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TM MTEiii'lilSii, WEDN ESI) A Y; JANUARY 9, 1(
; ':' .... s
' ' ' V..., .- '
General Sews Summary.
Interesting Home uhl Foreign Sew.
BtntATB, Jan. t. Amon lie petitions and
memorials presented ere the followtw: From
Women'! Hellef Board. Silt L ike City, remon
strating aptfnst any action ot Congress looking
to the admission or Ututa as a State; to prohibit
dtsfranrkhumont on account of sex; from the
National Boar J ot T'ade, praying for liberal ap
propriations forpublle works, and particularly
for river und hirlK improvements and for coast
defenses; in fmor of Including In tho next
census statistics of surviving soldiers ot the
late war. At tho clise of the morning hour
oonsidorntt' D of the T;irifl bill wat resumed,
the pending quosiion fr'tnjr. the amendment
making the rate ot yarns T tier o?nt. ad valorem
Instead of in p t rent. Mr. Vest made a long
speech In support of t'.ie amendment, and the
discussion wns further participated In by
Messrs. Teller, Coke, Albion. Chandler and
Hoar. Klmillv tho bill ns laid aside without
sell' n on the nmendaiont and the Senate ad
ipimied. llourtn. llurinn the mnrnlng hour bills were
' passrd as follows: Grouting an annual leave of
-absence of thirty days to employes of the bureau
ot engraving and punting. Instead of fifteen
' days as at present ; providing that the omission
by lb? sender to place lawful postage on a let
ter bearing special d -livery stamps shall not do-
lay the transmission and delivery thoreof, but
lawful postage shall be collected on delivery;
prohibiting any agent or attorney from receiv
ing a fee for securing an Increase of pension on
account of an increase of the disability for which
the pension was originally granted. Mr. Bayers,
trom tho Committee on Appropriations reported
the Fortifications Appropriation bill and It was
placed on the oalendur. The House then went
into Committee of the Whole on the Klver and
Haibnr bill, consideration of which occupied
the time until adjournment.
I? en A K, Jan. II Tfce resolution of Mr. Voor
hcei calling upon the Secret iry of the Treasury
tor Information as to homoitoaJ and other en
tries was agreed to. Re solutions were adopted
calling upon the Secretary of War and tbe
Secretary of the Navy for Information con
cerning the services of volunteers in the Net
. Pereeswarof 177 from Washington Territory
and Idaho. Coislilcratlon of the Tariff bill was
resumed, th'i pen lln?nncstta being upon Mr.
Vest's amendment to psbair.iib S1& to change
the duty on cotton threa I, yarn, warps, etc.,
valued at not exceeding tt cents per pound,
'rom ten cents per pound to M per cnt. ad
valorem. After a speech of some length from
Mr Vance, Mr Vest's amendim nt was rejected
y tho us-jo! party vote yeas to, nays II -and
the Senate ndidnmed.
Hiiukk. The House concurred In the Senate
amendment to the bill appropriating IS8.0U0 to
' enulile tho Secretary of War to Issue to the
(lovernnrof Montana military stores tor the use
uf themllitlu of Unit Territory. A resolution
from the Committee on Kules to abolish the call
of States n .d Territories on suspension days
develoiwd vigorous opposition, and after some
lime spent In filibustering tbe House adjourned
without action on the resolution.
PrMATr, Jan. 4. A resolulloa from tbe Com
mittee on Korelrrn Relations was a Teed to.
call Ing on the President for correspondence and
Information touching recont occurrences In the
Island of Hnytl. botn as relates to the stale of
the government there and the seliure snd de
livery of tho American vessel, Haytlen Repub
lic, ConsMerailon of the Tariff bill was re
sumed and an amendment offered by Mr. Vanoe
reducing the rate on Hamburg edgtnga trom
forty five cents per pound and fifteen per cent
ad valorem, to forty psr cent, ad valorem
was, after discussion, rejected. The bill
was then laid aside, and oa motion of Mr,
Aldrlch the Senuto rules were so amended oa
to Include among the pontons entitled to the
privileges of the door lbs President elect and
the Vice 1'residrnt-eloct. Alter a brief execu
tive srssion the Senate adjourned,
IIot'HK. The Nkaraura Canal bin having
been taken on, a number of amendment! were
dl'cussod and aiTi-ed to end tbe bill passed
yeas 157. navs SI. (The bill originated In tbe
Senate and It will ba returned to tbe Sen
ate for action on tbe House amen Imcnte.)
The resolution from tho Committee oa Rules,
abolishing tbe call of Statea and Territories on
suspension days, was culled tip, and after eon
, slderahle dlscusrion a vote was taken on order
ing the previous ii'iestloa. but tbe opponents of
the measure broke the quorum by retraining
from voting, and the House adioumed.
