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Cje Enterprise.
Thandar, Ic. 25. 1870
C. C. C.&I.B. B. Time-table.
' .
Trains Itavs Wsllingtoa Station M fol
Vai.-Cta.Ab4. Xxreseaa4 MU -S:S7 a. m.
Vo. a. ex. Ink QmIuHI Kxpreee, ... S:10p.b.
Vo. a.-! Bxnresa. Mall S:3 F.M.
Re. T.-CMflM AMoaattaUo. ........ 1:J0T-.M.
iMl nmtti .. .. S:SO A. B.
Ye. a-Ktgnt aUpissa. aun.. .. S:o a.h.
V. a, a. Load Acta. bmatMill.... p.m.
Re. SL-ClOrOlsll tlBSISS, . S:S P.M.
aw a CssTsaaaal Aeenaamodartea,. ....... S-.S7 a-h.
Leeal Tnacfit.
W. H. nSHSB, Asset.
Church Directory.
lu:aO A- at aa4 7: r a. Sabbath School at 11
U. PraTarlicatlBcaBTbanaajaTaalasa. J. B.
------ at Hao A. II. ana T:Ot P. It. Sabbath
I at IS M. mywr bmui aaiij -J
A. UaiT. Beater.
. err Sabbath at IO:o A. at. aaa 7:oo r at. aabbatn
abaata Seaaai at II If . Ftanr MaMlB am Taare-
. T ar.alaaav. B. AIMckt. (
Arrival and Departure of Mails
ACE. 1.1 KB.
Obartta. I Arrive TaseaaT, Thenar Setaroaj"
PiuaiS.) ill A. 11. usnttir.H.
Heattagtoa. 1 Antra aTsaaay. Wsaeedey bS M
MUItS. aaj at I P. M. Leere TB.aoa.Thnrs-
ralk. ) 4ej aaeSetarsar atfcaUA. is.
bam! ( Antra Taaaday. Tbertday ut Satar-
Hussn inia. I aajatiiA.
Leave at 1 P. U.
PitVIiaher'a Notice.
Tka aSareas label oa each saper shows til Bate to
T. anltK 1 Ian 79
aismlla 'Bat Mr. Bank baa hH far bte saner aatfl
iaaaan 1st. lam Tka Bull M 'a correct waeeir.
r eaaalUac tka aaa! aaa Ubal .rry .ebaerlber caa
tall la aa laataat kew kla amaat stands. aa4 wheth
er be baa reeeleaa are creels en oar books.
ta this eolaaaatioaaatarvtlna
mtaloa tjae,
O, Bay, kara you. se tboaa nice Bilk
Tlandkrrchlefa for Chris taa preaenta, at
Those Scarf ansae ornamental a well
aa useful Cnttetma prescaU. Ton can get
'em at Fitch's.
FOUND. The beat Clores and Kittens
for the money, at Fitch's.
LOST. The lady or (entlxman that lost
a satchel, can get one at about half the
usual vice, at Fitch's.
Last Bummer Fitch bought an im
mease stoek of underclothing-. Since (then
the sdTaace has been OTer 5 per cent, but
his cnatomera cat the benefit. He sells at
the old price.
Wool and woolen ft-code have cone up
OTer St per cent, within the last three
mouths. Fitch bought his stock early, be
fore any advance, and sells at the old price.
He aars, "next year look out. for goods
eau't be bought of manufacturers as low as
lam selling. "
Fitch has nearly one hundred Orcrroata
on hand now. Ton caa get one 85 per cent,
cheaper now than jou can If you welt till
next fall.
A. If. FITCH, the Clothier.
Thoroaclibred Jernerv
Wanted. Block-breed era aad dalrrmen to
v Mow that R. F. Jeoesof Wellington, ate a
Mmm Jersey bull, bred by the noted Importer
aaa nrweaer, n. i waruaer, xiorwaia, unto.
It la thoroughbred aad la recorded in the
American Jersey Cattle Club Re later, aad
a a Tary fine animaL Those Interested
please call at his farm in the north part of
the Tillage. . Eltf
' No Deception Used.
It 1 strange so many people will continue
to saner day altar day with Dyspepsia, Liv
er complaint, CoaatlpaUon, tour Stomach,
General Debility, when they can procure at
ar store BhOoh'e Vital ser. free of cost if
It does not cure or relieve them. Price 75
oeuta. Sold by XrereU k Starr, Wellington.
From Detroit.
DamorT, Mich ., Jan. 80. 1879.
Dn. hf. 1L Turn. Fredonia, X. T..
Dear Sir: Pleaae evnd me one bottle of
your Blood aad Liver Remedy and Nerve
Tonic aad four bottles of vour Improved
Cough Uoaey. I And tbem the beat reme
dies I have ever tried. Nothing helped our
cnuorem wnea uey were recovering Irom
whooning eoogh aa your Cough Honey, aad
and as for colds it certainly cures them very
quickly. We can not do without your ex
cellent remeaiee in our lamiiy, as uey ai
wave help ua when we are in pain. Enclosed
Sad (3. Toura truly.
