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I V WKHWESDAY. JA. 81. 1883.
"A Happy Xew Tear r sav one and all.
Like a we of ky It fills the air I
From tbe aed llpa kind sreetlnir fall.
And merry word from the young and fair.
A Happy New Tear!" Oh rlna: it ont
?- With the organ's tone, and the peal of bell;
Let the little children sins and shoot.
Wlta gladness and Joy each bosom two 114.
A scroll that a little yr ago
T ' Wasfresn and eweet a a wind snrortse.
As spotless and pnre a a veil of snow.
Has alowly unrolled before our eyes.
And day hy day. as the year went bv.
A line was written npon the scroll ;
We ft-aTe to them each a amtle or sigh.
We hare only smiles to give the whole.
The fair white page of the coming ysar.
Oh, what is the lecord it will hear?
Will faith and conrece our pathwaycheer,
And kTing hearts all oar sorrows share?
To those it comes like a wave of light.
QUt-edfred and bright as the morning's
1 dawn ;
Toothers, perhaps, like a rayless night.
From which moon and stars have been
I withdrawn.
But the Hand tba as held ns hitherto
Is able to keep to the very end ;
Though the, way He leads ns be strange and
Hia Justice and mercy together blend.
So. with stronger faith in the God we rrnot.
Let as greet with smiles this happy day.
And wait for reward, if wait we must.
Till the scroll of the year ban rolled away.
, Clorw B. Htmik.
If yon want me to tell yon, I will ; but
I ain't need to telling things if they're
long, and. likely. as. not. I'll get it all
mixed Tip, and the wrong end first.
Charley con id tell it beautiful, I sup
pose. He's the smart one of our family,
and can do $nt about everything he seta
oat to. :r All the same, it's always him
that's getdngTJS into scrapes. Smart
folks are that way. -.They get people
into things people would never think of
themselves, ana then somehow they tarn
ap all right, and it's us that catches it.
The whole business was his doing; none
of the rest of us would ever have thought
of such a thing.
When, the invitation came Charley in
stantly began to talk about Towzer. He
said he wasn't going to have Towzer left
at home whining about and breaking his
heart all alone for any stupid dinner at
Grandpa's: not he the dog shoal go.
The idea, was so perfectly absur'V that
when Betty said,' "Nonsense; noia your
tongue I" none , of as thought a word
about it1
Grandpa is a very rich man "most
dreadfully horribly rich," Jack puts it.
He lives- in the- city, and has an im
mense house, nearly as big as our barn ;
the furniture is something wonderful,
and there are horses and carriages and
Just what relation we are to Grandpa
it would be. awful hard to make out.
Poor mamma, who died when we were
was going to faint. Then he gave a
horrid groan, and in a minute he was
Cone. Jack flew aftor him. I thought
it was mean to leave Hob, so I grabited'
him by the waist, and down stairs we
Charley made for the coach
house, and Jack and I after
him. Bob screaming until I thought
he would go into fiu. There was a big
empty stall in the stable, and in we ail
went, and covered ourselves up with
Dick," said Charley, "if they don't
lock up, we'll crawl out after dark and
go home."
This was all very well, but Bob's
awful screams were enongh to tell the
wholo neighborhood where we were.
Presently out came James, ana Mrs.
Davis with him.
Now we had always been afraid of
Mrs. Davis, she was so big and digni
fied ; but when she saw u-i all cudd e l
up in a heap under the straw she lauh
edso hard.: aud James laughid, a d
finally Bob - stopped screaming ami
laughed too, so thit Charley and 1 be
gan to feci a mite cheerful.
"What '11 he do to us p asked .lack.
Then Mrs. Davis scolded him a lilt e.
and finally she ordered us back into the
dining-room, and told us she was guii;
to tell us a story about Grandpa, tie
was gone, of course. No mortal p -w
er could have got us back into that room
if Grandpa had been there.
"Ever and ever so many yars ago "
"Hundreds and hundreds?' ask d
Jack. He always will interrupt a story.
"No, but a good many". When
Grandpa was a young man he was very
poor, but he had a wife and a little b v
that he loved very much. They were so
poor that instead of a great big house
they could only have part of one
Grandpa went to work every day and
his wild went out to buy thing--, and
there was no one to leave the little boy
with but a big dog named Towzer.
