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lawiaw: V. V1! I
1 I
Oool, orjrpr, Trdin t. lnsolou frni t, .
Though ocourc with wittlivM stripes T
Tor rove thou need not press thy salt,
Thoa boldest as with gripes.
What time thon'rt In the marjcet plane, .
A doaen for s nickel. A v "'
or j to -rortttauoa truit with MmpuiH iaoo ;r Li
FnrtiMdia fruit with temntlnar fane n
OcJytnjr near the garden path.
Some simple lad, in frolic.
Purloins thee, brinzlna; down the wrath
Of oonecienoe ana 01, colic
v r" , i- - -v
, . J! r Or siloed tn-"vtnegar Infanta, ! J ; ,
vT " -" Thoa msket all food sweeter. '' i
Cans doubling np the toys of taste.
And doubling up the eater.
Child of the dew. from Asia's clime.
trcspeptfc may deride us, - - 1
f-"7Werll not expose air in trar rtjiMi r J
Vi Thy wronKS are,ll Inside iiC . ?H
A vengeance gastronomic :
i . Thine : unlike a crime that weighs ths heart,
:" Lies aeary oo the stomach. 0. v
1 c'' Thy slain are' scattered o'er' the earth! ' -Pnissaatof
the kn-klox camber; : T v;
Thy form, with praise of vanished worth,
- ... inould mack their place of. siqjnber.
And shall we rear this fruit again.
And of It be partaker?, .
, -j -, We taste, and answer To. or pain, J
Tee, were put I
V Slrack ! ye . wpnlda t , wear , that
. " thing, would ye now, Delphy K "
1 Tow to wear it fast chainjoe 1 git,'-
Ephraim Picklea." The little wisp of a
y woman in a short tight "dress ahd ' Big
I blue apron looked very determined.- a
s ah held by the collar a polonaise of .the
; most . flaming scarlet imaginable,' knd
' enrreyed it through her spectacles. Her
v . ,' tall, awkward husband, iust in from the
' " fieldr-euireyed it, 6oo,wiih his head half
i 'on one side and his eres half shut. --The
' old Brahma rooster going by the door.
a ana eviaenuy aitraciea oy mo yiviu
rt mlnrwitJlin. stnnrwuf tA insnefit
it, too r lumping upon mo step no put
i , JUS ussu UJU UWl , nulling
', side to side, then threw it back, opened
lis mouth as wide as possible, as if in-
dulging 'in a spasm of laughter, and
. sent forth a loud, hoarse crow. , - r
: "The O-yapten's a-laughlri'-at ye,"
: , said Ephraim, as he picked op his pan. of
, pump tin.' seea. ana.stanea to uie neiu.
WioA wmilil il: :hnTA.kmn far the Clo.'
" t , tain to follow, instead of standing stock
' still,' a mark 'for the "arrows of Mrs.
.'i-vll ! Pickles's Wrath.' ' She seized the broom
i j and brandished it vigoToaslyi1:! .3-; ;n
'I'. -Yoa. jiat tote yourself off,- -yoa
" ole Tarmint," she cried, "standin' an'
crowin' there like a"oie "possuui. "The'
' t Captain, still standing in innocent won-
der, . exasperated her Into hurling the
; broom toward himwhereat he sprang
Tt- three feet : straight np into the air with
-4 an astonished " Qa-aw-kt" vvthen
marohed vtf around thflC cornet.-
The polonaise had been sent to Mrs.
, , , Fickles by a sister in the eity. whohe
taste in dress ran to brilliance of oolor-
- lug, in part par for the rolls of butter
' supplied by Mrs. Pickles, Who had sent
' . ' for the polonaise - with a rapae order to
, r get soniething "kinder styiish. an,'. tak-
ln'-UKe."' &ne snarea ner sister's taste
'for bright colors in a more moderate de
eree. and. thonzh she might not ham
- j if selected such a very striking article her
self, now that she had it she was loath
to hide its gorgeousness from the light
:.-'.'! of day ana the aamiraaon or bteepie
wille eyes. -' . : -;; .-. '
. Probably the Captain had forgotten
'" " " all about the polonaise, the broom and
his own misdeed as he reveled in '-his
- - J-'- sun. But EphrsimPickies, teisurely
patting the tops of the pumpkin hills
smooth wiin tne Diaae oi me noe, anew
,-r.v- bv the ehrUl and vieioTK tone of the tin
y dinner-horn that Delphy had ot forgot
ten the slights put that morning upon
her scarlet polonaise. .. .
But the bone of contention had not yet
reached the acme oi its reputation. v
- - - - The bells of the little villasre church
.. i.'- v "---'were ringing the next morning for Sabbath-school
when Ephraim put his head
in at the bed-room door where his wife
was struggling with a mighty hair braid,.
which perversely rerusea to oe arrangea
in orderly fashion, bat with an utter dis
regard for propriety bristled up in a
jauntilv defiant manner, and kept slip
ping backward and forward and &Jde-
wavs with everv motion oi ueipnys lm-
N . patient neaa. .
,'" ' ' "Air ye a-eoin' to wear that red
thin?. DelDhvP" asked Eohraim.
"Yes, I air," answered, his wife, pos
itively, gouging a big hairpin into the
remcsory oratu, anu piooiog n. ixuh. in
a state of hilarious one-sidedness.
" Then I ain't a-eoin with ye," said
Ephraim, with his. usual deliberate slow-ness.-
''--'- 1J, !
"I kin go alone, I reckon," said Del
v -y. , , -, pny, ner necav. loosing suaaemy very
' " " strafeht and her nose very stiff."
"folks H take ye ier a big walkin
" - ! ; hoUyhock' said Ephraim, as he shut the
'"-'' ; door." Never an idea of flinchinsr from
- her purpose had Mrs. Pickles,' as she
buttoned, ' on the red polonaise with
stftadv fincrera.' But as she stepped out
on the little buff portioo as the bells.
