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t (Enterprise.
Thnrsday.Xor. 13, 187.
From all quarters cornea the announce
ment of the rise in real estate. The pri
ce of Vacant lota are especially good, a
houses can be boilt cheaper and better
and more modern than can be bought
already built. Eastern cities first no
ticed the reTiTsl in real estate. A welt
posted agent asserts that the morement
in lots for bonding purposes about
Akron shows that within a few months
prices hare gradually tended apward
until they are now within 80 per cent, of
what they were in flash times before the
Mr. Arthur SulliTan and sir. Win. 8.
Gilbert, one the composer of the music,
the other the author of the amusing
operetta 'H. M. 8. Pinafore," have ar
rived In New York, and are already fa
vorites in literary and social circles.
Both acknowledge their great surprise at
the unprecedented popularity of "Pina
fore," it having had a longer run on the
boards of Great Britain than that of an j
other native author. Gilbert says, "It is
rather hard when one has done for years
serious work, to have a frothy trifle like
this exceed all his other success," while
BuQlvan's oratorios and classical compo
sition a to which he gave his best work,
Is overshadowed by the popularity of
Pinafore, some of whose merriest melo
dies he composed under the pain of seri
ous Dlnest. They expect to stay about
three months in New York, and then vis
it other cities. Gilbert is going to see
Viet his plays, "Trial by Jury," the "So
oner."" "Pinafore," and a new one not
yet named,' are put . upon the atage ac
cording to the original intention, while
Balllvan wQl conduct some of hia erato
rios'ln Boston and elsewhere.
i The Woman's Board of Missions for
the interior wjth delegations from all the
states between the Ohio Itiver and the
Rocky Mountains, met st Oberlin last
week. . Mrs. Moses Smith of Chicago,
presided. Mrs. Keep of Oberlin, made
the address of welcome, to which the
President responded, fl8.467.25 were
the receipts of the year. ' Work for the
King's Young Daughters," was the title
of a discussion. Mrs. Prof. Mead repre
sented the interests of the paper, "life
and Light." Rev. Dr. Locke, a returned
missionary who is soon to go back to
Bulgaria, spoke Wednesday evening, up
on that country and its people. Miss
Patrick of Constantinople, described the
work in Asiatic Turkey, and was fol
lowed by Miss Evans of the Painesville
Seminary, on "The Dignity, Power and
Assured Success of our Work."
Thursday, Mrs. Eddy, of Detroit,
spoke about mission work in Sabbath
schools; Mrs. Scott, of Cleveland, a
former missionary, had obtained very
efficient help by corresponding directly
with the Sabbath schools, a wonderful
Interest being awakened among the
children thus appealed to. The repoit
of committee on officers was read and
adopted. A resolution was passed
urging every member of the Congrega
tional church to subscribe for "Life and
Light." A well written paper by Mrs.
Frispie, of Iowa: "What the Spirit
saith unto the Churches" waa read by
Mrs- Purrington, of Chicago. Mrs. Dr.
Locke and Miss Patrick, gave vivid de
scriptions of their work in foreign
lands. Chicago was chosen as place of
next meeting. A musical rehearsal by
the Oberlin Conservatory, at the close of
the afternoon, and a reception and col
lation in the evening were delightful
features of this very profitable and en
tertaining convention of Christian ladies.
Capt. George I. Couch, I. F., Seo.
Republican Club, and bin Allies.
Now, Mr. Editor, hsd it not been for your
kind, courteous suggestion, that your col
umns would be at my service, I should not
for a moment thought of farther noticing
campaign alaac, especially so long after
election. 1 think It entirely oat of place
and a useless waste of time. My opponents
better far rest their over-heated brains, cool
their baser passions, preparing for the fa
tan. If y time and self-respect alone forbids
my aoUcins; most of their bllllngs-gate
twaddle, as It is without point or merit. As
every Intelligent reader or hearer esn well
jadce by the language used, whether hones
ty of purpose, fairness of dealing is what
they desire. Gentlemen nse only gentleman
ly language In speaking or wilting, therefore
I need not respond to such.
