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The Wellington enterprise. (Wellington, Ohio) 1867-188?, September 18, 1879, Image 3

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Tstauvday. Sent. IS, J879. i
J , ' ! -.
S - i - - BDITOBS.
O.O.O.ftI.B.S. Time-table.
Train leav WellingUr 8tatiaa aa fol-
wn I- . .... ..- i
Tii rn mi iiummi ik.
.- uatCMwl film. anon. a.
e. A WIh Bipsis, AhUI MM.
.-Ql lllll Illn llllIlM .'.... adD KM.
1 ..4.. ,t A.M. 1MH M.
i ,v aonra nqkth.
ri.e. ena. : Mi.k
.......S.-00:S P.K.
Church Directory.
' knao A. M aa T:0 P. M. isbbssh I nasal I
coKMaoATtnirAii CTiuacH. in iii evary
IS at ro:u A. at- eaa TrM f M. astasia
. mm mum- rrarw Miimg aa Tsarasa sr
ery Sa beats at KtSO A.M. aa tk p. M. aaheaia
akWta School at IS M reaver Meetta ea Ihars
r av.aaara. . a. a. ABg. saaiae. - . ., ,. . ,
Arrival and Departure of Malta.
" ; Sack um ."
Oaailta, I Awry Twaesay, Taersaar aa. Bal
PMtaala.) as A. it Lina itlf.M.
Brtrhtcu. 1 Antra ny mt w A. aU Lnn at
f. fiSsSsM. J li A. It.
n sails si sa, 1 Ants Mn lay. Witeain ai
SaUlvan, ea at 1 P. M. InnTinai,
Paik, ) aay aaa Salai lay atajoX.
'eaa FH
Bp ni. I ArrrvsTsnea., Taaraaay aad "atar-
Wrasse..) ."., ,
wPtibllaher'a Notice.
TM sawreae kW aa each saswr shews the este la
.iM the aakacBMr has selA, te-an
;i Jerry Smith 1 jn 7
llat 'mmt If r. Baittk law mtH for V w amtfl
JubaIiwkii Ta mrntl IMt la airmii nalr.
Br eaa.altaa tae aaa. aaa U bat amy aabai iHiiii cm
r aa uk miKiiaw
IU1 ra aa aa ww aa i. sn
Mbm raal araararaaltaaaar aaaHa .
Ioatewl of adrarcWf the price of Over
mU to eotreapoed with tha'Adraaee la
prieai of woolena, w ere at 111 a g cheaper Uua
ererbefoiM. KsrlylJ tke 8rtuf cloeed
oat Utn) of bearer, wonted aad calccMl
Um way helow Uta facOury price. that we
an aellio.1 from 10 to 90 per eent. below last
jear'a prlcaa. Tbcae price wUl be heldoaUl
oar prmant stock l cloaad . Ooaa 4arry
and fet barjraiaa," a wacaaaot replace Ihaai
tor the aame money.-. ; 'i
(ri l-t SultaCt' .'
fnv alnk nf aau anil bAwa elnlbina I
complete of latest aljlee, elejcantl j cat and
made, ' Oar prleee hare ever been the envy
of compeUtor. We coaraatea oar prteee
to be the lowest, and warrant rrery Karoant
tab ee iupieatd, aad eerythiaK that
la ant eatl factory la erery respect aaay be
ratarnad aad. we will reload t ha money.
Boalaea awita, 9S.0 to $15 00.
Bore aatta. mXM to tTQ. j
We m beat the aatiro on Rati. We
happeaad to be la Kew ToraUUaue to atrike
a fall are of a large hat aad rarmlahloK rood
house, and boajht traHe stock at aacUon.
We wlB eell m coed e hat for to ceato as yo
win ft alaewherc far W; aa goad for 15 eta.
ae yon win get alaawhaia tar tUO. We will
eell as good a Sawaasaer BUk Bat I or tS.00a
yon will aad la any athar atere for $5J0 to
fj ' UatUrwear
We hare a lob lot f ledies mndcrwear at
aboutaprtee. Mfi areble to show goods.
Coaae aad eTsailae ear stock aad satisfy
yourselves. J We tblak w haT as alee a lias
of cloth sad sulUatcsaa yo wUl lad la Lo-1
rala eooaty, aad MleU' knows nst how to
snake these ap. - t. ;-
. A. JCITTCH, the Clothier.
IIoaM and lot oc North Mala etreet.
Itrquira of SL Powers. tf
Wanted, stock-breadars aad, datnana to
know that K.T. Xaaaa. of WaOlnvtAa. baa a
lae Jeraev halL, bred by the noted importer
aad breeder, W. L. Qardacr, VorWalk, Ohio.
It Is tborwctedaad recorded la the
Americaa .Jersey Cattle CI ab Sealster.aad
a vary , tae animal. Those tetarestcd
plaaaacaU at his farm la the north part of
the TlTlajte.' .' ... .. tut
. Kw Deptton Used. '
It is stranne mm maay people win eontlnoe
to soffer day attar day with Dyspepsia, Ut
r complaint, temsUpetJoo, boor Btomach,
Qeaeral Debility, waea they can procure at
oar store Bhllotrs YTtaTJser, tree of eoet If
It docs not ear or reUrre them. Price 75
Sold by Brerett fc Starr, Wellington.
--Oo to I rare tt k Starr's tor T. H. Kerla
a Co.' Hnasat Prepared Palat, mixed ready
or aaa. Warranted to girt satisfaction.
SS Saioa .-' "'' -.--' -
x - n :- ' -J- '
' Fair Sale.' '" '';'-''" .!" Z
X doalrahle tfeaee aad lot tor sale cheap.
