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fe Enterprise
Thursday, August 7, 187S.
A telegram received just at we go to
premjutnoaBccs that Horr and Beer
were nominated .candidate for State
Senators by acclamation. Mr.Herrlck's
name was not presented. The attend
ance at the convention . was very large
and great enthusiasm was manifested.
. V :ammmmmmma mmmm mmmu g I
.Th result of the caucus for Senatorial
delegates so far as heard from? gives
Syria, t Oberlla, ' LaGrange. 'Grafton.
Wellington, Petcfleld'and Huntington to
Mr. Horr, and Rochester, Brighton, Pitts
field and Camden to Mr. Herrick. ,' This
gives 89 delegates to-Mr. Horr and, & to
Mr. Herrick. Assurances have been Te-
cervedthfct Bichlaad w-111 cast its vote
for Mr! Horr,' and It Ji also certain that )
large portion . of . Media ; do 3 likewise.
This secures the nomiaatioa to Mr. Horr
beyond a question.
Madame ' Christine Kilsson hopes to
" come to America again a year from .this
fall. ; 6. W. Smalley says that in Paris
she is the most admired of "riving sing
ers.' Many Americans remember how
they were once charmed with the vclce
and modesty et the fair young Swede
and when she comes again in the ripe
ness of her womanhood and with "her
rich voice nnhnoaired. may we all be so
fortunate as to hear her.' Recently when
recalled at Albert : Hall, London, . she
sang "Home, Sweet Home." "Why does
she sing that hackneyed thing?" queried
a critical lady, but when she , bad done,
the same remarked in a choked voice that
she had never heard it before? for it had
been rendered "with" as mud distinction
as power." - i-i ..' .-;.-.
There is an. excellent opportunity this
month to do nature, as well as mankind.
a good service-hi having an' eye on every
noxious weed and' destroying as many
as possible.-- It has been truly said that
'He is a public1 benefactor' who 'causes
two blades of grass to' grow" where one
bad grown before,- and there is a great
deal of unexpended energy and. wasted
strength not Hkfcly to be pntto'a better
use than weed-pulling. . uThe neglect of
one land-owner in this matter damages a
whole neighborhood. -Itis 'great eye-
sore to one who stops to think what laid
paupers weeds are,, to see how many
thistles1 mock teazles',1 patches, of wild
mustard and other, rapid growing and
aggressive weeds are allowed to spread
and co to seed, when a, little painstaking
and hard work .would exterminate them
and permit something useful,-to .occupy
the gronnd..i ..;is- .,:. ,. .
Qrron Ebitmfiimk:- A visit, to the
place of one's boyhood days is Always
fraotrhf' with- -pleasures!) emotions,
though a shade of sadness falls- upon
them, owing to missing faces aad the
ravages of time and death. It refreshes
the brightest and sweetest "of early Im
pressions, boyhood associations, as well
as the Lundred skirmishes and battles in
taewpsBg o the setaoo4-boyrthse-s
photographed -upon, the memory that
years of absorbing cares end responsi
bilities have failed to erase'. ' This herit
agea picture gallery of boyhood days-
sad the store of, incidenu and impre
sions. carmd by the writer, were en
riched by a wcent visit to your beautiful
and thriving town, his old horns. . It is
fitting to remark in this connection that
"Wellington-can rightfully .boast of iU
reputation for enterprise, business integ
rity, a well ordered and cultured commu
nity, its, fine hulnesa blocks, tasteful
homes aad excellent schools, in all. of
which it is not ezoeUed by .any. town of
its site-in the state.' . While speaking of
the-young aad vigorous custodians of the
town's moral, mental aad material inter
eits by that is Implied in the genius
of our isrstitatrotis,- every good citizen tn
vigorous life too much credit can ' rot
be avoraeaio usoacj noma men ana wom
en, ho paved My these condi
tions. - Many of them have gone to their
rich reward and the good they did lives
after them; ethers still live, enjoying the
fruitful results of their industry, enter
prise heslthf ul influence and devotion to
correct principles. ' Every town or com
munity is either blessed or eursed by the
character cf those who settled it, or had
a hand ia Us affairs in the formative J
period;, ja this particular Wellington,
like a good many other towns on the
"Western Reserve, has been, peculiarly
blessed. Having adverted to the excel
lent public schoo;s of your town,, it win
not be inappropriate to mention a period
in their history and a history of the town,
that may be rightfully termed the forma
tion period- i . t . v ( v.-.-. .
