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- Note' of Interest.
nml1wv Fifth Avenue, and
corners of l.rowtt, r
2Brd street, ft. . "
Ty fire rc-cently', belong tu Amos U. Eno
KiUionaire. who owns a large amour,
n that corner, nir. -
already M than any 8Ulp T
United States, .0 he
lu"t .bat he would leave wcl enough
S""e tf the recent fire had destroyed
Se prei bullct.ngshe would probably
. P.,.,,inn the thin edge of the
bve conunueu - - .
Wedg to harmonize wiw - -lutnowitlslikelytoBmndaB
It U for
some time to come.
The ue of a single bottle ot f
Ki- and cleansing the sculp.
The oldest Froe-Soiler In the country
aud one of the few remaining members of
tbe unlivery baud to which William
tloyd Garrison belonged, Hon. Samuel t.
Sowall, has juht passed away at Ronton in
h sn.netUth year. He was counsel for
trend fugitive slaves who were arrested
in Boston, helped obtain the famous de
cision in the Dred Scott case, anu pre.mr
Cfl the arguments and assisted in the 'rial
Of John Brown. Mr. Sewall was the life
tone friend of Whittler, who dedicated to
him the prelude to "In War Time." O
. . m. u.ii lm distineuishPd
title year-mi. " - ,
Himself by his persistent efforts to obtain
.....:.i.,.i f,,r tho benelit of women in
Ue Bay S'uito. Ho was a member of the
fmnoiw class of 1817 at Harvard.
A torpid liver Is often the cause of rheu
mutism; it can be brought into artion and
Miirenffrntedbr using Ar-tbro phon-l a.
V. O. i eiu
Among the gifts which Whlttier invar
tubly receives en his birthday is a barrel
a pitch-pine kind.lngs from the Whittler
colored school ut Tuscaloosa, Aiuu.t.m..
The kindlings were accompanied this
year by two photographs-one of the two
children composing the school,
and the other of the children in the act of
votiug their thanks to tho poet.
No cure, no pay. On these terms tiy a
liottlw ot lima reorirM nium
F D Felt.
Ird Coleridge has been Instrumental
iu raising fund of 110,000 for the widow
Had daughters of Matthew Arnold.
The beauty of the skin requires pur
Wood, which you can hate by using Hill s
6r.rauarilla. F D Kelt.
Among the residents of Baltimore Is
Georgo Elliott, probably the oldest aero
naut in the world. Ho began ballooning
rn ltM. and bus made one hundred and
twenty-seven agents In nil, in only one of
which he was seriously injured. His
Udgh was broken on this occasion, putting
a check to ills aerial adventures for nine
teen years. Mr. Elliott retired In 1858,
-- end hiTtde only one ascent since then.
He is eighty-four years old, and praotiscs
ahoe-making. tho trade he learned when
a boy.
For Indisestlon, use Cobb's Utile Fills.
40 pills only 25 nU. F 1) Felt.
It is Kiid that Mr. Gladstone usually
Iim three books In reading at the same
(3me, and changes from one to the other
vhen he finds that his mind is becoming
too greatly absorbed. A prominent divine
in New York carries out the same prin
ciplelnlus writing, aud ordinarily has
several pieces of literary' work un(lcr
tugr-ther, the dropping of one to take up
naother, affording him, he claims, a relief
Tom the rm'utal tension which might
Otherwise result.
A Doctor's Bill Saved.
Chattanooga, Tenn., June 28, 18nt.
The Swttt Hpeciuc Co., Atlanta, Ga.:
Gentlemen In the fall ol IKS 7 a case of
blood poison developed on me. It was
extremely bad and the glands about my
neck became fearfully enlarged. A
friend who had reaped great benelit from
...... A,ll,.na Induced me to trv S. 8. 8.
Before the first, bottle was gone the
gwelling went down and I begau to lm.
t.rove. In !( than Uo months I was en
ilrely well. My skin is perfectly clear
and my blond absolutely pure. I am
.Jwrlute'y certain that Bwifi's Specific not
only cured me. but at the same tune saved
me big doctors bill. I shall always
cheerefully recommend your medicine
when an opportunity offers.
Qravfully jours,
Aaain scuercr.
