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Strawbekbt Vinegar Last year I
"discovered a process by which I manufac
tured as fine a sample of vinegar as I ev
sr aw. When picking over berries for
icaanlng, I put thcra into a pan of water,
i ifter hulling ; when the pan was half full,
I woula rinse of the berries in the water,
nd in doing this, I found that the water
.toon became rich with the juices of the
strawberries. By straining the water, I
.could use it to wash several panfuls of
terries; I then put the water, after strain
ing It through muslin, into a large stone
rock. then added to it some red-clover
'blossoms and a pint or more oi thin cher
--it j Jelly and a few cakes of Twin Brother
Yeast: let stand three weeks and then
train and out in class bottles. It was
Excellent vlneear. ' finely flavored and
. J made splendid pickling syrup. w,
To Hk-New Stale Bread Dip a loaf
iJ stale bread in water, put it iu a well
!i:i(td oven till tuorouehly heated
t-amough, then take it out and roll It iu
dloan muslin cloth, letting it remain for
five or ten minutes before putting It on
rtio table. It will scorn like freshly-baked
'"bread, and is liked by most people much
better than steamed bread ; besides, If any
is loft over, It will retain its 'fresh tuste
and keen iu irood condition for a day or
more, while bread that has been steamed
-will retain a moisture and render the
bread liable to mildew, if kept long aftor
belng steamed. Boda biscuits can also be
re newed in a like manner, tuougli not
'with as good a result.
Strawbebrt Short-Calk Break two
esrea in a pint bowl, fill up with thin,
' i aweet cream and milk, half of each,
pinch of salt, half teaspoonful of soda and
a teaspoonful of cream tar-tar, or the usu
i A amount of baking-powder. Mix soft
wish flour, at for stirred cake, pour into a
tflrlpplnir pan and bake; when done, cut
-An square and serve. For a dressing take
two quarts of ilpe strawberries, crush
them and season with sugar; pick the
cake in pieces with a fork and cover with
lhe berries; add a few syoonfuls of sweet
ened cream. Eat hot, and tell us how
you like It. Torsv.
.Ir. Delaanay, an eminent French
Sfcyslclan, savs that the most general po
sition in sleep It on the rlgbt side. Dreams
.which come to a sleeper in that position,
ht says, as rule, arc illogical, absurd,
full of vivacity and exaggeration. Those
which coma to a sleeper who Ilea upon his
loft side. In Delannay'a opinion, are not
only less absurd, bnt also more lntelli
fipnt. They are apt to be concerned with
.recent actual event, and less with reniln
.! ice nee
Faeu Otleloth.
(Th body of all floor oilcloth U burlap.
The material la first ahead, whloh la dona
by treating it to a saturation of dissolved
glua. It passes then through fifteen
1 heated wire rollers, which not only dries
It, bnt presses th gin water Into tha
Ixjroui material and remove all lnqnall
j tie of surface. It then paaae to th paint-
rooms to recelv it first and many subie
IqnentcoaUof paint, th principal Ingre
4leut of which la ochr. Th paint Is
-liberally put on, and th cloth, after
.passing under a roller to press out snper
'tluons paint, is run on long racks through
room In which ar heated steam pipes.
. After remaining on tb racks a prescribed
number of hours th cloth Is run through
machine, where It Is pumice-stoned down
tto a perfect smoothness. It then receive
. a second coat of paint and Is again pnmlce
ratosed, and so on until th requisite nam--ber
of coata are put on both side. Tb
tweU-prpared material now goes Into the
Uiands of the printer. This work I all
done by hand, and it requires considerable
.experience on the part of th workman to
make a good Job. Every color requires a
separate Impression, th blocks In th
"bands of th workmen being about eight
een Inches square, and great car must be
taken that th block la placed In th
.-proper place, as a hair' breadth displace
ment would show. It la then varnished,
esTclsd by ateam, and la ready for market.
'How They Wad the Heart Rejole
Those dear llttl red-top boots I
Do you remember them th first pair
-yon wore f Yon can close your eyes ana
ace them again stiff and black and heavy-
soled. And what point of beauty In your
eyes were those red tops and bright cop-
i per toea I
The memory of tbem brings yon back
to that period In your life where Infancy
ttassed Into boyhood, and where dreams
came to yon of being a big man. They
marked the beginning of your lndepend.
once, of your strength, of your recognition
.-a one of earth's creatures. Far better,
they brought surcrease of ridicule, for
they came with pant and short hair, In
place pf dresses and curls.