"Oh!" groaned Charley. He wat
still awful pale.
" One day Grandpa came home from
work, and" what do yon think he saw?
It was a most terrible xighu From i he
high upper window of the room where
he lived his little boy was hang
iner iust hanging there apparently by a
bit of his frock, but no one could tell
what held it.
"What did?"
Grandpa had seen the boy before
any of the neighbors, but be was so
frightened and overcome that tliev
rushed up first, and there they found "
" Wbatr" screamed Jack.
"Towxer, grasping the little boy'
skirt in ms mouth, and both paw.
braced asraiost the window-ill.- The
ooor dog was not strong enongn to pun
him in. but he held the child last tu:
help oamoe"
" was be an rurnr. taenr"
" Ye, indeed : no one knew how lone
they had been there. But the good (Tig
had saved the little boy s life."
"Where are they all .now?" asked
" Grandpa is here ; the rest are all
- T , J il 1
furs, uavis iookbu. so sau tuai. we
I. t That ,.rl Mvet
Cirls lire especially doomed to cruel
treatment, while the b ys. 'act so," if
con! ned as grls are. that they are per
mitted to have a littio more tree lom
turned 1 ose into the yard, where they
are able to intent plays, etc., enough
to keep them in a good physira condi
tion, aside from bad habits of living.
Hut the girls, delicate creatures a
different class of mortals, as it might
IiLUe tots, was only his adopted daugh- J knew they were dead
tor.' and somehow we don't think he
eared for hex much ; but Betty says she
"knows what's what," and as long as
hell have ns young ones there once In a
while to dinner and let us call him
"Grandpa," we've got to go. Betty
talks about oar "chances ;" but when
we wanted to take a chance in a grab
bag at a fair she said it was wicked.
It was just a week ago .that we were
packed in the wagon ready to start.
Charley says our wagon came out of
- the) Ark ; out it isn't true. A great
many things may be very old, but when
yoa come to talk about the Ark,' it's
U.OBnaMi It- looks likely, too, that
Koah would have taken such a wagon
as that aboard when he was rich enough
to have all those animals ! I like reason
in things, and there's no reason in that.
Oar machine looks so funny in Grand
pa's Wg coach house ! ; I can always
hear James giggle when we drive up.
Bat this. time I think we looked a little
better than usual, for Charley had on
his new overcoat; Jack and I, being
twins, have got so used to being mixed
.'. op that we don't pretend to have any
thing separate. People never know us
; apart, and when he's naughty Betty
generally whips me. I suppose I wore
..I tiia clothes, but we both looked nice.
Bob's so little he don't count, but the
new collar Betty did ap for him nearly
cat his ears off.
. - i . Charier always drives. He's twelve.
and, after all, Dobbin couldn't run away
'. am rnore'n m cow.' Besides, it's only
ten miles to Grandpa's. We're just
outside the oitv. where rents are cheap
. We hadnt gone two miles that day
" ' before Charley , gave a whistle, and
there was Towzer right alongside the
wagon -
"Yoa darsnt!" said I.
"Darsnt I?" said Charlev. "He'll
stay in the coach-house, and 111 run out
now and then and speak to him. We
ain't had him a month, and I couldn't
leave him behind."
Mv hair iust stood on end I don't
. believe there's anything Charley daren't
do. It's just as I said before, lie Knows
three times as much as the rest of ns,and
he just imposes on It to do as he likes. But
then the idea of taking Towzer to Grand
ma's! I knew trouble would come of
it, and knew, too, that if it did. Char
lev M tret out all right: and if
there were any consequences, we'd be
the ones to take 'em. You just ought
to hare seen the trouble we had to get
r. oat of that coach-house without Towzer
' following ns. Charley eot us all out.
and then he shut the door quick, and
5 ran. Towzer howled frightfully, and
heard him all the way into the
Dinner at Grandpa's is. always a very
solemn affair. There's lots and lots of
' everything, one kind after another ; bat
the trouble is that if we take some of
ach. and Betty says it's good manners.
we haven t any room left for the ice
nun and cake, and all those sorts of
thine which we like best. Another
' trouble is Grandpa. He sits up so stiff
and stately, and his eye is just awful ;
not that ha scolds, but he looks so se-
were, as if he was just going to. Bob
its in his high chair and scarcely dares
-i mallow a mouthful, and the next dty
-i at home he cries about the good things
because he hasn't got 'em.
