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THE JfiNTlirtFJtUSiii.
J.B.S HITH, Proprietor.
General News Summary.
Interesting Home and Foreign Newt.
The collections of internal revenue during
the first five months of the fiscal year
ended June 80, 1SS9, amounted to J59,0U3,7S7,
being an increase of 11,234,180 over the col
lections durinsr tho corresponding period of
last year.
Up to December S6 the number of civil
organizations that have informed the in
augural corn mil too of their intention to
take part in ttia iuau'-niral parade is eighty
nine. Soventy-six of these organizations
comprise 15,448 men. Tiie military organl
rations are not included in tbo number given
above. It is evident that tho parade will
reach colossal proportions.
The President hns pardoned Bishop A. A.
Kimball, convicted and sontenced to eight
months' imprisonment, last Septembor by
the District Court of Utah for adultery.
The Comptroller of tho Currency has
authorized the First National Bank, of
Johnson City, Tenn.,tobep; in businessrlth
a capital of f 50,000.
The total number of immigrant arrived
at the ports of the United States from
foreign countries (oxcopt from the Dominion
of Canada and Mexico) during the eleven
months ended November 30, 1888, was 498,
593, against 487,045 In 1S87. '
The total value of tho exports of the Uni
ted States for tho twelvo months ended
November 30. 18S8, were f079,485,137,against
1737.188,187 during the corresponding period
of the preceding year. The total value of;
the Imports for the same period wore $716,- !
344,470, against Pia,0fi3,fc2 in 1887. I
The plans for the contemplated new coast
defense vessel are now ready and are wait
ing at the Navy Department the inspection
of prospective bidders for the contract. This
vessel will cost the Government about I
t2.000.000. of which Jl.7ll0.000 will he nald I
to contractors, the balance being expended
by the Government itself in preparing th3
Minor of the ship.
MinK,,niroii,, .i.ti,w.,
Department at Washington, fell over the
balusters ou tbo fourth floor of that building
on the 27th and was instautly killed. The
fall was about eighty feet Ho was intoxi
cated at the time.
C. C. Eastwood, for the past Bix years
United States Consul at San Domingo, has
been dismissed in disgrace from his position.
The cause of the dismissal, it is learned,
was for retaining possession of money which
had been entrusted to his keeping for other
The Comptroller of the Currency has de
clared a final dividend of twenty percent
snd interest in favor of the creditors of the
Second National Bank of Xenia, O., making
in all 100 per cent and interest in full on
claims proved amounting to $305,207. The
bank fiiled May 2 last
Tho War Department has boen informed
f tho death of Major Henry Clayton, pay
iepartmont, of heart disease, which oo-,
eurred at Cheyenne, Wy. T., on the 28th ult,
Mayor Hewitt saysifa expenses in the
recent election were $40 COO.
Hon. James T. Maffe member of Con-.
' Kress from the Twnntv.elcr'lit.h. Pflnnsvlrnnla'
district, has boen idmltteduo the asylnmjrt,
North Warren, Pa., as a tfriiote patient llhe
.1 ...l . i J : . 1
uiuu.uiiij owuia w w cuhisuaruro 1101 vuiuuuig
which was brought onWttie arduous labors,
of the recent campaign.
Two young ladies named Smith were
Irownort at Hills ville, Pa., on the 26th. In
company with another girl and two young1
men, they wero crossing the Allegheny
river in a skiff, when it sank with them.
The rest of tho party wore rescused in an
exhausted condition.
Fully 5,000 people attended the funeral
services of Rev. Father Isaac T. Hocker, in
New York on the 26th. Archbishop Corrl
gan celebrated the mass. Many ohurch dig
nitaries were present
Executions were issued on tho 26th against
Robert C. Totten of the firm of Totten &
Co., Iron founders and machinists at Pitts
burgh for $114,000. The cause of the embar
rassment is not known. It is claimed that
it will not affect the firm.
The famous elephant "Bolivar" was pre
sented as a Christmas gift by Adam Fore
paugh to the Philadelphia Zoo. Bolivar is
twenty-six years old, and said to be the1
largest elephant in captivity.
Jay Gould is said to have made Christmas,
gifts to each of his children of $100,000 in
railroad bonds.
Mrs. Edith Scboonmaker, the young Brook
lyn (N. Y.) woman who was shot by her
husband, Henry D. Schoonmaker, a few1
few days ago, died at the hospital on the
The failure of Douglas Henry was an
nounced on the New York Stock Exchange
on the 26th.
