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TkondAj, Not. 13. 1879.
J. t7 H0U0HT05. M. H. HOUGHTOtf,
- " " ' . torroM.
C. C. C. & I. R Time-table.
Trains leave Wellington SUlion m fol
low :
KB U-Clm. la. sUsaaBB ill UtSL arSTA-M.
Mo. a . Loads CSBCinaati Xxpraaa,... :IOp.h.
Xa. B.-Hln aUBrasa, Btan...... .. fcSSP.K.
Kb. t-ClmlM iceomtata. :r.m.
Ml rratsbtm. ... :r7 M. ul :0 P. B.
Ho.. Xtcbt Kxpreea, eMail.............. S:Oa-M.
.. St LonlCtm.KxplUtl,... 1:1 P.a.
X. l-QTslaa4 CxpraM..... .. S:ss r. M.
Xo. a OmUit Aeeooaotedoa. e:ST a. v.
Looal rrelsnta. JK:30 p.a.
. Clinrcto 1I rectory.
DISCTFU CHTTRCTT. Services every Ssbbetb at
IIT.30 A. M ud TrOO P M. Sabbath SVboolBt 11
X. Pnnr Mwttu Tliuttii oaaDin. w. av.
1 iw)w, aslor.
Sattaalb aa IO:30 A. M. ud 7:X P. M. Sabbath
bcaoul at 13 M . Prayer aioeUna on Tnaraday svea
taaa. J. A. Italy. Baator.
mrrnnmaT majinPAl. nrmtCTB lUinluaa ev.
err Sabbath at H:ao A. at. ana TrOO P M. fc.bbetb
Babbit Schaoi at I af. Prarer Meeting oa Tttara-
aay ev,aiace. ji. a- aionat. paxor.
Arrival and lrpi tureuf Mavlla
Obartta, IJ
I Antra TaaaaATf Tkaradar and Saturday
I atlA M. una air. .
I Antra aaOy at 10 A. if. Leave at
II A. at.
Uaatoa. ) Antra sfoaday, Wednesday and Trf
van, day at I P. at. Leave Ta.edsv.Thnra
. bral fcatareay el S;So A M-
Spencer, (ArvtvaTaesday. Tnaraday aad 'ar
boaservfca, f day at It A. at. Leave a 1 P. M.
Publisher Notice.
Tba address labal oa aaeh papar shows tha data to
ralah Us aabasnaar has said, thaa:
Jerry Smith 1 jau 79
Slanl tea that Btr. aaiTtk baa Bald tar bta paper antll
Jaaaer. lac. 1S7S. Tka snail Hat la eorrecied weekly,
fey ooBsaHUciaasdd.aaBbbsl every eubeeriber caa
tail la aa toetaat how ale account ataada. aad wnatb
ar aa baa reoelvee atwaar aradlt aa oar book.
la thai cotasaat McaaUparUaa
saiaioa type.
" - Orerooeta.
- Inetea4 of adTandirf tbe price of Over
etats to cor rea pond with the advance la
price of woolen, we are selling cheaper than
erer before. Early in the Spring we doted
out a line of bearer, wonted and chinchil-
m way below the factory price, o that we
i re aelltn- from 10 to ft) per cent, lelow laat
year's price. Theee price will be held until
our present etock I doeed out. Come early
and get bargain, a we cannot replace them
for the time money.
Oar itock of men and boys clothing 1
complete of UteTt style, elegantly cut and
made. Our prices hare erer been the envy
of competitors. We guarantee our prices
to be the lowest, and warrant every garment
to be as represented, and eTerythln: that
I snot satisfactory in every respect may be
returned and we will refund Ibe money.
Business suits, 15.00 to $15 00.
Boys suits, S3.B0 to 17.60.
We can beat the natives on Hat. We
happened to be In New York in time to at. ike
a failure of a large hat aad furnishing goods
house, sad bought Quite a stock st suction.
We win sell as good a hat for SO cents as you
. win get elsewhere for II; i good for 73 ets.
b1oia wUl get elsewhere. &r ILSO. We will i
sell ss good a Gossamer Bilk Hat for $3.00 as
you wiU and in any other store for 15.50 to
We have a tob lot of ladles underwear at
about half price. No trouble to show goods.
Come and examine our stock snd satisfy
jouraelves. We think we have s nice a line
of doth and suiting as you will And in Lo
rain county, sod Mietk knows just how to
make them up.
A. X. FITCH, the Clothier.
Thoroughbred Jersey.
Wanted, stock-breeders and dalrvmen to
know that R. T. Janes, of Wellington, has a
flae Jersey bull, bred by the noted Importer
and breeder, W. L. Gardner, Norwalk, Ohio.
It Is thoroughbred snd is recorded in tbe
American Jersey Cattle Club Reetater, and
s a vary Sne animal. Those interested
pleas call at his farm in the north part of
thevUlag. . Sltf
No Deception Used.
It Is strange so many people will continue
to suffer day after day with Dyspepsia, Liv
er complaint, Constipation, Bour Stomach,
General Debility, when they can procure at
our stors BbJloh's YlteUser, free of cost If
It doe not cure or relieve them. Price 75
cents. Bold by Everett A Starr, Wellington,
All persons are hereby cautioned
against purchasing; a promissory note
given, by me to the Northern Ohio
Lightning; Rod Company, as It was ob
tained by fraud, and Its payment will
be contested. , L. WHEELER.
Another Town Beard From.
Bern, N. T-, Jury 80, 1879.
Da. af. If. rnrnnn, Fredonia, N. T..