Sknate. Jan. 5. The H'nite took op tbe
(olnt resolution reported from tbe Committee
on Foreign llclallona, aVelsrtng the sense of
Congress In relation to tho connection of
Kumpean governments with any Intcr-oceanle
rsuisi. After conssMeruhle discussion, pro and
eon. the resohitKm was laid aver until the TUt
snd the Senate resumed roosl deration of the
Tariff bl'.L He fore adjournment section ma wa
reached, tut nothing of note was done, the
several amendments proposed being smothered
by a party vole every time.
Uiifno. A motion to call an the resolution
abolishing the call of H tales for the lntroduo
tlrm of bills on the first and third Mondaya of
ach month, developed the fact of no quorum
. being present. After desultory proceedings as
adjournment was taken until the .la.
The Treasury Department has be. -a ad
vised of tlie death of Mr. Henry 0. Tlfft, at
Newport, R. L He was Uie oldest employe
n the customs anrrlce, having bees ap
pointed over sixty-throe yours ago.
It Is learned that tho not amount of finest
ind deductions assessed against nrstaJ oon
raotors and otbors during the floral year
tnded June .Kl, ISsS win rJ5i VA.
Burgeon (leiierul Hamilton, of tbe Marine
Hospital Horvloe, has loft Washington for
c'lilcngo, where he will assume tbe editor
ship of a medical journal.
A dla trli received at the Navy Depart
ment on the 4th from Admiral Luce states
hat yellow fovor had broken out oa board
he I'mtocl Htulea steamer Yontio while In
Hort uu 1'rliK e harbor, und that he bad oc
lered the vosnol nay from that port.
Tbe Treasury I tejurl meat's moiuhly stato
nont for Docmjilx-r slimy a n.'t Increase la
he eirctilatlim during that n i nth of ,
'M. Tho total circulation of the country oa
lanuary I, ss'.l, Is placed at 11,401,45.1,013.
snd there was then .VO.VHWIS in tbe troaa
iry. The Washington Post, founded by Hlllson
Hutchlngsln 1N77. has paaaed Into the con
, ml of Frank II at ton and lion. Herlah
tVilklne, a Democratic member of Congress
from Ohio. Mr. Hulchlnge announce hla
permanent rollrometit from Journalism.
Notice baa been received at the Htata De
triment that after February 3 Mexico will
oiled an additional two per cent duty on
Tbe Frositlont baa directed the removal of
Alfred E. Lewis, Deputy Fifth Auditor of
tho Treasury, for nngloct and Inattention to
nli official duties.
A contract haa been executed by the Beo
retary of the Navy wltb the Hotcbklsa Ord
nance Company, of Waahlnglon, for thirty
Howell torpedoes for A 000, and ten launch
ing apparatus for tW.UOO.
Governor Burleigh waa inaugurated Gov
ernor of Maine oo the 8d. In his message
, tbe Governor save the various Institutions
of the Bute are In exoollont condition, and
the financial situation it auoh at to Justify a
further reductioa of taxation.
Joba Ryan and Cbarloa and Fred 6t
Peter were 'drowned while skating at South
Birailnghad, Mas., oa tbeSd. Three other
' lads fell through the Lo but were reacued.
Governor Hcaror, of Pennsylvania, boa
again respited fmnei Johnson, of Dola i
ware County, the'ma'Merer of John Bharp.
lean, from January 'M to April IT. 1889.
An auditing erf tho accounts of J. O. i
Lelffhtoo, who was for twenty year clork I
Of the municipal court of Doaton, Mass.,
developa a shortHga whlijh may rouch
000. Ilia tortn of service expired two yeara
On the night of tho 3d a quantity of dyna.
mite waj explode I on Iho truck of the Phil
adelphia & Hemline; railroad, M 'loney
Plane, Pa. Four dwolilnn were purlla ly
wrecked and tho town was badly shuken up.
The rails were torn up ft n distance of
twenty feet, and an accident Wit barely
averted to a faal freight truin. No duo lo
the porK.-tr.itiir.
Honry Andrei rwiotiinlbiiBinessmaniigor
of tho Uivoklyn (V. V.) Z?ltun, has dis
appeared wilu Uio payors books and ls.0,000
In money.
In his anniml m nntrs to tho Massachu
setts Le'lsluiur on tlw A I Onvcrnor Amos
advisee thu onely kuIi-iI .lon lo the people
of aprolilu'tiou nnieudnient and ndvooutes
an Increuso of t:u ponuitins for violation of
thu liquor la'.v. The Hurtii hus ewended
over f7,ii03 CM diirl i.r the past year lor the
education of S I M M p -r ons. Tho savings
banks of the NimI u contain 3I5,185.07 , an
increase of 12,iX):.0iKI during tho pant year.