Br. Fennert Blood and Liver Remedy
snd Netr Tonic may well be called
"The conquering hero' of the times. It
la the medical triumph of the nee. Who
ever has "the blues" should take it, for
It regulates and restores the disordered
system that given rise to them. It al
ways curee Billions nest and Liver Com
plaint, Jaundice, Drapepeia, Conatipa-
tioa. Headaches, Fever and Ague, Spleen
Auargmeau, ecroioja, juryaipeiaa, urn
plea, Blotches, and ail akin eruptions
and blood disorders; Swelled Limbs and
Dropsy; 81eepleeaitesa, Impaired Nerves
-and Nervosa Debility: Restores flesh
and strength when the system is running
aown or going into aecitne; cures ire
male Weakness and Chronic Rheuma
tism, and relieves Obronio Bronchitis,
aad all Long and Throat difficulties.
It does these things by striking at the
root of disease and removing its causes
Da Ftenner's Improved Cough Honey
win rexstvs any cough in one hoar.
lit. Fennera Golden Belief cures any
pa', as tooth-ache, neuralgia, colic or
h-u!che in S to 80 minutes, and readily
reus res raeumausm, kidney-complaint,
diarrhoea, dysentery. For sals by Dr. 8.
B. Xmerson. Dr. Tenner's Bt. Vitus
Dance Specific. One bottle always cures
rsr sajs oy dealers.
At wholesale by Swift Dodd, Detroit,
- For lamps and fixtures, see tbe new
Stock at J. W. Houghton's.
King's California Golden Com
pound bss arrived at Houghton's. .
la getting ready for winter, do not
forget to renew'yoar subscription to
tbs EaTsaniss.
For stationery, school books, and
all school supplies, go to Houghton's
drag and book store. tf
. Pspsr la quarter ream packages
and In smaller quantities cbesper tban
over before known, at Houghton's.
Go and ass the new goods, too nam'
crous to mention, at Houghton's drug
and book store.
- Tbe boras paper Is the one yon can
heast afford to spare. Ssud In your sub
scriptions and renewal.
; A full assortment of writing and
copying fluids and inks, pens, pencils
for sals at Houghton's.
' VTick-sa things which even good
people allow and enjoy lamps. You
pan get ta a at Houghton's.
Spy of Atlanta.
We wish all our readers a Merry
Shall the Wellington Band have a
new uniform?
Co to the new Cigar and Tobacco
Store, and get some of that SO cent
Tobacco. 8-tf.
Mr. Jessie Flenner's dialect as Jake
Schneider In "Spy of Atlanta" is simply
Ladles' Cloaks snd Circles, latest
tyles, chesp, $3.00 and upwards at
Wm. Binlnger's. 12-4w
A choice lot of Tobaccos at A. P.
Dimock'a, at jobbers' prices. 8-tf.
Pete in " The Spy of Atlanta " begs
leave to inform you that " Dars room
enough for all"
S. P. Hastings has just received a
second twenty-live lot of those favorite
Domestic Sewing Machines, for the hoi
Way trade.
Only four cars of live geese mov
ing eastward one day list week. They
purely are going to keep Christmas
The artesian well will be tried
once more thin winter, with the hope
of getting plenty of water, or enough
to Oil the contract.
All colors of perforated board, also
gilt and silver card board, at .Hough
ton's; also a very choice new lot of
scrap pictures for applique wort.
Mj. Bsrtley tells us that he seldom
meets wjth a full cast for his play who
are all as good sS the Ladies snd Gents
who are taking parts in Wellington.
We notice that an overwhelming
amount of trade Is being done by our
merchants, and many customers com
plain that they cinnotget waited upon.
When you are In towa stop at A.
P. Dimock's cigar and tobacco store;
he has got something to chow you. Stf
Tha unusual demands upon our
time and strength at this season of the
year, may account for any seeming
lack of attention to the matter of the
paper this week.
Everett & Starr make their best
bow to their customers and the public
through an advertisement in our col
umns in this issue. They are having a
flneHoliday trade, and are deserving
of their success.
Aa we go to press earlier than usu
al, so as to get the paper out of the way
of Christmas Eve festivities, great prep
arations are going on at the churches,
decorating, arranging, receiving and
putting gifts on the trees.
I will tell-you what would be a
very acceptable holid y present. Ore
of Ilarrey's warm scarfs, mufflers,
gloves, m'tf, or even a silk han-lker-clilef.
He says he will be in readiuess
for the emergency this week. ' 13 2c
Our near neighbor, Mr. Wight,
has a lull corps f help, and all are
busy displaying staple holiday article
to iiiimcrnus itutoiners. Leo If at his
-laot assortment of tine gno.ls, and
note the pn.,-e; then of course you
will not look further. ...