,were beginning to nng lor cnurcn, ana
no Ephraim was to be seen, the thought
that he really meant to let her go alone
was a thorn' that' rankled sorely in her
heart. "An' we aint hed nary furss
r '. far so long not since the time his steers
. tramped up my piney-bed," she mur
mured, as she carefully concealed the
door-key in ita small - hiding-place, i
1 i ': clump of crass pinks in, the border.
"3 - J , 1 ji , - - , k , I' - - . .
reriuui uio duiuukuw woa luuua su-
mired by the church members, but
Ephraim spoiled Delphy's satisfaction
' " "effectually by casting half-amused, half
Sheepish elances at. it from .across the
; f h aisle daring the whole servioe, and fur
v - ther, bv lingering after meeting to 'talk
to the deacons until his wile was saieiy
out of sight.- i
Dinner was attended that day with a
, orispness and shortness that belonged
. ' - : ' ' not to the pie-crust, and an acidity rival-
..I ..i.injr that of the pickled cucumbers. The
Bev. Mr. Goodman's excellent sermon
was not pondered over 'with usual in
terest; ana. in the May ausK .fc.pn.raim
smooked his pipe on the Ion? back porch.
while Delphy. rocked in her split-hot-,
u i c. 1 1 tomed ohair in the front portico.
And still the apple of disoord tri
umphed. . . . The ladies of Steepl
ill were getting up a fancy fair for the
benefit of the church, ana
as the time
drew near for the grand display the
scarlet polonaise, that had lain in the
I - , J VU- - '.y.UnMSm M
. . )(. ... pureau urawcr. u&o Biwiucuug mo,
" ' ""ready to flame np and kindle ' anew the
- -fire of contention, was again, discussed.
" Te won't wear it this time, now will
- ye,' honeyr asked Ephraim, as he
I. ' watched the completion of an apple pie
""'" " under Delphy's nimble fingers.
-;" Yes, I will," Baid Delphy, "I'd.hev
," to ef I didn't want to. I ain't got nothin'
. else." . . . " -
. : "Shucks!" " said Ephraim,. with a
pozziea look that cleared at a suaaen
' Idea, "ve could make somethintr."
"Ioouldnt no tick," said Delphy,
' - - " hanging up her rolling pin. "I aint
- got time to wink.. An' here's Sallie
"'."".' sen'in' fer me to come an' tell her what's
the matter with the baby says he takes
spells of squallin', hiiself black an
,r-.Z ' skeerin' her an' Johnny till their hair
. . Stan's on eend. I'll her to gr over to
, morrer.thoueh I don't reckon it's nothin'
., more'n nettlerash. I oouldnt take nary
stitch twixt this an' the festible f I
' wanted to.!.' I, .
J; 'ii"Dont ye low. Miss. Jinnins could
make ye a pouy what ye can itr"
"Mussy! She's got so much sewin
, on hand she wouldn't make as much as
a. niffht-cap not for nobody. makin'
: . :w - " Hum KOtonWilla irrrl."
Derphy's enorgetio "voice soared up s
shrill pipe at this climax. . i
w. We-eU," spoke , Ephraim, slowly,,
"wouldn't nary one- of the neighbors,
make ye one not a nightcap, a poUy
whatever Us?"
"My sakes! what an idytiaid Del
phy : ."they're every one as busy as the!
kin be an' busier too a-eewin f er the
f estible, an' would make me nolhin let
alone I aia't got nothin' to make an
don't want it no way, 'cause I 'low to
wear' the red polonaise; an' Eph, it's
jest naturally meanness in yoa : not a
wantin' jne to wear it." - !
; Eph i walked out of ths kjtohen rubbing
nis eyeDniwmeaiiairveiy-j. if
" P'raps It's weekid." h5 said, 'but I
kaint help a-hatin' that red polly.
shucks i l xaint never rememner me
rest of it."
Toward the blose- oi the. next after
noon,' Mrs. Pickles "re turned from her'
daughter's home.
"I knowed." she muttered as she
neared her own doer, "wasn't nothin'
thsTsnatter with that little limb only bad
ness.!" She. had: come the nacK way
througbrike OTohard." The sitting-room
window was open, ana rrom witmn sne
heard . .the . smomerea exclamation
"Shucks!"' . ,
What kin Eph be about f" she won
dered.11 She took off her sunbonnet, tip
toed to the window, and pTvoa over
the siQvEven then she fr t"" Imme
diately discover whiwEpa was about.
There ha. waron the Booroir his hands
and. knees.- looking- Ut-tom xina oz
aueer, gigantio bug, his face expressing
the -most exaggerated - perplexity.- ' A
large piece of calico, half unrolled, was
spread before him, and beside it lay the
sheep-shears and' an old polonaise of
Detphy'a,-Ep&'. glaring at them all in
puzzled despair. At-Iength he picked,
up the polonaise 'and afterv eyeing all
the seams intently, laid it upon the . cal
ico, and can tiously took up the shears,
but paused iireaofutely, scratching his
nose with the points.' .)"- i
-' " Ef I knowed how In common sense
this here mess of -gathers an' wrinkles
was out, I could do it," he soliloquized.
"I'd eive a pretty to know Whether they
cut 'em tut, or sew 'em into the calico
an' then cut 'em,". Jtie lata aown me
shears and settled into his former posi
tion, still survevinir the calico as if to
find a solution of the mystery therein.
As for Delphy. outside, she sat down
upon an old flower-pot, wiping her sud
denly tearful eyes upon the cape of her
bonnet, . . r , , . , i
Bless him. said she. "hA's a-trVins
to cat me a polonaise, his own self t - Hi
-Mint, a-cuttin me a polonaise I he's
went an' bousrht the stuff, too, an" me
A-treatia' him like a dog. Lord forgive
my weekiacess, an' I won't never ao it
strain:- An the Lord bless him. A-tryin'
to cut me a polonaise I That beats me r
an' with the sheep-shears i" Alter an
oler burst of tears Delphy jumped np
and ran in.
Eoh!" she cried, "honey, you kaint
never cut it. Let it alone, an' I'll ' fin'
the; time somehow. . -An' . I wont
neer wear the red thing vnor nothin
yonv don't 'rant ' me to,- the long
est day I live. , Oh, Eph, my sngar
love, to tmnsc yoa was a-tryin' to cut me
a -. polonaise with ' .the . sheep-shears ! "
And she ran into Eph's arms, he having
risen to his feet, and cried against his
butternut coat. . '.