Dear Bin I have alwaye been opposed
to patent aaedicinea, but I had been an inva
lid, beiag affected with diuiness and faint
ing St caused by bllUouanees, deranged
stomach aad bowels snd impaired nerves for
several year. I doctored a great ded, but
still they grew worse. I hsye taken seven
bottles of your Blood and Liver Remedy and
Nerve Tonic, and have not had one since I
began to use It. I am happy to say that I
feel fully restored by your excellent medi
eine, which i recommend on every occasion.
If a system Is ont of order it appears to
have the power to restore it to hedtb, and
that is what Is wanted. Very truly,
Br. Fennrrt Blood and Liver Remedy
and Nerve Tonic may well be called
"The conquering hero" of the times. It
Is the medical triumph of the age. Who
ever has "the blues'1 should take it, for
It regulates aad restores the disordered
system that gives rise to them. It al
ways cures Billion nest and Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Constipa
tion, Headaches. Fever and Ague, Bpleen
Enlargmeats, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Pim
ples, Blotches, and all skin eruptions
and blood disorders; Swelled Limbs and
Dropsy; Sleeplessness, Impaired Nerves
and Nervous Debility; Restores flesh
and strength when the system Is running
dowa or going Into decline; cures Fe
male Weakness and Chronic Rheuma
tism, aad relieves Chronic Bronchitis,
and all Lung and Throat difficulties.
It does these things by striking at the
root of disease and removing Its causes.
Da Ifcnner's Improved Cough Honey
wiQ reHeve any cough in one hoar.
Dr. Tenner's Golden Relief cares any
pain, as tooth-ache, neuralgia, colic or
headache la 5 to 80 minutes, and readily
relieves rheumatism, kidney-complaint,
diarrhea a, dysentery. For sale by Dr. 8.
B. Emerson. Dr. Fenner's St. Vitus
Dance Specific. One bottle always cures.
Fer sale by dealers.
At wholesale oy sarin m uoou, troll,
For Sale.
A deslrabls Beose aad Lot or sale cheap.
poly to J. B. Bddsa.
Thanksgiving Day, November 27th
Harvey' oysters are of tbe most
popular brands.
Go and see those new bearer hats,
at Mrs. Palmer's.
The very latest styles in dress and
cloak making, at Mrs. Palmer's.
A choice lot of Tobaccos at A. P.
Dimock's, at jobbers' prices. 8-tf.
For lamps and fixtures, see the new
stock at J. W. Houghton's.
Ten thousand turkeys wanted, by
Couch A Baldwin. 8tf
Wanted A man to do general
farm work. Apply to E. W. Houghton
Tbe nlrht watch found the door of
J. H. Woolley'8 hardware store un
locked, last Sunday nlgbt.
A fall assortment of writing and
copying fluids and inks, pens, pencils,
for sale. at. Houghton's.
Conch ct Bdrlwln are going to buy
all the tnrkeys In thi country. 8tf
' Poultry'wanteJ by Couch & Bald
win. ... 9 tr
TIift-rist market rrlce paid for pmil
trc, by Conch A Baldwin. - 8 tf
For Su. Two fnrrnw cows; 45
ewoa snd l.iroha and a l"t of Berkshire
pigs. Inqnire f E. W. iTonghton. .
Wick-cd thing which even, good
people allow and enjoy lamps. Ton
can get them at Houghton's.
Pleae remember we are shipping
oysters direct from Baltimore and sell
at bottom prices. W. W . Harvkt
Go to the new Cigar and Tobacco
Store, and get some of that 50 cent
Tobacco. .' 8-tf.
That little sharer of Harvey's Is
still compelled to do the slicing of all
their dried beef.
When yon are In town slop at A.
P. Pi mock's rlrar and tobacco store;
he has got something to show yon. Stf
The home paper Is the one you can
least afford to spare. Send in yonr sub
scriptions and renewsl.
A. Whltbeek Is building a fine
hnii and barn on the south side He-
cyanic street, ner the west line of Jo
seph Gannett' farm.
For stationery, school books, and
all school supplies, go to Houghton's
drug and hook store.' tf
Paper in qnarter ream packages
and In smaller q-intltl cheaper than
ever before known, at nonghton's.
Go and see the new goods, too num
erous to mention, at Houghton's drag
and book store.
Button ! button I whnep rit the
button 1 Fitch has the "H n-i.rl-.r But
ton, tbe nice. thing ever made for
enpportlng drawer.
In retting readr for winter, do hot
forget to ret.ew your suoscrlption to
the K.TntRTRiSE.
S. E. Wilcox laely sold two 'Berk
shire pigs, eleven mmths old, Jwhich
weighed 825 pound -and dressed over
700 pounds. Tli'y were.' bred . on- the
farm of L. F. Clifford. Next -
Large globes,. very useful for the
study of geography,- and for learning
the location and relative position of
places, can be had st nongh top's' store.
Died, Nov. 11 tli. of convulsions,
Msude, only child of F. B. and Ida
Serage, aged 7 months and 13 days. .
"A lorel? beta aearealr formed or noolded.
A roaa with an Ma sweetest leam yet folded.' .
Asa Pratt raised this year, 271
bushels of corn from l acres of land,
at the rate of 1S5 bushels per acre. The
ears average IS to 22 rows, and from
800 to 1,093 kernels of corn. Who can
beat this? ' "
A new story, "An Earnest Trlfler,'
just published and attributed to any
one or several of onr already famous
men, proves to be the first pabliohed
book from the pen of a girl, Miss Mary
A. Sprague, daughter of a lawyer of
Newark, Ohio.
