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. ,fj :
IV Our Younir leaders.
. -
Jear Rain, without your help, 1 know,
The trees and flowers eould not grow;
My rosos all would (ado aud dlo,
li you staid ur behind the iky. -
But lonoly little girls, llko mo.
Don't like to stay Indoors, you soo,
AH through the Iony and lonosome day
I'm tired of books, I'm tired of playi .
I'm tired of listening to the sound '
Of pnttorlnir drops upon the ground,
And waUihluir through the mlstr pane,
The clouded sklos, U dreary Hulul
And so I wlnti you'd toll mo why,
Just to pluam mo, you, couldn't try
to let tliu briirht Bun shine all day, ,
And la tlio nig lit, when bo's nway,
And all the world Is dartc on t still, - '' '
And I'm asleep then. If you will,
Como down, and niako my Howe grow,
Dearltuin, and I will lovo you so.
youth's (-owjxiHion,
One of the strangest stories in history
la that of the Man in tho Iron lla.sk,
who was Imnriscned in Franco, nonrlv
ft two bundrod years ago, by tlio ordor of
King Louis AlV. ilo mart in tlio uastila
in 1703, and from t int (by to this it has
mrnr boon fmiml nut who ho rpnllv vn.
F All sorts of stories have been told
IV about t':o unfortunate man, who not
II oilfy spent so many dreary voars in
I . " - f . .
'.'tr.soii, but was cuiniK'lloa lo havo nia
lj t - ..u tj..
I ill U illV.la t'UVVlUVl mill 1. (lllVlrb. lUb
no one saw him in an iron one, which
."ouUl linvvo been too hoiTlblo. Yet the
rV.uncr probably found hi black vel-VL-teove.riiifj,
fastened with stool springs,
intolerable ciKini'U. Jt was nuvcr re-
(m )vul. iih-cpi;' or waking,- in hot
weather or cold, sick or well, tho su!!b-
' c.tinjj thin;; li.nl to bo worn, utnl it
S'.'L'tu.s n woudur tliat it did not d;ivo
I hi in insane.
i'or a Ions tinio this mysterious vtU-
' oner was.ootilincd in diitcrnnt prisons
on soino ulanls in tlio Alctliternuinnn,
known as tlio Marmicrilo islands, lie
was removed from thenco when M. Do
faint Mars, tho Governor of tho state
prison lliero, accepted the GovumorsMp
or tlio uastiii', i.io creat prison oi rans,
JIo was carried in a closed litter, accom
panied by tho Governor, M. Do Saint
'.Mais, and suvoral armed meu on horse-
(Lack. When thoy stopped for meals.
ff 1110 piiSUII'.'l UlWIiytl Sill. Hl.l II US UHClt HI
. tiia windows, and tlio Governor had
r Vols btside his plato. Tiioy ,wQro at
II ' .1 . I t. I
' . ion ova sinrin vnim, anionic iviu
B fiiu sorvnut who waited oh them did not
Vf ano into tlio dining-romn, but- tho
J;1 103 wore taken from hint and re-
md in an nutc-clinmhcr after the din
room door had been carefully closed
oorman! lis was closely wateuco.
iinl ho was said to havo been richly
dressed, and snrved by the Governor
himself on bendd knee with dainty food
on rich nilvor u'atu. ;But what a mock.
cry all lliis out'.vardsliw -of "jepiict
.must nnvo s.;eincii to a prisonorwiio
.was thr- atenul Willi death u ho xa-
inovcd bis Htillmr mask for a moment.
tr attempted to npeak to unyono except
huso who hai
t ciiar?o oi uim:
In en t, howovor, of tho dreadrul
isk ho ran. ho did try, when in the
ortressof Pignerol, tho (r'oomiestTof all
rloomy placei, with tho roiijrh soa uash
ki"; tip against its rocky wall, to make
U liard f tn known to the outer world.
lo onirruve,l wimo .'words on "a silver
dato, which lio threw from the wiudow
f his dun;reon to the narrow beach be
iy. A lislierman who was passing in
v boat saw the irlitter of llio metal, and
aiu'od to pick it up. Not biiu able to
li!ail tho wonts which the poor despair-
i' niau in Hi" innM; had written, ana
blinking it mi;lit bo a lort nrticlo of
I rreat valuo, tlm honest fisherman pavo
I id his tin .u to tho keeper of tho prison.
f l'"v from leceivlii'i any reward,-. h
wficli.suly (uestione.r, nl)d eSeapuit hot
ing put t ) death only because lie couid
tot read a word; out no was ooiwa to
ivo tho niMghborliojd as (pilckly as
tale. 1 wo other persons who lound
n s.ili't with word msrkou on it,
h.i wcro not so Ignorant as tho
r;iian, were sai.l t have died very
Jfi.x a:terward without any ap) rout
I Tlie Man in tlio Iron Mask spent fivo
years in thp famous slate-prison of tho
UuKt lu. winch was ct'j.st roved hr tho
mob in t'ao bi'jrlnn n of tho l'r'iieh
devolution Fur over four hundred
years this stron 'est and Hi Mt ho;eln
of prisons had li d i nvii a:id wonin of
all ranks, inntiy of whom lin 'nished
thnr? witho'it tho ordinary com.orti oj
'iifo, for no crime wliatitvui. but morely
o LTatify the mulue of some iiowernil
ival. It I. as been thought that the
iiaskcl t'ri;oner was a twin brot.hor of
mine. His lite was spared, Because u
lie neUiiowIedirod heir died it would be
cs r.l).) to produce him as his lawful
Ho was naid ti resemble Louis XIV,
,o flron ;lv that it woild bo dangerous
irat e timM., tarts sneuoyany ouu, and
his lo 1 to the uncomfortable mask. A
)letu of him looking throii''h the
rraU'd window of Ills crll in the Kastile,
!utii two nrmod soldiers watching bis
JL, 'litest moyenout, is vory sad: he
V'li.d sei so little, between his mask
Vl the pri.on bars, and the guards
orders to lire upon him If he made
the slightest attempt lo attract no; ice
' Many per ons who did not believe
dint the Alan in ine iron aiosic was
Vrother of Iouis JiVI. hav tried to
Irove that he wa a Count de Mattbioli,
4' a .1. . .. . ...1.