Apaly to J. B. BeUeo. , , , site
7Coold not do Without it." :-
- ' Twmwbu, Pa, Ksy 14, 1878.
Da. at. It. Tmis, Tredooia, Mi T.j
Deer Sin I had Urer compUiat aad a
aambaees of my Umbi and ffoaeral- dabiUty.
One bojtl of yoar Blood aad Liar Aemwdy
and Merae Tonic siaaUy tisaedttsd ano. At
the tieae I wrote yon there was aoae in the
place aad 1 taoornt I could aot do without
it. I hare ranoaimended It to a number of
Bf Msatds and thay bare taken it with sat-
. xjk. iniirr a wvw atws lATcr im iiiwiij
aad Nerve Toaie aaay wall- he called
"The eoaqaertacf hero" of ta ttatee. It
id the rdleal Muaph of the ag. Whan
mr hae "the Uaaa' naeold take ft, for
it reaiatea aad restores the djaorderad
B7tia that rise to than. It al
wars carea L.teoaneat aad LiTer Corn.
plalat, Jaaaioa, Iyepepsia, Ooastlpa
aioa, rrnlartws. Fararanrt a goo, BpUea
Xalar-iaer, Scrofula, Xrysipelaa, Plat
plaa, Liotnhaa, aad all akia ernptioas
aad blood dewaatai ftwaQsd Liamba aad
Dtxryjx Can ,li Iainairad Serras
aad i.eeaeja OaUlHyr Kaatotaa' Sash
aad aticxh whoa the mteaa to iwaaiag
dowa or fotej la to deellae; ewrea Fa
asaie Wee ka sea aad Chioaie Bheaosa
tiao, aad neves- Oraml BreaahlUs,
aad all Lanv aad ' tbroal fUfaealtlaa.
It doaa tae Ulags by strikiag at the
toot of aaaaa aad reeaoria iu osaaei.
rMIaaelaprored Coagh L'oasy
wd aC jTeae eeoh la oae hoar.
IXsars Ooldea Relief carea aay
rttk, as toech-aeaa, .aearalxia, ootto or
Laadacha ia to K aalaataa, aad readUy
raeaa fhaaanatfaay kidaey-eosnplaUt,
" , g;eeatwy. roraal byPr.d.
1 .Va, Pr. yaaaafs S3t. Yitas
3 zzx ''a. Om botai ways ear.
1 ra ty t altera.- - - -J
waaala by Satfl Dodd. Detroit,
Xew Fall goods at Haryey's.
Oar XlyrU letter earn too lata for
Don't fall to go to Wooster 4
Adama' opening.' . . ' .
- Jlrs. Kerry E. West, of Lacrosse
Wis.',' Is visiting at her cousla's, F. C.
Leach. .
'air. I. L. Com stock is enlarging
and remodeling his residence on North
Main street.
Baldwin, Laandon & Co., are pat
ting la a new floor In their store this
week. . ' -
A son of Adam Long died ol con
sumption In .Elyria, and was traried
hero Wednesday. . Vr . ..
r Willie Braman shows as a double
grape, two grapes nntted at the aides
and growing as one. -
Benember Wooster A Adams' will
soon have a grand opening.
A brief aketefa of D. W. C. Dickson
wbeea death oecarred laat Satorday, ' ia
crowded out aad will appear next week.
Ilead-qoartera for school books and
all schools aapplles is at Houghton's.
These artldea received Bear the
time of going to press, had to be ooa
eased la order to have them appear
this week.. v . :-
About twenty cars made np the ex
curslon train from Cleveland, Tneaday
evening, mere thaa a ear load of pas
sengers being from Wellington. . ,.
We bare cot In a good assortment
or new styles or Hats, which we are
pleased to show. - W. W. HabtsT.
' Wajttx. A competent girl to do
general housework. Permanent sitae
Hon for one honest,! ndustrioas and cap
able. Enquire at this office. tf
The Secretary of the Lorain County
Agricultural Society haa our thanks
for "complimentary" to the Fair, which
occurs this week.
Our new Fall suit will please yon,
as they are complete In tit and atyle,
and what Is more we make no advance
In prices. 'W. W. ITabtxt.
Bennett Bros, are making a steam
pump for feeding boilers driven by an
independent steam cylinder without
wheels or gearing of any kind, and It is
on of the simplest and - most practical
things of the kind we have seen.
We have a few odds and ends which
we will sell at cost, and some even less
than; cost,' to make room for winter
goods. .- - WW. Habybt.
Messrs. Bald wla, Lioadon A Co.,
are now receiving their Fall stock of
goods. The variety and quality are un
excelled and this old and vary popular
firm cannot fall to have a brisk trade.
For atatlonery, school books, and
all school supplies, go to Houghton's
drug'and book store. tf
The. parties who are sinking the
well in the Park, have had an engine
fitted np at Beaaett Broa.' shop, to work
their drill. ' li has not yet been made
to work successfully, bat they are still
pushing their experiments with a de
tarmiaatton and courage worthy a more
promising undertaking.
Ladles are parOcularly Invited to
Wooster dt Adama' opening; oar word
for it, yoa will enjoy It. All oome. t r
No medlalne has ever been laveat
ed to preveof death I ' The beat that can
be doae Is to assist nature in keeping
the functions of the body In a condition
of health while Ufa lasts. For blllou-
t, liver complaint, eostiveness, dys
pepsia, aad all stomachic disorders take
Mott's Liver PUls. ., - , , . ;
The theatrical cetaaaay that -ware
playing have last week, made leas than
enough to pay expenses. "Like' most
similar troops that have visited Wel
lington, they were not more thaa third
rate, and these who' have spent time
and money upon them have generally
felt themselves awlodled.
