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Thursday, August 28, 187W.
Then is nothing pleasanter about the
Fair than the accession of surprises as
old friends and former acquaintances in
. the crowd come face to face.
The Catholic ladies of Cincinnati who
are to open a grand bazaar in about a
month, solicit donations, especially from
Catholics everywhere, the proceeds to be
applied to the payment of Archbishop
Pnrcell's creditors, who lire in the city,
but they will not attempt to pay any
sums of $500 or over, aiming to relieve
only the moat needy.'
It is announced that the favorite uri
ma donna, Marie Litta, who sang so
charmingly at the Toledo Bangerf est has
been enzaeed for a concert at the Taber
nacle, Cleveland, September 15th; and
with such a support as Mrs. Kice-aaox
of New York, contralto; Signor Taglia-
pietro, baritone; Bischopf, tenor; and
Herman Kostdenor of New York, pian
ist; the people may reasonably lock for
ward to a treat of good music
General Garfield's personal appear-
ance ia a dood deal cuangea since twen
ty or even ten years ago. Be is as un
embarrassed and unconventional on the
rostrum as if there were bo arbitrary
customs to which younger orators defer.
He is growing bald, and his closely
trimmed, but unshaven beard is slightly
gray. His tall and somewhat portly
figure seemed a little disproportioned to
the short sack coat, into whose pocket
he frequently thrust his hands ; and his
full blue eye and good-humored youth
ful face had little of the gravity and
concern of one who has often stood in
the heat of conflict, and all his life been
dealing with grave problems. But if a
apeaker has a good deal to say, and
knows how to say it forcibly and well,
how little do his hearers need the small
accetsorie that to the amateur declaimer
are so much.
General Garfield has a wonderful mem
ory, and such thorough knowledge of
political history, that with ready mind
and fearless . directness in making a
point, he is thoroughly master of the
situation and well equipped for any
amount of campaign work. His speech
was enthusiastically received, and lis
tened to as he said "with magnificent at
tention." He was so logical and truth
ful thst we could not see how any intel
ligent Democrat could resist his conclu
sions. Proceedings of the Senatorial
The delegates to the Democratic Sen
atorial Convention for the 27th and 20th
joint district, composed of the counties
of Ashland Lorain, Medina and Rich
land, met in the Opera House at Elyria,
O.. Thursday. August 21st. 1879, at 11
o'clock a. m., and was called to order
by P. 8. Reefy, Chairman of the Senato
rial Committee, when a temporary orga
nization was effected by the election of
Hon. James C. Johnson of Medina as
President: and W. H. Gates of Ashland,
as Secretary, with R. J. Coffey of the
Medina Democrat, and F. 8. Reefy of the
Elyria Constitution, as assistants., lipon
assuming the duties of the chair, Presi
dent Johnson addressed the convention
la a few well-timed remarks upon the is
sues of the campaign and closed thank'
inz the Convention for the honor con
ferred on him. On the motion of Mr.
Axtel of Lorain, N. L. Johnson of Elyria,
was made Vice-President, and on the
motion of the same gentleman the tem
porary organization was declared the
permanent organization or we conven
tion. The reports of the several committees
a read were adopted in their order, af
ter which the convention proceeded to
tho nomination of two candidates for
F. 8. Reefy, of Ehria, placed In
nomiaaftion the name of D. L.
Wadsworth, of Lorain County, and A.
R. Campbell, Esq., of Ashland, named
.Henry Lu Jicuray, of Asniana county.
There being no other names suggested,
the rules were suspended and tbe gen
tlemen named were declared the nomi
nees by acclamation, whereupon a com
mittee was appointed to - wait upon
them, lnformcem of their nomination
and request their presence in the Con
vention. - Upon the return of the Com
mittee with the nominees the Conven
tion greeted the candidates with enthu
siastic applause. The Convention was
then addressed first by Mr. McCray,
next by Mr. Wadsworth, both of whom
spoke eloquently on the various subjects
involved in the present canvass. Speech
es were also made by M. May, if. L.
Johnson, Jaa. C. Johnson and A. R.
Campbell, Esq., and others. The Con
vention then adjourned.
At a subsequent meeting of the Sena
torial Committee, F. 8. Reefy was cho
sen President and W. T. Alberson, Sec
retary, for the coming two years. Ash
land Press.