To the schools of that time, many oth
ers, as well aa myself, are indebted for
the foundation on which we began life's
work. As I review the methods used,
the precepts inculcated with the teach
' ing, and the characters of the teachers;
tracing their Influence up through early
manhood into the maturer years of life,
their impress for good is noted and I call
it a rich 'heritage. The period referred
to was from 1847 to 1853: In 1847 or
1848, if memory serves correctly, Mr.
johnlKoAraw was teaching the district
-....klr.r Wirt saAhswal tinn as 11 ska t f has
public square. , Some of the solid men of
the town te-uay wm resejiy recau, the
rigid requirements f that solid man. and
bis Jnaekmlo adherenee to methods and
rule of ordatv The discipline appeared
to Us at times severe, but one of the
most important precepts was inculcated
with1 the instruction given, viz.: strict
obedience ' to the lawful authority; no
doubt thla nrlnciole found exempliflca-
tionia the record of some of his pupils
who. la after years, honorably' serve'd
- their country In the suppression of the
rebellion of the Southern States. It will
be remembered that a few years subse
q neatly the want of a higher grade school
was appreciated; this want was met by
Miss EUza Hamilton, who. returned fresh
1 IrUIfi Berea College and established a se
: sect school la the old school building,
still standing om the old site. Many
pleasant Memories are sssodsted with
that spot. ' With no little sorrow I
learned of that estiemable lady's death
not long since, and it is impossible to se
, lect words adequate to aa expression of
regard for the memory of . her noble
Christian character. She was remarka
ble for her devotion to her pupils, her
direct aad eflectiv methods- of instruc
tion and her tact to govern. Though al
ways ia feeble health, her energy aad
spirit was such as inspired her scholars
to their best efforts. ; Heriaflaeace lives
after her aa a goodly legacy to those
- with whom she came la contact. '
A IBlUa tfaf 4 km wmmJm am Wm
- - wv vw w uwu uu. w
eomplete without our respeetr to the
public school, then in the southern part
of town, in which Mia. J-H. Dickson pre
sided, and here I remark, emphatically,
' was a poteat power for good la those
Important years, as they now appear to
have been. Without attempting to
peak for the many who received a
wealth of well directed ins miction at the
hands of Mrs. Dickson, I desire to ex
press a deep sense of gratitude for the
patient enort ttestowea upon myself, ana
the lncentires I recehred nnder her inHo
etce. JE. O. B.
Mackinac Island.
July 8, 1879.
Our first evening at Mackinac will Ions
remain a pleasant memory with us.
There was joy in the firm ground be
neath us in the cool bracing air in the
washing of the surf, in the unexplored
rock e. With freshened toilets and fresh
ened appetitis, we hastened to the din-
lag roam. The dark-f ced waiters.so un
like their supercilious brethren in city
novels, seemea to nna real delight tn at
tending to - our- wants. The napkins
folded into fantastic shapes held each a
wild rose or sweet brier bud. To say
that the fresh trout and baked potatoes
were appetizing would only can tell .the
Alter supper we went to visit "Robin
son's Folly," considered one of the sights
or the island. It was only a little walk
from the hotel and a very pleasant one.
We were at once struck with the profu
sion of whit daisies. ' They lifted their
smiling faces to us on every side; great
banks of them Intermingled with yclloW
butter-cups and hare-bells, arranged by
nature's deft and graceful fingers, ap
pealed strongly to the artistic sense. ,.
There are as manv different stones o;
Robinson and his folly as there are differ
ent persons to tell iU One Robinson
built a summer-house upon this ledge of
rock, one hundred feet above too lake.
Here he was in the habit of meeting his
convivial friends to drink wine and play
cards. The rock fell but tradition
does not show that the wicked Robinson
and hi wicked friends went over with the
summer-house, much as it would add in
teres, or point a moral to the story.
We finished the day with a row by
moon-liarht. The dreamy motion of the
boat, the soft, clear light revealing rocks
in the transparent depths below,., the
peaceful calm that settled down upon us.
made a close to the wek delightful in
contrast with the turmoil and distraction
of spirit which bad. shaded its -even
As the Sabbath drew near it had been
a question how to spend it. ' We sus
pected there would be a temptation to
tight seeing; but contrary to expectation
our desire seemed to be rest, "uurmin
later," somewhst to our surprise, joined
our party on our arrival at Mackinac, and
seemed so entirely to make himself one
of us that we were inclinea to resent it.
I believe we had not a very high opinion
of his ability or good sense;, and I will
not attempt to explain the motive that
prompted ua to suggest to our. nosi.
he encrsged ns in friendly conversation
that first evening, that "our minister"
be invited to officiate' on the morrow.
