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Christian Character YU " Always
Ocpimand Bospooti
From Dungeon to l'aUce" A Good Maa
'S Cad Mot ll"lfrpt IrnwnLvaeitaan ' -;
"" by Rev.' T. DeWItt Talmttg-e. X
i Sr. Talmage's ormoa on the subject:
'' "From Duhgeon to Palace," had for IU
'' text Genesis xii,;;"And Tharoah said
into Joseph,, 'See, I have set thee over all
ibe land Of Egypt.' " Or. Talraage said:
r 1 1 ! . You can not keep .a, good , roan- down.
9od has decreed for him a certain point pf
llevatlon. He . will bring him, to that,
though It cost Him a thousand worlds.
STou sometimes And men fearful they will
aotbe properly' appreciated. Every wan
tomes to be valued at just what he is
worth. You can not write him up, and you
, can not write him down. ' These facts are
. ' powerful! illustrated In my subject. It
would be an insult to suppose that you
were not all familiar with the life o(
Joseph. How his jealous brothers threw
i aim Into a pit, bub seeing a caravan of
. . Arabian merchants trudging along on their
camels, with spices and gums that loaded
the air with aroma, sold their brother to
these morchants, who carried hira down
Into Egypt; Joseph was. thore sold to
Potlphar.a man of influence and office. How
: by Joseph's Integrity he raised himself to
high position in the realm until under the
, false charge of a vilo wretch he was hurled
Into, the penitentiary. How In prison he
commandod respect and confidence. How
by the interpretation of Pharaoh's dream
he was freed and became the chief man in
the realm, the Bismarck of his century.
How in time of famine Joseph bad the con
trol of a magnificent store-house which he
had illlod during seven years of plenty.
How, when his brothers, who had throw l
him into the pit and sold bim Into captivity,
applied for corn, be sent them home with
the beasts of burden borne down nuder the
belt of the corn sacks. How the sin against
their brother which had so long been hid
den came out at last, and was returned by
that brother's forgiveness and kindness
the only revenge he took.
You see, In the first place, that the
world is compel lod to honor Christian
character. Potiphar was only a man of
the world, yet Joseph rose In his estlma
Hon. until all the affairs of that great
bouse were committed to his charge.
From his servant no honor or confidence
was withheld. When Joseph was In
prison he soon won the heart of his keoper,
and, though placed there for being
scoundrel, he soon convinced the jailer
that he was an Innocent and trustworthy
man, and, released from close confine'
ment, he became general superintendent
01 prison affairs, wherever Joseph was
placed, whether a servant in the house of
Potlphar or a prisoner In the ponltentiary,
he became the first man everywhere, and
Is an illustration of the truth I lay down,
that the world is compelled to honor
Christian character.
There are those who affect to despise a
religious life. They speak of It as a sys
tern of phlebotomy by which the man is
bled of all his courage and nobility. They
say be has demeaned himself. Thoy pre
tend to have no more confidence in blm
since his conversion than before bis con
version. But all this Is hypocrisy. There
is a great deal of hypocrisy in the church
And thore is a great deal of hypocrisy
outside the church. It is impossible for
any man not to admire and confide in
man who shows that be has really
become a child of God, and is what
he professes to be. You can not despise
son of the Lord God Almighty. Of
course, we have no admiration for the
sham of religion, we have abhor
fence. Rodwald, the King, aftor
his baptism, had an altar of Chris
tian sacrifice and an altar for sacri
fice to devils; and thore are many men
now attempting the same thing half a
heart for God and half heart for the
world and it is a doad failure, and it is a
caricature of religion, and the only suc
cessful assault ever made upon Christian
ity is the Inconsistency of ita professors.
You may have a contempt for pretension
to religion, but when you behold the ex-
v eellency of Jesus Christ come out in the
life of one of His disciples, all that there
is good and noble in your soul rises up into
admiration, and yon can not help It.
There was something In Agrlppa and Fe
lix which demanded their respect for Paul,
the rebel against government. I doubt
not they would willingly have yielded
their office and dignity for a thousandth
part of that true heroism which beamed in
the eye and beat in the heart of that un
conquerable apostle. Paul did not cower
before Felix; Felix cowered before Paul.
The infidel and wosldllug are compelled to
honor in their hearts, although they may
not eulogise with their lips, a Christian
firm In persecution, choerful in poverty,
trustful In losses, triumphant in death. I
find Christian men in all professions and
occupations, and I find them respected and
honored and successful.
A man said to me in the cars: "What is
religion Judging from the characters of
many professors of religion I do not admire
, religion." I said : "Now, suppose we went
to an artist in the city of Rome and while
in his gallery asked him: 'What is the art
of paintingf' would be take us out in a low
alley and show us a mere daub of a pre
tender of paintingf or would he take us
down into the corridors and show ns the
Reubens, and the Raphaels, and the
Michael AngelosF When we asked him:
'What la the art of painting?' he would
point to the works of these great masters
and say: 'That, is painting.' Now, yon
propose to nna tne mere caricature of re
llglon, to seek after that which is the mere
pretension of a holy life, and you call that
religion. I point yon to the splendid men
and women whom this Gospel has blessed
and lifted and crowned. Look at the mas
terpleces of Divine grace If you want to
know what religion is."
