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'iJ-J nt I tt-w- .tr ir -n t rj rtn IN T
A. Family Newspaper, Devoted to Home Interests, Politics, A-prlotilture, Science, Art, iPoetry, Etc.
NO. 11.
TV WW JH ) A IA Ymvixim:
co-er2s''x,'ar orncEE3.
Prohecutiko Attobxbt W. 0. Sharp.
Auditor 0 Root.
THiA.uma-U. II. Bobbins.
Clk H. J. Lewi.
Stitairv Calvin Ensign.
Kicokoib W. E. Cahoon.
Pkobats JwnsB E. H. Ulnmta.
Burvetob T. C. Bowen.
Comsiimiomm-K. P. Bo.mll, W. K. Crsndall
and A. Fauver. .... .
IxriiMAur DintcioM-J. B. Straw, Foster-
TncaTiss A. D. Parkloa, Bomar Allya, tad
8. K. Laundon.
Cmrk-J. W. Wllbnr.
TRaiaunK A. B. Lambert.
Aaesaaoa R. N. Goodwin.
JuaTicse or tub Pxaci-T. W. Browning and
E. X. Busted.
Mayor W, R. Wean.
Conwcii.iiiM-A. D. Perklna. W. S. Metcalf.
0. V. Ilcmenway, M. W. Lang, W. B. BanUey and
8. 8. Hall.
Clkhk R. N. Goodwin.
TitSASunsB J. Hi Wight. ,
Marhbai.l K. Ilackett. . ,
Chikt Kmuixkib or Fiat Dipabtxikt 8. A.
Mkmber. or tiir Boarp or Eii'catioh.-J. H.
Wight, E. F. Webster. J. W. Wilbur, . Indock
or, W. R. Banllcv, J. W. Hnnghton.
PRisiniiT or BoAnnJ. W. Houghton.
Cliik W. It. Bantlt-y.
n. .,... f II U'lirlit
BuPBiiiNTBNDBMT or SciiooL R. H. Klnnlson.
1M Eaat aldo Poblle Hq. Rev. N. B. Albright,
Bervlcee, 10:80 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. Bab-
u.k.l tt n Vntin. PnnnUa Aln.timr.
onlo a slot
Tneinay, 7:80 p.m. K
Ing, Thuredaj evening.
Regular weekly Prayer Meet-
f'nniff Hnntli Msln and Mocvar Btreeta. Kor.
8. D. Cemrarl. pantiir. Bcrvici'a, 10:80 a. m. and
7:00 p. m. Babbath Brbool, 19 in. Young I'eople'a
Wcetlng, Tnerday, 7:30 p.
m. Weoklr Prurer
MMtlng, Tburadajr evening.
1-vISCIPI.E CHURCH.-LlbertT Street. Rev.
I J V II. Moore, naftor. Bervicra. 10:80 a. m
nd 7:00 p. m. Babbath Bchool, 1:0 m. Regulaf
WMklj Prayer ateetlug, Tnurwiajr .vening.
TT J. llLBIIOK, Dontlat. Offlce over
Ala Huitedl (tors. In Bank Uullding,
Wellington, Ohio. Nltrou oxlda ga admiu'
stend (or the .xtraotlon of teeth.
rp RleCLARKN, ffl. P.. Phytolan and Bur.
A goon. Call from vlllaga ana ooumr
ml nlvi nmmnt atUintlim. 0(110. OVOr II
a. Burr's drug, stars; telephone Mo. 6. Hoil-
denoo, Bouth Main street; tclephons Wo. St.
TAB. J. HI ST, Homosopathlat.
Calls st all
Ollics and
XJ hours promptly attoiniuu.
resldoDos,WM side Pi
ubllo Bqutvrs; tuluphons
No. U.
. NnUlrv l'ubllo.
Inauranoa Aront and
Noutry l'ubllo. Insiiranue, dtwU, raort-
cages, wills, lenses, oontructa, oto., wrltton In
B neat and logal manner.
vines ovor Duriu .
boot and sbos store.