Governor Hill has ordered an extraordin
ary term of Oyer and Terminer to be held in
New York City, Judge Daniels presiding,
and to continue until the criminal business
is cleared up. It is understood this court is
ordered for the purpose of trying the boodle
At Boston, Mass., on the 26th the credi
tors of William D. Forbes voted to request
him to settle his affairs in insolvency. He
made bo offer to the creditors. The liabili
ties aw $364,000 and assets $39,000.
During the progress of a Christmas en
tertainment at East Prospect, Pa., the
building col apsed and three hundred
peoplo were hurled with the broken tim
bers from the second to the first floor. A
large number were badly bruised and cut
but fortunately there were no fatal casuali
ties and only a few were seriously injured.
The Norwegian bark Alf, Captain Bach,
with a crew oil fourteen mon and a cargo of
1,000 tons of bag sugar, sailed from Dem
urs October 27, bound for Philadelphia.
Vessols that left thirty days after her have
irrived, but the Alf has never been seen or
heard from since, aud all hope has been
given up.-
Mershon & Co., of Philadelphia, con
signees of the Philadelphia schooner Annie
Hall, Captain Queen, which is now out for
forty days bound for Moorhead City, have
-,'iven up all hope of ber ever arriving.
At the recent annual communication of
the, Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted
Masons of Philadelphia, held at Philadel
phia, the following grand officers were in
stalled: R. W. Grand Master, Clifford P.
MacCalla; R. W. Deputy Grand Master, J.
Simpson Africa; H W. Senior Grand
Warden, Michael Arnold; R. W. Junior
Urand Warden, M. H. Henderson; R. W.
3raud Treasurer, Thomas K. Patton; R. TV.
iirand Secretary, Michael Nisbet
. The New York Central railroad directors
have doclared a quarterly dividend of one
: percent; the Michigan Central a semi-annual
dividend of two per cent; and the
. Canada Southern a semi-annual dividend of
one and one-fourth per cent
, The late Bjlvester Bowman, of Newton,
Has,, provided by will that upon hlsgrand-
nur ocu we juassaoauseu uuuunu nos-
pital and Tufft's College shall receive 150,001
James Green a prominent citizen of 'Wot
oott, N. Y., on the 87th cut his wife's throat
and then his own. Both will die. Domes
tic trou ble vwn the causa.
At a convention of theological professors
held in New York City on the 27th the Na
tional Academy of Theology was founded.
The object of theacadomy Is the prosecution
of theology as a science. Prof. James
Strang, D. D.. of Drew Theological Semi
nary, was chosen president.
Governor Beaver, of Pennsylvania, on
the 27th issued his proclamation declaring
that the State debt has been reduced during
the past year $1,118,500. One of the Gov-
ernor's pet sohomos is tho total extinguish,
tnent of the State debt, and he is bending
every energy to accomplish this before his
term expires.
The Lake Shore directors on the 27th' de-
clared a dividend of throe per cent., of
wnicb. two per cent is tho regular semi-
annual dividend, ano one per cenv. is au
extra dividend. Heretofore the road baa
paid only two per cent.
In addition to tho many bequests to New
England institutions, Mr. Oliver Dltson also
left $25,000 as a fund for poor and needy
The American brig Hnrah and Emma,
Captain Walsh, from Kingston, Jamaica,
for the Delaware Brenkwater for orders, U
now out sixty days and is believed to have
been lost She had on board a cargo of log
wood, and was manned by a crow of eight
On the 27th three counterfeiters were
captured by United States officers in thoir
den at Brooklyn, N. Y., while engaged in
the work of counterfeiting silver dollars.
Their names are William Greon, Patrick
Kennedy and Timothy Cassidy. A complete
outiit of counterfeiting implements sur
rounded them.
G. Woiomann & Co., furniture dealers of
Philadelphia, have failed. The liabilities
will amount to about $120,000 and the assets
to about $75,000.