We learn also from this story of Joseph
that the result of persecution is elevation.
Had it not been for his being sold into
Egyptian bondage by bis malicious broth
ers, and his fane imprisonment, Joseph
never would have become Governor.
Everybody accepts the promise;. "Blessed
are they that are persecuted for righteous
ness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of
Heaven," but they do not realize the fact
that this principle applies to worldly as
well as spiritual success. It is true in all
department. Men rise to high official
positions through misrepresentation. Pub.
lie abuse U all that some of our public
men have bad to rely upon for their eleva
tion. It has brought them what talent
and executive force could not have
achieved. Many of those wbo are making ;
great effort for place and power will never
succeed, just because they are not of
enongh importance to abuse. , It is the na
ture of men that is, of all generous
and reasonable men to gather about
those who are persecuted and do
fnoV themw; and rthey, are apV to'
forget the. fault Of those who ,art the
subjects of attack 'while attempting to
drlvejmck the slanderers. Persecution . is
elevation. Persecution shows the heroes
and heroines. ' I go into anothor depart
ment, and find that those great denomina
tions of Christian which have been most
abused have spread. the most rapidly)-1 No
good man was ever more violently mal
treated than John : Wesley belied 'and
caricatured and slandered until one day he
stood in a pulpit in 'London, and, a man
arose in the audience and said: "Yon
were drunk last night !", and John .Wesley
said: "Thank God, the whole catalogue is
now complete. I have been charged with
every thing but that I" .His followers
were hooted at and maligned, and called
by every dotestable name that infernal In
genuity could' invent, but the hotter the
persecution the more rapidly they spread,
until you know what a great host they
have become, and what a tremendous
force for God and the truth they are
wielding the world over! I do not
wondor they colebrato their centennial
in Baltimore. " It was persecution
that gave Scotland to Presbyterianlsm. It
was persecution that gave our land first to
civil liberty and afterward to religious
troedom. Yes, I- might go further back
and say it was persecution that gave the
world the groat salvation of the Gospel.
The ribald mockery, the hungering and
thirsting, the unjust charge, the ignomin
ious death, when all tho force of hell's fury
was burled against the Coss, was the in
troduction of that religion which is yet to
be the earth's dellveranco and our eternal
salvation. The State sometimes said to
the Church: "Come, take my hand and I
will help you.". What was the result? The
Church wont back aud it lost its estate of
ho incss, and it became Ineffective. At
other times tbe'stnto said to the Church:
"I will crush you." What has been the
rosult? Aftor the storms have spent their
fury the Church, so far from having lost
any of its force, has increased, and
worth infinitely more after the assault
than before. Read all history and you
win ana that true.
Learn also from our subject that sins
will come to exposure. Long, long ago
naa loose brothers sold Joseph into Egypt
They bad made the old father believe that
his favorite son was doad. They bad sup
pressed the c rime, and it was a profound
secret well kept by the brothers. But sud
denly the secret is out The old father
hears that his son is in Eypt, having been
sold there by the malice of his own broth
ers. How their cheeks must have burned
and their hearts sunk at the flaming out of
this long suppressed crime. The smallest
iniquity has a thousand tongues, and they
will blab out exposure, Saul was sent to
destroy the Canaanites, their sheep and
their oxen, but when he got down there
among the pastures he saw some flue sheep
and oxen too fat to kill, so be thought ho
would steal them. Nobody would know it
He drove these sheep and oxen toward
home, but stop ped to report to the prophet
bow be bad executed bis mission, when In
the distance the sheep began
bleat and the oxen to bellow. The
secret was out, and Samuel said
the blushing and confused Saul: "What
mcaneth tho bleating of a sheep that
bear and the bellowing of the cattle f" Ah
my hearer, you can not keep aa iniquity
still. At just the wrong time the shoep
will bleat and the oxen will bellow. Acban
can not stool the Babylonish garments
without beinj stoned to doath, nor Arnold
botray bis country without having his neck
stretched. Look over the police arrests.
Ibese thieves, these burglars, these
counterfeiters, these highwaymen, these
assassins, they all thought they could bury
weir iniquity so deep down It would never
come to resurrection; but there was some
shoe that answorod to the print in the soil
soins false keys in their possession, some
bloody kulie that whispered of the death,
and toe public Indignation at the anathe
ma of outraged law hurled them Into the
dungeon or hoisted them on the gallows.
