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The Wellington enterprise. (Wellington, Ohio) 1867-188?, July 03, 1879, Image 4

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n They arc " -
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Xa. i. Tlnliaa ftw tha mlllna wrth enaanleta
ontat bow. mala u4 nm strings. . 9B,M
8i 1. Violin for AmtUnn, with complete
iatmi-la rui nahi. ud M
ne ssriiuwr;.-,.
nosrwrtoiia tor - Artists- wtta complete
. eotnt bow, iw, roam, and nm
"strings .........j.-.i.lts.00to SS.M
fchaF. trsttoa k Co's Rassisn Hut Ylolla
ftVlnga am ths hast ia the wtyrle. By pnreassins,
lasss strings and so other, musicians will ottaia
. a rvliabls atnsg whili can always ba dspsnded oa.
win Tbspond lesdily to toa bow, and will outlast
aa eieiia - string- made. A fall aaaui laait e
trtanrnssgn aad mastesl msrrhsiidiss hep la stems
r prjenrad aa abort notice and at lowset nrtoaa.
.i-V; .r Maomractmwr of ' T.
' dgcas anS Sleighs.
i A Georgia preacher is the proud father
of 82 children.
': Two women hare ben' admitted to the
bar in Toledo, O. '
. A Mississippi fanner lately plowed up
a Spanish coin dated 1300.
Chloride of magnesia ia most, effective
in purifying gat from ammonia.
: There's always the dnes to pay when a
mamea man Deiongs to a loage.
' Three Siamese twin frogs have been
found near St. Albans Bay, Vermont.
' Secretary of the nary Thompson will
make a visit to his home in Indiana next
Dr. Wier Droffcrs a new claim for
hvoosulnhite of soda that will v cure
Professor Johann Karl Frederich Kos
enkranz, the eminent Prussian philoso
pher, is dead . ,
Harder, rape and not are nle through
out Turkey, as the results of the brutali-
ties OI tne war. turainu wiuicn w
cloth dipped in a solution of amyl
OsM AaUea Haider It Imaaei
Fhesaianeaial fan) af
The case of Hiss Hannah Deal, narrated
in last week's Mercury, has given rise to
much discussion. Dr. Cotton was y ester
day interviewed in reference to its pecn-
sanity was undoubtedly the result of re- w ' set weajt nerves ajar v-ix-n is
i :::. rfii.. ..tinn nf an I both a Jack Sheppard and a female Blue
many teetn may nave naa Kmaini u i r - . . , : .
do w-ith it, but lhat the laughing gas was rather to the commission of enormities on
the cause, is not the fact. One case avast scale, she is not averse to occasional
against one hundred odd thousand proves ""TV""1"" "y m.uur
Ti..n,n.M.KW rimnnliln. The Robbery and extortion are her trivial
preparing himself for a little coarseness of of space as elements in his own opium
illustration, and for a deere of realism in I .riainna ah ihu maw i.anrti u
titty UIKI1ICHW Ul 4t,tVltU,? IW frv.,. f 1 w . . . m , . I . io.vm. "J .....
liarities. He said: "The woman's in- " presentment of ugly sights sufficient dreams of fever, and with amostsin-
imliir counterfeit of svstem and actnalitv.
A sick man, for instance, lies in bed, half
waking, bethinks him of a drink of water.
He feels himself arise, pass through the
door of his chamber, and enter the corri
dor. At once the bare walls . stretch out
in endless and changing vistas; he walks
between Grecian colonnades for miles.
down monstrous ' rows of inscrutable
sphinxes, amid tLe massive desolations
of . Tadmor or Baal bee . : through
the ruinous closures of Aztec temples, un
der the statuted caves of Elephants, or
for the changes of vision are as incongru
ous as they are immense along narrow
alleys shut in by lofty warehouses, or
sometimes through avenues of plants, or
groves 01 pine ; all nature ' and all arcni
tecture in a pnantasmagoric procession
with him for his little swallow of water.
And reaching a stairway after an infinity
Ul kvub, it ninum auu uemxaus iia,o 1 1
Havfe purchased the- Interest' of P. C
Thomaala the carriage basinets, I shall dm
vote mj anttra Una aod easrgy to snvptytas
vcrythiak la my 11m that the a'eessslUes of
say easterners demand. , f
IMxasUrn stock-ot new and second
hand carriage, which will be
to salt tne times,
Office and Factory at the 'old stand si
torttirHfs-: Thankfnl for past favors, I so
' hftifa can tinnance of your ratronage. '
" y,tfj i - T. DO LAND. ;
Oraa'nake aioaay laatar at wort Tor aa thaa at
aythiB vbn. Capital sot raqatnd; wa will
Mart ran Sltadar as hoaaeawdabr tha ladoa.
trfaMaa. Mas. nam, bora aad Iria wantad
waarrwbar to work furos. Nowia tha tiaa. Coat
rr aat-. aadtarau frae. Addm Tana A Co. , Aa
,aiaa.. . 11-071-
CI3 t72XC!SAY8!
Da. Torr: Dear Br: For tea years I hare
barn a martyr to Dyspepsia, Constipation and
Pwaa. IaaprtDwr HIM www rrtomnwndfd
asm flwSId tSiWibnt with little failhy. I
am now a wu i
man. have rood appetite, dikes-;
iwsrfeet. rerolar stools, pllra sane, and i
have faimedJortr pounds solid fleah. Tney ara i
Is tbe frottfbl aoarae of many dlseasea. sncb aa
PrcpeTSia. 8irk Headache. Costivencss. Dyscn
Vry. lUluxo Ferer, Ague and Few, Jaundice,
IMra.UiMmaliamJhUdnejC'omplalnl'oitc.etc. (
Tan's Pllbi exert a powertnl influence m tho
UwjiihI will with certainty rellea UiatlmTXW
tant orsan Irotn dkwaae, and resUKe its normal
iatictiena. .
Tfcs nrpMrrywIOi which Trnns takeon lies!;.
' whilenndrttheinflncnceolUccpill9,oMt!H
, lnrttafthrdBpatHUtronoarishlbbeid.v.
hewe their emmer in carW ncrrous debility,
bvuliU aud strenstil to tbe syatcuu - , x
- Orl W w ltl wnrniarltT T the bowelscnn prrfai t
bililBujovwl. Wlt.-n'Miefontir!-' I'!
rT-iit cfntc. a single dr oi FU.I.3
wit! mififc'e. but if it ha twott-e hniiivL-p '
p-.ll mI.O.;M twae T a Kb. CI-fttMtlt I.-.-. -a.rv.
. nl I! w4. -hi -I. Mil fcTX
i ve il i:m r he , i rnti.
THE - - '
I A ttbfw JHacuvei y
thrwctTonls fttlvld 'tedthtl Yartoui
personalities are . so clear ana tne signifi
cant as to relieve tne plot or ratner tne
succession of incidents from all obscuri
ty. Ho person, however, should under
take to view the performances without
SM rtke 8tMB(e Fancies) thaTr lit
Tktraiausat site Braiav.
. De Quincy describes the magnifying of
real and common' things, the feeling of
tremendous despondency, -the indescriba
ble prolongation oi time anq tbe extension
action of this gas is very simple, nitrous
oxide being neither more nor less than
pure oxygen, mixea wim nitrogen, nuw
the proportion of oxygen in pure air Is
one-fifth, in nitrous oxide gas one-third.
Inhalation, therefore, simply exhilarates
the person using it. Why ? Because at
the very breath they inhale the abnormally
oTrdized air." "And the nitroeen. doctor?
what about that"' "Well, the cflect of
the nitrogen 1 can hardly tell you ;. there
diversions. . She kills at least three men,
one of whom is her first husband, and, for
a long time, her partner ana confederate
in vice. lie is an incurable leper, and as
she wearies, at last, of the trouble caused
by his frighful malady, she strangles him
while pretending to assuage his suffering.