.Mr. Black brought into our office
an English sparrow that had fal
len Into a niche between the brick
somewhere about Ogden's building,
evidently having had the worst of it in
a fight with another. bird, and nnable
to use Its wings to help itself out, tt
had starved and frozen, Its feet beinr
firmly mounted In a ball of snow and
The contract of erecting a monu
ment to the memory of the late Wm.
Howk family, has been awarded to Mr.
J. J. Thomas of this place, his price be
ing as low and the design being in bet
ter taste and proportion than any other
submitted for competition. It Is to be
ofdark Qulncy granite, cottage style,
44 inches square at the base, 9 feet and
2 Inches hlgb, and surmounted with a
draped nrn.
It Is estimated that half the apples
picked and stored for winter have al
ready decayed. A notable house-keeper
of oar acquaintance one of those
women who would extract comfort and
thrift from aimost any conceivable cir
cumstances is ready even for this
emergency. Apples and quinces res
pond to ber skill In clear jellies, tempt
ing marmalades, and 'delicious com
pounds, flavored with different extracts
and made to serve a variety of purposes,
and an excellent substitute for tbe ta
ble deprived of fresh fruit. We hare
read that a few healthy boys would pre
serve an average apple crop till about
Christmas, if they are allowed to sort
them often enough.
Mr. Frank Clifford of Wellington,
of the firm of Tod dc Clifford, known at
the Agricultural Fairs, by their exhib
its of fine stock and poultry has almost
enough of Inteiest at his home and farm
to make a fair of his own. His cattle;
sheep, swine and poultry look like the
pictures we see in the stock journals,
but many would be most interested in
the five deer In tbe park, in the happy
family of Scotch Collie dogs, a mother
and ber six puppies, the latter of the
age when they can never be handsomer
or more Interesting. And ss if these
were not enough to pet and care for,
there are cages of birds, particularly a
family of orioles so tame that they can
be let ont and will bop about on tbe
person of a atranger, and enjoy being
smoothed dowo the back aa a kitten
would. They will courteously wait
and take their turns In tbe same bath
lng dish, and have a good many smart
little peculiarities of their own that
make them very much admired, asidn
from their beauty of plumage and song.
A first-class swindler has- been
around the country hereabouts, getting
subscribers to the Lady's Bazar, and as
an inducement, giving each as a preml
um.the privilege of going to Mrs. IT. N,
Rock wood's who keeps a millinery
and pattern store in Wellington and
selecting a dozen patterns free. Mrs,
Rock wood knows nothing of such a
man except that he called at her store
and - did not get a subscription, but
lcarnel incidentally that she kept a
large stock of patterns for sale, and
therefore did not need his magazine.
The disappointed subscribers who have
been in to select patterns and found
how they have been humbugged, would
make it uncomfortable for the scamp If
he again put In appearance.
Mrs. Wm. Bradley, very 111 with ty
phoid fever, is said to be better as we
go to press.
Miss Lillie Darsf, editor and propri
etor of the CirclevIIIe Herald, Is a can
didate for a clerkship In the Senate.
Rev. G. W. Pepper at Bsllevne, re
cently preached a funeral sermon for a
grandmother and grand-child, who
died In the same house in one night.
Mr.' L. D. Childshas returned from
the West, where he has been for his
health. He did not realize the benefit
expected, and is now quite poorly.
Henry Ward Beech er says that "the
most mischievous of all fools In the
practical affaiis of both politics and re
ligion, is the roan with high moral
principles, but low common sense,"
which remark was intended to apply to
the Republicans who proposed to scratch
Cornell for Governor.
Missionary Mass Meeting.
We give below the programme for a
meeting to be held to-day, Thursday,
in the Congregational Church :
The object is to quicken interest in
the great objects to which tiie Congre
gational Churches clvo their contribu
tions. Dirttinguished representatives
of the different societies will be pres
ent. Rev. Dr. Brown of New York.
will speak for the church erection
cause, Pres. Falrchild for the education
cause. Rev. Dr. Wolcott for home mis
sions, and Rev. James Powell for the
work among the Freedmen.
The meetings begin at 9 :30 a. m., and
continue all day. It is expected that
Dr. Humphrey and Mr. Powell of Chi
cago, will deliver addresses In the even
ing. The Congregational Churches of
Oberlin, Berea, Grafton, Pittsfleld,Pen
field, Rochester, Brighton, Iluntington
and Sullivan, are invited guests of the
Church in Wellington for the day.
(AD articles under this head are cents per line. )
Mr. Charles Sutlift. an old resident of
Lorain county, was born in Avon town
ship, 1820; baa lived in Avoo, Carlisle,
Kussia, Wellington and Iyria. He
leaves a wife, one son and a daughter,
and a large circle of friends to mourn
his loss.
On Monday, Oct 27th. in crossinsr the
railroad track one mile west of Elyria, a
caboose and engine struck bis wagon,
breaking it. killing one horse, and throw
ing hint onto the track. The caboose
probably passed over tbe body, and the
engine and cow-catcher caught and car-
nea it a distance or sixty or seventy feet
before the train was stopped.
His funeral was attended at his resi
dence in Elyria township. His body
rests in the old family grave-vard in Car
lisle, with his father, mother, one broth
er, and sister and one daughter. Rev.
Mr. Williams of Elyria, conducted the
services. Wit. S.
Dr. Holbrook's New Rooms.