Editors, printers and all hands at
the, ExTuraiSK ofllce were generously
remembered with wedding cake, fruit,
etc., when the marriage notices In this
paper were sent. The newly married
couples have the - best wishes of the
EnTumusa family. .
Notice the new ad. of tbe Domes-
tto Sewing Mschine Company In this
issue. They have lately got out some
of the finest styles ever put on the
market by any sewing machine compa
ny. They are on exhibition at list
ing's rooms, Benedict Block
The value of the series of articles
by Mr. E. P. Roe, now appearing in
Scrlbner's Monthly, Is not only appre
ciated by thousands of people who arc
trying as amateurs to cultivate fruits
of different kids, but Is bringing words
of high praise from experienced horti
culturists. Warren Opt was arrested by Mr.
Marshall, Monday, In Wood county,
charged with stesling an overcoat from
Mr. Gosling about two weeks since. He
is also wanted In Seneca county, on a
charge of forgery, for which he was ar
rested and broke fail. As that case Is
of greater consequence than this, he
will probably be returned there for
trial. He acknowledges he stole the
Wm. Vischer and family have gone
east to spend the Holidays.
S. S. Parker and family, will take
their Christmas turkey with friends in
Lorain, Ohio.
Mia Aettie Keyes, after a two yeais
absence mostly spent In Texas, is visit
ing friends In Wellington.
The cousins, R. Corf, and Norton
Horr, are home from Cornell College,
spending their holiday acat!oji.
Charlie Willard of Cleveland, Is spend
Ing the holidays with relstives and
friend in Wellington. . -
Eli Howk, Esq., has 1-een 111 for
some days with erysipelas In the limb
broken two or three years ago.
Mr.' Hlggins, Supt. of telegraph
line, was in town Tuesdsy looking af
ter the interests of the company.
Mrs. Russell Webster Is very low
with congestion of the lungs, and very
little hope of her recovery Is enter
The Rev. O. D. Fisher, of Cleveland
exchanged pulpits with Mr. Dalv last
Sabbath, and was the guest of Mr,
Geo. Fisher.
Mrs. Gideon Adams has been falling
rapidly the past week, and her death
any day la not uo looked for.
Misses Florence and May Adams,
and Harry Manchester, have been vis
iting Mrs. Brsmsn and other relatives
Mrs. Fanny B. Richmond, a highly
respected and aged resident of Penfleld,
died last week Friday morning, of pa
ralysis, after a few days illness.
Mrs. F. R. Loom Is in moving from
Medina to Norwalk, loat valuable cloth'
ing by her trunk being broken opeu, It
having been Disced In a freight car
with household good .
Mr. Eugene Wnitcomb, a former typo
In the Kxtekptisb office, beamed upon
us on Friday last, and was warmly
greeted all round. He is still employed
in ths Cleveland Homeopathic Dispen
sary. E. E. Thomas, general manager,
Robt. Blee, superintendent, and Mr.
Ford, engineer of the C. C. C A I.Ry.i
came to town on a special train Mon
day, to complete the leasing of grounds
for warehouse purposes.
Miss Frsnces J. Uoyt, only daughter
of Rev. F. S. Hoy t, editor or the West
ern Christlsn Advocate, was married
In St. Psal's Church, Cincinnati, Dec.
13th, to Percy S. Dyer, the ceremony
being performed by Bishop Wiley.
Dr. McClaran has so far recovered
that he has for several days
been attending to his office business
and practice In the village, and he will
hereafter answer calls from the coun
try, within a reasonable distance.
Mrs. S. T. Martyn, author of the
Women of the Bible," "The Crescent
and the Cross," "Times of Knox and
Mary Stuart," "HugenoU In France,"
"Margarett of Navarre." and many
other volumes, lately died in New York
Mr. Miles Hart, twenty years ago or
more a Penfleld boy, came in from Chi
cago, Tuesday morning, and with wife
and daughter is hunting up the old
land-marks about his native place. He
will find his former school-mates with
frost about their temples, their children
shouting on the play-ground, and very
few left of thOKO who owned the farms
and were the head of the households a
score of years ago.
The High School Exercises.
Close of the term Friday afternoon.
The school creditably performed the
following very IntereUing
Mnic by School, Patriotic Glee.
Oration, Boyish Patriotism,
Essay, Our First Term in the High
hki.e sMrrn.
A Letter
Oration, Dependence,
Music Duet, Minute Gun at Sea,
Oration, Nature's Gifts to Man,
Essay, What I know about Hens,
a so. rust.
Recitation, The Edelweiss,
Oration, neroism in the Ranks,
Music Instrumental Trio,
Lecture, That Boy,
Discussion, Question, Resolved,
That the Puloit Is a Greater Field
lor Eloquence than the Bar.
Aff.. p. towhsexd; Jeg., e. bexedict.