'in niieiu oi miu ifun? oi niitiibuii, vtiiu
inpiored him Insomeni'gotiations with
Vw'io KiiiT of r ranee, iiio count
ie Kin? of France.
1 1-eused b
i -cased bv the French of huvinz be-
ayed one of their state socrets; and
e angry monarch imprisoned uim lor
e in a way that effectually proventod
in from tolling anything more. .
But the real truth about this most un-
,tlirlrttn ' iif ritwinntw l.na. nllnK Srrnt-
l.mo to light. All we know of. his
ath Is the following entry taken from
io Journal of Dajunoa, the ohlef turu-
lov oi tllO liastllo. llo wr tns! "tin
'lloiiday, tho l'Jth of Kovembor, W
io unknown prisoner who had contin-
iilly.wom a black Velvet mask, and
V hot J I Saint Mars had brought with
'.m lrnm tlin island of Kalnln Mnr.
noriw, died to-day, about ton o'clock
'J tho evoning, having been yostonlay
iton SIlL'htly 111 . tie na ncen a lonir
itne fn M. Do Saint Mars' hr.nds, nnd
t Uluess was exceedingly trilling."
l.ojis Mv., whoso birth was ca efu
t Vmcealed from 'every one oulsldo oi tl
I liyal faiaiiv, and' that ho win d!siosc
I if iu this wav to prevent the
I 'hat would arise from two heirs to t
I I.
WbfQ he died In the BasfSW every r-
Uolo of olotuuig and furniture that had!
been used by him was destroyed; and
even the wans were scrapoa lor tear
that he might have scratched something
on thorn that would tell the reader who
ho was. 4 ,.
How It came that the mask was sup
posed to be iron no one knows. Some
one who saw him at a distance wearing
the black thing may have landed that
it was an Instrument of torture made of
iron, and have so doscribod It It would
bo very interesting even at this Into
day to find out who the poor victim of
such inhuman cruelty was, but it does
not seem likoly, after all tlieso years,
that tlio world will over know him by
any oilier name than that or the "Alan
in the Iron Mask."-t-'a Bodman
Church, in JJarpur't Young Feoylc
A Few Vords (o lli.e Boys.
Comn. now. mv lad. but vnn want to
run away. ' No boy ever yet reached
tho aire of fifteen without having several
tinges rirmly resolved to loavo homo.
uon a boy nas mane up nis minu to
a thing of this sort ho ought to carry it
out by all meaus. Tlio iiist stop iu tlio
programme is to begin snvlng up Dread
and meat. When you havo a bushel or
so of provisions hidden in tho barn or
under tho wood-shod you aro ready for
the battle with tlio cold world. Mako
your start at night. This will prevent
tho sun from tanning your complexion,
aud you will bo quilo cortiviu of tlio
company of a tramp or two.
Somo boj-s leave a nolo pinned to tho
pillow of their bed. .Tins nolo goes
on to sav that the boy has been jawed,
bulldozed, starved, pounded and
knocked down iuhI dragged out, until
lio has mado up his mind to sever tlio
connection. lie will never bo heard of
more. It is probably tho b't way to
loavo a nolo oi this kind, as the family
are then mai;o to 1 1 1 ly reaiuv3 tueir
cruelty in driving tho poor boy out
unions strangers, ..
When you have packed up your litllo
unm.U! anu situ on it win uo uu io ui
tle upon some plan for the future.
1'crhaps vou want to bo a sailor? .Noth
ing is easier. Mako your way to nomo
lakfl or sea-port, and most any Captain
will take you. If ho can't disgust you
with tin) Baiiyr'ng bus'ness in about a
vt'eek. tar-buckcts, sea-s:ck:icss, pool
provisions and a ropf 'f f ind will bo
caiicu upoa to assi.si uim.
i'erhnps you want to becomo a might)
hunter? Mighty hunters aro not mad'
in a few days or weeks. Vou want t
begin by letting your hair nnd linger
nails' grow, sleeping in a swamp, nni"
wasting two dollai's worth of auimunl
t:on to Kill a ten-cent cliipmunk.
If you have decide I tobocomo a bank
clerk, well and irood. Mako tracks fo,
tho nearest city, aud tho tii-st bank you
enter will jump at tho,; chaiico ot cm
ploying yon at k ealarj' of feJOi) per
month. If it should so happen that Hie
bank, d da t do . any jumping as you
nl'.ulii application, you can console Vour.
soif with tho rcf.oction that it is about
to bust.
Hut. speaking in all soriousncss, my
boy, if I had a dozen . sons 1 should bo
glad to liavo each andevoi-youo of them
take his turn at running away from home.
It is the beet cure in tho world for that
disease- called -"swcll-hend."' There's
a heap of romanco in tho idea of run
nihg away.' . Von think of tho sparkling
sea, tho green prairies, coral strands,
rubbers' caves and pirates' treasures.
1 ou feci that yon kiiow so much more
than your father that it is a waste of
brains for both of you to vomnin iu tho
f-aino house. You havo bceu forced to
CO to school, and bavo been ordered to
go to tho grocery after butter like a
common slave. .Don't stand, it tny
longer! Pick tip your dud3 and leave
the bouse nnd go "forth into tho world.
What! Coiuo to a full ston in tho road
before you are a mile away! You've got
a peek or more of our meat and moldy
bread in a pillow-case, seventeen conts
in your pocket, and Just think bow yonr
father and niollier havo missed you at
homo! Tho romance begins to wear off,
eli? You dun't care half as much about
mormaids and palin-grnvos and plrato
ships as you did an hour ago. You
hutu to leaVo mother after all, and per
haps fatiier isn't so much t blame for
bossing you around. .Com.) to think it
all over, perhaps you'd better return
homo and try anil' stand it for a few
nioi o weeks. .