The very good success which has at
tended the practice of Dr. Hoi brook,
n Wellington, is a sufficient endorse
ment of the past, and a guarantee fo
future work. In the handsome new
rooms, covering the entire floor of the
new post office building, all the ad
vantages of central location, easy ac
cess, good air and light, ample spice,
and convenience for waiting and oner
ting are secured. Dr. ITolbrook ex
pects by constant attention to the
study and practice of his profession,
to keep pace with all the improve
ments and discoveries In dental sur
gery, and invites the patronage of all
wishing anything in his line.
"Carry the news to Mary!" Health
and hsppiness are found In every box
of "Sellers Liver Pills." .
"Dr. Lindsey's Blood Searcher,"
by purifying tbe system, softens the
skin and beautifies the complexion.
We have a speedy and positive cure
for catarrh, diphtheria, canker mouth,
and headache, in Shilon's Catarrh Rem
edy. A nasal Injector free with each
bottle. Use It If you desire health and
sweet breath. Price 50 cU. Sold by
Everett A Starr.
Sara, Cbbtaix, Prompt asd Eco
nomic. These few adjectives apply
with peculiar forco to Thomas' Eclcc
tric Oil a standard external and inter
nal remedy adapted to the relief and
care of coughs, sore throat, hoarseness
and all affections of the breathing or
gans, kidney troubles, excoriations,
sores, lameness, and physical. Else
where in the paper Is the regular ad-
vertiseme nt of this sterling medicine.
A Strange People.
Do you know that there are st ranee
people In our community, we sar
strange because they seem to prefer to
suffer and pas? their days miserably,
made so by dyspepsia and liver com
plaint, Indigestion, constipation and
general debility, when Shiloh's Vitali
cer is guaranteed to cure them. Sold
by Everet & Starr.
Fruit, shade, ornamental of all vari
eties and grades. C. W. Baker of
Paincsville, O., who has been selling
and delivering stock from the nursery
ot Storrs t flarrison of that place U re
ceiving many words of commendation
for the very excellent quality of his
trees. His customers uniformly ex
press entire satisfaction with both qual
ity and prices. He will continue to
canvass in this vicinity all winter and
will fill orders taken, next Spring.
Reserve your orders until he calls on
you and gives you prices. 6 -4m
To say that we sell Oysters cheaper
than every body else, and that we buy
them less than our neighbors, is quite
thin soup. It is very suggestive of wa
tered stock.
We simply buy at as low prices as we
can, from the old reliable packer, u.
Maltby, of Baltimore, whose oysters
have been sold in this market for over
twenty-five years every body knows
their Quality and we sell them at their
We are not the fellow that is always
promising to sell goods at less price
than all others. But we are the fellow
that eives awav candv during the Holi
davs nence. from the 20th day of
Dec. 1870. to the 2nd day of Jan. 1S30,
to everybody that buys a pound of tea
or a dollar's worth of cofiee of us, we
will give a half pound of pure mixed
candy; and the tea will be as good. for
the money as can be bought in town.
and those who have used our coffee say
it is better.
. We . can accommodate buckwheat
flapjack eaters with the genuine York
State stuff.
Our Crockery and Glassware stock is
more complete than ever before, ana.
we think, the best in town.
Come in and buy cheese, crackers.
hominy, dried sweet corn.'rice, molasses.
syrup, soap, starch, bluing, sugar,
vinegar, bird seed, hanging baskets,
flower pots, washboards, tubs, pop corn,
pails, crocks, jugs, nuts, lamps, candy.
Dickies, and dried beef shavings.
u r Banging lamps are an new, origni
andnbeautitul. Uur specialty is to sell
better coffee than any body else, at
wbt it is worth.
Choice table butter and fresh eggs
Another sayings Bank gone up.
This has been said so often of late, that
people are beginning to look for safe
investments for their surplus cash
Any man who has 25 cents- to Invest
cannot do better than to buy a box of
Mott's Liver Pills, for they never iail
Always keep them In the house.
We mean Bulk Oysters at the Star
Bakery. We are now selling good
standard Oysters at 30 cents per quart,
and cans at the same price. Some peo
ple wonder bow we can afford to sell
them so low. We answer: First, be
cause we buy them in largs quantities,
and thereby get them cheaper than
others. Secondly, we buy direct and
have no agent's profit to pay, as we
are the Western Agents or a large and
substantial house in Baltimore. Thirdly,
because we want to let other people
live, and not get rich too fast ourseive".
We are tryinr to make it to the ad
vantage of everybody to buy their
oysters at the Star Bakery. We make
still further deductions to those wish
lug oysters for parties, suppers, socials
gatherings, etc.
When you ace in town and wait a
good dinner for a small sum of money,
give ns a call. Oysters, stewed, fried,
and In any other style you may wish
them. A cup of tea or cofiee, cakes,
pies, etc. J. P. EIDT.
Tou will find his rooms at the Star
Bakery, just north of Rinlnger'a store.
I take pleasure in thankiag my many
friends and patrons for the very liberal
patronage extended to me since open-
ng my restaurant in Wellington. I
think that I fully appreciate their kind-
nets, and solicit a continuance of their
patronage and will do all in my power
to make my restaurant worthy of their
I am now the authorized agent for
the sale of E. B. Mai lory's celebrated
brand of oysters and shall keep all
brands constantly on hand and guaran
tee the quality of every brand. I sell
Bulks, Cornels, Selects, K. B. M.'s, Ar
rows, etc.
The choicest brands of crackers ; also
cheaper brands. Particular attention
paid to cookina; oysters In every style
desired. Parties furnished at a dis
count. Warm meals, lunch, tea or
coffee, e'c.
A full line of canned goods, and mar
ket low. I want to sell them. Remem
ber the place, West Liberty street.
Bucklen's Arnica Solve.
