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J.B Smith, Proprietor.
Entered bt the Pwt-offlce at Wellington M
v Second Class maner. according to Statute.
OimTur I1 60
Sli Months 75
U..fc 40
AitTertlnlog nrecenti per line, each Insertion,
fidacraud Column Kates made known onsppll
. Conorkss resumed business on Tburg
dav. Januarys. Tbis was tho shortest
recess taken lor the holidays in many
Vimtom still continue ti besclge the
Harrison mansion at Indianapolis. The
majority of them have dnul'tlss an eye
n some "fllce for themselves or lo secure
t situation for friend.
The General Assembly convened at
Columlius Monday. Local option and tbe
School Bo.ik Question are likely to at
tract the attention of llie body lor an un
usual Itnittli of time this season. Fee
Goy. Fwak;r's message on 3rd piige,
which will be Tound to contain ninny val.
uable sulfations.
Tuif ministers In Colnrnbus, O., hae
forwarued a petition to Presidentelect
llarriaon to use his influence with tbe
committee at Washington, 1). C, appoint
ed to Inke charge ol the innuurul ball, to
abumlon the project on tile evening ot the
coming 4th of March. They claim thut
this is recognized as a Christian nation,
and to usher an administration in with a
ball is uucbrisUin like.
Tuomah AiwoiiTiiv, the lute abscond
ing treasurer ol the cliy of Cleveland, sur
rendered what money aud bonds he bud
placed to his cicdlt lor future use in tle
blinks In London and the garn'sbee suils
ajjniimt him were dismissed. lie has re'
turned lo Montreal where he will reuiaiu
for a time before he attempts to return to
the Lulled Slates. Mr. Axworthy has
evident! found out that the way of the
transgreor is a hard one.
TnK Fidelity Bank wreckers of Cincin
oati have, bad an unpleasant time of it to
say tbe least. The vice president of the
concern was sentenced to leu years im
prisonment, cashier Ami Baldwin com
mitted suicide, the assistant cashier, B. .
Hopkins, wus sentenced for seven years
Imprisonment and wus pardoned by Presi
dent Cleveland Dec. 26 on tbe recommend
of the prison officials to go borne to di .
He arrived home January 4tti and died on
the 7tb. ' '
Aftku nearly eleven months of strug"
gllng wiifa the C. I). 4 Q. Ry. Co., tbe en
gineers and tinmen have declared their
strike off and it is now every man for
himself. Mid winter is on and ten hun
dred aud sixty-three employes are nut of
business with no income to provide foi
themselves and families. For a small in
crease in wages which wai denied to them
by the company, they left their positions,
cotmnitted acts ol violence, subsisted on
tbe good graces of their order, and now
Iter eleven months of struggling thrown
out of employment without any aid
Washington Letter.
Praia our Regular Cormpondeni.
Washington, Jan'y 4, 1880,
8enalor Edmunds, in presenting a peti
tion from the Woman' Relief Board of
Bait Lake city, remonstrating against any
actio of Congress looking to the admission
of Utah a a Slate, took occasion to state
thatbe wis bappy to say ibat there was
not much danger of any such action at
tb'a session. All good citizens can heart!
ly y i aen to this sentiment, and, In ad.
dltlon, I will take tbe liberty ot express
ing the hope that no such action shall ever
be taken until pnllgamy shall have been
"really and truly," as the children say,
abolished In tint Territory.
Senator Hoar ha presented a petition
asking that disfranchisement ou account
of sex he prohibited.
Senator Sherman has presented a petl
lion from the National Board of Trade
asking that tbe purchase of silver bullion
and tbe coinage of silver dollars by the
roverament be suspended.
Senator Mander&on presented petition
from large number of women asking
that they be granted the ripht of suffrage
in tbe Territories.
Senator Chandler is still championing
the rights of disfranchised voters in the
South. Tbis week he presented a poll
tion from Midway, S. C. acklng Congress
to take steps lo amend or abnllsb State
laws of registration aTectlng the rights of
citizens to vote for federal offlrers.
Representative Springer, who stems to
be acting Independently of the Democratic
managers of the House, has introduced
Joint resolution for Ihe admission as States
ol Arlzons sod Idaho. It was easy enough
to Introduce the resolution, but to get it
before the House for action is an entirely
different thing. However, Mr. Springer's
intentions are good and I take pleasure in
' giving the credit to wblcb be la entitled
Senator Hiscock bat gone to Indianapo
lis, presumably to confer with General
Harrison In regard to New York's repre.
entaiion in the Cabinet
Notwlfbslsndlng the notice given out
before tbe holiday recess that no furthe
bearings would be granted by tbe Senate
(nance committee to parties Interested In
the tariff bill great pressure la belnir
brought upon the members ot that com
mittee to muk changes in the bill. A
number of changes have been agreed upon
by the Republican members ot the com
mittee, but they discreetly refuse to make
them public until the time an ives for their
adoption. Just to give an Ideaofwbat
some people want I will mention the fact
that one man who was here thl week
banded a member of ihe committee a
memorandum of forty changes he waiitt d
made in the bill, and became really angry
when he was told that it was extremely
iloubtlul whether the committee would
see lit lo oblige him. Ob, 1 can tell you.