The forthcoming annual report of the
New York Chamber of Commerce for the
fiscal year ended June 30 will show that the
total foreign commerce at that port was
valued at $853,165,601, against $832,447,728 in
ne preceding year, ana ai an ports oi uie
United States at $1,525,603, (90 against $1,504,-
Business failures throughout the country
for tho seven days ended December 28, num-
Stati's 207, Canada 23,
,ioon .tint
and 263 for the corresponding week of last
Martin Sullivan, a lire prisoner at tne
Massachusetts States prison, was liberated
on the 28th ult, having been pardoned by
the Governor and Council. Twenty-seven
years ago sullivan was sentenced to impris
onment for life for highway robbery of an
extreme nature. He is forty-eight years of
John H. Stopford, for the past three years
receiving toller for the Nineteenth Ward
National Bank of New York City, has been
hold for appropriating $1,300 of the bank's
money to his own uso. The charge is made
by Samuel H. Rath bono, president of the
bank, to whom Stopford made a confession.
A meoting of the Schuylkill Exchange,
comprising representatives of the leading
anthracite coal companies, was hold in Phil
adelphia on the 28th ult for the purpose f
fixing the January prices for the line and
city trade. Pea coal was advanced from
$1.10 to $1.25. No other changes.
The board of directors of the Southern
Cotton Oil Company in Philadelphia have
declared a dividend of four per cent, pay
able on February 1, 1889. V-j
The exhaustive annual report of Hhe wool
-market of the United i States, punished by
the Boston Commercial Jiullttin ofihe 29th
ult, shows that the presont supply of wool
Is 62.000 000 pounds, against 110,003,000
pounds at the same date last year, or a short
age of 48,000,000 pounds as compared with
The forty-three suits instituted in the
Superior Court of Cook County, 111., on
October 25 against the individuals compos
ing tho firm of Howell, Jewett & Co., of
Atchison, Kan., and others, by E. L. Roberts
and other creditors of the defunct Chicago
Lumber Company, of Kansas, were all dis
missed in Chicago on the 27th at the plain
tiffs' cost
Fourteen persons escaped from the Ham
ilton county (Tenn.) jail on Christmas day,
by cutting off six iron rods an inch in di
ameter, and sliding down a rope made of
blankets to the grouad.
AtWestlake, Dak., on the 27th, a cowboy
employed by a farmer named Emery, had a
dispute with him over wages. The man
drew a revolver and shot Emery dead. He
then mounted a pony and Sed.
Miohael Keeley, a prominent brewer of
Chicago and well known thoughout the
West died in that city on the 27th, aged
fifty-five years.
A sawmill at Norrie, Wis., owned by the
Lake Shore Traffic Company, and operated
by Rideout & Bryant was destroyed by an
incendiary fire on the 27th. Loss $65,000.
JohnT. Yates, ex-justice of the peace, of
Seneca, Kan., perished in a snow storm
Christmas night on his way home in a
At Saline, Mich., on the 27th Fred Keeb
ler and C. Beeler, while cleaning a well,
were overcome by foul gasos and died be
fore assistance could reach them.
The recount of votes cast for mayor of
San Francisco in the last election was con
cluded on the 28th ult At the close of the
count Judge Finn, of the Superior Court,
declared E. B. Fond (Democrat) legally
elected mayor.
Prof. Paul Combs, a member of the faculty
of the Maryland agricultural college, was
drowned a few days ago while duck hunting
at Bretons Bay, Md. His mother saw the
accident from the shore, but having fainted
failed to render any assistance.
Mrs. Martin and Miss Kate Powers were
run down by a passenger train at a crossing
in Chicago on the 28th ult. and instantly
A copy of the will of Jacob Seasongood,
the Cincinnati banker, was filed In New
York on the 28th ult It disposes of an es
tate of several millions. Hebrew charities
of Cincinnati receive $13 000.
On the 28th ult. Miles Jobson, a wealthy
farmer of Princeton, Ind., who was mar
ried on Christmas day, suicided by banging.
He left a note saying that he had brokon his
promise not to marry again, given to bis
first wife on her death-bed, and that he
could not endure the reproaches of his con
science. The Texas Supreme Court has rendered
a decision In the case of the State against
the Texas Traffic Association, making per
manent the Injunction previously obtained
restraining the association from doing busi
ness. The association was made up of rail
road in Texas which were united under an
agreement as to rates.
- At Strawn, Henry Countv, Ind., on the
28th ult, Elijah Haskell shot Miss Delitha
Allison, adomestio, through the bead, kill
ing her instantly; he then shot himself,
dying in two hours. The refusal of Miss
Allison to accept Haskell's offer of marriage
led to the tragedy.