Brother Talmage-
A Diver's
The gyroscopical Talmage, while ab
sent in the flesh still exercises the spir
its of his Brooklyn flock and a vast
number of outsiders. His movements
have, with more or less reticence, been
telegraphed at considerable length by
his show-in basinets managers in
England, and whether true or simply s
dexterous advertising dodge, it is now
asserted that he has to cn armed the .En
glishmen with his eonvoluting ; arms,
tegs, hair, ears and jaw that his
own people will be left to seek some
other attraction. Some who profess to
know all about it even go so far as to
say the thing was cut and dried long
age, and that immediately at the close
of the trial on "common fame," Tal
mage and a London theater manager
made terms for a three years starring
The current number of Harper's
Weekly contains an article on the re
cent doings tf the Mutual Life Insur
ance Company of New York, which em
body some remarkable facts and figures.
It shows among other things that during
1878 the company paid out to the survi
vors of its policy holders the enormous
sum of three and a half millions of dol
lars, and practically accounts for this
Immense business by thus explaining
the nature of the'institution.
"For those who only want insurance
it may be interesting to learn that the
Mutual Life is a compact of Individuals
all assuring each other, the new comer
and the old being on one footing.
There ia so question of stock or propri
etary interest of the stock-holders of a
corporation standing up to absorb or
control the common - interest. The
measure of that interest has now at
tained a magnitude is millions, some
twenty-five per cent, greater than all
the capital of the banks of the metrop
olis, being in the aggregate eighty
seven millions of doJars. It is the
largest financial corporation known to
exist, its policies outstanding securing
life insurance equal in amount the en
tire issue of the national bank currency
The constant increase of this incom
parable success is still further accounted
for by the reduction of premium rates
which the Mutual put in force some
thing like a year ago, and which ena
bles it to give insurance of the most un
questioned safety at the lowest known
Poverty and the willingness to run
heavy risks for light gain have caused
the death, or, at any rate, the asphyx
iation of a brave man. He was a diver
by profession, and was employed for the
munificent sum of $10, out of which te
had to pay his assistants, to attach a ca
ble to an anchor which had been lost in a
recent collision in the harbor. . A large
and powerful man, his armor was pro
portionately weighted to cause him to
sink readily. He had been down two
minutes, when the air pipe, which he
knew to be weak, but was too poor to
replsce before his last decent, burst
with a loud report. Hia comrades
hauled him up very quickly, and frant
ically dashed off the glass mask under
which he was suffocating. He gasped
heavily, and then, as they thought, ex
pired.' According to some physicians
the case was by no means hopeless, but
it was so thought by the bystanders, and
no attempts at resuscitation were made.
On the contrary, the remains were im
mediately placed in an ice-box, where
all possibilities of revival were of
course at once extinguished. Since tho
recent evidence of Professor Van Der
Weyde in Court, in the Cox-Hull mur
der case, the uncharitable are beginning
to say that the undertakers are killing
more people than even the doctors
surely an unworthy jibe at two deser
ving classes of citizens. " Radix.
August 35, 1379.
Our citizens were entertained Thurs
day evening by Leavitt's Swiss Bell
Ringers. They drew a large bouse and
the crowd went away well satisfied.
Tbe Baptist people are at work build
ing a bigher steeple and putting a new
coat of paint on tbeir church, which
they recently purchased of the United
Brethren. The State Baptist Associa
tion is to be held in it some time in
September next.
A concert was held In the Methodist
Church lat Sabbath evening. The
bouse was crowded and the exercises
G. Stevens is improving the looks of
the town by building a new dwelling
house. X.
Aug. 18th, 1879.
We are glad to report that our little
town is gradually improving in looks.
Mr. L. Inerabam is remodeling the
house he purchased of Mrs. Coon, and it
bidr fair to om one or tne largest in
town. Mrs. Campbell is alio building
an addition to her house.
Mr. Fernando Rice is erecting a
dwelling just East of town, which when
completed will be the finest one in the
Mr. and Mrs. J. Campbell, of Missis
sippi, are visiting friends in Sullivan.
We learn that Mr. and Mrs. Park,
who left our town ast Fall to try their
fortune in the Lone Star State, are
both down with the ague.