How often bava you gone Bobbing to
'your mother, your heart full of grief and
UEortlflcatlon, becaus a bigger boy bad
pulled your hair and called ywn a girl I
. 'Xbe Changes cam all at one. Mother
made the pants, and on evening h
toronght home tb red-top boot. Then
Ah put the scissor Into your soft curls,
cut them off, kissed tbem, and laid them
.away. 8he was sorry to see the baby be
toomaa boy; but how your soul swelled I
IHow yon longed for the morning, that
yon might ear them I How Joyfully you
' cried ont to llttl Billy Brown across tb
road that you bad "pants and boot I"
.And Billy probably answered, sullenly,
-"I don't care," while ell the time he waa
tilled with envy.
How changed waa your spirit after this I
'Yon wer no longer aby; you no longer
played with th llttl girls. Yon stuffed
tb pocket of your pant full of string
and nails, and was Imbued with a desire
ida fight and throw stones. Yon waded
4ravely In th paddle, and proudly as
taurad tb other boy that th boot didn't
leak a bit"
Dear llttl boot I W raver your mem
nory. Yon are to th boy what tb sweet
heart Is to tb yontb ; what tha brld 1
tt tha man. Who would not turn back
tthe -wheel of tlm and again embrace
Am Amiilsi Incident.
A. writer in the New York Bun relate
the following incident which occurred at
oi B of the clubs not for from Babylon,
L. I : A party of five or six friends loft
New York for the club on a Saturday
morning, with the intention of remaining
until Monday, xne unaersranamg was
that when they did not fish they would
play poker. Three members oi tne
prrty, an ex-Alderman, a lawyer, and a
doctor, were so fond of poker that they
did not fish at all, and when their com
panions were fishing they raised in their
three-handed content both limit and
ante, and played a rather savage game.
The doctor happened to have luck,
and by Sunday afternoon he was aome
tl ing like $2,000 ahead. Being a practi
cal man, he made up his mind to " jump
the game," and in a great state of ex
citement announced that he had that
evening, a very important consultation,
which he had quite forgotten, and that
he must louve right away, so as to catch
the lnat train. Ilia opponents kicked and
tryed to coax him in by all means used
on such occohions, but the doctor was in
lloxililo, ordered a catboat to go across
the buy, and began to pack up his traps.
Tlio ex-Alilermnn wlio is an uncom
monly witty individual, quietly went out
of the Iiouho, called the boatman aside,
gave him a ten-dollar bill, und told him
to shipwreck the doctor. The flat.
mnruhy coitst of this art of Long Island
answered admirably the purpose of the
Alderman, and in less than twenty nun
utox, mid within sight of the club, the
lout was run ashore and upuct ; the doc
tor got a ducking, und naturally could
not catch the train. Of course, ho made
the air blue with profanity; but, never
suspecting that the tiling was dotie as a
joke, renumed the game again, and by
next morning had nothing of the f 2,UUU
loft, and was in debt besides. The fun
which everybody had over the incident,
when it was related the next day on the
train to New York can be more easily
Imagined than described.
Floating Diamond.
About twenty miles below Natches
we sighted some object drifting w th
t'le current of the great river, and after
the captain had taken a look through
the glass he explained to the passengers:
"That's a scow loaded with hoop-pole
for New Orleans. She's sprung aleak
and Is water-logged.
Pretty soon we made out that such was
the fact, and further discovered that the
crow, consisting of a man and his wife,
were still aboard. He was up to his
knee in water, and using an oar to keep
the craft in the current, while the woman
was on top of a box in the center of the
craft, with bare feet banging in the
water. The raftsman slim ailed the
steamer to stop, and as she drifted near
him he called out:
"Captain, this is sad."
"Yes, very sad."
'1 want to git to Orleans."
"I see."
'How much to transfer my cargo and
take us all down T
"A hundred dollars."
"Shoo! Wife, dy'e hear tb.it r
"I hear him. Offer him In."
"Captain, IU give ye ten dollars!"
called th man.
"Umpht A hundred is the least"
"Then you may git np and hump and
be off I" ahouted the woman, aa aha
swashed her feet about "This old thing
can' t sink any lower, and wtt-KiX
bread and pork and euchre deck to
kerry us through T
The steamer started, and as she got
headway the woman stood up and called
after us:
"We ain't purty, and our old box don't
go by steam, but we're just as good a
anybody on ' this earth and maybe
littl9 better." Detroit Free Press..
Georgia' klrong Man.