The suggestion wss quickly caught at;
hud we did not wonder, when we learned
there had not been' a sermon on the
island by a Protestant since last Septem
It wss in an old, old church with a
pulpit, both antique and unique, that we
gathered with tome curiosity to hear
"our minister." How it was done I can
not tell; but we came out of the little
church with feelings hushed and. . rever
ent, and with opinions of "our minister"
materially changed. He afterward went
with our party to Chicago, and we part
ed from him there with actual regret, as
from an old friend. - '
' On Monday our company separated
for the day the men went fishing and
the women went riding. There are
miles and miles of beautifully shaded
roads on the island, with the cool green
arching overhead and the firm damp
path beneath, winding in and out among
the pines, each' turn revealing something
new. We visited the principal places pf
interest, the "So star Loaf." a conical
base: the "Arch Rock," a curious, int
estine freak of nature; "British Landing
and Fort Holmes places of historical
interest. From Fort Holmes, the high
est point on the island, we had a beauti
ful view. aat stretches of Uke and
long lines' of distant blue marking the
land, lay about us, the sunshine over all
"We made sketches of some of these
places, and could have had more, but ill
fate, who had followed us so long and
persistently, was ready to bestow anoth
er blow. ' I will 'not harrow your feci
ings, only nmt at acnlog.loints, . weary
hours and doctor's counsel.' It seemed
aa if we must have done full penance
now for our folly In leaving "home in
search of rest and health, and that hence1
forward fate must have something bet
ter in store. .';';'.'';' T.
A Chapter on Family Newspaper a
' There is lying before us aa we write, a
copy of the weekly edition of ' a widely
circulated newspaper.' As we turn to
the column filled by iu own advertise
ment, we read aa follows:
V "The merits of iu owa editorial, hgri
cultural, political, correspondence, lit
erary, telegraphies!, news and commer
cial departments, combine to mske it all
that is required In a No., 1 first-class
family journal. We respectfully' solicit
your subscription, and ask as a special
favor to the and the advancement
of great moral and political truths, that
you obtain the . subscription of your
neighbor xor a year's trial." : .
The name of the-paper 'is purposely
left blank, aa the remarks we have to
make are general rather than personal
We ask the reader, however, to bear in
mind the phrases ' "first-class : family
newspaper," and "great moral ' truths,"
and then compare them with the fact
that in the above mentioned number of
this "family" and "moral" sheet. . there
were eleven columns of closely printed
matter, detailing with sickening minute
ness the robberies, murders, elopements,
seductions, adulteries, and executions of
the week, These articles tqp were gar
nished with disgustingly . sensational
headlines, that they might attract atten
tion, and secure a reading. A first-class
family and great moral newspaper, with
a vengeance.
But the paper to which w&reier ia not
the only sinner in this respect, nor is it,
indeed, a sinner above all others that are
published. There is a very general ten
dency now-a-djys on the part of pub
lishers to fill their columns with literary
filth for their readers. If a crinw of any
character whatsoever is committed, the
bare mention of it is not sufficient, but
pages of the most particularized des
cription must be ' given. " Mr.' Bcecher
said in a recent sermon, "It is the habit
of the great newspapers of the world to
set afloat news in all its gradations, from
the top to the bottom of human nature.
society obliges men to wear cioines
newspapers do not allow . them to wear
a rag. 2fo man can walk the streets in
decently; but that part of conduct which
is indecent, newspapers are permitted to
send down through all the streets .and
highways, and byways of the land
day by day the representation of that
side of man which Is lowest and most
animal goes on with- a continuity and
minuteness that Is most repugnant to
christian morality, to honor, and to del
icacy." ' The papers containing these chronicled
horrors, not only go to the shop and the
store and the publio houses, but they
come into the family and are read by
parents, children and domestics. - The
circle of readers has no limit. We sub
mit that publishing the details of crime
with such plethoric fulness, can not but
exert a baneful influence. :' Especially
will thla be the case in families where
there are children growing up to man
hood and womanhood. They should not
become prematurely familiarized with
the world's wickedness; thev will find it
out soon enough when they enter life.
Their minds should now be kept healthy
uu imcu wm ue good, so that they
may be braced against the evil when the
evil comes. Such reading, moreover,
perverts the taste. It creates a morbid
appetite that pure and elevating litera
ture will not satisfy. Thus thelreflnincr
is neglected for the coane and degrad
ing. But its effect will not only be bad
upon the minds of the young, but also
upon the minds ot those who are in mid
dle life or advanced years. As Mr.
Beechur hss put it, "To sit down to this
aa a repast, as an inspiration ot tne day.
ia cannibalism, such as actual historical
cannlbalifm never equalled; for canni
bals eat men before they are rotten. The
effect upon the mind of every day, as a
mere matter of excitement, or judgment,
or indulgence, dwelling upon coarse and
brutal acts, upon flagrant Immoralities,
and upon shocking crimes, can not but
be bad." .
The perusal of these deeds of infamy
has, moreover, a tendency to undermine
our confidence in men. It awakens
erithin ' our minds a sort of universal
skepticism in regard to humanity. It
lowers our estimate of the race. What
excuse do editors plead? That the pub
lic demand such reading. Is the plea a
valid onef Must there always be a sup-
ply of that lor wnicn there is a acmanur
Then must the laws against -grog shops
and disreputable dance houses, .and ob
scene .books be repealed.. There is a de
mand for these things. . "Why prohibit
people from supplying itf But is- there
no higher use fer the newspaper than to
eater to an abnormal publio appetite?
