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J. B. SMITH, Proprietor.
Gathered from All Quarters.
Srnatk, April 7. After routine business
the Senate took up tho Mil to Inci-ease tbe
fllolency of the army, and Mr. Hawley ad
dressed the Sonet In support of the measure.
An amendment es offered to etrke out seo
tlon 8 of the bill, which established the
future army force at Wi.Msl men! rejeoted
yeaa 22, navi 28 Mr. G hson moved an ad
ditional section repeal nsr section xV!M of the
Revised statutes, which now prohibits any
person who served the Confederate Govern
ment from being appointed to the United
Stales Armr: lost yeas 'M, navs 28. After
further debate the bill was put on It past
ace and rejected yeaa ID, nayi 31. The Sen-
. ate then adlourned.
Hot sa A resolution was adopted sotting
apart the Kd. ttti and gi'th of Vav for the
eona derat on of tbe free Ship bill. At the
' exp ration of the morning1 hour derate on
the Sliver b'll was resumed. Mr. Bland made
an arirument in favor of tho froe coinsire of
silver and Rave a rev ew of the clrcum
taneei attending; tbe demonet Una of silver
In lu. 1'be debate continued until adjourn
ment 1 Bskatb, April 8,-Tne bill to admit Wash
ington Territory to Statehood was laid before
the Senate and Mr. Voorheea spoke In advo
oacv of hit amendment, wh'oh oonslsta of an
enabling act for the admission of Montana
Territory. The amendment was defeated
Seas 19. nave 1. Mr. Fusts moved to amend
y confining tbe right of suffrage In the pro
posed new State to qualified male elector
only. A long discussion ensued, but with
out reaching a vote tbe Senate adjourned.
Hon. After the transaction of routine
business, tbe Illand bill for the free coinage
of ailver waa railed up. Several amend
ments were offered and reieeted. and tho
question recurring on the passage of the bill
it was lost yeas 12, nays ltl'l. Adjourned.
Skhatk, Aprllt. Tbe bill for the admis
sion of Washington Territory was laid he
fore the Senate, the pending, question be
ing on Mr. Fust's' proposed amendment lim
iting the right of atiffrage In the proposed
new stHte to qualified male eleotora only.
After some discussion the amendment waa
reieeted and the Senate adlourned.
Hoima The House spent the day In the
consideration or private mils. An evening
session was hold and twenty-four pension
bills were passed.
Siatk, April 10. After routine bustneaa,
the bill for tbe admission of Washington
Territory came up. Several amendment
were offered and voted down, and the bill
then panned aubstantially as reported from
the committee-yea 30. nay 111 The bill
now gees to the House for concurrence.
HiitiNK. Illlls were passed for the estab
lishment of two addH onal I'ghthouse dis
tricts, one between the mouth of the Ohio
river and the mouth of the Mississippi river,
and one for flrecn llav and Luke Huron; to
estahl sh sixteen aildltinnal life-saving sta
tion; aio for the otabllshment of light
ho'ies as follows; at San Louis Abispo, Cal.j
Point Sur. I'al.s ami Seul Cliolx, Mich., also
for the construction of a steam lighthouse
tender for the Kouitb lighthouse district,
and a supply steamer for the Atlantio ana
Gulf coast. Adlourned,
Among the nominations sent to the Senate
by the President on tbe 7tb were the follow
ing;; Ol.a.linh V. Cutler, Collector of Cu.
toms forth district of Niagara, N. T.J
Edwin Watlleld. Surveyor of Customs,
Baltimore, MJ.; Thomas O. Ilavea, United
Status Attorney, district ot Maryland;
George H. Cnirnoa, United State Marshal,
district of Maryland; John A. McClernand,
of Illinois, member of the Board pf Regis
tration and Election in the Territory of
Utah ; Charles It Bausser, of Ohio, Agent
at Yakima Indian Agency, A. T.