T?aRT NATIONAL UAK. Welllnirton
S O., does Roneral banking bualnuas
buva and soils New Vork exobanire. Govern.
. . . . . a a 11 - i .... .... . . ii
mini DUUUb, VIU. o. a. nniuur.iiuMuuii,, am
A. Horr, Cashier, William Cuahlon, Asalstuut
l.M LKNK HUIIIH'.tN. the liarber. koops
ill one of the neatest, moit oonveulent Har
bor Bliopn In town. Only flrst-elass workmen
employed. A full assortment of hair oils, po
made and hair matoratlve. r Ine Dutb-rooms
Inoonnnotioii and furnished at all hours with
hot and cold wafr ami all nooiaaary onnveul
ences. Hooma. South side I.HMTty ampt.
r V. NAWTr'UK, Photogrnphor. Plot-
II, ures In every style and fully abroaat
all the late Improvements 1b the art. Knifmro-
menu for sittings should, whenever practica
ble, be made In advance. Gallery over Bowl-
by Hail t storet telephone no. ri.
lkm Soroll.sawlns, maichliig, plaulng, out.,
Ann u unUr. finfllun In lumber. Irtlh. aliln1
r'lee, doors, ansh, blind, moiililiiig nnd ilraaaed
umber of all sorts. Yard, utter iluuiliu's toed
atore. Welllnirton. 0.
T W. not GIITOPI. dealer In spoctnolos,
tl . eye glasses, rewllng glasses, opera
glassos, tslosoopes, and a full line or opiicui
(roods. Gold, silver, steel, ruutwr anti ouiiu.
old frames of the finest grades koptln stook,
BiiDlllnaT and repairing old frames uone
order. Fitting Olinouu eye. i
floe, weat side Publlo Square.
NO. ;,
Q As n
Usetson tho fee
end and fourth
Wednesday cvto
Ings of sac
Post rooms
Imtnoa'i Uloek.
J. J. Thomas,
Wellington, Ohio,
Keats first and third Wsdneadsr tilings
gaoh month.
iluoms ta Mnarmn a Dwea.
Etuoma In Kmanwin
i. P. BklSLOon, iVitvalor,
' 'Vi'rY
Haldo Morandi Lodge
X K OF H !'
Frank B. Woolley,
eweler and Silversmith
Wellington, Ohio, t
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Ac., repaired
and cleaned promptly and in a thorough
workmanlike manner, Batisiactioo guar
anteed. Shop in Woollcy's hardware store.
;:l Estate d Lib knm
Wellington, - Ohio.
Model Coffee House,
CADWELL ROOT, Proprietors.
101 and 103 Seneca and 83 Franklin Btrceu,
Dinner Served from 11:90 a. m. to 9:30 p. m.
To the Public !
Dealers In
Anthraolto. CanneL Jaokaon and
Masslllon Coal, Lime, Cement.
Ptutnr and PlAiturlni Ilalr at Loweit Prlcca. OrJce
In Crosier New Block, north of Public Square.
slauufacturer of
North Main St., Wellington.
Arrive dally, :00 a. m. Depart, 1 :80 p.
Arrive dally, 11 :S0 s. m. Depsrt, 1 :M p. m
Depart Tnesdays, Thnrsdsys snd Saturdays at
10:uu a. m.
Arrive, 1:00p.m.
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and
Indianapolis Railway.
Throueh cars with connections
Union Depots. Only direct line via
Buffalo and
Niagara Falls
Direct connections for all Bout hern South
western, and Western polnU, either byway
nf Cincinnati. Indianapolis or Bt. Louis. Di
rect connection In Union Depot at 8t. Louis
for all railway towns Id Missouri, Arkansas,
Texss, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New
Mexico. Old Mexico, and the Pacific coast.
Fast Time, New Equipment snd running
through the most populous part of the coun
try; possessing every appliance lor speea
and com lor t known to be scrvlcabie,
The Best Boadbod and the Safest
Road In the west.
Tickets br this popular route (or sale at
all regular Ticket unices.
