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General News Btimmary.
Intorectluir Home and Foreign News.
Sknatk. Jan 14. A concurrent iwohitlon
was Introduce J by Mr. Hoar for U10 counting of
the electoral vote. At the oonclualnn of the
morultifi liuslnese the Senate took up the Tarllt
bllL Mr. Allison reported an amendment to
(rive a bounty of one cent per pound on doirws
tie r.uror until April, mm, to bo p . Id by tho
duty on Importod nuinr. The amendment to
put on tho tree list certain spccltlo klnla of
Iron used In the manufacture of vensuls for for
sign owi era waa voted down, a were half a
ten mnriiil more or lesa Importauo;. l'.irtv
llnoa wnro riijlilly drawn In evry ruse. A long
discussion tfx.lt plane on thoqucstlon nf put 1 ln
wit on the free list, but without action the Bun
ate adjourned.
Holms Immediately aftr-r the tournol hnd
been n'ad Mr. U indall, from tho Coinmitioc on
Knles, reported a resolution rescinding the rule
requiting a dnllf adjournment at live o'clock.
After debate the resolution wns agreed to yens
MS, nays -5. Mr. t'owles. of North Catollnu, In
troduced a blil In tho House containing the
internal revenue foutures of the Mills bill :md
moved its reference to the Commit :eo on Ap
propriations. Airroed to yeas KM, raya HI.
After pnssing a number of measures pertaining
to the District of Columbia the House adjourned.
Bkxatf.. Jan. 15. The Henate spent the day
In considering the Tariff hill, tbo pending Ques
tion being Mr. Vent's umi-mlmrnt putting salt
on the free list, upon which there waa along de
bate. Without rcnchin;.' a vote on the amend
ment the bill wns laid aside and the Senate
wont It.to secret session and soon aftor ad
lourneX llorsr.. Mr. Kprlnirer. of Illinois called np aa
a special ordor the B -imte Mil for the admission
nf South Dakota and the orfrmlratlon of the
Turrltory of North Tlultota. He spoke In advo
cacy of the "Omnibus" bill which he proposed
to offer ns a substitute. The bill mi debated
at lenirlh but without tlnul action tho House ad
journed. Skkaik, Jnn. in. In considering the Tariff
bill to dnv. the Senato rjji oted, wl'.hout further
debate, the proposition by Mr. Vest to put salt
on the freo list yens iH. nays W, Mr. Allison's
amendment, heretofore offered, making tbo duty
on cross-cut saws eiRht. ten and fifteen cents
per linear foot Instead of six. elitbt and thirteen
..'cnt was iipivei to. Mr. Morgan delivered a
peechln opiosltlon to the Sonata substitute.
In which he endeavored to show th.it for every
fio gain to tho worklngman It would rive a prollt
of tin) to the manufacturer. During a discussion
between Mr. Monrr.n nii.1 Mr. Hiiwley. the
rormersuld that ihe vo it",- netrroes of Alnti.ima
were, in respect to Industry, tie most God-forsaken
people outside of Alders or Morocco.
Thcdc-liutc was contln.i.-j until ndtournmcnU
Ilnrss. Tho House n-suniol consideration
of the Territorial bills, and vu adilressed by
Mr. Joseph of New Mejlco. who presented the
claims of 1l1.it Territory for ulmlsslon Into the
Union. Mr. Voorhecs. of Washington, voiced
Ihe dfMinn I of the people of that Territory for
admission into the fa-nily of States. Mr. Man
ur. of Missouri, made an argument Id fuvorof
.he "ihnrltms" bill, and especially In fuvorof the
;i. 1111 lst- n of ell Territories that were entitled
to Htatehood by reason of population or natuial
resources. Pending further debato the llouso,
after paslr.g the bill making Columbus, O., a
port of delivery, adjourned.
filtMATE, Jan, 17. The Sonata -resumed con
sideration or the Turin bill, the pending question
bclnir on the amendments to the tin plate para
graph. Alter a long discussion tha amendment
was adopted y aa ft. nays 1. The amendment
Dies the duty on tin piste ttaggcrt Iron or
steel), when valued at 3 cents a pound or lass.
thinner than No -0 wire gnu;", at 1 cent per
pound; on the thinner plates at 1.1, 1.8, and l.t
per pound: and on corrugated or crimped plates.