A few night ago some person placed
dynamite cartridge under the corner of
house near McGaheysville, Vs., in which I
party of negroes were havinar a dance. The
explosion wrecked the building and fatally
injured Amos Moore and two women.
A fire at Dongola. Ill, on the 25th ult,
destroyed a business block of eight houses
on the east side of the railroad track, ooou
picd by ten buslnessflrmB and a' a dwelling.
In the slugging contest between Joe Mo
Auliffe, the champion heavy-weight of the
Pacific coast, and Jackson, the colored
champion of Australia, whioh occurred at
Ban Francisco on the 28th ult., MoAuliffe
was knocked ont in the twenty-fourth round.
Nine Sioux City (la.) banks, having an
un?rirato canital of $1) 000, have formed
a clearing house association,
Weston J. Leuch and a little boy named
Bijnb Oravett were killed on the 28th ult
by a passenger train while they were walk-
jnff ou a trestle near Atlanta, Go.
The Southern Pacific Railroad Company
on tho 28th ult. paid $503 000 States' taxes
for the current fiscal year. The company's
statemont, just issued shows tho total earn-
ng:i for ti,0 pugt year to be $42,569,000 and
0Deratine expenses ks.uuu.uuu.
Two freight traius running twenty miles
an hour collided on a sharp curve near Tip
Top, Col., on the 2S1h nit. The engines
ware demolished. Fireman Harding was
killed, and Engineer Hnge fatally injured.
Engineer Case and Fireman Houtz wore
badly injured. The other truinmen escaped
with slight injuries.
On the 28th ult a passenger train for Hel
ena, Mont, was derailed by an open switch
on the Montana Central roadLFireman
Mooro was fatally injured, and Deputy
Sheriff Lathrop, a passenner, was-seriously
burned. All the others eseaped wi thout in
A cablegram received at Louisville on ine
28th ult announces the death at Pau,
France, of Rev. James P. Royce, D. D.,
LL. D., president of the Southern Baptist
Thoological Seminary at Louisville, Ky.
He was sixty years of age. His romains
will be brought homo for interment.
Price's hotel at Shnrbot Lake, Ont, was
burned on the 28th ult. Joshua Frazer, a
boarder, perished. Other persosjiarrowly
escaped with their lives. Loss $1,000.
The riflo factories at Spandan, Dantzlo,
and Erfurt Germany, are turning out 50,000
repeaters of the new pattern every month.
At this rate two years will be required to
arm the regulars and the landwehr.
Before withdrawing entirely from Sua
kim the British will build strong permanent
forts, on which guns will be mounted so as
to sweep the plains. Black regiments will
be loft to garrison the place. '
The Pope has sent to the bishop of Pla
cenza $1,000 for a training college for mis
sionaries to be sent to America to care for
Italian immigrants.
An English postal card was mailed In
London October 10 to Hong Kong by way oi
the United States aud Yokahama. It
reached Hong Kong November 23, and was
redirected to London by way of Brindisi
November 25, arriving at London a few days
ago, within seventy-live days from tho time
of starting.
General Boulanger has announced his in
tention to contest against the ministerial
candidate the seat for Paris in the Chamber
of Deputies made vacant by1 the death of M.
Alfred Vance, the famous' musio hall sin-
cer. was seized with an attack of heart uis
ease a few nights ago ou the stage of the
Sun Music Hall, London, and died in a few
The British steamer Storm Queen has
foundered In the bay of Biscay. Her cap
tain and five other persons were drowned.
Four thousand bondholders of the Pana
ma Canal Company, metU- Paris on the
27th and adolhted a resolHnWpressing
confidence in M. de Lesseps and volunteer
ing the interest on coupons and the redemp
tion of bonds until the canal is open for
V Advance sheets of the annual report of
the Canadian Minister of Customs show
that the exports of Canada during tho fiscal
year ended June 30, 1888, were $90,250,000,
and the imports $11,100,000, the largest bal
ance of trade against Canada since the
Dominion was formed.
The bursting of a shell In one of the fort
resses at Messina, Italy, a few days ago.
exploded a powder magazine, killing sixteen
soldiers and injuring many others.
More than &,000 poor children in "Wash
ington, D. C, wero (riven a sumptuous din
ner on the 29th by the throe Children's
Christmas clubs of that city.
At 8t. Joe, Ho., on the 29th ult., a car on
the electric motor line was struck by a
switch engine, and with about fifteen occu
pants was thrown down an embankment
thirty-five feet high into a creek. The car
was demolished and most of the occupants
Injured, two of them probably fatally.