." Yon -needn't to cry, ' honey," said
Eph; patting her head. "I didn't cat it,
so it aint spiled, nor the sheep-shears
ain't, neither. . . But,'. Delphy, chile"
and the twinkle of humor m his eyes
changed to a kindly; serious look, "I've
been kinder thinkin' mavbe the Lord
wouldn't like fer us to be rjuarSra so-
over nothin' at our time of life, 'sua of
doin' what we could for His glory." j
" We won't do it no more,'; said DeK
phy. .
-j Ana the nextday she cut up the red
polonaise to make twelve pincushions
for the- fancy fair (and thus it was no
longer a bone of dUcord. but a blesinsr
in disguise) into a dozen things of beau
ty, ana prooaoiy joys torever until
moths and time shall take away their
glory. DemoresVt Monthly.
Hew the Docters Went U Washington.
The ride of the two consulting: physi
cians- to Washington must go into history
as one oi me most remarKaoie on reoora.
Orv Vrnk H Hamilton received the dis
patch summoning him to Washington at
his house. No 43 West Thirty-second
Street, ew York. It took him only
ten minutes to prepare for the journey.
He left the house at about two o'clock.
with the remark that he did not know
when the next train would start, but
that he would get a carnage and go to
the ferry, so that he would be ready to
take it. The dispatch, which was brief,
he took with him. He hastened in a
carriage to the Desbrosses Street ferry,
where he learned that the first train for
Washington was over the Pennsylvania
Railroad at S :40 o'clock. It would ar
rive in Washington at 10.: 20 p. m. Some
time was spent in inquiries as to the de
parture oi trains on other roacu. Then
he crossed the ferry, and entered the
Jersey City passenger waiting-ropra.
where he was reoogmsea while he was
making u'duiries at the palace-car win
dow. .Superintendent Jackson, who was
in his office in another part or me depot,
was sent for. , A very brief time sufficed
to make him aware of the situation. He
hurried away from Dr. Hamilton, and
seven minutes later the latter was rush
ing out of the depot on a special train.
It was 3 :10 p. m. when the depot mas
ter and the train dispatcher received no
tice to be spry, i-ngine aio, one of the
best of the ordinary engines, with a five
foot driving wheel, was hitched to a new
Eastlake coach, a."t at 8:20 it was run
out of the depot.
. -The freight trains were all got out of
the way one after another on sidetracks
in time to allow the special to roar past
them, without slacking speed, but two
passenger trains delayed the Doctor fif
teeA. minutes. He wrived -at Philadel
phia at 6 o'clock, a distance of ninety
miles in one hundred minutes'. The en
gineer was A. Vandegrif t, and the con
ductor H. W: Headier. At Philadelphia
a stop oi due a iew minutes was maaat
in which to change engines and allow
Dr. Agnew to get on the cars. From
Philadelphia to Wilmington, with a stop
at Chester and other places, the run was
made in twenty-seven minutes, the dis
tance being twenty-six miles. A dispatch
had been sent to Wilmington for a
brakeman, and a man "wrned Hum
phreys was detailed to "maSSa train."
At, 6:27. the special v came dashing
through the city at the rate of, at least,
eighteen miles an hour, and the intrepid
brakeman stood nearthe track. He made
a desperate grab for the rear platform,
and at the risk of his life succeeded in
gaining a hand and foothold. The car
steps-were protected by a wire railing.and
he was carried a considerable distance
clinging on to this before the conductor
came back and unlocked the gate. The
train arrived at Washington at 7 :50 p.
tu: an average rua from New York of
almost fifty miles- ao hour,' and from
Philadelphia of over fifty-five miles an
hour. This is the fastest railroad time,
for the distance .and considering the
stops, on record. Bollimort Gazette, s.
Experiments have been made with
compressed gunpowder, made to fit the
drill-holes, and cut into short lengths.
IUWas'.foond to possess many advan
tages over loose' powder, among which
is a saving of forty per cent, in powder.
In the vicinity of Big Hole, M. T
the bears unearthed a large number of
Indian skeletons, and have strewn the
ground with bones. It is probably the
scene of an old battle-field. -
.'V.iX ' V ' ' IJ: " '
When a man's money is gone bis
friends drop off like buttons from a pair
01 ready-Tnade-panta Bottom Globe. - -
The Twe braves' In PekerTaUej.
' "It was the enrlousest thimr tniaterer
happened in the diggtas," said the old
man, as ne siowiy nuea his pipe: "jigh
onto twenty years ' ago was about the
date, an a hundred or so of na. miners
had squatted in Poker Valley. It wasnt
much oi a vauey, an' mar wasnt any
too much poker, an' I know I pat in
six months o hard work in that 'ere
hole an' didnt cl'ar fifty cents a day.
Howsumever, that halnt nuthin' to do
with the story I sot out to tell, though it
serves to explain why we were all out o'
temper one arternoon, when a -stranger
enterea rorer vauey Dy tne west trau
an' ' brought ' his skinny an foot-sore
mole to a nalt in the center of our town.
It war airly in the fall, an the weather
was downright mean. ' It had bin drix-
ziin ail day long, an we had cnssea an'
salked an loafed around till every man
was ready to answer a word with a
WOW. -- -: --' -" ! ,.. -
""The mintt that stranger rode up we
all rushed ont to' see who he was an'
what he wanted.' 1 He was a light-weight
chap, muffled np to the ears to keep dry,
and we couldn't say what he - oould do
with a pick-ax or how ' he'd back a
friend in a fight. . He didnt offer to git
down from his mule, but began to ln
quar' arter a : chap 1 whom' we - called
Sweet 'William, This William was a
candy sort ' man.' He seemed a bit
pious, kad a soft voice, never cussed nor
d rank whisky, an we didnt aactly mate
with him. Ten days afore this stranger
rode np Sweet William got out o his
blankets at midnight either asleep or in
trouble, an' the poor ease took: a walk
over a bit o cliff about : fifty feet high.
with a lot o. jagged rooks-to light on
down below. VY e didn't take on very
much, as he had no partner an' wasn't
one q us, as I meashuned before, but
we gin him a decent burial an' sold his
traps on the squar to the highest bid
der. . . ..