Now the most wonderful thing about
Rrandns'i table is the dishes. Tbey are
just perfectly beautiful glasses that
you're afraid your -bream will blow
.wv. and plates and cups of all kinds
just filled with painted flowers and all
manner of shapes. David, who waits
on the table, says they have names
iikA "severs" and "clothes on you" and
Well, we were just getting to the ioe-
Is Towzer dead, too?" asked Jack.
"Where did he die?"
" We do not know. Jack. Grandps
had to move away, and the owner of th
new house he went to would not let mm
keeD a dog, so Towser was given away
to a kind man. and when Grandpa go
a honse of his own the good dog hxd
died.- -Not long after his wife and little
bov left him. too. and now he is all
Nobody said anj-thtng for a few min
utes, and then Charley spoke.
" I am going to see G andoa, ana ten
him 1 know about his Towzer; and I m
awful, awful sorry ur Towzer broke hi!
dishes and We 11 never come Here again
to bother him."
Charley is a mean kind of boy. When
he came back he gave as some big brighi
dollars he said Grandpa had ent iit.bni
besides that Jack ana 1 oonui naaiy sei
a word out of him. -All the way houi
tin was a.s mute as a mouse. - W ben we
got mad and asked him how he liked
taking- Towzer to Grandpa's, he -aid:
. . i
" Fellers. 1 want you to unaertami
that a gentleman's house in the ci v i
no place for a great Newfoundland
Nice way for him to talk, wasn t it!
ZZiw7cr's Young feofle.
:rom Cisalpine ("aiil. The S-nM to
' insure Homo again! the troops of Gaul,
had issued the fnmo.is mandate that
devoted to the infernal gods nnd de
clared sacrilegious and parricidal who--ever
should cross the Rubicon with a le
gion or cohort.
When the'ennlc refused (Vsar the
I- consulship and continuation of his gov--eminent,
he I'etermined. in delian.-e.
to pas the limit of his ru'e and march
to Home.
To have fragrant breath and teeth like
Foolish and careless you'd' bo, .very.
If yon didn't at once a trial betow .
On that excellent dentifrice.Teaberry.
i i lews Will m
TJ..S .... .nK:MH al.. I u
seem, constitutionally frail. Dorn to-of the strosui he ws tiliedw th doubt
have curve I spines, a debcate stoma h. . an,i hesitation nt the danger he wo.ild
a pale face, a contracted 'chest, of the incur. For u lour time he vtm'errcd
wa;p-romi. liou-eholU pets or tender, wit, : iriends. Having tho river once
bouse plants must be treated as if they passed the sword must decide every
were intended only for the house, as it thin"-.
udghtsoeni. Tleir delicate stomachs While hedebated, a prodigvo,Tiirrel.
are treated to pie, cake, doughnuts, a ! alwavs w elcomo to the Hoiik.ii. A man
lilt e cracker, sumo rxh preserves, ice- 0( 0f(y Mtature aud remarknb'o le:iinv
cream, with ligs, candy, raisins, nuts wa. SUldenlv seen seated at a short ilis
tance- playing on a pipe. Koine hep
and the like for dessert, on the false
supposition that they cannot bear sub
stantia! food, and that this trash is real
ly nourishing as compared with sim
ple food, while, t ra ticallv, it is nearly
worthies , on account oi The i-uie wnicn
can be appropna'eu ov sncn weak
stomachs. Besides being practical y
nearly starved, the tender mother sus
pects' t!at the appetite is not as good as
ll auuuiu i u. turn nuum in u piupct
food was allowed, w.th out-of-door ex
ercise, and the innocent ana aeucate
child is dosed with power.ul drugs
Iiowerful for harm with but 1 ttle
inowledge of the real wants of her
child, and less of the patent medicines
in ii-tcil on the victim! It may be that
she foolishly resorts to the se of ar
dent spi its for such a delicate girl.
when much, if not most, in the market
is ii n nfe for a strong man. If made
peevish, nervous, irritable by such
luirsh treatment, unable to sleep, t'-e
symptoms, remonstrances, are ha hed
by the use of some "soothing syrup,"
rich in opium!