1.4 eents per pound. All other Iron or steel
sheet, plates and hoop lexeepUnsj tin plates)
when gultnolred or coated wtih rlna spelter or
other metal am to nay i of a cent por pound
additional, and after Jimuiry 1, 10 ta plate la
to pay t( of e rci t per rcund additional. The
U'jr bout.ty uiseudmont was then tntccn up
and discussed until adjournment.
Htii'HK Ihe Territorial bills having been
taken up. Mr. McDonald, of M nnesota, mado a
speech in favor of the division of Dakil. Mr.
Adams, of Illinois. s:ild that under tha Omni
bus" bill the pcoplo of tho Territories would
not obtain a slng'.o sub iinntliU a Ivantaga which
they eould nut obtain if it waa not passed. The
Senate bill was then reud by sections for
amendments, a number of which were adopted.
The reading of the Senate bill having been com
pleted, unanimous consent was asked and
uT.inlrd to substitute the caucus proposition for
tha "Omnibus" bill. Mr. McDonald then offered
a substitute for that of Mr. Springers. Item
oodles the principal features of tha "Omnibus"
till, escrpt that it provides for tha 'mmedlata
admission of South Dakota. Pending the read'
ing of thlybe House adjourned.
8m at Van. IK. Mr. Hale, of Maine, pre
sented tsredentlals of Mr. Frye for tha Sena
torial term beginning March 4 next, which were
placed on file. The Tariff bill waa taken up,
iba pending question being the sugar bounty
jnendment. A long discussion followed, par-
ilelpated In by Messrs. Keagao, Rpooner, Hoar,
ilray, Butler and George, A vote waa taken
-ind the amendment waa agreed to yeas t7.
iays '). iTba amendment provides that until
tprll, 1U0O. there shall be paid to the produoei
,.f sugar testing not less that eighty degrees by
he polar! scope, from beets, sorghum or eugar
eane grown ithln the United Status bounty
f one eentper pound, under such rules and
egnlatlona as the Commissioner of Internal
levenue shall prescribe.) The bill waa tbea
aid aside, and after passing tha House bill eon.
lltutlug Columbus, 0., a port of delivery tha
cnate adjourned.
Hotis.-The Territorial hills were taken up,
nd a vote on Mr McDonald's substitute which
mbodles tho main features of the Omnibus bill
ut provides for the Immediate admission of
' outh Dakota resulted In lis rejection by
-ote of I t to 1 17. Mr. Ilaker. of New York, and
I Ir. Henderson, of Illinois, spoke In favor of tha
r-enate hill, and after being slightly amended
ha bill posted yeaa 141 naya M. The House
i ien took a rccoss until evening. At tho night
sslon thirty pension bills wore passed and the
louse adjourned.
Semat. Jan. ID Mr. Hoar a credentials foi
' 1e next term, beginning Mar. h 4, were pro-
jntcd ar.d filed. The certificate of Anthony
ik'gins. of Delaware, went to tha Committee
- n Hrivllerea end Election! because not In ro-
.iliedfoim. Tha House message, announcing
. ta -aaasage, with air endtnen ta. of tha South
Dakota Admission bill, was referrei to tha
t'ommlttee on Territories. The Tariff bill was
'ken op and amendments were Mr ed to
-lightly Increasing tha duty 00 pen-knives,
Mocket knives, resort and rator blades, guns
tnd revolving pistols. After a brief secret ses
1 lost the Senate adjourned.