Mr. Bruce McAdoo starts to day for
Missouri, with the intention of moving
out there if he is suited with the coun
try. We learn that our Band will attend
the contest at Troy. We have not
heard what prize they will enter for.
On the 29th they will attend the re union
of tae 43d O. V. I., at Lake Chippewa.
We think Mr. Mel Palmer is ahead of
any of our horsemen around here. He
has three horses whose united ages are
73 years. Two are 25, and one ia 23
Can any of yocr Wellington horsemen
beat that? Old .Solomon.
August 18, 1879.
There is a great deal ef aickneas pre
vailing in town now among children.
Several deaths have oocured, mostly of
cholera infantum.
The funeral of Mr. George Adams,
formerly of this place, but late of Chat
tanooga, Tenn., took place yesterday
from the M. E. Church.
The Good Templars, and the M. E.
Church and Sunday School give their an
nual excursion and pic-nic at Vermillion
next Friday.
A good many of our citizens are at
Lakeside and Chautauqua; and a large
number went to Ridgeville yesterday to
attend the camp meeting in that place.
Elyria will soon have a colored camp
meeting. We were in hopes that the
managers would fall in securing grounds,
but it appears that they have succeeded.
Wo fail to see any benefits or good
fruits to be derived from these gather
ings. Our hose company won the second
prize at the Amherst tournament. The
hooks claim that they were cheated out
of the second money in the hook and
ladder race. Those of our citizens who
attended the tournament for the purpose
of hearing Swing speak, pronounce his
effort by far the most discouraging and
weakest ever known in the county. The
enthusiasm would not compare with that
of a Greenback convention in one of the
jury rooms of our old court house. Out
of about 8000 people present, lets than
two hundred rallied around the standard
bearer. His reception at Oberlin on the
evening was less flattering.
It ia the universal verdict that the late
Republican convention held in this
place, was by far the most successful
and enthusiastic held for years. The
Republicans of Elyria are wide awake
politically. They propose to have some
thing like a court house majority next
The grounds are about half broken for
tne new court house, and the temporary
building for the use of the county officers
bctnir constructed in the son are ia nearlv
completed. The old court house will btyj
vacated this week, and will be torn down
at once. Mr. Richardson, the builder.
gave $100 for it.
The Amherst quarries got up a corner
on stone and lost the contract. Hence
the terrible 'squeal" in that section.
A. W. N.
For the Extkbfbisk.
The recept excursion run by the C,
C, C. 4 I. B. B., to Niagara Falls on
the 7th, Is to be considered in many
respects a success. A lair day, cool
weather, and no accidents to delay
tho trln, all tending to make it pleas
ant for tbe excursionists.
In one respect, however, success was
far from being attained. That was the
preservation of good order on tbe train.
In one car drinking was carried on to
an extent seldom seen outside tbe bar
room, without respect for the ladles in
car, who were obliged to witness the
disgusting scenes, on account ot the Im
possibility of obtaining seats in any oth
er car on the train.
Of course Mr. nealy does what he
cau for the happiness of his passengers,
and of course be is just the man for his
place, but still the want of power to
preserve good order, either legal or
physical, is too noticeable whenever
several rowdies happen to meet on his
trains. If sufficient legal power to en
force good order U not given to the po
sition Mr. Healy occupies -when con
ducting his trains, then still more codi
fying is needed for the laws of this
State. While if it is physical power
that Mr. Hoaly lacks, then the C, C,
C. & I. R. R., should detail an organ
ized police force of sufficient size to en
force good order nnder any circumstan
ces, to accompany his trains, to compel
good behavior or to expel the disorder
ly from the train. A butter refrigera
tor car attached to the train would also
be a valuable addition, so that the af
flicted ones might have tbe benefit or a
"cooler" atmosphere until their fevered
brains could convalesced to a condition
rendering them fit for tho society of the
In one instance Mr. nealy, when re
quested to stop the vulgar, profane, in
decent and unchaste conduct and lan
guage of a certain ruffian from La
Grange, calmly shook his head and
passed on out of the car. The conse
quence was that Charlie waa allowed to
con&nonhla heathenish conduct until
about three o'clock Friday morning,
making night hideous to all in the car
who were not of his class, when the
liquor which he had been drinking
took a favorable effect and laid him In
she arms of "tired Nature's sweet re
storer," whose loving embrace kept
him quiet until broad daylight, and
after the contents of the lunch basket
bad been pretty generally examined.