Any and all attacks made on me by bank
rupts who fail for hundreds of thousands,
whose assetts are 0,000,000 and still live in
affluence, paying not one cent to widows or
orphans, or others, or blackguards, licen
tious bummers or'erem Sabbath school
teachers, who pray well, but forget the com
mandment, "Bear not false witness against
thy neighbor, are like the morning daw
that vanishes quickly when the -sunlight of
truth appears, as It has sad now does In the
7rlnk matter, though Hucklns and Wean
went so far and tried so hard to obtain some
statement damaging to me, and that would
comfort them and their allies and compan
ion, Capt G. L. C, L. r. Now why didn't
you report correctly if at all? Why didn't
you tell ns ICr. Frlnk did net deny one word
I here said and will not; that he did tell you
he took circulars the day be was here? That
he did want them printed sad circulated if
true, sad he believed they were true; and
when you hsd written something unbeknown
to him, and asked him to endorse It, he told
you It was too much. In other words not
true, sad then forbid you publishing any
thing ss coming from him, ss his brief bat
pointed note will attest. Ia that fair, honor
able. Christian work that will tend to build
up churches sad Christianity, elevate socie
ty, inspiring confidence in church members?
Let your own consciences answer, for you
know ss well ss I what he told you, and how
much you garbled it before giving it to the
reader. Many other things he may have
told -you not very comforting; bat why
dldnt vou father the interview and not make
your Captain the scape goat?. We condemn
the highwayman that robs us of our proper
ty, but what shall we say of professed Chris
tians who attempt to rob us of that priceless
Jewel, character, by misrepresentations or
garbled reports to gratify political hate? A
scrap or two of history of this anxious Cap
tain. Some years since his father's shop
was burned, but by almost superhuman ef
forts of our citissn, the horse barn and sev
eral piles of lumber were saved. Tired and
exhausted, as most of us were, before the
fire wss under control, I still being CeUrous
of saving everything I could, took a pail
of water, stepped amid the burning debris,
threw It on some burning property. The hot
steam and smoke so suffocated me that I
only emerged therefrom faint and falling.
This Captain helped to assist me to the
house where his good mother kindly gave me
some whisky. A short time after that 1 met
this young man on a train for Cleveland,
with sad face and sorrowful word, recounted
their misfortunes. I took from my pocket s
draft for one hundred dollars, gave it to
aim. A few months after this the memora
ble election took place, when I was ran as
temperance candidate for mayor, and which
has seemed to trouble a few vary much even
until now.
At that time this Captain reported to some
of the ladies, who were urging my election,
that he had seen me drink recently end since
signing the pledge, bnt the unprincipled,
wbat shall I call him, did not tell them it
was at a time, and the only one, when I
nearly lost my life to help save his property,
and from the effects of that night's work dll
not recover for many months. lie talks of
midnight robbers. However bad they may be
when viewed la comparison with a man who
under such circumstance, would wilfully and
knowingly misrepresent to rob of character.
1 know of no language now In nse that I
think could do sufficient justice to such a
one; and I would greatly prefer the robber
to hsve my money too. I sm Informed by a
prominent member of the Republican Club
that its President signed his official signa
ture to an article leaving the reader to Infer
and believe that It waa an official document,
sanctioned by the Club in its representative
capacity. But what are the facets? Was it
true that the Club ever endorsed or gave It
official sanction In any manner? J I am told
not hut that many condemned it. Now with
this expose of parties that feel so badly and
their fairness of dealing, charging me with
short comings of doty. Judge you all of how
much real truth there is to combat, when
viewing them In their true light, instead of
despising them my contempt sinks Into pity,
my anger melts Into sorrow for their deprav
ity. But these same unhappy fellows, about
half of shaker's dosen, were going to here a
"mark" put on me, not a complimentary one
either, bat It seems they were mistaken. I
got the complimentary one. My opponent
the other, or the one they referred to, as it
seems that hundreds of honest Republicans
saw It and governed themselves according
ly, giving me some of their votes, so that i
ran much ahead of my ticket, scratching my
opponent's name so that he Is hundreds be
hind his. Notwithstanding the vast amount
of personal work done, the money Influence,
the solemn edict, thst woe be unto any man
that dare scratch a ticket this TalL The
United States senatorship club, wielded by
the most eloquent and master-spirits of the
party, almost without numbers snd at every
cross roads, begging and pleading that in
Sherman's or Uarne'd's pocket he might be
safely landed In the Senate chamber of Ohio,
without which, aay Republicans, defeat
would have been Inevitable. Tea, this last
verdict of the people is entirely satisfactory.
Bead Mr. Frink's note, and I think you wiU
also he satisfied as to where truth rests.
Adieu, D. L. W.
November 1, 1879.
My attention being called to an article In
EnTsnrarsn regarding an Interview about
Mr. Wads worth. Would say that it Is not
fully and correctly reported. Two gentle
men called on me and deaired a statement
for publication, which I positively refused
to make. P. W. Tank.
The gentlemen who interviewed Mr.