Probably a more ghastly and hideous
spectacle has never been seen on any
stage ' than the - violent end' of : this
unsuspecting victim. As we have remarkt
ed, it ought not to be witnessed
Expelled frwwa Csllem He Owtwitn His
Ktvai auast; arnvriea) a rrtnniri
amater, ... ,
Westminister.' Md June 6. For several
days the eossiDS of this place have been
alive to a rich episode occured in the lower
part of the town, in connection with the
Western Maryland -College, the facts of
which are eiven as follows: One of the
scientific chairs at the college is occupied
by Prof. Brockett, who has a very pretty
ana interesting daughter. Miss JSmma
Brockett, who has for some years had an
attentive admirer in a young clerk in the
upper end of the town. Among others of
the college class during the psst year was
. iuioxuiciwuuu,oi jrouiesviue, juont-
gomery county,- Md., who was also an ad
mirer, although the fact was not well
known. On last Mondav night, the clerk
having on engagement with her, proceeded
to fulfil it. He was disappointed, how-
ever, as the lady .was not at home. Ke-
I f t :35aW
Xi w ami iMjmci'
nw Jlrnilj tor live spvalr
and prraiancnc Cut. at
awmteai Tailaataus a
laipatancgr br U rn oalr
trua war. via: XMract
I ADnliealion to(W aria-
elaal af taaDiaiaM, acting by Abi orptiom. kna rm
ba iw arcHM niSaraca oa ih teminal v aatelaa SJae
i a an ill tm anmdrd wHb ao sala t htcattvrairac.
tt ia aakly 4iwolna and woam barhrd. amlariag aa
tmaaadiaca aaotUnn aa4 raatoranva rflM aaoa the aez
aal aad arrraaa anaaatl4t4 vrrrara rraaa arlf aba-a
aad i. 1 1 . acorais Uta drain trwaa the .tcm. mtcr
tBalaa amad fea twtta ad aaaad ai-mcry, iraiatimg
tta UwaMM of tlxBk. Kcrra Zailttv. ConTuakoa
afTltnaa. Sxiiniffiin T-r- 4 tj, Ete.Eta.atidthcanprv
aac. mi praaalara aid 'rc untatlr Mmupanjipa tlila
mrt i, aad rawriiK a"trt Sexaol Vl(nr, ahcrr a aaa
wamdniiaaal urr. Th iw af trrmrnwat haa Moed
ttM Wat ra very arvcr. nwa.aa.1 aMvaMMtwcd
aaacaaa. Dracs aia mo aiN-a aumibad In tarac troubles.
aaa-apar aimrn wua mnj n mmj
in ii ul r 1 Tana ia aa Kaaaxnpi; .boat taia Prrpana
iiaB, Practiral abamwion raahlva aa a anatm4y jrajiran-
wrnm am wan.
i to arm tfMMti
Jt iiitnll t H TtUfM, ! H M -tW CCtfH
4 fry 1 fT'ir rtoOiMKv to be lh vuC nttowU
mmu9 ttlmm I tit Tfrhlmt sttiI nr.ft thim wry ys-
tin..liU tk-U i -rril kimn ItsW the rMMX msv!4
mfrry tm mm (miry, ana pnt -rm ika prry viiki
tWir Mil If fi !. bi.txfMA.'rhc KdtMdjja atp
to new vkmaamH ta a moinH. v Md m u rlls
yiapptf wy rail tral4 ftx T-n htsm, (vgk"ri
if i - mmmm nakw ia ttvr rma, m m Tlifra
r far tug rf tM aw- i 1 irf -r. t-tl
acaiaaawapai laaliaanaia,
iwaaaiawj tVaaa Saw iiaw tl
Idaaa. Pknaeal arcaT. UimaM.
laaa at-iaaaal ruwn, ate- awaking
w. aTOBapPT.
all carta ia
OOaaera I
9fT s',i,a
ipfrcala tic tbt I
I '-'I
i to take.
40 la artsU. put.it v
cwud bar all
anra Tiia or aw tot- om
nttnts. one nart in one hundred of water.
and hung up in foul air, quickly destroys
bad oaors.
Two m in inns ooDies of speeches deliv
ered in Congress this session have been
folded in the House folding room, and
(ranked through the mails.
: Th Vjirl of Ashbumham. now in his
.a. S 1 to mmmuI tA mftTfT A
,ld at priced ?TJZJiJZ -rT.me h nol
yet neen puoiicsuij amiuuuv.
y.mi3mik maintains that steel can be
hannwi nnt onlv bv immersion in
bollinir water, but even in boiling oil.
melting lead and melting z'.nc. '
Ttot. Niemoller describes a simple
method of setting a wire in viDrauon,
.hioh mlirrit ba tamed to account in
localising calls on telephone circuits.
After she returns from Europe. Mrs.
Sherman, wife of tho Secretary, will pass
nnat nf tha aeason with friends at Bebo-
both Beach, on the cost of Delaware.
- ; At the funeral of General James Shields,
at Cariion Mon tne two sworos pirscnic
ik aiaint of IlUnoia ams South
Carolinsviwtjre crossed the casket. S 1
k ..t maimata of South Wales is Sir
Watkins Williams Wynn, who ownes 90
nnrt .Ma in TV'nbic'hBhire. He is an M
P as his father was before him for half
k man sobered in New Yolk from
..iitwn nf mmnlcte inebriety when in
rAnwl that his friends had buried a man
whom, they supposed to have been him
self. ' - -
- Tha hnhbvof the EmDress of Japan is
.nw vaiainw. Hhe haa a silk manufactory
within the bounds or tue imperial piaw,
and many distinguished ladies co-operate
with her.
The joking about Lieutenant Governors
will have to be stopped. Lieutenant Gov
ernor Long,- of Massachusetts, has found
time, amid the cares of office, to translate
Virgil's Eneid. .
The Crown Prince of Sweeden and Nor
way, the 'descendant of Bernadotte, is re
ported to be a suitor for .the hand of Ger
man Emperort grand daughter, Princess
Victoria of Baden. . . . .
General John E. Wool set apart $50,000
for the erection of a monument over his
Save at Troy, N. Yn and it will be put up
is summer. It is of Maine granite, and
seventy-five feet high.
The Board of Health officers of San
Francisco have been visiting the Chinese
slums of that city, and to their horror
found about twenty lepers. They were
immediately hustled on board a vessel
and shipped to China.
" Dr "Bull-Run" Russell has severed .his
connection with the London times, after
thirty-eight years' service. His age is 63
years, aod he has gone to South Africa
with General Wolseley to correspond with
the London Telegraph- - . .. !
The Philadelphia Bridjre Works, says
the Philadelphia North American, recent,
lv shipped ten iron truss bridges irons'
seven to fifteen feet in length, built at their
(.Miahmsnt at the eastern end of Pots-
town, for the Caibairein and Espirira Rail
road. Cuba. . . - , t
The editor of a Missouri newspaper says
in his valedietory: "The paper itself is
doing a . better business than ever before,
U.. nla wall ant TUaw me T SteD dOWn
and out. After twelve years of hard labor,
your negligence has caused me to lose my
property." . . - .:
Tn twentv-cirht years New York' has
shipped 48,000 friendless children to the
west and found homes for them. This not
only saves New York tbe buildintt of sev
eral orphan asylums, but it prevents a
good share of the west from the- snobbery
oi Doasune oi uieir Kcuvauiv . , .
The fastest time between Sydney, Aus
tralia, and London.' bv-way of San Fran
cisco and New York, is .43 day a.. That
time Was made by tne mail wnicn leu
Sydney - by tbe- steamship City of New
York on the 24th of April, arriving in San
Francisco May 21st and leaving New York
on the steamship Uaina tne rata. .; ,
; The armv officers to be retired on ac
count of ace are Major uenerai x.. v.
Tnvnstmd- Adjutant General : Major Gen-
earl Randolph B, Marcey, Inspector Gen-
lersl; JKsjor uenerai m. u. neics, vuaner-
mudftr iMnem : naior ucunsi tiincua xv.
Barnes, Surgeon Uenerai-,. ana tsrigauier
General Benjamin A.lvord, ray master
General, . , . :
Sir William Thomson. Professor of
Natural " Philosphy at Glasgow, was
recently examined by the select com
mittee of the Enelish Parliament on the
subject of tbe electric light, and expressed
tne opinion inai Deiore ionij tuo iiui wui
be used everywhere, in private houses as
' well as in public buildings or in the open
air, and in small r.wmi as well as in large
ones.-., -v -- - .. :. . .... i -.. .
: According to the Biddeford (Me.)
Union, the larcc cotton lactones at that
rtoini are full of operatives, running on
full time and presumably making fair
nrofits. The machine shops ana foun
deries are hives of industry, employing
full forces, and tnmingouta large amount
I of machinery. The shoe factories were
never doing a larger or more prosperous
business than at the. present time.