Ah! my son, but wo'vo all been thore!
All theo wrinklad and diguilied and
ba'jl headed old men yon meet on tlio
streets have had about the sanio experi
ence, We've had that same period of
' swell-head," and eight out of ten of
us have packed our bundles and slid out
to escape parental tyrannv. El ;ht out
of ten of us havo slipped back again,
too. and tho experience was I ho rifjil
sort of medicine for tho diseaso. Any
liiuoyou come to feel that you are a
poor, over worked aud dowu-trodden
boy, and that if yoji only had a 'air
show you'd know more In a minute than
your father does in an hour, just skip.
Thcru's nothing like l"M VuaU" in
IDtlroit free I'rcst.
(iialiln? Italy.
- It would scorn that the soil of Italy Is
In incessant movement, there bo.n
fieriods of excessive activity usually
astlng about tea days. Such a period
may be called a seismic storm. These
storms are separated by periods of rela
tive calms. Tho storms havo their
greater regularity in winter, and sharp
maximums aro to bo observed in spring
aud autumn. In tho mldnt of such n
period, or at Its end. there is usually an
earthquake Usually these storms are
closely related to barometric depres
sions. To distinguish these movemonts
from thoso which occur under li 1 1-li
pressure they are called baro-seisUiio
movements, tho latter being: callod vol-cano-ceistulo
movements. Tlio relation
of theso stoinis to baromotilo fluctua
tion has been observed to bo vory
marked during tho t. mo of a volcanic
eruption.' At tho commencement of a
storm tho motions aro usually small,
and one storm lasting two or three davs
may be Joined by another storm. In
such a enso tho action may bo' a local
one. It lifts been observed that a bar
ometrical depression tended to brin;; a
storm to a maximum; whilo an Increase
of presuire would cniiho it todiKnpprnr."
Sometimes tneso ncpons are pii'viy
local, but at other times they )i ay af
fect .considerable trtict of laud.
JS'uiurt, :
Fall Partliralar of the Dseeas of the
Jaannetta's 'Insane Boatswain III '
Adventurous Career and the Mal
ady Whlob Carried Him Ott,
N. T. Herald.
In the Beach Ward, at the Government
Asylum for the Insane, near Washington,
D. C, poor Jack Cole, boatswain's mate on
the United States exploring steamer Jean,
nette, dlod recently aged fifty-four years.
He bad been an inmate of this asylum
slnoe June 2, 1882, and during the two years
had received every attention it was possi
ble for the skilled physicians to give him.
From the date of his admission to the mo
ment ot his death bis mind and body wero
being consumed by his Irrational condi
tion. At one time Dr. Godding, the Su
perintendent of the asylum, thought a sea
voyage would hava been beneficial to the
patient, but the opportunity to send him
abroad did not olTor, an ! so his iifo was
passed in singing tongs and drawing
charts ot the Arctio regions, lie was a
powerful muu, as suvoral of tho attendant.)
cnu testify who iloe impunlo 1 him on his
daily walks about the ground i. Once
when Lieulbnant Uaniinhowcr and Vm
Ciiiuniunn who was on tlio Jonnnette
called to soo poor Jack ho (:nvj thorn both
friendly evidence of his sliill ns a pugilist.
About ton days ao, Dr. (Joddlng say, his
condition b"sua to dt'iiiand clor.ur ut'oii
tlon, and ho v.i:i urg "A tn laUu koiiio rost,
Lut t'.i ) udvli e was nai Usx. tin Ion.: as ln
could And his clothos ho was up aud about,
a'.ul ev.n to tlio lint insisted upon silting
api ii.t in '..is bad. llo did not appunr tu
havo nl nny tinio during his conllniiioiit,
says tho doctor, a lational ivionient. Con
s' nnt cxeitoinoat, iuooliori'ut rciimrii,
sinjjin 'id druw:u; brli.fly toll the
l.l.toiy o( t!ie last Mil 1 days nt
this Arotic sfninin. On Vv'eiluosiiny
voi:in, April 'J!l, lie sufTorod Ironi
huvep) at'-iclf of iadih'iistion, but csiU'
f:om liio ciifcol.leiuuiiti consequent upon
sueh seizures there was nothing serious in
tlio ruso until hoort cuiuplicatlons were
nmtiir.st and 1:1 1 suddou domlso r.i .mli.
nijty caused bycaidiuc dropsy, Ju'.m Cole
was born at Q't'-vuiUiwn, Ireland, la 1A").
When nbou tiiirt 'ea years old ha wont tc
joa nr.d nrrcd aa npprcnticoshtp in tho
merchant service, Bailing from his native
town. lie ufiurwar.l shipji' d on board tliu
N. r. J! 'tc H'.'.ot llu.uariKCotta, Mo., nfi t
n ith her ma io sevnpil voy.i-.;es to tlio P.u
-no iiueiin. in !..) no snippeii on sue"
Untt id H ntos slvauioi' Harriot Lane, Cnp.