Francis L, King of France, stood counsel
iug with his officers how he could take his
army iuto Italy, when Ameril, the fool of
tne court, leaped out from a corner In the
room, and sold: " You had better be.oon
suiting how you will got your army back;"
and it was round that Francis L and not Am
eril was the fool. Instead of consulting as
to the best way of getting iuto sin you bad
better consult as to whether you will be
able to got out of it If the world does
not expose you, you will tell it yourself.
There is an awful power in an aroused
conscience. A highwayman plunged out
uKn iV bituflold as he rode along on horse
back, a sack of money on the horse, money
mat tie nal raised for orphan asylums, and
the hlghwaymau put his hand on tie
gold and Whiteflold turned to him and
said: "Touch that if you dare that belongs
to the Lord Jesus Christ" And the ruffian
slunk into the forest Conscience I Con
science! The rultl an had a pistol, but
Whiteflold shook at bim tho flugor of doom
Do you thiuk you can hide any great and
protractod sin in your heart my brother,
In an unguarded moment it will slip olf the
1 p, or some slight -action may for the
moment set ajar this door that you wanted
to keep closed. But suppose that in this
life you bide it and you get along with
this transgression burning in your heart.
as a ship on fire within for dsyl hinders
the flames from bursting out by keeping
down the hatches, yet at last in the Judg
ment that iniquity will blase out before
God and the universe. n
Learn also from this subject that there is
an inseparable connection between all
events, however remote. The universe is
only one thought of God. Those things
which seemed fragmentary and Isolated
re only different parts of that great
thought How far apart seemed those two
events Joseph sold to the Arabian mer
chants and bis rulershlp of Egypt; yet
you see in what a mysterious way God
connected the two into on plan. So the
event are linked together. You wbo are
aged men look back and group together a
thousand things in your life that once
seemed Isolated. One undivided chain of
events rsaches ns from the Garden of
Eden to the Cross of Calvary, and thus up
to the Kingdom of Heaven. There Is a re
lation between the smallest Insect, that
bum in the summer air and the archangel
on hi throne. God can trace a direct an
cestral line from the blue-jay that next
spring will build its nest in tb tree behind
the house to some one of the flock of bird
which, when Noah hoisted tb ark's
window, with a whirl and a dash of bright
wings went , out to sing over . Mount
Ararat The tulips that will bloom in the
garden next spring are this moment being
nursed by the snow-flakes. Nothing in
God's universe swings at loose ends. Ac
cldbi'itsiare only God's way of turning a
leaf Jn; the book of His eternal decrees.
From our cradle to our grave there is a
path all marked out. Each event in our
life is opnnocted with every other event in
bur lifej Our losses may be the most di
rect rod to our gain. Our defeat and our
victory are twin brothers,. The whole di
rection f your life Was changed by some-1
thing Which at the time seemed to' you
trifling; while some . occurrence which
seemed tremendous affected you but little.
God' plans are magnificent beyond all
comprehension. He molds us and turns and
directs us, and we know It not Thousands
of years are to Him as a flight of a shuttle,
The most torrlflo occurrence does not make
God tremble. ; The ,k most , triumphant
achievement does not lift Him into rap
ture.'. That one great thought of God goes
on through the centuries, and Nations rise
and fall, and eras, pass and the world
changes, but God still keeps the undivided
mastery, linking event to event and cen
tury to century.
i We learn also from this story the propri
ety of laying up for the future. During
the seven years of plenty Joseph prepared
for the famine, and when it came he bad a
crowded store-house. The life of most
men in a worldly prospect is divided into
years of plenty and famine. It Is seldom
any man passes through life without at
least soven years of plenty. During those
soven years your business bears a rich
harvest Yon hardly know where all the
raonoy comes from it comes so fast
Every bargain you make seems to turn
Into gold. You coutract fow bad delits.
You are astonished with large dividends.
You Invest more and more capital. You
wondor bow mon can be content with a
small bus'ness, gathering in only a few
hundred dollars while you reap thousands.
Those are the seven years of plenty. Now
Joseph has time to prepare for famine, for
to almost every man there do come
sevon years of famine. You will bo
sick, you will be unfortunate, you
will be defrauded, there will b hard
times, you will be disappointed, and If you
have no store-house upon which to fall
back you may be famine-struck. We have
no admiration for this denying one's self
all personal comfort and luxury for the
mere pleasure of hoarding up, this grasp
ing, grasping for the mere pleasure of see
ing how large a pile you can get, this al
ways being poor because as soon as a dol
lar comes in it Is sent out to see if it can
find another dollar, so that it can carry it
home on its back. We have contempt for
all those things; but there Is an Intelligent
and nojile-mindod forecast which we love
to see in men who have families and kin
dred depending upon them for the bless
ings of education and home. God sends us
to the insects for a lesson, which whil
they do not stint themselves in the present,
do not forget their duty to forecast the
future. "Go to the ant, thou sluggard,
consider her ways and be wise, which hav
ing no guide, overseer or ruler, provideth
her meat In the summer and gathereth her
food in the harvest"
Now thore are two w.-.ys of laying up
money. One of these is to put it in stock
and deposit it in bank, and invest it on
bond and mortgage. The other way to lay
up money is giving it away. He is the
safest who makes both of these is vest
menU. There are in this house this morn'
ing men who, if they loso every dollar they
have in the world, would be millionaires
forieternity. Tbey make the spiritual in
vestment; but the man who dovotes none
of bis gains to the cause of Christ and
looks only for his own comfort and luxury
is not safe, I care not bow the money is in
vested. He acts as the rose if it shoulj
say: "I will bold my breath, and none
shall have a snatch of fragrance from me
until next week, then I will set all the
garden afloat with aroma." Of course,
tbe rose refusing to breathe, died.