' Tho moa m nl to Cutor'a Michigan Cav.
nlry Brlgndo nt tlin scono of the cavalry
ilglit easlnt UoltyKburg, tins hon complet
ed. It is twolvo feet square ut the base and
forty-six foot titt;-i. Four columns rise
from tliedio, surmounted by a figure of a
dismounted cav.t'rynmn. A fine bronxe me
dallion ef Unsuir is set In the fneo of the die.
l'arsnns, tho MaAsaehusetts importer of
paui.er hbnrand whito Bl.ive driver, has
condnded to trlvo up tlie business. The In
terfcranco nf lubor societies and the applica
tion of thelaw were too much for lilm.
Tho death from nicohil'Sin of a four-year-old
girl named Kellio Rnynnlds was reported
at the coroner's office in Nnw York City on
tho 4th. This is probably the most youthful
ruae of the kind on record, and will be
thorouahly luvo .Heated by tha coroner.
Thi buflness failures occurring through
out the country during tha aovon d iys
ended J tnunry 4 number for the United
Klines 3.'i!. CinaJa Si, tolstl litf; as against
2'Jlitl'O previous week and 279 tho corre
eponding week of last year.
Itov. Fiolrtnr Israel, pastor of tho First
Unitarian Church, of Kuleiii, Mass., suicided
at his homo on the 4th by cutting his throat.
He had been unsettled mentally since the
recent burning of the steamer Maryland, on
which he was a pissen?or. barely escaping
with bis life. He was prominent In Masonlo
Fi"o Inmntea of the Critnlnnl insane
Asylum at Auburn. N. T., on tho 4t.h over
powered two pu.inls and attempted to
escape. Thoy were tired upon and stopp-'d,
one being wounded.
Tho scl.ooner Willinm Jones, which ar
rived at lloston on tho 4th from llavtl, ro
ports that two of tho crew, Thomas B.
Itroivn. of New York, mid J. B. Johnson, of
Finland, dltS of yellow fever whllo lha ves
sel Was lylnst llaylien p irts.
Three men named John Clark. William
McFerron and Wil lam Shearer nttomptcd
to descend the shaft at tho Wsct I?l-onrlni!,
(Pa.) mines on ihjtl.h, when the ropchrnko,
dropping tho c.ive and men to the bottom ot
the shaft, 40i feet. All woro instantly
The slx-dcys' bicycle nice between women
closed at I I'.tsnurgli on tho Mh und wot
won by Miss Hnltio Letvis, of that city.
Fol owing l the score: Miss Hilda Kualler,
X miles; Miss Hattto Uwis,,.V)i Miss May
Allen, 874; Miss Jafsie Oakea, 280; Misa
Elsa Von Illumon 4M.
The Krio Kailwry Company, In order to
reduce expenses, has not I lied fourteen of
their travellnif passenirrr agenta and divis
ion passenger agenta In the Woat that their
services will no longer be required after
February 1.
The weekly statement of the New York
assoclat d b inks. Issued on the 6th, shows
following change: Unserve Increase.
l.unl,7.)0; loans Increase. Rl.5'18.200; sjiecio
increase, f.M 1,200; legal tenders Inorease,
rJ.O'Jl ; deposits lncrcaso, s,ilol,UW; circula
tion decreass, (ll.Hnd. The banks belt
t7 2?J.4U.i In exoussof the twenty-live per
cent rulo.
A decision waa rendered by the Mawachn
aetU Supreme Court on the 5tb affirming
tho docrne of the aioglo Justice in the case
of William H. Dexter, executor of tbe will
of John Aninry Codman vs. Martha P. Cod
man el al. Thla ia the celebrated Codman
will case, which has been pending so long
before the courts and which haa beea tbe
subject of great public Interest
Hxcie exports from the portof New York
for the week ended January 5. amounted to
(712,270, of which W13.BI3 was In silver and
the balance In gold. The imports of eiiecie
during the same period amounted to K2.C48.
At Chicago, on the 4th Judge Boiler ren
dored a decision to the effect that a tot
graph company is expected to exercise
reasonable care In the transmission of ita
messages, and li therefore liable for dam
ages on account of errors, notwithstanding
any conditions printed upon their blauka.
The total output of the gold, ailver. lead,
and copper minea of Montana for tbe year
just closed is estimated at between
;U,fW,MM and f4i).0OO,0OU, an !uoreae of
II0.0UU 000 over 1H87.
Tho conference between the officials of
the Burlington rood and the striking en
gineers and firemen wo concluded on tbe
4th. It was decided that tho atrlke should
be declared off, the terms of settlement be
ing ogroealilo to both tho railroad official
and the engineers and the firemen. The
latter declined to mnke any statement,
except that every thing had been settled
Leon C. Duchesuo, who was the Republi
can candlduto for Congress In the Sixth
Louisiana district has served a notice of
contest on Colouol T. K. Hlockdole for the
aeatin the Fifty-first Congress.