Honsi. Tke House passed tha Senate bill
prowling for Circuit Courts at point named In
Arkansas, Missouri, South Carolina and West
Virginia, thereby making tha judicial system
uniform throughout the United Slates. The
onference report cm the protection of girts In
the District o Columbia was agreed to, and the
.ill to rerulata Immigration placed on tha eel
vndar. The rortlfloatlon bill was passed. The
emaladerof tha session waa devoted to aulo
rlstle addresses on the death of E. W. KoberV
00, of Louisiana, and the passage of epproprt
ute resolutions.
Tha Dopnrtuiont of Bute boa nvnlvod a
ablogTam from Consul Allen at Kingston,
lamaka, aUtlna; thai tha United HUtes
steamer Osslpae arrived there, on tha 18th
. ivlth the Hayt-Uo Bepublia
Governor Denver, of Pennsylvania, chief
marshal of tbe inaugural puratle, baa an
uouneed aa bis cblef of aufl liriadiur (Jen
ral Danlol U. llusUu.s, AJJuUnt Uonoral
of Pennsylvaiilu.
BpeclaJ Afeiit Bynic'r, report til reiranl to
the sugar frauiln at Now York and Philadel
phia ahowa, as coinpurud with lloston and
by reason of the lower duty, a lo of over
$4,000,000 botwoen J ne 1, lt-sft. Ha rooom-
mends a list of ' oftlclaia fur lininedlote re
moval for dereliction of duty, dlsrojfurd of
regulations and dtfi:ino of orders,
TheComptrolfcrof the Curriinny hnji'au
thorized the First NuModiU Bank, of Ullts
boro, Ore., and tho Citizens' National Bank,
of Prnnkllit, Ind., to nninmuuco business,
each wilb, acajiiul of tViii n:)J. '
W. A. IIowoll, eupoi visor of t"ho 1fvf
York dlvl-lon or tho Ponusylvanla Railiuil,
and J. B. Cox, Ills us il, taut, huvo b-jiin nr
rosled for aiiroiriu.ting 3,n.)0 of tho com
pany's money to tliolr own uao. The monoy
was obtained by soiling oU tiu utid ruin.
Business fail urns occurring throughout
the country during tho scon il.ivs ondod
vlanuury 18, number for tlta Uniiul Blaies
284 and for Canmlu 4(1 or a tot ul of F3I, ns
apiinst a total of SSI tho provlous wook, and
814 for tho cjmiipoiiiliiu ivjik of lout year,
Charles Austin, for t-iit.y yoirs boolt
keoor for BUHSiiy A Me Mid, of Troy, 2J.
Y., has dla.iM0ii:oJ ijHi ir with 11ho.1t
tl0,H00belnni;iiuti till linn. Austin has
liitd cnmp!t'o control nf t'.i ) linn's bo iUs for
yoars. He U suppisc.! to bj in C.inn In.
All tho clffariiiirVirs in forty Havana
cigar munuf:toVi-los l i Nmv York City tveat
on strike on tho 18'h a r-iimt a r -Juotlon of
3 iter 1,01M wliio'i tlia omplnyert made
eighteen months u-r.v Tha stillcevs, who
are mostly Cubans, niuuuor over one thou
J. Unrton, allns. . Warron Miller, was ar
rested at Trinld:id. Col., on the l?tti by a
deputy United Hiatus Marsh il un tho charge
of having dafruudod tho liovcrmneul of
fl,t1U while piRinmstor at Royal City, Ind.
Burton with his family has been liviug at
Trinldnd for soma Mm v,
The Nebraska Kenate has pascd Henetor
Ransom's valued policy insurance bill, by
which tire insurance companies must pay
tbo face vulua of policies ia cao of total
The directors of tho Pullm-in Palncj Car
Company on the lSlh dcx-larcd tho regular
quartorlv dividend of two iter cent.