The best salve In the world for cuts,
biulses, sore, ulcers, salt rheotn, tetten
chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and
all kinds of skin eruptions. This salve
is guaranteed to give perfct satisfaction
in every case or money refunded.
Prica 25 cents tier box. For sale by
W. Houghton.
Being the authorized agent of E. B.
Mallory, I have appointed A. L. Dewey
my agent at Wellington, to handle his
brand of oysters and will at all times
guarantee our goods. Any. goods not
Xo. 1 at time of receiving them, can be
returned to bim, and prices at all times
as low as tbo lowest.
W. C. Brace.
Cleveland, Oct. 25, 1S79. 6 tf '
Five ' Hundred Thousand Strong
Iu the past few months there has
;en more than 500,000 bottles of Shi-
loh's Cure sold. Out of the vast num
ber of people who have used it, more
than 2,000 cases of consumption have
been cured. All coughs, croup, asth
ma and bronchitis yield at once, hence
it is that everybody speaks in its praise.
To those who have not used it, let us
say, if you have a cough, or your child
the croup, and you value life, don't fail
to try it. For lame back, side or chest,
use Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Sold by
your druggist, Everett & Starr.
Estate Notice.
Notice is hereby given that tha andenlgned has
been duly appointed and qualified Eiecator of tbe
laat will and teatament of Eraatns Knapp, deceaaed.
late of Rochester, Lorain. County. Ohio.
November .ith, IRT.T sst.
Notioe of Sole.
The Board of Education of tbs Incorporated Til
lae of Wellington, will aell st public auction, oa
Saturday. Dee. awn, 1K79, the South Primary
acbool bulldlnz, and lot alx roda by ten. Lot and
but ldln to be aold eepcrately. The Board reserve
the right to one bid on each. 8:e to commence st
10 A. M., oa tbe nremisea to be ao!d.
Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. A mar
vellous cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria,
Canker mouth, and Head Ache. Wl,h
each bottlo there Is an Ingenious nasal
injector for the more successful treat
ment of the complaint, without extra
charge. Price 60 cts.
Baldwin, Laundon to Co.
what to buy and where to bty it at
this season of the year is a question in
every household. Knowing that pru
dent people consult their newspapers
before spending their money, we give
our readers the benefit of observations
and Inquiries Iu a look through the old
In this vicinity, that of Baldwin, Laun
don & Co. . .
Beglunlng In the department of ladies
ready-made cloaks, we were shown
garments ranging in price from $3 to
those of rich and heavy material with
elegant trimmings of silk, costly fringe
and passementeiie, the medium grades
being also very desirable. In shawls
they have for winter, the heavy rever
sible, the Paisley and the soft all-wool
blanket shawl, olngle and double. .
Oa the shelves are a full stock of dl
agouals, and good beaver cioakings
from $1.25 upwards. In cloths and
cassimers for gentlemen's suits, they
have a large supply. We saw excel
lent water-proof goods, ranging from
50 cts. to $1.23 a yard ; woollen blank
ets, all grades, merino underwear from
37)4 cts. upward; all-wool and Shaker
flannels from 15 cts. a yard upward,
Cotton flannels from 6 to 20 cts,
Ticks and sheetings In quantities, . and
in tickings a specialty, at one shilling,
Sheetings a yard wide, from 5 to 9
cts. Bleached cottons, good quality.
from 6 to 10 cts. Shirting at old prl
cos, striped and plaid, from 10 to la
cts., and extra chevotts from 20 to 50
cts. In table linen they have a line of
Turkey red, from 50 cts. to $1.00 a yard,
and handsome Turkish toweling, nap
kins, tidies and doylies iu choice pat
All linen crashes are offered for from
G4 to 20 cts. per yard ; all-linen dam
ask towels with fringe and border at 20
cts. each ; and a specialty in towels
similarly finished are 6- cts. Napkins
from 75 cts. to $5.00 a dozen. Young
hoiif e-keepers may now get a
ana otners replenish tiietr stores for a
S'tm that a few years ago would not
have sufficed for a beginning. In this
connection should be mentioned ingralu
carpets in qualities from 23 to 90 cts.,
and a nice line of oil cloths from 25 cts.
to $1.25.
Among the dress goods is a large
stock of prints of the best brands which
are selling at CJ cts., and choice cam
brics from 8 to 12)4 cts. ; ginghams in
color and quality, suitable for aprons
and chiMrens wear are 8 cts., and the
dark fancy Ainokeags. 1 shilling. In
cheap dress goods they have brocades,
bourettes, etc., at 9 cts., poplin alpac
cas at 1 shilling, which formerly sold
at 15 and 13 erg. Arabian suitings, all-
wool, in good grey and dark neutral
tlnt, are 25 cts. a yard; Tycoon reps,
the figured goods sold for wrappers and
dressing gowns, Is now reduced to 20
cts. .They show a good stock of James
town alpaccas, and a few pieces are yet
left of the imitation crape-morette in
very derslrable mode colors, which
though sold at 25 cts.. looks well enough
to cost twice that. Cashmeres In fash
ionable dark tints range from 45 cts. to
the very best black grades at $1.00 and
$1.25. Handsome brocades ai.d other
popular dress goods, also Scotch plaids
are shown at 20 cts. and upward. Pon
gees plain, brocade and striped; and
at 45 cts. can be bought a new striped
ress goods cotton and silk warp, and
all-wool filling, that is very handsome,
and the more expensive Momie cloths
may be found In their stock.