But, above all, lay up treasures
in - Heaven. They never depreel
ate In value. Tbey never are at
a discount Thoy are always avail
able. Yon may feel safe now with your
$1,000 or 2,0W or 10,0JO or $!0,0J0 Income,
but what will such an income be worth
after you are doad? Others will get it
Perhaps some of them will quarrel about it
before you are buried. Tbey will be so
Impatient to get bold of the will they
will think you should be buried one day
sooner thau you are buried. They will be
right glad when you are dead. Tbey are
only waiting for you to die. What then
will all your earthly accumulations be
worth? If you gathered it all lu your
bosom and walked up with it to Heaven's
gato it would not purchase your admis
sion. Or if allowed to enter it could not
buy you a crown or a robe, and the poor
est saint in Heaven would look down at
you and ay: "Where did that pauper
come from?" May we all have treasures
In Heaven. Amen?
Fast Time on an Iceboat.
Philadelphia Tiraos.
The iceboat Hope of Burlington, N. J.,
carrylug its oner, J. W. Feunimoro, and
Kufu G. Wilklns, of this city, made tu
excellent time of half a mile lu twenty
nine seconds on Thursday, and is said tc
have done even better on a former occa
sion. It was bewildering," said Mr. Wllklni
yesterday. " It takes a steady band and
quick eye to handle one of the machines
when it blows hard, especially on a wind
and over rough ice. One mora-nt she is
upon the leeward runner and th r', she
eant to windward and then makes a feat',
ful leap In the air, and does not reach the
Ice again in a hundred- feet, Sailing on
the ice may be called tbe 'poetry of mo
tion,' but there is a scarel-to-death sort
of ecstacy thrown in.
"Eighty miles an hour la olalmed for a
recent improved model in fact, there !
no limit to speed when approaching tb
wind, II tb ic 1 suitable. Tbe movements
are peculiar, with conflicting sensations
that hardly admit of explanation. The
desire that some people have to leap from
giddy boight Is doubtless the sain. The
Hope sailed from Burlington to Camden
in sixty minutes, ths first and only time
an iceboat has been oyer the course." .
Chabi Robinson says that Goethe nev
er had aa affliction which he did not turn
into a poem. Borne writers never have s
poem which tbey do not turn iuto an afflic.
tlon. Philadelphia Call "
. .,
Man carries under bis hat a private thea
ter, wherein a groater drama is acted thai
Is ever performed on tbe mimic stage, be
ginning and ending in tornity, Carlyle.
, -, '- t
Probably no man is better known or
tnore highly respected than Mr. Juliun 8,
Carr, President of the Blackwell's Dur
ham Tobacco Co., of Durham, N. C. In
every tobacco store in the United States,
and in many foreign countries, Blackwell's
Durham Tobacco is sold, and it is a well-
known fact that the sales pfjtltis 'Company
jargeiy exceed those or anr other tobacco
manufacturer. That such success has
been obtained is due to tho energy, intce.
rity and ability of Mr, Carr, who has so
successfully managed the affairs of the
company. Mien a letter as the loiiowmg,
. written by Mr. Carr to a personal friend
whose only interest in tho matter referred
to was a desire to do a friendly act, is cer
tainly worthy of carclul reading.
Durham. N. C Feb. 25. 18S5.
Mv Dear "Mac": I hav6 delayed
writing to you, with reference to the Ath
loplioros remedy, until I could hear from
a friend of mine, a gentleman of high
character, who used Atblophoros at my
suggestion with very great benefit He is
a tobacco manufacturer of high standing.
I havn waited to hear from him in order
that I might use his name officially. lam
satisfied, however, that he must be at the
New Orleans Exposition, and my letters
have failed to reach bim. So I will not
delay answering your letter longer. You
want to know whether Athlnphoros is
really as good as you thought when you so
kindly sent mo a couple bottles. I had a
sister who was a victim of neuralgia and
rheumatism, blie suffered intensely and
her condition gave her family and friends
much concern. Every known remedy wag
tried, but without edict. When the
bottles you sent me came, I Rent one to
my sister and ono to my sister-in-law.