Judges, MR. SAXTLET,
Carrie tripp.
Gymnastics by the School.
Judges of discussion. decided In ftvor
of affirmative.
Lecture, That Boy Defended,
Telegraphic Sparks,
Recitation Alexander's Store.
Music Solo, Some one Lead my
Heart Astray.
Recitation, Tbe American Forcat
ida STrorr.
Declamation, .... . .Baron Grimalkin's
Death, .
Oration, Our Nationality,
Music Quartette, Come where my
Love lies Dreaming.
Rot. "W. H. Milbnrn's Lecture.
"What a Blind Man Saw in
England ."
We have time to give only a hssty
mention of the lecture of Tuesday
evening. An intelligent and apprecia
tive audience, fair-sired, but less than
the quality of the entertainment mer
ited, felt well paid, notwithstanding
the sloppy condition of the walks and
the rain in which they had to go home
The blind usually inspiro one with
compassion, and we do not associate
with them strength, unusual Intelll
gence and vivacity or superior attain
ments, but when Mr. Milburn rises to
his full height, and is upon the speak
ers stand with an expectant company
before him, the whole figure and coun
tenance of the man is suggestive of In
tellectual power, physical vijror and
orldly success. He Is tall, erect, has
a fine head, full bearded preposessing
face, and bis sightless eyes being cov
ered by colored glasses ot orJinary
size, the expression of his face Is as
free and unembarrassed, and not un
like that of people who can sec. His
heating aud other fu'.-ulties are acute-,
aud have conveyed to his mind very
much more than many people sec, so
that his descriptions are vivid, humor
ous and very entertaining. His In
tcrview with Carlyle, his experience
In hotel, his description of English
Parliamentary speaking, and of En
glish reticence and repose compared
with American gush and volubility
were very guggestivb and aiuuiing.
Wellington people woui 1 like to hear
the blind orator on other topics.
(An arttclee under this head a re cents per line.)
Miss Eunice S. Marshall was born In
Tallend, nampdeu county, Masi., May
10th, 1814: she was married to Mr.
Geo. A. Cowlcs, Jan. 4th, 1S32, and In
March, same year, settled in Colebrook,
Litchfield county, Conn., remaining
there three years. During that time
two children Laura Jane and John
Newton, were born.
In October, 1S36, the family removed
to Wellington and made a home among
the pioneers; buying aud settling upon
the farm now occupied ly the family.
Soun after settling l i their new homes
Mr. and Mrs. Cowles became iu mbvr,
of the Congregational Church in n es
tablished; she becoming one of the
most active members In all good work,
from the date of her ent-y into the
church, even disease set hU fatal seal
upon her brow whilst actively engaged
preparing articles for their late fair.
The last work of her hands was done In
service for the church, only 30 hours
before the spirit took its homeward
Her disease, congestion of the lungs,
was rapid in its course. She was con
fined to her bed but three days, though
she bad not been in her usual health
for some time previous. The family
phyticlm gave little hope for her re
covery from the first visit. Though un
tiring devoted nurses did what they
could, the angel of death came; sever
ed the tics of earth and conveyed the
spirit to its abiding place, Thursday
evening' Dee. llth. She retained full
consciousness of every passing event,
and continued to direct the ways of the
household till her last hour, knowing
her time on earth was short. She bade
good bye and said last words to all
present, besides leaving many good
byes for absent friend i.
Mrs. Cowlcs was a woman- of rare,
inestimable worth, living for the good
of others. She dispensed long happi
ness and set dailv examDle worthy of
emulation. A dutiful wife, a blessed
mother, a wise counselor, she hath don
what she could tt sow the good seed,
tint will fruit in due season.
The hu-band who Is left to journey
alone; the only daughter so long en
compassed bv a mother's love; the only
sou bound by lie3 unexpresflbly dear lo
the mother's heart, and the grand-chil
dren so gently cherished, are deeply
grieving for her, who Is no more. May
their hearts I e comforted, knowing it
is well with her.
The funeral services were conducted
st the house by Rev. J. A. Daly, Sat-
urday, Dec. 13th, and thenemains were
Interred In the old burial grounds, be
side the forms of lored ones gone be
fore. . ;
A life aa pure, ao truly iroood
Wltb kindly deed tnwroarht.
Departing leave a monument
Of greatcat worth, by wtidom bought.
The family desire to sxpres their
most sincere thanks U the friends who
so kindly rendered theirservices during
the time of sickness and afflictions con-
sequent thereto. W ords are inadequate
to express the worth of sympathy ten
dered at such times. May all receive
full measure of such gifts In time of
need, is the hesrtfelt wish of the fami
ly. W.
Late News Notes.
Tho wife of Bishop Scott of the M. E,
Church, died at OJessa.Delaware, Nov.
Lorein county has had three boys at
the Reform School at Lancaster, in the
past year.
Elder Garvin is holding a protracted
meeting In the Disclrde Church, at
Cuyahoga Falls.