Wooster et Adams will aooa open
one of the finest 'drag stores In the
State. Look out for the time.- -
....... ....
We notice by the' Cleveland Voice
that Mrs. A. B. Ogden of Wellington,
will-open a Charity. Kindergarten In
Cleveland this week. .October 1st, she.
comaaanced with a training class coo
tinning six. months.. AppUoatioaa for
admission to this class received as 143
Prospect Street. '. :
"Lawsoo's Curative" la not a diaa-
greeable,'oUy liniment, hut a cleanly
limpid fiuW.-vHear as water,- without
odor-j-e Bsoat 'perfect scientiflo prepara
tion ana can be relied upon to remove
pain or soreness la any part of the hu
man frame. Send for a pamphlet if
your druggist has not got them. See
advertlsment; Mr J f v r
- , . t : -1
T-Tom Davidson went to Cleveland
on tho exeuralon and came home happy
and demonstrative, and thought to de
molish Wilson Tripp, who was standing
near, but Wilson did not take It amia
bly, "and wadnd into Thomas " leaving
him In a dilapidated oondlton, and now
Thomas la aorry he did not pick oat a
larget man. :;'i ''-'
Wooster eV Adama' drug atore will
be a magalflcent sight night of opening.
Mrs. E. C Andrus, , who is thor
oughly conversant with the French and
German lanruares, by years of real
denes in the West ladles, where foreign
languages are constantly spoken, has
orgaaiaedl classes for . instruction ; In
Wellington, and persons . desirous of
joining any of her classes can comma
blcate with her through the poetoffice.
8be baa had twenty years experience la
teaching the modern foreign tongues,
and claims great thoroughness la her
methods. ' '
' IB a late number of the Scientiffo
American are find that a young man
whose arm bad been am pa tat ed, was
attacked by dlphtaerU.befbra healing
tok place aad the deposit of fungus In
cident to the dUeaaa. appeared mostly
ea the wounded arm and was easily
maaaged, which the doctor profiled by
la his next ease of diphtheria and blis
tered Ida patient's chest, and on this
part the chief deposits appeared. Both
patieate recovered. As It ta
snaa two swallows to aaake a sum
the anprslaaslna editor of the
raisaeommeods the trial of this to prao-ttleaera.----
v x - . - -
'A local paper from Michigan, pnb-
llshed near the homes of C. D. Wilson
andFhllo Penfleld, formerly of Pen
field, speaks of an enterprise for the
manufacture of charcoal, located oa the
farm of the former, which promise to
furnish a speedy and profitable method
cfclearlnar the heivlly timbered farms
of that region. We congratulate them
on their rood fortune lu being able to
avoid the expense aad severe labor,
otherwise necessary to fit their farms
for cultivation. We learn that the cli
mate and soil is admirably adapted to
fruit culture, and that already their
young orchard are producing In abun
Mrs. Ell Howk was very ill with
neuralgia Monday night.
Mr. aad Mrs. W.L. Hayes of Penfleld,
are visiting in Michigan.
Mr. P. Allya is suffering from a se
vere attack of asthma.
Mrs. Alice VaoCleef of Mlamlsburg,
ia with her sister. Miss Benbam. .
Mrs. H. Reynolds and Mrs. B. Hew
itt returned from the West last week.
Mr. Win decker Is East buying and
sending on new goods for the Fall and
Winter trade.
Allle Maule and Mrs. Porter ot Sooth
Amherst, are spending the week at B.
Mr. A. L. Dewey has been op to tho
Islands on a visit to his son, and brought
some very choice grapes on his return.
Mr. Frank Gregory was In town on
business, remaining over the Sabbath,
returning to ' Philadelphia Tuesday
morning. ... .::..;
Miss Efile Benbam has returned from
a fortnight's stay in Cleveland, leaving
her mother there improving somewhat
in health.
Beys. Mather and Albright are In
Wooster attending Conference. Both
are expected to return and have the
same work as last year.
Mrs. 0. 1. Hodge, the Cleveland lady
whose broken arm was amputated a
week ago, died of lockjaw Saturday
morning, without the knowledge of
her loss.
Mrs. Jao.T. Solloway and son, are
visiting her sister, Mrs. J no. Crowl,
and Mr. Jno. T. Soli way and Mr. and
Mrs. A. H. Leece, were guests over the
We notice In the McGregor (Iowa)
News, among the candidates on the Re
publican county ticket, the name of W.
A. Penfleld, formerly of Lorain county,
who la re-nominated for coroner.
nenry Bush, a son of D. T. Bush,
died last Friday, after an illness of one
week with Inflamation of the bowels.
Funeral services on Saturday afternoon,
conducted by Bev. G. Mather.
Mr. Clinton of Galena, III., a former
resident here, with her two neices, has
been spending a week with Mrs. A. H.
Palmer, .who gave a party for these
young ladles Tuesday evening.
Democratic Meeting.
Gen. A. J. Warner and Gen. Powell
will discuss the political issues of the
dsy, Saturday evening; of this week, at
the Town Hall.
: ' Library Notice.
At a late meeting of the trustees of the
Wellington Library, It wai decided to
allow all persons wishing to draw
books from the library to do so by pay
ing two dollars a year for the privilege.
The library -will soon be supplied with
new books. Additions made occasion
ally Persona interested in the library
will please mention to the librarian,
books they desire purchased .'
Cincinnati Exposition Best Thin g
September zM, 79, the C, C, C A I.