Ill West Sixth street
Treatise on Blood anel and Skin Dis
eases mulled free. The Swift Sj-eciflc Co.,
fjniwer 3, Atlanta, (K
Just after tlic war, and when the poet
Wbitticr, lived at Ainesbury, Mass, be
rtelved a heavy and tyicr-looklng box
C-otn Lookout Mountain. Ill niece, a
Um.d young worn in, feared that the
irtrange arrival might be an Infernal ma
rine from the rebels, and persuaded her
uncle to have It buried in the garden,
ubere It remained till the mail brought ft
letter saying that the box contained an
. Inkstand quaintly modeled from North
ern and Southern bullets, picked up on
the famous Tennessee battle field.
ffli Unulr.klv relieved by
Hill's I'ecrleM Cough Syrup. KDJelU
' Another intrepid war correspondent
' has lost bis lite In the lino of duty. Mr.
t. Wake.represcnting the London Graphic
I M Suakin, exposed hlmseir recently wuue
makings sketch for his paper, and was
fatally shot by an Arab.
' : The best anodyne and expectorant for
"t!ia core of coHs and cotuhsand all
' throat, lung, and bronchisl trouble, Is,
Z widoaWedly, Ayefs Cherry Pectoral. As
tout druggist lor it, ana, my
I tit Ayer e Almanac, which is free to ftlL
I :, Mr. George W. Chlldi, of Philadelphia,
hsald to bave entertained more famoue
" rwople la bis hospiuble bpme than any
Other private clliten of America. Kings
- end princes end noblee without number
bet e slept under bis roof, not to mention
President and generals and endlese num
ber of men of letters and others. Mr.
it,ii,i AntBrtalns In royal fashion, and
when he has distinguished guests at his
country place he puts everyuunn ai iumr
demands upon
their time, but his time is theirs, and
thev are permitted to go and come as they
please, to have tneir uieamubi ouu
eon whenever uiu them best, but all ave
expected to meet at the dinner, which is
the one formal meal of the day.
1 m Wife Is a Terror
Mid a mlld-tempered man In our heal ing.
'She snaps and snurls, spanks ber child
ren and fluds fault continually. I cau't
bear it any longer." Don't be loo severe
on her. my friend; you little realize her
tlisiioslilon, and 111 health is the cause.
Dr Pierce's Favorite Prescription will
" i.T., well. For female disease,
Snnl derungements, bearing Wj
oams nudthelimg istof Ills lhat lenaer
'women mlserublp, no medicine can com
"m!..ui. I. i Is the only medicine
Kman'specuiiar weaknesses and a
k ' .i ' '' ''t
i.fin Purity otTome
I a.iiaWWUnf KHWVJM WW" -Ml
in a
I! Ii
r , , , i
feSgi Just Sixty Days Moro'
Will V.r o-ivr.n tn nnrfliRRe niolliinfr at livinff DriCCS. On
l ' ' " w o l o A '
account of the dullness of trade previous to the Holidays I
l Mfirfh l 1839.
J UatV UVV lUty V. VUlJtlllllV wuuiiivuu v a J
P X Jl. N OS O IvCjr -A iNl fc My long experience in serving the public in this line war-
i Call on
For your
Ti,n TiVfov Pii.i.o .md Oi-L'nn are known in every part of rants me in stating that Ko. goods will be furnished to
tor woman peculiar ---,ti,J " .. .V, ... -niit -.,. lire sod , . .. ...k !xt. 4
ments, sola ov uruKB., ive tllC ClVlil7.CU "jiuuv iuiu v iniv .
Buurantee fn.m tUe ma.mtacturera, o give
gUtt.n..v ...... ----- r,
sst s action iu eijr r . ,
lunded. See guarantee pruned on bol le
wmper. For all derangements or the
stoS llverand bowels take ; Dr. P.ee -Pel'ets,
or Anil bllllous Uiauulcs.
Samuel Miller, ninety-eight, and Anna
Hagan. seventy-one years old, were re
cently married at Jeffersouvillo, Ky.
What "Pecular" Moans.
Amillr.rl lo Hood's Sarsaparir.il, the
word Pecular Is of creat tniporinuce. It
means thai Hood's SarsupHrlla is diller
. ... ...i.... ,.n..rnitima in ruauv vilal
poiuis. which make it a thoroughly honest
and reliable medicine. Ii is Peculiar in
a strictly medical sense: Hist, in the com
bination ol remedial agents used; secoll.l,
in tue iiruport ou in wuicu vurj . i
I nnynaahV Which lll6
nureu: iiiiiu, i" , n..i...
active curative pmnerueior the nwdicli e
arc secured. Study these po li.U e II.
They meuu volumes. They make H-U s
fjarsapirilla Peculiur in its cur. iv
.....L - it Hixointil she wonJerliil
cures hitherto unknown, and which give
to Hood's S,rs.p .rilla a cl-ar right to ll
,itle ol "The greatest bhanl punfler evi l
Henry W. Taylor, who was railed the
l,lst livinir araduate of Yale College,
Inn just died at Camindaigua, New York.