David Irwin dlod at Woxeka. Minn., on
tho 4th at the ao of 11.1 years. lie claimed
to have been acquainted with President
George Washington and other statesmen of
bis time, and served In the war of 1H13.
The Pastor' Union of Columbus. O., have
forwarded a memorial to Prealdont-elect
Harrison protesting against the Inaugural
ball and asking that he use hla influence to
have the cutom sol aside thla year. '
By the will of Mrs. Catharine A. Teagle,
of Philadelphia, Wllberforco college, near
Xenia, O., receives a bequest of CIO 000.
' Tbe Grand Rapid (Mich.) post-office waa
robbed on tbe 6th of about toOO worth of
tamp and a box containing a number of
registered letter. The thieve entered
through a window which had been carelessly
left open by the janitor.
The steamboat Pari C. Brown, from New
Orleans for Cincinnati, struck a snag at
Hermitage landing, Point Coupee parish,
La., on tbe nigbt of tbe Ath and sank to tbe
hurricane decav Five of the cabin crew,
two fire men and one pasaenger are supposed
to have been lost
Tbe explosion of a boiler In William Por
ter' grist mill at New Hop. Mercer County,
W. Va., on the 6th. Instantly killed four
men, fatally wounded two, and aeverely In
jured two other. Tba mill wa completely
"Bill" Ryan, tba train robber, a member
of the famous Jama gang, has been granted
commutation ot kl twenty-flv year
i ' ' '
term by Governor Morehouse, of Missouri.
Ryan has Deen- confined In tbe penitentiary
inoe October 16, 1881. He wa convicted of
Rompllolty in the Blue Cut train robbery on
the Chicago St, Alton railroad In that year.
A dispatch from Denver, Col., announces
the capture of Harry G. Btlckney, confi
dential clerk of C L. Davenpo rt, of Boston,
Mass., who recently defrauded hla employer
to the extent ot $3,000 by raising a check.
John M. Llnglo. postmaster ot Webb City,
Mo., suicided oa the 8th by shooting him
self. Tbe accounts of tho office had been
examined the duy before by a post-office In
siicctor. and a shortage ot (230 found.
Bon Paxton, who Is wanted at Dodge
City, Kan., for the murdor of a deputy
sheriff there hist Mnroh, aud for whose ar
rest a rowur 1 of sfJOJ was nftured, wa cap
tured on a train ne.ir Sh lbyvllle, Ind., on
the 61 h, by an Indianapolis detective. Pax
ton is nl si sit st'ocicd of complicity In an ex
press rohb M'y mi tlio Suttta Fe road.
Both tho down mid up stages between
Cloverdulo, Cul , and Mendocino City were
stopped by maked men near Phtlo on the
5th and robbed of the express boxes. The
iiiiiount secured by the thievos is not yet
known. Tho passenger were not molested.
An order has been Issued by General
Maua'cr Clur'.t. of thi Missouri Foci flo
system, cutting the salaries of all employes
drawing 110) per mouth or over, ten per
cent The ordor does not apply to eirgmeers,
e nductors, shopmen or firomon. It takes
effect at once.
K. J. Wotheroll, tho husband of Emma
Abbott, the prima donna, died at Denver,
Col., on the 8th of pnoumonla.
Statistics prepared at the Secretary of
(State's office show the number of births In
Ohio during 1X83 to have been 03,706, a de
crease of 6,278 as compared wltb tba pro
ceding yoar.
The steamship Kate Robbtns, of the Pari
sot line, struck a snag on Tcbula Lake, La.,
on the 6th and sunk in fifteen minutes. No
live were lost Hereargoconslstcd of sun
dries and 900 halo of cotton. Tbe boat wa
valued at 112,000; fully Insured.
Another valuable coal deposit wits re
cently discovered In Dakota. The find 1
three mile north of Centervllle, and wa
struck by a party digging a welL One vein
eight feet thick waa first bored into ut a
depth of 128 feot, and after going through
sandstone and slate another vein wa
Most cordial New Year'a congratulation
wero exchanged by tho Emperor Francis
Joseph and King Humbert, of Italy. The
Emperor has sent to Emperor William an
autograph letter expressing absolute confi
dence iu the maintenance of peace.
Advices from Russia say that 176 parsons
wore frozen to death at Ekaterinburg In the
district of Porta on December 27. Tbi
Black, Azof and Co-plan sea are frozen.
Many persons have been killed anda largf
number of buildings destroyed by a recent
earthquake iu Kusdan Turkostan, extendiuo
from Khojen to Kustakos.
