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t. W. HOtJSJHTOlf, rnfik , .
Gathered from All . Quarters.
i j ,U ,'. WASHINCTOW.
A proclamation, we issued by th Presi
dent on the 13th earning the Oklahoma
'boomer not to enter : or remain upon the'
. Oklahoma lanU in the Indian Territory.
If this warning U not reapeeted "the mili
tary pown' of the United States wlH be
invoked to abate all inch anaathortied
possession, td prevent inch threatened en
try and occupation and to remove sueh tn-
- trader from the Indian lands." 1 ' '"
The Secretary of the Navy baf ordered
' Lieutenant John Bf . Hawley, in charge of
the Branch Hydrographic office at Balti
, mere, to report to the Secretary of the
Treasury for duty on the coast survey.
Lieutenant Hawley hai been selected to
take charge of the resnrvey of the How
York harbor, for which work Congreee re
cently appropriated $80,000.
Mr. Wright, Commissioner of the Bureau
of Labor Statistic, has submitted a plan
of work for the Bureau to Secrotary Lamar,
which has met with the (Secretary's ap
proval. This plan contemplates a line of
investigation which will bring out the
causes of labor difficulties, and the method
of work will be by special agents who will
be appointed to gather statistics in this
country and Europe. Charles F. Peck, the
Labor Commissioner of New York, will be
sent to Europe as one of the representatives
of the bureau. Ills commission, however,
has not yet been made out, and the ap
pointment of the other agents has not been
aetormined upon. Mr. Wright expects to
be able to submit a report of the result of
the investigation of the bureau to the next
An order has been issued by Secretary
Lamar, directing that all the horses, car
riages and equipments which are the prop
erty of the Interior Department, excepting
those nsed for trucking purposes, be dis
posed of at public sale and the proceeds of
(he sal be converted into the Treasury.
The result of this order will be a retnrn to
their regular duties of seven employe who
have been nsed as driver. Attorney Cen
tral Garland has Issued a similar order re
specting the horses, carriage and equip
age of the Department of Justice.
taring the last week of hi administra
tion President Arthur Issued an order re
storing to the public domain the Crow Creek
Indian reservation. It Is now discovered
that this particular reservation was secured
to the Crow Creek Indian by treaties
which, It i alleged, would be violated
should President Arthur order be carried
Into effect. President Cleveland Is there
tor considering the advisability of sus
pending the orriftr, pending a thorough In
vestigation of the subject.
The Becrotary of the Treasury has dis
missed Ave Inspectors of the Custom Hoase
at New York, owing to the funds running
In the enrollment of the Naval Appro
priation bill the section providing for the
abolition of the Naval Advisory Board at
the discretion of the Secretary of the Navy
was omitted. The clause appropriating
600,000 for the armament of new cruisers
Ira also omitted In the enrollment, al
though it was agreed to by both Houses of
Congress. In the Sundry Civil Appropria
tion bill the item appropriating ?i,fiO0 for
telegraph polos and material for the Life
Baring Service was also dropped out in the
At the annual commencemeatof the Wo
Kan's If edlcal College of Philadelphia on
lit 10th the degree of doctor of medicine
ra conferred on twenty-two female grad-
Untenant Austin, Treasurer of the Sal
tation Army at North Adam, If ass., de
camped a few days ago with all the money.
the Army telegraphed General Moore, at
Brooklyn, for relief.
In the Massachusetts Senate on the 12th,
th bill prohibiting the sale of Intoxicating
Uqnors between eleven in th evening and
lix In the morning, excei by inn-hoidora,
iras passed to the third reading by a vote
f 2ft to ft. The Hoase ordered to the third
reading the reaolutioo providing for a eon
titutional amendment abolishing th poll
tax as a pre-requisit to voting for Gov
ernor, Lieutenant Governor, Senator and
Representatives. The House also ordered
to the third reading the bill providing for
the retirement of the Justice of the Su
preme Judicial Const on full pay.
J. D. Gill's art store building, at Spring
Bold, Mass., was damaged by Are on the
llth to the amount of $M,000. GUI' en
tire stork of pictures, books, rich paint
ings, statuary, etc., wet badly injured by
smoke. ,
Hugh McDevItt, aged fifteen, an em
ploye of the Brooklyn & Coney Island Rail
road Company, was knocked off th front
platform of car two years ago through
the driver' carelessness, crushing bis right
leg and rendering amputation necessary.
When his mother heard of the accident,
the fell Insensible, and died two days after
ward. The boy sued th company for fiV
000 damages, and on th llth the Circuit
Court Jury gave him a verdictfor$l5,000.
Tea . buildings near th Erie depot at
Oletn, N. Y., were destroyed by Are on the
12th. Los V,000.
While driving from Brookflold to Fort
Hamilton, N. Y., a few days ago Francis
Herman, a farm hand, was seised with a
lit and fell from th wagon dead. He Is
th same person who ten year ago shot
and killed Moiher and Douglass, the sup-
posed abductors of Charley Ross, while
they war attempting to rob bi employer's
General J. 8. Negley, President of the
National Union League, ha baaed a call
for a meeting of th National Council at
Pittsburgh on the 2Nth Inst.