My sister was so encouraged from the use
of this ono bottle that I put her upon a
thorough treatment of Athlophnros. I
certainly owe you and Atblophoros
great debt of gratitude for the relief the
remedy has given her. She has almost
COmnlctclv recovered from rheumatism ar
much so tliut she has stopped the use of
Aimopnoros and considers herself well.
My sitcr-in-law, to whom I guve the
other bottle, was suffering fearfully with
neuralgia,hc had become iinconsciousfrom
the pain the Athlnphoros relieved her
entirely. 1 gave a bottle of Atblophoros
to an intimate friend who suffered such in
tense pain in his head tiiat he looked as if
bis eyes would start from their sockets,
and by its use be has been greatly
benefited, and tells me that he received
such relief from it that he orders it by the
box and keeps it at all times in his house
is never without it can't afford to be, this
is me gentleman to whom A wroto. I
wanted to send with this bis nnininn in
his own handwriting, but as I stated he
must still be at Ivew Orleans. A very
worthy colored man, a house carpenter,
Jim Whitted by name, lives in the house
adjoining "my man of all work."
One morning niy man told me that Jim
was suffering so intensely from rheuma
tism that the neighborhood was disturbed
day and night by his cries of agony.
Wishing to test Atblophoros before my
own eyes on a genuine case of acute rheu
matism, 1 wrote the Atblophoros Com
pany stating Jim's condition, and offering,
if they would send me the remedy, to see
that it had a fair trial in his case. I con
fess, with all my confidence in Athlo-
Jlioroa, I doubted whether it could help
im, but it was faithfully tried and I
think the proudest man now in all this
community is Jim WhitteJ. He claims
to be entirely relieved of all his rheuma
tism and not only that, but he save tho
stiffness in bis joints, which came with the
rneumatism, lias all been removed.
Within thirty hour after he began to
use Athlophnros, ho felt like another per
son. These instances have all come under
my personal knowledge. I am very slow
tospenk of or recommend anv medicine.
but when a remedy fins tho virtue and the
merit that 1 believe Athlophnros has, I
cannot hesitate to recommend it. I have
given yon heft don't they answer your
question fully? Yours truly, J. S. Carr.
If Ton cannot ret ATnioraorna nr vnnr rimer.
list we will head it express whl, oo receipt of
regular price-one doU..r per hnl I In. We prefpr
im nun ji-ur uiU'KISi, DHb H nO
hasn't It, do not be persuaded lu try something
line, but onlcr at once from us, as directed.
THLOruoKO CO., Ill Wall Buret, New York
Bynituui. ilotaturn, luieu
tlrlilnif, nioit ai nlftit.
WTfJE SQiHTwrNMnre cure.
lj in FQI'AT.TT KFUcAtlol ri lu CUKtVO ALL
i," -luih u PlmplM. Blnfrhr. Itaati,
i mA. I Pl clirr nii it lie in 1 1, no mat'
icriiownrwi ni or Ion Rfand nr.
T1TOT1 m X1 i. nuii.wh'. no,
33,000 YOUNG FEH
A H Often ftrtor In lir'-Bfn I lltlHtnn lit- l I' l U V
Eukh ana compiem mnoT u Ilia H err hunt,
ilirurnnlcrrlnevrnr17 life. Forfull pirllru
xldruiKmitmubolfcaa. puknepala, Xtw fork.
I haroft poiltlvsniiiiwilviortiinaborfltllMtaMiliT lit
In thnuaanosof easwsi.l tl. worst kind nr (nr
lawllnirhav ItanturctL ltnv'(i,tufrrnilrT)rf,t'a
In lliff.lrsicjr.llirit I wl I nITVO HOTTl.l t tl.r.H.
dtrttber wlin VA I.UA HIXTItKATIfrK or trite JImm
tDaUtjanrfTor, U.ritpra)iii j O.iulUr m.
int. T. ua; I', in raar.Bb, Itrfc.
VhM I .a rui I il .1 in I, tli.Ml. In tin- 1
lilaand th-nhnv-lh-ra r-tarn -rklrt. I mn ft riultejl cur.
I hav fnwta tha dlanu nf ttTS, Kl'll.tU-xV PILLIMJ
SU'KNRh a Ufa-Inns tlO'tr Iwarrant my rantadr tni-iir
tha voril wmm. Socanaaotnara hava fallna la no raaami fn,
it nnar raelvlBn a enra. ("t at osc'i fur a tr-allaa anil a
rr-a thfttlaufniT lnfallUita r-ma.1. ilva linni.iMid Pu-I
viae, m on-iar-a naming hit b inni. ait i will enra T"a.
Jiwraat vr. IL u. Jtuvr, iw raarl sc. now rom
Lorlllard's Climax Phg
brtrlnr a rrd Kit lag ; Uiai Lorfl lard's
now a.vpii j-en. j iiibi ijtirTiiajrai
VlVT t'lllnaa,and thai LoMllan1a HnuOavara
tb bat and otiaupaat, quality oumlaarad t
trmployrnrnt an 4 gw4 alary
iriihiK tffa i Uy ftktrt ant)
on i Hi iVrtBa Audreaa ClncinaaU
8u)pDtior Co CHaclnnaii, O.