Another Indecency committed in a
general manner, was that of converting
every car In the train Into a smoker, to
a greater or less extent, and In every
coach one could find the sweet perfume
arising from a collection of from two
or three cigars to that many dozen. The
ladies and others on board to whom the
smoke might be disagreeable, could
stand on the platform or make the best
of it inside the cars. When a regular
smoking car is attached to the train
those who must indulge In smoke should
be obliged to enter it, and not contain!
nate the whole obtainable atmosphere
of the train with the foul odor of the
stinking weed.
These things should be revolutionized.
Until this Is done, and until bctW, or
der is preserved on the train, no excur
sion can b? considered a perfect suc
cess, nor a safe place for any lady, un
less accompanied either by an escort or
a revolver. Axdrcs.
We know of nothing so well calculated
. to put the reading public out of humor as
to begin a very interesting account of some
scientific discovery, replete with interest,
and just as the reader's mind is thoroughly
imbued with the subject, and a gigantic
effort being made to eraso it in all its
bearings, away goes the author in praise
ef some patent medicine or new-fangled
hair-renewer; for instance, Cakbolixb,
which, by the way, is an article of genuine
merit, and has really done wonders in the
hair-producing way, as hundreds of cer
tificates from welt-known citizens amply
testify. It is cleanly, and so penetrating
that the disease is reached, and a radical
change for the better takes place almost
immediately.' It contains nothing injuri
ous; is, in fact, a natural hair-restorer,
made from petroleum, thoroughly deodor
ized and delightfully perfumed. It is sold
by all dealers in drugs and medicines, at
ono dollar per bottle.
45 Years Before the Public.
Hepatitis, or Liver Complaint,
Symptoms of a Diseased Liver.
PAIN in the right side, under the
edge of the ribs, increases on pres
sure; sometimes the pain is in the left
side; the patient is rarely able to lie
on the left side ; sometimes the pain is
felt under the shoulder blade, and it
frequently extends to. the top of the
shoulder, and is sometimes mistaken
for rheumatism in the arm. The
stomach is affected with loss of appe
tite and sickness; the bowels in gen
eral are costive, sometimes alternative
writh lax; the head is troubled with
pain, accompanied with a dull, heavy
sensation in the back part There is
generally a considerable loss of mem
ory, accompanied with a painful sen
sation of having left undone some
thing which ought to have been done.
A slight, dry cough is sometimes an
attendant. The patient complains of
weariness and debility; he is easily
startled, his feet are cold or burning,
and he complains of a prickly sensa
tion of the skin; his spirits are low;
and although he is satisfied that exer
cise would be beneficial to him, yet
he can scarcely summon up fortitude
enough to try it In fact, he distrusts
every remedy. Several of the above
symptoms attend the disease, but cases
have occurred where few of them ex
isted, yet examination of the body,
after death, has shown the liver to
have been extensively deranged.
Dr. C McLane's Liver Pills, in
cases of Ague and Fever, when
taken with Quinine, are productive of
the most happy results. No better
cathartic can be used, preparatory to,
or after taking Quinine. We would
advise all who are afflicted with this
disease to give them a fair trial.
For all bilious detirgements, and as
a simple purgative, they are unequaled.
The genuine arc never sugar coated.
Every box has a red wax-seal on the lid,
with the impression Da. McLane's Lives
The genuine McLane's Liver Pills bear
the signatures ofC McLane and Fleming
Bros, on the wrappers.
Insist upon having the genuine Dr. C
McLane's Lives Pills, prepared by Flem
ing Dro.,of Pittkburgh, Pa the market being
full of imitations of the name McLane,
spelled Uitferently but same pronunciation.
Should be supplied at all times with a
remedy of acknowledged merit, for nse in
ease of accident, as well as to ease tbe man y
ache and pains all are liable to. No rem
edy has given such perfect satisfaction in
every trial as the Curative. In making this
amertlon we know It can be substantiated
by evidence of the moat positive character.
Tlie CURATIVE la a Pana
cea for Rheumatism, Neural
gin, Sciatica, IVerroas Head
ache, Diphtheria, Sore
Throat, Cnts, Wounds, Burns,
Scald a, Bowel Complaints,
Dyspepsia, Toothache, Ear
none, or wherever there la
pain or Inflammation.