By., will run aa excursion trsln to
Cincinnati, , leaving Wellington . 7
m. Returning, leave Cincinnati 10
o'clock p. m.. arriving at Wellington
about d:S0 a. m. : Fare for the round
trip, H.S9. A parlor car will be at
tached to the train. Double berth to
Cincinnati and return, $1.80 extra.
Any further Information will be given
at R. R. depot or see posters.
A Card.
An aaonynous circular haa been le
aned and la being freely circulated la
all parte of thla Senatorial district,
blackening and maligning the charac
ter of Mr. B. A. Horr, Republican no m-
Inee for Senator. In Wellington, where
ha la well kn wn, this will doubtle s
do him more good than harm, since lies
against a man are sure to react In his
favor. Butlert some of your readers
be mislead by slandera of this and sim
ilar character,. I write to ask all fair
minded men to put no faith In anything
so mean and low that even a Democrat
ic political manager dare not subscribe
his name to It. I write to ask all Re
publicans to see and hear Mr. Horr for
themselves. They will be convinced
as are all good men here, that Mr. Horr
is eminently the ill and suitable perlon
for the place to which we have nomi
nated him. Tours Respectfully,
N. Hucxnes, -Pres.
Republican Club.
. Dirty.
It la a mean thing to do to gather In
the night time around the nest of a
newly married, but poorly matched cou
ple and make night hideous with the
devil invented pataphernalla ot the
charivari. Itia dastardly and little to
shingle the hair from a horse's mane
and tall, because the poor beast Is faith
ful to somebody you hate. It Is foul
and allmy tj rotten-egg or otherwise
besmear a man's residence under cover
of darkness. It Is cri mlnsl it ia dem
ocratic It la damnable to go about at
night, ahoottng, killing, maiming and
bull-dozing. It Is diabolical devilish
sac religious to dig op, rob and mutu
late the bodies of the dead.- But the
doer of all these things Is a prince he
is purity itself be Is a lllly beside the
man who deliberately and maliciously
can alt down and write or cause to be
written and printed an anonymous cir
cular maligning and blackening the
character of a respectable eitisea because
forsooth, he happened to be the nomi
nee for an office. .
Of each a character is the circular re
cently Issued under Democrat ie man
agemeat - and now being : scattered
I broadcast through thla Senatorial dis
trict. .The writer of It ha skilfully and
cunningly interwoven some truth' with
a great many lies, and with the adroit
ness of a. lawyer, indeed' with more
adroitness - than ; Johnson generally
shows, hss seemed to make a damaging
caae against Mr. norr. He haa ap
pealed to the sensitiveness of men who
suffered severely and anjjstly by the
failure of Miner, Parker A Co., making
Mr. Horr aeem to be the head and chief
cause of losses to the community by
that disastrous failure, when In truth
he was Jn no aenae responsible or to
blame for It. '
Mr. Ilorr's testimony In court at
Elyria Is so garbled and mutilated ai to
seem to make him a perjurer, when no
man who heard him on the witness stand
wUl question his honesty or Integrity.
Mr. Horr was a referee In that celebra
ted case, together with Mr. J. C. Han
som, who wa also a large creditor of
Miner, Parker ct Co. Mr. Ransom
would exonerate Mr. Horr frcm all
blame and no one, we think, knew the
facts more Intimately than he, or would
have a greater right to complain at any
Injustice. ' -,.
It this circular wss issued with the
knowledge and consent of Mr. Wads
worth it ought to damn him to political
oblivion to social ostracism aad Indeed
to exile from the town. Men who love
fair play and decency, and we believe
most men do, win of couiie see upon
reading the circular referred to that no
roan dared to father It.
It Is not In tha nature of a communi
cation to a paper where the writer
must give hi name to tha editor and
the editor, because of his knowledge of
the writer and the facts, assume part
of the responsibility. . - -
It Is a sub In the dark at Mr. Horr
by a coward a liar a aneak. It la In
comparably low and . despicable. Ob,
for the pen of the Okolona States. We
can not do Justice to the occasion. We
Join In the prayer that the .parties to
this anonymous slander this vile cir
cularbe either powerfully converted
or that they be consigned to tho infamy
from which only God can aava them.
We assure every Republican voter in
this district that we have Investigated
all .these charges and that they, are
baseless. We assure them farther that
we have known Mr. Horr intimately
for a great many year, and that we
unhesitatingly and unqualifiedly assert
that his reputation and character for
honor and Integrity are unquestioned,
and that no responsible party over hla
own signature wobld dare assert the
contrary. ' ' X.
, Card of Thanka.
To the citizens, and especially tho
ladles of LaGrange township, the Com
mittee of Arrangements for the reunioa
of the soldiers and sailors of the Union
army and navy, at large In Lorain
county, take thla method of expressing
to yon their heartfelt thanks for your
noble generosity, free and patriotic mo
tives In so kindly providing for us in
this, onr.flrst reunion. We know that
in your heart of hearts, you cherish the
kindliest feeling for us the living and
cherish the memory of our dead. May
God bles tha ladies of LaGrange town
ship, la the prayer of every "boy in
blue," who attended the reunion.
J. M.Hobd,
L. L. CaAjra.
A. Fahkbb, Com.'
J. T. Lachdox,
E. H. Hrmtur.
LaGbahob, Sept. 10, 1879.
Late Newa Notes.
At Rocfcport, Cuyahoga county, the
young men play base ball In the public
park on Sunday.,
The Chagrin Falls Exponent quoted
a recent cheese market report from the
Wellington Eutkbtbisx and credited
the same to the Berea Advertiser. '
: West and South of the Mississippi
river, at least," It la the experience of
hunters that the bite of the akunk,
sooner or later, produces hydrophobia.