A panic in "Kloctrlo" sugar shares oo
curred ou the 3d in the Liverpool exebango,
owing to a telegram reporting a damaging
discovery In tbe process. Tbe shares fell
from 82 to 15.
A train on the Trans-Caucasian railroad
became blocked in tho snow near Tiflls,
Austria, recently. Fourteen passenger
perished from cold. A r&lief party became
lost in the snow and woi-o f roxon to death.
An explosion of fire-damp recently in I
colliery in lbs province of Ovloda, Spain,
resulted In the death of twooty-srven per
sons and tbe injury of many others.
Ordinal Manulng haa proimred an ex
haustive paior on the American public
school system, based on tho statistics of
Montgomery. The Cardinal strongly favors
parental as opposed to public vhl JrtitfoL
The paper will soon be published concur
rently in England and America,
Late advice from Kamoa state that the
Gorman war ship Otto lost twenty killed
and thirty wounded out of tbe forces sent
by the German commander to assist King
Tamasse. The Germans wero obliged to re
treat in boats.
During a heavy wind storm which pre
vailed In Southern Hungary on tho 6th a
railway train was blown from the track
near Flume. Throe passenger wore killed
ud many Injured.
Mekjsmim Hoi-kiss, of Fidelity Bank fame.
who waa recently irdoncd from tbe Ohio
lienltentiary, died at his residence in Cin
cinnati on tbe Tib of dropsy.
Caua-i.es H. Wiikiht, paying teller of the
Second Nutlonol Bank, of Kt Paul, Minn.. I
a defaulter and has left the city. Tbe
bank officials refuse to give tbe amnnnt
taken by Wright hut rumor ssys the sum
will go into the thousands.
Mai rkx E. OirvvET, whose term of
office as clerk of the county of Ashlsnd,
Wis., expired on ti e 7th, suicided by shoot
ing himself. He wus ahurt In bis account
about H 0i, anJ worry over the disgrace
led to tbe act
Tne Compiivi'.ler nf the Currency ha
authorized tho First National Rank of Nan-
tlcoke. Pa., to rommeuco business with a
capital of ?MM.
Lti.r II humi's foundry and machine
shop at Crawfnrdsvil!, Ind., burned on the
7th. Loss. mono.
OovruxcK Itr.ivirii, of Pennsylvania, on
tbe 7th signed tl.o warrant tor the execution
of Mrs. Sarah Jane Whltoling, of Phlladal
pblu, convicted of thu poisoning of her hus
band and two children, and "t the 27th day
of March next for ber execution.
A Panv ilpateh of the 7th says that
four thousand men hnve been thrown out ol
employment by thi Ktupptttre of work by
two large contractors mignged In the Tan
ma Canal work.
At a full caucus of all tho republican
mombersof both brnneliosof the Tennessee
legislature, beld on tho 7lh, William Bax
tcr, of Knuxvllle. was unanimously reeora
mended for a position in Gcucrol Harrison'!
cabinet ,
At a meeting In Coif tubus on the 7th tb
Ohio Wool Growers' Association appointed
aevea dclejntes to attend the national
meeting at Washington and adopted a series
of resolutions, protesting against tb
achedulo of duties prepared in the pending
e'enateamondment to the tariff bllL
WniL crossing tho Inko on the Ice al
Cadillac, Mich., on thefltb Charles Wise and
Ned Apsloe, young men, walked Into an ait
hole and were drowr.cd. The next mornlm
their bodice woro found claspod In each
other arms.
' AT the conclusion of regular morning bu-lnesi
in the Senate on the 7th the resolutlss reported
from the Committee on Foreign Ktlsllon ti
refrence to the Panama Canal was tsken np.
A motion by Mr. Kdmunds that tbe subject
be considered In secret session wa agreed
to, and soon after the doors were closed.
When the doors were reopened, by onanlmom
consent the dste for the vote on tlie) Tsnff bid
was made January W, Instead of January II, and
the Senate adjourned... .Immediately aflat
the reading of the journal la the Hons
the contest over the proposed chsnge of rules,
abolishing the call of States oa suspen
sion Mondsys, waa resumed, Mr, Reed of
Maine calling up the resolution from the Com
mittee on Rule. The pending question being
on ordering tb previous quettloa, the elerh
prooeeded to call the roll. The roll waa sailed
twice and two votes taken on the previous reso
lution, but on esoa occasion bo quorum voted.
Dilatory tactics continued until the session
ended by llmltstlou, and the Hons without as
lion on the pending measure adjourned.