Aft r three day's trial a i'Jry at Andor-
son, Ind., found AD 100 uovnt, a ivcaitny
farmer, guilty of posting a li.lo-cap not.ee
warning Charles Mrlvoo. paitinnstor at
Myers, lud., to pay his dobls. Uoylo was
fined to).
Judge Butler, of Plil'a lolp'.ila, has ren
dered a d'.claion to the efT.x-t that the action
brought in the Unite 1 Slates District Court
to recover s tl.OJJ iwnully fi-nm James Loos
Si Hons for the employment of contract labor
attholr mills at Hrl lri'iiori, l'a., should
stand, and the matter will llierjroiM bi dis
posed of by a jury trial.
buwnrd J. Anderson, a ricw 1 oru lawyer.
driven todcsi-orution bv tovert.y, voniinitted
suicide on tho 18tb bv slio'it.i'ig I1I111 n-lf.
The employos working in the erecting
shops of tho Huntingdon (l'a) car works
were notified on the l'.ltli Unit their wages
would be cut down one dollar a man per car,
and the whole furre or workmen ut once
struck. At a subsequent mooting they
adopted a rtrpfcil Ion to hold out until their
formor wa:;es woro nffi'rec.
Istuio Boll, ox-Unlt'd Htutos Minister to
the Netherlands, died ut New t'ork City on
the Hh.
A clrculur from tho Atvh.blah.np of Now
York was read on tho l'.l.h in nil tho Catho
lic churches of the archdi icvso of Now
York, placing Dr. McClynn und nil his fol
lowers umlur the ban. uud unnouneing that
to attend the meetings of the Antl l'overty
League Is "open and public sin." Ihe cir
cular Instructs the priests to refuse absolu
tion to all who follow Dr. iloMynn or at
tend meetings of his anil-poverty society.
"While Cups"' have recently apimured at
Little Falls, Herkimer, Johnstown, Amster
dam, Fultonville, and othor towns In New
Exiwrts of stracle from the port of Now
York for tbo week oud9d Novombnr l'J,
amounted to f ir, I (M'i, of n lileh 4I9 was
In gold and s.'U'J,U:l7 In silver. The exports
of specie for tho week amounted to fJltt.wy,
of which f 107.4SO was in gold and cV'i,4T0 in
The clairvoyants who wore recently ar
rested nt New iluven, Conn., under an old
Blue law" against fortuno tellers, failed
to appear whan their cases were called on
the l'.i'h, and their bunds of fJOO were de
clared forfeited.
The coroner's jury Investigating the re
cent Willoy building disaster at Pittsburgh,
bave returned a verdict of negligence
against Contractor Hurkenstcin, Building
Inspector Frank, and C. Willey, the owner
of the building, for normitting the construc
tion of an unaafe building.
Charles Fries, who was recently commit
ted to the Gloucester County (N. J.) jail for
forgery, committed sulcido on the lath by
banging himself to the door of his colL
Hon. Hamuel B. Wilson, the oldest mem
ber of the Beaver County (Pa.) bar, and ouo
of the moat prominent Democratic poli
ticians in Western Pennsylvania, died bt
bis borne In Pittsburgh on tha 19th.
The weekly statemont of the New York
associated banks, issued on the 19th, shows
the following changes: Reserve increase,
13,480.400; loans Increase 13, 007,500; specie
Increase, (1,518,100; legal tenders Increase,
11,839,400; deposits Increase, tS,780,000; cir
culation decrease, 104.800. The banks held
118 029,400 In excess of the twenty-Ova per
cent, rule.
The Bellows Falls Brewing Company, of
Boston, has fulled. Liabilities, ',U,000;
nominal as .els, KJOO.Ouu Tba creditors
have agreed to accept forty cents on the
The building at Deporo, Wis., occupied by
the Btandard, and the Democrat newspaper .
offices, was wrecked and set on Bra by
boilor explosion on tbo 17th, resulting In
the Injury of several omployos who wore
forced to jump from tbe second story win
dow to save their Uvea, Editor Heymann
and Frank Castle were - injured. Loss
Dr. Charles Oesterltn, who was first to
discover natural gas In Northwestern Ohio,
and who was widely known at a philanthro
pist, died at Flndlay, 0 on the 18th, aged
Tbe Ohio Blabs Board of Pardons have
unanimously voted to ask Governor Foraker
to commute tho sentence of Mrs. Mary 8.