The CURATIVE is readily taken by old
and rouna, and for external am IU contain-
influence makes It the most desirable
medicine for family use ever produced.
Give it a Trial,
And yon will never be without It.
LATSOtf CHEXICAL CO, Cleveland, a
A Deodorized extract of Petroleum,
The Only Article that Will Re
store Hair on Bald Heads.
What the World has been
Wanting for Centuries.
Tbe greatest discovery of our day, so far as a
laree portion of hn:r.an!tr U concerned, U CAE-
BOLINE. an article prepared from petroleum, and
which effect a complete and radical care ia eae of
baldnra. or wh-ro the lulr, owing to diacaace of
the scalp, ha become thin aad tend to full oat
Iii:o a speedy restorative, and while ltsnae
care a luxuriant growth of bair. It also brioc back
the natural color, and fire the most complete aat-
lafactloB In the using. The falling oat of the hair,
the accnmnlatlon of dandruff, and the premature
change in color arc all evidence of a diseased con
dition of tbe scalp and the glands which nourish tbe
bair. To arrest these can sea the article ased moat
possess medical as well as chemical virtue, and the
change mast begin nnder the tea!p to be of perma
nent and lasting benefit. Snch an article la CAR
BO LIKE, and, like many other wonderful discov
eries, it I found to consist of element almost ia
their aatnral state. Petroleum ell Is tbe article
which Is made to work such extraordinary results ;
bat it is artei it bus been chemically bested and
completely deodorized that it Is In proper condition
for the toilet. It was in far-ofl Ruaiia that the
effect of petroleum npon tbe hair was flrat observed.
a Government officer baring noticed that a partially
bald-headed servant of bis, when trimming the
lamps, bad a habit of wiping hi oll-beamearcd
hand In his scanty locks, and the result was ia a
few month a much ner head of black, glossy hair
than be ever bad before. ,The oil waa tried on
bone and cattle that bad lost their hair from tha
cattle plague, and the remits were a rapid a they
were marvekm. Tbe mane and even the tan of
hones, which bad fallen oat, were completely re
stored hi a few week. These experiments wen
heralded to tho world, bat the knowleJga waa prac
tically useless to the prematurely bald and gny, a
ao on In civilized society could tolente the use of
leaned petroleum as a dressing for tlie hair. Sat tha
skill of on of oar chemists has overcome UiedUB-
culty, and by a process known only to himself, he
has, after very elaborate and coatly expert menu, suc
ceeded in deodorizing refined petr-afc-urn, which
renders It susceptible of being handled a datntil)
as the famous taudi cologiu. The experiment with
the deodorised liquid on th human bair wen at
tended with the most astonishing result. A few
application, where the hair was thin and falling,
gave remarkable tone and vigor to the scalp and
bair. j Every particle of dandruff disappears oa
tbe first or second dressing, and tho liquid so search
mg in its nature, seems to penetrate to tho roots at
one, and set up a radical change from tbe start. It
1 well known that the most beautiful color an
nude from petroleum, and, by some mysterious
operation of nature, tbe use of this article gradu
ally Impart a beautiful llght-browa color to tbe
hair which by continued use, deepen to a black
Th color remains permanent for an indefinite length
of time, and the change ia so gradual that the most
Intimate friends can scarcely detect lis progreaa
In a word, it la the most wonderful discovery o(
tbe age, and well calculated lo make tho prema
turely bald and gny rejoice.
We advise onr readers to give It a trial, feeling
satisfied that one application will convince them of
Its wonderful ellecU. liUbrgk Cmimrtiai of
Oct. IU, 1S77.
Tho article Is telling It own story In the hands of
thousands who an using it with the most gratifying
and encouraging result :
W. n. BRn.it Co., Fifth Avenue Pharmacy, say.
MWe have sold preparalioua for the hair for upward
of twenty years, but have never had one to sell as
well or give sarh ituivenl satisfaction. We there
fore recommend it with conndenca to our friend
aad the geueral public"
Mr. GcsTAvr. F. Fall, of the Oate Opera
Troupe, writes: After six week' nse 1 sm con.
vinccd, as an also my comrades, that your ' C'arbo
line' has and ii producing a wonderful growtii of
hair where 1 had none for year."
C. TI. flarrn, of the Jennie lilght Combination,
writes: M After rising your Carboline three week
I am convinced that oitld heads can be re-haired.