Tbe Hons bill appropriating 13,000.000
for tbe erection of a building for a Con
greaaioTiBl library was unanimously paad
by tbe Senate on tbe 8tb, without amend
ment, i
Arming Sex-retary of th Trearorv Smith
aeosfved a letter a few day agt from Ta-
W. T., signed F. C. Millet, M. D., In
which th writer ask to b appointed In
dian physician, and says that if Mr. Smith
will secure him the appointment he will
forward a draft for f 100 to reimburse him
for hi trouble. The letter was referred
to th Commissioner of Indian Affair,
wtth tb expression of opinion that tbe
writer is unfit for any appointment
The President ha appointed William H.
Watty, of Adrian, Mich., to be a member
of the Board ot Indian Commissioner.
Colonel Fred Grant has, at hi own r
qneet, ben designated by th Probata Conrt
ot the District of Columbia a administrator
of the estate of bis father, tb lata General
Grant. Beside tome real estate in Wash
ington, there was owing to General Grant
at the time of hi death the ram of 1838 for
twenty-two days' pay as a General of th
Army on tbe retired list
The Department of Agriculture report
that tbe official statistical investigation for
April make a reduction of tb winter
wheat area ot 8,500,000 acres from th
breadth seeded two year ago, and five per
cent, reduction from the area seeded a year
ago. The general average of condition la
H!X against 7t last year (the lowest ever
reported.) and 94 two years ago. New York,
M; Pennsylvania. 99: Ohio, W; Michigan,
9S; Indiana, IM; Illinois, 86; Missouri, M;
Kansas, 88. and California, 100.
Land Commissioner Sparks ha reconv
mended to Secretary Lamar th revocation
of th withdrawal of indemnity land in
Missouri, made fifteen year ago, for th
benefit of tbe Atlantic & Paclflo Railroad
Company and tb restoration of th unap
propriated land to entry nnder tb settle
ment law of th United State.
A Pittsburgh dispatch says a committee
of coal miners representing th sis thou
sand diggers (n th four pool on th Mo-
nongahela river, called upon th operator
on th 8th and notified them that if their
wage were not advanced on May 1, from
2X to 2 cent par bushel, a general strike
would be inaugurated.
Special Officer Thomas Gibson baa In
formed tb mint officer at Philadelphia
that he has unearthed a plot ot New York
cracksmen to rob th mint Tb plan was
to hire a bouse In Juniper street and tunnel
from it to a vault of th mint Th task
would be difficult, but there are about 135,
000,000 to reward th persons who might
penetrate tb vault.
A petition signed by officers and citizen
ha been laid before th New York Bar As
sociation, looking to th Impeachment of
Judge Charles Donahue, of theBupreme
Court Th charge are tb miens of Judi
cial power in granting Injunction re
straining tha enforcement of tb law
against liquor selling after on o'clock at
Thorn A. Tbacber, teacher of Latin and
Literature in Yale College, was discovered
dead in bis bed on th morning of tb 7th.
Be was in bis seventy-second year.
William McNicboll, a messenger boy at
Charles Lorell's book-binding establish
ment In New York City, where on hundred
gixU are employed, twiot set fir to tb
Ibullding, and when arrested on tbe 8th ad
mitted that his purpose was to destroy the
'building so he would not have to work there
any longer. Each time the flames were dis
covered and extinguished before any more
harm than a sevore fl ight to tbe girls had
been inflicted.
Tbe business failures throughout th
.country during the seven days cudod tbe
'Ath number for the United States 173, and
(or Canada 42, a total of 215 against 22i the
previous week.
The strike at McClure's coal works, Ever
son, Pa., ended on the 9th satisfactorily to
the miners. The firm granted all demands.
About one thousand men are affected.
Rogers Bros., proprietors of the great
flour mills at Bristol, Pa., failed on tbe 9th.
Liabilities are estimated at (200,000, over
100,000 of which is in notes. Of tbe latter
amount about 100,000 are the savings of
poor people, who placed their money in the
hands ot Rogers Bros, tor tbe interest the
firm paid on it
At Erie, Pa., on tb 9th the family of
Henry MoLaughlin ware seized with con
vulsion after eating their dinner. Tbe
symptoms indicated vegetable poison. It
was thought Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin and
the eldest daughter would die. Th other
three children may recover.