From snd after Jan. 17th, nntU farther notice,
trains on this rosd will pasa w eiungton ss lonowa
Standard Tims
No. 2-Indpl A W. Express. ., 8 a. m
No. J-Cln. AColaF.x.atopoaalgnal .lHa.m.
No. &-N. V. 4 tin. Ex 1:41p.m.
No. g7-Cler.'d A Col's Ex S:Mp.m.
No. K-Indula A Bt L Ex B:l p. m
No. a Cols A Cln Night Ex :0p.m
No.81-Locsl Fn-iihl 7.Ma. m
No. 14 fet L A Tnd Kr IstD on alenal.. 4:B7s. m
No. a-CIn A Col Niiiht Ex 6 Ha. ni
No. tt-Gallon A Cleve'd Ac 7 :! a. m
No. lx-Bt. Louis A N. Y. Kx 19.44 p. m.
No. a Cincinnati A Clevo'd Ex 8.33 p.m.
No. 84-Local Freight I " P. m
Gt a. Msnagor. Trstllc Manager,
A. J. SMITH, Gen. Pas. Agt
Cleveland & Marietta R. R.
From and aflt-r Dec. 22, 1884. until fui
titer notice, trains on this road will pass
Wellington as follows:
Standard Time
No. 1
No. S
No. o..
No. 17 Local..
... t.87s.m.
.. 11.18a.m.
... 6. HI p.m.
,.... 18 a.m.
No. 4........
No. 8
No. 16 Local
,..10.80 a.m.
,,. g.ailp.m.
Trains 1 snd 8 dally.
4 and 7 dallr. except Sun
dar. 1 and 8 Mild trains PitUburg to Chicago,
Take sleeper here,
Toledo-With all lines entering th City,
Fromont-Wlth L. X. A W. R. R.
Clyde-WHh I. B. W. H. K.
Bellevua-Wlth N. Y. C. A Bf. L. R. B,
MonrooTlll-Wlth B. A O. B. R.
Welllngton-Wlth C, C, O. A I. Ry.
Creatoo-Wlth N. Y.. P, A O. R. B. , ,
Orrvllle-Wlth C, A. A C. ft. R. and P., Ft. W.
A O. R. R.
MuslllnB-Wlth P., Ft. W. A 0. H. B. and 0.,
T. V.AW.R. B. . .
Valley JuncUon With Valley R. R.
Canal Dover With 0. A P. B. B. and 0., T. V.
A W Ha Us
Ne'wcomeratowa With P.,0. A Bt. L. B, B, '
CambridgeWith B. A O. R. R.
. Point Pleasant With W. 0. A M. R. B. f
MaiWlU-WlthM. AO. R. R. I
Osn Bapt ' Gen. Pass. Agt
Chronic Ulcer and Catarrh.
Mrs. Christian Zelie. aeed sixty-three
years, of Carondelet, St. Louis, Missouri,
Had a enronte uicer on ner icg wn u
Un mnnlnc for fortv-thrce vears. To
use her own language, she had " tried all
the doctors, but without percepiinie oen
efit Two of the most noted of this city
advised her, as the only alternative from
death, to have the leg amputated below
the knee. She was troubled wun an
Intolerable itching sensation, which only
gave way to a distracting pain, which
made oeatn ner oany wiaiu juo tuuig
not aleep or rest. On March 3i, this
year, she commenced using Dr. Hart
man s PERUNA, and to-day the leg is
entirely healed, and the thankful old lady
says she has slept more during the Inst
three montns man sne oio in me yicu
forty-three years.
