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A ill J J
Family Newspaper, Devoted to Home Interests, Politics, Agriculture, Science, Art, JPoetry, Etc.
' Published every Wednesday, at
Iirmi of Subscription:
One Year..
Six Months
Three Months
.. 75
,. 40
Loans and Collections made a specialty
Office In bank building.
' . : ts Trr A m T A XKT
' and solicitor ot '
American and Foreign
T H. tJMlWIN, insurance ',""
lie Notary Puhllo. lnuumnco, 6kw., , mort
area. wllliUeaftoS, contracts, otn., written In
rDrndUalnner. Uiaeoover Borage's
boot and .hoc stre.
A . ..J
I' migknB ROliiNMitN. the Barber, keeps
CM of the neatest, DM con veutent Uai
iJrShTOSln Wwn. Only firswls workmea
MDloild A full iMortmentof hair oils, po
See?nd balr reatorattvee. Fine bath-rooms
taoonnectlooandfurniihedatall hour, with
fofaXolo .wr and Ml rrfja orowrt.
bom... llooms. fonth Liberty 'trwi
Hi HOLBROOK, Dentist Orflco over
. Husted's store. In Hank Building,
Wellington, Ohio. Nitrous oxide fa admin
Stored for tb omractloi) of towth
' Art Gallon. Pictures In ev-
S'5fod rtalt 57wlth the times.
SMcial attention prd to enlarging ly crayon
or Water Colirs and eopylng from , o d
ikturea" Old negatives all preserved and uu
Siicafls can be hif at any tfme. Uallery over
Bowlby A Hall's grocery. 4
Pictures of all kinds. Finest work and lutest
styles. Copying and enlarging In Crayon. Ink
and Pastel. Special attention to the babies.
-. Creator's Blook, WaUUntoa, O.
'lleef dUe.e. and dl.ca.a of the bl.dd.rand
kldaoy.. Pil.alcer.tloD of the ctam. .inla
in anJ, Bwnre. and all pwralllog disease, of the
rectam treated by an Improved ay.um, wiUout
D.tnoraeieniioD irum . . i
V DlMS.e. of th. bl.ddor sod kidney, treated only
after a careful ana proper aa.ijr.i.
lmi in
n.rn.nter Itlock- - Weltlngton.O
Him ton iii Mist. 1
Orders received at Telephone Exchange
nd at F. D. Felt's drug store.
Wim Swob
Over twenty " ve years of Praetlc- O
received at Adams' and Ifoiiuhton s drug
stores. Horses still taken for treatment at my
stable on Courtlana Avenue.
J.H. WIGHT, Sole Agent,
Dealor In Clocks, Walcbes, Jewelvy, Sil
verware. Gold. Pens, etc. No. 6, Public
Square, Wellington , Ohio.
- .tai i I "
E. Barrett,
. Livery and Feed Stable.
South Side Mechanic Street, first
door east of American House,
U yiia: a.nd Transfer Line.
Conveys Passengeii and 1 Baggage to
and from trains or residences.' Also col-
ind and , distributes bxpkbss, doing a
raoeral expressing nd packtgi huslness.
I.oave orders or . telephone American
Ilotise.v. 87-ly ; II. S. 8Mrrn, Trop.
1864. : ; 1889.
WELLIiiaTOiT, OI3:iO, ,
CAPITALS 100,000.00, SUBPLTJS $6,500.00.
Does a General Bunking Business, Receives Deposits, Buys and sells New York
Exchange, Government Bonds, etc. Drafts Issued on all European countries '
C530r,Ir,ICEK,S.5O .
S. S. WARNER, President. R. A. HO RE, Cashier.
8. 8. WARNER.
Mannfactnrers of and dealers In
Soorsj, Saab. a,a.3. Sllaa.d.ti
Cheese and Butter Boxes, nil kinds ot
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Battens, Mould
tags and Flooring. Biding made and Bur
face Planing done to order on abort no.
Dealers In and Manufacturers of
A Full Line of Goods Always In Stock.
Arterial Embalming a Specialty.