Must not the newspaper form as well
as follow public opinion? ' Has it no ed
ucational office? Is it not the bjast of
the modern newspaper that it ranks as
an instructor with the pulpit and the
professor? If it be indeed a teacher.
then let it go ahead and lead public
opinions, instead of following sneakingly
in its wake. The caprices of the pupil
do not ordinarily give law to his in
structor, but the instructor gives law to
the pupiL The teacher is not usually
guided by the opinions ot the -scholar
Let the newspaper take the position that
it claims and fill it maniuiiy. Jjet lis in
structions be healthful and sound, even
if. to carry out the figure, some schol
ars get offended and leave the school.
I.e., withdraw their support and cancel
their subscriptions. , Editors will have
to learn not to "crook the pregnant
binges of the knee where thrift may 101
low fawning." .Poumcs.
CtWilatp(la '""
wk MkM OUa FavU.
(Norwegian) Cod Lirer Oil
Intatodlmtely Arrott Decay
a4 KalMt V? S tfU-b
(Norwegian) Cod Liver Oil
Is Ntmlne by th "Wnkt IMmick.
I IT. v from. Viiilauat Tmat
IsXlMdtljrllg-tU. KTsrs;taB.aackt.
(Norwegian) Cod Liver Oil
CatM Coanapllaa. Scrotals. - -
Em)iclailB,Cmih, Calls,
AJ1 Txin aad Cnunrmmu. Couusm and la
a ramarkab!? efficient Bums Pcaivua and rtifiss
la MMnntmm 01 iamm.
(Norwegian) Cod Liver Oil
UsoldenlrinlarssvadRMhtpMlbottlas. wniaoa
t aufeUudwnn a (tonbl - U" Uoaesibar tin word
- c1bbl.tcd " la ordering from yoar Jruu
aad ttutat on having tua nB aioa.
' Send foe UirecUn to lb VroiarUtata, 1
!. i is raa
Salt Silva tia VwM. '
QoleV and Startling Carat.
It Haela Without a Soar.
" -- 'Allays Paia & Stops Blaadins.
.Soothaa a Bum or Soald.
- Dnwt PoLaoa oat of a Waaad.
', . Ji ad Instantly ami lUc Magic
' Tom SaltRhaaa, Uaro Throat. Uleora,
baraa. Scalda. Cult, lw.aaoa. files.
Sora Kras. Holsancta StTng aa Bit .
Varbn'l Itch, Chapped Hatoaa. ftrrvfw
laat aoroa. aad aaj aud arary otkor pvrpoaa for
vaica a Batoa or Ointment i bt Baud. Bit
efn'a Cavbsllo Hlm Olntmont u U
amy rraparauon mat can aiwva wniwa aimu.
Ilia a awttiral JoU)r-ao-ord artiela. sold la (law
bottlca 1U tlia abova traac-mira.- witnout
troicn Bona la aaanina. 8 a to It th yonr dnj
gait gtrea yon Buna', aa abore duaeribnd. Clr
ca an aa&t Bros oa ap.ifcoauon la taa Sun as
turora. ....
Raven Indelible Ink.
KerarlUotsI Floira Freely 1
Itarer Hpreaia I a w a
BaadTl Parftet Black!
faaa or trouMa I It ia ad
without preparation I bold
by all (trngitixta and ataUoa-
l uaviaa HH.ttM
. . S3 Paaa Pbaca, M. T.
An Agrepsbl Aperient & Kefrigerant.
inTJwnrnrwn n psunuron m nia;ri y v u tnn ruro iut
tTrtB-at, HBAVaraiK. blcif rsrMs ot 11m Htomsseh. Hemr
worn, atari all compUMaty aria-.n from Acidity. HlliousaUMl
UaiarlmJ Fcrwra. It coot lit b'oos aprf irrutt th bowh
. Jl is a f Avortt nssnlictiia for ralldrvn. and lUaetdliy
ud tnirs-r-t tste aTAailcoa it ruoUu; aUsd i-rrr't'ifjc- YM up
U sj taa, iMKfc.sr.
l-.-nsj trr A. H'VaTTTT BOT. CWftti. K T.
'Aftar all, aa roaacdy la ao etrula o
tanCauaaptUaai para Rarwtflaa
Cod Uvor (Ml. Cavholatod fcy Wlllaoa'a
axccllaat 'lo-M.' ZP. Waft. .
An eajt-5jlaleota arc taraaatly lnTiied to
(tra WUisoa'a Carbolatcd Cod limv OJ a fair trial.
It la easily aad raaiily diceatad vhsra all similar
preparationa ara rafaasd by the atoniaea. and tm
readiatalr en t era Into the cdrctUatlon. acting po
daaallr apoa the dacaylna longa. The aatatioaa
proparaaa of the oil snatala and bnlld np the ay
taaa. while the aetlTO caratrra propartlaa of the
praparalioa eomplete the work of healing.