Mr. ' Heap. ' in ' charre of the United
States Lciration at Constantinople, in his
i last dispatch f the department of state.
announced the arrival at that port of Jo
seph T. Clarke and Francis il. Bacon, in
the Dorian, a boat of only two tons, from
Boston.' A voyage across the Atlantic in
so small a vessel excited ereat wonder in
Constantinople. They had encountered a
severe storm, in which Mr. Clarke nearly
lost his life.
A woman in. Los Angclos, Cal.. became
rjossessed of tbe notion that her little rirl
might, by slow starvation, be brought to
such a physical condition that-she. would
be translated to the spirit . world without
dvine. With that end in view she fed the
child on fruit only, steadily diminishing
the quantity until tne victim was nombly
emaciated. Neighbors then interfered.
much to the displeasure of the mother.
who declared lhat tne ntue one naa reach
ed a point where the visions of spirit life
betokened the nearness or tne expected
change, - '
The good temperance people of Auburn
have been taken in and for by a woman,
yclept Mrs. Watson, -who has recently
played a cool trick upon their credulity.
She sent an agent to tha city, who finally
arranged with the Woman's Temperance
Union lor lectures, one came; wauomi
rJled in the best tamiliest was young and
attractive ; depended entirely on al'ter-lec-ture
collections' for compensation ; was a
fine elocutionist: father drank himself to
death: mother blind: father tried to kill
her: orohaned: much tears in speaker
audience melted; btg collections. Came
from the unknown and skipped away Into
the -unknown. It Has since been louna
oat that she is the erring wife of a Can a-
ad MwKPirrsKbaHt ata. i djj, clergyman ; that her agent's name is
A. iwii. -a Watson: that she travels with him as a
jOaartWIara. Pr Ctialiaj I if- . . H , - .
. t r ,:h K... ea. it ought not to De wiinessea exceo-
ever, have been fully and satisfactorily in- bT hcme who "e tolerably confident of
vestigated. I myself think that, inhaled their own composure ana enaurance- l ne
. . . ., . . I AlhF alanfl-hlApa ,n whirh tho . nlatf
as criven. its etiect is a negative one. ai . i j
least, it does not in any way enter into the I soounus are mostly ot tne" conventional I limitable EgypUan pyramids, one upon
quesUon of the action of laughing gas up- Japanese type a deal of bluster, fury, and other, until they open into a mighty
are looking I flummery; a superfluity of harmless unfathomable
on the human system, as we are looking uummery ; a sapernuuy oi ustdiicm unfathomable maelstrom, which in its
at it. To explain more clearly, the blood bewing and hammering; prolonged turn becomes the rugged sulphurous pit
in nowing irom me nearv, oeiore iw iwm- e j - ,
assassination wnicn seems aouna-
ea the lungs, is vinous, black blood and
contains no oxygen. The moment it sur
rounds tne air ceils oi tne lungs 11 oecomea
impregnated, and is changed into arterial
or red blood, and, in this, its normal state.
flows through ths bouy. supplying an
on one
ant for a general massacre. Bnt there
is a sort of rough excitement shout it, and
as an exhibition of muscular strength and
lortituue alone it is a marvel, now tnese
parts of the system. Now, the effect of wotnen, sonic iof them fragile in frame and
r . . . . ... . I IaI I m 111 ilian. rmn rrttl tnmnffn
nitrous oxide gas is simply to increase the
amount or oxygen taken into me sysiem
at each inhalation, and to quicken the
flow of the blood, the pulse being from
fifteen to twenty, and by lightning, as it
were, the body to cause exhilaration; this
carried beyond the point where laughter
becomes a natural state of being because
all surroundings have become metamor
phosed, and are pleasant, ludicrous or fun
ny, but never serious, sau or uomuio
becomes sleep, and. as in sleep, ihe nerv
ous functions of the body become quies
cent, and the patient or person under its
influence insensible to pain.
The doctor here mentionea esses to snow
that people suffering even from tho worst
kind of organic diseases have with safety
taken the gas, had their teeth extracted.
and gone away without suffering Incon
venience, when, to have attempted to have
operated upon thero while they were in
their normal conditions would not only
have been dangerous bnt - impossible.
"Simi.ar cases." said the doctor. ' are
delicate in demeanor, can get through
such an amount of exertion, so many
times over, in a single day, is a pur.lo to
physiologists. From what we have thus
said, it msy be judged that the drama of
O. Den is little better than a revolving
scries of "cnambers of horror;" but it
contains, in fact, many brighter feature,
and although the social pictures always
represent a low leval of humanity, they
are relieved by unmistakable touches of
of humor, and by frequent side passages
of exquisite drollery. If asked wheather
we . should counsel the attendance of the
foreign, public, we should preserve- a
discreet silence. He who reads may run
to Kira-za, if he chooses; And if he chooses
not, there is nothing to prevent him from
staying away.'. But this we : shall - say
I without hesitation : If the unquestionable
talent manifested by many members of the
troupe could be concentrated in a perform
ance of more moderate scope-some piece
less burdened with moral and physical
monstrositv-an entertainment might be
of a volcano descending into the. very
heart of the globe. This is very like
some of De Quinccy's experiences, but it
is the veritable record or a recent invalid.
The STOtesoue and horrible niincle odd
ly in such derangements of the sleeping
brain. The same dreamer found himself
climbing with much labor up a precipit
ous mountain, accompanied by a very
beautiful lady with whom he h id a casual
acquaintance in real lire. ' There was a
lovous tumult of hundreds of people on
the top of this mountain, and it appeared
that they were erecting a monument to
some jH-rsori unknown. The lady pro
posed to help, and did so by the simple
means or breaking out it im the ledge a
tragment 01 several tons' weight ana. in
the most natural way. tossing it to the top
of the monument, where it immediately
fitted in excellent shape. He followed the
lady's example with ' equal success, and
this indeed seemed the first and proper
method of ' building memorials. In
a moment - the lady. the merry
crowd., tne mountain, were not, ana
the first awful trump of .the
day of iudgment was sounding: the skies
wore a livid, ashen hue, and limned upon
their vault, in place of sun or stars, which
had fled away because there was no place
for them, were gigantic figures of human
ana bestial shapes, ana an tne land was
treated everyday, and are by no means afforded which would agreeably vay the crowded with men and women and chil
. . . . . i . .. u: niAiiAlnruwamilrMl nf uaiirlitjuV1ltlT, in the I j - .1 i 1
incidentals This divergenca from MiM
Deal's case ia fur the purpos f howing
that she, a woman in fair health, ran no
risk whatever in Inhaling the gas; that,
in fact, as I said at first, she became insane
from other causes, or that her case was
wholly Dhenomenal."
An exhibition of the gas was given at
Omner Institute vesterdav to ladies only.
The first who ventured was a young and
beautiful girl with sweet, pale tace, ana a
saint-like expression, as she came forward
with downcast eyes and hands meekly
folded. All thought, as she came under
the influence, that from her lips would
come the words of some simple child-like
prayer. But alas I for appearances, in an
instant the whole expression changed,
then came a burst of wild laughter, then
the words, "If a body kiss a body need a
body cry," was merrily sung out, and be
fore the doctor, who had hold of her arm,
could escape, she left a most emphatic
kiss upon his cheek.
A roar of lauirhter I correctly by the degree in which their rep-
fromtne spectators greeted this, mnd the uiauons uiigni oe iniuairvu uv tut? uu"- a wierdly consorted pair, arm m arm.
' . . " ' .. . . .. . 1 tAnan.A r vimwa a-K 1 -Il r 111 III I u. aiinurit I . r . t 1 , .
doctor, Willi a nusnea iace, genuy i " "-"r ", v ..- unjwm woman i urirjtrun v mmuiv.
shook her awake.
Then came a fair one ot that uncertain
age somewhere between the teens and
fifties. With a very sptnstenai expression
she gently took hold of her nose before
breaming tne gas. l nen mo iuu uegan.
With one arm round tne doctor's neck
she rushed across the stage at breakneck
speed, dragging him with her. Ho tried
to pull away, but in vain, her loving arms
were like tne con oi ine onttconsincmr;
on she went, he with her. Then she be
gan the most wonderful pirouettes, t anny
Ellsler's spirit seemed to have taken pos
session of her. - Her hose were scarlet
this fact was apparent to the lookers-on.
The sort of double shuffle, his face the
picture of horror, her's radiant with de-
igbL She had found a partner at last.