nin Fauoce, wiilch toik part in the 1'ara
(nay ctjiudl ion, nnd on Us return was
fromo'Dd to tlio of iunrtorm:istor. Ko
ftlual.iod on tin llirriet Lsne until 18X1,
Hid was pro.i nit at tlio reinforcement of
Foit Slimier and also fit tho battle of Pig's
i'oiut, iii'ur Korinl::, wbero. several un
oonr.l wore wounleil, soon ot them fi.ai
y. . li ) pnrticiputed in :l)o latino of For:
Ua'.toras, wlior the Uai ritit Lsno went
i.diore.. . H; re ho disliiiuishsd him-
tolf by. saving, At the peril of his li.e,
;ue crow of a brit which had boon
;rTdzod in tho brrfiikuru. About October,
I.H.;1, and on the ' rocouiinendatioit ui
Captain Founeo, ha obtatnod a position on
be yacht Utnrhttn. He roniainod on her
tvhiio she wh in the Government forvice
luring tiio war. II j was afterward pro
aiotxxl to hv boatswain, and rmtaeqnenlly
oindo mn.e Hf tho Uenriottn, and In this
poslilou partlclps'od iu suvural races run
by i bat yacht, iucludin;; tho ocean race,
arhou sho failo 1 a-nlnst the Vesta and
Flyi'twia: During ti.o winter in which
Hehrietta'wus laid up at Cones, Colo
remained on txiar.l until he wis ordered to
this cfy to Join the yacht Dnuntloss as
mate, lie coiitinuMl in tuut position nntil
no was mns'creil in for s n vlce as lat-
iw.iin on board .t'io Jcaunotte. "1'oor
Jncx," said an Aictie explon-r, a warm
Iriund of tliu ilcrnuifod, " Imcnin insane
f;'om tho liurlsniis endured . after the
wi orlt of the Jctuiu'.'ltc, during t ho retreat
by Captain 1)j Lon over the ire and In
ll,o whale-' 00' d irincth" cnle which suiio-
ro od the lhrne I. oats. Up to September li)
l.o was In apparently irood health, and was
ulways ready io do his or more than his
i bare of the work. In the whnluboat,
o -in' an rxpi r.ciiraii s 'unian, bo was
tleu tho rudder; but neillcr Welvillo
nor Ilnnoiibiiwer knew that tl.oir boat
was bollix s'eered by one whose Intellect
had already hecoaio clou lo.l. Diirlnj the
nays oc u.e rajo, however, i e kept to his
work, and it was unly aficr seroral davs
bad paso 1 that poor Jack w.is notice. I to
act In strnngo limn nor. At ur t he was
attacked by a num. a to tw, and wns un
l.aipy unless he had a needlj an I thr aJ
and was ntcliiic,' up t lit or clothing.
Only occasionally ho crew vinlonu
v sunny no was vory epiict, nnd was
vhoeivd only by lliaili.iu,'ht tout hi was
(;olu,4 uoimi to ins ainlly and ): chil
ilrm. In Iriintsk, In lt-81. where the cor
r.-K o nil nt of the New York Herald met
him, ho wns under the spviiil cure of
l.icu cnan', Dnuntihowor. lie Imagine !
l.lniHolf to be in Now York, and was ki'pt
quiot by liiiajjinaiy searches for the olllco
w.t i wiiicu In was si loii(( ronnecled.
AV. ei bi oiu;lit to t o United Status be
wns nt i nco plnced tn an insane asylum.
I nk's wife clod III tho early part of 1S81.
He nwer knew of Ids beivsvi-iuunt, as It
wns thought bet by bis friouds not to tell
him of her doiifh. Mr. Cole lonvs n'x
chi drnn, the el lust of whom. John Cole.
Las Kft for, WaHhington with an under
lak. r to bi lag ids father's remains to this
city, ti bo l urlod Iu tlio Holy Croat Ceme
tery, FUtbudi, alongside tUono of bis
String" Things In America.
ILondon Dally News.
Even In American storm i, or at least In
Ainoitcnn reports of llioni, there appears
to bu a (ouch of Amorlcan humor. No.
long agl we heard of the gigantic meteor
ite which fell, liki ti e linage of the great
goddess Diana, down from Heaven, and
burled a b u.e InsTe in. Who has for
go ten the' Brmlllan monster, which was
many fathoms loiu, and lived bvneatn the
upper ciujt of th i soarth? Even the
progeny of this animal when they walked
about i rested tartliuualO'S which Bvrnn
would have called "young." The cyclones
wuieu nay rai;oa laieiy in Aiauumn, Ohio
and Indiana recall thou prndicics of na
ture, ti.o great earih-shaklir Iwn-t nnd the
giautio uieieorio stone. What a terrible
scene mast naturj have prpsented when
whole lorrsts were niroa:od, liiurallv, "at
one blow," of tho wild west wind. In
Tonnu-sne strain wns b.own clean oil the
line into a ditch, while Mi:h In the air,
S'lariici ovor aeonUhod Alabama, a baby
flaw for several mlb-s, "tut ecpid un
hurt" Tbisbahy, which, ate tender ago,
realUed (lie wildest .IriBins of the Aero
nautic bocicty, niu.t be mount for remark.
aldo dostliilos. Itlsploasint to think of
too eino lorn ot the pnrnnta, who saw, per
haps, their first disappear on tho wlnxs of
ine wiiiiiwinu; to pictaro the aaionlsh-
luont' of the siranrs among whom lit
bubo alluli oJj to n fli'ct op U.e nijvertlse
monts in the nsconv columns of tlio Ala
bama pnpsra, ad to brood un the Joy of
me oorenrca when the au venturous Infant
returnDil, rn no way dnnuied, by parcels
pos". ul i tiling only bsppou tu fitvorei'
Tlrasl ot IlmsMwork, Ske Tut Om 1
Brother's Clothes and Started tar
New Haven (Conn.) Special
Miss Evelyn Hoey, the eighteen-mar-old
daughter ot Frederick L. Hoey, a boioesa
maker here, put on a tuit of ber brother's
clothes on last Saturday morning and
started out to see the world. 8be was her
father's housekeeper, was tired of washing
dishes and wanted a change. She was ar
rested in Palmer, Mass., that night, aud
her parents first loaruod where she was on
Sunday. She arrived homo to-day and
says sho had a splendid time.