The Ohio Wcslevan University at
Delaware, has had five hnndred stu
dents the last term.
It costs Akron 3340,000 a year for
liquor, while the city government
schools and church expenses aro not
more tban two-thirds that sum.
State Senator-elect Henry B. Perkins
of Warren 3 has lately had eight or ten
ounces of foreign matter removed from
his liver by a surgical operation and is
restored to health.
A stranger called at the home or a
family named Sturoph, a short distance
oast of town one day this week with a
parcel of goods, which he said was the
property of another man. He desired
to leave them in the care ot thefamlly
until the owner called for them, but
must have a receipt to show him where
they were. Ho pioduccd the receipt.
it was siirncd and he departed. It has
since turned out to be a nolo for $S5
The swindler is gone, nobdv knows
where. Look out for him. Gallon Sun
Ths recent advance In all kinds Of
merchandise has carried paper way up
to the highest notch, and to-day blank
paper costs the publishers nearly twice
as much per ream as it did two months
ago. A man - handling merchandise
would mark his goods up to conform
with the great advance, and many pub
lishers of newspapers have found it
necetary to advance the subscription
price of their papers. We shall en
deavor to furnish the Record at the
usual price. $1.50 per year, but In so
doing we must exact more prompt pay
ment on the part of our subscribers.
Our business is limited, and we cannot
carry several hundred papsis through
the whole year on credit. The city
publisher always receive his pay in ad
vance; the country publither, whose
expenses In Issuing hi paper far ex
ceed those of the city publisher, should
certainly receive the same considera
tion. New London Record.
The above has a wide application.
Ed. Enterprise.
Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting for the election
of officers of th Wellington Union Ag
ricultural Society, will bo held at the
Towu Hall, lit Wr-Uiiiion , on Tuesday,
Jamiarr 13th. IS), at 10 o'clock A. M,
F. B. Maslv. Tresf.
It. X. Goodwin, Sec. 14-2t
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
In Wellington P. O., for the week end
ing Dec. 20, 1379:
Fred. Baxter, Samuel Larcombr.
J. T. OoDEif, P. M.
When failing for the above please
say "Advertised."
Rev. BUhop G.l mour of Cleveland,
OMo, has ued the Great German Rem
edy, St. Jacobs Oil, and endorsed It
highly. He writes abaut as follw: I
am plrared to say that the use of St. Ja
cobs Oil has bone fined me greatly, and
I hsre no hesitation to recommend it to
all as an excellent curative.
Five Hundred Thoasand Strong.
Iu the past few months there has
been more than 500,000 bottles of Shi
loh's Cure sold. Out of the vast num
ber of penplo who hive used It, more
than 2,000 ca.es of consumption have
l)-u cured. All cough, croup, asth
ma and bronchitis yield at once, h.encc.
I' is that everybody ppciks in its praise.
To those whvl-.ate not used It, let us
say, If you h iva a cough, or your child
the cro up, aud you value life, don't fail
to try it. For lame back, side or chest,
use Shiloh' s Porous Plaster. Sold by
your druggist, Evjrett & Starr.
Tumor, erysipelas, mercurial dis
eases, scrofula, and general debility
cured by "Dr. Lindsey's Blood Search-
The secret of perfect health is in
variably found by those who take "Sel
lers' Liver Pills."
We have a speedy and positive cure
for catarrh, diphtheria, canker mouth,
and headache, in Shiloh's Catarrh Rem
edy. A nasal injector free with each
bottle. Use it If you desire health and
sweet breath. Price SO cts. Sold by
Everett & Starr.
A single week is often the limit of
a case of pneumonia a child's life is
often terminated by one hour of croup.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil has been known
to cure a cough in 34 or 43 hours Take
these facts Into consideration, and bear
in mind also, this medicine remedies
sores, pain, stiffness, and a variety of
other troubles, mentioned In advertise
ment in another column.
A Strange People.
Do you know that there are strange
people in our community,- we say
strange because they seem to prefer to
suffer and pass their days miserably,
made so by dyspepsia and liver com
plaint, indigestion, constipation and
general debility, when Shiloh's Vitali-
zer is guaranteed to cure them. Sold
by Everett A Starr.
An Honest Medicine froo of
CI: arse.
"i nil n-encine ai'verti'ed fo curt
any aflection of the throat, ehe-t oi
mugs, we Know ot none we can recom
mend so highly as Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption, coughs, colds,
asthma, bronchitis hay fever, hoarse
ness, tickling In the throat, loss of
voice, etc. This medicine does positive
ly cure, and that where e very l h ing else
has failed. No medicine can show one-
half so many positive gr.d permanent
cures as have already been eflected by
tlii truly wonderful remedy. For asth-
ma and bronchitis it is a pcrfectspecillc,
curing the very worst cases in the
shortest time possible. We say by all
means give it a trial. Trial bottle free.