A good many people, after seeing or
hearing of Luln llurst, who is presuma
bly the strongest woman in Georgia, have
been curiously awaiting the announce
ment of the strongest man in that State,
una it U now made, although there is
not na much detail, at as much clearness
ilxmt ruch det.t'l as there is, as could be
wiuhuil "I'erliaiis tiie strongest man In
Georgia," any a Georgia newspaper,
"hi Mr. Beussie, the blacksmith, at
Biruliuiore's shop, Maxcy'a, He is about
six feet ten hiehe high, stands erect,
ind his muscles are prominent He
V.nuds and with one. hand raises a 120
pouml anvil out straight for a minute,
itxl takes a large cart-wheel in one
hand by one spoke, and holds it out
horizontally at arm 'rlength. We went
over lost Monday to witness some of this
modern Samson's strength, and when
we asked him almut it, 'Yes,' said he,
' I think I am as strung as any man in
this country. I ran throw this anvil
fifty yards. I use the hammer with my
right hand, but believe I am stronger in
my left If ere, f e el of this arm ; meas
ure it if you want to. I have never
found a man that was as stout in the
amis as I am.'" Until the mystery
which still attaches to Mr. Bounce shall
have been penetrated, no one can very
well understand exactly what sort of a
giant he is.
A Itegnlar Old Boater of a Sunset,
Did you see that gorgeous sunset Mon
day evening? The phenomenon was
surpassingly beautiful, and its roseate
glory only lacked ths heavenly chariot
and an angel and trump to complete a
foreshadowing picture of the morning of
the last day, when the final fires shall
glow in the east and lift their flames to
the skies. An electric aea drifted slowly
adown the eastern horizon and the gold
en rays from the sun's good-night kiss
bathed in its prismatic glories, painting a
scene above all ait, and exhibiting color
that only a God can produce from the
rarest tints of infinite beauty on the
lightning's easel Glen Rose (Tex.)
Driving Nails Without a Hammer. -
A 8 an Francisco reporter, while pass
ing along the street, was amazed to see
through an open doorway a mnn in the
act of driving a ten-penny nail into a
wooden beam with blows of his bare
hand. The blow were lusty, the nail
sank visibly into the wood aa each was
delivered, and still the man apparently
suffered no pain. The reporter ap
proached him, and learned that he had
a hand and arm from the elbow down of
hollow steel, the natural limb having
been lost by an aocident twenty yean
Park House.
The Park House has been recently re
fitted in flrstclass style. The traveling
public Is invited to call befoie going
elsewhere. Good stable in connection.
Also sample rooms.
11. BABME8, Landlord.
A Card. " 1
I am prepared to repair and adjust all
kinds of sewing machines on shortest no
tice; also suppries of all kinds on hand.
Office with J. W. Wilbur, who is sgent for
the New Home and Union sewing ma
chines. North side public square.
- B. C.Baibd.
The Striebinger House.
Undor the Present management this
house is a success. Its patrons are well
fed. It is strictly a first-class, $2.00 house
and furnishes the best dinner for 25 cts.
Mr. Cadwell, the proprietor, knows how
to make bis guests feel at home. The
hotel Is located on Michigan and Seneca
Sheets, Cleveland, Ohio.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received at my office un
til Tuesday, the 15th, lust., for grading and
completing the new, half-mile track on fair
Also sealed bids for the necessary changes
Id existing fences, and for moving the grand
stand, agricultural hall, band stand, sheds
and ticket office.
Specifications can be seen at my office on
and after Friday morning, 11th, lnat. Bids to
be opened publicly at 1 o'clock, Tuesday, 15th,
Inst. Bonds for surety will be required.
Right to reject any or all bids. - -s
N. llcciixs, Sec'y Union Ag'l. sttth-ty.
Whu.inuto.n, Ohio, Juue 8, 1886. .
Sheriffs Sale.
Colusi V. HiMixwAT, I In Lorain County, O.,
Loot Tstrr, et tl. Pleas. Cm No. VMS.
Order of sale on forecloKure of mortnira.
In pnnaaoce of an order laaued from the Court
of Common Pleaa within and for tha Conntyof
Lorain ana bum or v&io, maaa at the reDruanr
term thereof A. D. IMS. and to me dlrectei. I will
offer for tile at Public Auction at tha north door
of the Court House, In the village of Kljrrta on Sat
urday, the lath day of June lBSo, between th
honra of 10 and 11 o'clock A. at. of aald day th
following deacrihed Raal Ktat, to wit:
situated in aald county of Lorain, in the village
of Wellington and State of Ohio, and known aa
taken from original lot No. Si, belng a vllltge lot
known on plat or Dewolf Block No. 1 lot No. a
and the north half of No. I out lot. Said lot No.
6 facing Main Street, out lot contiguous on tha
eaai, no. o containing ooe-rounn oi an acre.