" On Saturduy morning," said Mis Hoey
to-day, " I finished my work, and then put
on my brother's best suit. They didn't fit
mo nrt-rate, Leiug a little large, Lut 1
matin. -ed to fix them. It was raining when
I got dressed, and so I took an umbrella
nnd tiien stole out the front way and
u c.1U.m1 to Btate street, and then out to
llorth Haven, obautfour miles. I reached
tnore a little at er noon, and tork the noon
tra il to Hurtford. I got out there, and
s'rollut around the city until late in the
atU-rnoon, and thou took ibe train to
" I was enjoying tho novelty of position
flrst-rati. 1 got out at Bprlns fluid, and
then took t'ao early owning train for Bos
ton. JJy money gnvo cut in fc'prlngfleld,
hut I bad solan v I t notion In my bead
about boys b.il.i,.; nhiu to Lent Ihvlr way on
th trulus. It uui oa tUs train tLut
tronbl) bt;an.
ioli idy had so -n n 1 to notice my sex
until llinn. 1 k pt ley cap pulled down
over my eyej, na.l my l.nir is short, you
sio, l.ut 1 i;ei. n -y face was too white cr
Bi mi-liiing or ',:. A limn took a scut
losito mo. Af er cno clnuco ut tnu ho
tnoi uuutUer, r.i.u 1 1 i nnolii r, and lira.-
ly ai-kicl in') l o-.v f ii-it was froia f:'pr!nu-
l!'.;ld lo l'.artioid. fi" n.-krd in" soiuu moio
iiitcsti'.ns about th-j v tntlur, and I an
swered thciu ai Will its I conl l. TLcii l.o
lay buck ill the s.-at nnd wa.ohol me,
ilvviy tint-i I -un.'.d l.ioi watching mo I
; i:!! ;J my can Itir-h-r every my oyes.
Alter n whil.i l.o',', it up cud told tho con
ductor tbnt I was h jjiil.
" 'i'l e coiidui tot' nunc over, and fln ling
that 1 1. ad no na loy, stopped tho train at
1'alnuT, llass., nnd put ine o!f. A police,
man took n.o lo his homo mid gnvo mo a
splendid supper and n pleasant, room to
sleep In, and t'atn Feat (or my folks.
"iiy fatlior nrriv.1 on Slnn lay inorn-
(i'2.. Hi was jilucuint ubout the inuttar.
Be Said: "H illo, runaway, are you he.er"
I lati;;ln'd and said that I was. lie bad
broiight up my clothos with him. To duy
we car.i'i hoii.tv "... . ,
"I enjoyed myself highly. The mis
take I mai'.e vas in )ultiiig on boys'
clot!i..s. I wns afraid to go alone dreisad
In w nnnn's cloihcs; but If ev.tr I go away
ania 1 will let tho boy's clothes purl
alone. I wnnted to go to Unston, becauso
thero are so many '.Llegs to- see thero. I
wus somewhat liri-d' cf boutekecpitu. It;
is tto .tiresomo aud mmiotanoui.' I wns
sorry when I leached flprliieflolJ that 1
was not in my own clothes, so thut I could
go to work up thoro in a store or ofilco of
some hind, lut I am jubtus well pkascj
to be back."r .' A . . . ,', r,
A I'hanee of ValtlngTIII Eternity Crows
Uray and Itoblilt-S offoa Crntehos.".
IN.Y. 8uo.l ... .-i, J.
Hon. Joseph 1L Choate twanged a rub
ber bund soitly whlli Hon. Itosuoe Conk
lint;, In his bottlc-grom coat, protested for
an hour and a half yesterday against the
ntirely unexp-.-ctod 'proposition of tko'
prop iiionts to -rest tiiolr caie. They bad
introduced the evidono of the threo sub
scribing witnesses to tho Josso Hoyt fif
te .-n million dollar will., and were ready
tog.rs tho otlK-r sld an. inniu.'. .Th re
tired statesman imtste.t thut ths) prepe-.
n tuts ha. In'; gone into tho ipi stloii af
mental Incapacity aad unduo luiltience at
ail. Tl.oy wore breaking thoir" ca:w in half
Jtiut for convouieuco, ,lie laid Lu Wanted
until for further pr.parntion.os the course
of tho proponents took biin entirely by
"Oh, we'll givo you all tho tiiuo you
want," said Mr. ChoatJ, who appears In
tho enso as substitute for Hon. William
ilnxwoil Evurts, who is still tco unwell to
laekb Hon. Mr. Conkling.
" tt'cll," rotorto.i tlio rotired statesman,
"If the learued goiitleiuan is able to intro
duce his new molhodi of procedure we'll
havo to ak bitn for a century, and we may
bo obliged to wait for ctoinity to grow
tray and hohblo oif on crutches before we
can comprehend it."
H"ii. Knliu ltoot n'.d In roply tbnt the
proponents ba I shown by th-.-ir throo wit
nesses that the deal mil lion aire was of
sound mind and capable of making Uis 11
li.) ). Jos -ph n. C ioato next Inslited
tha the pr-ponents In I a porfnet legal
rUtit to do just what they hud done, and
expressed ibe opinion that the easenitgbt
go on forever. The a he ro.uinod twanging
his rubber baud.
I.lfe In the Mnlm Mlnm.
ICor. Fan Francifoo Chronicle.)
At the summit t.iure is a hal.'-wny house
whore, in a caoln hnlf hidden in tha snow,
one muy for tlir-o ilollari get a ctianoi to
Hand around a smoky fire all nlgbt and
eat supiwr and breakfast of bucon, bread
and Oolfoe. A saw-inill, which sturted two
months a-;", is lying iu pieces along the
trail, Its owner in a hopoless condition r.f
mind and a helpless condition of saw-mil'.
The Belknap people lu-ast that they will
have'a road and ih it ihry are lo have the
con' r set for carrying thi null; but it is
my opinion that they can not make the
roid within i t months, snd that they
know nothing as to what will be done
ibo'.i" tie mail. Now, letters arrive by
two special miMseugors and cost 0 fly ceuta
apiece. One of thoso inotsongars brings
letters from tin pjs -ollli-s nt Fort Coiur
d'Alene and the other brings for tValla,
Fargo & Co. Tho fiist United Sta es serv
ice will be an extension from Coonr
d'Alone, and this wi t not begin for two
or three week. Convincing evideno of
the condition of thes-j trains may be found
In tho fact that to-,luy titers is p placard
In front of ono of tha storos wiilch readsi
"Flfly men wanted to bring freight fiotn
the s aniiult." . I went tn snd iuked U any
men had been found. '
" No, sir,'' said the storekeeper, as be
niorUod JiW on a small Jar of plcklos.