it is pleasant lo be a Congiessinun when
Congress Is not in session. Promises are
easy enough then. ,
The weHkuess and debility which re
sult from illness maybe speeiliiy over,
mime bv the una of Aver's Sarsiiparills
This Is a safe, but powerful tonic, iihsista
digestion, reeuluti-s tbe liver and kidney's
in l rh amies the blond of all germs ol
Annual Rjiort of in Union Agrici.!-
tural Society. (
a s ui s
llalanfe In treasury Iron '7 - t TO JJ
Ppf.niti.i1a nf f.intiML 11" (7
Hi Members ticket ( $I.W . 9?
ll Admit One tickets W c in g
Innri Ktitnti: reei-lnts .. HI in
Entrance money ree'd at Went KBte... if) 7ft
Kutranee tees and cusli received lnm 429 lft
H i other sources
Reiillnu Hermits
Cash received from bank
Total - -
Repnl ring grounds and getting up bas 220 00
fata for sui'ty J '
Amerlean Truttlng Associalliiii tee.... JM 00
S. 8. Warner, note and Interest 3i0
I'ald Inst, onsswuwn pel cent.......... is "
fiMl 7 " W W
' im " 7 " 21 no
heeretary's Salary.... ' JO JJ"
Advertising - - ? J"
Printing - ?100
Hand - '
Police 44 !
il. 1). Foote, borse feed - '.V
Marshals - J
I'uid f.ir Uiniher jM
Help In Sec'y and Trrai office 2:1 u
llseellaueous Items Sli)
Premiums . l.it 40
Cash ou band..... M w
Total -2W6 32
Tntil outilHudlnii Indebtedness at close of
year,$3JU0. . ,
The following statement is furnUhed b
Stephen Underbill, of New York, showing
lb 1-tock of cheese on band at close ol
goo: "ore
! :
! "
d; " .r
; 5;
5 Pi ?!
9 3!
V: i
1 !
I i
The stocks held at tbe following points
will all be wanted for borne consumption
sod will not come to tbis market, viz:
Ohio, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Pennsylvania
"creams," St. Louis, Albany, Troy, and
Rochester. About 7,000 boxes of the Bal
timore stock are small size, averaging only
18 pounds each The market Is firm st
12o for finest. Low and medium grades
in fair demand.
As horse and cattle lotinn. Salvation
Ull has proven Itself an Inlallible remedy.
it has received the hearty indorsement of
many old and well-known horsemen.
Price 25 rents s bottle.
Notes from Other Town.
Sneak thieves are prowling about these
dark nights. Keep your barns and cellars
locked.... A foot bridge has been built
across Champion creek on West alley ; also
a new one on West street. . , .Monday next
Sheriff 0. B. Dealing will turn over his
office toBherlff.-lect Nichols, of Litchfield
or rather of Medina, as be bas already
moved Into the jail, Sheriff Dealing mov
ing luto tbe house be recently purchased
on Washington street. During the two
terms that Mr. Dealing baa held the office
be has performed its duties to tbe entire
satisfaction of tbe people of tbe county.
. . .kit the improvement petitioned ior by
tbe residents on Liberty street west be suc
cessful tbe problem of permanent roads
will be solved for Medlns. If good piked
roads csn lie built for a dollar, or even a
dollar and quarter per running foot,
there is no reason wby we should not have
the streets of Medina In 'good shape with-
In a few years. . . .A piano tuner who says
that pianos frequently deteriorate because
they are allowed to become too dry, pre
scribes this remedy: Keep a growing
plant In the' room,' and' so long as your
plant thrives your piano -ought to, xr else
there's something wrong with Is. r Jn try
it, and see how much more "water you'll
have to put Id Ihe flowerpot la the room
where your piano Is than -any other room.
Some people use a huge vase or urn with
sopping wet sponge In it near or unaer
tbe p a o, and keep it moistened jus) as a
cigar dealer keeps bis stock. They keep
this up ll the lime the fires are on." Ga
zette. ' OBERLIN.