Cleveland has had three fatal cases
of hydrophobia within three months,
and Officer Cowan, a policeman bitten
by the same dog that caused the death
of ll'tle John Bramer, Monday, will
probably die before we go to press.
. There Is a probability of a new line
of railroad being built between Spring
field, O.,' and Sidney. The aurvey la
nearly an air line, and the heaviest
grade will be In entering Springfield
through Mad river aad Buck creek
valleys. " '
C. C. Bennett, who hsd lived la Mld
dleburgli, near Berea, since 1844, died
Sept. 6th, after leas than two day a ill
ness. A post mortem examination
ahowed organio disease, resulting In
inflammation of the bowels and perfo
ration of the gaul duct and duodenum.
J. P. Turner of Cin clnnatl, was found
dead, sitting In his chair. An exsml
natlon revealed the cause of death as
being the unaccountable dropping of
his full upper set. of artificial teeth.
which were wedged Into the cesophagua
the upper portion resting upon the epi
glottis so as to completely prevent the
entrance of air Into the lungs.
Robt. Barnes went to Akron this,
Thursday morning, In a hurry. ne
made a wager that he could . beat Fra
iler' time, which was Sh, 3Sm ; and at
9 a. m., we received a dispatch, from R.
I. Salisbury and J. S. Warner that
Barnes had reached Akron In S hours
and 21 minutes beating Frsslers time
7 minutes. Medina Gaaette. '
Oca Popclation. From a census of
the village just completed by Mr. L. A.
Beck, It Is ascertained that the popula
tion of the corporation of New London
Is one thousand and fifty-six; youth
between the ages of six and twenty-one
two hundred and fifty. Heretofore the
population has been variously estimated
at from one thousand to fourteen hun
dredsNew London Record.
A correspondent from Ripley writes
as follows: "The history of Huron
and Erie counties, delivered a few weeks
ago Is giving universal dissatisfaction.
The lamentation ia what a bote sold
and got nothing." New London Rec
ord. We gave you the experience of this
county early enough for you to profit
by It. "Experience teaches a dear
school, etc" Eds.
StroDBK DiATH. From the Norwalk
Experiment we learn that Isase Har
rington, who had been a resident of
North Fairfield, in this county for
many years, dropped 'dead instantly
near the store of W. 8. Felton, in that
village, at about 9 o'clock Thursday
morning, the 4th lust. Mr. Harrington
held the office of postmaster in Fairfield
until a few months previous to his
death, when Infirmity aud failing health
compelled him to realgh the position.
'Those subject to costlvness should
at once try "Seller's Ltver Pills." So
cents per box. Sold by all druggists.
"Female complaints" are -the re
mit of Impure blood. Use "Ltndsey's
Blood Searcher."
. Lame and alck horses cured free of
charge. Giles' Liniment Iodide Ammo
nia, yellow wrapper; , send for pam
phlet. Navicular disease, spavins,
curbs, ringbone knee, coffin joint pas
tern and blnew shoe bolls, strains.
Contracts made with express, railroad
and Ice companies, and all others who
employ large numbers of horses, by
whleh money and horseeufiorlng can
b saved. Address -
Da. Gius, :
V ' 10 West Broadway, N. T.'
,. Sold by all druggists. . Send for pam
phlet. - -
It Is a fact well established by un
questionable testimony that Hall's Hair
Benewer renews, cleanses, brightens,
Invigorates aad restores to Its original
color and lustre, faded gray or discol
ored balr, cheaply, quickly and surely.
The poorest people prefer to buy it and
use It, rather then to proclaim in a man
ner more forcible than words can de
lineate, though blanched locks or grts
sly beard, that they are aged and pass
ing to decay. A very short trial wOl
convince the most skeptical that it does
eradicate the scalp diseases which rob
the hair of Its color and life. Fort
Scott (Kan.) Dally Monitor.
Edwin Booth In rheumatism. Ed
win Booth suffers terribly sometimes
from rheumatism, and If he were not
one of the most amiable of mortals
would, doubtless, lodulge ia Anglo
Saxon expletives. ne takes re fore,
however, in a well -smoked corn-cob
pipe when the attack Is on him, using
no other medical treatment than a prep
aration originally tested by his brother-in-law,
J. H. Magonlgte. This aflords
him almost Instant relief, and ia (place
of indulging In profanity when he
rheumatism nips him, be calls lor Giles
Liniment Iodide Ammouls, which he
buys by the gallon.
Sold by all druggists. Send tor pam
phlet. - Da. Giues,
. 120 West Broadway, N. Y.
SraxcxB, O., Sept. IS, 1879.
Another bombardment of Republican
principle and character.
A Cicero of Eljrla, led off followed
by some home talent, an amateur De
mosthenes, who declared the Republi
can party had left him behind. Not
much of a leave. .
Cicero took the rostrum with that be
nign expression which characterizes the
sunny side of an autumn pumpkin, and
opened his speech with tho persuasive
eloquence which so highly recommends
the poems of "Mother Goose.' He
(Johnson) told, or tried to tell, how ef
fectually "Parson Garfield" was extin
guished by a sort of politician called
Tom Ewiag. He also astonished the
people by saying, "Some of you men
here to-night, will live before you go
down to the grave, (quite likely) to see
the repentance ot the Republican party
for their' wrong-doing.' A number of
those present thought they could see the
repentance of . the Qemocratio party
without going so far under ground.