At a meeting of th Ohio Valley Stock
Breeders' Association held at Pittsburgh
oa th 12th, It was decided to bold an ex
hibition of domestio meat producing ani
mals, breeding horse and Bo ponitry in
Pittsburgh next -November. A stock com
pany was alio formed with a capital of
, A disastrous Are broke out In ton broom
factory of Fable at Ringer at Stroudsbnrg,
Pa., on the 12th. Th building was en
tirely destroyed and the Barnett Mouse
adjoining greatly damaged. Edward Ca
'an, fireman, wa killed by th falling of
B part of the Burnett Hon.
A oiler' xploion In th blacksmith
hop of the American Tuba and Iron Com
pany' mills at Middletown, Pa., on the
night of the 12th demolished the building
and injured a number of employes. M. E.
Thome, engineer, I supposed to be fatally
President Costello, of the Pennsylvania
Miners' Association, who ha been visiting
the scene of the great strike, on the 13th
submitted an official report showing tbat th J
strike embraces 132 mines employing over
10,000 colliers. ..According to this report
there are 111 mines Idle; five are in opera
tion at the old price of two and a half cent
per bushel; five have made no official re-
turn; Ave have a few men working at the
former rates, tad six are not accounted
for. Mr. Costello say it I the greatest
strike which ever occurred among the
miner of this country; that there is not
one full pit on the Monongahela River at
work, and that the miner were never mor j
determined. '' ' '
The business failures for the weok ended
March 17 number for the United States
2.18, Canada 44, total 28i, as compared with
277 the previous week. The failures seem
to be on the Increase in Canada, but in
New York City and the Eastern State
they are below the average. The Southern
and Western State furnish two-thirds of
the lot In the United States,
Alfred Smiley, of Foxburg, Pa., a well-
known oil country man, has contracted
with the English Government to lay the
pipe-line in the Soudan country for that
Government. Mr. Smiley starts very soon
and will take with him five practical pipe
line men from Bradford, Pa. He will be
absent about three years.
The Henderson steel syndicate at Read
lag, Pa., has collapsed. This was a pool
formed by leading iron manufacturers of
New York and Pennsylavnia to experiment
with the' Henderson process of making
steel. It was claimed that it was cheaper
than tho Bessemer method, and equally as
good steel could be manufactured. The
pool had raised $100,000 to experiment with
and control the new process.
Mary S.Conkling, sister of Roscoo Conk
ling, died at Rochester, N. Y., on the 12th.
She was over sixty years of age and had
long been in poor health.
Statement of the New York associated
banks for the week ended March 14: Loans
Increase, $1,4.17,000; specie decrease, $74,
000; legal tender Increase, $207,000; de
posits increase, $1,043,000; circulation de
crease, $lltt,0O0; reserve decrease, $202,000.
The banks held $47,082,000 In excess of
legal requirements.
Charles W. McCune, proprietor of th
Buffalo Courier, died on the 14th, after
three weeks' illness of typhoid fever. He
was born la Brattleboro, Vt., la 1832.
Audubon Davis, of the editorial staff of
the Philadelphia Daily Newt, and one of
the most brilliant journaKsta of this
country, died on the Kith of Bright' dis
ease of the kidney.
The funeral of Sergeant Thomas Plunk
ett, the armless veteran, color-bearer of
the Twenty-first Massachusetts Regiment
and for many year an employ at the
Massachusetts State House at Boston, wa
attended in Mechanics' HaH, Worcester, on
the 14th by a large number of distinguished
mourners, including Governor Robinson
and staff, th Legislative Committee, fifty
past and present members of the Legisla
ture, President Pillsbury, of th Senate,
and Department officers of the O. A. R.
Five thousand persons viewed the remains.
John Kelley, a railroad nglnoer, re
cently convicted of firing a hotel at Maha-
noy Plane, Pa., was sentenced to eight
years' solitary confinement at labor. The
motive for the crime was the belief tbat
the hotel furnished liquor to his inebriated
Arthur Coyle, a young married man, was
shot dead at Lost Creek, Pa., on the 15th
by John Harris, a Reading Railroad coal
and iron policeman, with whom be had a
William Fox died at the hospital In Will
iamsburg,, N. Y., on the lfith. Two weeks
ago Fox, while drunk, threw a pan of hot
water at bi wife, and the content burned
their ten-year-old shild so that It died. The
wife seized an ax and fractured her hus
band's skull.
While working on a railroad five mile
west of Huntingdon, Pa., on the 14th two
unknown Italian were (truck by the day
express and Instantly killed. Their bodies
were horribly mangled.