A fire at Irwin, Pa., on the 9th destroyed
Fulton (t Bro.'s foundry, occupied by Huck
enstein & Urable. Loss about $12,000.
' A fire on the night of tbe 10th damaged
th repair shop of tho Holyoke (Mass.)
Paper Company to the extent of $30,000.
Thomas Howard, a watchman, was smoth
ered to death.
Richard Robson, John Hummel and An
drew Hill were rowing on Monroe's pond
at Albany, N. Y., on tb 11th, when th
boat capsized and Robson and Hummel,
both aged fourteen years, were drowned.
Hill swam ashore.
Hon. Joseph Pulitzer, editor of tbe New
York World, on the 10th forwarded to the
Secretary of State his resignation as Rep
resentative In Congress from the Ninth dis
trict of New York, stating that it was im
possible for him to perform the duties per
taining to the position without neglecting
bis newspaper.
Frank Endy, residing on a farm near
Reading, Pa., while trying to put two cats
int a box a few day ago, was scratched
on tbe hand. Inflammation set in, followed
by blood poisoning, and ha died In great
agony on the 10th.
Hon. John Welsh, ex-Minister to England,
died at Philadelphia on th 10th, after a
weeks' Illness from pnenmon fa.
Tbe weekly statement ot th New York
associated banks, issued on the 10th, shows
the following changes: Loans increase,
$.'132,100; specie decrease, $10,100; legal
tender increase, $5,132,000; deposits in
crease, $2,:7,700; circulation decrease, $.'7,-
800; reserve increase, $564,475. Tbe bank
held l,S5l,78 in excess of the twenty-fir
percent rule.
Tbe United States Secret Borvlce omcers
arrested two Spaniards named Ramon Ar-
jona and Ramon Ruiz in New York City on
th 10th, charged with causing to be mads
over $200,000 in $10 note on El Banco del
Eatado d Bolivar of th Unit d State of
Colombia. A search of their premises re
vealed a large quantity of counterfeiting
material and notes amounting to $200,000.
They were held in $5,000 ball.
At Mattawan, N. J., on tbe 10th two
chidren named Minnie Wilson, aged ten,
and Nellie Smith, twelve, were bitten by
one of the dogs bitten a few months ago by
tb dog that attacked little Eddie Bucklin,
who was ent to Pasteur for treatment
Both girls were badly lacerated. Arrange
ment have been made to tend them to
Pari for treatment
Tb smallest ot th Pemberton mill at
Lawrence, Mass., was gutted by fire on the
10th. During it progress the rooTl fell, 4
carrying down' tb tw floors below; ana
fifteen Wn who were (fighting th flames.
Tworere fatally Injured, and two seriously
hrt Th others escaped by clambering
out of the ruins, though all were more or
lee bruised or burned. Los $100,000; fully
A baggage and mail coach of th east-
bound New York ft Chicago limited express
train No. 4, on th Lake Shore railroad,
caught fire between Toledo and Sandusky.
O., on tb 8tb, and with It content was
entirely destroyed. Including a larga
.amount of important mail matter. Th
pouches destroyed included th afternoon
mail of Chicago, closed at 5:10 o'clock for
Albany, Boston, Buffalo, Cleveland, Erie,
!New York, Rochester, Syracuse and Uttca,
side pouches forth Boston, Springfield
and New York railway post-office holding
th mail lor to New r.ngiano mates, ana
pouches for th New York and Hornell.
Villa railway post-offlce that carries tbe
mail to all point on tbe Erie road. Tbe
'Ion I heavy.
Th Iowa Legislature on the 9th passed a
Joint resolution sympathizing with the peo
ple of Ireland in their efforts to secure self-
government and extending congratula
tions over tbe prospect of borne rule in Ire
land. Congratulatory telegrams on tb
hopeful outlook were lent to Messrs. Far-
nell and Gladstone.