Frlnk did not claim to us thst he con
sented to make a statement. He did
refuse to do to, but the conversation
reported was written and read in- bis
bearing, and the things stated are as
he gave them In that Interview ; so his
denial now, msy be regarded as tech
nical rather than material. The mate
rial fact is that he did not ask it to be
published In the Republican paper of
Ashland. Ed. ' . !
November 11. 1879.
Since my last, death has been visiting
our place. Herbert, second son of Mr.
Msrk Whitney, died of typhoid fever,
sged 20 years. Ten years .ago hia eldest
sister died like himself, after a very short
Last week Mr. Augnstlne Whitney had
16 sheep out of a flock of SO, badly bit
ten by dogs; some hsd to be killed.
Same day.Mr. T. A. Waite had 18 bitten,
so that quite a number had to be killed.
It is supposed that the same d"g did the
damages in both cases. When will
there he a correct understanding on this
subject? A dog has no more rights than
a sheep or any other live stock. Sheep
keepers should keep their guns in good
running order and not be afraid to use
them on occasions, which would be at
any strange (or not strange) dog running
at large, committing a trespass.
Mr. Charles Stone has moved into his
new residence, and is now getting on a
coat of paint. M.
November 7, 1876V
Nearly four inches of snow fell, Sun
day and Monday.
. While in New London, an accident
happened to Mrs. Joseph Oakley of this
place, which might have proved serious.
While driving near the railroad, the
horse became frightened at the cars and
became so unmanagable that the gentle
man who was with her jumped out and
took the horse by the bits, but with all
bis endeavors the horse overturned the
carriage, bruising Mrs. Oakley very
badly. The cover of the carriage was
literally demolished.
Mr. Cavin, an oid resident of Spencer,
is very sick. Dr. E. E. Brittain is the
attending physician.
The Wooster District Conference held
In this plsce, November 4th and 6tb,
passed off very pleasantly. The attend
ance of ministers was not as large as ex
pected. Tuesday evening, at 1 p. m..
Rev. L H. McConnell delivered a sermon
full of power and truth. The following
Wedneeday evening at 7 p. m.. Rev. C.
H. Stocking preached an eloquent dis
course. After his sermon quite an in
teresting discussion wss carried on re
garding the best method of conducting
revival services. It was very interest
ing to note the difference of belief held
by the Reverend brothers in regard to
the question under discussion.
The Spencerian nimrods have returned.
Sachem Murray and Chief Isaac have
sought the wigwam and sadly lain all
their hunting paraphenalla away and
now smoke the pipe of peace.
Slt Johtt.
November 3, 1879.
Winter has at last set in, with a good
fall of snow.
Court of Common Pleas convened last
Monday, and is progressing finely, with
Judge Ttbbals of Akron, on the bench.
The criminals were brought into court
this morning to plead. There were sev
en in all, .and a seedy looking crowd too.
Sheriff Corning patronised the clothing
stores, ere he brought them before his
honor, In order to make them presenta
ble. The following indictments were
returned by the grand iury: John Lr-
comb, four separate indictments for
forgery; Daniel Uackett, George Tnomp
son, James Comford, John Furrell and
John Brady, burglary; George Jones,
grand larceny; William Hall," shooting
with intent to wouud and kill; H. Saw
yer, larceny and assault and battery;
Butler Durham, resisting an officer and
maliciously destroying property; Thomas
Campbell, cruelty to animals; Wm. Gro
ger, larceny: Michael Brannon, Joseph
Barnes, John Welsh, and Heman Field,
arsanlt and battery; Mary Wlnp and
Sophia Shults, larceny. The court Is
held in the Good Templars Hall, which
answers the purpose very well. At the
trial of Falkner, the Avon murderer,
which will take place in- about three
weeks, the court will probably adjourn
to the Opera House, for more room.
- It Is a great mystery to most people
how Mr. Sutlifl came to meet with his
untimely death, which occurred last
week. The view of the track was not
obstructed, and there was no other train
near to attract his attention. As he wss
an old citizen and had crossed at that
same place for years, and knew well the
situation, it is supposed that his horses
became frightened and run on to the
track before he could stop them.
Horace Collier, who tried to best the
express across the road the next night,
la doing well, yet he is a buggy and one
horse short. A. W. N.
LaGxjlkqk, Nov. S, 1870.
A most enjoyable social event took
place at the residence of Mr. Calvin En
sign, in Penfield. on Friday, Oct. 24th.
It was Intended as a surprise to Mr. En
sign to celebrate his birthday, and it waa
Indeed, a surprise. He waa absent in
the morning and on his return found rel
atives and friends had taken possession
of his castle to the number of 87, all
prepared to make it an occasion to be
treasured up in the memory.