"Waalj-nowrthot stranger was goin
on to ax about William, an' I was a-eay-
In'. to.aysil that ha had the softest
voice oi any man in the aiggins, wnen
sunthin happened. Ole Kentucky Bill
an' Deacon Joe bad bin growlin' at each
other for an hour or so, kinder achin
fur a row, an' at length they went at it.
Ole Kentuck gin Joe a lifter on the law,'
an' Joe he out with his popper an fired
Kentuck to kingdom come. No, he
didn't,' ' either. The bullet out away
a lock of hair and did its bloody work
beyond.;; The stranger on the mule got
it plump thro' the heart, and he was
dead afore he fell into my arms.' He!
No, stranger 'twas a woman! Snre's
you're - born, it was a woman not over
twenty-five years old, and with a face as
purty as a thousand-dollar nugget. She
was dressed sort o' man fashion, an' she
was ibravin' Injuns, b'ars. storms, and
everythingelse fur an objeck. What
was itF Waal, I dunno. Was Sweet
William her lover or her husband t Had
he run away from her, or had he cum
thar to make a stake? . Must have bin
some powerful motive to have sent that
gal on sioh a trip, an' we talked it over
an' kinder eonoluded it was love, an
nuthin else.
" 'Twas a terrible deal, anyhow, an'
I never think of it without ieelin my
heart grew big and my throat choke np.
When we diskivered that she was s
woman we sot around thar like pegs for
about half an hour. Then we ris up an
kicked them two fighters outer camp
and dug a grave 'longside o Sweet Wil
liam's fur tne poor dead gal, an' they
sleep thar to this day Bough and
cussed- as we war in Poker Valley, we
had tears in our eyes as we put that
, poor gal away an'. I seed more'n one
old grizzly drop his chin when the Ala
bama elder . stood at the head of the
graves an' said : A
The Lord gave and the' Lord hath
taken away. May they be jined togeth
er W hearen. DetroH .(Yte Press. ;
A Railway President's Private Car.-.,.
. The following is sv description of the
new private car just completed at AL
toona, Pa.4 for President MoKeen, of the
Yandaliar .
- The interior is finished with ash, var
nished and rubbed down tin til theglittei
of the varnish is lost in the ' plain color
of the hard woodv .This finish gives the
"Walla and roof and furniture everything
in ash a very tidy appearance. Noth
ing could look cleaner. The parlor, in
the rear end, contains six arm-chairs, a
secretary and an extension table. . The
next room, a sleeping and dining-room,
contains eight berths. The lower seat'
ran lengthwise, making sitting accom
modations for each tide of the table.
Going forward, next in order, and very
conveniently bunched, are ths heater, a
closet, wash-stand and linen closet. Over
these, supported by the various parti
tions ronna ana snout tnem, is a sixty
gallon roof tank for water. The tank is
outofsight. Its existence would not be
surmised, except by Inquiry as to where
the water came from. Next, on the
right, is a private bed-room, with wash-
stana ana closet, ana bed across the
oar. From the bed and from the parlor,
by means of a cord, the occupant of the
car may put on ths air-brakes and stop
the train. From two places in this room,
and from eight other places in the car.
electrio signals communicate with the
kitchen in front. The kitchen is sup
plied with a ship stove and sheet-iron
compartment up the pipe for keeping
food warm, with a coal-box, sink, draw
ers, cupboard, ice-chest, and upper
berth for a porter. An extra mattress,
to be laid on the ice-chest, makes sleep
ing" TOom1 for "an extra porter. The
lamps and heaters are the same that are
found in Pullman cars
On a Western Konntain.
It is difficult to lay down laws of gen
eral application eroverninff altitude and
atmosphere in this elevated region. To
walk up-hill is exhausting; to sing, ao
surd and Impossible. Yet the "burros,"
or tiny Mexican donkeys, are stimulated
to prolonged vocal exercises unknown
in lpwer regions, and make night hide
ous with their late concerts outside the
tents. In the absence of dogs, which
do not thrive at this altitude, they per
form the part of camp-scavengers, de
vouring every waste article, ironi dilap
idated clothirur to creasy newspapers.
Otherwise we should be r visited by a
pestilence ; lor, tnougn "every prospect
pleases," the prospector is certainly
"vile." The effect of . the altitude is
directly felt noon prices, which are ex
orbitantly high ; while the rarity of the
'atmosphere is shared by purses, which
become singularly light. In this place
of suspension between heaven and earth.
Watches, too, seem to vibrate between
time and eternity, and become badly
demoralized -' in their effort - to follow
both. Occasionally we receive the time
from Gunnison City by telegraph.1 What
remains alter loss by me way is then
distributed, to serve till exhausted, when
a new supply is obtained in the same
way as before, .bastern etiquette and
formality ' are of necessity dispensed
with, and to a great degree Eastern
costume shares their ' fate. ' Flannel
shirts, duck coats, corduroy breeches.
broad-brimmed bats, and the tallest of
top boots jorm .me - prevailing attire.
When a gentleman wishes to entertain
his friends in more than usual social
style, he invites them, not to a "dress
coat," but to a "bouea shirt party."
unnuxn Utter to spring fteia (Max.)
t i. . ; v.
The marriage of the Princess Vic
toria of Baden to the heir-apparent of
Sweden and Norway will take place on
the same day as ' the silver 'wedding of
ner parents, September zu.