DIIDTIIDC chtollooortha
IlUr I KIHC ,nJurT t Inflict or bin-
wi wllsta dranrfl fromlib.rr.rjy Dr. -J. A.
fihmnan'imMho-1. Offlco. 3S1 Bntadway, N. T. Book,
with HIcffMMfif Cam before and aft errura. maf led tnw
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li nb tnoltm mum at mom cam) 4ap.
A Clear Skin
3 only a part of beauty ;
but it is a part Every lady
may have it ; at least, what
looks like it Magnolia
Calm .' both freshens and
beautifies, i
J aStaTS BW If If A ,uaa U bA
By reason of Its contra! position and close relation to all principal linos Foot end
West, nt initial and terminal points, constitutes the most Important mld-coml-nontal
linLc in that system or through transportation which Invites and fiicill
tatcs travel and tralllo between cities of the Atluntlo end Paclllo Con eta. 16
Is also the favorite and beet route to and from points Enet, Northeast end
BouthocHt, and corresponding points W est. Northwest and Southwest.
The Rock Island eyatom Includes In It main line and brunches, Chlcasro.
Jollet, Ottawn, LaSallo, Peoria, Goneseq, Molino and Roclc Island, In Illinois;
Davonport, Muscatine, Washington, Fairfield. Ottumwa, Oskaloono, West
Liberty, Iowa City, Dos Molnos, Indlanola, Wlntersot, Atlantic, Knoxville,
Audubon, Harlan, Guthrie Centre and Council Bluffs, In Iowa; Gallatin,
Trenton, Carcnron and Kansas City, In Missouri s Leavenworth end Atchison,
In Kansas; Albert Lea, Minnoapolls and 6t. Paul, in Minnesota; Wntertown la
Dakota, and hundreds of intermediate cities, towns, villages and stations,
Guirantes Its patrons that sense of personal security afforde'd by a solid,'
thoroughly b'llastod road-bed; smooth tracks of continuous etcel rail; sub
stantially built culverts and bridges; rollinif stock aa near perfection am
human skill cm make It; the safety appliances of patent buffers, platforms
and nir-brake; and that exictlnjf discipline which governs tho practical
operation or all Its trains. Other specialties of this route are Transfers at
nil connecting points In Union Depots, and the unsurpassed comlorta and.
luxuries of ltn FasMengor Equipment.
The Fast Express TrainB betweon Chicago and the Missouri Elver are com
posed of well vontllatod, finely upholstered Dsy Coaches, Mngnllicont Pullman
Palace Sleepers of the latest design, and sumptuous Dlnlnir Cars, In which
elaborately cooked meals ore lelsuroly eaten. "Rood Digestion waiting on
Appotlte, and Health on both." Between Chicago end Kansas City and
Atchison, are also run tbe Celebrated Reclining Chair Cars.
Is the direct and favorite line between Chlcairo and Minneapolis and Bt Paul,'
, where connections are mad? In Union Denote for all points In tho Territories)
and British Provinces. Over this route, Fast Exoresn Trains are run to the)
watering places, summer resorts, picturesque localities, and hunting and fisa-
niH uruunuo vi iowb turn Minnesota, it
rica wneat neias ana pas ton' i tanas or interior Dakota.
Still another DIRECT LINK, via Seneca and Kankakee, has been opened1
between Newport Nows. Richmond, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Lafayette and
wunuu uiuii, iunma Lny, Minneapolis
, pur uetauea lniormaiion see map
Tickets, at all principal Ticket Offices
Presldsnt snd Qtntrsl Msnsger, Chlcsgo.
noma uis oniy in arm snd Hammer" brand J brand Sda and taleratus Is uad with great
lor Cleaning and Keeping Milk Pans Sweet andsuccets (or tti srsventio and cur d HOQ
s&rrnf Clean. Ilia tha Bait lor all rum rDaamiaHiapiiiaaaaaa. SKv
Homehold Purpoae.
To Inmre obtaining only tha "Arm A Hammer'' brand soda
np Malmrntna. tinv It in .mh1 a t I .m. ...i -. li.i.
Dear onr nam and trade-mark, aa Inferior gnale are
aor brand when sought la balk. ik lor lh Aral
" . i
It la a well-known fact that moil of the
noneandCatllai'owdcraoldJn Ihla coun
try a worthleu; that Sherlaan'a Condi
tion Powder la absolutely pure and vary
Tilu.ble. NothinaT on Knrth will
make hens 1st Ilka NherliUn'a
1 Condition Powder. Doer, one teaaoannful to
PUIllfPFI punl rns
UlllVlitll vn J bralini
breeder!' see, price II.OOi by mall, II W. Circular!