Willaoa'a Carbolatad (SorwaeUa) Cod IJr OH
cerer gota raoeid. la free from onpleaaiat taate. la
ratalBod eaally by tba araakaat stomach sad la sold
at tha prioa of tha ordinary Olla. ; '
It eoraa CoaaomptlOB. Serafnla. Aathma. Broo
chitia. Emaciation, Congas, Colds, Hamorrnagee
and all laaa aad eoastltatloaal complatals.
Aa a IT.ood Pariaer tha Cu-bolaXad Oil ia ramark-
abry oSlaaat. Ita aio ia Barofaloaa'Affaatiaaa,
nhaaaatiam, ItickaU, ao . la stroBgly raooaama
ad. I a pari.-yiag power ia woaderrul la Cooaamp-
Uoa depaadlng. aa It (raqnaatly doea, apoa Sent
a one taint. ' -
It a ita apoa tba raiioaal theory of IamaBusmi.
Aiiimiuj DacATwaDLK rr Boiua vr raa Biaiaa.
aoabllBii It to UN off tba dliaaaa
aVIJ only la wadge-ahapad bottlaa. Wniaoa"la
spelled with a doabla " L." Bam ember taa word
CVrbnlatad la ordarinf froaa yonr draggist, aad
nrntit apua haying taa right kind, a
- Qvxxr Ufa Co., 22 Park Place, X. Z.
45 Years Before the Public
Hepatitis, or Liver Complaint,
Brsrania Am aicx vaaoACHB. .
Symptoms of a Diseased Liver, i
PAIN in the right side, under the
edge of the ribs, increases on pres
sure; sometimes trie pain is in tne leu
side; the patient is rarely able to lie
on the left side ; sometimes the pain is
felt Under the shoulder blade, and it
frequently extends to the top of the
shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken
for rheumatism in the arm. The
stomach is affected with loss of appe
tite and sickness the bowels in gen
eral are costive, sometimes alternative
vith. lax; the head is troubled with
pain, accompanied with a dull, heavy
sensation in the back part. -'There is
generally a considerable loss of mem
ory, accompanied with a painful sen
sation of having left undone some
thing which ought to have been done.
A slight, dry cough 'is sometimes an
attendant. . The patient complains of
weariness' and debility;, he is easily
startled, his feet are cold or burning,
and he complains of a prickly sensa
tion of the skin; his spirits are low;
and although he is satisfied that exer
cise would be beneficial to him, yet
he can scarcely summon up fortitude
enough to try it, In fact, he distrusts
every remedy. 'Several of the above
symptoms attend the disease, but cases
have occurred where few of them ex
isted, yet examination of the body,
after death, has shown the liver, to
have been. extensively deranged.,,
Dr. C'McLane's Liver Pills, in
cases of Ague and Fever, - when
taken with Quinine, are productive of
the most happy results. No better
cathartic can, be used, preparatory to,
or after taking Quinine.- We would
advise all uba are i afflicted with this
disea.e to give them a fair trial."
For all bilious derangements, and as
a simple purgative, they are unequaled.
.... t . . '
. The genuine are never sugar coated.
: Every box has a'rcl wax seal on the lid.
with the inipreksion Dr. McLane's Lives
The genuine McLaxe's Ijvf.r Pills bear
the signatures of C McLane and r leming
Bros, on the wrappers.
Insist anon having the genuine Pr. C.
McLane's Live Piu.s, prepared by Flem
ing liro., ot rittsburgh, l'a., tne market tteing
full of imitations of the name Me Lane,
spelled uincreuny but same pronunciation.
Is an Internal and external rem
edy, for the cure of all diseases of a nerr-
ous nature, deriving its-curative properties-
from a combination of the BEST MEDI
CINES which medical skill and Ions -
peihuiui Ul tne Irealulentof diseases as
decided to be the true remedies for such
complaints.. .. . ,. ..I .
fiomaoy inmhincffa whara aevaia eaaeaol Rbeo
maUam. Keralgia, Briatica, Agna In Face, Ncrr-
oua Urailaeho. etc. hare been entirely cored by
the Curative, that we do not esJtaa to say it
wiU cure every caae if uaed as are direct
The euros performed hss sstonithed the medV
leal proibnrion, as well aa the patients them
selves. wtaa tat mammy caeea haat arlToa
si all siobm) of var WIbst esisaai. v .
The Cuiairao is pot up In large bottles for"
rami1 y nae.aB4 no family ahonM be -arlthoajt tt,
for . Barns, laaMa, Csita, 'Trn-is.
Blaodlaia;. Too Ibaehe, Earmebe, Bmrm
TkroeU. Mphtkerla, Caitsurrk, Bowel
Coca sOailsita, Kldaiey Cm stlalata, aaasl
II Nervoaw Pasraaara. IS sa tha
Do not snUbr pain when yoo can be se easily
cured. . j.
Every Draga-let kep It. : ...
Lawson Chemical Co., CleTelmnd. 0.
jrcarnrnt of worms r trsE.. .