Miss Alice I .rady, oi cast si. ixnus,
Illinois, suffered from catarrh ophthalmia
for five years. On April a? she began
treatment under Dr. Hartman. For t
vear before she was a patient of two of
. . . if e ill 1....
the best known ocuiisu oi im suj, um
they signally failed to help her. After
one month under Dr. Hartman and his
PebusA, her eyes have almost entirely
healed, and, according to her own state
ment, he has done more for her in this
short space of time than the oculists did
in the previous whole year. i'EUUN A,
of course, did it
Miss Annie liaker, r irsi Avenue, Mil
waukee, writes : " I take great pleasure
in recommending PEKUNA. Kor years I
have suffered from Astnma. i was in
duced to try PEBUNA. It promptly
relieved the paroxysms, and its continued
use renders their recurrence less and less
frequent I am confident it will cure me
completely." ,
Walker Urothers, druggists, umavm, j
write: "Dft. S.B. Hartman, Columbus,
O., Dear Sir : Some two weeks ago I had
a very peculiar case, and after a few ques
tions were answered, I came to the con
clusion it was catarrh of the stomach of
the worst kind, of ten years' standing.
The patient had consulted every phy
sician far and near. I persuaded her to
try your PEBUNA and MANAXJN. She
. , . . ...A.u 41... . n.
nad oeen naving apunu r
four davs. and the fifth dose kept them
off, and they have not returned since
W. M. Oriumi, Asnianu, ivy., mm.-..
bThe large chronic ulcers of fifteen
months' sunding, are entirely healed.
The swelling, pain and itching have all
subsided, the leg is healed, and I am per
fectly well. Pruna is a wonderful rem
edy' Sandwiches.
A small leak may sink a great ship nnd
a raw onion break tip a court ship. ...
Beau : "Why do you prefer a wood Are?'1
She: "Uecaue it pops."
What is a grcnt deal worse than raining
cats and dogs? Hailing omnibubes.
Beware of frauds. Be sure you gut the
genuiue Dr. TIioiiius Electric Oil. It
cures colds, croup, nsthinu, dealness and
President Arthur goes out of the While
House with a dark secret in his bosom
No man knows who sews on his suspender
Young ladies who had just returned
from a court of justlco wished they were
Bibles, because they saw so many fine
lookiug witnesses kiss tho book.
George Campbell. Hopkinsville, Ky.,
snvs: Burdock Blood Bitters is the best
preparation for the blood and stomach ever
Out Went It is proper to speak oi a party
as "a great occasion," but Chicago ladies
look offended if you sny anything about
"a big fele."
Aftr a thomimti test WimatrrA Adams moit
lively aurrt thai Acker's Kmdl.h llsininiy Is ihc tx it
mnllclne for tlinia, cmup. couiilis, wliuoplna rimiili
and all lunx truublra thai can tw found. Ask tlicut
about it; fur they fully guarantee It. snis
"Bay, Mr. Stiobby, cau you play cards?"
"Why, no, Johnny, I can't play very well."
'Well then, you'd better look out, lor Ma
says if Emma plays her cards well she'll
catch you."
Constipation is the father of more ills
than any other aiscnseu contution. cue.
ney's Stomach and Liver Regulator abso
Ititely cures it. Try it.
"Susie, darling," said a mother to her
little daughter of five summers, "what
would you do without your mamma?'
"I'd put on just such a dress as I pleased
every day," was the affectionate reply.
News about 'lawn.
It is the current report about town Hint
Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs is
making some remarkable cures with peo-
Ele wlto are troubled witu coughs, animus
ronchitis and consumption. G. A. Hchrcs
dor will give any person a trial bottle free
of cost. It Is guaranteed to relieve and
cure. Price 50 cents and 1. 5yl-T
A servant girl who had been admonished
by ber mis'tresa to be very careful la wash
ing up the best tea set was overheard
shortly afterwards Indulging In the follow
Ing soliloquy while In the act of washing
the sugar basin : "If I was to drop this 't-r
basin, and was to catch it, I suppose I
suppose I shouldn't catch it; but if I was
to drop It and wasn't to catch It, I reclsun
I should Just catch it."
Keynote to Health.