Colds, Conghs, Bar Throat, Inflammations,
juenmstlsin, neuralgia. Headache,
Toothache, Asthma, Difficult
entire THE WORST r Al' In from ana
to twenty mfniilre. Snt one hour afirr rarllne
IM. ailvcnlKUieul need any oue Ml Ft' 11 WITH
I a Core for All Paine, Awralne, Brwlaew,
1-nlna in the Hack, Cheat or I.lnataa.
It wn la f'lrat nnd la the Only
pain nsMnrjTi
That lntantly atop, the moat eaernrtatlnf twine, at-
of the l.unra, Htomarh or llnwrla, orothrr rlamla of
lava DQHIIIIIial on. anil rnrra duiirfatlnna. wlu-lli...
wrawta uj oue apiiiivai ion. ji aeiieu wuu inreauaed
i etur riimiioiisiiitru vi , aatj imcrnii onTsnti irr TTinrOa
nitMnbriM-, bIht rxMurp to mid. vr.i, wc, Unr no
wlfhronw'fttlon or liiflnminsiilon mid cure the pailcni,
A .fRMiHKinful In half a lumMrr of trr will In m
iiw untune- rum rim pi, npftftmia, WHIT moniarh,
llrirtiiiirtl, NrrvoUAlii., dlri-rilui-tirMl. Hlctt lli-iul
-br hlrrh!-.v Uyiruii'ry, Cullc, flatulency. .Uid ail
Internal iitlnt.
ThfTT la nut rrm-dfail airrnr In thr wrtrtri lht wfTi
etire hVvrr anil Atir antl u:l otlior Mulnrl.nrn. litll'iua
lldolhrr frw-m. al lrd hv II t llWA Y'M fl I.I.Rl.
finutrlcM It.t lW A V KKAItY RF.I.Icr.
at aaajr vejHtaaHjr weft ,it7. I1 jr mrunE ia
Dr. Radrvay's Sarsaparillian Resclveni,
Chronlo rhrumatlnni. Scrofula. Srphllltle Com.
plalnta, rtc, (are our Imok on Vrnert-aL etc.i price
nr,,., -,, ,-,m.i, ,iiniiiiiar nwciiinu, iiarainit lire
oukIi, t.aocrroiia Affrcilona. Hlrrrllniror Ihr I.unira,
rpi'Pla, Walrr llralu While Hwi lllnaa, Tumora,
i-nriiii-a, n'oirnca, r.nipnnna or tnr race. I Icrra, tile
llliraaea. trout. DroDar. Itlckrta. Halt llhrmn uZ.
clillla, Ciinaumntlon, Illabvlea, Klduir, Wadiler.
Liver Cotnplalnta, ete.
Whethertranamtttrdhr norrntaor arontrr.1. la ariihin
lttViwLvVN;FU' lh "iwa'ak,1'A.-aT
Curea have hrm made where peraont have brrn af
flicted wllh horofula fniro their youth on to II. Aland
(lycaraof age. hv VK. KiOWAK't SaStA.
poaed of Inicreillrnta of eitraordlnery medical proper.
tlea.eaaenllal to purify, hcaL repalrand Invlitoratelhe
broken down end waalrd ImmIv. Uulrlr. ni...n,
and nrnnanrnt In liatrratnirnt and cure. Sold bv ail
drusglat. On dollur at bottle.
Dr. Railway's Regulating Fills
rorlhertireof all dlaordrra of the Stomach, Liver,
Apoetlle, Headache, Conalliallon, Coallvrnraa. Indl
a I ,ki;,,,r7"' oiauorr, neriooa iMRraaca, toaa
'. . I1 " IBi nniooi
ancaa. t'avrr. lnA.min.ii.A
oi ine nowcia, I'lire
erael Vlarera. Purely veirrfalile, ooauinlix ati aaer
ury, mlnrralLOrdrlelrrlouadmea.
anu an arrmngemrni of iimi In-
r rlre. a rente nr. !
ux. So
to K
iidliy alldrnaiitla.
.rATrWnd a letter alamo fa
auwAidi co..
and T
" JF" Taw-r street, Hew York, for "'
TO TUB PrBMC-Beanre and aikforR.d.
way a. and tee (bat lu name "ludwaj" la oa what
rou bur. . .
for a T.lfe avsoiarahln m the
0"a"IJ forsra.10.
for IUk.ii
nrk. pfrw aleraev. PimIHh,,!
aralualea. Nartonal oa.,iiav Whi
tor Circular.. tXlLbJlAN 1'AI.UhV,
Bro. JonathsD'iMes
npasree Iltiiatrated .
aaaat am actaeiara.
Onrhanil-hrink "Hov tnPmfnM
Paiima" frcelolnvcnion.lftyra.
nnwtlc. R. H. 4 A. P LACKY.