Black lilks, brocades in colors, and
fancy dress silks are shown in good va
riety; and for trimmings and combina
tion suits arc silks, velvets and French
brocades ; while among the fancy goods
nd notions may be found fringes, pas
sementeries, gimps, buttons, ornaments
and a full case of spool silk and twist
at greatly reduced prices. A
of ladies and childrens gloves which
fermerly sold at from two to three shil
lings a pair, will be closed out at ten
cents a pnir. and in the line of hosiery
for misses, the dark fancy styles at one
shilling a pair, were a marvel of cheap
ness for the quality, nand-made knit
garments, as jtckets, hoods, scarfs, leg-
gins -and mittens are attractively dis
played, and a good variety or materials
for knitting is also In the stock. The
silk and linen handkerchiefs are pretty
and cheap, the lowest priced being a
linen at 5 cts. .
A full case of ribbons In all the new
styles ; fancy back combs from one shil
ling to. half a dollar, rucbings, collars
and cuffs, laces and embroidery, silk
bowa and ties are among their fancy
goods. The attention of the ladies is
called to the different makes of corsets,
ranging In price from 60 cents o $1.50
In boots and shoes we will mention a
good looking article of ladies side-laced
shoes at $1.25, infants shoes as low as
25 cent, a child's shoe at 60 cents, a
ladies' serge gaiter at 85 cents, Con
gress at $1.00, and French kid from
$1.75 to $3.00. Rubber overshoes in all
sizes, boys leather boots from $2.00 up
ward, and men's wear from f i50 to
We have said nothing of the grocery,
crockery and hardware departments,
but our readers will see that to afempt
to enumerate the extent of goods car
ried in stock by this old firm would
take more space than we can give to one
subject, and we can only advise the
public to go and soe for themselves.
The extreme figure of last week'
quotations was thought by moat of the
dealers to have leen too hlgb, there
having been very few sold at that
price. The market is in good condi
tion, and prices practically u nchanged
We quote: baying, (naked) 10llc
billing, (boxed)ll 12 cenU.
The shipments of cheese for the
week ending Nov. 11, are as follows
No. of Boxes, 6,615; No. of pounds.
Butter for the same time as follows
No. of pkgs. 681; No. of pounds
Wellington Produce Market
Annlea. dried. SI lb..
Oeete dr-eeed. S) lb 00
H ,y. at ton atU
Appiea. eraen. at buaoexo
Beeawax. lb as
Br.ni. at hn 1 wi
Hama amoked. V lb...
BuckvbmL ha m
Uldea.(Teea. V lb....3X'3
Maple SUtfar, a lb OHIO
Potato , till.... 40
LntcKena dreaaed.at lb. ..8
Liovar aaea. pu. .
4 niRaa-a. lb.
Calf Sklna. a lb 7
Deacon Skins, :.4dan
Ducki draaeed, lb iu
salt, una. at aaea luo
Salt, Athton, lb 3
Salt, Common. V bbl.. 1 u
nait,Boiar. m dui z uu
Sh-op Pelta, lb .3S1 00
Dairy. V lb 39
Cra&marv.Bt lb.. 1
Res. doa in. Timothy aeed.
Turkeradreaaed. 10
.... a v
a oamera, e id 7U wool, at id..
Grain, Flour and Feed.
" sautae.
Bran. ewt HO. V ton IS 00
uora, aneiiea. at on au
Cora In ear, be..... ..50
Oata, bn 40
Clover aeed. ba 5 So
Timothy seed, at ba...a so
Bt White, a aaea.
Beat Red. lack ...
Mo. a aaek
1 sl
I sol
.1 ool
a on
Grshan. cat
Baekwbeat Ploar. ....
Bolted Menu ewt...
Meal. ewt
J so
I io
Cora, shelled. ba 43
Cora, la ear. a ba ..... .45
Oata, V ba ...
: iu
i so
1 lO
Cnoa et
Mlddllaaa, V evt
Sborta. ewt
OU Meal a ewt.
Wheat, at ba at iu
Clover aead. ba 5 OO
Tlnrathr aead ba...a so
How Xckstsine Hills x Co., Kan
ufacture Their White Lead.
Messrs. Bcksteioe, Hills A Co., hsTe
adopted the Dutch process, which, after
hundreds of years experience, has proved
tbe best. It consists in exposing thin
sheets of metalle lead to vapors ef acetic
acid for a long period. Into the bottom of
earthen pots or crocks is poured weak vin
egar, made by diluting acetic acid, about a
quart in each pot; sheets of lead (commonly
cast In round lattice work shapes called
buckles, about tbe slxe of a tea plate) are
placed in the pots, ten of these weighing
about ten pounds, being placed in each pot,
resting on shoulders above, but not in con
tact with the vinegar. Being thus prepared,
they are placed together in successive layers
In stacks, about eighteen feet square. Each
layer is covered with boards and then
with spent tan bark, or stable litter, the
beat from which causes the vinegar to fer
ment, and this starts the process of corro
sion. Each stack usually contains from
twenty to twenty-five tons of lead in from
four thousand to five thousand pots. At the
end of about three months the stacks are
opened and the carbonated lead emptied in
to the separating machinery, which sepa
rates the corroded lead from that not cor.
roded. Tbe carbonate is then deposited by
elevators in tanks, where it Is thoroughly
washed to remove any discoloration; tt is
then ground in a pastry state under French
burr stones; next pumped into tanks and
allowed to settle. After a few days it is
placed on copper pans heated by steam, and
dried; it is then the dry white lead of com
merce. . Then it is mixed with linseed oil in
proportion of nine parts by weight ef oil,
to ninety-one parts by weight of white dry
lead, and finished by grinding. By' the
Dutch process ot corroding, white lead con
tains more oxide of lead, and possesses a
greater covering pewer or body than when
made by any other process.
