give me a Sail. All ma
chines wsrxsinled, '.All kinds f -. Sewing .
Kst.lhtrTa Kii.il ipa mlalai t .fna nnslitw of
Sewing Machine Oil kept for sla - -
:.- S. P. HASTIKOat, Ag't, -
Office In Benedict's Block, r Wellington, 0 -
- Jsa. leth lyr. - - - "
ANT AS MAY" by providing yonrselres
with one of our elegant Stoves of which
we have ... . -. . .;
The Cream of the World, ' .
.The old reliable garland, '
The beautiful Golden Star, - .
- ti. nr: a; i i j
a i Aiio j.u.iijcBiiu vrnrxauu tuita ,
The glittering Gold Com.
s-tfSr-V a - '
nVv .c. And this is not all!
U 3J T."- jl .'! -e - J.,-
We ean show you the finest
. Uj in.th world, aad wood
SoaUns Otoves
TJooqaaUd in Tw-auty, qnalitf and price on
tae AJetican onrttiDent. e ten every
thing i& onr lit e at bottom prices and gnar
BBteeaatWactlon. -r .'
We generally have second hand stovts
tht.w.e. Mill cheap.
Lamps and .lamp goods i one of our
specialties. . ..fisy
- - ' t .- - -' t t 5 ?
ComeandBeeUs t
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