Pictures Framed to Order. A good vari
ety of Mouldings to select from.
N. E. Corner ot Square. Wellington. 0
Until Further Notice
I will sell Drain Tile at the following
prices :
I 8.00
11 OS
4 " ....
5 "
ft " ...... ...... .....
7 "
A good supplv of Brick constantly on
nanu. v. v . aumu
Wellington, O
Contractor and Builder,
Flans and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. Orders by
mail promptly attended to. 46-ly
Meets on the Id
and 41 h Wednes
dav evening of
raVi month.
Post room In
M. W. Lang,
T. Haskell,
in mi i u i. ei,
From and after May , train, will pss Wellington
a. follow. :
SUndard Time
.... l:4Ae.ni.
cog a.m.
K. 1-V.YtSI. L. f.t line....
No. t-Ind.and WUc llug Kx
No. S Cin. Col's Kx
No. 5-HpeclalN.Y. Cin. Kx......
l!!:44 tf.m.
No. 7-N. V sndt. u. Sx
No.ST 'ol' A Wboellng Accom...
No. Nl(ht Kx
No.O-St.I.. N. Y KxpruH
IV: Nip. m.
g:DOu. m.
8:12 a. in.
t1:1a. in.
, s:(i7a. in,
. H:Ua. in.
. 1:45 p. m
No. S NiKlu BX
No.ill Ualion ACIevo d Ac
K' iqhH.I Ht. Loul. A N. Y. Kx.
No. SI Wheollnif. Ind. and Cleve. Kx
No. SC'incinnatl A Clovo'd Kx
No. 6-Local Freight
No. 1, b. 6, 8, and IS ran dailr
t Train, .top on.igu.l.
5:'JO p. m.
8:8-1 p. m.
1 M p.m.
Cleveland & Marietta E. E.
From and after June a, 18.tralnswlll pass Well
ington as lollowa:
Standard Tims.
, 4.Kp.n,
,.111 pm.
, I.Soa.m.
No.5 A
No. 7
No. 17 Local
4.... 10.Sa.m.
No. ...... s.uop.m.
No. 8 T.sap.m.
No.U Local 8.10 p.m.
No.. 1, SandS daily: others d.lly ei. Sond.y.
FartherlnformstloBlaregardlo this line will
befoandoaparet, ,,
Arrive aaily, l:flu a. m. Depart. t p. a
Arrive dally, U : a. m . Depen.
rrlvs dally. ..
Depart 1 Oa.m
Ass't Cashier.
Pratt k Herrick,
Free delivery to any part of the corpor
ation. Railroad street, Wellington, 0.
Anthracite, Massillon,
Jackson and Blossburg.
Terms Cash and Prices Low.
Office on West Liberty 8t Telephone 48
is Mmi bj Our Seci&l Correscondcnts,
All About the Happenings and Special
Events in their Immediate Vicinity,
Jan'y 21, 89.
The meetings will continue at the M. E.
Church every evening this week. The at.
tendance last week was pretty good con
slderlng the weather.
Paul Long, son of tho pastor, is quite
sick with quinsey.
Major Smead and his wife are both
having their "annunl" lung trouble, but
unlike the pust tbry seem to be getting
better instead of walling till spring.
Mrs. Lawson Is still Juist alive. Her two
sons, Sylvester Lawson, from Elgin, III.,
andAshael Lawson, from Norwalk, are
with her. A daughter from Michigan
was Mpectml btfore this.biiwas detaioed
at home by sickness in lier own family
Whitney Clark and wile and Whitney,
Jr., have been visiting In Wellington and
sturt for tin ir home in Glon Allen, Du., on
Monday of this wet k.
Mrs. Clifford is a little more comfortu
ble. Mrs. Benjamin Pratt has liecn quite
slt k, but Is Improving.
Daisy Phelon spi nt Sunday in town.
Mrs. Btirrcll and Mrs. Andrews, sisters
of Mrs. A. J. liurrell, and Carrie Hceve,
a tileco, returned to their borne In Elyria
lost Frlduy.