Tolly, the Democratic nominee for the
State Sehatorshlp declined to speak, but
found a mouth-piece among the audi
ence, la the person of an humble car
penter, a resident of Spencer Mills.
The eloquence of this ' amateur Demos
thenes claimed Democrat aad Repub
lican alike. We were led to believe,
from the way they moved about in their
seats, antl looked aadly into each other's
eyes, they were conscious of their fet
ters. He was vehemently describing
where the present Republican eandidate
for State Senator was during the war,
but he utterly collapsed, as did another
gentleman, (be was from Wellington)
when some oae asked, "Where was D.
L. Wadaworth during the war?" Thla
answer was howled from the crowd,
"Putting up lumber and putting dowa
money." As he went on.the fiery orator,
the very sphere groaned In agony; And
then aaoa vivid flashes rent the air, leav
ing the darkness more diabolical. De
mos then ese gave permission to all to ask
him questions. And as the elements
waxed more and more furious, the car
nal minds of the Republicans went to
work. Question upon question was
hurled at the bead of the speaker. He
rot nervous at the laat, and closed with
the following: "Kind friends, I will say
as did Mr. Johnson, that very probably
to-night I have aot told you a aingle
truth." They howled. SltJobh.
It is a pleasure to report the cheese
market when, as for the last two or
three weeks, Ita coarse Is regularly up
ward at the rate of a half "a cent to a
cent a week Advloea from New York
and Little Falls show the same upward
tendency, though the credit of putting
up must be awarded our Wellington
dealers,-since they made the adyance
previous to, and agalust the advices of
New York liouses. The market Ir now
In a healthy condition, and we think
that dairymen will yet receive a fair
average for this season 'a work.
We quote: buying, (naked) 77Ja cU;
billing, (boxed) 8 cents. .
The shipments of cheese for the week
ending Sept. 16, are as follows: No. of
Boxes 7,438 ; No. of pounds 313,105. .
Butter for the same time aa follows :
No. of pkgs. - 474; No. of pounds
Wellington Prodnce Market.
dob a co.
Analea. dried. B lb.
Omii dreand. a IB....XM
Hay. loa a OO
Hams snaked, V lb 6
H Ms, araen. lb. . . .a
Maple Basar. b...JkUO
Potatoes. aa 40
Kaaa.e lb ,. i
Salt. Soe. sack..... 00
Apples, sraaa. baScae)
pm.ii, t ie..........x
Beans ba. I SO
Boclnrbeat, a ba To
Cblakras drsasaa, V lb.. .a
Clover seed, ba 4 on
Calf Sklna, lb 71
peae a Skins.
back. itmaa.Z, a lb..
Dairy. O tm I
CreaaMTV.a lb...
Faalbsrs, a lb .......
!, Asbtoe, e lb S
SalcCumsaoB. kbl.. I u
Salt, Solar. bbl OO
Sbeap FCtta. lb .SaO)l 00
Terser si rmn. a lb
....la.tlnvjihr aaa
...7olWol,Sf lb...
nraar . a no
Grain, Flour "and Feed."
- sau.ni.
sxorrB- -
Bran, a ewt TO, P ton ia OO
Com, se.Ua. ba SO
Cora fat are be SO
BaaC WMte. a sack .1 SS
Bast and, a sack... 1 So
So. a f sack 1 on
Graham, a ewt. S ool
uata, v an... ...... .aa
Clover sea. be 4 OO
TUnatny seed. b...l 33
Backwaeat Floor X sol
-" PATrjra
Boica steal. ewt ...I vol
Meal, ewt... .....! Ori
Cora, ataeUetL ba 4S
Corn, ta ear. be j0
Qata,ba .. ...
Wliest, B ba M0
Clover seed, ba S so
ttmothvsesd Bba-.OO
ceoa wewt ...1 no
M IddUafs, ewt I Of)
Sborta, ewt-. 8ft
OU atasl B ewt.. 1 SO
That Fresh Oysters are now for sale at
J. P. Eidt's Bakery, and when yon are
In town and want an Oyster Stow, got
ten up in fine style, don't forget me. I
will give you the "Boss" Stew every
time. :v ' ; " '; '
Or if yoa want a cold lunch,, cup of
coffee or tea, I can satisfy you on that.
Fresh Bread and warm Biscuit every
day. : -
When you want good Crackers we
have them. I keep Crawford St Zeller's
Best Extra. Farina Crackers,' .besides
Lemon, Soda, Graham, Butter, Cream,
Oatmeal, Boston Butter, and Brack
nells; I am sura we can suit you in the
Cracker line. 1 .' .
Smokers should remember I sell good
Cigars. Those who have amoked the
"Bull Head" know what It Is. I tell It
and other brands as good. '
Candles. I take the lead in all klnda.
Good mixed Candy for 20 eta. a pound.
Stick Candy the same. Fine Candy bat
little more. Now don't yoa forget me,
just north of Rlningers store.
B.D. Palmer, D.D.S.
Successor to Dr. J. J. S ted man.
Especial attention given to the ,'
Prooorvtvtioxx, of t3io
XTatural Tobttrt' .
By filling sad cleaning.
Inserted npoa all the various bases "
known to the professioa. " ..
Aronnd Tbe World.
A complete record of tbe Journey ot C 8.
GBANT, through England, Ireland, Bcot
laad, Trance, Bpata, Germany, Austria,
Italy, Belgium, BwiUerland, Russia, Ivpt,
India, China, aad Japan, with a graphic de
scripUoa of the places visited, manners sad
customs of the conn tries. Interesting inci
dent, enthusiastic ovations by Xmperors,
Kings, and tbe people' of all climes. Sure
to all who take hold; "wUl positively outsell
all books. - ' .;
Agents Wanted u this, the
cheapest, the best, and the only authentic
low-priced book on the subject , 800 pages.