John Morden, a Canadian farmer's
boy, self-taught in the art of taxidermy.
has a collection of . i.auo biros stuned
and mounted by himself.-- -"
Henceforth the telegraph Offices of
France are to record in detail all thun
der-storms which may be observed. "
The ' London Sanitary company is
formed for the purpose of putting dwell
ing and other houses in perfect sanitary
The evil effect of the electrio light
upon the eyes is due, it is supposed, to
the constant changes in the intensity of
the light, whereby the eyes are greatly
fatigued. - '
It has been computed that the power
of the steam engines in England would
suffice to raise from the quarries and
place in position all the Great Pyramid
In eighteen hours. ,
Asphalte is considered by M. Leon
Malo as chalk strongly impregnated
with bitumen. It was first : applied to
road making in 1849 by M. Merian, a
Swiss engineer. . In 1851 it was first
tried in Paris, in the Rua Bergere.- : , '
In a recent Work'on the nests and
eggs of birds. Dr. W. - von Reichenan
states that the Ornamental plumage,
crests, etc., of the male bird are due to
an excess of energy, while the vitality ot
the female is exhausted by the produc
tion of eggs and the task of incubation.
A Quantity of ' paper pulp made oi
sawdust is to be sent from Canada to
England, where the question of its value
will be -determined. . The pulp will : be
maae into paper in an r,ngusn factory,
and experiments will be made as to the
uses to which it may be put.' '. Capital
ists in the lumber region of the Domin
ion are awaiting the result with consid
erable interest. t ,
English wool is subiected to a puri
fying process in a heated room during
six. months before it is used, whereby
the "eke," or grease and dirt, is taken
out of it. American wool just fleeced
from the sheep's back, is worked up.
ana, as the eke is suit in it, it win not
take the colors. The imperfect dyeing
of American cloths results in rapid fad
ing, while the English lasts.
Dr. Barety, of Nice, has successfully
employed turpentine vapor in the treat
ment of whooping-cough. The drug is
allowed to stand In plates in the room
occupied by the patient, a resort to
which simple expedient is believed to
greatly lessen the severity and duration
of the malady. . Dr. Barety. was led to a
trial of this ; remedy by observing a
marked improvement in the case of a
child severely affected who had been
allowed, to sleep in a . newly-painted
room, redolent with the turpentine odor.
It may not, perhaps, be known that
a man wearing dark clothes is more lia
ble to infection from contagious disease
than he who . wears light-coiorea gar
ments, because particles which emanate
from diseased or decaying bodies are
much more readily absorbed by dark
than by light fabrics. .. This is easy of
proof. - Expose a light and dark coat to
tne iumes oi tobacco lor nve minutes
and it will be found that the dark one
smells stronger than the other of tobacco
smoke, and it will retain the odor longer.
If wit is badinage, what must it be
in youth P Cambridge Tribune.
The idea that nothing harder than
diamonds could be made has been ex
ploded, a St. Louis bride having baked
a oaten oi biscuits. JJoston rou.
When a city man moves into the su
borns and gets a patch of ground big
enough to raise a turnip on, bis nrst am
bition is to join a farmers' club. Phil
adelphia Hews. - -
The tramp finds he can buy two
glasses of beer with the money he has
begged for a single cup of coffee, and
that is why he always asks for coffee
money. iveto vrieans lcayune.
', A chicken when stripped of its
plumage is said to . be 'dressed. The
girls of the ballet resemble the chicken
in this regard, though they are not all
chickens in years. Boston iranscrxpl.
' : " Tommy, did you hear your mother
call you?" "Corse I did!" "Then why
don't yon go to her at once?" "Well,
yer see she's nervous, and it'd shock
ner awful 'fi should co too sudden t."
Yonicers Gazette.
- .--
A colored couple, elegantly dressed,
and-in the bloom of youth, were passing
up Austin Avenue, when the man was
heard to say: "Miss hiatuay. Johnsinr,
does yer transpire like I aoesr" "iieck-
so I sweats like a hog." Texas Sift
ing. .. . .
' . When a Montana gentleman puts
on a pair of long boots, a slouch hat, a
pint oi wni8xy and two long, large-sized
revolvers and a knife that can reach
clear through a cow, he is said to be
'dressed to Kin. " . Ana Indeed be is,
thouoh - too cant - alwava he certain
whether he or the other man will be
killed Burlington Hawkey e. .
Oblonsr and lnscioas
Black seeds or white;
Tuemme devour yoa
Outer my sight. (
. Mottled or speckled,
Tuick rind or thin ; "
Devnid of all eramps, -
Oolie an.' sin.
Georgia or Jarsey,
- Speckled or spotted ;
Done who doan' like 'em.
Orter be shotted. '
- Detroit F)rt$ Prtts.
L Petition to the Csar. '
The following telegram was sent from
Sofia to the Emperor of Russia one day
after the arrest of the Liberal leaders :
." Your Majesty t Graciously forgive
as for addressing yon by telegram. The
gravity of the moment compels us to do
so. The time is short; the knife is at
our throats. If yon do not -withhold it
we are lost. Do not allow them to de
prive us of the liberty conferred on us
by your august parent,' the Csar Eman
cipator, we are already nan slaves.
Yesterday the four best patriots of our
country were deprived of their liberty
in an illegal manner. Yoa fought per
sonally for us. Could yoa bear to
ns again slaves r uur best men have
been libeled. We refute this libel.
Your Majesty, these words are our own.
JNobody is telling us what to say we
are prompiea Dy our own nearts. lie
lieve us, our minds are not obscured.
For five hundred years we were slaves.
Your august parent wrested our liberty
for ns by force of arms. The liberty
that he conferred noon ns we will prize
as our uves. we oeseecn you to com
mand that our patriots be liberated,
Give but one order that your subject
should not aid in trampling on our na
tional rights given us by your august
Jtarent. Without the aui of your sub
sets no one will make us slaves. Our
priceless national privilege free elec
tion is being trampled under foot.
The election of representatives who will
renounce liberty can not be in accord-
ance wiin me wisnea oi tne people."
A Chicken Bans Away with a Lady's
Last Tuesday a curious accident hap
pened to Mrs. 8. K. Smith at the Sisters',
or St. Vincent's I arm, near .Laclede.
She was at the barn with her little child
when by some means a garden hoe
which had been lately sharpened and
was hanging on a peg in the wall, be
came disioaged ana was about to fall
on the child ; Mrs. Smith, seeing the
danger, warded off the hoe, which struck
her on the forefinger of the right hand,
completely severing it at the first joint.