The literary society at the south school
house on Saturday evenlugs are nttmcling
considerable ultinteution. The question
for discussion on next Sutunlay evening,
"Resolved that the sewing machine Is
more bencllclul than tho mowing ma
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury.
as .Mercury win austroy ine sense oi
smell und completely derange the whole
system when enlertog it through- the
mucas surluci's. oucu articles suoulu
never be uxed except on prescriptions
from reputable physicians, as the damage
thev will do are ten told to the good you
ran possible derive from them. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J
Chenev & Co., Toledo, Uhlo, conlulns no
mercury, and Is taken Intcrnully, and acts
directly upon (he wood ana mucas sur
facts of the system. In buying Hall's
Catarrb Cure be sure you get the genuine,
it is taken Internally and made in Toledo,
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co.
fit "Sold by Druggists, price i3c per
I haven't the courage to die, sir,
Hardly the courage to live;
Can't drink enough to forget, sir,
Ain't (Jhr sttan enouch to forgive.
This was the wail of a man who bad
endured the tmtures of "liver complaint"
nnd dyspepsli for years; and be might
buve endured them for life, bad he not
heard that Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery would make hint a well man.
He gave it a trial and was cured. Ouce
Iia s hallow-eyed, emaciated, and slowly
tottering toward Ibe tomb: but now be Is
vigorous, robust and healthy. There Is
nothing that can compare with the "Dis
covery" as a curative agent for sour atom
ach. constipation, Impure blood and bil
lnusness. The worst cases of chronic
Nassl Catarrh positively and petmanently
cured by Dr. Sage s Ualarrn Kennedy.
January 21, "89,
A general squabble is going on In our
quiet vicinity fer the postofllce. Excite
ment running high. Gibson Bros, and F.
Harpster are the contestants.
E. C Schulor, of North Amherst, was
in town yesterday.
Miss Nora Peabody, of Henrietta, was
vUltor on Wall street recently.
Mrs. Ilattie Post, of Henrietta, was
guest nt J. Durand's lost week.
F. D. Wyatt has sold hit new residence
on Main street to William Merchant; con,
slderatlon $000.
Mrs. J. Minch entertained the Ladles'
Dime Society of the M. E. Church last
Friday, t ' ...
Sam Roe has purchased two lots of the
Ludwlg Bros, on Quarry street and will
erect dwellings on them In the spring.
John Root has begun another dwtlling
which mains the fourth on Quarry street
(his winter,' That part of town is bound
to flourish.!. '
J. Harmon has rented his farm to W
Bchmaut h snd will move to North Am
herst soon,! We regret to say that Mr. II.
has purchased a snl.ion in th U village ttud
will begin operations soon.
The M. V. choir accepted an Invitation
to furnish music for the Kendelgh Cor
ner's Mutual Improvement Society last
rlday evening and were well received,
J. Berger, editor of South Amherst news
for Amherst Reporter, Is goingthe rounds
with very useful article for housekeep.
ers If they have fires to kindle. This fire
kindler is en excellent thing and everyone
should hare It.
An "English Tea" will lie given at the
home of Messrs. Burton & Thompson on
next Thursday evening for the benefit of
the M. E , Church. It Is to be something
entirely new in the lino of socials and it
is hoped that a large number will be pres
ent to euj'iy It.
There w ill be an interesting and instruc
live debate at the school house on Wall
slreet Saturday p. m., Jan'y 28. Messrs,
Chas. Harris and H. B. Wright will pre
sent the affirmative and F. Brandt and E.
Stone tho negative. We have not a state.
ment of the question, else wo would give
it. We hope our people will turn out to
hour this discussion.
; . o. B,
"We Point With Pride"
To the "Good name at home" won by
Hood's Sarsaparilla. In Lowell, Mass.,
where It Is prepared, tbere Is more of
Hood's Sarsanui Ilia sold than of all other
medicines, and It bos given the best of
saustactlon sluce lis introduction ten
years ato. This could not be if the med
iclne did not possess merit If you suffer
irom impure oiooa, try uoocrs sarsapar-
iiia ana realize its peculiar curative power.