The proprietors of the skating rinks
about town stand in tbe warm sun. look
up at tbe etheral blue, heave a great slph,
and cry out lor the long promised cold
wave. . . .The annual meeting ol the Lorain'
County Farmera' ai.d Mechanics Institute
will be held at Elyria, commencing ut 10
o'clock, January 18 and bold a two days'
srssiou. ..Mrs. J. Ellen Foster, the tal
ented lady whose reputation lor activity
In the temperance cause Is well known,
has been secured t ' deliver sn address In
ihe First Congregational Church next
Monday evening in the Interest o! the
local option work in Ohio. .. .Miss Mary
B. Sherman, daughter ot John G. Sber
man, a prominent and esteemed citizen nf
VVakeman, a member of the Freshman
clss of Oberllo College, took her own lite
on Wednesibiy afternoon by shooting her
self in the right temple with a revolver
while in her room at ber hoarding place,
the residence of Mrs. H. M. Johnson, 01
East College street. Miss Sherman bad
speut ber vocation at the home ol ber
parents near Wakeman, and returned lo
Uiierlin on Wednesday fornn.ion, went to
her room, unpacked ber trunk, snd nothing
in her manner Indicated uuvtiitnir wrnnv
During tbe day sometime she purchased a
revolver at W, li. Austin's jewelry store,
bod It loaded, and 'aid she ws going to
send It to her brother. Late In the after
noon a young lady went to her room tu
get her company to go' lo college pry ers
and found her lying across Ihe foot of the
bed apparently injured. Mrs. Johnson
M as culled ana upon taKing noiu of die
girl's hand the revolver tell to the floor
tin! a uhni-tlv wound was discovered in
her temple. Drs. Noble and Allen were
summoned, but she wus beyond human
aid and expired sunn alter. Her parents
were summoned uy telegrrpn ami witn
her brother, who is cashier of Ibe Firxi
National Bunk ol New London, U., and
Mr. 11. J. Baldwin, of Wakeman, came on
the evening train and took the remains to
Wakeman tbe next morning. Ibe Uiro-
nerwHstelecrapbed to and be replied re.
questing Justice Gillctt to attend to tbe
il, utter. Jlr. Uillett viewed me remaini,
ut concluded that no Inquest was nece,..
sary. ISO pot.it! ve reason tor this strauge
Ireak has lieen assigned. Ibe allalr ere
b d quite a universal feeling of sudiiegx
among students and el'izens.
Absolutely Pure.
Th lioowfler never nnei. A mtrvl Af nnritv.
(trengib and wholetomenesi. Mora economical
tbu tbe ordinary kinds, and cannot bt sold In
cnmiM-tltlnn with the maltitnde of low test, short
weignt.unm or pnopue powders, noia only In
ctn. noju Bsaing rowaer va., iub win si,
1889 has arrived and I am still
on hand to furnish the best
in town at the market prices,
Chicago Beef
ordered by special inspection,
Fresh Pork &
Prepared Lard,
Constantly on hand. One and
all please favor me with your pa
Cbeese. '
SllIl'MKHTt FOB Will Endibo .Tan. rV
Cbeese 838 pkgs., weighing 123,000 lbs
Butter 85 ' 12i0
ObloStandard ;. 10
Young America to
Family Favorite ioi
General Produce.
Uutter.dairy, per lb... .$0.00 0 0.18
Creamery batter $ lb.... 23
Cblckens,dressed,pcrlb. .07 0.00
Kggs,perdos .0.18
Beef perewt 6.00 7.00
Ham, smoked, per H... 0.10 0.114
new roiaiocs, per nusn. u.utl
Tallow, per B 0.01
Hickory Nuts 1.01
Hides, per S 0.04
Round Steak 12
Surlolu u
Shoulder Steak 10
Apples, dried, In quart-
era and cored, per lb 0.(4 ....
Apples, sliced 0. 0,00
Wool 0.1f 0.2J
Grain. Flour and Peed.
Flour, per sack (40 Us).. f 1.45 0 1.40
uranam nour, perewt.. 8. 09
Corn meal, perewt.... 0.00
Chop, perewt , 1.24
Middlings, perewt 0.00
Bran, per cwt. 0.7S
Oil Meal, per cwt 1.80
Corn, shelled, per bush. 0.00
0.90 .
' t
uorn.w ear, per bush. 0.01
Wheat ' 0.001
Uats per bas., , 0.
On account of contin
ued ill health I was com
pelled to retire from a
business that I expected
to obtain my living
from. ,1 have now pur
chased the Grocery
stock of Mr. O. B. Palm
er and will continue to
do business at the old
stand where I will be
pleased to meet all of its
former patrons in ad
dition to the increased
numbers where they can
be accommodated with
OYSTERS in the season
And everything that is
carried in the line of
family groceries at liv
ing rates. A liberal share
of your patronage.is re
s. ectfully solicit ed.
Very Truly,
The Central Grocery Standi
Headquarters For
Fresh Roasted Coffee, .
" Oysters,
" Groceries,
M Fruits,
" Provisions,
" Vegetables,
" Candies, ,
Smoked Meats
And In fact everything in our line is
On account of the vol
ume of business done
HotachDtitlg Stoc.tccr.es
On our hands. Deliv
eries made promptly by
a courteous and carefu
driver. Thankful for
past patronage wqaskr a
continuance of same.
Very Respectfully,
11 JL-J T T
To all our CUSTOMERS.
Thanking them for the liberal
patronage they have given us in
1888, we hope by strict attention
to business, low
goods to have
Til i""ill sli s-r Yni
fore inventory,
next thirty days, give bargains
in all our departments.
And wish
A Happy and Prosperous
prices and good
an increase for
n rir nmi ad-nlr f
we , shall, for the
all of our

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