1'MM Ail jra, WMtililga. l.a
fflfl FH
i 9
VAAiaSl ivaa a aft. aSaaaa at aa. a. aa .
is aiso tne most aetur&Die route to uie
ana at. raui ana intermediate points.
ana f oiaers, ODtoinaDie, as wen as
in tha United Eta tea and Canada; or.
Ssnsral Ticket snd Fsstsngtr Agtnt, Chlcsgo.
HOC DISf A8ES.-Tli "Ana ana Htmmu-
Mia nith In animal' leed.
' i""."u vwwuua wuicu
sometime subatltnted for the "Arm A Ham.
A Hammer" brand tALSon. (Washing Soda).'
each pint of food. It mill aUo urcYent and cur
ll Cholera, Ac Bold everywhere, of aenl by mall for
eenta In iLampa. Aleo rumlahed la Urea cam, for
eant KKIi I. 8. JOllNHON CO., Boaion, Maaa.
'UMnwJ'ew ii i man n n an
Cmttlosi t Borne dtlrra rrommrtd Inferior trrxMlt .
tn onlcr u make a larver prom. Thia la the rl;lal
WHhoe. Jtrware of Imltailuni vhlclt sV-kDuwlrdirt)
llirlr own Infcrliitiir tr auetnpllntt lolmlld up(i ih
rvim tailor, of theorlfrlnal. mn run not he aure (
Rfttlmc the aN-Miilaa anlcle nnlcaa oo are carr ful to
f-xdoiliiaajidacaitiatltila atauip apDcara Dlalulr am
th aulea:
$3 SHOE.
This Bhoe for arntlemea tar
mnda of flnrat Taunrry Calf
rikln, atltehrd with lerjre Kirk
Machine Twlet, and la uuoquet
, rdln Oorabllly, Conifoit and
, appearance, it ib matle In earl.
oua wiuiiib to nt .Of
fiNit. it ia madn wlia
ell Imst broad or uarroay
toca. Made In etyl
ahowa In cut,
alao in Conjrri'.e
and Iju-c. Tha
quality of tills
(hoe ha. won for It ao hlh a plare In public eatlme-
tlon that It Hand, to-oay wbaolnlelr wllkoat aa
rival. Wherrvrr you live, thla Hloio la elihln your
rrai h: aak yourdeaIrrforlt,aod If be can not eupplr
f ou wild ajtuod fll, .end your aitdrciia on punlnl cari
o.lAMr MKAVSac CO., ! l.laeola V,
Boetoa. Alawa.
Qaaker Teatlaaaay.
Mrs. A. II. Dauphin, a Qaaker lady, of
Philadelphia, has dona a great deal to
make known to ladle there the great value
of Mrs. Plnkhnm's Vegetable Compound,
as a curs for their troubles and diseases.
Sh writes as follows: " A young lady of
this city while bathing; some years ago was
thrown violently against th Ufa line and '
tbe Injuries received resulted In an ovarian
tumor which grew and enlarged until death.
Beamed certain. Her physician finally ad
vised her to try Mrs. Plukham's Compound.
She did so and in a short time tho tumor
was dissolved or canted to slouch off. and
the it now in prrect health. I also know of
many cases where th medicine has been
of great vain In preventing miscarriage
and alleviating th pains and danger of
childbirth. Philadelphia ladles appreciate
the worth of this medicine and ita great
value. n
etaoa fva rataaat la, arM ev. fir
VarUI,. Mrtat Pnlaai. BVT aaUl
aaal atael.. Brat tarap. aaaaMaa.
alaa BtTKNaiTS MakkkS af u
lutirr ri'MiTFU iii inuiTi!Rt.
RrafltvoiH i eirnnt.r
ANTED 'M'n nl Ornttemen la
work at their own llomra. anar, ata a
eaallymade. Work arm by mall. Nor.nve.e
ln. t bare rood demand forovr work, anal
Inml.b aieadr eniplnyincnt, Addn aawlia
atampcaowa k'ru Oo. a vine u t In'tua
,,,, Havana L'igarCo.s7 rtroadV
rosluvely (h Best way, a. r. ask, fob it.
Vrentrd and eur d wlll.ool the Vnlfe.
Biaik on Ir elmrnt arm frr Ail.lreae
lf.L.t'U.S U. M. 11. Aurora, kaut.lu.
A. N. K. -C.
R.JAM IrynewaMfi
ttnbeonm Teb
...vaa rrrai.a Uaaratore, an
amoloimentjOdjaaaf. ii..j,-
npi vi
si v m,
aT V. aw ' llv
aw a. sm u m s. -m ' a.-
I -arjrJl- . r
.rfa j aaaa w.aitHTai t tiaiiuiiu.:
f , ' rJ H. F.aa. Kaanrrl tlrUrklMat. I
LJ; ' I eaa. a tauet Saa. leaevevanae. I
?MXr. PHIUatLST II. Yowt

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