But suddenly she was herself again, and
let go of him so suddenly that be fell back
as if shot from a cannon.
artn riror. In rhe-wote t T--rvl 1 DOtZCSIWS
Saw sains will a-rrapary E-iCH 1 OX.
StadibraDf-ilaUiarawiaMattlTimd AialiaiiaTV -ay
HI all al luaa.wklca arill W-ii.i tha moat acrfMical
that f Kay caa aa aaarnrrd to atftaet atanaood. and B
snadajrtn.dariraaf IU-. aa a l arr-r vtoj. g
BialadCaralaaaataaaT ana. EuSdOITX.Ykrtaa'
MaHMtaaOfKwts. ST. lOUlS. -Q.
ITTyTHyi Wart MW. caauiamiu wit
laaa, Jotacra, ana Mlowins cbai
- a. naaaniit Waaautaopd, Sal
Wrtk, Siahatn at Virciallr. Ttm-
I . swc. Sterility w win., mwnt mmd
trvwMKaU, AUvto t fcr.4tg.oom, .ftdvico to basta-Aa.
Itrtw m tttM, rratllacio, im mam, Vtrtmcy mwm
Covnalup, ImpMlil
catnsnwo ot Vm4
fM Co Murium,
noiiitirij. La of Muntpi tw of Dti -. Lrtmipgkm
ittcisMUOK MJlmmmmmm prtmis-r so
iW liiafniit A faoak tor mi lilo
marroavlinff- MO pos. Irtla &WMm
r HotL noii m 90 etutm.
rb Print MctSeal AMr,
TiMaVav uiM. aKrurtaro. vi
BTTittU Dmbiltty. matt la
I cbtonoro. eutiu IrniMl
iowi SoriwTT, Oonfutvkm o
of airM, UrffTtm.
Knot Ml
VanSSoll om!uiooda 10 coji op
b51t booa4 oottraa, 01. TWy ooatala
1 oocr Ifkfa UlTMtrmttno, cmhroctna mif
I M worth fcawwin)-, mmm
k that ifMlMibjtnsd lu nrothcr work. Tkv
btasrsi votot im posif.y th brol Pcmirar MedVcol Bootf
tm mm ttujmm HivOmmrm mmmt Kttm tt con -
Tha Author I mm czporteneod
mrmrtimr (mm la well knows.) mod
ttw adriea Jrim, sad Knks fur tfoottosfwt mmm, will
I or grwmt vorno to tkooo iifcrtog Tmm lmpritia
mi tiM arvrrro, mxy ron,ym. lKor or mnj oi tYmrnumrr
" UBfWUtT nroiK Sewtln Mntrkrroteovrsua
rm mmm, tar Frteo im MMdps. Pihrgr or Cmm new. tt
anwwMti in warrai oiw pp;iw mwm wrmmmiy
wttltwMI tMTt. AiMrOMt UF. DtftT' ill
mmrj.lMM.mvkSkmm.ljamns Jfa. ifblfahj iw47
Jmr ot by
f Him DWra,- AGENTS wmmii.
mil rmtmmm
htm their nu
Urrm that th-' Will mrn
I h Ham Amimm.m. - -lot a Trua.
Siclz Soskdactiei
naaa fciwa
Ty also rallsral
rlsUsa rrocn iiytpni
sla. Indlgsstton and
Too. Hrany Enttnc
A Brtrct rrmsdjr for
DitsiDCaB, ITsnsca.
Orowstnns,Bad Taal
IntbaMealb. (Mated
Tonsa.. -Pain In Itie
SteVa, aYc. Tbay mra
lata tha Bowrla and
tarevana tjonatlpaitoti
and Plica. Tnaamall-
fmlTOtic Dill tdim
j-noa z cMuia. 1
monotonous round of "sight-seeing" in the
capital, and yield amusement-not only of I
a rational and enlivening kind, but also
intellectually suggestive in , no mean
degree. Tokio limes.
iw - "
The Opialoas of the Usctsrs the
t Vn r Btiavjtalaat. .. .
If wc bass on to consider the use of al
cohol as an article of -diet, the opinions of
the medical profession are unmistakable.
They have been expressed within tiie last
few months in' a series of articles in the
Contemporary Itcvicw, written by some
of the most eminent physicians and sur
geons in London, and among which thooe
of Sir James Paget and Dr. Mozon were
especially noteworthy. It must be re-
mcmberea that the writers nave no ciaim
to any occult knowledge on tho subject,
but they arc trailed observer of the con
ditions'which promote or moil ify health,
and tlat they are stimulated to observe
drcn. some scream in ir. some dumb and
white with dismay, a few serene and hap
dv. and some curious, and noting down
the phenomena and the incidents attend
ing them. . This was tho dreamer's part,
and as the figures shifted every now and
then, as by some kaleidoscopic trick, he
strove to rgamr.e a corps of organization
to regard each quarter of the heavens.
There was nothing stranger, as the dream
er remembers this astonishing scene, than
the curious irrelevance of the common
place houses and barns and churches ; the
people were about . as lie wouiu nave ex-
Dected. . ..
But swifter than a Weaver's shuttle this
scene, too, vanished, and the dreamer was
in a great theater, packed tier above tier
with human beings, who were witnessing
a series of tableaux vivahts. There was
announced as tho closing picture, "The
Equality of Man." The stage was set for
a palace interior, and from a stately portal.
tn tbe blaze ownany lights, there sieppea
-J7BM BSUC Vee I Wall VmT.ll Tj T
OVUIWUH BUtW ak JlUUlUeP-Ol UeiTOlU ' &C 1 Km ll mnnntjul nn nanTaal
lawyers mvestea in ana nauea up. at tno workings of many of : their finest and
their desks a sign reading that thev were I best rjatteraar w.i .Tan.v ihA-i ta.
busy Just then but would see tho visitor later combination of lho Dado Borders Paper
Tl. n I n wrAM, iIaIiiii oil , Vi n uwl I....UU. I m-. Tt 1 . ...
auo njua " & ; "- js"" i cum jciKriM ana uieir ellects on tne wall.
for, when one day a withered-up old man
enterad an office, gazed stupibly around
ned at last inquired :
-Kin I see the - lawyer for a few min
utes?" ; - , r . !
He had a book under his arm and that
settled his case- His eyes were directed to
the sign, and after reading H he turned
away, savings. "
"Wall, if you're very busy I won't stop.
It was a case where there was about forty
thousand dollars at stake, and - -
But ho was out in the hall by that time,
and he didn't seem to hear the invitation
to come back. The lawyer, vexed and
annoyed, tore down the sign at once and
honed the old man miirht return. Sure
enough, be entered the office again yester-
turning at a later hour and looking in the ft . "
parior winoow, he aisooverea htt college uV wthl mon.in. -
mO, n.t nlnntv nf tim "
rival and his sweetheart engaged in a love
like converse that greatly excited his
jealousy. Later in the evening, when the
rivals met in tne street, something like a
hand-to-hand scuffle ensued, In which at
least one of the combatants was knocked
down, when friends interfered and seper-
ated them. The student was led towards
the college, but town coun stable arriv
ing, arrestea mm, ana ne spent the mgnt
in durance, while the other belligerent
took a room at the Montour House. Next
morning, through the invitation of the
college president, the student was released.
tie was, however, expeilea, ana was sent
to his home in Montgomery county the
same day. About four miles from their
destination the constable and his charge
were halted by an accident to their vehicle
wnicn neccssitatea repairs. The student
told the constable that he was only a few
mnes irom home, ana wouia not trouble
him further, but would walk thither. Tbe
constable assented, and the pair sepe rated
Dut wnen tne omcer reacnea wcstininisi
on his return he found his charge not only
mere, nut vuai mere naa a quiet weaaing.
At 1 o'clock Tuesday, Rev. Mr. Knhn, pas
tor of the Lutheran Church, was called to
to the lady's house and tied tbe connubial
knot, uniting Mr. Dixie Isherwood . and
Auss Emma JS. Brockett. The same night
there was a reception, and everything is
going on swimingly. ; '
Oh, no plenty of time' was the reply.
Sure I om annoy you 7" .
. "Oh. you can't annoy me at all. I shall
listen to you with the greatest pleasure.
"Wall, then." said the old man as he
slowly undid his book, "I'd like to call
your attention to this 'Life of Napoleon.
It is said that the engravings alone cost
forty thousand dollars. We are selling
this book to lawyers at ."