It' simply wouderf ul iu my case,"
B. F. Arthcti, eAtmUt, Holvoke, Mass.. write:
"Your 'Carboline' has restored my hair after every
thing else had failed."
Jossra E. Poxu, attornry-at-law, No. Attlcboro,
Mas., w rites : For more than ) yean a portion of
my head has been as smooth and free from hair as a
billiard ball, but some efelit weeks aco I was in
duced to try your Carboline, and the effect has
been simply wonderful. Where no hnir has been
seen for year thvro now appears a th.ck growth,
aad 1 am convinced that by couiimiir.s; It use 1 rhall
have a good a head of hair a I ever had. It ia
growing now Dearly as rapidly a hair does after
it is cat,
Is now presented to the pablie without fear of con
tradiction a the best Restorative and BeaaUAer of
the Hair the world haa ever produced.
TPrrlee), OMR IMILLtR per bottle.
Sold by all Druggleta.
Sole Agent for the United States, tho Canada aud
Crest llrltain.
a -ara a a printed at this ofSee
1 1 fa a a w on snort notice and on
a a v mm m s a-j
moat reasonable terms.
Give u a rail.
may Ty found, on
III Bfc UkU. sr.
Kuwait. A Co'S
Kewsp pc' Advert laing Buresui (10 Sprue
MiwiLWiinr siuvi'r.
t lain if contract may
uiado fur it la
So Co.'s,
We are now receiving a
complete stock of
in all departments, which wil
be sold at bottom prices.
"We call Special attention to
LOO 1.25.and 1.40.
Also Striped and Checked
Silka in . alL qualities at Jow
The largest Stock of
Carpets and
Oil Clotbs
ever offered in this section.
Good Yard "Wide Floor Oil
ClotU 22 cents.
Bates Crochet Quilts 81.00.
Teerless Carpet Warp 1C cts
per pound.
Madras and Ponj-eo Gingham
12 1-2 cents.
A Very Large Stock of
Dross Goods
Striped and Checked Pique, at
8 cents.
A Very Large Stock of
f From Cneap to Good.
A large line Umbrellas very
Baldwin, Lanndon & Co,
Tbe Best Known to th. trade.
per Doz.
Utica N. Y. Mills, or Wamsutta 2400 Linen, $25.00
" " "
If unlaundried a reduction of $3.00 per dozen.
The "Diamond" is the leading
and does the bulk of the custom
eastern cities. We furnish a
$5.00 per dozen cheaper than
perfect fit and satisfaction. Measures taken at the New York
lothiag House.
J. "W. Wilbur's
Cheese Factory
Cheese Vats,
Curd Drainers,
Milk Cans,
JLlancJiard Churns,
Testing Instruments,
Cheese Tryers,
Curd Knives,
Curd Path,
Sutter Workers,
Iron Clad Mil k Pails,
Fairbanks Standard Scales,
ZLiver3rthi2.g that pertains
to the manufacture of cheese
and butter furnished at the
lowest prices. Opposite the
American House Wellington.
Having purchased the large
Wareroom formerly owned by
T. Doland. and fitted it up for
a Livery Stable and furnished
it with first-class rigs, all new,
I am prepared to meet every
want of the public in my line.
Good teams furnished at all
hours and at reasonable rates.
a year. Send Ten Cents In jme cent
aiampsior a nun ouiw rw ,"
ble. retail price 25 cents, and team
now to maae cxkaj jw. x v
Pianos and Organs Repaired.
All Work Warranted to Give
This Is to certify that we, the under
signed, have employed Mr. F. Chur
chill as a Tuner and Kepalrer, and that
the work for us has given entire satis
faction. Prof. Rice, Prof. Wright,
Prof. Cady, Prof. Severance.
Prof. Davis. Prof. Blakeslee,
Prof. Sweet.
tT Orders left wilh J. W. Houghton
will receive prompt attention. 37-tf
make more
TO ioo A Year or S5 to
n... nvmrn
ttimn amount
stated above. Wo one can fall to man money rss.
Anv one can do the work Ton e an make from arty
eents to two dollars an hour by devotlnc your ey
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yon can then make np your mind for yourstlL Aa ,
dress aEOBUS BTINSON CO.. Portland.
A Good Flan.