A fir at Youngstown, O., on th 13th
destroyed a barn and six tenement be
longing to Richard Hughes. In the barn
three horse were burned to death and a
large quantity of hay, feed and carriages
destroyed. The tenements were all occu
pied and th familiea barely escaped with
their lives, running into the street in their
night clothes. The fire was incendiary.
Cooks County, Tex., wa visited by a ter
rible tornado on the 12th. It swe4 a track
a mile wide, uprooting trees and filling th
public road with all kind of timber. Th
largest hail fell that wa ever seen there.
Much damage was done to property, and it
is rumored that some lives were lost.
Th Woman Suffrage bill has passed
both branches of the Dakota Legislature.
Minnie Hamilton, an attractive young
lady of Clartngton, O., recently formed th
acquaintance of Arthur (Simpson at a ska'
ting link, and he induced her to elope with
him. On the night of the 12th the girl, In
attempting to descend from a second-story
window of friend' boos to meet her
lover, fell and received injuries from th
effect of which sb died th next day.
A Portland (Ore.) dispatch of th 13th
says th British bark Allahbad, Captain
McCuUnm, from Kong Kong, November
17, is now sixty days overdue and It Is gen
erally believed that she has gone to th
bottom a (he has not been spoken. Her
cargo oonslsta of rloe and Chines mer
chandise. Bb 1 fully Insured and has no
Lightning struck a barn on th farm of
Captain Hope, near Bbalbyville, Tenn., on
th 12th, killing At Dean (colored) and se
verely burning Clay Steele, Warner Rut
ledg and Willi Hop. Th building wa
burned and two bone consumed.
TbsClsvslaad (O.) Herald, established
In U19 and the oldest daily in Northern
Ohio, ceased to exist a dlstlnotiv paper
on th 19th, having been purchased by and
consolidated with th Plain Dealt of tbat
city. Th subscription list was purchased
by th Cleveland Leadrr, which will here
after b known as th Cleveland Lead
and Morning Herald. Th Plain Dealer
will Issue a morning and evening edition
from th old office of th Herald. '
A fir at Pulaski, Tenn., on th night of
th 14th destroyed four business bouse,
caudag a loss of about 4,000; partially
Insured. A man named Monro Belatea, a
resident of Nashville, and two unknown
traveling men, perished in th flames,
Joseph Mueller, a malster living In a sub-l
urb of Detroit, Mich., and who has been
in destitute circumstances for some weeks,
having been out of work, reoeived notice
on the 14th that his' father, a rich brewer
In Munich, Bavaria, had died and left hltn
a fortune of $120,000.
At New Holland, Neb., on the 1.1th fire
destroyed fifteen business houses, including
the postolBce. . The loss will reach $30,000.
The heaviest losers are H. Burchord, James
Ryan and McKinnon's drug store.
Revenue raiders bad prisoners in a hotel
at Higlande, near the North Carolina and
Georgia line, on the 14th, when a rescuing
party of miner attacked the hotel, and
William Ramsey was shot and killed. The
raiders were not hurt. . :
Edward G. Bowser, a real estate broker of
Chicago, has commenced suit against the
Western Union Telegraph Company, claim
ing $00,000 damage for delivering a mes
sag addressed to him to another man of
the same name. Three months afterward
the telegraph company discovered the mis
take and tent th message to the plaintiff,
but too lot to avert the loss. .
Rice Lake, Wis., was visited by an In-,
cendiory Are on the 14th which destroyed
nine buildings in the business part of the
town. Less $30,000; Insured for $10,000.
The body of a Mrs. Mclnveil was found
near a fire at Taylor, Crawford County,
Ga., on the l lth, with her head and body
much disfigured by burning. The skull
was crushed, and a billet of wood with
blood and hair on it was found near. The
woman had been separated from her third
husband, Mclnveil.
Captain Schmidt, of tho Texas State
Rangers, on the 13th arrested twenty-five
men in the vicinity of Vernon, that State,
charged with murder, many of whom
stood high in the community. It Is claimed
that the men constituted a secret vigilance
organization. Four recent murders are
attributed to them. The wholesale arrests
created much excitement throughout the
Pan Handle.
Hong Kong advices of the llth state tbat
the French, after five days' fighting, car
ried th Chines positions around Ke Lung.
Forty Frenchmen were killed and two
hundred wounded.
AtHayesville, Out., on the llth Are de
stroyed the residence of William Ellen
baulen, who, together with hi wife, per
ished la the flame.
A mass meeting of English workingmen
has been called for April 3 at London to
protest against the Government spending
any more money for war operation in the
Soudan. Charles Bradalugh will preside,
and Laboucbere will address the meeting.
Official statistics show that the number
of emigrant from Ireland during 18W was
7U43, a decrease of 40,000 as compared with
the previous year.
It Is stated that James Stephen and Eu
gene Davis, the ex-Feaians, who have been
residing at Paris, have been placed under
arrest and ordered ts leave France.
For committing an Indecent assault on a
female pupil a few days ago, Pat HcGeary,
janitor of th Washington school, at 81m-
coe, Ont., wa sentenced to eighteen
m oaths' imprisonment and to receive
thirty lathe within six weeks.