The attorney grew white around the
mouth, and asking to bo excused tor a
moment he put on his bat and went t-own
for a ndc on the ferrg boat, calculating to
be gono just two hours f Detroit Free
press. .
These samples will be sent to nv nurtr
wishing to makr selections, ui; i;,;! ;
Keil, & Bm.,
daP Ft. Wayne, Ind. -
A new Indiana law honV TTnwlanA 'auf '
Winters, Indiana executors manual a
very usetul book: price cloth. 350:sbeed
$4.00. For sale at Keil & Bro's. Ptf.
OTJK OWW-Kq, 87-
Rose Cold and Hay Fever.
This remedy has been used in thousands of
the worst rases, with astonishiBs and uniform -
sneren, and is offered to the public with full
confidence in its merits. It contains no poison-,
ons scinjnrioits projierties whsterer, aad aa
infaaiaaisy toke it Willi perfectsafety.
Sekd to Jos. Bckxktt ft Co Boston. Msss
for pamphlet containing description of its'
merits. -
f Portabla FASlf E1TBIHZ. '
Ham more good points
to be- erroneous. ' The general effact of
what they have written may be fairly stat
ed somewhat in the following manner:
Thev hold that the regular, nuxlcrate use
of afcholic drinks as articles of diet is cer
tainly harmless, and possibly as ttcueticial
robed with consummate elegance, adorned
with jewels, and with the mein of a sover
eign. Her companion, upon whose arm
she leaned, was a woman alfo a colopsal
negress of the most hideous African type.
As the two appeared, the lady turned
.Tricks of TUrera,
Tigers can lay themselves so flat on the
ground, and lay so perfectly motionless,
that it is often a very easy thing to overlook
them. On one occasion, when the Purneah
hunt .were out, a tigress that had been
shot got under some cove: that was
trampled down by a line of about twenty
elephants. The sportsmen knew that
she had been severely wounded, as they
could tell by the gouts of blood, but there
was no sign of the body. She had disappeared.-After-
along search," beating the
the same ground oyer and over again, an
elephant trod on tbe dead body lying,
under the trampled canes, and the mahout
cot down and discovered her lying quite
(lead. -She was a large animal and full
grown. On another occasion tieorge was
after a fine male tiger. He was . following
up fast, but coming to a broad nullah,
full of water, he suddenly lost sight of his
game. He looked up and down the bank,
and on the opposite bank, but could see
no traces oi the tiger. iolcin down, he
saw in the water what he first kook to be a
largo bull-frog. There was not a ripple on
he placid, stagnant surface of the pool.
He marveled much, and just then his
mahout pointed to the supposed bull
frog, and m an excited whisper implored
George to fire. A keen look convinced
Ueorge that it really was the tiger. It was
totally Immersed, all but the face, and
lymg so sun that tne raintest motion or
ripple - was perceptible He fired and
in Dieted a tern Die wound. The tiger
bounded madly forward, and George gave
; ot. Fb'ersbunr is to be -made a sea
port by means of a maritime canal, which
will permit the large vessels, now obug
to stop at Cornstadt. to take in and dis-
rharra their cariroes at the caoital. The
works necessary to make St. Petersburg
the largest seaport in the Baltic win oe ex
ecuted within six years at a cost ot 9S,uuu
roubles. The port of Libau, which, ac
cording to its situation, is destined to take
a leading part in the competition against
the Prussian ports, is also to be enlarged
and deepened. -. ... ;. - -,.
Tbe directors of the' North' Lake and
River -.association of Northern Indiana
have concluded to locate at Syracuse, on
the shore of the Nine Mile lake, in Kos
ciusko county. - Tbe objects of the associ
ation are lor horticultural purposes ana
the scientific propagation and cultivation
of fish, promotion of literary attainments
and cultivation of physical and mectal
health. .;
as- 5a
i aw aiaJ- ,
Power ana
anaee aroaraiiteed.
- Scad toe circalatv
Iarniamrom, Imp. .
Maan&ctnrers of Portable aad Stationary Engine
Portable Mulay and Circular Saw My is, uraia list
ratungia aiacnuies, scare jjrcascra asw
a.' ' The WUHh DetaMiVaV
Pmoott Bros. A Co Jkgtaata Fort Ways, lad.
gri-ajaa-i-a -a, aaiaSS
MIsTlt Price la lalalBe.
Messrs.' Dundas Dick & O)., of Capsule
fame, recently inlroduced a new pharma
ceutical preparation, which they denomi
nate "Thermaline." From experiments
made by "numerous medical men dnnng
the past fifteen months, it has proved to be
equal, ir not superior to (Quinine- in
malarial diseases, and as a general tonic.
A cheap and efficient Ague Remedy has'
long . been desired ' by the masses,' and
Thermaiine has proved itself the only . 25
cent Ague liemedy in existence, Urug-
gist's Aavernscr
Wo wui liav AtfeiliuiSaturTol'ailuUDer month
sed cxiwd.. ir wivct larirc cuinotiMMan. loall oar
new aod wwodirrnil itiTntiona. S'aatraa Aaf aaaaa.
c-amlc- trco. adirBin-HKaaacfc. Mara ball. Mid..
WEA KKfM, etc., sad all disarders broafht on -by
indiscrations. azoaaaes or orerwork of the Brain .
aad Kerroin System, speedily and radically cored by :
S purely Tetabl preparation, and lb bestaadsaeat
sacccaaiai remeay snown. TVS or BIX Boxes are
nttually aamcienC-. For farther InfoiojaJJon, Stad
for Clresilar. Priea, CI par Box; six Boxes,
8, by mail, securely asstsd, with full dirscttoaa foe ,
i-Tepsreu omy ny
W1KCBE8TXB ck CO, Claewalat, " '
ITIor ssls Ths fclkrwinc
a. . coantr.
as it is agreeable to the great majority of I aer 8piendid face upon tho black, and
Taweraatee Oiubblm For Maswawer.
- Dr. Richardson and the British Medical
Temperance Association, over which he
presides, nave once more enaeavorea to
give practical illustration oi wnat may .ne
used as a wholesome, non-intoxicant bever
age when the warm weather we have long
been expecting-eventuaiiy arrives. Always-
supposing that sunshine will some day
supersede tne coia ana wet irom wnicn
we are at present suffering, and that with
it the desire tor retresning eompounas in
shape- of drink will arise, the question
which the doctors have met to discuss is cer
tainly one of considerable interest. It may
at once be noted that the variety of mix
turcswlth which the assembled teetotalers
on . the occasion, of. the . society's
banquet - drank of . the - various
sentiments" proposed was neither stint
ed nor commonplace. There ' were
on fermented, wines including port' and
"sherry;" fruit drinks, .beverages made.
from malt rree irom alconoi, oi course
and others from hops, declared on the
list to be both good and pleasant, cider
ine, concocted from the juice of apples.
a curious liquid with a singular name,
which was stated to be "the pure inspis
sated juice of the grape, free from aH
foreign matter, and pleasantly acidtV and
another- nnder an equally strange title,
was averred to contain phosphates and
iron, and to be an excellent tonic. Ginger
ale, - than which, it was announced,
"nothing could be finer," fruit essences
no doubt admirable in their way and,
lastly, liqueurs, "nnintoxicating and very
attractive," went to make up the list of
potations in which the advocates of tem
perance pledged each other- Agreeably
cheered with the uninebnating liquors
thus, provided, they congratulated them
selves on tbe success ot the movement
tbey represented, and found much satis
faction in the discovery that
they were able to eat what ' ap
pears from their menu to have been a
particularly good dinner without the aid of
alcoholic mixtures. That being in sound
healthy condition they are not deterred by
absence of claret and chamague from en
joying the salmon, poulrtM mute a Ut Mar
entfo, mast goslings, quail, asparagus and
and jellies, to say nothing of many anoth
er toothsome dish with which they were
supplied, will, no doubt, be matter for
sincere satisfaction to their friends. It is
of more importance to know how far the
"pleasantly acid" juice of unsweetened
grapes, the malt drink which, as we are
assured, "can with ditilculty be distin-
malnlin.! f mm luuir anil AtrtMt
the human race in tetnpcialc climates and
in civilized countries; that such use is a
matter of necessity to some, especial
ly to bmin-workers- of small appe
tite : and weak digestion; and that
total abstinance is mode of life
which is conductive to tbe welfare of
the few rather than nf the many. As condi
tions of the safe and proper use of alcohol.