; January 21, '80.
Edu i a Thomas, one of the oldest settlers
of Kotbestijr, died Saturday, Jan'y 19, and
wash x ,'he following Monday; His
au".i M to oifwT years.1--" r
Mrs. Boice nnd Mrs. Mastin are reported
as being very low with but slight hopes of
an ultimate recovery.
Mr. D. S. Pond still continues very low
nnd is comparatively helpless.
Singing school nt M. E. Church on Sat-
rduy evenings.
There Is talk of holding a series of re-
Ivnl Ineeting at the F. W. B. Church.
H. Bradford Is getting material together
preparatory to building a new bouse.
The Bee Line agent here says the beau
tiful flowers that have ornamented the
ruilroud grounds must give way to a zoo
logical collection. Everybody can raise
flowers, but everybody csn't bavo a zoo
logical garden, and H. B. won't take a
back seat for noliody.
Whooping cough prevails to some ex
tent ; also a new disease that the owners
call breakneck cough Is having quite a
Ham. Coi.i muia.
It Is the Intrinsic merit alone of Hall's
Veget.ihlo Sicilian Hair Renewet that has
gnioed tor it great popularity for restoring
tbe natural color oi tnc untr. i
Jun'y 22, '8
The protracted" meetings which were to
commence last week at the Baptist Church,
on account of the unfavorable condition of
the weather, have been postponed.
Bert Stevens and wife, of Black River,
are In the village visiting friends.
Mrs. J.J. Mastin Is slowly recovering
from a serious Illness of several weeks
Mr. Lafe SI mouse n has been on the sick
list for several weeks, but is now on the
The infant child of Norman Pond died
last Saturday morning at 2 o'clock.
The young people of the village are
taking steps towards the formation of a
litorsry ami musical club. They will meet
next Thursday night with Miss Daisy
Kcsrflor to perfect the organization, adopt
a constitution, und elect officers,
Mr. O. E. Johnson has moved his saw
mill to New London township, where he
hat a contract for tawing out a large
amount of lumber. Mr. Johnson expects
to return after he has finished the job.
This has been a bad season for Mr. J
the farmers were unable to banl their logs
to town on account of tbe bad condition
of the roods.
Mr. J. S. Stocking fell down a cellar
steps and broke three ribs. He Is under
the care ot Dr. T. 8. Fields and Isdoiog
welt ,
Mr. E. Thomas, a veteran of tba war of
1812 and an old pioneer, after a brief UU
ness, died last Saturday morning at the
age of 94 years. Mr. Thomas was one of
the 28 survivors who bore arms in the war
of 1812- The funeral services were con
ducted by Rev. G. M. Knapp, of the M. E.
Church. A peculiar coincidence, the old
est aud youngest residents of the town
ship died on the same day.
That cowardly wretch, the dog poisoner,
has been doing sonio of his dirty work in
this place!
Bon Homme
Leadinit physicians recommend Aver'.
SursupariTla. Old and young take It with
perfect safety. It cleanses the blood,
strengthens the nerves, and vitalizes the
system. Popular experience bos long
placed this medicine at Ibe bead of tonic
Jan'y 21, '89.
Some colds are the order of the day.
Writing school has an average attend
ance ot over fifty.
Entertainment at town bull Saturday
evening, Jan'y 20, by G. A. R. and W.
School rhetorical at town hall Friday
evening oi next weeK. oi
A. E. Butler and family will occupy
rooms in tho old New England.
Dr. Sampscll will occupy Mr. Butler's
N. M. Maydole's house is advertised for
Miss Lemmon. formerly of our schools,
now ofOberlln school, received an unex-
pecieo ana suostsntiai increase oi salary I
at the opening of the winter session.
Yours DnrtY.
That beautiful glossy sbeea. so much
admired In bair, can be secured by tbe use
of Ayer't Hair Vigor. Tbere is nothing
better than this preparation for strength
ening tbe scalp and keeping It free from
dandruff and Itching eruptions.
January 22, '89.