Regular size, $1.00. For SAle by J. W
J. P. Eldt Is selling out his Immense
stock of Christmas Candles very rap
Ji P. Fldt has for sale some very fine
Candy Canes very cheap.
J. P. Eidt Is selling the finest mixed
Candy in Wellington, for 20 cents per
J. P. Eidt has an immense lot of
Candy Toys for sale, very cheap.
J. P. Eidt Is making fresh Candy
for his holiday trade.
J. P. Eidt sclU his own make of
Candv for 20 cents per pound. It Is all
pure sugar to.
J. P. Eldt uses no adulterations in his
Candv. You need Day out no doctor
bill if you buy his Candy.
J. P. Eidt will sell you Oysters any
way you wish to buy them.
J. P. Eidt will furnish parties at re
duced rates on Oysters and Crackers,
J. P. Eldt savs trade with him, if
you don't want to oe Duiiaozca.
But your Candy and Toys of J. P.
Fruit, shade, ornamental of all vari
eties and grades. C. W. Baker of
Palnosville, O., who has been selling
and delivering otock from the nursery
oi Storrs & Harrison of that place is re
ceiving many words of commendation
for the very excellent quality of his
trees. His customers, uniformly ex
press entire satisfaction with both qual
ity and prices. He will continue to
canvass lo this vicinity all winter and
will fill orders taken, next Spring.
Reserve your orders until he calls on
vou and gives you prices. 6 -4m
Husbands snd lovers, who want to buy a
choice China or glassware Christmas
present, can find just what they want at
the crockery store of Bowlby as tiail.
Our stock of mustache, tea and coflre
cups and saucers is the most complete of
any thing in town, we nave a variety
of Christmas goods that everybody
oncht to see before purchasing else
Herbert puts on his standing collar
and says come in and see bow
and accommodating he can be,
wears his old clothes, but says he is not
dead nor asleep and won't be outdone in
polHeaers nor accommodations, tiewis
says it is a big pile of candy, but thinks
be can get away with it without mucn
Yes, you get a half pound of candy
thrown in with one pound of tea or over.
or one dollar s worth of cones or over,
until the 2d day of January, 1880, at the
said Bowiby Jt Hall s.
Our coflee and tea are the best and no
body shall undersell us on same quality
KeicemDer we roast our own conee.
and those who use It say it is the best,
Come in and see our lamps, glassware,
dishes, table cutlery, canned goods, mo
lasses, syrup, soap, crackers, and espec
ialiy those oysters direct from C o.
Ma. thy, Baltimore, the oldest and most
reliable oyster packer in America.
Vm. Qncr
-triors."- mow
J.FW. Houghton's, Optician.
"Wellington, Oluo.
Agents Wanted.
Arn'i wsnted In every town In tbe County. Come
and are the
itmiwn saw machine.
OtlrV Patent. Eihlb!ted by A. C Benedict, who
will sell the machine or will seU territory for the
Welllnatcn, O., Dee. 24th, Ta.
For Bent.
Two large upajr rooms with closets to each, suit-
themselresnear the Ulgh School building. Inquire
anie lor uraic r nemnmt. " .--
ot sua. a. waiTsaa&o. M-tf,
I have a choice lot of Beaver and Felt
Hats, and wtll sell as low as they can
be bought anywhere. In my Dress
making Department I hare a superior
hand for cutting, fitting and making
Cloaks. Dolmans and Dresses. Goods
made up to order In a style not sur-
oassed. A good fit guaranteed and
prices reason a le.
A. U.
There will be a meeting of the
stockholders of the First Nation
al Bank of Wellington, Ohio, on Mon
day, the 12th day of January, 1880. be
tween the hours of 10 a. m., and 12 m.,
for the purpose of electing five direc
tors to serve for the ensuing yesr.
W. Ccshiox, J r., Asst. Cashier.
Wellingtox, O., Dec. 14, 1879.
Coughing In Church. No place in
the world equals London for the con
stant barking kept up In the churches.
It Is like a perpetual fusilade of small
arms. Why don't they take Hall's
Balsam and get rid of their coughs t It
is the most wonderful remedy, and the
proprietors warrant it In every instance
Let the coughers give It a trial.
Bncklen's Arnica Salve.
Tbe best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, tetter
chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and
all kinds of skin eruptions. This salve
is guaranteed to give perfct satisfaction
In every case or money refunded
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
J. W. Houghton.
The market is a little dull, as is usual
at this season of the year, but without
any material change in prices.
We quote : buying, (naked) lO!! c;
billing, (boxed)UO 12 cents.
The shipments of cheese for the
week ending Dec. 16, are as follows :
No. of Boxes, 1.3S7; No. of pounds.
Butter for the same time as follows
No. of pkgs. 102 ; No. of pounds
Wellington Produce Market.