' ' ' : , M " , '
Newg About Town. '
It Is tbe current report about town tbat
Emnp' Balsam for the thmnt and lung
is making some remarkable cures wilb
people who are troubled wltb Coughs,
Bore I hrOHt, Aatbtna, Bronchitis aud Con
sumption. Any druggist will give you a
trinl bottle Iri-e of cost Ills guaranteed
to relieve and cure Tbe large bottles are
niiy cents ana one dollar.
ftannw WiinnpiKfi f?minn anrt Kenil-
clutie Itiiuie'llat' ly -elleved by Shiloh'i
Cure.1 Sold by F. D, Felt.
A Great Surprise
Is in store for all who urn Kemp' ilil
sam for tbe Ihrout and lungs, the great
guaranteed remedy. Would you believe
that it is sold on its merits and tbat any
druggist is authorized by tbe proprietor of
this wonderful remedy lo give you a sam
ple bottle free? It never lulls to cure acute
ot chronic nougbs. All druggltdg sell
Kemp's Balsam, Lurgu bottles 60 cents
and t.
Why embitter I lie by dragging around
wltb lame back, diseased kidaeys, drops!
calitwellings, female weakness, nervous
debility . heart ilisense andrbeumaiircom.
plaints, when Or. Fenner's Kidney and
Backache Cure will so quickly curat Rev,
A. J. Merchant, Presiding Elder writes:
'It gave me almoBt instant and entirely
permanent relief." Superior to all known
medicines in these diseases. Ivor sale by
SuiLon's Catarrh Kemkdy a posi
tive cure for catarrh, dlptheria aud
canker mouth.
Sold by F. D. Felt.
Bimply purilving and cleansing the
blood is not sufficient. It needs enriching
emo.iue nervous Bvsiem neeut toning un
allot which is accomplished by Dr. Keve
iter's Wood and Liver Remedy aud Nerll
Tonic. Use his Cough Honey in hs
coughs; his Golden Relief in all pains
and Htomucti Hnd bowel disorders, hip
Kulticy and Backache Cure la lame back,
dropsy and all kidney disorders; bis Uer
mnn Eye-Salve in sore eyes, cracked skin
mid piles; his Capitol Hater tor appetite
mil strength. For side by druggists.
The Homeliest mnn In Wellington as
well as the handsomest, Hnd others are In
vited to call on sny druggist and pel free
i trial bottle of Kemp's IJitlsain for the
Inn? and throat, a remedy that is selling
entirely upon its merits und Is guaranteed
to relieve and cure nil Chronic and Aeule
Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis ntul Consum
ption. Iirgo botlles 60 cents ami $1.
Why Wil l. Yoi'ct 'iifli when Slilloh's
'lure will give iiunift liuteroliel. Price
10 ct.. 80 eta., ami $1.
Sold by F. U. Felt.
BiiHiiiT's Disease Curkd. Three years
ago 1 win ultHcked wiili kidney trouble,
a hich in a few months terntinnted in
Uri'ht's disease. .My physician said my
case was Incurable. I tried different
things nml received no benefit until a
trieud persuaded me to try Dr. Uurdick's
Kidney cure. I sent Hnd got oie bottle;
efore that was hall' gone I felt a change.
Due Uitlle removed "from my body and
limbs fifteen pounds of wider, which hnd
been very badly swollen I used twelve
bottle and was entirely cured, and nover
ln-d un)' return ol the dlscnso since. I
would recommend this medicine to all
suffering with kidney or liver trouble, to
which I owe my life.
Respectfully yours,
Elmkk Jackson, Wivubury, N. J.
7." cents Mid $1. F I) Full. 43 lru
Foolish People
Allow a cough to run until It get beyond
tlie reach of medicine. They ny,"Oh, It
will wear away," but In most cases ii
wenrs them away. Could they be In
duced to try the successful medicine
railed Kemp' Balsam, which is sold on a
positive guarantee to cure, thev would
immediately see the excellent effect after
taking the first dose. Price 50c and f 1 (X).
Trial size free. At all druggists.
393 in Six Months.
VanWert Cccmlcal Co, Watcrton.X. Y.
Gentlemen, I take pleasure in In
forming you of the wonderful m-eos
we have bail with your Lung: BaUam.
We have sold In the lost six mouths
8WJ bottles. We have gnarantecd near
ly every bottle but as yet have had only
four returned. I rm in receipt of sco e
of testimonial' trom the most promin
ent residents of our city which 1 should
like to send you. Trial size free. K.
W. Ailntns the L adlng Druggists
Yours Respectfully,
S. Felt, Jr, Druggist.
A Sensible Man
Would use Kemp's Balsam lor the
Throat and Lungs. It Is curing more case
of coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, croup,
and all throat aud lung troubles than any
other medicine. The proprietor has auth
orized any druggist to give you a sample
bottle free to convince you of the merit of
this gTeat remedy. Large brttles 50c
anu f l.