Jumes Andrews has hit house nearly
ready for occupancy. It makes a marked
Improvement to that street
Tbe funeral of Ephriam Coleman was
attended by a large number of friends and
relatives on Sunday last He has been a
great sufferer for a year and a half.
D. J. Foster, W. D. Dlmmock are in
Virginia prospecting. Mr. Ditnmock was
there t few weeks ago and reports very
favorable for the country.
Sadie Wurtz is with her aunt Mrs. John
Pittinger, who is not much improved.
Grsndma Dickinson is very poorly.
' Ezra Gn(jeiitine bas -purchased the old
homestead and will therefore never across
the road into Penfleld. Success to you
Tbe funeral of Mrs. Kenns was held
from tbe M. E. Church lust Sunday, Jan'y
20, m
Frank Griaslnger is building a large tin
and stove store on the coiner across from
Van's, which Is an improvement very
much needed on that corner.
Fred Gardiner snd family visited In
Rochester and New London.
Factories are beglnlng to have a little
apprehension about tbe ice harvest
Demostbenses, the Grecian oraior.cured
bis stammering by having bis mouth full
of pebbles, and many are tbe modern ora
tors who have cured their hoarseness by
an occasional dose of Dr. Bull's Cough
Washington Letter.
Frera oar Regulsr)Comaponlent.
Washington, Jan'y 18, 1889.
The Vice President-elect and Mrs. Mor
ton have arrived in this city. They are
stopping at the Normandie, tho hotel
where Mr. Bluine and his family are lo
cated for the winter. Tbere may not be
any significance in this, but it has bad the
effect of strengthening the already gener
ally prevalent opinion here that Mr.
Blaine will be at the head of General Har
rison's cabinet
An argt ement has been reached by the
conferees of the Senate ana House on the
bill providing for a Secretary of Agricul
ture, so that unless the President shall In
terpose a veto, which la not at all proba
ble, General Hurrison will have one more
officer In bis cabinet than any of his pred
ecessors have ever bad.
The Ilotiso Committee on Military Af
fairs has rmido a favorable report on the
bill to revive the grade of lieutenant gen
eral of the army and providing for the sc.
lection of a major general to fill the posi
tion. This would limit the selection to
Generals Schofleld, Howard, and Crook,
but It Is the special object of those en
gaged In pushing tho bill to secure the
promotion of General Si.hoflelil. There is
so much opposition to the measure thnt
there Is little probability of lU becoming
a law at any early date.
Records are dangerous tilings as many
politicians have occasion to know. One
of the latest possible victims of the record
Nemeslt Is General W. S. Rosecrans, at
present Register of the Treasury. . Gen
eral Rosecrans Is nearly 70 years old, and
bis various ups and downt have left hliii a
poor num. Therefore, hit friends have
introduced a bill In Congress, which baa
been favorably reported by the military
committee of both Houses, to place him
on the retired list of the army with tbe
rank of major general, la order to pro
vide hlin with the meant of passing the
- 1 remainder of hit life In comfort There
would probably be little or no objection to
to tbe passage of the bill were it not for
the tell-tale Congrewional Record, which
shows that General Rosecrans, while
member of the House from California,
made a most determined and bitter al
though fruitless tight against the bill
placing General Grant on the retired list
of the army. General Rosocrans' own
argements are certain to be used against
his bill when It comes op.
"Have a majority of the Senators turned
Anarchists f asked a gentleman in the
gallery of the Senate on Wednesday
morning. The cause of his question was
a number of long round packages on the
desks of many of the Senators, each pne
of the packages done up In red, and look
ing not unlike rolled up flags. As soon
as the Senate was culled to order It was
discovered that each package wag a peti-
tion from a State la fovor of tbe passage
what is known as the "Sunday Rest"
bill. The petitions were gotten up under
the auspices of the W. 0. T. U., and the
signatures upon them are said to repre-
sent over fourteen million neonle. The
wrappers of red cloth were put on them
to attract attention.
Nnthln. , ,. ..
for keeping bowels regular. 25 cents lor
u puis. u f elt.