He was a member of the class oi ioiu.
The recent cyclones In the South and
West have done terrible damage to lite
aud property, but there's one comtort lti
the people clamor for lr. Bull's Cough
Vr.Pri.Ki.lont Wonlsey ,of Yale, preserves
wonderful vigor, although nearly ninety
years old. Every week-day morning
punctually at 0 o'clock he makes a trip to
the iiost-ofllce at New Haven, an attend
Bnt following to see that he suffers no
Pownra of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
as Mercury will destroy Ibe sense of
smell and completely aeranne the whole
system when entering it through the
mucus suriaciu. dui-u mim
.. oYPfnt on ureecriDtluob
from reputable phjsicians, as the damage
tliey will do are ten lold to the good you
can possible derive from them. Hall s
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney 4 Co , Toledo. Ohio, contains no
nrl la taken iuturually, and acU
uiwctly uiwn Ihe blood and mucas sur
faces of the system. Io buying Hall s
Catarrh Cure ha sure you get the genuine.
It is taken internally and made In Toled.t,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheuey & Co.
Cirsoid by Druggists, price .5c per
James Dickey, ft Fannin County (Ga.,)
I'urmer, has "struck lie." He lias leasea
his farm for one hundred years to mat-ble-quarrying
company, who agree to
pay him not less than $1000 nor more
than 3000 a month In royalties on the
marble quarried.
What B. E. Cooper, eayg.
J. E. Jackson-Dear sir: "I had Bright'
disease in the worst lorin. I used two
bottles of jour medicine, Burdick Kid-
.-a t Hnna wonders for me.
The swelling has left my body and limbs
and 1 am so well i can wa. u !'
This is the only remedy that wauld reach
my case. Price 15 cents.
What John L. Hades,of Woodbury, ft .
8., says: J. E. Jackson, Dear Sii: "I
bad kidney trouble lor years v-ry bad
my pains at limes were an nir"
roll the floor. I thought my case a help
less one. I used two bottles ol your med
lclnc.(Burdlcks Kidney Cure) and now I
can do anv kind of work. I recommend
this to all sufferers. Price 75 cents and
125. For sale by rrea 1. rou.
Madame Lavraff sky, a llusslan lady, and
. f.h-nlaver of remarkable ability, has
used her skill In winning back the fortune
which her father, once a wealthy land
owner In southern Russia, lost over the
Nimo game.
We Point With Pride"
... ........ .1 hfimft" WOn llV
I O Hie Uu uni.i-
lT,wl'. Rarsanarilla. In Lowell, Mass,
.. i. i. r..rrrl. there, is more Ol
Horal's Sarsspai Ilia wild Ihsnef all other
medicines, and ll has given the best ol
:'!v., .i.,... in Introduction ten
lm rlid'not possess merit. Ifvou suffer
from Impure bl-aal, try Hood's Barsapsr.
Ilia and realire Its peculiar curative power.
The hardened mortal has nut been found to way lie is
prepared to furnish a superior.:
each individual who will favor me with their patronage.
Come One, Come All.
Remember Only
.Superior Street, next to Postoffice, Cleveland, 0.
Successfully Treated npon tbo Latest Scientific Principles.
a it - - --k
I f tha eaM to whioh h devotei hit tpeoial atiention, ud
Uiroahyriof patlmt labor ud , rwwoh, h b dta-
looTred tho mott Infailiblo method of ourloc ronoral
k u i.i..nrs jtl.AikrM. imnotunrrr. nerTOUt-
iHlllllMBMsWs WsVlDCaa, iiitviiuiishi ' ,
L t.h.rirm of Mm. WlplUUoa ot th. brt, tun dity. Ol
kin. sSeetions ei in. iim, imuw " ... ,iuir,hln.iiILi,noauld nnderLai URUIt
hibiU or yoau Ma toan vi-i, .-
l 1 ,.n Thou aBrlnt fr0
k6rVOUSKrroua Debility, tb.
. . ajmptoml of which ax.
WCUIIIIltbiek Q&fli. tbam fur
perforralnt th.tr boriaMS aa4 soebl iatim;
.i.v kiDDf maiTUaMiniiouibl,dijtnM ta.
laclion of th. hearu osuiini la'bM of to.
rleproMion ol fplnu, tu loreooaiDia,
ice, fwr, drasm. short brwthincs, mla
!bo7. tir. fMUf of oompMT sod hay f pnt
enact to b. alon.l ffxIiDf SJ tired In th.
inc as WB.n rsunuii tan i"u"
i J :i. l.llt.ari.a .
wim e Don. uupwiM . , r ' " "I
iremblinf.oonfuiiooof thoai hti. waury and
wi-ak .res. dypperm. onnitipstion, palenens.
nam and Mknt In the Umbt, .to., should
ooni.lt B. ALBEUT iiaDMdiaUl' and
be rettorea to neiin.