ARBTocaUDKmislerhlp by Indlge
lion, constipation, ''laziness, loss of p
netite, yellow skin r Million's Vltallzer
is a positive cure, muo oy r . v. t en,
Interested People.
Advertising apt. M nien(tpe in iliepe
cullarwayin which Kemp' Balsam, for
Cough and Colds does, it la indeed won
derful. He authorizes all dtupglsts to
give those whocall for It, a sample bottle
lire, that they may try It before purchas
ing. The large boltli s arc 50 cents and
one dollar. We certainly would advise
trial. It may save you from consumption.
e s
Saved Trig Vai.uk or a Farm Sellers'
Cough .Syrup has attained reputation al
most equal lo Sellers' I'll Is. and more could
hardly be said nf any other medicine. Tbe
syrup should bo kept In every family
where there ire children, and grownup
people And It a mcst valuable medicine
for coughs, colds, hoarseness, and throat
and lung diseases. The pills are such a
standard remedy Iu some parts of tliccoun
try that a family never think of doing
without them, nalrt on old gentleman In
Raiteru Maryland. "Why I hnve raised my
family on Sellers1 I'llis. and I consider
them almost as essential to a family as
bread. In the last tlilnv yent they have
saved me ennnub. In il" tor bills, te pny
for t farm. Clnclnnitt Tlmcs Stnr. .
Itch. Mince, snd (scratches on human
or animal cured In 110 minutes by Wool-
InnP Sanitary Lotion., I his never fnl
Sold by K. W. Admis, nmggisl. Welling-
ton, Ohio.
44 ly
What is
A Pure, Refreshing and
Health-Giving Water.
So deliaotely proportioned In min
eral qualities by nature as to
make it agreeable and whole
some In health and oura
tive in disease. ,
Endorsed by the Medical Profession
Recommended by Guy's Hospital, of
London, Eng. Roecorded In. Dunglison't
Medical Dictionary as one of the leading
Mineral Waiersoffbe World.
Prescribed by all the Leading Physicians
In the United States for
Torpid Liver,
Bright'! Disease,
llomorrhnge of the Kidneys,
Pain In the Kidneys and Loins,
Inflammation of the Kidneys,
Thick, Morbid and Dark Appearing Urine,
inflammation of the Neck of the Bladder and
Btoppageof Urine,
Inflammation of the Bladder.
Ropy or Cloudy Urine,
Brick Dust Deposit,
Burning Sensation with Sharp Pains when
Voiding Urine.
Calculus, or Stone In the Bladder.
Gouty Swellings.
Female Weakness,
Incontinence of Urine.
Many diseases heretolore sujipoeed to
be Incurable have succumbed to BETHES
DA. In cases of Diubcios or Bright
Disease, the sufferer will derive more ben
eflt from it In twenty-four hours than from
any medicine known to science In sis
months. It interferes with no other rem
edy, hut, on the contrary, assists all rem.
lilies applicable In these diseases, adding
lo their utility, promoting their effects,
soothing tho parts diseased, and Increas
ing Iheir vitulity. That "It is of unques
lionab'.e bem ilt," ns the able E. L. Keyes
M. D., boldly declares, every one who hsi
used or prescribed it will rcsdllf bear
For sale in bottle and
by the gallon, by
Milk Shako, Lemonade and all
Pummer Drinks.
For Rent:
Two Houses pleasantly located.
A good IIouso and Lot on Tay
lor street for sale cheap and on
reasonable terms. 3Ctf
O Sage fc Coe
A !H1 !
WEEKLY mi mm,
An I Paps, j Column
Stio&z, in:i, B:::::i,;t Neis;.;er.
The Plain Dealer will devote itself earnestly
to the restoration of Democratic supremacy In
the councils of the nation-
The Plain Dealer believes In equal rights
and a n honest votes that unnecessary taxation
In unjust taxation! that "monopolies" and
"trusts" are a menace to our free Institutions.
The Plain Dealer prints a complete epitome
of the news In every Issue.
Subscription Price Only tl Tear
. Accurate and Rslisbla Msrkst Rsports
complete and exact. The Plain Dealer never
guesses. Specially valuable to farmors.
The Farming Department will alone save
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The Vstlnary Dspartmaot Is specially valu
able and open to all subscribers free of charge.
All the Sporting News.
Editorial sketches. Illustrated articles, Fam
II j council, and many other attractive features
Making It
Mff Tha Nswspspsr You Want -ft
Free Sample to Anyone.
s7 Bank It., Cltvtland, O.
Cajh commission paid to Postmasters! or
Agents. .
Nora We have made arrangements with
the Publishers of the Weekly Plain Dealer,
whlcb enable us to club that paper with tbe
aUraarstst tor 12.06 a year.
Do Year Owa Ifrjrebie;, at Horns.