Health Is wealth. Wealth means inde-
nendence. Th keynote is Dr. Bosanko'i
Cough and Lung Syrup, the best cough
avruo In the world. Cures coughs, colds,
pains In the chest, bronchitis and primary
consumption. One dose gives relief In
every case. Take no other. Price 80 cents
and II. Samples free. Sold by Wooslr
& Adams. oyi-ist :
A woman can look a man square Id the
ye, blink and talk to him for an bour,
while all the time she Is pulling Mrs. Puff.
man's new bonnet to pieces mentally and
decorating her own. No mortal man can
Truth Is mighty and must prevail. So,
also, must Mishler's Herb Bitters prevail
over all forms of kidney and liver diseases
Dyspepsia and Indigestion likewise yield
to the magic of its power. Read what
Millard Mushier, of Barclay street, New
York, says : "After suffering torments from
dyspepsia and indigestion I found a com
plete cure in your remedy. My wife was
also cured of severe neuralgia."
Delivered in the Senate In June, 1850, on
Holies of Washington.
Bon Porloy Poore.
Daniel Webster's last speech shows the
high respect which he entertained for tho
fathers of our liberty, and 'his desire to
treasure all memorials of their greatness.
Henry Clay had introduced a resolution
providing for the original copy of Wash
ington's farewell address, and In advocat
ing its passage he said that in his parlor
at Ashland hu had a broken goblet, used
at a drinking cup by Washington during
bis campaign, and In that parlor there
was nothing so doer to him, or to those
who visited it, as that old broken goblet."
Mr. Webster followed, standing almost
motionless, his body bent slightly forward,
And his bauds gouorally behind his back,
as be uttored his patriotic and dignified
He said be most cordially approved of
the resolution; hoped it would pass. He
belioved it would gratify the country. He
believed it would be gratifying to every
man to have the farewell address of Wash
ington, written by his own band, placed In
the National Library. He agreed with the
remarks of tho Senator from Kentucky In
all he bad said about the pleasure which it
afforded to view the small and evon trifling
relics ot the groat men of the past. He
conceited there was no feeling more urJ
versaU He arose principally to state an
Incident corroborative of what the Senator
had related. About twenty-five years ago
there was offered for sale to Congress a
small casket of medals which had belonged
to the cabinot of Washington. There were
seven or eight of these medals voted by
Conertss theOouerals of the Revolu
tion. Tboy had been struck in Paris, and
the largest of tbera was to Washington, who
had chosen for the obverse the scene of his
entry into Boston after its evacuation by
the lli'itish; the othors wore to Uaaes,
Kuox and other Quuorals. There were
also sotuo to Dr. Franklin and other men of
civil life. Washington had collected these
and had placed his own likeness In the cen
tor, aud twulve othurs around his own,
making, iu all, thlrtoen. This collection
Washington hod kept; after bis death it
had passed into tho hands of his executor,
and Anally, from some cause, was offered
for sale to Congress. A resolution was or
fured that they be bought The matter was
debated in tho other House for two days,
and dually was laid on the table by those
who beliuved Congress bad no constltu
Uonal powor to buy thutn. He bad kept his
eye on them, aud when Congress had re
fused be sent a person ana bought the cab
inet They wore now at his bouse, and
when persons from all parts of the country
visited hint there was no objoct more in
taresting, and the first thing asked for is
that small cabinet of medals collected by
Washington. As Mr. Webster collected
tangible momoutos of Washington, so
Americans now treasure up mementos ot
thu"xpounder of the Constitution."
Th rieaaant Way In Which They Stood
by Their HlghU.
FArkansaw Travelor.l
In one ot the Southern counties ot
Arkansas recently a man was lontenoed ta
be hanged; but a few hours be for the time
of execution a dispatch from th Governor
announced thnt the sontence had been
commuted to imurisonmont for life. Tbe
large Crowd of people that had assembled
to witness th tragedy exhibited great
disappointment at tbe shameful action ot
th Governor, and threat that th pris
oner would be lynched were made. Some
time durinz the afternoon, when the ex
cltement was at hi height th Sheriff re
ceived tbe following communication:
"Miitib HuKiurr: Ae lam about the only
scholar of any note In thia groat concourse of
folks, I have boon app'liitl to aend this hore
dookmont extmwalvoof our focl'ns. We have
mtnii hiini tit ar a fullor hiinir. an' we er roln
to aee hltn bung If thar'a money enough in
the crowd to buy a n.pe. Wo don't snow
whiithAr lin'a ir'ilri' nr not an we don t kore
dried applo liosvon. That ain't none of our
bua'mma. Thorn's many young women In
tlila hore crowd who, if dlaaiip'lnkid now,
won't nevor have no mo' confidence In man.