Mothers, let your gins uve: Allow
them more liberty in the pure air of
heaven, in the glad sunlight. Do you
fear that tbey will be tanaedr lhat
tan i only the certificate of Nature
1 hat she has commanded her blessing
upon them, the evidence oi invigora-
t on. ' et them 'iav like good boys
and with them, certain'y till they have
gaine 1 some muscular power, as a
foundation or what awaits them in the
nil re. Do von fear that such associa-
t:on wi h bovs will make them rude?
Select good boys for them, and re
member that they were placed- in this
woriil to mingle wnn society, oi both
sexes, and that if you will allow them
to ming e with boys, the boys m iy be
come less rude, better assoc:ates for
them. 1'emeuiber th-t they were placed
here, not s'mply to be pets, to live an
indolent li o in a careful retreat, hut to
1 re for boys and wi h boys, to associate
w th them' in the family,' in the school.
at church, everywhere in active lite.
Good bovs will not barm good girls.
They will live together, they must asso-
ciare together in .alter me, ana snouia
do so now. Let them run and jump.
hop and s'-ip, frisk and play just like
the dear lit'le lambs, for this is the way
in which the young indicate the ex
uberance of their spirits and promote
the r growth and health. Let them
;o n their brothers . and neighbor
associates in innocent games of
amusement and recreation. Let them
m ike bone, muscle, sinew, nerve, iust
like the'r brotl ers, for they have the-
. , , . i . i
s me muscu s, ana neea io nave mem
we 1 developed, to be strong and endur
ing, iust ns certainly as their brothorsi
.As l lie utui e wives and mothers tuev
need muscle development as certatn'y
as the boys, and perhaps ust as much.
Let them wear loose clothing that their
lungs may be expanded, strengthened,
so that there need not be in the future
such a 'ear'ul mortality among the
srirls, just emerging into womanhood,
as at present, i et the chest be un
trammelled, so that the six hundred
millions (!) of air cells may not be
c'osed by compression, thus paving the
wav for consumption, i-et tnem pe nat
ural in their motions, their gait and they
w'll be graceful, or su c'en'ly so for
girls at that are. Do not alow any prim
Mrs. lirumiv toins-n into ineir len
der minds the idea thntitis 'improp
er' to be natural,
herds and soldiers o. the ne'giiboriug i
Kuaei vnt7i 'ivu minimi uio iu
listen. Among the soldiers were 'onie ;
with trumpets. Cnsar seized one o"
the trumpets and unrcd his horse to the
bank of the river, where be drew from j
the instrument most warlike blasts.
Then dashing across to the or-pos'te
bank, he exclaimed: Onion! the die
is Fast! The voices of the immortal
gods and the injustice of onr enemie;
call!" Bat his decision involved Rome
in a long and tearful struggle.
Another saying is "No ''uarter."
Formerly the raamom of a soldier was a
quarter of his pay. If the victor de
sired to retain his prisoner, or have him
put to death, he re used his ransom;
t at is, would take no quarter which
m'gbt pay for his deliveran e. o the
expression means to make no conces
sion, but to act with extreme rigor.
A Sardonic' laugh, that is to say, a
convu sive. deadly kind of laugh. In
Sardinia there grows a kind of ranun
culus called Sardonia, whi h contra ts
in a strange way the muscles of the face
when it is eaten, so that the lips are
forcibly drawn back, and the pntient to
whom it is administered seems to smile
while dying.
But another explanation is more gen
erously admitted, diawn from an an
cient cu-tom of the Sardianians. At a
certain yearly lest. vat there were sac
rifice not on y the prisoners of war.
but all old men who had passed their
sixtieth year. The e wretched morta s
were forced to smile during the horri
ble ceremony of being tout to death, a
ceremony that was proloncd for the
edification of the lookers-on. Ibusa
sardonic laugh means one that is mere
ly on the lips, but is vo d of all jo.- or
merriment, concealing the bitterness at
heart. Amy M.ovJl, in The Household.