Apple, dried.) Ib 4!Geeas drcnad. lb OS
Applet, green. bu4 7VH.J. ton .....SOU
oeeawax. v ID titmi iukikto, in....-.-
ll-.n. m Km 1 UI HlilHtmlLlb AA
Buckvbeat, V bn K Maple Sagar. V U....8lO
rii..ul hn Ih I
Lhlckenidreaeed. e7t i-oiaioea. du....
awtn. m IK 7lHit.fl a urk 3 (10
Din,, bkiiil anaao sail. Asruon. v to
Durks dressed, 9 lb IOi
Salt, Common. 9 bbl.. 1 au
Salt. Solar. f bbl 3 SO
Shrep Pelts, lb .2sai oo
Dairy, V id Jtfm
Creamery. lb '
Tnrkrri dressed. 111b 8 8
Kggs. dos 16
Fsaiaera. V lb ?uj
Timothy seed, 3 00
Wool id xwu
Dressed Pork, 88. 00.
Grain, Flour and Feed.
IBran, ewt 80. V ton IS 00
Corn, belled, bu So
Corn In ear, V bn 50
Best Red, uck ...I !
No. 1. ssek 1
hm wnite. v smca.1 o-
'oats, w ou
ICIorer seed. Sbn s 50
Tlmotby seed. be.. J SO
Orahim. rwt J SO
Bacawneet r lour, ..... ou
Bolted Meal. cwt ...I 40
MeaLewt : 1"
Cl'OB CWt 1 SO
Cora, shelled. b 48
Cora. In ear. ba ...
Osts, ba -is
Wbeat, ba l so
Clonu- aeed. ba 4 7
Middlings, f cm i iu
Short. cwt
OU Meal cwt. 1 5o,
TimolhT seed bu...2 SO
Desirable ViUago Property- for
The anderslgned offers for sale, bla very desirable
boasa and lot on Cortland arcane. Lot sexies feet.
House nearly new. Standard and smaU frnlts. grapes
ate.. In profusion; also aa aDanaance oi nam ana
soft water. Tor fall particular and terms, apply to
8. B. HIUB.
Between F. B. lfanley'a and Wellington, or on the
road not tb of Manlay. on the 5th of KOTembar,
wagon shoe. The finder will be rewarded oa leering
It at tbe Kamnraisa office.
Estate of O. Jerome Bockwood,
The undersigned has been appointed and Qualified
aumlnlstrator with the wlU annexed, ot tbe estate of
O- Jerome Bockwood. late of Lorain County, de
ceased. Dated Is M day of Decembe r. 1879.
Estate Notice.
If otlee Is hereby glren that the undersigned bss
been duly appointed and qualified aa Administrator
da bonis non with tbe will annexed, of the estate of
Stephen D. Renoaard, deceased, late of Wellington,
Lorain County, Ohio.
If or. 29lh. 1879.
Harpers Weekly.
This perlo Heal has always, by its
able and scholarly discussions of the
questions of the day, aa well as by Its
Illustrations which are prepared by
the best artists exert a most powerful
and beneficial influence upon the pub
lic mind.
The weight of its influences will al
ways be found on the side of morality.
enlightenment, and refinement.
The volumes of the magazine begin
with the numbers for June and De
cember of each year. Wh en no time is
specified, it will be understood that the
sub-cribers wishes to begin with the
current number.
Harper's Periodicals.
Harpers Magazine, one year, $4 00
Harper's Weekly, " " 4 00
narDer's Bazaar. " 4 00
The three above named publica
tions, one year, .10 00
Any two above named, one year,.. 7 001
Harper's Your.g People, one Tear, 1 50
Postage free to all subscribers In the
United Slates or Canada.
The Annual Volumes of Harpkr's
Weekly, In neat cloth binding, will be
sent by mall, postage pnid, or by ex
press, free of expense (provided the
f i eight doss not exceed one dollar per
volume), for (7 00 each. Afcomplete
set, comprising Twenty-thre Volumes,
sent on rece'pt of cash the rate ot
$5 23 per volume, freight at expense of
Cloth Cases for each volume, suitable
for binding, will be sent by mail, post
paid, o.i receipt of $1 00 each.
Remittance should be made by P. O.
money order or draft, to avoid chauce
of loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this ad
vertisement without the express order
01 uarper OS uromers. iviuress
i Habfkb & Brothsrs. New York.
"We keep tbe largest and best Assortment of Drugs,
Medidines, Chemicals, Dye Stuffs, Perfumes,
Toilet and Fanoy Articles, Paints,
Oils, Varnishes, School Books,
Stationery, and Sheet
That can be found in town, while our prices defy competi
tion. We are State Agents for
tersf which are rapidly increasing in favor. Also CrSLCL-
dOCJS S Con.dlti03a. ?OWtters made irom tne oia re
ceipt of Wooster and Craddock, and are the same old Pow
ders that were so long and favorably known as Wooster's
Condition Powdera.