Hain't rticht toc.t a damper over ouni
tivaa. t kmiar nf mis voutiir teller of hlsrl
cltaraotor that has Juat murried the putties
kind of a gal on tno atrongth of fotcblu her
to this beru aninuig, aim u uio mini, u.m
turn out In In 1 anocOMS. blamed If I don
think she will apply for a divorce. That
young foliar la ino, an' that younr gall I
my wife."
Danger In ths Bilk Drees.
rBiidirerort (Conn.) Leader.
There was a marriage her a few days
ago, Th groom purchased a new coat for
tbe occaiion and tho bride a silk dress.
Tbe two were packed in a trunk for tbe
bridal trip, and the happy pair started
West on the New York rood. When th
train reachod Stamford th baggage-
maater noticed the odor of burning wool
and an examination resulted In seeing
smoke Issue from a trunk. It was on
ceremonlon sly opened and initwasfonad
a smoldering fire. It was th trunk of th
newly-married couplo, and th new .'silk
dress and the new coat were ruined, tspoa
tan sous combustion, owing to cbemiosi
dyes In th silk, was tb probaU eana.
To any body who has disease of throat
or lunirs we will send Proof that Plso's
Cure for Consumption has cured tit same
complaints in other cases. Auuress, ,
E. T Hazki.tink, Warren Pa,
A Wesr Conneottaat Industry That Dto
taaoes vreodea Natmege.
(Hartford Post.
A ton month tol Sydney, Australia;
large shipment to Adelaide, on the same
continent such la a part ot the commer
cial true story concerning the foreign
trade won by a gentleman of this city
with h la imperial egg food. America It
certainly making long strides toward oc
cupation of th foreign field when Hart
ford does so much In one small but impor
tant Industry. The egg food has been on
the market for several years, and hat
stood all tests. It is made upon a scien
tific method, and having been patented
can not be equaled by any other manu
facturer. The home market ia a large con
sumer. , American farmers know It meant
a large egg supply, and a large egg sup
ply means a full purse most of the year.
Twenty tons or more are sont yearly
to San Francisco; orders are filled
from Western States, and Bermuda
and the Sandwich Islands have been sup
plied. The business has been doubled
since lost year, and the prospects for the
coming months are excellent Yesterday
ton was sent to Sydney; to-day a large
consignment was shlppod to Adelaide.
In connection with this food supply for
poultry the gentloman bos developed a
new Industry for Hartford the crushing
by machinery of oyster shells. Chicken
eat this readily almost as readily a
corn and It Is so very cheap that, count
ing the labor and th scarcity of the shell,
domestiS manufacture Is rendered unprof
itable, even when possible. The market
hereabouts is supplied by him, and he
makes shipments into the adjoining States
and as far west as Wisconsin. The factory
Is full of oyster shells, which have a vary
Ing valuo, so much so that he guards
gainst famine or an exorbitant price by
storing up a supply in fat months.
An efficient engine on the first floor
furnishes the motive power. The grind
ing mill is in the third story. It bo a ca
pacity of five tons a day. By an Ingen
ious arrangement sieves or kept at work
assorting the dust into fine, coarse, and
the insufficiently treated. The fine and
the coarse are taken by elevator belU to
the floor below, where through canvas
chutes, regulated by wooden slides, bar
rel are rapidly filled. The Insumclently
treated Is ground again. There Is an
air ot business about the entire estab
lishment; orders are promptly filled, even
when they come in the greatest number,
because the details are scientlUcaily ar
ranged. From the minute the engine is
started and the ''first hopporful ot shells
l,.n position, to the hour the barreled
and labeled product is on the dray in front
of the warehouse door, progress Is unln
torrupted and efficient
Shivering Stories Indicative of the Strength
of Chleago Heversgea.