A London dispatch of the 10th says a
battery of heavy artillery, a battery of
meuataia pans, Snider rifles and
1,2M,000 cartridges are to be shipped to th
Ameer of Afghanistan at once. These
applies are ostensibly a gift to the Ameer.
Calcutta advices report a damaging
drontb in the tea and indigo districts.
The Federal Council of Berne ha ap
proved the Uaited State treaty for the
protection of trade marks.
It hi reported that the Indians In North
western Manitoba are dying In large num
bers from a singular disease, the first
symptoms of which are stiffening of the
knee and joint frera which death soon
follows. Chicken-pox and diphtheria have
taken off many more, and they are in a
general starving condition.
The great railroad strike cam to an end
at Sedalia, Mo., on tho 10th, the company
restoring the wages of the employes. Th
town was wild with enthusiasm, citlsens
of all classes expressing themselves proud
of th peaceful victory of the men.
Portland, Me., on the Kith made a
second attempt to elect a Mayor of th
city, which resulted In the choice of Hon.
John M. Deering, Democrat, by a majority
of 200 over Johd II. Fogg, Republicau, and
A. T. Cox, Prohibition.
Aoariah Paui.i, chief of the notorious
Morgautown gang, was arraigned at
Youngstown, O., on the Kith, on four
counts. To two of these, stilxirnlng wit
nesses and arson, he pleaded guilty. His
trial will begin shortly. The lienulty for
the offense Is State's prison not mure than
twenty years nor less than one.
Tnc Senate on the 10th confirmed th
nominations of John C. Black, of Illinois,
to be Commissioner of Pensions, and Lien
tenant D. L. Wilson and Knnign Henry T.
Mayo to be Lieutenants In the Navy.
PrksIPCNT Cmvkland on the loth sent
to the Senate the nomination of Joseph
H. Miller, of West Virginia, to be Commis
sioner of Internal Revenue. Mr. Miller It
a young man, and has during the past
eight years served his Slate as Auditor.
He is a prominent Democrat and Is held In
very high esteem by those who know him.
Gcxiral SnxRitiAN on the 10th received
a dispatch announcing tbat the boomer
who had assembled on tho borders of th
Indian Territory with the intention of in
vading 6klahuma,virtually disbanded upon
hearing or tne rresiuenv s proclamation.
The War Department apprehends no fur
ther trouble with the boomers.
An accident to a freight train on the
Pennsylvania Railroad at Carpenter'
Station, near Pittsburgh, on th lfith
wrecked twelve csrs. In on of the empty
car were three tramps who were stealing
their way to ths West. Two, James Dellie
and Amos Gibson, were killed outright,
snd the other, George S. Merrill, son of a
Philadelphia clergyman, faiairy injured.
Edmund Yard, charged with the em
bexxlement of $300,000 worth of bonds be
longing to Charles O. Shaw, and who Aed
to Europe and was extradited by the
United States Government, arrived at New
York on th Kith. Bail wa set at f 13.MM
and wa furnished by John W. Jacobus
and George I). Kuper.
Tax large barn on the Leaf form, be
tween Douglsssvllls and Amltsvllle, Berk
County, Pa., wa destroyed by Are on the
li'ith. There wore twenty-eight bead of
cattle and six horses in the building, all of
which were consumed, as was also farming
Implement and a lot of grain. Ths loss
on uiiiimng ana contents ib jri".""", insur
ance $4,000. It is not known how th fir
Attorney General George A. Gray
be hoen nominated as the successor of
United States Senator jsayara.
' The Chicago Prohibitionist have nomi
nated a city ticket headed by W. H. Bush,
for Mayor.
Secretary Bayard Issuss' a Proclamation
Showing the Polioy of tho Now
The Weekly Cabinet Meetings Changed
From Friday to Thursday Demo
cratic Caucus Fix the Minority J
i (
Washington, March 13. Tho day for
holding the second of tlio-twrt "Msokly Cabi
net meetings ling bwn changed from Friday
to Thursday, and tho Cabinet, met at noon
yesterday pursuant to the now arrangement.
All the members were present and the ses
sion lasted three hours. Appointments and
various oilier subjects, prominent among I
which was the Oklahoma matter, were, dis-1'
cussed. After the Cublnet meeting the :
White riouso was thrown open to the public i
and the President held a popular reception
In the East Room.
Mr. Falrehlld, the newly appointed As
sistant Secretary of the Treasury, spent sev
eral hours closeted with his predecessor,
Judge French. Mr. Hlgglns, the new Ap
pointment Clerk, was engaged In the per
formance of his new duties. Among the
first nomtimtlons sent to the Senate will be
that caused by the death of Inspector Gen
eral Socket
At the Capitol yesterday, it was said that
Secretary Bayard lias announced in a very
positive manner his Intention to adhere, to
the strictest letter of the civil service law.