they hold that it should only be taken with
food; and scarcely except with the principal,
meal of the day; 'that the repetition of
drams should, therefore, be strictly avoid,
ed, and that the only safe rules as regards
?uantity are those which every man
rame for himself, if he will fairly and
honestly observe the immediate 'and
rcmete effects of what he takes. Sir John
Paget points out, with the force which is
so - often " inherent in "extreme
simplicity, that" in this country total
abstainers and drunkards haye formed two
small minorities, which may bo . set
against each other add disregarded ; and
that the great bulk of the people of Eng
land are the descendants of" many
generations of mod ot ate drinkers.1 If
moderate drinking were the eyil which it
is sometimes said to be, out of place among
nations, it would contrast less favorably
than it does with theplaces of communities
which are much smaller consumers of
alcohol thau ourselves. In all this the
writers do but affirm the correctness of
those deductions from practical experi
enc, ' which people in general have
already drawn for their own guidance, and
what - is called 1 science has much ,to
accomplish. before it can be in a position to
traverse these dedications with reasonable
prospect of success. There is vet an
other point of tho quest Km which deserves
a passing notice, aod it ia that the un ver
sal craving of mankind for some nervine
stimulant would impel them, ii alcohol
were rendered inaccessible, to find substi
lutes, possibly still more hurtful, in drags;
and it is notorious that among the poorer
classes the use of prepeiations of opium
has for some time patt been steadily in
creasing. - Among t the more wealthy,
these preparations are. also largely con
sumed, especially in the form of various
anodyne quack medicines, which are ac
countable for much disease and domestic
misery. Of the abuse of alcohorwe have
no occasion to epoak'.Tor it has ho defen
ders, but it may not the less be pointed
out that,' notwithstanding the dicta of
Judges and magistrates, drunkenness is
very often no more than an effect of the very
evils of which it is said to be a cause. It
is more often an early symptom than a
cause of insanity; more often a result of
the weakness of a vicious organism than a
cause ol vice.. On mis part of tho subject
great confusion of thought commonly pre
vails; and it mainly arises from the haste
to be didactic of worthy persons who have
never learned to, be accurate." London
leered; the other grinned ; and tbe house
broke into tempestuous laughter from
pit to roof one horrible rush and din of
laughter. Even while they laughed the
lady's face fell away into the corruption
of the grave, and all her garments and
adornments were filthy rags, and the ne
gro mask became a grinning eku'.l "the
equality of man" and the "chorus of the
theatre .became a vat volume of hisses
and cries of anger. The dreamer awoke
with that sight und those rntmds thrilling
every nerve, and "cried aloud." "Sann
tcrer," in Springfield Republican.
The Physique of Americans. -
It used to bo a common remark that
AmLricans were lacking in physique, and
as a nation they were called lank, lean,
and of too nervous temperament. But
t' me. with increased comfort, p. osperity,
better food and clothing, and other con
committants of. civilization, has worked
wonders for oar people. Dickens, who
was an unusually keen observer, remarked
a vast improvement on his second visit to
this country, in the looks of the people,
especially the women. Other evidence
might be cited to the some effect. But
let each judge for himself. Walk along
Broadway, or any other - thoroughfare
when the crowd, is densest; stand on a
packed ferry-boat, or in front of one of our
large churches or theaters when the audi
ence is leaving. Are not the mass of
people who pass robust. well-fed and
substantial-looking? Do you see many
cadaverous,- slab-sided persons? Do not
they look, on the . average, ' as - e)l as
people of any other race? The fact is,
and the statistics of the examining sur
geons of our enormous army during the
war prove it, that the American is toller
and larger round the chest than his Saxon,
ueitic or teutonic cousin.: uweuera in
cities are usually puny. The Londoner,
Parisian, and the '. New Yorker are all
small men; but the Maine lumberman,
the fanners from the far West, and tbe
men from the border States are huge,
powernilly-bnilt rtllows.
Take the United .States Senate or the
House of Representatives, and how many
fine physiques will be found. among their
members l in tne last three caninets lucre
was an unusual proportion of large, vig
orous men. Chase. Seward, btanu'n and
Blair were not pigmies, nor are Hayes'
supporters lacking in bonq aud muscle,
excepting Evarts and Schurz.
Thus it may be accepted that Amcr
i calls have size and strength for their
needs, and it is a m istake to suppose other
wise. -'-Sanitary Engineer and Plumber.
fermented port and sherry, are likely to
supersede the more intoxicating draughts
they are proposed to combat, and in what
degree thev are likely to find favor with a
public whose home is In an island, the
climate cf which is humid and frequently
depressing and dull. London Telegraph.
. eHuskea acla. '
Some interesting experiments have
lately been made in raising sunken vessels,
or other submerged objects, by a plan in
vented by a Viennese engineer. The
Berlin Tribune says . that the agent cm
nloved to lift the sunken objects ia car-
or the un-1 bonic acid gas, generated below the surface
A Japan o Theatre.
The Sendat episode is followed by a dis
play that would thrill with ecslacy the
devotee of Surry or Bower.' Jt is s melo
drama of the most approved Order of tur
pitude and feror-ity crowded with crime,
steeped in blood and resonant with thun
der from beginning to end. And yet it is
founded upon events of very recent and
undoubted occurrence. It fs, indeed, an
accurate theatrical recital of career of a
notorious malefactor, a woman named O
Den. whose amazing atrocities began to
startle the people of Tokio and tlte neigh
borhood in the early part of the Meiji
period; who was detected and arrested
after having murdered right aud left for
two or three years, and whose long im
prisonment during which sue resisted all
efforts to elicit -a confession ended with
her execution at 8enil, a very short time
ago. The length of the piece, and tbe
great number of scenes of which ills com
posed, make -it impossible for uatodev
scribe it ia detail ; but those who desire to '
witness it will have no difficulty in com
prehending what passes before them, for
... . ".',t f "
;, TittJv tii':i -;. -
of the water. In an otherwise empty
balloon a ' bottle of sulphuric acid is
placed, imbedded in a quantity of Buller's
salts, and an arrangement is provided by
which the bottle can bo broken at pleas
ure. The balloon, empty with the ex
ception of the bottle and the salts, is taken
down by a diver and securely attached to
the object to be raised. The bottle is
then broken, and the sulphuric scid thus
set free percolates the salts and generates
carbonic acid gas, which inflates the bal
loon and, after a time, causes it to rise to
the surface, bringing with il tbe object at
tached to it. Tbe. trials which have been
made with this new apparatus have as yet
been only on a comparatively small scale,
but they are stated to have been so isr,
eminently successful. ' A fin all 'vessel,
weighing several hundred weight, was
sunk in sixty feet of water, a diver was
sent down and attached the balloon to it,
and, in a very short time the machine
appeared on the surface - of the water,
bringing tho vessel with it. - On another
occasion five sacks filled with sand were
thrown overboard in fifty feet of water,
and, in a few minutes, were similarly re
covered, v . . ' ' ' -
-The grinding and finishing of the ob
ject class of the great telescope for which
the Russian government has appropriated
200,000 roubles, will probably be intrusted
to Alvin Clarke fc - Sons, of Cambridge,
Mass, - -i! :. :'
. T Maea.! Kaaae... -
Gentlemen who co about the world bur
dened with names of great length and un
wicldness should take courage. A young
man in Chicago has set them a valuable
example. His name was Charles Oliver
Brewster Brockaway. His mother ia a
brief season of gratitude, had pinned this
potential patronymic to him. She had
been cured of some serious malady by one
Dc Charles Oliver Brewster, and by way
of perpetrating the name of her benefac
tor, she-afflicted it upon her helpless sou
The other day the young man,' weary
of his load, appeared in the superior
court of Chicago, and asked for an
abridgement, lie set forth in his petition
that his "concatenated name could not be
spoken without great labor of speech and
.great use of time, nor could it be written
without knowledge and eriu in Angnsn
literature." These reasons were thought
sufficient by the court, and at the petition-
re's instance he was permitted to lop off
the Brockaway, there being too many of
that name already, it uas oeen suggestea
that the young man should have gone a
step further, suppressed the "Oliver" and
stood before an admirinir world as plain
Charles Bmwster, with license to condense
the Charles in case of urgency. The
tendency to overname children is very
great, and it is a nuisance against which
civilization should protest. There is noth-
ing so simple and effective as simple chris
tian names. . Men with double names are
always tempted to divide them in the mid-
dle.and this is itself an abomination against
which civilization should protest,- A fop
pish title, such as J- Braithwaite Bogar
duar or Joyce B. Buijoyce St. Arnaud,
when compared with such a simple and
powerful name as John Smith, is as the
bedecked and bedizened, drum major to
the unostentatious Napoleon In gray over
coat. liaiumore uazette.