The vocabulury of the ancient snpes of
' Egypt was about dsi words.. A well-educated
person seldom nses more than 3,000
or 4,000 in actual conversation. Accurate
thinkers and close reasoncrs employ a
larger slock, aud eloquent speakers ansy
ruie to a command of 10,000. . tabaasyeara
produced all his plays with about 16.WC.
Milton's works are built up with 8,000, yei,
with all these, there is not enough to accur
ately dencribe the superiority and jrcneral
excellence of the world-renowned Carbo
line, which is an elegantdressinfr. removes
dandruff, cleans the scalp, prevents the
hair from falling out. restores the hair on
bald beads, restores it to its original color,
makes it grow rapidly, will not stain the
skin, contains not a particle of lead, silver,
salphur, or other deleterious dntfrs. It is a
natural product of tbe earth, containing
the elements required by the bair to feed
upon. A few applications will show its
restorative qualities. Does not require
1 months of continued use before you can
perceive any result. It is cooling, cleanly,
and too much praise cannot be bestowed
upon it Sold by all dealers in drugs and
medicines. Prico One Dollar a bottle. We
advise our readers to give it a trial, feeling
satisfied that one application will convince
them of ita wonderful effects.
We know of nothing so well calculated
to put the reading public out of bumor as
to begin a very interesting account of some
scientific discovery, replete with interest,
and just as the reader's mind is thoroughly
imbued with the subject, and a gigantic
effort being made to grasp it in all its
bearings, away goes the author in praise
of some patent medicine or new-fangled
bair-renewer; for instance, Carbouite,
which, by tbe way, is an article of genuine
merit, and. has really done wonders in the
bair-producing way, aa hundreds of cer
tificates from well-known citizens amply
testify. It is cleanly, and so penetrating
that tbe disease is reached, and a radical
chango for the better takes place almost
immediately.' It contains nothing injuri
ous; is, in fact, a natural hair-restorer,
made from petroleum, thoroughly deodor
ized and delightfully perfumed. It is sold
by all dealers in drCgs and medicines, at
one dollar per boltlo. .
Sale Dills
Give ns a rlL '
printed at this office
on short notice end on
most reasonable terms.
8s Co.'s,
We are now receiving a
complete stock of .
in all departments, which wil
be sold at bottom prices.
We call Special attention to
. . at :'. ;
1.00, 1.25tnd 1.40.
Also Striped; and Checked
Silks in all qualities, at low
The largest Stock of
Carpets aixd
Oil Clotbs
ever offered in this section.
Good Yard Wide Floor OH
: .Cloth 22 cents. '..
Bates Crochet Qollts $1.00.
Peerless Carpet Warp 16 cts.
. per pound.
Madras aad Pongee Gingham.
12 1-2 cents.
A Very Large Stock of
Sress ' Goods.
Striped and Checked Pique, at
8 cents. 1
' ' ' ' i
A Very Large Stock of
t From Cneap to Good.
A large line Umbrellas very
Baldwin. Lanndon & Co,
Tlio Best XSaowxi to tlio trade.
CJtica U. Y. lClls, or Wamsutta' 2400 Linen,1 $25.00
. It u
It . il ft
t. t tt tt
If unlaundried a reduction of $3.00 per.dozen. ',
The "Diamond" is the leading
and does the bulk of the custom
eastern cities. We .furnish a .nicer shirt and. from $3.00 to
$5.00 per dozen cheaper than the small factories and guarantee
perfect fit and satisfaction. Measures taken at the New York
Clothing House. .' "
J- "WV illDTir's
Clieesa Factory
CJieese'V&tSy' '"'
' Curd Drainers, ' , '.
'. Milk Cans, . ;
Llanchard Churns,
: Testing Instruments,
. Thermometers, ' -Cheese
Curd Knives, .. i
. Curd' Pails, s j
Butter Workers, . i
. Iron Clad-MilhrliilSfrr:
Fairbanks Standard . Scales,
35veryt3aAng that pertains
to the manufacture of cheese
and butter, furnished at the
lowest prices: - Opposite the
American House;. Wellington.
B.D. Palmer, D.D.S;
Successor to Dir. J.: J. Stedman.
' Especial attention given to the
Presorvation. of . th.0
V XTatoral 'JCooth, ;
-- By filling and cleaning.
ilRTI pi c I alte e th
Inserted upon all the various bases
knosra to the profession. -
Having purchased the large
Wareroom formerly owned by
T. Doland, and fitted it up for
a Livery Stable and furnished
it with first-class rigs, all new,
I am prepared to meet every
want of the public in my line.
Good teams furnished at all
hours and at reasonable rates.
P. C. THOMAS. ;,
sHifX Ak year. Send Tan Casta hi one cent
ttV f II lHCnif..r a n Silver Plated Thlm
OTiaJtf UUbln. rvtall prlt- -.13 orDta, and learn
how to maka ssaou a year. No bam
bugs. Only thoae wlto njan hnalncaaaeed apply.