What do you effer tn poyT'
"Klgl.t conts a pouud."
"How fni Is Ilf"
,"f eiente'in miles."
8.) that ll will be seen tbnt, hlb E iflo
has nitaiti its irrugiitnr Kinii.lnrl' ii.pii iu
plenty who beg half-dollars with v bleh to
bay "grub," it lint few. If any who iUlg.
if 'M work.
A Ilemliilseenoe of the War and Fall ot
Whitewash at the tame Time.
Now York Hall and Express. . .
Mr. Michael Boesinger, of No. ISO Bridge
street, Brooklyn, Is a small-slssd French
man with a big heart. Before b became
ofticen of this country ha went to the war
snd enlisted In the Northern army. He
was a member ot Company C, of the Forty
seventh New York volunteers, and at one
period during the duel between the South
snd North was stationed with bis company
n Edisto Island, at the mouth of the
Edlsto Hirer. He likes to tell, remlnls
xnces of that period. On Tuesday last h
tent his wife to hire man to kalsomlne
Ills kitchen, and when Mr. Boesinger cams
in at noon the whitewash artist, who was a
sonl black negro, was hard at work. His
dock was .turned to the small but leonine
Frenchman. Then the latter talked.
"When X wns at the war," he began, I
risited many States la the South.
"So did I," rejoined tho negro.
"I was In Georgia," continued Mr. Boes
inger. "So was I," said the whitewash artist.
"And in Virginia," intorjoctod thtfGauL
' "Me too," rosponded the kalsominer.
"And," ooutlnued the Frenchman, "I
sras on Edlsto Idund and"
"So was I," broke in the negro.
" Why," said the little Frenchman, warm
ng up, "KJisto Island Is wbero I was cap
lhalred by to Confederates. A nlggairo
lth ono eye, he camo ono day to our comp
mil led he wanted to Join re company, Ze
next tray to niggnlro ho skipped out, aa 1
!e night of so day ho led tho Coiifederoles
lown and cnpshnlred si wholo lot. Ho col
uire ro pass-word. I'd know sat nlggairo
my where. Ho was pock-marked, nnd had
)ut so oao eye."
Mr. Iloitsinger, in his excitement, had
worked hiiiU'Olf around until hi) was iu
front of llie whitewash arast. Ho glanced
ip nuil yaw tlio jiegro was pock-m-.rliud,
tnd ba 1 only one oyo, and wns in I'ae". tlio
rentable gentleman who had Ut nycd
,uiiany C. .
"Ily z .) shade ot s j great Napoleon you
ilr no man," naid the little Fivni vniau, and
leu his astonishment i;lvi:i;; way to his
inr,- r, ho unloaded liiuutlr of a d' zeii
thoico nubiliiicnl expletives as Lo ran up
lie uli'p butler tjward tl: negro. The lat
er did not wait, lie jumped tiu seven
ilejM and went t uy.igh til.) doorlike a gust
if viu.L Tho p.iil of whiiuwash went ovor
.he Impel uous 1'ieucliintin and Ihoroughiy
lreaeiie l him. Hi) run into tii' si rent, and
vIk-u his neigliboi's stood a:;hat nnd I skvd
lim what tlin matter was, ha ulnlos'. tried
"or'jiy ns ho said, over nnd over a.;niin
'I inng'-.t uo ni;:ga ro? Icnti'i'it ku nij
f:i!r. !"
In bis salmerpisnt coor nmnirnW Mr.
ioesl i4.er expiaiiu) I the n.it t -r and n.t ti
he drinks.
"Hi u follow com. s l a- k," ho sai l, "I
vi:J Hive him s pail and u brush mi l I
ai. si g vi l.lm ZD shr.ko of to hand. Zo war
a ovairu."
The Way I'm lll ir of Onr I) i,l.!:o U
' BomillllB l A FiiHiWIilcn In lii.lry.
Ci r. In trolt r or. ami I rlliuno l
"(looil gi-neluu., my d.-ar old i;iil,"
mid I to tuu GOildess oi l.i'.Kn'ty oil a sil
rrr ('i-liur ns tliu c tii w as haud id to. li e
iver-a lv YorV i una or, "what on em 111
las ha;p lied lo vo.it1' .
The can Ie piolllo h id ns'oni-h n :ly re
.axed lis dlnilb'd seven ; tbv s
irss lia-l s lfti-ned in'o a siij-ht itini' , !!e
Quaker 'proportions, and tlm (Inn ne n u
looked ileclile ily impreK -i -o n 1 . T n' i.il I
;rnnsfo. mai hi was a Hir. e t- mt t'T a
ivhlc, and I showed llei ol.c n o u n n.i
ber of irh-nji'.s. t li n,; .It llio i-j . p'oiicitiotl
nine. "T.iot.'s a likene- Jt--' ' '4 filsSl
mi l a youiu' mini about town, li.tinn. a
girl of exi-i llunt repnto iiV prt-leiith'iii so
.-iety. "IJnii'i you know nljont tlin la est
fart "of llio ludicsf Th.-y a c having
Soiu cngruvod in tint v,,iy ci'. n.
ilvulv. i'iio lca.lliu j;W Hers ore bo.
tn pstuiol to do the wmk, Imt ti.cy
wou'i, Ucause it is n lite-t .he law ,o on-
a'-e tha coli:a.;o of t u United S't i'oh 1 1
any mnuiier. 'I hnpu you don't call my
face a lielaeeiiient,' )siiiiuJ my nisto.- to
tie; clei k who declined her order; but thut
mproof didn't make U rn render his em
ployer? haMo to a tine oi .V. But there is
un eii;,'isv-r who privately takes tho risk
of u. dsaiiiell', and the secrecy of the work
mulcts it nl t ie nioro f.i icina ing lo tho
eirl.. They ra'ber like to defy llio L'n ted
8 at G iv a nuii'iit, and the diflli ul'y in
te.' ugllio job done affords thein much
pit au e."