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comblnlne- many orders aad co-operating them aa a
whole, dividing profits pro rata among- shareholder,
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Shirts !
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shirt company of Americiy
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nicer shirt and from $3.00 to
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Ayer's Ague Cure,
Tar Terer and Acae, Intermittent
Te-reT, Chill Ferer, Bemlttent Ferrer,
Dumb Aae, Periodical or Bilious Ferer,
&e., and indeed all tbe affections which
arise from malarious, marsh, or miaa
matto poisons.
This is a compound remedy, prepared with
adentine skill from vegetable ingredients, which
rarely fails to en re tbe severest eases of Chill
and Ferrer and the concomitant disorders. Such
a remedy the necessities of the people in malari
ous districts demand. Its great superiority over
any other medicine yet discovered for the cure
of Intermittent is, that it contains no quinine or
mineral, and those vrbo take it are free from
danger of quinism or any injurious effects, and
are aa healthy after using it as before. It has
been extensively employed during tbe last thirty
years in the treatment of these distressing dis
orders, and so unvarying baa been its success
that it haa gained the reputation of being infalli
ble. It can, be safely recommended as a sure
remedy and specific for tbe Fever amd Ague of
the West, and the Chills and Fever of tbe
Booth, which, once broken op by n, do not
return until the disease 1 again contracted.
1 Tbe great variety of disorders which arise
from tbe irritation of this poison, such aa Ken
raliria. Rheumatism, Gamt, Headache,
Blindness, Toothache, Earache, Ca
tarrh, Asthma, Palpitation, Splenic
AtTeetions, Hysterics, Pain lit the Bow
els, Colic. Paralysis, and derangement of
the Stomach., all of which become intermittent
or periodical, have no speedier remedy than
Area's Ague Cuke, which cures them all alike,
and protects the system from future attacks. As
a preventive, it is of immense service in those
communltiea where Ferrer and A rue prevails,
as it stays the development of the disease if taken
on the first approach of the premonitory symp
toms. Travellers and temporary resident are
trine enabled to defy these disorders, and few
will ever auffrr if they avail themselves of the
protection this remedy affords.
For Urn Complaints, ariaing from
torpidity, it ia an excellent remedy ; it stimulate
this organ into healthy activity, and produces
many remarkable cure where other medicine
Prepared by Dr. J. C Ayer & Co.,
Practical and Aatalrtloal Chanalsta,
bold sT.au pacccisTS Evurwnxac.
Lest, How
Jt published. new rdtttoi of Ir. Colverweir.
Ci'leDrmlea may on ine nwicai cure iwiukiui iunu
cine.) or 8PftaU.TOsUtH.aVKA, or ttfintnaU WoakueM.
Involuntary geminaJ Lo- sea, Impottvrcy, MratJ and
twiri inMnsrltr TmrMilrrsnta to Mania ee. etc.
als Conaumtrtloift. Evlleper and Pits, Induced by
Price, la a sealed ttrelope, only six oenta.
Tne rfforarea an in r. in ut uiiiuMiirrj nw;.
clearly deimmrate, from a thirty years Bucce-wful
nrnt. .! the alaniilne confluences of relf-
..buse may b radically cn-ed without (lie danjrerous
nae ox internal lueuicine or ido spiHiakiuu u
knife' nnntlna not tnadfl AT CdlfS Sat ODCC BimtHft.
certain and effectual,, by means of which every
sufferer, no matter wnat nis conauion may d
cur himself cheaply, privately aad radically.
i may be, may
his Lecture will Drove a boon, to thousands
ana tnouaanoa.
Mm. niwtr seal, m a nlaln envelope, to anv address.
post-paid, on receipt of six cent ur postage stsmps.
Address the Publishers.
Tho CnlTorvrell Medical Co.,
41 Ann St.. New York
P. O. Box 4886.
BOOK to any person snffertec with Consumption.
Asthma, Catarrh, Bronchi. Is, Loss of Voice or Sure
Throat. Send name and post office address, wlin two
three-cent postage stamps and state your sickness.
The book Is elegantly Illustrated. (14 pp. 12 mo.
1871). The Information It contains, In the ptovldence
of God, hss saved many live. The author haa been
treating discs so of the Nose, Throat, and Lungs aa
a special practice In Cincinnati nee 18S7. Address
DB. X. B. WOLFB, Cincinnati. Ohio.