The guests were in high spirits, jubi
lant in the anticipation of how their
friend would feel on his return. At
about 10 o'clock be came, and his amaze
ment waa great. At first he could not
solve the puzzling enigmas why so many
of his friends should come on one dsy,
but at last the truth' dswned upon him
that this was the 39th annlverssry of his
advent into the world, and a pleased and
happy man was he to realize' that he
should be thus remembered.
Mrs. Ensign hsd been notified of the
Intentions of the friends, (it seems she
was a woman who could keep a secret)
and was prepared to treat the guests to
a bountiful and delicious dinner, which
was enjoyed by all, though not more en
joyable than what followed. After din
ner, his cousin, Mrs. Amy Stewart, in a
few well chosen words, presented him
with a nest and beautiful writing desk,
the joint gift of a number of his rela
tives. This was another surprise. So
great that he could give no expression to
his feelings for a few moments. He
soon recovered his mental equanimity,
however, and ez pressed his hearty thanks
to his friends for their kindness and
It was rc-gretted by all that Dr. Sny
der and wife were unable to be present,
an account of his recent illness.
L. M. N.
Court Proceedings.
Report of proceeding In the Court of
Common Plea, for week ending Nov.
1,1879. Judge N. D. Tibbals, presid
ing. Fitzgerald vs Bradley. Continued
on motion of and at costs oi defendant.
Baldwin A Howard vs Bridge. Set
tled at plaintiffs costs. No record.
L. S. M. S. Ry. Co., vs Brown.
Continued on motion of and at costs of
Reding ton vs Brarnan, Horr A War
ner. Verdict for defendmts. -
Penfield .vs Penfield. Dismissed at
plaintiff's costs, without prejudice. No
record. -
Burns vs Underbill. Verdict for
Dial c tiff as to right of possession and
damages, $1.
Howe vs Nesbctt, et al. Four cases
to contest will. Dismissed for want of
First Nstional Bank, Elyris, ts Miis
sey, et al. Dismissed. Each party to
pay bis own costs.
Aiken vs Fuller, et al. Death of
plaintiff suggested. Administrator
made party. Chaa. Herman leave to
answer and continued.
Gawn vs Lllders, et al. Settled at
defendants costs. No record.
Bart vs Bingham. Appeal dismissed
Fitch vs nenry, et al. Settled and
cos's paid.
First National Bank, Elyria vs Bron
son, ct al. Order of ssle stsyed one
year. Decree on Cross. Petition of J.
C. Hale.
Branson rs First National Bank, Ely
ria. Dismissed at plaiutifTH costs. No
Lippert vs Morey, et al. Settled and
costs paid. No record.
Johnson, administrator, vs Moran A
Gillin. Settled and cost paid. No
Smith vs Shaughnesy and wife. Da
fault. Decree aud order of sale.
King vs Porter. Default. Judg
ment for plaintiff, $224.78.
Beatty & Fitsslmmons vi Porter.
Default, Judgment for plaintiffs,
Cross vs Cleveland Screw and Tap
company. Default, Judgment for
plaintiff. 180.60.
Beckwlth vs Heath and wife. Dis
misse l and costs paid. No record.
Boy nton vs Cutler. Dormant. Judg
ment revived.
Norton vs LockwooJ. Settled at de
fendant's costs. No record.
Humphrey v L. S. & M. S. Ry. Co.
Settled and costs paid. No record.
In the matter of L. D. Grltwold and
others to incumber church property.
Decree. Permitting Incumbrance to
be made.
Johnson vs Worcester, et al. Default.
Judgment tor plaintiff, $375.
The light Is rippling on the stream.
And all Its sands are shining;
Tis silver in its surface gleam,
And silver In Its lining;
And as I lounge upon the bank.
My foolish heart keeps wishing;
While nephew Chubb has waded In,
With both hands set for Ashing.
-Oh. foolish child!" I sagely cry:
"What would you If you gain them;
They're much too small to make a fry;
Ton scarcely would retain them.
He quickly abut his chubby palm.
With shouts of boyish laughter;
"There's nothing half so brave," he cries.
As Getting what you'r after."
TOSsrjooATearorSS to
SS a day la your owa lo
caltf. -No risk. Wontra
So as wll aa na Many
lukt enure Uiaa amount
stated abort). No one raa fall to make mon-y fait.