Mits. Schoriui.n. wife of Major General
Schofiokl, died nt Washington on the 30th
ult. of paralysis of the heart.
Dr. Ai.exaxtibu E. McDonald, general
superintendent of the insane asylum on
Ward's Island, Now York, has himself be
come insano. Dr. McDonald has been tor
many years one of the universally recog
nized authoritloa in this country on tho sub
ject of inpnnlty ami its treatment, and was
one of the exwrts whose testimony con
victed Guiteau, tho assassin of President
Tub President has granted pardons to
Sylvanus Smith, convicted in Pennsylvania
for passing counterfeit coin; Jumos Wigfr,
convicted of violating internal revenue
laws; John H. Hcsson, convicted In Utah of
unlawful cohabitation.
Ox the night of tho 29th ult burelars
entered the store of J. S. Warfcll at Lancas
ter, Pa., carried a safe weighing over 1,000
pounds to the rar yard and blew it open
with dynamite, secrlng tflOO.
Thb steamer Bristol, of tho Fall River
line, was burned at her dock in Newport. R.
I., on the 30th ult and is a total loss. The
few passengers on board at the time escaped
In safety. Insurance, $300,000, which covers
the loss.
Jons and Wllley Matthews, two of the
four condemned Bald Knobbers, together
with five train robbers, escaped from the
jail at Ozark, Mo., on the night of the 29th
ult Some nnknown persons from the out
side cut through the brick wall of tho
prison, unlocked the corridor and cells and
released tho prisoners. Dave walker,
leader of the Bald Knobbers, and his son
William, also under sentenco of death, re
fused to leave and wero found in their
cells when tho discovery of the escape was
Hon. Moses Mordecai died at Baltimore,
Md., on the 30th ult of ossification of the
heart, aged eigbty-nve years, fie was a
native of South Carolina and represented
that State In the United Btates Senate for
two terms preceding the rebellion.
Miss Cornelia F. White, who had charge
of the Indian mission school at the Slsseton
Agency, D. T., died afew days ago. She was
a graduate of vassar.
Ovek $6,000 worth of stained glass manu
factured in England for the Dubuque (la.)
cathedral was seized on the 28th ult' by
Surveyor McLaughlin, and held subject to
the payment of $3,000 in duty. The Sur
veyor claims the glass is sub foot to a duty
of forty-five per cent, notwithstanding the
Secretary of the Treasury siformed Sen
ator Allison that) being for ch iron purposes..
n wss exempt. . I
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or animals cured in 3Q minutes by Woo),
ford's Sanitary Lotion. This never tall
Sold hy E. W. Adams, Druggist, Welling,
ton, Ohio., ; . i , ; 44-1y
What is
A Pure, Refreshing and
Health-Giving Water.
So deliactely proportioned in min
eral qualities by nature as to
make it agreeable and whole
some in health and cura
tive in disease.
Endorsed hy the Medical Profession
( generally.
Recommended by Guy's Hospital, of
London, Eug. Recorded iu Dutiglison's
Medical Dictionary as one of tho leading
Mineral VV alers of (lie World.
Prescribed by nil the Lending Pbysiciuus
in the United SUIes for
ImliKCStinn, s
Torpid Liver,
Brluht's Disease,
Uemorrhage of 'he Kidneys,
Pain In the Kidneys and Loins,
Inflammation of the Kidneys,
Thick, Jlorbld and Dark Appearlnn Urine,
Inflammation of the Neck of the Bladder and
Stoppage of Urine,
Inflammation of the l!la l.inr.
Ropy or Cloudy Urine,
Brick Dust Deposit,
Burning Sensation with Sharp Pains when
Voiding Urine.
Calculus, or Stone In the Bladder.
Gouty Swellings.
Female Weakness,
Incontinence of Urine.
Mirny diseases horutoiore supposed to
bo incuiablt Lave succumbed to BETI1E3-
DA. In cases of Diabetes or Blight's
Disease, the scflurer will derive more ben
efit from il in twenty four hours tbun from
auy medicine known to science iu six
months. It interferes with no other rem
edy, but, on the contrary, assists all rem
idieri applicable in these diseases, adding
to their utility, promoting their effects,
soothing the put ts diseased, aud increas
ing tlieii vitality. Thai "it is of unques
tionable benefit,"' us the ublo E. L. Keyes,
M. D., boldly declares, every one who has
used or prescribed it will readily bear
For sale in bottle and
by the gallon, by
Milk Shake, Lemonade and all
Summer Drinks.