SeJ Hair.
I ft Will WTHB.K... I
7 I H i
'aWuawaa'SV ViwW
v y ; v. p W JF i .as vI Jin
Patent Medicines, Dye Stuffs, Trusses,
and -Shoulder-Braces.
I shall be considered unorthodox
when I sa that next in loveliness of ail
the hair I have ever seen comes a chev-
elure of golden red. Very red hair is
orange, and orange hair is far from
beautiful, but the abnn lant tresses to
which 1 re-er were of the color of per
fectly ripe corn, with that reddish tinge
which makes the waving harve.-t fields
so beautiful. . Red hair, even if unlove
ly, has its advantages in a practical ae
when a g.rl or woman dares not be in
significant, invisible,' on penalty of
being nobody. be writer of a little
book on the toi'et sets forth as follows
one of these advantages : " Enter a
room in daylight by artificial light rod
loses much of its ferocity where there
are women without bonnets or hats,
and i. there be one of them with bright,
unmistakable red ha r. she wiil stand
out from the rest with 'a never-failing
i prominence, which, if she be a pretty
woman and red-haired woman hive
often great beauty of fea are, and i ery
often lovely complexions is of the
greatest advantago to her, socially
speaking." .4
Another advantage lies in the fact
that the possession of red hair rcst.icts
the owner to a narrow but elect range
ol color. "And you call that an advan
tage?" cry the phalanx of the red
haired s stera. Undoubtedly I do, and
to prove it, I ask if. in your inmost
souls, you dq not adore pink and cher
ish the belief that it suits vou? O.
and that they must course you do. 1 never knew any one
IIkaiachk pai ticulitrly, is
removed and permanently cur
ed with Zopesa. Try a 10 cent
sample. It regulates the stom
ach and liver. - For sale by J.
W. Houghton.
Who's the Best Physician.
The one that does root to relieve suf
fering humanity of the thousand and
one ills that befall them, is obtain I v I
the- best of all physicians. Electric
Blrters are dally doing this, curing
wneresii otner remmes railed. Ai
Spring tonic and blood purifier they
have no equal. They positively cure
liver and, ki.iney complaints. In the
strongest rense t tu term, tliev are
the bet and cheapest physician known.
Daily t unes. Sold by J. W. Hough
ton at CO cents. 8-ly
embraces all of the standard goods, and is fresh, being purchased direct of
Manufacturers. We keep a full line at all times. We have
also a large and well selected stock of
consisting of the finest and best, Perfumes, Soaps, Cosmetics, Hair Brushes,
Tooth Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, etc., which are all first-class goods,
and which will be sold very low. Our stock of
Jbs&mpsv ana Xi amp', w$tm?mm
will be closed out at actual cvst, aud will afford all an opportunity to pur
chase at a bargain. We have also a very large line of the
best manufacturers of - - .
mm. mnm mm:mmmm,:,
which we are offering at a great reduction all warranted. A fine stock of
Pus "Wtaes asti IkiquoEg
A Remarkable Escape.
Mrs. Geo. C. Cl.rke, of Port Dsl-
housie, Ontario, states lhat she had been
confined to her room for a long lime
with lhat dreadful disease. Consump
tion. 1 h doctors said could n-t esene
an earlv grave, but- foi tmimely she be
gan taKiiijC ur. King's Arw Discovery
for Consumption, and in a fhnrt time
was completely cured. Doubting ones
please write Mr- tjlai ke, and lie convin
ces- iriai oottie rree at tiougn ion's
Drugstore. Large sUe $ 1.00. 8-ly
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salve In the worl I fr Cut-
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Slt Rliuem,
f ever bore, Tetter, Chat pea hands,
Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles. It is
guaranteed to give satisfaction or mon-
relumied. Prii-e 25 cents per box. For
tale by J. V. Houghton. 6-ly
. To all who are suffering from the errors
and indiscretions of youth, ntrvuus weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood. c . I
will arnd a recipe that will cure you, FREE
OF CHARGE. This crest remedy was dis-
coverea n? a missionary in soutu Ami-ric .