He sent his messenger Into each room of the !
State Department with tho proclamation to
the clerks that tliey noM have no fears of
losing their positions through the mere
change of administration, that lie did not j
purpose dismissing any one except lor neg
lect of duty.
It Is asserted that Mr. K. II. Butler, edi
tor of tlioUulTalo Evening Nam, has been
offered the position of Government Printer.
Mr. Butler left the elty a few days ago and
will return In ten lluys or a week when, it
Is stated, lie will Inform the President as to
his decision In the mailer.
The Secretary of Slate is Informed of Hie
oflferof an antimony mine to public tender
by the Moorish Government, to be worked
and the mineral exported. The mine Is sit
uated near (ho Mediterranean, not far from
Tangier. Conictition is ok-ii until Juno 5
next to all foreign powers, and the conces
sion Is to be given to tfie highest bidder
the Moorish Government reserving the
right to reject any bid, and explore the mine
on Its own account.
The Democratic Senators held a caucus
Immediately after tlio adjournment of tho
Senate yesterday ami completed llienrrongo
nientof the minority representation of Sen
ate committees for the Korty-nlnlh Congress.
After adjournment of the caucus, Senator
Coekrell bunded the list of the minority to
Senator Don Cameron, of Pennsylvania,
who will submit the matter to the Senate.
- -
Rtrennons Efforts Being Made to Resist
Ilarrlos Hraxlllan Parliament Opened.
Saw Juax Dm. Sun, Nicaragua, March
in. Active war preparations are being made
throughout the. country. The Government
has now 70,000 men ready to send to the
frontier. Strenuous efforts to resist Bar
rios are being made in Costa Klca, A large
number of soldiers are ready to move.
Great enthusiasm Is manifested and confi
dence In the final rctftilt Is displayed. It la
thought probable that some quarters of Guat
nmala will consider the matter before at
tempting coercive incasiws, and that a
friendly solution of the dlflliilt problem of
uniting the live States may he arrived at.
New Yoiik, March la. The latest ad
vices from Han Salvador say that active
preparations are liehig made by the authori
ties of San Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa
lilea In Central America to prevent Presi
dent Barrios, of Guatemala, from assuming
the command of the military forces of the
various States of that country and forming
all the State Into one republic under his
head, to which lie claims lie Is entitled to (to
tinder an act passed by the' Guatemala As
sembly, notwithstanding the protest of the
other States. President Ilarrlos in tho face
of this opposition has decided to delay his
war on the oilier htates with a view to a
'friendly solution of the troubles.
Km i)K Jan Kino, March 13. Parliament
0K-ned on the l'tli Inst The Emperor In
giving thanks for the reception accorded
iiim in the principal provinces announced
that Brazil s foreign relation were of a
friendly nature; stated that the sanitary con
dition of the country was quite satisfactory;
asked that the extinction of slavery will be
dealt with gradually In order that the sacri
fice might be as small as posslblo without
Interfering with the productive Interest of
the country, and recommended an equi
librium of exjienditures and revenues.
He Passed Another Juod Night A Caneet
HpeelulUt Refused Admittance.
NkwToiik, Mureh 13. General Grant
passed another good night lie slept well
snd expressed himself as being much re-frcshi-d
yesterday morning, lie awoke about
nine o'clock and nte a comparatively hearty
breakfast of eggsand toast lie then turned
to Ills desk without stopping to read the
morning papers, merely asking for the latest
news from w aslilngtoii or from Loudon re
garding the Impending Itusxhm war with
hngland and licgan work on his book.
During the morning ho arose and walked the
floor unaided. Throughout the morning
visitors called to leave their cards and their
compliments, few being admitted to the
General's prcmnce.
Mr. W. K. Brown, the raneer specialist,
or North Adams, Mass., called at tho resi
dence yesterday afternoon, but was not at
lowed to see the patient because ho declined
to tell his mode of treatment Mr. Brown
was seen at the hotel s'uter in the evening,
lie said: "1 came to New lork through a
letter of Introduction from Colonel Kred
Grant, and also at the request of Mr. 8. B,
K I kins, whose father I cured of cancer on the
lips, and I went to General Grant' by ap-
tHilntment made wlthj)r. Fordyce Barker.
After some conversation in the parlor, I was
Informed by Fred Grant that. It would be
necessary for me to toll my mode of treat
ment before I could operate. This I declined
to do and left the house. I have cured two
hundred cases of cancer during (lie past two
yearn and think I have been unfairly
treated. 1 shall return to North Adam.
Death of an Old Settler.
ViWfMrvvvi Tit1 'Matviri 111 leVi n
one of the old settlers of till section,
died yesterday aged ninety-one. Mr. Van
Kirk has lived In this county almost a cen
tury. Ho was on guard during the summer
of 1813, a short time before the battle of
Tippecanoe, at General Harrison's residence
when the treaty between Harrison and
Tocumseh was niude, and heard the row be
tween Tecnmseh and the Terrlloral Gov.
eninr, In which the former used harsh lan
guage toward the latter and which resulted
In Harrison summarily ordering Tecnmseh
and hi mob to leave the premise. Mr,
Van Kirk leave behind hlin some valuable
reminiscences. He was very wealthy and
leaves an aged wile and several children,
r - (
A Number of Important Measures Pass th
House Thf Iturnett Free Bohoolboofc
Bill Defeated General Legislation.