The dismembered portion, fallin? to the
ground, was at once picked up by a
chicken, and both chicken and finger
end were soon out of sight. The finger
nas not oeen reooverea. tit. lauiM
ii loot-Democrat.
v " Bescued from Death.
The following statement of William J.
Coughllne, of Somrville, Ma s., is so
remarkable that we beg to ask for it the
attension of our readers. ' He says : "In
the fall of 1876 I was taken with a vio
lent bleeding of the lungs followed by a
severe cough. I soon began to lose my
appetite and fleab. I was so weak at
one time that I could not leave my bed.
in the summer or 1877 I was admitted
to the City Hospital. While there the
doctors said I bad a hole In my left lung
as big as a half dollar. I expended
a hundred dollars in doctors and medi
cines. I was so far gone at one times
report went around that I was dead, : 1
gave up hope, but a friend told me. of
Dr. Wm. Hall's Balsam for the Lungs.
I laughed at my friends, thinking that
my case was incurable, bnt I got a bot
tle to satisfy them, when to my sur
pslse and gratification, I commenced to
feel better. My hope, once dead, began
to revive, and to-day I feel better spirit
ed thau I have the past three years.
"I write this hoping you will publish
it, so that every one afflicted with Di
seased Lungs will be induced to take
Dr. Wm. Ball's Balsam for the Lungs,
and be convinced that Consumption can
be Cured, I have taken two bottles
and can positively say that it has done
more good than ail the other medicines
I hsve taken since my sickness.- My
cough has almost entirely disappeared
and I shall soon be able to go to work.
For sale by li. u. Starr jo. 24-iy
1 Health and Happiness. , -It
seems strange that anyone will suf
fer many derangements brought on by
an impure condition of the blood, when
Scoville's Blood and Liver syrup will
restore perfect health to the physical
organization. It is Indeed a s lengthen
ing syrup, pleasant to . take, and has
Srove n itself to he the best blood purl
er ever discovered, effectually curing
Scrofula, Syphilitic disorders, Weakness
of -the Kidneys, all nervous disorders
and Debility. ' -It corrects Indigestion.
It makes the old feel young, and the
young feel gay; and will invariably
drive out of the system the many ills
that human flesh is heir to. A single
bottle will prove to you Its merits as a
health renewer, for It acts like a charm,
especially when the complaint is of - an
exhaustive nature, having a tendency
to lessen the natural vigor of the brain
and nervous system. For sale by H. G.
Starr A Co. . . 24-ly
Bakers Pain Panacea, cures pain in
Man and Beast. For use externally and
Internally. :,
Dr. Roger's vegetable worm syrup
instantly destroys worms and removes
the Secretions which cause them. For
sale by H. G. Starr & Co. 24-ly
' .l . Man's Noblest Work.
This is an age of great works and
wonderful invention. Steam, elec
tricity, water, air, all are made to
se-ve man, but unquestionably tne
greatest inventions are those which
f i reserve man's health and prolong his
ife, snd among the greatest of these is
Dr. lung's new Discovery ior con
sumption. -Its effects are truly wonder
ful and hundreds are happy to-day,
who once looked forward to an early
grave. For Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis,
Asthma, loss of voice, Hay Fever,
Hoarseness, Croup, or any affection
whatever or the Ihroat. unestor Dungs,
Dr. King's New Discovery will posi
tively cure. we can cneeriuiiy recom
mend it to all, and can unhesitatingly
say it is the only sure cure for Throat
and Dung Affections. Irlal bottles ten
cents ; regular size $1. For sale by all
druggists. -ly(c)
' Shiloh's Consumption Core.
This Is beyond question the most suc
cess! ul Dough Medicine we have ever
jold, a rew doses Invariably cure the
worst case of Cough, Croup, and Bron
chitis, while its wonderful success In
the cure of Consumption is without a
parallel In the history of medicine.
Since Its first discovery it has been sold
on a guarantee, a test which no other
mediciue can stand, ir you have a
Cough we earnestly ask you to try It.
Price 10 cts 60 cts. and $1.00. If your
Lungs are sore, Chest, or Back, Lame,
use Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price 25c.
Sold by H. O. Starr & Co. 6eow-ly(x)
Answer This Question . .
, Why do so many- people we see
around us, seem to prefer to suiter ana
be made miserable by Indigestion, Con
stipation, Dizziness, Does or Appetite,
Coming np of the Food, . Yellow Skin,
when for 75 cts. we will sell them
Shiloh's ' Tltallzer,' guaranteed to
cure them. - Sold by H. G. Starr
&Co. ... : 6eow-ly(a). .
- Shiloh's Catarrh Bemedy. ' ", "
A marvellous cure for Catarrh, Diph
theria. Canker mouth, and Head Ache.
With each bottle tbere Is an ingenious
nasal Injector for the more successful
treatment or those complaints without
extra charge. Price oocts. Sold by 11
G. Starr & Co. 6eow-ly(a)
las 1 Parnt aae lint Xcdicias ever Usee.
Asolabiaatloa Hops, Buonu, Man-
draklexxi Dandelion, wiujiuMbMaa4
vimuvaprvperuas or ail KMf Binsn,
m ti tiw"" snood Purtfler, Liver
Rez u IX or ano w ,"Ul """S
Mo A as nonlblr kma M wbrs Has
Kianu. ..X'OO j lr(c U-ir
To mil wbm s niilojms" Irnralori
tvorUMbonlor rr orsmns, r who n-
iiirM AppMiaarV. Tonio aad mild BlUBalaat,
llopIUttara ara H.alX.,,M Wltnout intOX-
Xo utmlur whalTottr r.mMtiOT or symptoms
ra what tba Stacaaa or allX"" a ilo bit
ten. I ion t wait until yoa ra atek bat i( ya
onlr faai bad or mtaerabla,. "a Uam at oaeo.
ltnwraaTayourUra.lthajsvad aundrada.