Tb -y lll dys tvarrthlnf. They at sold sverr
whsra, Trirs KM. a paesatia. Ttitylismnsequsl
for Straus- Ii, ItrnrhtneM, Amount In pMkama
orfoff Jf trttt-s-iil I'olnr, or non-fwlinff Qualitissw
'It do te t e nri"fiiti: ne-w. Jforsals fef
S, W Adams also F.D. Felt
Cavests.and Trade Marks obtained, and al
Patent business conducted for Moderate fees
Our vmce is opposite U.8. hateut Offloe. We
have nosub-ageucles, all bustuessdlrect.bence
can transact patent business In less time ant
at less oust than those remote from W ashing
ton. eend model, drawing, orpnoto wun aescrip
tlon. Weadslse if Dateutahle or not. free o
charge. Our fee not due till patent is seeured
a uook, now to untuin ruients," wun rei
erences to actual clients In your State, county
ei town, sent free. Address
C A. SNOW & CO.,
Opposite Patent' Offloe. Washington, D. 0.
City Market, N
Is the best place in the city
to get strictly No. 1 Meats ,
and Sausage Fresh
and Salted.
Heat always clean. Attention alway
given. Prices alwaysfalr.
Suecessor to
Carpentei Block. - Wellington, O
Almost aa Palatable a9 Milk.
So sllsgaletd (has It cast bs taken,
dlges'est, atad aMtaallated by the snort
ssmsltlY atomaeai, whan tha plalat ctl
raaaot be tolara)tMl and by the eons
biaatloat of the all with tha hypapbaa
pUitea la maeat more ctttcacloaa.
Bcoukakle fesh prodoccr.
Persou gall rapidly while taking its
SCOTTS EMULSION ia acknowledged by
Physicians to be the Finest and Best prepay
ration in tb world for tbe relief and cure o
nia.Bia.ria raaariATinu
Th gnat remedy or Consumption, and . I
Wasting in Children. SMbyaU J)rugji$U.
Hnt, toktim.m,irvttu V lU'r. Lot Manhood nt
M It of Krror Youth rpsd and psM-nianntlr
eunxi. Jon a tMilon And tnmt ri ir-h- ra-lL
mtl'M & LiSE llll EAILEOAS.
TIMETABLE In Effect Nov. 25, 1868.
gABl'WAHU. Not No7 ,Nool
s. ra.
P "1
Oik Uarbor
Clyde ,
Bellevoe ,
Wellingtoa ,
Vslley Janctloa...
New (,'nniberlsad.
p. m.
a is
7 41
I lO
4 SO
1 .
8 41
I 35
a. ml
10 10
11 on
1 i
II 5.1
III 40
1 1
a at.
s SK
( 45
7 is
7 is
1 SA
7 uu
7 Mi
t S3
7 48
8 0UI
8 OH
8 15
( SR
I 8b
Csusl Oovar ,
New Canierstown.
8 851
4 !S
5 M
7 03
l. in
No 8 No4 Not
CambiidKe .
Mew CnnierstowB,
Cansl l)ovr
Buwrrslon ,
Mew Cumberland.
Vslley Junction...
risvsrre ,
Crest oa .'. '.'."
Clyde ;
Osk Harbor
Tolsdo ,
D. 01
11 50
D. Bl
7 5'
1 Ul
I 17 1
10 IS
10 Ml
8 15
III 45
10 M
11 OH
11 10
1 05
1 40,
8 Ml
8 57
4 17
4 K5
8 to
8 86
7 4H
5 56
e 58
It lb
1 45
8 05
8 55
4 07
4 8
4 55
8 40
.10 0)1
6 80
II 15
p. m.
p. m
Moneoeville Lv .... am ( (Opn
tir. .. iXs
Mllao Ar 7 10 4 SO
Frlesa Landing T W 4 88
Huron Ar 7 40 4 80
sootbwabd. 1 88 I (8
HnronLv 8 66 am 6 SOpai
Frlese Landing .... 1 10 6 45
Milan. ( M 8 08
Norwalk 1 Ar " M '
isorwaiau u w g
Monroavlllt Ar 1145 940
I , Dsilv.
Thlsroad lnawop mhroufn from Toledo t
Bowsrstowo eosjnsctlni wltb lbs Psnnsvlvisi
System for al Ipolnte Kast
thbodsb osisaaviel
BstwatuTolsdo.C'smhrldassnd Msrlstls .
" ." and Bow.rstnwn
' -" C,,,,"s,','0To,1,'ow,' FH's
ea'IMaaaavs. a'l PaaarAg
4 11
7 18
T 18
7 M
8 kO
t (0
t 80
T 8
7 (8
T 61
I r
( (8
8 48
I '0
s. as.
- .,

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