Bend a self addressed envelope to tn Rav.
Joseph T. Ism am, Station D, New York :ity.
Time and Expense Saved.
Hird workers are subject to bilious
attacks wnicii m:iy end in dan erous
illness. Paiker's Ginger .Tonic keeps
tne niunevs and liver active, ana In-
preventing the sttack saves sickness.
time, and expense. Detroit Press.
Burlington, Vt., Jan. 28. 18S2.
I subscribe to the efficiency of Down's
illxir. It bas been a standard remedy
lor cougiis anu coios in my isn.jlv lor
years. J. A ARTHUR.
Deputy Customs Collector.
for medicinal purposes only. We cordially invite the - public to call and
examine our goods, confident that we can show them-
As Good Goods and as Low Prices
as any house in the State can afford.
West side Public Square, Wellington Ohio.
Clocks, . .
and Silverware,
North Side Liberty Street, '
WELLINGTON, OHIO. Rsgulates tha Watch with Certainty.
Applied in FIVE minutes. : .
Repairing a Specialty. : K
Sole Agent for Wellington
for Teste's Patent Watch
tlf r IT
(Enlarged TirlcsT ,: pNUTE8.
Burlington, Vt., Jn 26. 1882.
I have used Downs' Elixir f.-r forty
years, and consider it a, safe and yhia
ble medicine in all cases of conghs,colds
anil lor any pulmonary trouble.
l always rail back on this old remeOv
hen the symptoms are alarminz.aiid it
nas never die appointed me.
walk in iust such a st le, cramped aod of your Coloring who id not. Restr c
art ticial n the e-trcme. Remember I tion as to oulor, if universal and rotru-
not only that health is as imnortant for : lated on a basis of good taste, would
mothers as for fathers but thit it can- -make England more celobratvd than
not be obtained by living: on the fash- ; ever for handsome women or pretty
ionable roodies." shut out from the air . g .rls. many of whom now ruin their
, - . i i .
cream, uranapa naa oeu or
and Bob was so little scared that his
plate was half empty, when suddenly
we heard a great scratching; then a
floundering, scurrying noise. Charley
turned deathly pale.
I couldnt think what was going to
happen, and everybody else looked per
fectly astonished. All of a sudden the
J - nrun with M. bs.IUT. AT id With
-v- MmAnHn snrins- in- himtfcd Tow- killed; one of ihem wa
. n u k.snu knnu fnr shunt the ankles :md led 'O
Grandpa, and sits at the head of the
table, screamed the most awful scream
I ever heard. -
At first Tomer didn't1 see Charley.
Then he caught sight of him. An awful
lump under Grandpa's elbow threw the
wine all over his shirt bosom. Then there
wriggle- ana lowzer s uuj iu
nuMu and nieces of "clothes
en you" and jolliky" into one mass of
. bits; the ice-cream pyramid went down,
' and oranges and grape flew round
' like big hailstones.
It was the most awful -moment I ever
Charley gT one look.' I thought he
Eccentric Burials.
Souire Waterton. the well-known an
thorofthe "Wanderings." a 'at how-
in the midH of Protestants, h:td, I b
lieve. a small mausoleum conxecrateil
for himself and his wif in his own pan
at Walton Hail. Yorkshire. I Here
a touching story, too, which 1 he ir
within a few days ot nis ouriai, oi i.
flight of the bird- he bad so fondly pr
tected all his life following the cortejft-
as his body was borne by water to th
The case of a distant connection
mine sud. lies a raosi sinnnar iuinc
of eccentric burial. She had been
distressed at the loss of two cm a e
within a brief space of time that she !
duced the clergvman of the parish to i-
t j. .i . i
her remove tne ooaies airecuy aiir i n
had been buried. She had them em
balmed, and they were thm keit f
something like ihiity years in an erao
room in- her hone in one of the print!
nal streets of Biirhton (though occ
sionally to the astonishment and te m
nt servantst looking like wax d-lis i
their preUy little coffins with g'ast lid -
At her death tney were uunea y u
son in orders, not many the- clerg
men probnbly having been cai'ea 'ooii'
aiotnra who died betore ihe wre bum
There is also the case of Et-ore Vionr
whose mummified remain-', buried i't
erect position in the cmircnyara wu
am shown to the lew visitors w m-w
The burial in an erect or sitting p' u
of Charlemagne and Frederick lt rb'
roosa fnot to speak of the weird legend
nredicting their return to re gn i-
Mrihl also ome under this head. It
II. Busk, in ViXfti an i ijuerut.
Atrocities by British Officers.