For Bale in Wellington by
That I keep the cheapest and best Oys
ters ot all varieties; direct from Balti
more; served up in every style in my
newly fitted up rooms at my old stand,
where I have kept for the last fifteen
years, a full line of Groceries, Tobacco
and Cigars. Yes, those cigars, 2 for
5 cents, that beat all others, snd those
five centers can't be excelled. All
kinds of Fruit, in fact every thing in
my line cheap for cash.
Bemeraber the sign, Uucle Robin
son, Liberty street.
I have had a good year in business,
for wh'ch I thank all my customers
and will In future, as in the past, do
my best to please all who call.
Advertisement For Bids.
Sealed nropoeale will be received at the office ot
tha Clerk of the Board of Education of Pttufleld.
Lorain County, Ohio, antll 12 o'clock coon, on tbe
22d day of November, IS79, for building a School
Hotue. oa the lot la Dlatriet No. S, of aald Town-
ahlp. accord Ins to the apeciaeatlona oa die In said
Kach bid must contain the name of every person
Interested In the fame, and ba accompanied by a
snffldect (oaranty of some dltlnterated person. tht
If the bid la accepted a contract will ba entered Into,
and the performance of It propar'.y eecared.
Tbe bid for each kind of material called for by the
eneclflcauone moat be stated separately, and tbe
price of each given; and the price of labor must buo
be aeparately stated.
Sone but tbe lowest responsible bid will ba ac
cepted, and tba Board may reject all bids.
By order the Board of Education, ntuceld, Lo
rain Oonnty, Ohio, Oct. X'tn, 1879.
4. C A. WEST, Clerk.
50 Years Before the Public.
Pronounced by all to be the aiost
Flea lant and efficacious remedy now
in ii.-m;, for the cure of coughs, colds,
croup, hoarseness, tickling sensation
of the throat, whooping cough, etc.
Over a million bottles sold within
the last few years. It gives relief
wherever used, and has the power to
impart benefit that cannot be had
from the cough mixtures now in use.
Sold by all Druggists at 25 cents per
nlo highly recommenced for curing
liver coiiiulaints. constipation, sick
bead -cheR, ftver and ague, and all di-
phos of tbo frtomach and liver, so.
i.v nil lrue:rtis at 25 cents er lwx.
:. E. Sellers & Co., Pittsburg, ra.
Townley's Toothache Anodyne
Beware of Counterfeits. 48 eow-ly
Headquarters For
Flour, Feed,
lias on sale a new Brand of Flour of
absolutely the best quality in town, at
the same price you pay ror interior
kinds. Try it, and get rid of that bane
of the family, bad bread.
Farmers having grain should re
member that this is the place to get the
highest market price for it in cash.
They should also remember .hat in or
der to continue to raise good crops they
m ust apply I fertilisers to their lands.
have been proved to be the most dow
ertul, best and cheapest fertilizer in the
market. Hade bv experienced and re
liable manufacturers, prepared as
plant food by the beet known process,
it is the standard fertilizer; causing
immediate ana lasting iertuity, ana is
perfectly, adapted to all croDS. Call
and get circulars.
Warehouse South of Rv.. Deoot.
41n-33-tf Wellington. Ohio.
Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call
and examine the best line of
THE TRAVELER takes . the lead among
these. Attention is also called to the cele
brated Hard Coal Burner "SPLENDID,"
one ot the most popular now in market.
Milk Pans and Milk Pails at Wholesale or
Retail, or any th&g else you may want in
Pumps! Pumps!
A full line of Porcelain Lined and Plain
Wood Pumps, and the various styles
of fron Pitcher Pumps.
Ardioflered on our
Fire And Ten Cent
The number and variety of useful articles
that can be purchased Is really as'onbhing-
Call and look them over, and when you
want to buy you won't forget it.
Tin Rooting, Eavespouting, or any kind ot
repair work in - .
1ST We would say that we keep first-
class Workmen. In regard to prices, we
will guarantee prices to be low as the lowest
6-tf F. T. SMITH.
A WEEK In yonr erwn town, and
no capital risked. Ton can five
toe bualn.as atrial without ex
pense. The bit opportunity erer
offered to tboae wllllns to work.
Voa should try nothing else until
Ton see f.ir tnnnplf arhar. inn r. n
do at tbe business we offer. No room to explain here.
Yon can devote all yonr time or cny your spare, time
to tbe bualneaa, and make great p.y for every hour
that you work. Women make aa much as mm. Send
fi r special private terms and particulars, wblcb we
mall free. S-t Outfit free. Don't complain of hard
tlmea when you have ancb a chance. Address H.
HALLKTT CO.. Portland, Maine. - 97-ly
Divorce Notice.
The 8tte of Ohio,
Lorain Co., O., as.) la the Court of Common Pie;
Myron Haw!ey. put, )
Emily Bawley. dfu )
Petition for Divorce.
The defendant, Emily Bawley, will take notice
that the above named plaintiff, on the 39th day of
October. A. D., 1879, flied hla petition In aald
c-'M for a divorce. Said petition ehargea that the
said Emily, In the year A. D., 1877, did repeatecly
commit andultry with one George Davie, at Ilunting
ton. In aa'.d eounty, and that ahe la now living with
and cohabiting with the sa d Davis, in the State of
Michigan, In a atata of andultry. 8 ild petition
will be for hearing at any session of said court, after
six weeks from the date hereof.
By J. H. Dickson, his Attorney.
' October SOth, 1878. 6--chd.