For Rent:
Two Houses pleaeuntly located.
A good House and Lot on Tay
lor street for sale cheap and on
reasonable terms. 36tf
Sages O'a
Errors of Youth.
Hcmns Debility, Yoatbfol
A p Indiscretions, Lost lasbood,
JlntiTmen, from the clVet of yonttifnl
Imprudence, nuv-e brought niiunt a iutt of
- wiMkiicDX that lias tvdu.wl Hie Kenenl ;
f ttwi so inmii an to luttuce Almost every
.' other dltenti. nnrt the reul eniM nt fh
troulile iwurci'lj ever belnx nuxprcted, they
X ) tire doetoreil lor everything hut the nilit !
remeities that nieilliurN'U'ncehus produced
j fur the relief of this cfcv l pulicnw, none
of Ihsonlinnry motlen of treatment effect ft
i.v. cure. During our extenlve culleiie and tiM-
i pu.li practice we nave experimented wiih
(' mid discovered new ami concentrated renio
k ' dies. Tlioucmnitmnyimi prewlpllon Is of- :
I ltrrudaK arertaln mid Bpredy cure, as
f ' hindreda ot caw in our practice have been
., restored lo perlect health by its uu after
i; nil oilier reaiedie failed, perfectly pnre In
t -'. (ticdientanmxt be used in tlie ureuarauon of
; this presctlpUou. .
It-. t . . , F.ryihroxylon eocs
Jernbebtn.l drni'hui Cdrauhm.
i HelonlK Dioica , ) drachm.
;"1 . (ielsemin.Sgrnius.
J y Kn. innails anmrw (alcoholic), SgralDt
J Kit Iculaiidra, liBcruplea.
Glycerine, a. s. Ml,
s . Make 91 pi 1 1. Takel plllatD.m..aniin:i-
f. othoron gottar to bed. In Rome eaaes It will
ue necemary tor me patient ui take two puis
at bedtime, maklnxthe number three a auy.
i ms remiMiy imuiHpu;d to every condition of
and especially in thotw cawsrenultliiK froin
ImDruuenoe. The recinwrntlvA txiwfnt nf
tliii restorative are truly antonishing.and iu
; use continued (or aihorttime chnnfres the
i languid, debilitated, nerveless oundlUon to
one of renewed life and Ttfror.
; As we are constantly In rereiptof letters of
Inquiry relative to Oil remedy, we woukl say
& to tliofte who would prefer to obotin it of ml
7 by remitting $1 a securely eU-i pftukatt
will be aent by return mail from our private
laltoratorv. r wa will fnrnlnh A nankAsM.
! which will cure moeteaaet, for $&,
AuuictB ur van uu
Makes a Lovely Complexion.
LSplendid Tonic, and cures Jioila,
en, bcrotula. Mercurial and all illood
Diseases, bold by your Druggist.
Sellers Medicine Co,, Pittsbureh.Pa)
Do Tour dm Dyeing, at Home. .
Th y will dye everything'. They are sold every
where. Prico lOo. a package. They hare noequal
for Strang h, llitprlitness, Amount in Faokage
orfor FiHii'n.ur ''iilor. or non-fading Qualities.
Theydot" ! -ei.-..eriiti(; 40clors. iTorsaleby
E, Y JLdBmio'F.I)-FH ,
PA mraKrmej
CaTeats.and Trade Marks obtaiued, and al
rttteut business conducted lor A.oderate tees
Ouronice is uDiiositH II. 8. Patunt Ortlm.. W
have nosub-ageucies, all busiiiesndirectjitme.
can transact patent business lb less time tu.?'J
at less cost thau those remote from WashlnH
ton. V i
bend model, drawing, or photo with descrlp
tion. We advise If patentable or not. free o
charge. Our fee not due till patent Is secured
A book, "How to Obtain Patents," with ref
erences to actual client in sour State, county
wi fcuvvu.ocub iree. Auuress
a A. SNOW & CO.,
Opposite Patent Office, Washington, D.C. -
UfilinSUEI! WlllUIBW
Ib tho best place iu the city ;
togetstrictly No.lMeats, :
and Sausage I'resli '
and Salted. ' ' '
Mont nlways clean. Alientiou alway
given. Prict'e alway.-fuir, ' '
Successor to
Carpcntei Block. - AVellinclon, O
Almost as Palatable as Milk.