Amy aneai do the work Toucaa make from ally
ecau to two dollar aa hour by devoting your eYe
alas mad .pare itrac u Uil, iiuelares. It euete audi
lastotryt'M bo lueee. Nothlna- tike It I f aiouer
wkloc ever uffenxl before. Ba-laree pleasant aad
Krletly bonorab . Rradt r. if yoa want to know ail
about tha beat paying bualttea. b nor the public ae..d
your addreaa aa-i wa will arad yoa full particulars
aad private taimafrea; earn pita worth SI alao frea
yua can tna make up your mind for yooraell. Ad;
areas tiKOBat briJiSOM CO.. PurUaad. M.tne.
Celebrated American
THE countenance is pale and leaden
colored, with occasional flushes, or
a circumscribed spot on one or both
cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pu
pils dilate; an azure semicircle runs
along the lower eye-lid ; the nose is ir
ritated, swells, and sometimes bleeds ;
a swelling of the upper lip ; occasional
headache, with humming or throbbing
of the ears; an unusual secretion of
saliva-, slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning ;
appetite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a gnawing sensation of the stom
ach, at others, entirely gone; fleeting
pains in the stomach; occasional
nausea and vomiting; violent pains
throughout the abdomen; bowels ir
regular, at times costive; stools slimy;
not unfrequently tinged with blood;
belly swollen and hard; urine turbid;
respiration occasionally difficult, and
accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dry and convulsive ; uneasy
and disturbed sleep, with grinding of
the teeth ; temper variable, but gener
ally irritable, &c
Whenever the above symptoms
are found to exist,
will certainly effect a cure.
in any form ; it is an innocent prepara
tion, not capable of doing the slightest
injury to the most tender infant.
The genuine Dr. McILake's Ver
uiFUCE bears the signatures of C Mc
Lane and Fleming Bros, on the
wrapper. :o:
are not recommended as a remedy " for all
the ills that flesh is heir to," but in affections
of the liver, and in all Itilioui Complaints,
Dyspepsia and Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used preparatory
to, or af;cr taking Quinine.
As a simple purgative they are nnequalcd.
The genuine are never sugar coated.
Kach box has a red waa seal on the lid with
the impression Da. McI.ane's Lives. Pills.
La:h wrapper bears the signatures of C
MoI-ane and Fleming Bros.
Insist upon having the genuine Dr. C. Mc
Lank's I.ivkr P11.1.S. prepared by Fleming
Bros., of Pittsburgh. I'a., the market being
full of imitations of the name JHeLetH e,
spelled differently but same pronunciation.
Cherry Pectoral
For Diseases of tha
Throat and Things,
such aa Coughs,
Colds. Whooping
Cough, Bronchitis,
Aithnu, and Con
aT sumption.
The reputation It has attained, in
consequence of the marvellous cures it
has' produced during the last half cen
tury. Is a sufficient assurance to the
public that It will continue to realizo
the happiest results that can be desired.
In almost every section of country
there are persons, publicly known, who
have been restored from alarming and
even desperate diseases of the lungs,
by Its use. All who have tried it ac
knowledge its superiority ; and where
its virtues are known, no one hesitates
as to what medicine to employ to re
lieve the distress and suffering peculiar
to pulmonary affections. Cubrky Pec
toral always affords Instant relief, and
performs rapid cures of the wilder va
rieties of bronchial disorder, as well as
the more formidable diseases of the
As a safeguard to children, amid
the distressing diseases which beset
the Throat and Chest of Childhood, it
is Invaluable; for, by its timely use,
multitudes are rescued and restored to
This medicine gains friends at
every trial, as the cures It Is constantly
producing are too remarkable to be
forgotten. No family should be with
out it, and those who havo once used
it never will.
Eminent Physicians throughout the
country prescribe It, and Clergymen
often recommend it from their kuewl
edgo of Its effects.
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mats.,
1 Aaaal-rtieaJ ChaamtstS.
SOLD ST AU. BBuoaisrs svurriiui.
This marvelous preparation has cured hun
dreds ol the most diatreaalng caaeaof i'uronlc
Hheumatism and Neuralgia, even when all
other remedies have tailed. It is last becom
ing the
Acknowledged Antidote
for these diaraara. and can be relied upon by
euffurera to relieve Uiem ot their paius ana
cnect a permanent cure.
Do Not Give Up
yonr esse as hopeless and settle down to the
conviction that no medicine will help yon.
all we ask Is a fair trial of the Ccbativb. and
that you bear In mind that the nature of tbeas
dueaara require pcraialent and faithful appli
cation to iniure a pcrfwt cure. In every mm
inanity where the CrasTiva has been plarrd
will be found many witneaace who will testify
to what it has done fur them.