Garrett, sentenced to be hanged January
25, to Imprisonment for life.
In the United States Circuit Court. .t Nor
folk, Vs., on the IHth Robert T. K. Kaln, a
director nf the Exchange National Bank,
which failed here In 1883. was found guilty
of auproprlatiiig tbe funds snd credits of
the bonk. The minimum sontenoe for tbe
offense is five years.
At Winchester, Va., 00 tho IHth the Jury
Id tbe Rldenour murder case, after being
out one hour, brought In a verdict of not
guilty. Rldenour had boon twice convicted
and sentenced to be hanged. Upon tbe Judge
discharging tbe prisoner, crowds pressed
round him to congratulate him.
Governor Lowry, of Mississippi, lias tele
graphed the sheriff of Komper County to
ferret out and arrest tbe perpetrators of the
recent outrages upon negro families if be
has to apprehend every man In his county;
and promises to give him all the aid and
support noooasary.
Mrs. Mulinda Hall, a widow, and four
small children Ilrlng at Laclede, Mo., wero.
tnurdored on tho 10th by tho woman's
cousin, Joseph How, a school lenohcr. Ho
fired the rosideuco aiidoreiimUxl ins victims.
Tho murderer was tracked la ths suuw to
tlio next Ipwn and arrested. ' 1
It is loporUsd that sniull-pox is epldemto
In tho smull Mluhlgan towns of Azalin,
iMuidconnd Milan, on the Toledo & Ann
Arbor railroad, yuarautines are to bo ea
tabltdiod. Charles C. Tluklor, who recently pleaded
guilty at Cincinnati of forging chock for
n,0jp, was on the 19th scutenccd to five
yoars In the pen tontlary. -
While ihrio boys were hunting near
Eckert, Ind., on the 10th they dttgoutan old
log after a robbit and discovered a pot of
gold coins. The treasure counted out 14 .000.
The residence of Joel W. Niles at Berrien
Springs, Mich., burned on the 19lh. Nlles,
George Lathrop and his wifeand child were
in the building at the time. All escaped ex
cept Niles, who perished In the flumes. He
had been in tho habit of smo'tlng In bod at
nlgjit, and It Is thought tho fire caught from
his pie. 11
On tho 19th a railroad bridge act-ors Orcen
river it Spottsville, Ky., on which a gang of
workmen wore engaged suddenly gave way.
Twonty workman wero proclpltuted Into the
river. Twelve woro drowned aDd soveral
others seriously If not fatally Injured by
fulling timbers and iron.
Willio Murch. aged fifteen years, son of a
prominent cltlzou of Escanubu, Mich., and
John Peterson, aged sixteen, son of County
Treasurer Petorson. of the sumo place, have
disapiieared and no doubt are drowned.
When lust seen they woro suauag lur out in
the luko. v
Tbo coal miners lu tho osnpley of tho
Kprlng Valley Coal Company held a mnss
111 oe ting In tho opera house atHprlng Val
loo. 111., on tho 19th and by a uuauimous
vote decided to quit work so long as ono
Thomas Mulrcy worked In the mines, Ihis
throws l.bOO men out of employment.
The Italian bark Urbano, fram liuenoi
Ayro. for Pensaoola, Fla., in ballust, went
ashore thlrty-milos east of Pensacola tha
other night and is a total loss. The oClcer
and crow were rescued.
Un the 19th Flora Rohr, aged slxteon, liv
ing at Fuyotto, Mo., was engaged In a qimr
rol with Mrs. E. J. Johnson, who opposod
the girl's engagement to her son, when the
girl shot and fatally wounded the eldei
woman, afterward sending a ballot through
lior own brain.