So disguised that It can be taken,
dlped, and assimilated by the moat
sensitive stomach, whan tho plain oil
caunot be tolerated; and by the eom
btnation of the oil with the hypephos .
pliitoB I mach more elllcacloaa.
BoaaitaAto as a flesh producer.
Persons gain rapidly while taking It.
SCOTT'S EMULSION is aoknowl edged by
rhysiciaus to be the Finest and Best prepar
rution in the world for the relief and euro of
Th great remedy for Consumption, and
Wasting in Children. Sold by all Druggists,
BloodPoIeon.DlBeftfiwofKldneyB.BladderftTidotbftroiv .
guns, Vi enkneaws, Nervous Donilit y, hont Manhood, r
salts of Errors in Youth arpediW and permanently
cared. (Jon u'tntion and trent'iw (walMi fn6 br malt .
Adurau DE, GE1KDLE, 171 W. 12th 6U, How 7oxk
TIM K TABLE In Effect Nov. 25, 1888. '
KA8TWABD. No6 No7 No9 1'NolS"
a. in.
p. m.
2 83
2 40
p. m.
Toledo Lv
Oak Harbor .Ar
Monroeville Lv
7 45
8 41
8 36
9 87
10 10
11 on
11 53
18 JO
i ou,
8 25
6 4U
6 58
l 4S
10 00
8 20
8 40
4 80
5 17
5 45
7 17
9 20
i. in.
Creston Ar
Orrville Ar
Orrvllle Lv
6 05
8 45
6 45
7 00
6 85
Massillon Ar
7 18
7 18
Valley Junction Lv
New Cumberland
Leesville -
1 85
7 86
2 20
t S3
7 48
8 00
8 08
8 15
8 40
9 00
2 45
2 52
9 2tt
9 90
BuwcrBton Ar
2 58
Canal Dover ,
New Ceraerstowu...,
2 53)
8 85
4 24
5 62
Marietta Ar1
,7 03!
p. m
No 8 No4 Nog
i. m.
6 45
7 57
9 27
10 1
10 65
d. m.
New Comerstown.
Canal Dover
11 60
p. m.
1 on
2 28
8 15
8 67
11 IHI
11 07
11 15
11 2B
12 15
12 48
1 05
1 40
2 18
8 05
8 55
4 07
4 23
4 39
4 55
8 46
8 52
4 12
4 85
5 18
5 80
8 85
7 02
7 43
8 25
8 35
..9 45
6 55 ......
6 10 ......
6 22 ...... ;
6 45 .....-
7 85 ..Nvf
8 00 .....I
868 1
918 .. ...
942 .i.. -
1038 i ....
1180 7 25
1145 1 86
1159 7 61
12 16 8 08
law 8 SS
12 58 8 45 f
1 50 9 "0 (
p.m. a. mJ
New Cumberland.. .
Valley Junction
Orrvllle Ar
Creston..i Lv;
.10 00
Oak Harbor
.10 17
5 20
6 20
Toledo Ar
11 15
p. m
p. a
"" hohthwabd. , 25 I ,27 :
Momroeville Lv .... ,... in 8 20pm
on,.lk-;;;; ,..
Milan Ar .... 7 10 ' 4 20
Frlesn Landtng 7 22 4 82
HnronAr .... 7 40 ', 4 60 1
IlnronLv. .... 8 65am 6 80pm
Frlosc Landing 9 10 5 45
Milan 0 28 6 08
Norwalk La n80 , gw
Monroeville Ar ; ... 11 45 ' 8 40
- ii
-. Dallv. .
Thlrroad Isnowopenthrongh from Toledo t
Boweratown -connecting witb the Pennaylvtni
fiystem for nllpoints East.
th notion oaribbtics .
Betwer.iToledo,Camhrldgeand Marietta .. . ' ..
; " : " andBowerstown. . : !,
" . nd Akron, toungstowB, snd f
! " Plttabnrgh.
" Chltago,A.kToB,Tongstowrad Pitts :
bnrrh . .
. in'Iiinwh, ; e1) t.ti
. m.
2 17
5 55 :
8 42,
4 10
6 851
7 18'
7 18
7 85
8 20
8 40
9 CO
9 20
9 80

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