O.i Invi htlatlon and o! srvntlo i fur a
week I have 1 -anted tl at a comlclornl.le
amount o: coined g.'l.t, nad a greut d al
inuiu o. i.lver, has nhe oly teen opera cd
on for this now sort of p.ir.riiitni'B, and llio
adnpiatlnu Is rapidly golu on. Eagles,
liu f en.les aud d ftible ea;:bsi aro ued as
Jewel. y and buttons, and dollar, halves
and quarters are given sway at tokous.
The Conns .Ip of a Yonns; SeoH-b Ltilr.1 fVlio
Fell li Imv Willi an Am-rb-nii G.rl.
Ibt n.l on Cor. Chicago Trlhuuo.l
T.ieru ha. bjon nine a g-osdp over the re
c lit union oi Miss Josliu, ot PKt-8 -ld,
Msii. witli a ynuiiij and woaltby Heotcb
mm. Mi-s Ji11ii is one of the cl -wrest
an-l m t a. mirabla of elrls. H.-r marriage
isq.dtea ii'tninlio nffjlr. 8 . in t liar
prt-seat hunbaiid lu Kim-, whore, subso-qu-
nt lo tiie d ath of ber futhor, her mother
a.id lie were Swndlng a few w e'JS. Miss
J. was uot, of course, goin out at all, nor
was she receiving calls at tl.e time, so the
yoiin Laird, with whom it was a case of
lovo ut first sight, was iu a pitiable state lor
days and wooks. When bis Inamorata left
the Eternal City ha promptly followed,
and finally oblalnod permission from Mrs.
Jot-l n t address ber danglitvr. To make a
long .lory xbort, everything, on inquiry,
pritiu moio i ban satisfactory, the young
mini proposed and .was accepted. The
wedding was set for tha next fall some
The parents Of tho youn; dances cama
soon after to make the acquaintance of their
fu;ure daughter, and the result was ths to
tal subjugation of the entire family by the
claiming American girl. Usually it is ths
uiosim olive groom who pleads most strong.
ly I'or a short cnKngement, but In this case
the expectant falbor-ln-law was so en
chanted with his soli's choice that he joined
in the former's entreaties for an early wed
ding, aud te such purpose that three weeks
after his presentation to bis son's fiancee
tho little paity went qulotiy to the Mario,
where tho civil marriage took placo, and
from thence to the little American cbapol,
and.wero mado pno. .'''
IU DKATIrT nld mtl,
As InUrestlng nterjr A Xlopeleas CM
Csured ty nalng Ir. Hcnmady'
"FaTortU IUmsdy." ' -
Blatement of Kr.'washlniitoa KtmKM, ot CsHItIH,
. Orseae Coualy, V. X.
"For many years I bad suffered from i
complaint which tho physicians called Gravel
I hod employed some of tho most noted doc
tors without obtaining any ponnanent relief
and for a lung timo my oasa was regarded a ,
hornless. 'All who knew tha oirmimilnnn
said I mast die. Finally, my wifo lnduoet,
me to try a bottle of Dr. Eonnody's ' Favorlt
Eemedy,' which sho had somewhero board o '
or soen odyertisod. Without tho slightes'
faith fn it, bat solely to gratify her, I bough'
a bottlo of a druggist in our village. I used
that and two or three bottles mors, and fc
make a long story short I am now as health;
a man as thero is in tho country.
" Sinoo then I have rccommendod 'Favorite
Remedy' to othors whom I knew to have suf
fered from Kidney and Liver complaints ; and
I assuro the public, that the 'Favorite Eem
edy 'has done its work with a similar com
pletcness in every singlo instance, and I tons
some other sick and uisoouraged mortal ma;
hear of it and try tha 'Favorite Itemedy,' a'
Idtd." . . C.
wt.!.M, cows iieiks:h)JsuiIc.i.vj: fob
SAI.K. Oniv nipeiii.T iilliuilil lin-fl ty o.'tlA
HOMKT," d'hi! tr.j-ii.'l f mi.' Holi-lclu Bull lu
Ann lav.;, nt le-iid of h.-iml. AnVi- -s
l(. 1). I TDh(,i!.UF, ClttvelMil, O. -r.irin
IVufwii, O. i:m
; r ty r r-j f i .
)tiM( ft'llt MCfl:-Ct: ill rM.rlr')l.lf lit lliel
(ii-jW r.;; ,rt,-'l .lor Un-crrt-iH .:wt J. 'a Hi y.
J.o.,t JJftm;t)tirl, Vv;;t;urmt find i ',-; .uv'at,
DtAili.ijuh'il un'tH'pjM7(ft'.ln.B-(ittCswifitJX
"mi i snai iaei .ouamiynavsi.-x'fwww
t-t'MWp ivc-Hp in-.', h if.ily
CsUsl XiA sCl iBkCst Wi,,,x 01 M'i" Mill' ll Will las" ip
J' fo it'urv nmncv r'tri.t
w;y tlitin in,rllilliiii',.'0 m tMworiil. . AM "fflilier
v, ftttci.t i it try.n lir-i liMiir. 'iii )m ..Ad mxil nt iur
tuint o(iia tM-ftsfii id, utirlfr, ut'4-lMi,.My mm At
uuee f.tl ii vf$, i'ut'K Co. AuK'utiia, .l.Uac ll'.y.
rnvKiiMMBiimttM-yi-rmm-BCM si sas nn T-a- mrntir s
E-tablluUid ltlfttl. iiit.oi'forn.ted.it'62 .
ThB Stnrtevaiit Liunter Co..