The following story, told by th Syd
tin Mail, of Svdnev. Australia, v h
horrible illustration of 'he inhuman ba
barism that may still be found in ce
tain quarters of the world. A y.n-
British police officer wa out with a d
tachment of colored "boys" nun in ,
sunn of the Mavail tniie ol oiucks wn
had been suspeered of scaling a ipi
tito nt fl.mr. "Thev c-mw upon a c iin
of MavallO savs the account, "si
r.SaMA atirmnnAtHi them, and forced
them to be hospitable. They ate ihei-
kangaroo, drank their water, and mid
them corroboree. After all wa ende
tht the blacks m-ght not get away n
th nirht .nd sea more ihi en, ihe olli
eer said to his 'boys. Mu-t vou puli o i
your revolvers and choot th-m. Th
bovs' did not like to at first, bu th
officer was peremptory, and wa- b- y- d
When the MavaHs were kdleil ih-n
were three old rorae wailing, who oiil
not seem worth killing. 'Killtbem. v
said the officer, andj-lb-y were killed
Thru vnimer onns t wives 1 were
' -Hi
The 'boy- rode on in l e in -rui -g,
ing the ofHVer and the yunj tin
fwiired. Pn-sentlv a stranger
lonir and it was he wholells ' he stry )
and the two ate and drank logi lher
when it became lime to move it was re
nomliAi-pft that the" voung gin wa- ti-d
mi. We must loose her first, naid tb
ohiaf. and felt for the keys. He h id n
Iac thn 'bovs' had taken them away
What was to be doneP l can noi loe
mi handcuffs he said, and before there
was time for remonstrance he had dra t
a pistol aod shot the -gin through th
brain, and then hacked off her feet at
the ankles, and so saved his irons."
an t sun. in indolence: out mine natural
e ervise of all of tfiir faculties, body,
mnd and soul. Let the girls Uve!!
Uolo'cn Unlc.
looks by wearing wrong tints. And
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. 1 I .... . . .1. ,.
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claSation U thenS fi"
oomeiimes II . . l ni: J- l ;j i ...
Popal tr FUrases.
Wo often hear phrases and ejacula-
t'ons to which we are so accustomed
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43 ly 11. Gi Starr STCo.
lion of its
fam liar e
cu ions investigation
roav be traced to the Greeks, Romans
or Arabs, an I ound to be little changed
since the days of antiquitv. 'Among
these sayings there is th s one that was
formerly us a in pome society, out nas
been b inished as a vulgar aying. it is.
"God ble s yo !" the grc --ting made to
anv on that snee '.cd.
No people were ever more supersti-
t:ois than the Romans. Ihev were
guided by the merest accidents. V ith
them sue zing wa an augury that they
interprete t in various ways. From
noon until m dnight it was a fa orable
ign. hnt from midnight until noon it
w untaro aoie: a nerai i oi nappmess
or woe also, ccording as one sneered
to the right or left. But it was always
a sacred s gn and to be r garded as
mn n as the mghtoi birds, or any o tne
i riests1 augun s. Those who sneered
w.-re saiatea win tno wor s: "m&j
Jupiter eep and aid you!" From this
b t o! an ient superstition arose the
cu torn now nearly forgotten among
Christ an s. of crying out, "God bless
you:" when on snee s.
The reason of its use as an augury
has rot been disco ered. But sneering
has everywhere and in all times been
cons de red worthy of a certain degree
o attention. According to toe Jews
the custom o wish ng well to one who
sneezes dates tar, I.ir hacK. even to the
shal Neils and Gloirn de I Mjoo, chestnut
browns, ohooo ate, dull wall-llower reds
and dull gold color. A beautiful rousse,
who is a great favorite in English socie
ty, wears a gold band in her hair, and
usually dresses in the evening in yellow
satin or gold-colored velvet. . She is a
picture indeed: and in her walking
gowns of chocolate relieved with am
ber, or of tawny red and gold, is as pict
uresque a woman as one would wish to
meet. Wiitthafl Ilrvieir.