Merchant Traveler.
Several traveling men were sitting
around a stove in an Indiana hotel one ot
those cold nights last week, tolling shiver
ing stories.
"I don't believe I ever felt it much colder
than this," said one man who had been
doing the South.
Pshaw, this is nothing," said a Chi
cago man who had been doing tbe North
"Ain't It?" inquired the Southern man,
meekly. "I thought It was."
"That's where you're off. Why, man,
I've seen It so cold out on the Northern
Pacific that when a man talked bis worils
frose and fell all around him like a spelling-book
hit by a eyclone; and when be
rwore yon could pick up enough sulphur
to start a brimstone factory with."
"Aw, come off 1" shouted the crowd.
"Well. I won't" said the Chicago man,
"I'm no liar if I do travel out of Chicago.
Why, only lost week I thought I'd go out
on a little hunt up in that country, and in
some war I lost my shot-pouch, and hod
n't anything but powder wad. I bod
loaded my gun, and just at that time I
saw a deer coming slowly toward me. A
udden thought struck me. I grabbed a
black bottle out of my pocket poured the
oontenU down tb gun-barrel, waited a
minute, biased away, and, gentlemen, as
sure as I'm a Cblstlan, I shot an Icicle,
thirty inches long, clear through that deer,
"Don't say any more," Interrupted the
Southern man, "I'll bet a hundred to on
you bad Chicago whisky In that bottle."
Th Chicago man looked dated for a
minute, and then asked th clerk to ihow
him to hi room and not wjke him until
thaw had set In.
A Story la Which Charley Jay Cam Oat
Second Beat.
Camden Courier.
Her it another story about Charley Jay
that he used to toll himself:
Many yean ago in th good old dayt
when Ben K was one of the best known
and JoUiost of Jersey editor, he and Char
ley Jay "mad a night of it," In Trenton.
They got to their hotel, and Inasmuch as
Charley was in a much better condition, at
least In hi own estimation, than Ben, be
put th latter to bed, tucked bint In nicely,
and having seen that be waa apparently
onnd aaleep, for safe-keeping he took
charge of hi puree and watch, and started
to allp quietly out of the room. H had
Just got th door open without unnecessary
creaking, whon he was ttartlsd at the
voice of hit friend from beneath tb bed-
, "sjharley?"
"Wall, what la It, Ben?"
"Where my purse?"
"Her It Is, Ben, ell safe," said Charley,
guiltily tucking it Into Ben't hand under
the bed clothes. .Ben clutched th purse
and lay perfectly still; to still that Char
ley thought' be waa sound aaleep one
more. Bo he ventured again to open th
door quietly and to start to leave the
room. Again he was stopped Dy ma
thick voioe from beneath the bed lotheei
'Charley I"
"Well, what la It, Bear thlt time lit
tle testily.
Where's my watch r"
'Why, ber it Is, Bent if all right,"
and Charley thrust the watoh into the fee
ble hand.
'All right," muttered Ben Indistinctly,
as he turned oyer to go to ilaep.
Charley waa troubled and dashed hotly.
"Say, Ben," said be, "I only took your
pan and watch for safe-beeping; I hop
yon don't doubt my hones tyf"
Tbash all right, Charley," thickly re-
sponded Ben. "I know you're hooest,
Charley, but then you're so poor."
Trotting Against the DerlL
The Rev. Mr. , now a member ol the
Cillfornla Conference, began hit minister
ial career in Iowa, lie there preached at
three different-places each Sunday, which
gave him twenty odd miles' traveling. He
rode horseback at first, but finding. his
mare too light to easily carry bis weight he
purchased a road sulky, and, much to hit
comfort, discovered that bis mare possessed
considerable speed. One Sunday, while
going from one church to another, he over
took a man also in a sulky, driving a fine
animal. As our friend was in a hurry he
passed the stranger, who kept close behind
him until a long stretch of good road was
reached; then he found his fellow-triveler ,
urging his horse, and before he know it he .
was taking part in a spirited beat, In
which the stranger came off second best
On reaching a bit of rough road both slow,
cd up, and the stranger sung out:
"That's a good mare you've got, my
friend. Docs she belong to you ?"