Miiiiiifiictnrrri. i tt Itiiiltr-i in (,nntf Pnwcd Pine
Lninl.er, Doors, Windows, Ititn.li. MunldluKf, c
Wehnve Hi- Inrxrat fiuaorr Is 4U- Snn. c .-b
pshl fur Ibnl ovd J.uuilier. (ieud lor Cuiiiloem
sud l'i Ices. utaO
rnriflr1pUTi irrulm trf 1I10 ;rtnfr1r Crt!W
-r brutry hprln, wiilch In u-cin iil'mi'ly, lii
MrnB''i, r,t'u-ii, ciulrbt hflnii -t duminr. uprinn h
tiitwiiarki't. inmIiik, ifinrii.il suiti Uuuk'v unm tin
i.nu tu tlm tntdc.
n ft -
Prom Xrrvnnii.ciiroiilf- hii.i f lx, til'maee.
i-.r-B,,, hi,. 1 urnrl A'lr,-tlot.sS t4ic.
k'.i IVIfllllj, Iliokvn lu-. u,i-,l.
lullona-iti.l w .,1 1I1,. klu.v;.,IOH'l-
avr Lwimmrj OivstfiMHS yi,ar ms,a..i ivs
K3r-. SIZ.J.i. W. SWyrVU
wjiosisjwin sncinj st. i.i,
iWltli i'"ioj)iom,i
A l.LOOi. l;iiAI. k .Nr.liVK 'iOMt".
II ymr ImiKHltt dr. du( l- M i... uim i.. -u . i
torron. Si. i.r b 'ttl. I'oca, ttvrtl' nnd Ii-okj
A ih. .) r.,t t V-iiif.! !iVi... rl i t j.i.... ,u. m,
f.-T r-fl-rti 10.1. Wi-l fn I :.iflk-g,u:.. u ..1 .....
CrIAS. W. SCOTT M.D., I c.nrc Citt, Mo.
r nr. ucott a iivuu vu.Lt.
CfS fi i"tllttii!. SV". no-rtt f-w. p
.v-KrT"'T"'".t,-l!,l,re- Norn. (p.ulnMrsC
VW Vb'''"1"''1- J;-'l-r. If von wuin liu-lut-.i as
Wllll'll IK-r. -II, Of .-Itfi. r ... v.lliii.r..-..r
ranmsio p-ril wjr all tin. ilum U1.7 .nli. liho-a.ilnlcu-rt.'liiiy.
trrlo- f ir arllcu.ar tu II. IUli.itt
a Co., rorlUl.J. Mitlnu. 1 iy 1
IUrn fnn rrn the rw Trunwv. reventrr pu on tlx
nurKW Uf ttm ti.i.i'Lorn t Hahi Iii nniR liirw
Co., -if K-w York 1 li) r Tlifrr(iufnitu. nKthyrr
- m ssuy ihhu ui r iinttrj imng' r ciib turn
itiDjr ftrutli most L'tiftlMt'. a ;H mi lio finou ppit
Relief and Care of Hemic
jetlnreiited. KMi(nrejinrvtui tli-rn rorlightneM
mt-iuacy iuia cupirun.
For Saio by J. W. HOUC, TON,
f,,r th wrrkln rla lird tn tr-nj
ITn I M poTnir, unit wl I msit fii frt-,
A VasVWeS Vthlnlilf Ih1 Ut M'liplr rKJ'
iiiit will mi. i In III kv ttt mukkj-.
fnort mitripy in lYw d Minn jr u m-nr itiwh( pi
tlil'! ft nny UntAn J;tlui n rti rtl. We wi
trl yo . Y' n w-itsi mI. tlir tlm tr In prtrH tin
only- Tint wmk 1nntviT nllr iRittn to hitili sw-xrt
yuu'ftn4 mil. i mi ijfi fi"i if fttru rntm v nt li
4'tKVvry frcnhifc.. Tln( nil who wmit work Dinv t'
the lu-lrtMN w nmk ttilttunpitr'-lkil offi-ri toll wp
mtv wl Butinrt'jtl we will mid o't- iloilar lu pat
fur tho tmu'' t 'f writing tn a . Kull purtlcuUc-
airrcii'M'l, ru. uoi 'n'j, r'iriiinr wmi ita disvp
by tlMM 'tiu K'v--' 'hrlr wli'ilu ilms to tlie worlfc
Urvt nircfdji Hltsftlutely nrj. Imt dlr. tur
now. AadrvM Una C t'urtlAiid. iasvloc.
HUNN CO., ef the Pcrrrrrrto AtsmicAif, eoa
tlnnitto set km 8.llcilors for I' lO'nii, CaTaala, Tra4
starta, CfiPTrliiliia, for tLe t iiucn SiaUi, CoiiwIi
K.nKlanit. Franco. Uernvinr. c.c. lltod Book sbos
i'ut.'nU anl frre. Tlilrly-vvrn aoAra1 siMili.nat
PaU-nlaohtalniHl thmu.-li ML'.N.N CO. aroaotloe
tnlho SctrvTirii! Am:iu. -i. ilia Iftrgvat. Iwal.an
hioat wiaUr ctrcnlstwd achiliBo pauur. S.viarest
WiNHilr. frplcnilid eosnivlnua ana lntrotlnc Ir
nrnmttnn. HiMHSmn copr of lh Krlfntlflfl M
ran afnl fri.. rtilrma MUNN iOI.. h( ll flrlC
Amxuicam oalee, XI bnwlwar, haw rork.
.nctiifiuion dt Ausoruiion. ,
Nfl -t'l'ti's Suppositories; Ilia mm
Miiil r tcmnly for coosttpntion and
iiilce, )tir'I'Milnrly for what Is known n
Iti'hii.jr i !. For coiisilpnlloa of how-i-vrr
liiii stMmHn, they are tha inosl
vl'il.1 out nid certain t'eatnient ever do
vion I. ' All medicines taken by tin
iii'itl), raiifi dornngcnient of ths
sn.iii .i-h ami ileMllty from whicli recov
ery . slow. Ejiloiinivo arfiunlntane-'
wiili tnolr ,)en(!llcinl prom rties ennbl
us to recommend thein with coDflJonj
For sulc by J. V. Houghton.

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