In Wood County, O., the victims of the
Bohemian oat swindle are commencing
suit against th companies tor damage for
failure in filling their contract to soil
double the amount purchased.
Tb East Toledo (O.) paper mill were
damaged by fire on th 9th to th extent of
$20,000; half insured.
At Baltimore on th 9th, in th suit of
Henry Jane against Robert Garrett, re
quiring th latter to remove an objection
able portico from hi palatial rasideno on
Mount V ernon Plaoa, tb Court of Appeal
decided in favor of tb defendant and th
portico remains.
Reports from Newark, O.. on tb 9th in
dicat bnt alight hop for th recovery of
Judge Atherton, who is reported to be
.growing gradually weaker.
Th conference at Wheeling, W. Va., be
tween th manufacturers of th Western
Nail Association and th United Nailers
and Heater Association ot America, ad'
journed ou the 9th without coming to an
agreement th manufacturers refusing to
pay more than they now pay to tha new
men. Tb strike baa now been on ten
Tb first elections under the new Virginia
local option law took place on tb 10th at
Floyd Court Houe and Wytbeville, that
State. At th first named plaos tb "dry"
movement was defeated, while in th latter
place th "dry" men were victorious by
mall majority, and consequently no li
cense will be Issued in that town.
Nineteen Italian ourbston vender of
banana were arrested at Cincinnati on th
110th by United State Secret Service offi
cers for passing counterfeit coin. It was
charged that they hav been selling ban-
jr at lee than cost because they passed
eanaterfeit coin in chance.
Tax number of surveying party
were drowned on th 11th while crossing
the New River at Bunnyslde, W. Va. Tha
party consisted of C. J. and William Hood,
P. H. and Sam Quimby, W. V. Haynes and
a negro ferryman. C. J. Hood and the
'Quimby brothers were drowned by the up
setting of the boat.
At Kansas City, Mo., on the 11th, Sylves
ter Baker, foreman of a planing mill, shot
bis sleeping wife through tbe forehead and
then put a bullet Into bis own brain. Both
will die. Despondency caused by domestlo
afflictions and drink was the supposed
Letters received by agents of the Six
Companies at Portland, Ore., by tbe last
Chinese mail, state that an English, Ger
man and Chinese syndicate had entered
into contract with the Mexican Govern
ment whereby tbe syndicate agrees to send
six hundred thousand Chinamen to Mexico
within the next twelve months, tbe Mexi
can Govcrment agreeing to give each Chi
naman twenty acres of land. Sixty Chi
namen left Portland on the 10th for Mexico
and others were preparing to leave.
An immense eight-hour labor demonstra
tion was hold at Chicago on the evening of
tbe 10th. The Sixth Cavalry Armory was
crowded with 8,000 people, while at least
half that number stood outside. George A.
Schilling presided. Addresses were made
by Thomas F. HiU, W. H. Salter and L. H.
Sawyer, while the outside crowd was ad
dressed by Richard A, Power and several
other prominent Knights of Labor. Res
olutions were adopted denouncing tbe per
fidious conduct of Jay Gould in breaking
bis agreement with the Knight of Labor
to settle the causes of the present strike iu
the Southwest by arbitration.
A dory, with two men living and two
men dead on board, drifted ashore at Gulou
Island, Gabarus, Cap Breton, on the 7th.
They bad been eight days out from their
vessel, the schooner Elzem Law, which was
left on the western part of Grand Bank,
and bad undergone fearful sufferings. All
tbe men belonged at Cape Breton.
The marriage of Miss Nina Moulton, of
New York, to Baron Von Raaben, who Is
said to be tbe richest nobleman in Den
mark, was solemnized in St Paul's Ameri
can church, on the 8th.
A cable dispatch says that Mrs. Jane
Wbltcomb, wife of a former Rtate Auditor
of Minnesota, has been confined in an In
sane asylum, after three desperate attempts
to commit suicide on account of gambling
losses at Monte Carlo.