Diphtheria, Sore Throat, Burns, Scalds,
Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, Cuts, Chil
blains, Inflammation, Headache, Tooth
aohe, Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach,
can pnaltivcly he rnrrd by the free nae of the
URaTivit. Ireud to ua fur luoimouiala If you
have any doubu.
eld by all Draggitta.
Pries tl.OO per Bottle, 6 for 95.00.
aacMUHo av
Lrwion Chemical Co., Cleveland, 0.
A 1 1 a.
To People
The Announcement That
Cincinnati Weekly
A Large 8 page, 48-column Newspaper, NOT
AND SELECT READING, wlU be furnished
One Year and Three
Months For
TThls offer stands good until January 1,
1880, and subscriptions to date from the
time of their reception at this office, and
continue for one year and three months.
each subscription to the Cincinnati Dollar
Weeely Commercial, taken at the rate
named above, we allow a cash commission
of TEN PER CENT, to the Postmaster,
Deputy Postmaster, or club organizer secu
ring and forwarding the same. One or
more names may be sent at a time, as may
be convenient, and Clubs may be made up
ot name for different Post-offices. Remit
tances must In all cases be for the net
amount due, the proper commission being
retained by the forwarder. A largo club of
this remarkably low-priced paper Is thus
proAtable to the one who ects it up.
Specimen copies sent free to any address,
and a critical examination Invited.
As many persons aro desirous of taking a
paper a short time on trial, that they may
have an opportunity of Judging of its mer
its, we meet that want and make tne offer to
send the weekly Commercial
This offer to remain open until January 1,
1830, and subscriptions to date from their re
ception at this office, and continue three
Ten per cent. Cash Commission to Club
Orsraniaer, or one free copy for each club of
ten, as Club Orgsnizer may prefer.
Proprietors Cincinnati Commercial,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
J. V. nOCQIITON Is Agent for the Cin
cinnati Daily and Weekly Commercial, at
Wellingt-ro, Ohio. 8ubscrlptU.ns left with
him will txcelve prompt attention. 7-4L
r tit ozavel rop'sn of
Ttaiy sra
Thai mim
No. L Viollaa nw tha JnlUon. with aoaapteta
outfit haw. rosin aad extra atriaa-a.,
,a a. v4.a for Anutaars, wita com-wta
oatAi bow, eaae, rualn. and sxtra
strines 1S.M
No. S. Violin for Artists with eotaplrre
nttlt bow, eaae, iwaia. aad extra
strings ..1.00 1 tS.SS
John P. grrattoa Co. "a BosaUa Cot Vlolia
St lnraara tha heat ta tha wotld. By pnrehaalni
thaa airings aad ao other, vaalrtaa will oitaia
a rallailr an lag whita caa always be dapeadrd on,
will roapuad iwllly one bow, and will eaUaai
ant vlolia atrtag made. A full assortment oi
ttlmw.tag and mualeai marrhandiaa Kayit m stse
r pr mrad on abort notice aad at lowrat prtoee.
W. HOUliHruJI.
Thry rectify torpidity of the Liver.
They aive tone to the Stomach.
They act. w luout erlplus. op -a tlie IktcU.
They remove b lc Iroui ilia bioud.
Thy purify. rrKUIatr, and lar c-ralc the boJy.
pectally ta foreltn counirkt an! the Tropin,
vha.a dlaurdcra or the Llrer and B.iarc an- vrry
-rcvalcut, abxold alws carry a buauf Mot. I'llla
iththam. Su-cus-ly.
(Beware of Counterfeits.)
The Most Powerful Healing
Agent of the Age.
Henry's Carbolic Salve cares the wont sores.
Henry's Carbolic Salve allays the pala.'of bums.
Henry! Carbolic Salvo cares all eropttona.
Henry's CarboUe 8al ra beaia plmplea aad btotcbea.
Henry's Carbolic Salvo will heal enta aad braises.
Physicians give It the highest recommend
ations. Henrys Carbolic Salve
Is need extensively In Hotrpltala, and Is found to be
sot only a thorough purifier and disinfectant, bnt
alao the moat wonderful and speedy hesllas remedy
Ask for HEXBVa. and
I-l'Kirr TIIR UFK CUIilltST.
a ii:icul.i-;hs itioircnv nm
SMrrufuia. M'toita-bwtfltlaga, Ctuicer. EnrslKl,
ttuviiic SorrtfK MmU bybl.U. Tunv-rm, CsJ
buiM-le tHsIt lA4tiiu, Mai 1 1.