Columbus, March 10. Both branches of
the Legislature convened at four p. m. to
day after a ten-day vacation. But few
members of either body were present and
no business of importancewas, transacted.
Henate, March 11. Only a thirty min
utes' session was held by th JSenate to
day, end but little business was dono.
Jfr. Oreh Introduced in MU amending the
mechanics' lien law so as to extend the
time from four to six months. Mr. Ely in
troduced a bill authorizing Bedford town
ship, Cnyahogit County, to Issue' bonds to
erect a soldiery' monument. Mr. Oron In
troduced a resolution, which was adoptud,
congratulating General Grant on1 bis
restoration to his rank In' the-army ,ond
wishing him long life. .A bill was intro
duced to relieve the bondsmen of Morton
O. Van Fleet, ex-Treasurer of Huron
County, who defaulted to the extent of
$ta,u00 about fourteen months ago. The
bondsmen have already paid $11,000 of
this, and the passage of tho bill is peti
tioned for by a majoi fly of the voters of
the county.
Minnie. There was barely a : quorum
present in the House to-day and all bills of
a general nature on the calendar had to be
passed, and only local bills considered.
Mucn time was oonsumed in the discussion
of Mr. Roche's bill, authorizing the County
Commissioners, Treasurer and Auditor of
Cuyahoga County to employ an agont
to get property on the tax duplicate,
not listed for taxation, and receive thoro
for twenty-five per cont. of the
tax so realized by tho efforts of such
a.cnt. It wns finally rcciminiueu m tne
Judiciary Committee. The bill amending
Section 2.'tT.", Revised Statutes, so thut
proporty shall be listed for location in the
ward where found, was passed. Mr. Bar
gar olTorcd a Joint resolution, which wa
looted, appropriating IJU00 to pay the
fees and mileage of witnesses be
fore the Committee to investigate the
cause of the Hocking Valley strlko.
Among tho bills Introduced was one by
Allon O. Myors compelling newspaper pub
lishers to swoar to their circulation for the
protection of advertisers, and one by Mr.
Stevenson providing for tho pnymontof
local bounties heretofore promised but not
paid. A-largo number of local bills were
introduced and several weropassed.
Senate, March 12.-M. Btryker's bill
providing for the appointment of at least
one female patient In each insane asylum
to attend female patients, was passed and
Is now a law. The following bills were
passed: Providing that petitions for dower
may be filed In any court whore property is
located; making it constitute burglary to
enter a grannry or other farm building,
placing telephone and Insurance companies
aniler the same restriction for the non-payment
of taxes as are now applied to tele
graph and express companies. Several un
important local bills ware passed, and a
number introduced.
JIuute, March 12. Mr. Burnett' Free
Bchoolbook bill came up for passage to-day,
and after an animated debate was defeat
edyens 21, nays 42. Mr. Ogden's bill es
tablishing a State Board of Forestry wa
passed. By the provisions of the bill there
is established at th State University at
Columbus a central office for the promotion
of forestry. The Board of Directors con
sists of the Professor of Agriculture In the
Collece: the Hocrelarv of the State Board
of Agriculture, and a third person to le ap
pointed by (ho Governor. These odlciuls
are to be commissioned and qualified as
officers of the State The Professor of Ag
riculture will lie President of the Board,
and may, with the consent of the Direc
tors, establish volunteer forestry stations
In the several counties ot tue Mate, lue
duty of the bureau will be to inquire Into
the character and extent of tbeiorcsts of
the State, investigate the causes of their
decnv, and to suggest legislation calculated
to expedite the growth, preservations, ami
increase of valuable forest trees. The bill
Introduced by Mr. Kocbe for the protection
of life and property incident to the use of
team boilers passed tne House to-aay. it
empowers municipal corporations to regu-
lute ny oriniisnce tne operation ui steam
boilers, and to provide for a proper and
reimlar annual liisnection and testing of
them; also to condemn and prevent use of
nnsate Doners, qnaiiiying ana licensing
engineers or persons now in charge of
boilers, and to punish the violation of such
ordinance by fines and penalties on con
viction in anv oollce court or before any
ust Ice or tno peace. A large nunioer oi
ncal bills were also passed. Among the
bills introduced were the followlngr
Amending the exemption law so that
women shall have bomcstnail, or in lieu
thereof 41.000 exemption: prohibiting cir
culation of immoral literature; giving
lalior liens on railroads.
henate, March 13. Mr. hlv Introduced
bill to reconstruct th Cleveland city gov
ernments It provide tbat there (hall be
locted a Board of nine Aldermen to serve
for a tnnn of two vears. and one Council
man from each ward. Mr. Brown's bill
amending ths Jury law so that when a per
son dies or roiuoves irotn tne county uiter
his name has been put in the box other
names shall be drawn to fill their places,
wns passod, as was also a number of local
bills. Mr. Matthews' bill authorizing the
appointment or a nonrn or remnin visitors
in, h Knlillers' and Sailors' Orphans'
HomeatXenla, which passed the House
some time ago, was reported back by the
Kennte Committee on Military Affairs
without recommendation, i ne nenate ami
Tlnuse to-dav named the Deficiency bill.