Parents don't let your children suffer
when liill's Peerless Worm Specific w 111
relieve, or no pay. F D Fell.
Ar-thro phon l-s is no chance discovery
or experimental compound, but tbe result
of many years of study and practical ex
perience. Tbe formula for this valuable
preparation Is well known to physicians,
and highly approved by them. Its suc
cess for curing Rheumatism and'all Blood
Diseases has never been equaled. F D
News From the County Seat.
The Court of Common Pleat will com
mence lit next session February A. New
business In the courts is coming In now.
new casks filed ia common pleas.
Emma Barnes vs Lewis Barnes, ali
mony. Emily Cox vs Shirley Wheeler et al,
foreclosure ot verdols Hen ami equitable
Theodore B. Rogers ct alvt Lydla M.
Bqulrei et al, money, foreclosure of mort
gage, tnd equitable relief.
'-in rnOBATB"EoLTT7"v' '"" "
C. Aultman & Co. filed application for
proceedings In aid of execution against
John A. bmitb. Hearing bad Jan. 11, '89,
snd delendanl dismissed at plaintiffs costs.
D. M. Hall appointed administrator ol
the estate ot Israel Bailey, deceased, late
of Camden.
Hattle 8. West of Avon, adjudged In
sane and ordered conveyed to Insane say.
lum at Toledo.
C W Steger, administrator debonoa noo
of the estate of John Smith, deceased,
files petition for order to sell land. Hear
ing fixed for Feb'y 11, 1889.
A R Weblier, administrator of Copes
Hardy, files petition for order Uell land.
Hearing Feb'y 11, 1889. y
Last will of Jsmes M. Jordin, deceased,
late ot Elyria, deposited for probate and
commission issued lo RN Goodwin, of
Wellington, to take testimony ol feeble
Adam Hall appointed administrator with
will annexed of est me of Henry Michel,
deceased, late of Ambcrat Will of tame
admitted to probate.
John B Lnnty, administrator of M E.
Luuty, deceased, lale of Lorain, filet peti
tion for order to sell land. Hearing Feb'y
13, 1889.
A countryman being asked in whom he
put bis trust, said when he had a cold be
put it in Dr. Fenncr't Cough Honey. For
tale by drnggiBts.
A Blood Tonic Hibbard't Rheumatic
Syrup la tbe greatest blood purifyer In tbe
world. Reason teaches tbe lesson. Read
their formula, found In their medical
pamphlet. For tale alE. W. Adams' and
F.D.Fell't. 8Vly
am. srrVrs nuxsnns.
W W tang to Wm Vlscher, Wellington en
Prospect street, Jtm.
O llogsn to JobnO Hang, Loraiu, lot 5, blk".
Il'sS add, WO.
O llogan to Alsoo Hill, Lorain, lot 20. blk 11,
U s W add, $125. . '
Andrew Messmcr to Alson 1II1I, Lorain, lot
lS.blktl, U,s3dadd,12J.
S Chamberlain, trustee, to James M Lee.
Lorain, lot I blk ft. (WO.
J 0 Zerlie to F A Ureene, LaO ranee (O acres,
$3,077. - '
J B Blotor to Henry Hales; Rldgsvllle, S
acres, $2,802. ' "
Fred and Minnie Beers to Charles Winter,
Loral n, lot , blk 5, Bremen. add, SUM. -
Chas Winter to Fred Beers, Lorain, lot 9, btt
fireman's add, 11000. ; T
K A Mansfield to O Began, Lorain, lot 11,
blk 17; lot 17, blk It lot 1 blk t, $20.
James Wolworth to Jacob BKhtroth.Bhef-
Beld, 76 acre, $1,875.
Mary L Frlnk to J II Bjiaons. Elyria, lot W
Tbos H Jonas to Michael r ralen. iArain,ie
"Jack shall pipe and Gill shall dance
Just as long out In the open as they please
The free born American cltiMn don't fear
nenralgla with Salvation Oil to the front
Only a twenty five cent Investment
Tbe people going for Rlnebart
Conga Balsam with a rusk 15 cents. F
D Felt
! t

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