SSOO 'HI ha paid for a ' tba will wot
suraorlMlp. l)o aot suVst -tyaarfriaiMia
saHar.but aaa aad unra Utm Kam Hop B
Raaaambar, Hop Bitten la BoVUe, dnursad
druuk.D nostrum, but tba rarest
aad boat
MedlclnarTarinailaitba "ISTlUDS
and Mora aad na penoa or tamHy'
i r
aboald uo wltnout wcm.
D. I. O. la an ahaorite and Irroriattbla c
foriminKtanrWiUwui opium,
tuuv-otica. all aoM br rlnifr.-Ma,
for circular. Sap Bltlm !, Ca
Tt Jones
14ard Rubber 1
Rare yoa en um hew Tinmen reoentry pat on tn
market by the Cexluloid k Haxd Bubbbb Tbom
Co.. of Now York CKy? Tbey reaalr no tenjrthy cer
tlflcate--ny man of ordinary Intelligence can aea that
umj ar we moat aeiuiDits, aa wen mm ma aaea. appU'
Relief and Cure of Hernia
Nothlas ess equal them for Ughtoeaa
amuuGj au eoeuxun.
For Sale by J. W. HOUGHTON,
II I I II chance la offered, thereby alwaya keeping
H M r poverty from your door. Tboae wbo alwaya
1 1 I I I take advantage of the good chances for
making money that are offered, generally
oecome wealthy, while tboae who do not Improve ancb
a mm art Yoareelrca br maklnr money wnes a moemn
coancea remain ra poreny. e wan. manj men.
women, boya and glrla to work for as rtitht In tnelrown
local. Ue. The buitneaa will pay more than ten tlmea
ordlnarv waa-ea. We furnlah an exoenalra outfit suad
all that yon need, free. Mo one who engagea fall to
mue money very rapiaiy. i on can aeTote yoar wnoie
time to the work, or only your apex momenta. Full
Information and all that la needed aent free. Addreaa
bTuaon co., romaoo, Maine. -iy
Outfit srat fras te tkeas who wtaa te smraae
tne moat pleasant snd prostaMe boelneea known-
BTr?ihng new. Capital not required. Wajwlll
furnlah you eeerrtblas. SiOs day and upwards
la eaaily made without etavlnn lata fraan lnaiia
eaur sight. Vq risk wbateTer. Man new workers
wanted St onea. Many are naakles; fortunes at tne
euslueaa. Ladles make as macb aa men. and ount
boya and tlrls make (rest nay. He one whs Is wining
to work falls to make more money every day than eaa
be made In s week at any ordinary empioymeDt. Tboae
who ena-ags at once will and a hort road te tsrtsos.
ftrl real U- mlMMTt a ua. rarUaad, laalaa.
Agents for ths
A TXT TT Or LIGHT on the
School Teachera. Stndenta. Yonnv Wm and Ladtea.
acting na agenta for thl book, are making orer giuo a
month. Sella faat. One agent aold 51 flrat IS daye,
anot her In 8 dara, anoi her 11 In ne day. another 15
and S Blblea In 9 dara. Secure territory quick. Alao
agenta wantea tor tne luutratea neviaea new reaie
meat, and for the finest family Blblea erer aold by
aTasrciiisv. oruu mr ur.aisvrs.
P. W. Z1KOLKB CO-i 5 Aran St. Philadelphia. Fa.
43-13 W JC Adam St.. Chicago, 1U.
and you will have
IHIwS 3BS5w5P3
A line assortment o exhibition
at my rooms, to which the.pub-
lic are cordially invited.
37 . General Manager,
Patent' Medicines, Dye Stuffs, Trusses,"
- and Shoulder Braces.
1 embraces all of the standard goods, and is fresh, being purchased direct of
. Manufacturers. We keep a full line at all times. We have
' also a large and well selected stock of
' consisting of the finest and best Perfumes, Soaps, Cosmetics, Hair Brushes,
Tooth Brashes, Combs, Mirrors, etc., which are all first-class goods,
and which will be sold Terr low. Our stock of
aaaM tawaa
will be closed out at actual cost, aud will afford 9l an opportunity to pur
chase at a bargain. ' We have also a very large line of the
best manufacturers of
which we are offering at a great reduction all warranted. - A fine stock of
for medicinal purposes only. We cordially invite the public to call and
" examine our goods, confident that we can show them
As Gobi Goods and as Low Prices
as any house in the
West side Public Sguare,
Now is the
ia the place to buy. They have
.i . -tn -i " -l " i
max will maKe you nappy, ana
tion a few tilings displayed :
"'A large variety of ladies'
cniejs, at all prices.
A large variety of Fancy Boxes. -A
large variety of Comb Cases.
. A large variety of Card Receivers.
A large variety of Japan Ware.
' A large variety of Toilet Boxes.
" ' A large variety of Hand 'Glasses.
A large variety of Fancy Vases.
WaiiQ& EaelEeEy fey i& Set,
In Dress Goods,
- 1 Black Cashmere?,
Cheaper than ever.
. A new lot just received.
nosicryr Gloves,
w 9 w
Will be sold cheap, to close. In
iww r
We are prepared
If we cannot sell you we will give you some low prices in
of charge.
laMteiS, WiTCS, Ita!
' - UTICA.N.Y.,
JDisoorerer of DH, MABXJH1ST3
Tale remedy will act in harmony with the Fe
male system st'sll times, snd slM immediately
epos, tne abdominal sad uterine muscles, snd re
ctors them to a heslthr snd strong condition.
Or. Hsrehisi's Uterine Cstholicon will curs fan
lug of the womb, Laeorrhces, Chronic Inflamma
tion snd Ulceration of the Womb, Incidental
Heuionuago or Flooding, Painful, Suppressed
aad Irregular Menstruation, Kidney Complaint,
aad is especially sdspted to the Chsnge of Life.
Send for pamphlet free. All letters of Inquiry
freely snswered. Address ss shore.
Price sl-60Pr bottle. Be sore snd ask for
Sr. Msrchisi's Uterine Cstholicoo. Take no other.
State can afford.