The amount appropriated by It to cover
deficiencies Is I.Vt,lt;!:i.i:l, the largest single
item lieingii,477.n lor tne renitcnnary,
and 1flaUJtt for th public works. Many
fetitious are pouring iiho tne nenato snu
t.i,iaaskinn for the passage of an act to
require the teaching in public schools of
. . ' . S I 1 I . I ..l,.,.in A I .fful
on the human lynxem oi narcuuet, winu
lanti and alcohol.
o rr,.f I Mr. l.ittW'i hill AbollthtntT flptv
rat school. lor Willi aim cuiurru uiumrnn
.. tin fur najiuir). and after being
slightly amended was passed by a of
UO ayes to in nays. Aimms
passed the following only are of general
f. Am.ndinir Beet Ion 2100 of the
Revised Statutes so as to authorise th
taking of prisoners outside the walls of
workhouses so won ui
.i .lln HaMinn 4li.il Of th HS'
lujiliitniMiii as to ronuire that land
shall be paid for, where a publio highway
1 opened before in roaa is upouru.
wam.rVahle miratroi are amone tno
atmosphere ffw Dakota- The
1 1. -ii nt T Newi aav that ft
few morning alnce, In that town, the
Washington Jllll. over aixty niu ui
,l, nlainlv be seen In all their
inuv, j ... .
magnilioent splondor In the horizon oi
the norm, xno mirage iiij
seen are phenomooai wonaers. iurs
town, Kimball and other town we
nl.hl. l. II,U flnatlnir as It were, 1st the
clouds. The hills on the west side, of
the Missouri Klvor are also yWblo, anJ
. ermA ika l.it-vnr a lundacanfl picture
ttve beauty of which can not be described
ojr pen.
hrja ST6MACH
' Tfca rilteat sjnhleeta 1
For fever snd ague, and rrmlttants, r
the di'lnlltuled, bilious snd nervous. To
such person, Hosteller's Stomach Bitters
oOurds ailuquute proiecilon by luoreasing
vital stamlnit and the resistant power of
the constitution, and by checking frregu
Inrltli'S of the liver, stomach and bowels.
Moreover, it eradicates malurlal com
pliunta of an obstiimie type and stands
nlnne ancquulcd among our national
i ut sale by all Drumrlsts and Dealer
Lemon, Vanilla, Etc.
fars, tJslform Quality, Very Strong, snilFtnt TlSTor.
Tho Best Itntr Dresaliu: to the Market.
Palmer's Laundry Blue, jj
Bald to bs the Best la use.
Abovs articles Eold bjr the Trade 'Generally.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Running a Locomotive while Deathly
Sick. Something the Faeeengen via,
not Know. A Phyaioian tare an
TlTntTOnT. If AH.
Dr. PTtd KennMy, Ronflrmt, H. Y.t 1
IfttAB Bin: I" an rnninwr un .nu swiunj- r
Bullnmil, itid run Ih Fall Iflvcr bott train betwor
V.ll Uivnf mnd Ii well. rciMtnff In TallMun. Fo
tf n Kr 1 uffprtdevrTihli ir Injt drfh fnim liyipcp
1ft. Oltrn I nan llicn uhuhihk iu k n uawnrw mai
I roald (rrtlT wp. I think ttila waa due partlT to
nrtfular babliaor latlny, ftnd partly to iltf Jurofttia
engine. Bomftlma my neaii would map iiKf neural-
nq RlPlin 1 1" Itmn wuuiu wmo III my cjw
h vntiM fvl aa blv aa anun'i Aaia. Mr Drniti
waa vrry o(Tenlv and my UmI aurrd aa aooe aa It
entfiird myaiouiarh In fact my fUimach f"lt aa
ttHHiRh It ware a Krtt raw and ore aurfacv and what
airouy lifave me p ritana tuu can im-ininc.
In the lumrcvr and fall of )n; when wo M the
frio.v ini-iiniul invfl. the con tun t tar brought on
milt attactta nearly erery werk and I thought I
annul a nav to ifvb me row it" - wur
until tha ni'it acinic, when I frew an much wnnw
til. 1 ouuld virtually eat nothing-, and coucluded tbat
Diy labor, and my llf"1 too, were alxiut or r,
HemetnlMT tat 1 had tried very medicine I bean
of, and bad Men tn-at d by aouia of the bent phyal
;iani In Tannu and Lowell. At ihla crUlcal time
Dr. David Kenneny a raviinie itrmooy waa reooin
mended to me. It waa new to me, nnnd with my
fiptrtenre of im-dlcfnet, yon ran etJr f'-nrlra ni
fur My 'its that I had not a particle o' faith In It.