A Husband and a Male.
Not long since Wakefield Starkev. of
Austin, while cro sing the track of the
Internat onal & Great Northern Rail
road on a valuable mule, was struck by
a locomotive and killed. The mule was
a so hurled into eternity. Wake Held
Starkev, although a perfect gent eraan
on the street, was a perfect tyrant of
the deepest dye. Without any provoca
tion whatever, he used to beat his wife
and lock her no in the wardrobe:
hence, when he heard of his death, it
was not so much a case of lieavv be
reavement as it was of ni'tigated affec
tion. As the engineer of tne locomo
ti e was c'early to blame for the acci
dent it was suggested to the widow
that she br ng suit for damages. She
rexo'ved to do so, and called at the
office of the railway company. The
When Adam was driven out i proper official htppened to be in. The
lc- I'fed
-Ml It
o 'S' a i.se. so runs tne iraanion, ooa
ordained that man should sneeze only
at the mom nt of death. Bnt now
snee .ing is lKked on as a-return to life.
The - rench peasants say that a patient
th-it has sneexe i three times is consid
ered in good hea th, and may be safely
dismissed irom a hospital.
The Siamese explain it differently.
They say thefo are in the infernal re
gions Judges who write all the sins of
men in Targe books. The supreme
.. udgo is com inually occupied in review
ing ihe collection, and the unfortunate
mortal whose sins fall beneath the eye
i the .fudge will sneeze as no reads.
Thus t-howing how usetnl it is to cry out
lor divine aid at s ens moment.
In the kingdom of Sennoar the court
iers, and all in attendance, ob erve a
curious c-ist-ira of tu ning away when
the Kin ; sneezes, and striking the right
tint the stran re t nnd m st ludicrous
u-lo'u lal pruval in Monomotapa.
Tiie inj sneezes a d a righltul explo
sion takes t ace. All ihe court ers con-
s dor it incumbent on them elves to Sta
tute' royally as nearly as oss.b!e. They
widow had such a clear case against
the company that it was deemed
advisable to com prom se the matter.
"Now, madam," said the official.
after the widow had thrown I a k her
veil and stated ber bus ness, " we are
willing to do what is fair in this matter.
There is really no occa ion to go to
law. It s a delicate su ject to d.scns.s.
so I think, without go ng into the mer
its oF it, I wiil t nder you a check for
$3,000. and vou will s gn a Daner re
leasing the company from all further
demand . '
The widow started, and asked: "IIow
I am authorized to pav you S3. 000.
" I accept it," she said, very much
ag laiea.
The check was handed over, the pa
pers signed, and the widow walke I out
into the street n a bewildered frame of
m nd. As she cashed the check she
ss d to herse f conndenti.illy,
d.dn t expect to get more than $'0.
I reckon that railroad fellow didn't
know how old that mule was."
It never cenrre to h-r that she had
susta ned any loss in ihe death of her
lirst echo the noiind and it is caught up ! husband. On the o her hand, the rail-
n th'' net' n- anment, and spreading roa I othc a' s nd to one of theoerks
thuugh Hie pa ace is continued to the j "The comp ny w.ts get ing off dirt
trxrtM and houses. ntil the entire town i cheap. We u ua ly have to pay $5,000
has ri.ve its lo allv to us sovere gn. lor ruuuing over uusuan is.-
To n s the Km. on." This has be-1 It did not occur to him that the
come a i) o crb n the sense of under- j widow h d susta ned any loss whatever
'-akin? a ha'ardous enter ri e from I in the alu .b e mu e.
which here can bo no retreat. It re era What nstrkng illustration of ihe
to C sar's rem!' ara n-t the Senate, fao hat different poop e look j.t the
iitatltn-adnnthe nap o lily the .tu same th ng in a d.uerent liht. Texas
bicoo was aj agiv-at id d v.ding .taly .atjungs.
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fT fi ff f . er. p
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