Calcined HVXagnesia.
Mora agreeable to the taste and smaller dose than
other Magnesia.
For sale ia government stamped bottles, at
druggist and country stores, and by
T. J. HUSBAND. Jr., PhHjdelphla.
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rlM of N.tsr., Phjrt.
otocT f Msrrlace, Or-
Pia.li llip.is
Co.nlt.ltoa free.
Ie.ii. m u.s.r.u.a,
m.i.i f vota sod
Msnbrad: a wa.tb C
I cboio. aa vslusM. la-
nc imm. Mil
r b. r t1",
IforMftUoa, f
ts both ma Vothios
Ss.ily. b sm uut.
ud RUMMaL lcfor
awtfoa a . i . r beftfr
brezpraM. Belle-1
lr box. Private!
Is.b.0. N. fuuly
mtonld h. Willi oat it.
QT-Addrra, Dr. A. Q.
OLIX. 30 Ctark 8L
sua. aaa nmrm ror I
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Wamsutta huslik best iri&h aTDtKu.
Keep's Partly-Mad Xrrese
Shirt. Ofjlv tllaln WMn. llnlrfi
WDiuaa sniKj
ewsarteaafrwwItVaMk lwa!ea.
Mad to measure
Aa siaaaal - I4 i mtm 1
Bend sd drees on Postal card for sample aad
circulars with directions for aelf-meauremcnt'
(sB'lAta. AalXr. 6U OUvatiU tit. Louis. ALo.
tndastrioQB. ' ipfttil
ft 1TV sal noma madf b
mi a 1 rod; we will tart
Men. women, ooya,
make money tester mt
f-Ti1nB nis Ttis earras-V la lltrhr tAnrl nlAJtaintL and fHIch
Tiir i n Ail sat. msiT -
as any one can co rlgn. ni. Tnoae who vr wle who
see this Dotlce will send as their scidresses st once
snd see for themselves. Costlv Outfit snd terms free.
Now Is the time. Those sj ready at work are laying
np large stuns of mooev. Address TUUK
Auawsta, aum.
H. T.
Fluid Eztract
Bladder Kidneys
For DeUHty. Loss of Memorv. In
disposition to Exertion or Business,
Shortness of Breath. Troubled with
Thonghts. of Disease, Dimness of Vis
ion, jfaln ia the Back, Chest, and
Head, Bash of Blood to the Head. PaU
Countenance and Dry Skin.
IT these symptoms are allowed to go
on, very frequently Epileptic Fits and
Consumption follow. 'VTlien the con
stitution becomes affected Jt requires.
i lie- aid or an invigorating medicine to
strengthen and tone up the system
- ...
Does in Every Case. '
By any remedy known. It is prescribed
the dost eminent physicians all over
the world, in
NrvrisnesrV '!
, Indigestion,
Aches aad Pa lift,
Female Complaints,
Nervous Complaints, '.'
Spinal Diseases,
Sciatica, -'
Lumbago, . 'v '
General 111 Health,
General Debility, ,
Kidney Diseases, -
IT er Complaint, . j
Nervous Debility, ' .7
Epilepsy, V : t;
Head Troubles, .
Parrlysis &c Ac &c.
Headache, Pain in the Shoulders,
Cough, Dizziness, Sour Stomach,
Eruptions, Bad Taste in the Mouth,
Palpitation of the Heart, Pain ia the
region of the Kidneys, and a thousand
other painful symptoms, are the off
spring of Dyspepsia.
nelmbold's Duchu
Invigorates the Stomach, :
And stimulates the torpid Liver, Bow
els, and Kidneys to healthy action, in
cleansing the blood of all Imparities
and imparting new life and vigor to
the whole system. :-
A single trial will be quite sufficient
o convince the most hesitating of its
valuable remedial qualities.
Price $1 per Bottle,
Or Six Bottles Jor $5.
Delivered to any address free from
observation. .. .. t ;
"Patieuts" may consult by letter, re
ceiving the same attention as by call
ing. . . " . "
Competent Physicians attend to cor
respondents. All letters .should be ad
dressed to
Druggist and Chemist
Philadelphia, Pa.
See that the private Proprieta
ry Stamp is on each '
, Bottle. ;
Sold Everjrwtiere.

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