I had Ukm it but a few day when 1 hrg n to ffet
better. The raw and are feel uj left my alomat-h,
ami the tniDtiltur tialna left mr head, end aoon I waa
all rljrht, and hvn ben ever alnce. It la the only
till itK tbat ever did tne the lrat ynod, and It drove
very at he, t. n anl dlncotnfMrt rjiinpletely out f my
i Willi tue vU uiy engine, ana i sura wurir
fchtF. Theltere Farnritr Remedy will cure arm hint
One nlcht a wliHe aro John l.ayion. an engineer wl
tsr onsrlnsi alfk ail ilnalh. He WMM WOfU OUt With
work, bad a hitch fever, and ao nerroua ; almost
broke down cryiud. --inrnae, juun. i mih,
"t U erup. I've got aomvtb ni on my eiifjrne that
will aet you npln a jiffy." I ta" out my nottle of
Favorite Hemt dy, lifted h1 head and gc him a good
doe He wni toed. Two dive aflrr I aaw blm
lookirt neaitny a a ouicnrr. --n, ne aaia, wnw
was that Huff you pave nm the otli'T night V" It waa
r. uavia r.run mt i raiortip m-oii or, ivnmuut,
TV "ald 1. "well. I don't rant whoe remedy It
la, U'l the U.Ing for a m n on the railroad ' o aaf
Wrtll. luura, ric., iMninuriiic.
Thla preparation trora to "he. root of dlaeae by pur
Ifyl gUie blood end rou-lns ecry organ Into h'aithr
attlon. H la uwfnl at home, hun. In office
everywhere. lr. David Kennedy. I'll) ale la ud
burgeon, lltoadout, M. IT.
As aa aaU'SMlsrlal sudiein
baa won (nlrtn opinion!. Xo traveler thoritd cotu
flder hlf outfit eontpltte unlcu It Includea a bottle of'
Uill rotdleloe. If yon are ex poet d to frequent
cbftDgdi ot climate, food and water, Favorite Remedy
Bhoiild alweye be within your rearh. It etprlft ma
larlai puleoi.si, aud la the bet preventative if eta il le
an d malarial fnvtv In Uto wotlil. li U especially of
feredaaft U uetuitny peritV for Ibeeureof K Saury
and 11 vrr coioHJinifc,rontiiailofianaall disorder
rrltlrtvfrom an Impure Mat of Ibe blood. To women)
wlio .iTr from any of the l peculiar to DielraeC
Favorite Remedy I constantly proving Itaelfanub
ffcllliig frlrnd-a rriUl,iin. Addr the ptejiria
lor,ur. l. Hiriiiy, twjuqyuf, n. I. a vaiue, e ivr
b',Ly aU dmcirlsie.
In Uinnetottt, North. Dakota, Montana,
Idaho, Washington end Ongon.
Fresa Lake KiiiMrler to Pnart "'.
At prices rsnglns ehleflf trom 12 s $6 sr set. .
n t Is 10 ysarV timet, this Is ths Bsst Country
lor sseurlnf Uoos Komts now spin lor sslllsisont.
mm mm mm a o nnrt of Government
I l.lU ,J firul.r( illtnrf lw. OTH
-10.ai.3 Act- B HOHB'Tliaji
IIAI.r of sit ih Ful.llc Unas SispostJ or I" l",
w.r. In Ins NnrtWrn rsclllr rountrr. Hanks sna
Maps s.nt t-MKK. lscrilnr ths yiorlhen
S-olfli. S'osmUr.ll. Railroad l.srid. lor "j
lh. PRKRIIoTsriiniMt ln.ls. Addrsss.f -ILA. .
UMouaM, Ua Coa'r, . f.B. St., II. rsulTMlaa.
Lai A fk'orlt prrscriptlon of ess of thy
oil noUs sn4 aaocsMrol snrclallsls In tl'rO aL
(now rctlr.iinor ih.nir.ot Atto nubulty,
tail Mnnhoai.Wtmknett mnd JKmaif .Stini
Inplala seal.d n?tlopiV. Dnirsuu on All lb
Aditran D. WARD 4 CO. tii'''ns. Mo:
im mm
l.anr.rmUwCMslM.Iiii1l1lfaiwHkrsrwrMMr , m
i.Mnnir.,HMl.rh.(M.Url,lll.-n.ll.m,.l l rli.i
111. S.W.I.. p.Hfl.t 111. Mnn4. mr4 ii.inilhMM th. .rw.m.
l.lil.akl.riSILI ISOICISS. ThomnrfT in.
fmt lUBMtH.lsrSrHsMvUII.Umlu rsuius

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