A. T. BUCK. CO.. allium. Pa,
. Oberlin, Ohio,.
Pianos and Organs Repaired.
All Work Warranted to Give
. This is to certify that we, the under
signed, have employed Mr. F. Chur
chill as a Tuner and liepairer, and that
the. work for us has given entire satis
faction. Prof. Rice, ' Prof. Wright,
Prof. Cady, Prof. Severance.
Prof. Davis. Prof. Blakeslee, -Prof.
ET" Orders left with J. VT. Ilooghton
will receive prompt attention. 37-tf
Shirts !
per Doz,
shirt company of Anieric
work in New York and other
. .' -V r-:' ..
Ayer's V
Cherry Pectoral
For Diseases of the
Throat and Iungs,
' sneh ' aa ' Cougha,
. ; i .
Colds, Whooping
Cough, Bronchitis,
Asthma, aad Cot-.
The reputation It. has attained. In
consequence of the marvellous cores it
has produced during the last half cen
tury, is a sufficient assurance, to the ,
public that it Trill continue to realize -the
happiest results that can be desired.
In almost every' section of country,
there are persons, publicly known, who
have been restored from alarming; and
even desperate diseases of the lungs,
by its use.; All who have tried it ac
knowledge its Superiority ; and where
Its virtues arc known, no one hesitates
as to what medicine to employ to re
lieve the distress and Suffering peculiar
to pulmonary affections. Cimrrt Pec
toral always affords instant relief, and
performs rapid cures of the milder va-i i
rieties of bronchial disorder, as well as
the more formidable, diseases of, the
lungs. :
' ' As a safeguard to children, amid
the distressing- diseases which beset'
the Throat and Chest of Childhood, it
Is Invaluable; for, by its timely use. .
multitudes are rescued and restored ta ;
This medicine gains friends at
every trial, as the cures It Is constantly ,
producing are too remarkable to be'
forgotten. ' No family should be with
out it, and those who have once used
It never will. .. . ---...t
mlnent Physicians throughout tbe
country, prescribe it, and Clergymen :
often recommend it from their knowl
edge of its effects. ... v ,
' . :. : rSZTABED BIT.. .,' .
Dr. j. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical aa Analytical Chemists.
'-' -Lest, How -.
, RESTORED.1 : '
Jurt pnbllahed, a aa-ar cdlrloa of Dr. Colvcrweira
celebrates nuif on tha radical cure wlthont medi
cine.) ot SruurrOBBHAKA, or Seminal Wtk-
iDTolnstary Seminal Lo aea, lmpotancr. Mental and
Phyalcal Incapacity, Imnedlmenu to Marriage, etc.,
alio Conaumi'tlon. Ellepy and Flta, induced by
attir-ladulsence cr avxual exusvegaace, c
Price, In s seated envelope, only aix eenta. ..
The celebratod author,- in thla admirable eaaay,
clearly demonatratea, from a thirty years' euccwuf nl
practice, lhat the alarmlnf conaeoueneea of elt
abuae may be radically cured without tbe dangerous
naa ot internal medicine or the application t the
kuife; polntlnfr out a mode of cure at once slinp.e,
certain and effectual, by maana of which every
auXerer. ao matter what tits cundltion may be, may
cure himself cheaply, privately and .radically. .
SrjTThls Lecture will prove s boon to thousands
and thoaaanda.
Sent under aeaL In a plain envelope, to any address,
post. paid, on receipt of alx centaur 3 postaeetampe.
- Address the Publfahera. '
The Culverwell Medical Co.,
41 Ann St.. Kew Yerk,
Of a copy of my JTETtlCAL COMMON SKNSS
BOOK to any person safTeruTjf with Consumption.
Asthma, Catarrh. Broachl.ls, Loss of Voice or Bore
Throat. Send name and post oOlce address, with two
tnrve-cent poetaire atainps ana arnio your scum.
TUP book ia plL-eantlv Illustrated. (144 pp. V2 mo.
IN7U. The information It coatal.ia.ln the p.ovidence
of God, haa saved many live. Tha author has been
treating dlaraana of the Nose, Throat, and Lunar as
a apodal practice in Cincinnati a. nee 1857. Address
BR. N. B. WOLFE. Cincinnati, Ohio.
axygsT? vtstxj's :
Calcizied IWCagxiosia.
More asteeable to tbe taste and smaller dose than
other Magnesia.
For sale in government stamped bottles, at
druggists and country stores, and by,-
T. J. HUSBAND, Jr.. PrtlJdolphia.
WE have opened a New Meat Market
n T ,K.,-t a.-. oH Annr west of
, , uu "i"v..j - -
the Bank,, where we propose to keep all
Kinds or cut meats oi a-uetier quality
has heretofore been Sold in Wellington. We
K es -aa aa a-Asr Vv,t faatl t minUr anil all the aDDli-
ances for doing a first-claa maiket business.