No. i out lot one-eliihth(H)of an acre.
Said oremlaea Baa been SDoralned st Six
Hundred (SOU) Uollara, and cannot aell for leu than
two-third or eaia appralnemeat.
Term! of aale cub on day of sale.
J. II. Dicksok. Caltik Emmir.
Att'y for 1'1'tff. - Sheriff of Lorain Co., O.
At Welllnttoa. la the Bute of Ohio, at tb cloae
of butlneia, June i, IM.
Loans and Discount. 1M,9M )
Overdrafu. n
U. t. Bond to aeean circulation. X,UUW
Due from approved retarre acenla It, 130 M
Real aetata, furniture and fixture. , 1, 0U0 00
Current expenses and taxee paid 1,0)7 71
Premium paid, a, its It
BUU of other banks . 1,M X
Fractional Paper Currency, alcklaa, and ,
pennies St 7
Trade Dollar, MM
(peel am n
Utl tender notaa ;.. a, saw
i amnpun iiua wih u. inuoa,
I ( i per cent of circulation) "US"0
I Tolelu 1 1 i f: -. r - jp,wr5'
Hedemptloa fund wit u. . Treasurer,
Capital stock paid la kluO.Ono no
Surplus Fund f 1, 500 00
Undlrtded profit. , k a tM 41
Hwloaal Bank Note outstanding 31,909 00
Dlrldends unpaid, .
Individual deposit subject to check. . ...
4BS3 M
11. S
a ji a
Demand eerUScataaof deposit.
Due to Stata Banks and bankers,
BUIs parable,
Votal ruww
Stat of Ohio, County of Lorain, as;
L R. k. Itorr. Cashier of the shore mimii.v
do solemnly swear that the aliore statement Is true to
Ul vest VI iu; anuwicua auu nent-l.
. . . . I- A- HOUR, Cs.Mer.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Vttidnvof
June, !. J. T. UASKKLL. Kuury PuWic
Correct-Attest: S. t. WARNER.
(afternoon snd oreolng)
1'KICKS- AND 85 CKNT8. t-
QEAT3 Oin, .A.XjXs,
Tbe Cleanest, Purest, One-Rinir, Confeder
ation now traveling.
SO Of Europe i:l America'i Creates! Artisti.
if n h, imimim with MnnmrMnrina die.
UHAI'kIIONK ef Cjouj nw pi.!l
S. 1 1. bartn a wovea cover, and tha end. aMUrM! or
i M laatmlna. raodnina U ItapoMlUa for e
wtuMntx t poach thnwiV II Dot to by had uf ,
(wdWwUfbapsatptMioarMiriiitof uU.74 ,
Foe sal bj 1. 1. MALLOKT CO., Wellington,
The Union Press
Agency, Clyde, O.,
sives low rates for
advertising In country newspapers, tf
Fruits and Vegetables
Ot all the leading varieties will be found
on the market wagon which runs on Pros
pect, South Main and Mechanic Sis.,
Courtland and Forest Ave, and all cross
streets every Tuesday, Thursday and Sat-
Home-grown Strawberries a specialty.
Persons wishing large quantities will find
it to their advantage to purchase direct
from the subscriber. Private families wish
ing Selected Berries of the best varieties
will be supplied every day, it so desired.
The following Fruits and Vegetables will
on the wagon this week : $
Beets, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Lettuce,
Onionc, Peas, lthubarb, Kadishes, Straw
berries, bananas, Lemons, Oranges and
Pine Apples.
Make the DOMESTTO the Rrand
est triumph of mechanical skill in
the history of Sewing Machines.
Acbiowledged til Standird of Ezcellence
by all. l'or sale by
Booms and Office In Benedict's Block.
BEST of Oil and Needles on
hand. Repairing done. Second
hand machines for sale cheap.
Tie Glorious 41
Should be spent (his year on the grounds of
Old Shaker Mill,
The .greatest celebration ever
witnessed in the U. S. to be at
Cleveland on
MONDAY JULY 5th 1888.
People are coming from York
State, Michigan, and Indiana.
Sorely oar neighbors mast see it
tor they will never hare another
t - : a. ;t - fi
cnance k Bee anyining line li
again. A building that took two
and a half years to build, - all of
stone, 115 feet high, will be blown
down in a few minutes.
8 o'clock Morning Nat'l Sulule of38 gun
9 14 Trap slinotius for prize.
10 ' Dane Hill.
I " Sliara Baltle.
2 " Hope Walking
2:R0 " lliilloon Assensinn. '
8:80 " r-'8irucrion of tuo Famous Old
Shaker Mill.