Rl..!oro Msrrlwl Pereone or
- - - o"..r.w..ii
i utu, lot of prooreatW. power. IrnpotwoTor
iiu. kmull nnilflr Iheotr. of llo,
1 .7nnn"n . - . k i. knnnr mm & HD.
Ueniaa, ana oonnaeniiT retro. H . ' "
urr Oinenenr. in nujii " - r-
' i . ll.m nat ami ruM. t
i Medical Colltf hi i Lal-cd PuUS.
0 I ImmedUtelr rand and
a . C9 Xitraaain efflia-
WeQKn eSS.Uoo which render.
lite a baraen aoa ana marnee iiuimjhiwi
li the penaltrptid br th. riotim of improper
i .1 . . I . T mint AhLtti mutt eftknow.
ledie that th. pMnione ar. th. ret magTiet
br which tb. whoi. woria is aiinv-iea.
eiroy thorn wid what here wet
al. m la n
mjUHUNrawu.. a... -.i .1 i
tourer Interested in lb. oppoeit. tell th. In
lonirer lotereeiea in iua vpimaLv pjh . " ...
Urehans. ot that blUef ol repot, which attract!
and lnt.re.lS to. wnoi. woria, iiiiii
loocm man ceeioe to be what Ond muie him ,
k. niri ia nn innMr mumi ni io Dim. .no
and roo will And th. iimpalh and rtliel that
too potlllTeiy rjqnir-.
60 Days More,
L. Bowman.
Young Men
tolilary Tiotbat dreadful
.Ka heee Viav
i m a a . v.
BOIlUaTJ "We, w w,aw.. " , I
LabiU whioh annually tweept to aa antlmely I
(rmrt, tbootandt ol younf mm oi aiini
i i . i 1 1 : . i..iim ma. Mil a. 1 1 h I
full ooi'lldenpe, . .
tninred tbemtelret br impropef indalf.no.
and tolitarf- habits whioh ruin both mind
and bndr, nnlttinc tUm for bailatst. Stadi,
Society or naarrUHiaa
1ST n ! I a t ev Positively Cured by a
W A. - f U.ll.a.al a.lla ClISMta
ItXXf w IT mH moinouiiiu
tet plvea ! ivery otM,
e- Psrfsoted la aid
ty I a Pliroakiii aanlartad
UIV 'aaT M a.ww. --a------ I
oraniklllfullytnated. NotxpartmeaU
or Tai lores.
Druggist and Optician,
SCRAP BOOKS-A full line.
PAPETERIES In late designs.
FINE STATIONERY and writing materials.
NEW PUBLICATIONS, selected with reference to perma
nent value and to meet all tastes.
LIBRARY SETS of standard works.
CHEAP BOOKS-A large assortment.
and Bagster.
TRATE D BOOKS. POEMS in leather bindings. J UVEA- .
ILE BOOKS in great variety. Optical Goods, Art
Ooods, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, and
West Side Public Square,
A Perfect Restoration Guaranteed.
injurious ooraroondi, thould sppl umooamt.i7. y I
JKKSL DR. ALBERT, Cleveland, O.
t with full dlrec-l
n kUUISB fcl VM.IHV... a. ...a . - - - a
tlons will be sent to any part of the
I I fx. Clae rnoi 1 roll nartOCl. TTPPI
U III leu giaiNi 8Bvi wj K, n ,i
from observation, upon receipt of Five Dollars,
with a guarwwBjnai J','"."'V
factory, money win i i m w.
Bargains for the
rt "'""i V2i "-7i.v tana for ee-imi
Price S3 Ter. '00,1l''.tIJ Uv
'LULIIU.U"i au iwvi
Rplpn.iflo American. V
Iua MRttllM WKlftl
. . r".. Zr. i r . Treelrter,
lHn.r.piiiep."--i -,..,,,,.,
H Edition of Sole
and fal
oub He bu iniDBa. nii.iw . . 7,i
ir,.r.. end ,,-clSr.Uon. lm II,. m i l
mnj he ecnr
mA hi anulr
Ini tO illN
I.eie.aeupr. MLWM a w.
a. " uhl
perri''? .fn?J.?.;'5 VIS
u pp,icei,iiii 1". f
itaLenU. Senn lor II
nerl.'en I
landbova. VOI
ir. .