.tfcU ALL 11 IXOtCATIJfO Alf
luruutc co.NDiTJoy ok iiik ulo d
CuUawWUat rrupil n up a tb fate ur UmI do not
t-ttsuMiiiy luJtcale the taint of Borofal; but, vbeth-
r the Uiadlo-. pt4sHM of 1 hat dins nuUady 1 .rj .at
the irkw ur not, c. rtain It la tUsU
Scovill's 2ilood and
ompicte.y cures such dls.irdera. If the vlrua of
.Mrufa a doca exist la the velna. Ur. malcbleas purl
er will root oat every vesua-e of It. Xo er.ipi.l-re
malady, be II acrofa oas orothe.-wiee, raa realat the
iMirirylus actio of thia eafa and potent rmdy,
bleb nradara the akin
When ordlna y maulclaea aitcrly fall to arrest the
procraas of acrofu.oas and other ei ujdlve disorders.
Uic p. raiateat ue of this tucomparabl depuraut aa
.urea tb dc.lrcd rvaull.
la a e m pound .f vejatabie cxtracta, the chief of
(he carra effected by
are abaoiuta. and their record Is aadlsflcured by
failure. Fur aale by all Druggist a. ao-aow-ly.
Baker's Pain Panacea,
For external aad internal nse.
The greatest Pala Believer of the axe.
so-so w-ty.
MONTH Gna-anteed.
a day at home a.ade by
nduatrloua Capital
quired; we win .tart
Men. vonm. bora.
make money taster at
for as than at aj.r-
tblnrelee. The work Is Halit and pleasant, and such
aa any one can an rla ( at. Those who ar wlaa who
are tbla notlc will aend na th tr addrraaea at once
and are fur themee vea. Cuetly On nt and terms free.
Now la the time. Thoae already at work are laytne
op large sums of money. Address TKUK A CO.,
aguata, Maine. aria.
" p,
J. vr. ixou-asToir,
offers a large variety of ffod. useful and orna
mental, including
of aU kinds.
Patent Medicines &
Boa pa for the toilet, and housekeeper.
Fancy Colonio Bottles, Fin
Colonies. Handkereli'f Ex
tracts, . an Tooth,
Free Gift
to all
With Hheumatiam, Paralysis, Neu
ralgia, Nervous and Sexual Debil
ity. General 111 Health, AVastin
Decay, Urinary Diseases, Spina!
Diseases, Dyspepsia, Eto., Eto., tc
whom will be sent my Bjok on M xii
cal Electricity, and Electro Galvanic
Belts, world renowned for tbeir suc
cess in saving many valuable lives, by
Carina; all Chronio Diseases. Send
Symptoms aad Stamp for Diagnosis t
Dr. O. W. FO&BES, 174 W Fourth
Street, Cincinnati O. 2-ly.
J. W. "Wilbur
A Large Stock OJ
Before The Recent
Advancs in Prices
He Intends to Sell at Gi'eatly
Reduced Jiatei
HomemTjer that a Dol
lav saved is better than a Doh
I.ir made.
Or any nthvr triad, jam ran SI saaamaaty with ajar
JToa JfaMiJsaaM ao that H will cut aaWSawlaaa
Mmwr. Tha t'.th will all raaala of aqua! isa aaa
ape. amar s-e aMa iwlat mr ssa la awv
rio'tha United tow. Illiutratrd riVcQlar ji aa
eaaaaifaxf je awa.-aj ffawaafaiaiaaal
laa. A Tare . MOT MM. at
B MMO., Jkewa SVa.
hirw aandrad. of lctten from
or Maekiaa wbs aaj Umt would not take S) for n.
Irl 4
" IS 5 h B
iwaaj aaJJ aaaa aJe
o rrag gjS a
OTP 2 2 2 oPd
J- SB 8 1 H H M
' m S
s: pp1-d
Xrloet Complete! Stools Of Goods 7or
Men and Boys
Ever Brought to
Cloths for the ustom Department unsurpassed "by any
Merchant Tailor in the Country, and MIETK. knows just how
to make them up.
We have Dress and Business Suits for Men ; Extra size
Suits for large Men ; Dress and Business Suits for Youths and
Boys ; Elegant School and Children's Suits.
Overcoats for Men, Overcoats for Boys. Shirts; Under
wear; Overalls; Knit Jackets; Ties; Collars; Hosiery; Trunks
and Satchels.
Come and examine our stock and satisfy yourselves that
we are selling more goods for the money, than you can get else-
wnere. trooas warranted.