OmiillMiKst-s will run to uiriim-s of cars.
Kickle Plate Cars will run every 40 mln-
uus from Iuain street crossing to within
mile ot ground. 20 acr ot good
ground will be provided for horses and
Children from 10 to 15 years,
Children under 10 years, with Adult,
will be admitted free. Tickets tor sale at
AVOOSTEJt & ADAMS' Drug Store.
fJPBuy tickets at home and avoid the
ruHli at the gules.
"HEALTH of WOMAW Is tin HOPE of ths RACE."
Olsdlr Testify that
Posa Ererytklas; that
laClalasad foriU
tVHt puraea Is tol-
of pais, snd hssllnj ot
those painful complaint
and diseases s com mo
roa & Brtwas
or ns unas
w v.n. aaouas aval osasrsTim, o nmcmrr Of
l-r asotus bulss to bt lsbt isnms apiiisbs
(USV TO I.TS1I, BUBS, mmmm unm rrm-
A Lady of Slty-tl Cared after do sars.
Mrs. LrdlaK. Pinlthsm: "I now sit down to
Id form roe of the good your Vegrtshle Compound
ti Aim fur ma. 1 am duw slztr-dre Tears of
aire, and I have been tronhlud with the falling of
the wotnh fortr years and have spent hundreds of
dollars d'xirlni with different docuirs, bnt Rot
DO relief. I got dlsconnirrd and quit, and suffered
oa. I bar uken vsrlons medlclnns, but received
no braeSt. teat fall I was so bad that I employed
anothxr doctor that waa reenrumeudud to me aa
one of the beat for such complaints. I took his
medicine two months hut to no effect. Then I
had tnaiors and kidney complalut very bad and
... ..ndnnrl in bit brd. TIicd 1 saw your Com
pound so highly recommended that I thouitht I
would try ouce more. I have taken ten bottle of
roar Compound and two boxes of pills and am
now able to h OS my fiwt the most of the time. I
bare no braiing down pslus, and can walk mile
ullr. I aeTtir expect to be a sound woman, but
j am so much belter than 1 aver expected, to be
,. i want in recommend It to any one sutTerina
with the earoe complaint." Mr. K. A. W.t Na
poieoo; Jeoksorj Co. Mich.
A Laly Hays.-It Saved My Ltfa."
A lady lirtng Bear Haverhill, . H, writing to
Mr. J.rdl B. Plnkhsm, of Lynn.Jlas., says: I
hare bae taking your Compound and Liver rill's
six months. I waa very low whea I commeoced,
without question it has been the mean of aaviog
(0 Isars "v
sudr. r X
H -iVi'' sad
any Ufa." . .
; Strict integrity has won for us
the confidence of the public, es
pecially of those who have bought
of us. We shall
the same We only have to notify
the people of some of our bar
gains to assure them of the truth
of our advertising.
S3.50, 84, S5 and S7.
The celebrated ADLEIi BROS, fine clothing, ready made,
For instance, a suit which we
Believed to have been made to order
until they were told it was a suit of Adler Bros. & Co.'s
Ready-made Clothing. This is but one instance in many
showing the fine quality of these superior goods.
W . W . Harvey,
The Ohio Crop Ifrfoifor,
1st. Crocker's
TaUo 1, No. 127,
per ton.
2nd. That Cleveland packing'
house fertiliser, No. 45, is valued
at $44.12 per ton.
The above named goods and
Wellington. -
Rank as high or
analysis as tnose manufactured
bv the Cincinnati Dessicatinf? Do.
These goods are pure and are
j - -m9 .
guaranteed, ior evidence see
Crop Eeport of the State.
They are for sale by N. Huckins & Co.
and C. Sage & Co., Wellington; E. L.
Rogers, Sullivan; A. B. Hayes, Penfield;
Geo. Match am, Pittsfield; John Fay,
rmi iih iiiim us i mum u n i i i i i st iitM mw
for Infants and Children.
MtaleiowaapaedtoeWldrasithal I C4HtarU enni Oolla, OoBattpaUmi,
lroo3ineci4KMasipartorkianrprtrtpUoai I S0"1 BUxnach, Dlairnosa, ImcUUtm.
soma." a. A. ajuaaa, X. D., I reaUon r-
maVkOxtort8,Brooklja,. T. Wltloui lariou nr1loaion.
Tn CnrraDB Cosvan, in rultoa Btreai, jf. T.
continue to merit
sold for $13.00 was tat;cn and
pure ground bono,
is rorth $45.11
other good brands for sale by
show as good
10880, says that, T

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