Twelve thousand dollars In a single let
ter has turned up in the dead , letter office
at Washington. 7, ;
New York JHoaev ajatl stock Man-feet.
- New York, June 26.
Money easy 214 4 per cent Prime
mercantile paer per cent. Ster
ling, long, al86J; short, 88if. Govern
ments firm. Railroad bonds generally
strong; C. C. C & I, firs, 70. State
bonds . dull, except . Louisiana Consuls,
which arc. strong and higher , Stock spec
ulation dull throughout but firm tone pre-
it its quietus through the spine. A nearly I vailed and market closed strong at an ao-
similar case occurred to old Mr. C A
tiger bolted toward a small tank or pond,
and though the line followed up in hot
. il , i .1 : .1 -i .1 rt
pursuit, uic uruuj uiotxppcarcu. siu vn
keener than the 'others, was loth to give
up the pursuit, and presently discovered
vol low is h reflection in the clear water.
Peering more intently, he could discover
the vellowish tawnv outline ot the
cunning animal, totally immersed In the
water, save its eyes, ears ana nose, lie
shot the tiger dead, and it sank to the
bottom like a stone. So perfectly had it
concealed itself that the other sportsmen
could not for the life of them imagine
what old C. had fired at, till his mahout
got down anil began to haul the dead
animal out of;the water. Sport and
Work on the Nepaul Frontier.
A BUc Finaarlal Operattwa.
M. Leon Say ia understood ; to be en
gaged in preparing a detailed narrative of
one of the largest - financial operations on
record the repayment ot the debt which
the state owed the bank or 1 ranee, it
may be remembered that after the Fran-
co-German war the government was
obliged to borrow no less a sum than
1,530,000,000 francs, or over itw.uuo.oou.
to meet tbe firsc demands of the invader.
The whole of this sum has now been re
turned to the bank-.the last (50,000,000 francs
having been paid in, about Six weeks ago.
In ' spite . of . the. .' Commune, - which
at one time threatened the distraction of
the bank -and the ruin of France, and of
violent., political -discussions : followed
by ministerial changes, the gigantic oper
ation in question was accompiisnea witn
marvelous regularity.' The circulation ol
bank notes was never disturbed, and the
bank, authorized by law, was enabled to
increase its paper issue without seeing its
notes buffer any depreciation. The conse
quence naturally was that the forced cur
rency was merely nominal, ami tuai lew
persons were aware, that it was. legally
abolished on tne 1st or January last. Alter
the war. notes of 1, 2. 8, 5, 20, 60 and 100
francs were in circulation.' Gradually the
smaller notes disappeared, and now it is
. . i . . -. , i . .
lloi easy w vntaiu cvuu iw-inuit; uinca,
while the metallic reserve in the bank, is
larger than it 'was at the close of the em
pire H'all Mall Uazette.
caMintT. f awas
160 acres of laad located 1 tha asrta wast ewsswaT
efasction 32, tows 76, ranee 3S. -
Alao, ecrea, Delnc ue aorta oau oius waia-
tMtqaartsr of the aortb-weet quart- ef aecUoaxa,
own j , rang as wcaa.
Alao, In Harrison ooamtjr, Iowa. -ISOacrei
acres of the waat Balfaf the sooth last
anarter, sad ttm aotrtfc-aaattawasr aftbe seat
oarter of eeetioa SO, towa SO, ranges 4U
Alan. ISO aeras af the aorta k2f aad ths
weal quarter of the aorttt-wast fnarsar of sactMaas,
tswa 80, raaae 41.
Alao in Ananooa cowry, lows:
120 acres of land, ths south keif of the saslh wsst
anarter of section 82, town 81, ranfe So. .'
In all SM seres. The abore lands ara all wall lo
cate! near railroad communications, and sosss of II
1e within SO aallea ef Council Brans. Tne appro aasos
will ba sold cheap, on easvterais, or will exoaanajt
for Srst class real estate ia the elty of Fort Wayne.
TTIor ale 220 acrei cf kad In Iroqaoia eoaaty, UnV
X" nols: bains ths boo tn-treat qnartsr of section 10.
. ,, - Elopetaeata. r-
- If elopement is bad jn a woman, it is
worse in a man.' A man who will steal
his wife is a .muddy blooded coward, un
fit to have one. . If his love for a womau
is worthy that noble name, he will go and
ask her hand from those whose claim to
be consulted can never die. If tbey refuse,
it he is bound by every "tie of courage and
decency to . give them time to reconsider
their decision If they will not, then un,
der all ordinary circumstances he is mor
ally free to take her. A man who has not
tbe nerve U do that is the last of men to
be made a hero. And as a rule, he is the
last of men to care for and honor as ho
should the woman he had not the
heart to win in a becoming manner.
The history of romantic marriages, as
they are called, is a record of folly which
often ends in neglect, and coldness, and
cruelty. The man who cannot conquer
the difficulties in the path of his love, and
carry off its object with the spirit of a con.
quercr, is not one to whom a woman
should entrust her love. A msn who will
urge her to elopement, aware that it will
expose her to insolent gaze, and make her
name the theme of degrading gossip, and
her family the butt of ridicule, should be
driven from her presence and incontinent-
vance of per cent, except. Kansas
Pacific, which declined 1.
Govkbumkbt Securities. Coupons of
8i, 107K; new 5s, 1033; Js, 1W;
new 4s, I Oil1 : currency us, 122.
Express Shakes Adams 106; Amer
ican. 46 W ; United States. 4.7U.
MncsajLAinsorjs Stocks. Western Union
Telegraph 92 ; N. T. Central 118: Erie
27& ; - preferred 51 14; Michigan Cen
tral 76 W; Union Pacific stock 76V; !
Lake dhore 75 ; Cleveland & Pittsburg
97 ; : Northwestern 65 ; preferred 9 ' ;
Uleveiana at uniumDiis oo: ttocx
Island 109 ; St Paul 53 ; preferred 92 :
Fort Wayne 108$; Wabash 35; Ohio&
Mississippi 14fc. -
Statb Bonds. Tennessee 6s, old 83J:
cew ; 30i ; Virginia g. : old 80Jf ; new.
314; Missouri sy Ms -;h
CUesajro Harkst
. Chicago, June 27. Flour dull and un
changed. Wheat quiet firm' aud higher:
No. 2 Chicago 6pring 1 06H cash ; 97
97 Jly; 91 August; No..2 1 03
1 04 Corn lairlv active and higher;
av; casn; sou July; ffjJ4 August: re
jeeted 34 W. - Oats strong and higher; 32c
cash: 33cJuly; S9204 August Rye
and juariey steady and unchanged. 1 ors
duH,weak and lower; 9 80 cash; 9 80 bid
for July; 9 2$9 05 August.- Lard ac
tive and a shade lower; 6 10 cash and
.ruly; 17(gQ20 August; 6 gT-Sept
Bulk meats easier; 3940(?50.;,- Whisky
in fair demand at 1 05. Hogs; packers
are holding off for a decline ; prices 510
cents lower: mixed 3 6003 80; light 3 85
( va ; cnoicc neavy 3 wj(i 4 00 ;' market
closed weak and unchanged.
KsvarTork Hsrket.
New - York. June 27. Flour quiet;
superfine and state western, 3 50(33 85
comtrrasi to good, extra, 400(34 10; good to
choice, f'l5(r4'50; white wheat extra,
4 555 25 ; extra Ohio, 4 006 00. Wheat
No 2 sprin", quiet at 1 10; other grades
grades without a decided change; mixed
winter. 1 14(31 15: No 1 white. 1 14W
115; extra, 110. Rye steady: western.
60(361. Barley dull. Com firmer: low
mixed, 4647; No 2 white, 4950; new
western, 44W44W.- .. Oats -firmer and
rather quiet; mixed western, 36(338;
white western, 3841. liggs dull;
western, 10 12. ,: Pork dull and scarcely
so firm; new mess, 10 25 ; old me?s,10 50.