Giraud's silk mills at Lyons, France, was
the seen of a riot on the 9th, caused by the
attempt of a sub-perfect and number of
gendarmes to close up tbe chapel con
nected with the mills. The populace, tbe
major portion of whom were women, used
stones and sticks, and th soldiers used
their firearms. One woman was shot dead
and a number were wounded. Tbe sub-
perfect and three of the gendarmes were
A London dispatch say the British Gov
ernment has decided to subsidize anew
line of steamers between British Columbia
and Hong Kong and Australia by paying
100,000 annually for ten years. The
steamers must be first class and capable of
carrying guns and troops. If required the
Government will have the right to use tbe
steamers in the event of war.
Tb dry good store of Aiken & Co., at
Montreal, Can., was burned on tbe ('th,
causing a loss of $30,000. John Gunn, an
engineer at No. 5 station, dropped dead as
the alarm struck in the station.
Five thieve entered tb magazln at
Colon, Cuba, a few day ago for (he pur
pose of stealing powder. During tholr
operations a light was let fall, causing an
explosion, killing seven persona, w.iduling
thirty-eight ohartransl 0fOjSyriv
The trial of Burns, Byndmann, Champion
and Williams, th Socialist leaders, on the
charge of having incited the Trafalgar
Square and Hyde Park riota, was concluded
at London on tb 10th. Tbe jury returned
a verdict of not guilty and tha defendant
were all discharged.
A wist-bocwd freight train on tb Balti
more & Obio railroad ran Into a landslld
on the 12 thirty mile east of CoanelU-
vill. ra. Tb ngln ana seven cars were
Ihman fmm Ilia trank and hadlV wrecked.
Joha Coffman, the engineer, waa killed,
and tb n reman was seriously injures..
Tbi Boston block, at Minneapolis, Mian.,
in which th postoffic Is situated, burned
on the 12th. All mail matter was saved.
TOss to th block $75,000; fully insured.
The Burr as Law Library, containing
7,(100 volumes, was completely destroyed,
entailing a lorn of $24,000. Other losses
will amount to $30,000, mostly covered by
insure nee.
A PiKtsu dispatch of the 12th ssys an
explosion occurred few days ago on board
th small river Colombia at tbe Island of
Tumaro. Fifseen persons were killed and
twentv two Injured. Tb steamer was
completely destroyed.
Prssipiktul nominations on the 12th;
Howell E. Jackson, of Tennessee, to be
Circuit Judge of the United States, for th
Sixth judicial circuit, vine John Baxter,
deceased; F. H. Iiyer. to be Marshal of
toe united nates tor we jerrimry
of Utah; 8. O. Coffin, to be Collector
of Customs for the district of Rdgarten,
Mass.; Philander Cobb, to be Collector
of Customs for the district of Plvmoath,
Mass.; George D. Borton, to be Assistant
Collector of Customs for th port of Cam
den, N. J. ; Robert C. Jordan, to be Sur
veyor of Customs for th port of utnana,
Tit President on th 13th withdrew th
nomination of Orlando W. Powers, of
Michigan, Associate Jastlc of tb Buprem
uoun oi u tan.
B. H. Harsis, treasurer of th Bag Har
bor (L. I.) Saving Bank, wa on th 12th
discovered to be $8,000 short in kis ao-
At Norton Olllla' creamery, near Har
vard, Dl., on th 12th cream separator
burst, seriously wounding five men. One
bas sine died ana anotner was ratairy nun.
Tai Senate In Committee of th Who) ou
th IK h considered the Indian Aparnwrlattoa
bill. On motion of Mr. Conger, and after
debate by Messrs. Conger, Tawcs. Dolph and
Plumb, th amount of th appropriation for
Indian schools In Alaska waa Inoreaaed from
IK non to $-'0 nm. Tbe committee rose an re
ported the hill to the Senate, and the bill wa
then passed substantially aa reported from
tbe committee, and tne Mnate amounted ... ,
In the House Mr. Morrison, of Illinois, from
the Committee on Ways and If eana, reported
a bill to reduce tarlg taiea and to aaodlfr
the laws in relation to the eolleotlon of tbe
reveaue; referred to Commute of th
wnoie. Mr. MoHiniey, or oato, presents
the views of the minority of the eomm uee.