Price as 85. ;
188 West Firth Bt, ; . .; Cincinnati, O.
60-61.- . ... ,
Stoves,; Stoves,
LADIES asd GENTLEMEN are invited
to call and examine the best line of ;; .
that , was ever brought late market, aad we
will convince . yoa that we are selling'
STOVES as low as any other plane ou the
Western Reserve. We have a new. Cooking
stove, manufactured by the same company
that got up the old 8tewrt Store, which is
as mnch ahead of that as thst was ahead of
she old Clinton Air Tight. It haa been oa
the markftt about oae year, and its sale
have rapidly Increased, and aow it is claimed
by every ea t be the best and - asost con
venient stove made. So do aot bey any
other until yon have seen the TBATELEB.
Should you want a cheaper oae, 'we aaa
surely suit yoa, as we have aa endless vari
ety of that elass. Among them are the
Stewart Range, Dresden Kange, Norwood,
Barns, Spirit f '70, Napoleon, and maay
ethers. :..,,;..:.:-,
Milk Pans scdil k PaiU at Wholesale
or Retail, or any h u else you may waut
Ware line. He hav a few more ot those SO
aad 40 gallon Milk Cons, which we will
close out at Wholesale Price, so do aot de
lay until they are all &ona. ( .
We keep a full assortment, of Cultiva
tors, Plows, Horse Rakes, Forks, 8cvthes
and Snaths, Shovels, Spade Ae. '
A fine line of PorceUia lined and plain
Wood Pomps, and the various style of
Iron Pitcher Pumps.
" Are offered oa our V '
Five And Ten Cent
The number snd variety of really useful
articles that can ba pure baaed, is as toning
Call aad look it aver, aadTwhea yea want to
buy you will not forget it. ....... i
Tin nVwfing, Eivesf Dullng, or any , other
kind of repair work i-t ,-
We would sav that ' we kern first Class
Workmen. Ia regard to prioea, w will
guarantee price to b aa low as the low.
Yours Bespectfolly, -.
46-tf , P. T. SMITH.
7 . Tor" Bale or Bent. '
Boas and Lot oa Prospect Street. . la-
Birs of W . W. BaU. : . .' ' l-tt
Won't do. 'Toq meat eat healthy food
and drink healthy drinks.. , Come to
Bowlby & Hall's and buy the "Old Re-
lmble-H.- A- M. Oysters, -the best
Crackers In. town and some fresh roast
ed Coffee, and If you don't grow Jat you
can depend upon the' enjoyment of a
clear conscience for having doue your
duty.'-: ;. ; :C---;.-u :
Our . brands of Oysters are known ;
they .'need no recommendations.' We
ship direct from Baltimore and they
will always be In the best possible con
dition. -:" . -
We have a larger variety of Teas than
aver before, and to persons who have
become disgusted . to tbe lust degree
with shoddy tea, at low prices, we can
ssy, call at tbe reliable Grocery Store,
and you can buy Tea that Is perfection.
We have the beat stock of Flower
Pots and Hanging Baskets that was
ever In Wellington.
H,;Ba HaTnliTi,
HecdTtarters Fop - '
Flour, Feed,
Has on sale a new Brand of Flour of
absolutely- the best quality In town, at
the aame price you pay for - inferior
klnda. Try it, and cut rid of that bane
of the family, bad bread. , . . .. -,
Farmer having grain1 should re
member that this Is the place to get the
htirheat market price for it in cash.
They should also remember ;hat In or
der to continue to raise good crops they
must apply fertilisers to their lands..
have been proved to be the most pow
erful, beat aad cheapest fertiliser in the
market. . Made oy experienced ana re
liable manufacturers, prepared aa
plant food by the best known process,
it Is the. standard fertilizer j causing
Immediate snd lasting fertility, and is
perfectly adapted to all - crops. Call
and get circulars. -- -
Warehouse South of Ry., Depot,
lu-33-tr - Wellington, Ohio.
BargrainaX . Bargaine!
Call and examine my stock and pri
ces before purchasing elsewhere. There
is no stock to compare with It, either In
extent or variety. ; - "
Trimmed Bonnets and Hats, at $1.00,
$1.60, $3.00, $3.50 and up.
Leghorn Hats, at 60c 75c $1.26, and
$1.60.: -
Imitation Leghorn, at ,35c SC 60c
and 75c.
Children's Hats, from 12, cents to $1.
A great variety of Ribbons and Flow
ers, very cheap. , .
Bargains in SUks and Satins, at 30o
50c 76c $1.00 11.36 $1.60 and $3.00 per
yard. '." .
' New Fancy Goods. , Laces at very
low prices. ..The Finest line of Em
broidery ever offered in Wellington, a '
Bargains in Hosiery and Corsets. .--Do
not forget to call. '-J -
Buckeye ; Sf o wer and Reaper,
; ,TigerSnlky Rake.
Thomas Sulky Rake.;
Aultman & Taylor Threshing
'., ' . Machines.
' ". Superior Grain Drill.
. . Dnnkirk Cultivator.
Bone meal ' and Phosphate
standard Fertilizers. Look
through my stock before pur
chacing.: ' :-: r ' -
.,. ; . Wm. Morrow, Agt,
34-3m. V". Wellington, . O.
A WSTKK n toot owe town, and
no capital risked. Yoa can aire
the boAlntas atrial without ex
pense. Toe Beat opponanltv ever
offered tn tboae wlllla to work.