No," replied Mr. ; "she belongs to
my Master."
"Who's her
'The Lord," was the response.
"Then I guess you don,t trot her much."
"Oil yes, I do."
"What do you trot her against f
Mr. replied, very solemnly, "The
"I'm! um! I guess you get beat pretty
often, then."
"Well,-" said Mr. ,"I rather think
I'm ahead of him now."
Mr. afterward ascertained that his '
adversary was the most violent infidel In
the neighborhood. Editor's Drawer in
Harpers Mugaiue for April.
A IVovel Temperance Society.
On the night of Dec. 81st, 1883, three
young men tut around a tavern fire In
Georgetown, a little village In Connecticut
They were intoxicated, aud were watching
the old year out. At the cluck struck
twelve, one of the young men said : "Boys,
the new year Is here; now let's swear off,
and form a temperance society." The
others, in a spirit of lun, agreed. The
articles of association were then and there
drawn up. They were similar to the rules
of other temperance organizations, with
one exception. The clause containing the
pledge had the following penalty attached .-
'And any one of us who shall drluk any
Intoxicating liquor, for any purpose what
soever, between now ana niiunigni oi
December 81st, 1884, shall be tarred and
This clause becoming known, gained
(he club tbe name of "The Tar and Feather
Temperance Society." Meetings of the
society ot three were frequently held.
Gradually applications for membership
bogan to pour in, and before six months
had passed the society numbered thirty
members. The year of abstinence expired
on new year's eve, and a grand ball was
given by the society, to which a large
number of the best people of the place
were invited. The hall Was filled. At
midnight the president announced that
the pledge had explretf. By a unanimous
vote It waa renewed for another year, and
tome twenty names were added to tho roll.
The peculiar penalty proves an attractive
advertisement, and the matter is tho talk
of the neighborhood. Nearly every resi
dent wears the society's badge, which is
a blue ribbon with a lump of tar filled with
chicken feathers attached. Scientific
It tan hardly be credited except by
those who have tested It For the cure of
coughs, colda, burns, tender and aweaty
tect and ture reuei lor iiuning puce. u
on a guarantee by Geo. A. Bchrtrder. 1
Stock owners should not forget that one
pound of Weare's Condition Powders ia
WOlTll uve Ol any umer awuiu. nuiiium
to rid a horse of worms. Sold in Well
ington bv Geo A. SchniHler.
Weare's Sure Cure for Heaves Is just
what It name implies. Sold by Geo. A.
Schrceder, Wellington, Ohio.
Strong, Cobb dt Co., cieveisna, umo,
wholesale agents for the above goods.
A Dangerous Marginal operation. a
fatal mlitaka.. Ai the time Dr. Vanoa, e Clavdaod.
IH'rfonncd loo operation a U lady for In. removal
of a iinon of the stomach ha fonad whoa u law Uial
i h noor woman had ao saw.r to ha fernowl. Th
dl-raM waslnllitcstlon. and If aha had takua the Btie
krr attract of KuoM(airs.l's Bvrap) that awtl tl
trrM at Hie pit ol Ui atuiiiach. which mart. th doctors
....... kui - ..nM. w,uia h.va hoca remov-d.
think ah had a cancer, would har. Ixa rmol.
tllitppas after eatlux. dull, kwvy.feallniilnlh.hm4
with palna In th. aide and hack ell vanish aricr a. n
tlila wonderful renwdy. The tlrm, leiwuld r.ilna
IrMplacUiairrnvlh and visor. Wra Iwlla Mar.h
wrlu-a from Haa Hldim.B'ntnaOo.. Ark.,tlieleh had
dy.pap.ia In lu wort form lor nv. rwr, ana mn ,
save anv rllf until ah. md the Rkaol Syrup. HU.
aara two txntlat cured har. The Shaker Tar Vapaulea
an good fur cwas. . SM
T. M. VAoeBJ, Biportsr.
...... .

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