Lard dull and weak ; prime steam, o 3
u ffi W.-' Hutter dun ana weak at ioizg.
wnisKy nominal, at 1 00 j.
AndSOacrssofths sosth ssst qnartsr afths earn
section. The abore fend is oa the Oaleaco, DaarUs)
Vincennet railroad, adjoining the towa of Msrtla'
ton, 7 miles from Chicago aad 8 miles from Warns -ks.
The above are aaimproved leads, diet slsss soil
sad is one of the araet ferule lesieasialhs Prata
Slate. . '
bar of ether oat nonets, alao sa erehsrdof t,000 a-ntf
trees of Us ttnest selection of peach, peers, cherries, .
apples, aainess, A c The soots tea is situated is
ine Deanraai Tst'ey ot tse sunmi, n uHoarnin. nat. -lsr
county, Ohio, 8 sil'ss from the city of . Hamilton .
and 90 miles from daeinnati. The Fort Wayne
Richmond as Ciucinaatt railroad, and irhmsad a
llaaiilton Oravei Bead pa-was through it. for bean '
t and coovenlene of location, richness fertility o. -
anil, tbe shore fans Is not surpassed by say farm hi -
the state of Okie. Chnrches, school aouass, pes
oflice, repot, stores, saw mills, blsckamita shop, aS
withia of a mile of premises.- It is very seldom
mac sucn property is intos sssrsei. .
For sa'e land forty sens of laad In Reynold, .
countr. fo being the north esat anarter ef tM
aonth-waat anarter of aectjon is. townehin SI. aortt -
of range two west, containing in all forty acres. The
shore tract wiH he suM eneen for cash. or will trail
-en city iota with unprovsmeats or vacant, ta salt par
Tjtor sals a god, antntantial. one-story frssss dwell
B ins on kit number (T) la Lsfonnts'ae's addltlos
to the mi af Hnntiogton, lad. The shore is vsry
desirsble property, hating autne nai.neaai I aea
bnihlisgs intludingbam, etc ..
Trtcr sale a good, substaatisl, frsms building la th.
17 town of Huntington, Ind. This b-ilding ooa
tn'n a atore room, as alao dwelling, on Market street
aad is well adapted to the wants of parties ef- limned
means to carry on business. It wtU ds both for a ba
siaeas sad dwelling bouse.
For further nsrocolsra. i
Tort Wayne, Indiana.
". r taVacing fan sad authentic aeesants of a-tery aa
t .-i- of ant-tent and modern times, aad iadading aat
rM r the rise and fall-of the Ores ana Hosata
...ii-, fa growth at the nations of aaodota Ka- .
the- tntddle ages, the cruaadss, ths Saaal systess,
, ru,iK-. the HvwTsry aad settlement of the .
. V. uil.l. cte etc
,- i .-imtaiiia STi Sue historical nsrsrlnga asl
- tecnl uta n page, and la the avwt enm arte
.- , iM -Iw Weird rear published.-- Its "olle as
il e-t for siieriinsa paces and sstra lereia to ;
...i. . A ar w..T it- aelUfaater then aa othaa
. ri e w.it it- erlia faster then aa
Na tot tt Pt)su!i"U Coarsxr. Chics-.-"- 111.
trlstelaiaatl Market,
. Cincinnati June 2f5 Plonr dnll lieavv.
Wheat . unsettled, choice old 1 04(31 06;
No. 2, 85flil 08, latter choice Tenn
Corn irpod demand, 3838J. Rye firmer,
58500. Oats good demand, 8336c
Barley, nominal. Pork, dull nominal.
Lard quiet; current make 6. Bulk mea's
dull ; shoulders, 3 85 cash ; 4 10 . seller
Sept; short ribs, f 4 00 cash ; 8 00 seller
August; short clear held, 5 10; bacon
steady fair demand, 4 25, 5 505 75.
"Whisky,: actiye demand higher, 1 03
BuUer steady, 615. llogs, firm unchang..
ea. itcceipts, i.wii ; snipmcuw, tra.
How Tnrk Dry Good Msrkst - ' -
New York,- Juue 27. Business quiet
.with package, houses, but staple cotton
and -woolen goods moving fairly on ac
count of back orders. . Cotton goods very
firm, and some medium - fancy prints in
fair request. Men's wear, woolens slug-
The auction sale of large lobbing
ly kicked out of the presence of those who stock was concluded to-day. The sale was
Know what it is to Draveiy love a wiie. i a great success.!- v
Baltimore Herald.
WamderTuU Precocity.
The most noted case of childish precoc
ity is perhaps that of. Christian Henry
Heinccker, born at Lubec in 1721. He
could talk at ten months old ; when he bad
completed his first yesr he could recite
. Tolado Maxket.
Toledo, June 27. Wheat irm; No. 1
white Michigan. 1 09; extra white Michi
gan. 1 10. . . Amber. Michigan spot, June
10; September 98; No. 2 red winter,
June 1 11; Jnly 1 02 : Autrust 99:
September 98Jfv Corn firm; Ho. 2 spot.
the leading facts in the- Pentateuch, and a 40; June 40U: July 37(; August 38.
month later had acquired the rndimenU of Oats steadyi. No. 2 34 ; white 35.
: . wwr.nwAnt.w nA anatfllTIv- .-.:'- ' : -- . " ' v
ancient history, geography and avnatomy;
had learned the uso ot maps and 8,000
Latin words. . When two and a half years
old he could answer almost any question
in geography and history, and before his
death, which, occurred in 1824, at the age
of four years and four months, had learned
divinity, ecclesiastical history, and other
branches of knowledge, and. spoke Latin.
French, German and Dutch.. About a year Old type metal and cnta wanted in ex
before his dentn ae narrangueo tne lung i change . lor, stereotypirur., ... Write us
of Denmark, to whom he had been pre-1 stating about how many pounds you have
senteo. - in tne last mometa ne aispiayca i on nana, ana we will give you - terms, etc
the utmost firmness, and attempted to coo-1 . . Fost Withi NKyrsPAPKit Uniow. -sole
his grief-stricken parents. .. - dfcp , Fort Wayne, Ind.
isetrolt Market. , '
Detroit June 27. Flour auiet and
steady. Wheat stronger; extra, 1 lOJif
asked; No. 1 white, 1 12)4, June I IS ask
ed; Juiy.l 085if: August 1 02; milling.
ii w; am Der, i iu nominal. iteceipts,
wheat 23,899; shipments, 27,466.
Happy "Voices,
(pawrigatsd.) - - -
HewgtsibawToss '- y -
' Uka react Sabbath bails,
O'sr ths bill sad the esiaa, i.'
Thsglsd story tells, .
Of ths eslshrsled Star Parlor Orgaaa. nMmufestnrad br
Ailsgsr, Bowlby k Oo, Wsshiagtoa, K. i. Th. iat .
oi gkw (or law money thaa any Is ths United Beats.
roSt d wsp sow lOt -, .
tinPGC Biail SS cants ta stamps or cunem-y for
nWllOt aasw B0RSB BOOK. It treat. ell de ,
ii aits, has as una eagiwnnga aoowlsg positMne s
ssted by sick horses, a sable of dosss, a ktrg. roller.
Dftntf won of Vaiuabie Ileerpea, rules for let ing
DUUTV the age of a hone, with aa eng?arin
showing teeth of each Tear, sad a Wore amount a!
ether Taioabls boras in formation. Dr. Wm. H. Halt
asys, ! hare bomcat books lhat I paid tS st.d 1 far .
which I do not like at well ss I do yours,' . Send for ;
aciroular. Agents waatsd. B. J. Ksndsli, M. '
Kaotbunrh rails, yt
The Only 5 Cent
New Music Boole
. : IS . NOW READYJ' ;
Convention Leaders and Singiag-bchooi'"
Teachers will find it just what tbey need. ',,
i Send lor specimen pages. . ; ; "
Price 75 ccdis or $7.50 per dozen.': ' ;
We also keep a full stock of all the : lead- -ing
Suntlay School Music Books. - ;
Helping Hand hy Giffe, $80 per hundred :
Jasper and Gold by T. C. 0'Kanerf 30 per
, hundred. '.
Welcome Tidings by P. P. Bliss, $30 pa i
' . hundred. " . . - .
Golden Shore by J. F. Einsey, i26 peg ;'.
' hundred.
. ' All leading books of the season. V' .
dawap : . - ' ---- v'
.... '.-1
CUTS St. twm ta. . a,, .

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