Mr. Morrison, from th Committee on Rule,
reported a resolution providing for a Con
gressional Inquiry Into th eauae and extent
or tne present lanor troubles in taewest;
adopted without division. Th resolution
authorises the Hoeaker to appoint an Investi
gating committee to go west with power
ui seno tor persons ana papers and to
sit during the session of the House. The
committee Is to report during the present
Session, with such recommendations aa It
may deem proper to Disk. After consider
able dlscusaion the resolution waa adopted
without division. The IMatrlot of Columbia
Appropriation hill was then passed without
discussion or substantial (amendment, and
IBs nouae sojourned.
Terrible Cruelties Praotloed on tha
Helpless Insane.
A Remarkable Collection of Chains,
Shackles and Curious Implements of
Torture A Woman Confined lu'One
Boom for Over Ten Years.
'Philadelphia News.
The east wall of the room occupied by
the committee on lunacy of the Pennsyl
vanla Board of Charities Is covered from
celling to floor and from end to end with a
curious collection of barbarous Imple
jnent taken by tho committee from the
different county Insane hospitals of the
State and from private houses from which
Insane people have been removed.
The collection Is composed largely of
chains and shackles In use at different
porlods In county asylums, and balls and
chains form no small part of the exhibit.
From tbe size and strength of the man
acle it is evldont that people have an ex
aggerated Idea of the physical strength of
tbe Insane. There are three chains In the
collection taken from private cases dur
ing 1S82, when an Investigation was made
of the number of Insane persons con
cealod and confined by their friends. As
it was optional with the people in charge
ot those patients to give or retain the in
struments of torture and implements
used for the purpose of restrnlnt the col
lection from that wurce is not Inrpio.
One of tbe-e was a heavy iron chain,
with links more than an inch long. It was
taken from an old man, who was confined
In a but on his nephew's farm In nn in
terior county. Tbe chain was locked
around the mnnlnc's anklo and fastened to
tbe floor by a stout Iron staple. lie lind
been thus confined for thirty ycnrn, nml
when found wns ns united ns the dnv ho
wns born. . Tliure wns no Imml or slincli'o
on the clmln fur bis nnkle, the chain he lug
simply pined nroitnd without nny 'rot ca
tion to the fleh underneath. Tho man wns
token from tun care of his family nnd
placed In tho Warren County Hospital,
where ho hns since improved very much
in bis mental condition.
A five-foot chain of llshtor links ending
In a band-sbacklo is the onn which was
ned in the ense of Mary Stover, of I.nns-
dnlo, Pa who was confined in a ainnll
room for ten yenrs. During all that time
she was secured by a ill -i In to the bed-pn-t,
with the t.h tickle around her left. It
wns called n "Are datvor" chain, because
It wns used to keep her awny from a stove
which was kept In her room. The chain is
covered half Its length with leal her, to
prevent the bed on which l!ie woman slept
from I ecoiiiln srrnt' lie 1 by tho links.
Nearly two feet of a clinln, with vwy
lari-o links, ending in a thick stuple, wu
taken from the leg of a uinn in Dauphin
County. He wns stark mail, violent and
afflicted with a homicidal mania, ami his
friends had fastone l him to the floor with
this bnrlinrnus implement, leaving but
twenty Inches spaco In which to move.
The link were so tightly fn?'"iied around
his nuklu thn nn ulcer formed, nnd still
his people left tbe chain on his bz, re
canllehs of the terrible torture It inflicted.