Wellington, Ohio,
time, and
a large -variety of everything
a i : rr
ai very low prices. iu .men
and gentlemen1 s Silk Handher-
Good Bargains !
Hlttens anil Fnrs
to give good bargains.
THK .-' ' : -".'
C.C.C.& I. R'y.
No Midnight Changes! Fast Trains!
CtinnectioTis in Union Depots for all principal
points East, We6t and South. By this Line
special facilities are afforded parties moving
to the far West, in the way of low rates and
EST AH classes of passengers are carried
mrongQ on tipstss j rains, equipped wim
all modern applisnces to insure speed, com
fort and safety. Elegant Day Coaches, Draw-ing-Kooin
and Sleeping Cars, Reclining Chair
Cars and Hotel Cars, attached to all Express
-trains between
Clevehsd and St. Louis ui Indianapolis. '
Drawing-Koom and Sleeping Cars with Day
Coaches Cleveland to Cincinnati and Colum
Consult your best interests by asking for and
receiving a ticket via C. C. C. & I. Railway.
For maps, time-tables and other information,
ask your local Ticket Agent.
A. J. SMITH, Gen. Pas. Ait
E. B. THOMAS, Gen. Manager. : ;
Trains leave Wellington Station on this
line as follows:
GOING "west. -
No. 11 Cleveland & Ind'polis Ex.. 8.48 am.
No. 7 Columbus Express 5.37p.m.
ro. a A igut iLxpress u.uup.m.
No. 25 Local Freight. 12.50 m.
No. 3 Night Express 5 43 a.m.
No. 8 Cleveland Accommodation 8.48 a.m.
No. 12 New York Express........ 1.40p.m.
No. 6 New York Express .... 9.00 p.m.
No. 26 Local Freight 2.11 o m.
rifNo other line runs Three Through Pa.
sender Trains Dally between Chicago, Des
Moines, Council Bluffs, Omaha. Lincoln, St.
Joseph, Atchison, Topeka and Kansas City.
Direct connections for all points in Kansas,
Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Ne
vada. New Mexico. Arizona. Idaho, Oregon and
The Shortest, Speediest and Most uomrorta
ble Route via Hannibal to Fort Scott, Denison,
Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Galvear
ton and all points in Texas. -
The unequal ed inducements offered by this
T.ine to Travelers and Tourists, are as follows:
The celebrated Pullman (16-wheel) Palace
Sleeping Cars, run only on this Line, C, IS.
Q. Palace Drawing-Room Cars, with Horton's
Reclining Chairs. No extra charge for Seats
in Reclining Chairs. The famous C, R. A Q.
Palace Dining Cars. Gorgeous Smoking Cars
fitted with Elegant High-Backed Rattan Re
volving Chairs for the exclusive use of first
class passengers.
Steel LTacK ana oupenor isquipmeni, com- ,
bined with their Great Through Car Arrange
ment, makes this, above all others, the favorite
Route to the South, South-West, and the Fax
Try it, and you will una traveling a luxury
Instead of a discomfort.
Through Tickets via this Celebrated Line
for sale at all offices in the United States and
All information about Rates of Fare. Bleep
ing Car Accommodations, Time Tables, 4c,
will be cheerfully given, and will send Free to
any address an elegant County Map ot United
States, in colors, by applying to.
General rasavngrr Azent, Chicago.
T J. roRTER.
General Manaaer, Chicago.
flrst-dMH t-icrRMioir TicitT, from
t Wca-iro an I !x-l ooinr-. to DBN
(fit DirncBRUT itniTK, nt wonder
fnily low rates. Tha ticke. will b
trood Kemp wert within fifteen (1S
dayri fmm dnte of "-nl. and to return
until October 31t following.
Pullman Palace Cars are run 1t
th rvininanv rrom CHICAGO t
KAN S A3 CIXy, forraicjc a Hue wi'l
but one t-hacge of cars to DENVBf
and PUEBLO. Dlnlnsr anf are at
tached to all through u-ain-s in whid
meaJs can be obtained at the rcaaon
able priue of seventy-fire centa.
For rates, farther information,
and elecant Alup of United
feiUitaA free, addrbsa,
0K. f ASS BAGTsaCB afcO-BaB,
Chicaoo, ILIs.
It will only cost yon a POSTA I. jaj
CARD or letter to get prices on tT
Hancock Inspirators,
Wind Mills.
How Lost, How Restored!
Just nubllrtied, a new edition of IB. CTLVEK
wrvir r -ri.ERR ATED ESSAY on the radical cure
I )"'lri.iX,n ipiiansT and Fits, Induced br self
ta? TSSSSSSrS SSSnrabl. rUaay
clearly demonstrate, from a thirty year.' Dcceagful
nraci Ice. tbat the alarmlnjt conaequenceaa of aelf -abuas
S I radically cured ; po.nUng out a mode of cure
at once almple. certain' and etfeetuaU by mean, of
wi.ith erery lUlTerer. no matter what bis condition
may V. may cure himself cheaply, privately and
HTT-'jis lecture should be In ths hands of erery
youth and every man In the land.
bent under seal. In a p ain envelope, to any address,
post-paid, on receipt of six cents or two postage
Ye also luaws st tars coxa) for Tap
'Worm. Addreaa
TVb CnlvarweU Medical Co..
41 As St.. Nw Tobk, N. T.;P. O. Box 4568
Oattlt furnished free, wltbfull inractloMfo'
mnrfurilni the most Drofltable business tnaa
any one can engage In. The bulnf
easy to learn, and our Instructions are so aim
' nle and nialn. that any one can make pe"
proflta from the very start. .No one can fail wuu..
willing to work. Women are as aucceasful as men
Boys and glrla can earn large sums. Many have maae
at the business over one hundred dollars In aaiugie
I week. Nothing like It ever known before, .au
engage are surpHsed at tne ease ana nip
whlcn they are able to make money Toucan
in tnia nusineaa aunnie J1,ul T..
You do not have to Invest capital In it
tbe risk. Those who need ready money should I write
to us at once. All furnished free. Address T sirs -J.
- S1
S Ca souowma
on ci - Jn 2
AoKusta Maine.

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