Our 3PrescriTDtioa
increase, and Prescriptions are
a a. 11 "'S1a
Hours ox tne uay ana nignx.
The New Light Running "Domestic."
It Has No Equal.
S. P. HASTINGS, is our only authorized Agent at Wel
lington. Rooms and
It having come to our knowledge that certain
machines through some means unbeknown to us, and when unable to sell other ma
chines, offer to supply one of our make, we wish hereby to caution all parties purcha
sing our machines, to be sure that the numbers are not defaced, as we condemn all such
actions, and utterly Ignore all such sales. We regret that it should become necessary
to publish a caution of this kind, but in lostice to ourselves and patrons it becomes neeea-
Mr. 8. P. Hastings is our only authorized agent for the sale of the New "Domestic"
Machine in Wellington, and parties buying their machines other than through him, do so at
their own risk, aa we will not he responsible fur any such sales made.
Any purchases made through Mr. Hastings will be fully endorsed by n, acd all ma
chines sold by him will be warranted for thres years, and kept in good running order free
of expense to the purchaser for that length of time. Jan. 1, 'SO ly.
Wellington, O.
Dealers la
We hare Increased our stock, sad have a
large assortment of all the latest and fash
ionable styles, at
Those wishing to sava money can do so by
giving us a call.
A full line of
Paror Suits,
bedroom Sets,
Marble top 2ablest
Jfuncy 2abtesy
Extension 2ables, -
Patent Rockers,
I?asj C?iairs,
Camp Chairs,
Office Chairs,
Child's JFancjy blockers,
JFbot fflests,
Flower Stands,
Hiible Stands,
and about all kinds ot chairs ytcvi
Uon: in fact, our stock ,or furniture is com.
piete, and at much lower prices than you
have been, buying for during the last 25
Keeps on hand at all times a largo snd com
plete stock of Hardware. Making his pur
chases direct from the manufacturers, he
can off or goods at the
Ziowestj Figures.
Attention is called to his'stock of
White Lead,
Oils aud Brushes.
His stock of Carpenter's snd Mechan
lc's Tools, Cutlery, and House Furnishing
Goods Is complete, and prices unequalled,
Revolvers aud Cartridges lo
full assortment, aud at unpre
cedcntly low prices.
All Goods warranted
satisfaction guaranteed.
J. H. Woolley.
YewmaXL ToniO -BX-
Business is still on the
accurately compounded at all
Sewing Machines.
We aak your apeclal attention to the following
point of the Domestic:
New Vibrating Preaaer and tJnderbralder.
Self Setting Needle.
8elf Threading Shuttle,
The Antoaiatlo Tension.
The Automatic Take-op,
Simplicity of Con-traction,
Adjustability of Part,
Great Range of ork.
Quietness and Kaae of Operation,
Loom Pulley for Winding Bobbins,
Light-Running, Finish and Durability.
It Is an admitted fact, as the sworn statements of
the manufacturers will show, that there Is no ma
chine made that can show tbe rapid growth aad In
creasing popularity of the DOMESTIC for the time It
has been In use. Merit will win,-
office in Benedict Block.
parties occasionally secure some of our
i year. Sena Ten cents in one cent
tans'.) -r a doc oincr .riauwu uuu-
rfisii pnee w ccum, uu kbm
io mitt 2SOO a rear. No ham-
bug. Only those wit
Only those wlto mean business ned apply.
.Oberlin, - Ohio,
, t
Pianos and Organs Repaired.
All Work Warranted to Give
This is to certify that we, the under
signed, have employed Mr. r . Chur
chill as a Tuner and Repairer, and that
the work for us has given entire satis
faction. Prof- Kice, Prof. Wright,
Prof. Cady, Prof. Severance.
Prof. Davis, Prof. Blakeslee,
Prof. Sweet.
CP" Orders left with J. W. Houghton
will receive prompt attention.
H. B. Hamlin,
Hesxlqaarters For
Flour, Feed,
Has on sale a new Brand of Flour of
absolutely the best quality In town, at
the same price you pay for inferior
kinds. Try it, and get rid of that bane
of the family, bad bread.
Fanners having grain should re
member that this is the place to get the
highest market price for It in cash.
They should also remember jhat In or
der to continue to raise good crops they
must apply fertilisers to their lands.
have been proved to be the most pow
rrlul, best and cheapest fertilizer In the
market. Made by experieuced and re
liable manufacturers, prepared as
plant food by the best known process,
it is the standard fertilizer; causing
immediate and lasting fertility, and I
perfectly adapted to all crops. Call,
and get circulars.
Warehouse South of By., Depot,
4in-33-tf Wellington, Ohio.
I guarantee to all my customers oys
ters as fresh and as good, for as low
price as any other house In this place.
I shall have on hand a full supply for
Christmas of bulk and cans.
A larce assortment of holiday can
dies, toys, pipes, tobacco, etc.
Please call before you buy and ex
amine goods and prices.

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