One of the most Interesting exhibits In
the collection Is thn chain, with
ctiiTs attached, with which the h inds of
old James Durke, a patient in lilockley
Asylum, were secured. Hurke wns one of
the most violent cases in tbe Institution, ot
decided homicidal tendencies and wonder
ful cunning. During the time of hlcon-.
flnement.lnlfc lna- -!"' msf-nt he
irffivSI'two keepers. For noarly twenty
years his hands were hoppled to prevent
him from doing mischief. The chain wa
about two feet long, with steel cuff at
either end. In these his wrists were
locked. Burke perished In the great alms
house fir a little over a year ago. At
the time of his death he was not wear
ing his chain and cuffs, they having
been removed about a year and a half
Among the many curious appliances for
securing Insane people and rendering
them unabl to inflict Injury either upon
themselves or their attendants there are
a number of ingenious contrivance for
curing the hand of th patients; such
a leather mitts, belts with wrist sockets,
muffs, camisoles, a jacket with closed
sleeve and a "bad saddle." This last la
for securing craiy people In bed to prevent
them from Injuring themselves or those
who may come in their way.
The "saddle" is made of leather, and is
just large enough to cover tbe back of an
ordlnary-sixed man. Two straps at the
neck and a waist-belt secured it to the
body. Two long straps fastened at th
bottom ot the "saddle" pas up to the
patient's wrists, around wblch padded
leather cults are fastened. There Is an
other strap on each of these cuffs, which
may be secured under the bed
or to any object in the
room, holding the person fast
on the bed and at tbe same tlm prevent
ing any use of th arms. Tb leather muffs
r camisoles were used for securing the
hands together in front ot the body. There
Are a bait dozen heavy ball and chains
which county patient left to th tender
mercies of pauper attendant were com
pelled to carry about with them. Th com
mlttee on lunacy of th Stat board of
charities has secured th abolition of all
of these cruel appliance ased for restraint,
nd nothing is used at th present time
except an Inflexible lingerie mitt, which
I placed on tb hand of patient given to
th habit of tearing their clothing off and
injuring themselves.
He Forgot HI Own Nam.
(Chicago Inter-Ooean.
That remind m, said youngish sort
of a newspaper man, that I forgot my
nam not long ago. I had been out West
for several months, and wa In th habit
of calling at th general delivery of th
post-offlc for my mall. Th clerk who
wa usually on duty ther learned to know
me, and I never thought of giving my
nam when I asked for mall. On this oc
casion I wa eipectisg a rather Important
latter, and I found a new clerk on duty at
tb window. Whn I aaea for letters a
demanded with some suddenness my
nam. It cam on m whll my mind waa
InUat on th subject of th expected letter,
and do yon know that I absolutely forgot
my own nam. I walked off few feet
and stood for several minute trying to
recall mv name. I could not do It. Then
It struck m that I was losing my mind
that I was becoming insane, and I dashed
out of th building a littl wildly. As my
foot was on th last stop memoir cam
back. My nam was clear to me, and 1 re
turned and got my letters.
First Premium at the Ohio State Fair over
torty-iour competitors. Successful in a compet
itive test at Xcnla and Dayton, against twelve
and fourteen of the leading Harrows:
1. It is the strongest 1 arrow made, tho framo
being constructed entirely of wrought-lron.
X Tbe teeth are steel, and can be adjusted
to any desired depth.
8. They can bo worked either straight or
4. You can use one, two, three or four sec
tions at a time, each section being four feet wide.
5. Its flexible hinge uecommodatel tho Har
row to the IncqualiltcH of tho ground.
t It will not uboke In foul ground.
t. Its teeth are rcudlly reversed, keeping
them always self-sharpened.
G. E. TO WNSEND, Agent.
Medical Dispensary.
325 Superior St., Cleveland, 0., Opposite Case Hall.
in. uiot b,nin ,mo iinwv iutiiii,iit luruis ui oiijou uiHo isnH, !9'!roi in 'i, uaocer,
lit Klieiiiii.SynliillK, Ulieumatlstn, Excztmt. EluplinntlinU.CHtikerof the Mouth,
hnuit and Stomach, Catarrh, Liver, Kidney and Bladder Diseases, Paralysis',
niiAimiptlon of tlit Lungs, Heart Disease, Dyspepsia,
TA .. ClU, (Mrilo tl.n nna m..ll.. ,n,
Organal Weakness, Nervous Debility, Stricture and Varicocele.