H liio'ul applloaili'ne lor
aa . ' i Uanil fur
aa .inn i.w"" "
aondeuoe eincur enonuenuei.
In r. rour mark l.iol.rJ.i.r-in Ihe 1.!.
ant onti-e, aPP'r o " A.V VaiaboL.
UututKluie prowcUon. Bend or 11lKX
niPVBllillTH lor booke, ebwu, nap.
to-qulokif prooured. Aoureee
- n n.... a.llrltaira.
nraira Kl DlIOSUWAT. K. T
Kutli). ot Appoliilm.iit.
r.i.i. ..i V'.ilu Humuu. decraM'l.
The undiTjIuin-d h ""' JUP"ll,,d ""'!
Mm. Garrett
Mrs. Msry Garrett, the conaemoeu ZnZrnX
man in Ibe penlleDtianr snnex, was ueuug g,lM i,m,,n. mtoi neiiiniifm, u..r.... ....
. r . ,.-.ln I I. UhlO.riflCfHHfll. . . ... .
quite gloomy ornr uer proajj:ij
Bbewss sorely Olsnppomwa ov.r m v
Uon of the bortrd of pardons In deferring
h. r.u until January 17. Bbe was ei-
peeling spedy fuller Irom lUe suspense
' .... Ileal n InP llltlA
Dated mi. .n u, " J. urulCriiON.
onder which she lis been IWIng lor some
months, snd iu considerably worked up,
and gave Tent to herjfeellngs In tests. It
Is said that some oi me memw. w ...
favorable to recommending
rlamencv In her case. Ohio
-ATiMW' er
State Journtl. Dec. 20.
ABioodTonlo-Hlbberd't Rheumatic
Byrup is the greatest blood purifyer in the
world. iveawJB vc.ua . ".r ,
h.ir inrmnla. found In their medical
w." ' . .aa T . J I aHJ
uni.i Vnr aal alia. r. auauie wu
ulu.; oj,.-
1 1.
o the WEAK and
. nun A-iir i
IJ,BAHrntHr, er laeaptielsr rerli
.cut. deUu t Mm, wk. nay Cadi
I thMiaMTC. i r
oransuStriaf Irora . t
I e( any detoripttos. . ra-J
i Btauy canei or owwaaiviu
flenaarUr BL aext to P. 0-
Horse Blankets,
"Wolf Robes,
Lap Bobes,
& Baby Carriage Robes,
My stock of
Is complete. I hare just got in from the
manufactory a full line for the HOLIDAY
trade. A full line of
nf nnriMn th. blood Can
HIIi.i.l K rfo - ...
n tie ovoreetlinatcd, for wlUiout pure blood
you cannot enjoy good ncaun.
. . nnn.1a aaarw An. flAerfft a
At UIIS irawu ""i .
&jZl? Always on hand. Otterbacher pays cash
n ,IBarsaparllla.lt.trengU.tnf J . , , Trr,
rctsUliai and builds up Uie system,
i-. .n nnntlia. and tones the dlirestlon,
t.n. it arflali.e rllaeaia. The Deculiar
aj utlO " - -
combination, proportion, and preparation
. .... ....i.M. mmedlea used Cive to
Ul Ul. ivviwh. -
Hood's Barsaparllla pecul- -y. Ifeplf
tar curative powers. No O HaCH
ha ruuiirine has aucb a record of wonderful
cures. If you hate made up your mind to
buy Hood's Barsapsrllla do not be Induced to
take any otner insieaa. ii ' ""
Medicine, end Is worthy your confidence.
Hood's Barsaparllla Is sold by all druggists.
Prepared by 0.1. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass.
100 Doses One Dollar
for all kind of FUK.
' V V f r m " - -- -- v y 1
7 . a.t-aj-.al
Itinas Buns nenu , -
, end coereol complete. ClrcuUr. Ire UBKvm.
I a Lorelf CompieiMin.
did Tonl.. ana cure, iwiij. r"r
i..'.a Knld be our firattlrt.
SeHcn iediciriCo.,Plttburgh,P
n.ca m Anaair. lo et a irooil niln Wiice
lion, learn Hnenoerlen eenenhlp or Khorlhen.
end Vypewrlilnt leal the rillal" J":
llnhed n lew. me i mm nrjmi. n..a.m
V. . . n. anrf .... nnfnmertnal
'whool. SO euperlof leechera. pB '"""Ifh
y s r Mor. etuoente mnuaiij ai ......
eSrSi"!. WorthObloeln
r. B. erstMi'ica.
It-rue lllnlrml-d paper and elwenl le-peire eatlou. (lee.
jPnT. t KVHJkm. T. MXNia. 4-auraiBXoaa.

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