Ton snoaM xry now una cue aauj
vou see f.r voarseir wna roe ea
doatthebaslBeasweaffer. No room to explale sere.
Yoa eaa devote all roar time or only your spare tiraa
to tae bastaeaa. and soaks areas par 'or every hoar
that yoa work. Womea make as ranch aa men. Send
fr special private terass aad partlealara. which wa
tan free. S Oatnt free. Don't complain of hard
times when yoa have even a chance. Address H.
HAUJOTeca.fWlaad.ltsine. ST-ly
Notice Qentlemezi!
Having fitted up the Rooms
formally occupied by A. M.
FITCH, for the exclusive
" sale of ' :
I shall keep the best stock of Tobaccos aad
Cigar la towa, aad ean iraaraatee. If jou
will favor m with a can, the best
la town. . Also a choice Ilea ot Chewing aad
SaieklBg Tobaccos.
I eaat be beat for Quality or Price.
.1 shall keep nothing; bat the best of Goods,
at the very Lowest Price. . ' .r.
, Hoping that you. will call aadeoavtaee
yourselves, that the place to boy Tobacco
aad Cigars Is where they make a business of
that, and that only, .
I await yoar favors, .
tt-bV ; '.V ' . A. F. BIlfOCK.
- . r
..1? r. -i
- Is found at the waierooms of
Wolllaactoio, 6.:--
Great; additions have been made to
tbe stock to meet the demands of the .
trade. The purchaser will And a match
less variety of splendid low-priced
goods as well as the costly. ; The publlo
can see at their showrooms very fine
Which they offer at, very Low Prices. .
TTiideiltwldiig' Z)ep3itcient
We are prepared to furnish everything
In the Coffin and Casket line. Shrouds
of all kinds kept on band. Having had
many year- experience la this business
wa guarantee to keep in good condition
all bodies put In our charira for anr
length of time desired, without change
or decomposition.
Triumph Force Feed Grain and Fer
tilizer Drill. Without chan ire of gear
wheels. In the TRIUMPH we ac
complish all can be done by any other :
Drill, with all their combinations of
gear wheels, and that, too, without
any change of gearing There -is no
neea or cnangtng pecks or hair pecks
at a time In the Triumph; it can be
regulated to quarts and pints, and will
sow any kind and quantity of seed per
acre irom one-half bushel of flax seed
to three bushels or oats, and will sow
beans and corn in any desired quantity.
- . DRILL. , ..- i -This
Drill has been for manv years
before the public, and its high reputa
tion has been bo fully established that
for thousands of our reader an extend--ed
description is not necessary; but to
our many friends who have examined
it only cassuauy, and others who may
wish to buy and have no knowledge of
it, I will show with pleasure. . . .
Eight good reasons why every Far
mer should use the Homestead brand
of Super-Phosphate: ' -
Because it gives the crop a quick and
vigorous start. It matures the crop
from 10 to 15 daya earlier than any otb- .
er manure, thereby, in many cases sav
ing the entire crop rrom early frost.' It
will Increase your crop from 60 to 100
per cent. It adds a permanent value to
your soil. - Ton cannot keep up - the
fertility of your soil unless you re
store to it what you take away by con
stant crohplng. . It-will always prove .
what it Is recommended to be, genuine
Bone Phosphate. None sent to mar
ket till analysed and known to be up
to the required standard. It la reduced
to a fine, dry powder, which can be
sown with a drill, thereby Insuring a
great economy In Its use on grain
crops. . . - --; . - j- -v -. . . . . : .
j. n
Domestic Sewing Uacihne
Tb aewUNDERBRATDKK. which is the
best aad only thins; of the kind ever need, I
aow a part of the machine, and, with tb
new Belf-Tbreadiiis; Shuttle, SeU-AdJusdna;
Needle, new Take-up, Combination Wheel
and other improvements makes It the best
unaer-reea Bearing , atacnine maue. a am
also ajrent for the - . . r-
Davis Vertical Feed ;"' ."
The New Home
Sewing Machines, each of which haa adraa-
tages peculiar to uaeu, whioa reeotaateao
tkem lor a variety of oae aad avake them
second to none in the market. - -
Parties desiring machines will find it to
their advantage to give me a call. AU ma
chines warranted. All. kinds of Sewing
Machine Needles and aim a fine quality of
Sewing Machi Oil kept for sal.
8, P. HASTINGS, Ag't
Office ia Benedict' Block, Wellington, O
Jaa. leth lrr.
To buy your SHISTS of
PraiUea Bhlrt Vikar UanaS-M O
N.'T. Knia or WamsuUa, 8200 linen, S34J0O i
. sow IO.UU
As good as any eastern shirt, ' -. 13.00 "
Aiv artlrla fnr - .. . - . - - . r m
I do my owa cutting and caa furnish a
better fltttrg and better shirt thaa yoa eaa
get elsewhere. Measure taken by
. . . ... . I.& LIiCH.lnsL "
At Harvey's. , . Wellington, o. ,
F. 8. A alee line of Imported shirtings.
Snranier Arrangements.
.-C- , f ' " waawanwawaa ' -.
; 5 For church nnd benevolent
objects I will make reasonable
-i a t
Please do not forget tint I keep a fall sup
ply of Groceries and Provisions, together
with Fruits and Confectionary, Tobaeeo aad
Cigar, Luach aad Hot Tea and Coffee at all
hours, and no pains spared to Beaomarsdata
all who call. . . - , . ; .
xnaaanu tor pan lavors X TCsaaia year
humble servant, -- ':
v r -;t B. J. BOBlNSOlf

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