Old scrap iron at Bennett Bro's.
Fouudry, for which SO ct nts per hund
red will be paid.
Dr. Rogers' Worm Syrup.
lnatast-y destroys Worms aad la recommended by
physicians as the beat Worm Medicine In use.
Bcaaxia) Breams, of which I
'erven trd as
cars Jrilsa, ASdrsss wttS
a, Or. 1. M. Tsslsr, St Lsauw Me.
OOO A TEAR for honest, fntel'tgent bnst
neaa men or arenta. Naw hnlnaa: llirht
5 work. Andreas Co-OraxaTiva Asbxct,
Madlaon, lnd, 41-amo.
An Honest Mcd cine I roe of
Of all nielictncs advertised to cur.
any affection ol the tlirn.tr, chest oi
lunga, we know of none we citn rtrn
mend so highly as D. King'. New IU
covery for Consumption, concha, cold,
asthma, bronchitis bay fever, hoarse
ness, tickling in the tlirotr, loss of
voice, etc. This medicine dor positi ve
y t-ure, and ih.it where everjilrngrle
has failed. Xo medicine cin .; "no.
half so many .o!tivc and .vi uia-,. i,t
..it rci as have olicidy Ikumi t-Ueoted by
this truly wonderful remedy. frr asth
ma and bronchitis it is a perfect spoei lie,
curing the very worst oases in the
shortest time pesainle. We say by all
mcHns give it a trial. Tri:il bottle free.
Regular sUe, $1.00. For sale by J- W
Hough tou.
CTTTf.AFira.Sg eft
Is found at the waierooms of
A.G.& 6. L COUCH,
Wellington, O.
Great additions have been made to
the stock to meet the demands of the
trade. Tbe purchaser will find a match
less variety of SDlendld low-nriced
goods as well as the costly. Tbe public
can see at their showrooms very fine
Which they offer at very Low Prices.
Undertaking : Department
We are prepared to furnish everything
in the Coffin and Casket line. Shrouds
of all kinds kept on hand. Having had
many years' experience in this business
we guarantee to keen in srood condition
all bodies put in our charge for any
length of time desired, without chance
or decomposition.
Domestic Sewing Machine
The new UNDERBRAIDER. which is the
best and only thing of the kind erer used, Is
now a part of the machine, and, with the
new Self-Threading Shuttle, Self-Adjusting
Needle, new Take-up, Combination Wheel
and other Improvements makes it the best
Under-feed Sewing Machine made. I am
also agent for the
Davis Vertical F8ed
The New Home
Sewing Muehtnes, each of which has adyan-'
tagea peculiar to itself, which recommends '
them (or a variety of nses and make them
reennd to none in the market.
Faities desiring machines will find it to
their advantage to give me a call. All ma
chines warranted. All . kinds of Sewing
Machine Needles and also a fine qualitv of
Sewing Machine Oil kept for sale.
8, P. HASTINGS, Ag't,
Office in Benedict's Block, Wellington, O
jan. letn lyr.
Notice Gentlemen!
Having fitted up the Rooms
formally occupied by A. M.
FITCH, for the exclusive
sale of
I shall keep the best stock of Tobaccos and
Cigars in town, and can guarantee, if jou
will favor me with a call, the best
in town. Also a choice line of Chewing and
Bmoking Tobaccos.
I can't be beat for Quality or Price.
I shall keep nothing bat the best of Goods,
at the very Lowest Prices. .
Hoping that you will call and convince
yourselves, that the place to buy Tobaccos
and Cigars is where they make a business of
that, and that only, . .
I await your favors,
40-tf. . A. P. DIHOCK.
W BW a . VB Ba. a MWW f.aVs a
NewTOiiper Adrerttelnjf Bureau (10 Spruce
rtrn.ll wlmii. aHv-aau am as saaaMsa aaaaj m ft swA m BV an?
av rn.'-m
tislDKCoatractainey KftM KM II 11
to uauo lor it in. Ic&BlsJ IViUts
HERE! $5 is 600SS for 50 cts.
U LL filKMlM 8wrHtre4. DOST HLoolkkauw.
aaaaaaaaajaaaia, 10 Valsaahl moarf-maCiaf; eerUf N Kc1 "
torn, 1 Mauric Fo.ta fen; S felct ra; I Silvvr-pleriasJ
Holder: I Plata Holder ; I Rtjber-I.p Pencil ; U ift Eaval-
aafe) is Bavajejia bjbbbj raifBCT , an l .aw aBSBtiei j a
aral Catin) Secret tar stamuni hnea. IbtsT I
ktlliag i
ret.) All MO for Fifty Centa. Slaaipe tekea.
a year. Send Ten Centa In one cent
siampa iir a dub oiiTcr riucu iiuiu
iile, retail price 25 centa, and learn
buEB. Only tboae who mean hnsinees nerd apply.
A. T. BUCK. CO.. Hilton, J
Oberlin. - Oblc,
Pianos and Organs Repaired.
All Work Warranted to Give
This is to certify that we, the nnder
iigned, have employed Mr. P. Chur
chill a a Tuner and Repairer, and that
the work for us has given entire satis
faction. Prof. Rice, Prof. Wright, '
Prof. Cady, Prof. Severance.
Prof. Davis, Prof. Blakeslee,
Prof. Sweet.
t3f Orders loft with J. W. Houghton
will receive prompt attention. 37-tf
A MONTH! A3ntT3 WAimSi
7 B BMt Sfluaa artkb. la (h.WrM assm-
pisfrs. .aJAT BR0KS0M, SvOatt, Kua

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