Patent Medicines!
sETOTE. We desire to invite tSe
attention of all to our superior
facilities for selling in great vari
ety, excellent quality, and atfair
prices, Drugs, Medicines, Per
fumes, PaoePreparations, Station
ery, Violin Strings, Combs, Pockafc
Books, Trusses &o.
We invite your patronage, ;
.Manufacturing Druggists and Cnemists
RxiiaBkaklk Ksscira Follow. Pain ceases, swellings subside, fever states
and a natural and healthy state exists afrcr using thia great and wonderful prep
eration known ss Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. Thousands testify to the hsppiness re.
suiting from the use of this preparation. Why not procure a bottle at once. The
cost is trifling and the effect sure. One dose cures common sore throat. One
bottle has cured bronchitis. Fifty ceuts worth has cured an old standing cough.
It-poeitively cures catarrh, asthma and croup. Fifty cents worth has cured
crick In the back, and the same quantity lame back of eight years standing. The
following are extracU from a 'few of the many letters that have been received
from different parts, which, we think, should be sufficient to satisfy the most
A. Howser of North Lansing, N. Y., writes: "I had a severe cold for four
weeks, and was so hoarse that 1 could
I procured a bottle, which removed the hoarseness at once."
Thomas Robinson, Farnham Center, writes: "I have been afflicted with
rheumatism for tbe last ten years, and Wave tried many remedies; without an y
relief, until I tried "Dr. Thomas Eclectric Oil,'.' and since then hae had na
attack of it. I would recommend it.to all."
See what the Medical Faculty say : Dr. Beaudoin, Hull, P. Q., says, "I have
sold "Thomas! Eclectric Oil" for two
which has given more thorough satisfaction. I have used it in my own case, on
a brokenfleg and dislocated ankle, with the best results."
A. II. Gregg, Manufacturer of Mowing Machines, Trumansburg. V. T., says:
"My thumb was caught in a machine and badly injured, being away from home
for two days, was obliged to apply such remedies as I could get, but without re
lieving the pain, immediately on reaching home I applied the "Eclectric Oil,"
with almost instant relief. I have a large number of men employed, and your
Oil has established for itself such a reputation that nearly every one of them
keep it."
Sold by all medicine dealers. Price 50 cents and $1.00. Sold in Wellington by
Everett & Starr. Wholesale by Strong, Cobb & Co., Cleveland, O.
Prepared only by FOSTER, MILBURX & CO., Buffalo, N. T. Successors
to S. N. THOMAS, Phelps, N. Y.
Notx. Eclectric Selected and Electrized.
Superior Whiteness and Fine
ness, and absolutely purity
in our brand of Btrictly
and will pay THIRTY
DOLLARS for eveiy onnce of
Hudalteration found in ona
of our packages.
T. II. yitvix & CO.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Baldwin. IJiunJon & Co., rV-le
Agents, Wd lington, Ohio. Ss tr.
. wmM printed at this offio
I TlllS on short notice and oi
k3taVSV WaxaVaxr
Boost reasonable terms
Cire ns a eajl.
Lorain County.
not epeaK. Hearing oi your .cieccric uu
years, and I have never sold a medicine
BeatQnalltr. FerfttctTltUna-.
fi Oft Kepa Pr11y.Mavd) J)re
t O J Shirts, only plain seams to flnlih.
JBtXrTP CCSTOJat SHlkrg, - Oft
alula to measure aaaaaaeaa. O OtI
AaelegeataHaaMetetteatteearreawrUi mem Wlraaaa.
Uena address on poatal card for aamnlea 1
circulars a llh direction, tar avlf-racasnrcment.
uiHt nr KKcrrHUUa,180W.4th 6u cineinnatl.O
fiiuiil Affta.AlUM. a9inilMlu.fi r . .iv
Prima Heepilal, SOS I
S. Clarfc 9,,Caleaa. I
I A aew vara, prlee SO
ocaia by taail. Ifyiu.
Itoe at Hetere, rajeV
etacY ef MarriM. Or.
in. UJ uuMiBity. ail
rrlTaw. Caraale and
Female IXi rii
CaeraltaMea f r . a
rut. w .a.r..iav
hiaaeae. ef Teat aaS
Ladtaa aa C)eaue-
mod : a vealta ar
aaa valuable to
raSber feea,aea
rateable lafannatiaa I
bl reai.lf Plll. as
aUtio nrnvr tofor
MMlstttxL Na f-nilr
bsMflM Saa HUimm ia.
per box. Private,
aeaae aaS aarat far
Ledlee Settac
-12 STr
Addrvfm. Dr. A. O.
IX. 0 Cbmr Re

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