Our prices will be no niguer tniu otuers
charge for inleriar meats. ' ' -
MOKiiHUL'tfr. a ju.ina.tt. ,
rrlr.tc uoviui. an I
S.Cluk su.irklosI
III. C7SPMiMt7. .U I
Iema br aiaH. Vr.tr
rlea at Katar. rkvak
olocy of M.rrlme. Ur.
E A sw vrwk. raiem ll.a
rtaila guanl
rrt.au. Ckraaw a
CMrattmUoa if
it."" m MfKnii...
IHkus. ml Tmtk aa4
slMkood : a vtaltk mt
LdUa sue. Geaoa-I
m-s. Ml MS dollar
M- aaaipits ml Hal
I ehoies ana valoabla
rakk.r ir"".""!
nlaibta ImSMIuatiM I
I to ktk aezes. Nolktaf
aaeaalvs to rl kuts
a4 rvftaaaiwl. Ibfor
m.llon liter kvror
I mbiUHi f tsterat
hUrtrft Stella-1
bla iCiails rill". SSS
nr kas. Private 1
, aat. ul anm for.
I paMl.kM. N fhMllj
I .iMuld b. without It.
LadMa aorlac
I C7l Dr. A. 0.
oily, aa ciar st.
KewD'a Favtl-r-alawla Hi, .
e nine, only plain aeama to finish.
autde to measnre
An alegaal apt ! plsta kanoi
'alegaalaHtaiapIstakattoasrraawIta aaeb Bait disea.
Henri wlflrees oa Postal card for earaplea and
Ircuuirs wi th directions for aelf-measuremenk
clrcuuirs wi th directions for eelf-tneaan
CIBKItT BllOTHtUia,imV.4thSLClnctnruir1.0
)nUATta.elaf. 6S101lTeiiUBt.Loula.Alo.
MONTH OnaTanteerl.
a dav at home niade by
fnduatrloua. Capital
required; we will .tart
Men. women, bovs.
make money faster at
thins else. The work lallabt and pleaaant, and auch
aa any one can go rlg-ni at, Those who artj wise who
see this notice will send as their addresses at once
and aee for themselves. Costly Outfit and terms tree.
Kow is the time. Those already at work are laying
un laree sums of money. Address TBUK CO.,
nr aa i ti.n ... . -
avnausw, jaauic
H. T.
? ! .
Fluid " Extract
r Si-
. ' . .'
'-:i :'::!' (
.. " all ' r :
Bladder i Hidneys
For Dcl.llity Tx)8 of Memory, In-
UdUositioii to Exertion or Business,
Shortness of Breath-, Troubled with
Thought of Disease, Dimness of Vis
ton, Pain iu the Back, Chest, ar.d
Heaj; Cubh of Jllood to the Head, Tala
Counteuadce and Dry Skin. .... -'
.If these. 'symptoms are allowed to go
on, very frequently Epileptic Fits ami
Consumption follow.' When the con
stitution becomes affected it requires
the aid of an invigorating medicine to
strengthen and tone up. the system
which ... . , . -. . - 1 '
, .Does in Every Case, '
By any remefly known. It is prescribed
the 'most eminent . physicians all over
the woritl, in
KlienniatisTii,- 1 -'
Siverinatorrboea, '
- Irxtig-estiun, -
CouMtipatioii. -
Acbcs and Pftlns,
female Complain ts : ;
' Nervons Complaints, -
Spinal Disease),'' ' :
Sciatica, :
- Deafness, .- -
Decline, '
'.' IiHmbagro, ' v I
Catarrh. s
General III Health,
General Debility,
Kidney Diseases, ,
IiT er Complaint, . ?
Nervous Debility, - -Epilepsy,.
Head Troubles,
. Parrlysis &c Ac &e.
Headache, Pain In the Shoulders,
Cough, Dizziness, . Sour Stomach,
Eruptions, Bad Taste in the Mouth,
Palpitation, of the Heart, Pain in the
region of the Kidneys, and a thousand
other painful symptom's," are the off
spring of Dyspepsia. "
lielmbold's Dnclm
Invigorates the Stomachy
And stimulates the torpid Liver, Bow
els, and Kidneys to healthy action in
cleansing the blood of all Imparities
and imparting new life and vigor to
the whole system.
A single trial will be quite - sufficient
to convince the most hesitating of its
valuable remedial qualities. -'
Price $1 per Bottle,
Or Six. Bottles Jor $5. . . ,
J . :: ; '--.r.,' .1"
v Delivered to any address free from
observation.; '
- "Patleuts'' may consult by letter, re
ceiving the same attention as by call
ing. -----
Competent' Physicians attend to cor
respondents. All letters.should be ad
dressed to v'"
. 1 Druggist and Chemist'
. ' Philadelphia, Pa.
: CAUTION ! : t
See that the private Proprieta
ry Stamp is on each
Sold Everywhere.

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