OrgHtml Weakness, which Is the scourge of the race, U not confined to any
class ot nation, but in universal. The greatest scientists of the ages have been
ecra-iiK uln iu'wu unui-iivo murines wun wnicn to coin out tne (Urease, mere
la tin iliinurlmnnt if wi I ! o I . a that hu. maaIh..! a.l. ...!.. .1 l .1 . r .1
... .. ... ,,.vj imv u.tn iw.bi,cu ntivil SLIIUY BI1U 1 11 VCSII gailUll , ail U
1 system, i f treatment lias been so perfected as this.
Pursons who may discover any of the alarming ivmntonis. such as nntsea In
the head ami cars, (l.iiincss of slirlit, dark
of light like llii-hi's of lightning, dark
i 01 nm 1 ace, msa 01 memory, palpitation oi tne Heart, great lassitude, aversion
o society or occupation, a peculiar cnatiiro In the sound of thn voice which the
patient can detect as soon as bis attention
hi ins nml liHntls.
Dr. S ee's chen.h il process of detecting renal deposits in the urine enables
him to cure dm ase that have been pronounced lievoml the reach of hope or cure.
Every suflerer U cordially invited to call and co su t Dr. Sice on bU case or
semi f.ir a list of questions. Correspondence Is most sacred anil contHental, so
mar 110 one need nave ine lean nesitation
Address nil communications, with stamp
Dri.Slee, 325 Superior St., Cleveland,
5- a r?
3.a 3
f S 5
5 o tr
a go
B ft
owpj a c3 ,
W" 55 o
.p'r: ;v-iv
The Lightest, Simplest end most Durable Pulverizer on the market
Call and examine its superiority over all others. I have also a large
variety of the latest improved farm implements, at lower prices than
ever before. Also fertilizers for spring crops.
South Side Mechanic St, - - Wellington, Ohio
Wit n wttkaratai Iidn,
aathertty vmsi Wis . 1. ftirMCiH aa' as
Skeaav'l Prtnlln Oftee, as la rimiawM
Stat lus'U ef Saaeels la IS State.
Te its auav ether vaJaabl Awitra e navo
A lw rMla
or in xroRLS,
Ceaklalat aver S,0 TltU. brtT
wvlEhi the OniatrlM, OilUa,
tail, aa Nataral Fsataraa
lavalaaM osseanle In vr SeaeeL
aad at every rirMlda.
MUIIAM CO., rat'ra. prunflela, 1
8. It Is perfect in Its construction.
9. It will do moro perfect work In one har
rowing than any struigbt-toolh barrow will in
two. '
10. It is a perfect smoothing Harrow for cul
tivating corn when small.
11. It can bo moved from field to field or
through gates and bars the suiuu sa a sled.
12. Tempest anil sunshine do not affect it.
13. It bos mora advantages than all other
narrows combined.
14. All dealers admit it to be tho best narrow
ever put Into the grouud.
Speoial attention given to inquiries.
Write for prices, torms, eto.
T1 1 1 1 1 ' .-. t ti
i-oecks 111 Unit before the vm or flashes
ring under the under eyelid with a pale-
Is called to it. weakness of the lei?s.
in staling his case rully by letter.
lor reply, ti
3 pj S
Almost as Palatabloas Milk.
Th onlr preparation of COD MVF.B OIL that
can be taken raaillly and tolerated for leaf Uatt
bf sVlleat steajarh.
fu 'no, xM ft 'it I ilcf iinu, liunis, (XT.
ikal itriiii.iii, tiiiniiH i i nun r sr.
IHTIO.Mt, and all WifcTINU llsOIII)Ut4 OF
lllil.lllllN It 1,
J Writ! Mid orionieti br ih bust Fiylclaaa
la the eountrlaa of the world.
And Hypoph
lies of Lime & Soda

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