Estimates from well Informed sources say
that tho amount involved In the Sceflolc'
failure nt Ht. Churles, Minn., Is likely to rut
up to t:;:xi.(KH). His mills, elevators snd otliot
property involved In the deal la valued l
A passenger train on tho Rock Island rail
road collided with a streetcar at the Thirty,
ninth street crossing lu Chicago on the 19th,
The streetcar was demolished and throe ol
Us six occ .puutswere seriously if not fatal1 y
On tho2 itu whllo a pleasure party wero
returning from Q:iinnoss'!o, Mich., the team
ran away ouJ overturned tho sleigh. Her.
bert Armstrong agent of tho Canal Com
pnny, was fatally hurt, and Mrs. Armstrong
und two young ladles were Hllghtly Injured.
The L'niU-d Hlule steamer Vundulia loft
Ran Francisco on the lth bound for the
Hamoan islands, tho present, acat of war
like disturbance.
Tho debt of tlio Dominion of Canada In
creased lust year from f!7.814.77J to U34,-6i:),:i0-S.
Thoro was an Increaso in the cot
of nearly every brunch of tho public service.
On tlio 17th the western wall or tbe Ice
palace in process of erection at Montreal,
Can., collnpaod owing to the mild weather.
There is no ice in tho river, tbe material for
the pulaco tiuving boon oblaiacd from tbe
canaL "
An explosion of flro-Samp ov Sltt-iiyh In
tho H.vdo collloiy ' near MaiiWIiistirT TEn
glund, rusullod In tho death of thirty per
sons. The fund to defray Mr. Parncll'sexponses
In his fl-rht anilnsL the Lundon Times now
amount to lHMO.
It is stated that all tbo English steel rail
makers have innvd to form a trust, and
that the French, Uerinan and Belgian
makers have cmiaciiti-d to jola tho ring.
It lsexKctod the mnvmn -nt. If successful,
wil! cau-e an mtvaniM in p.'lces of twonty
to twenly-ll' C n'r i-cn'.
TliR Grand Opera Mouse at Bt Paul,
Minn., was gutted by fire on the 21st. Tbe
original cost of the building was rJuO.OOO,
and It had recently been refitted at an ex-
pei se of tX.iXH. Insurance about 79,000,
Tns bsrge Josephine went ashore on the
bar near Hull, Muss., on tbe morning of tbe
21st Of tho crew of four men three were
drowned and one saved.
Om the 21st Governor Foraker commuted
the sentence of Mrs. Mary Uarrett to im
prisonment for life. Mrs. Garrett was sen
tenced to be hanged January 85 for tbe mur
der of her two Imbecile step-daughters near
Hiencer, Medina County, O.
Joiix MeNsii, living on a lonoly road
about twenty miles from Mt Holly, N. J.,
beard somo one knock at his door on tbe
night of the 20th, and thought It was a
White Cap, He nrcd snd killed his brother-
in-law, who bad come to makes call. White
Cap notices had been posted in the neigh
T11 a body of rotor Tilton, aged fifty,
prominent fanner of Humpton Falls, N. H.,
who has been ml'slng three years, was
found in the woods near that place on tbe
21st, hanging to a troo. A revolvor waa
found at tho foot tt tho tree, and It was evi
dent that ho had suicided.
O the 20th ono of the large tanks re
cently erected at Mouth Chicago by the
Standard Oil Company for the storage of oil
from Lima, O., burst, and 3T,onO burrels of
oil ran to wuste. Loss about tS.OOO.
Tus will of the late Mrs. Jay Gould was
filed tn New York City on tbe 2JJ. It was
executed November 6, 1877, and leaves all
her real and personal estate to l.vr children,
' Tin Buprsme Court of Iowa bas returned
a decision which allows the laud owners to
recover damage from stock men who havo
herded stock on unfenced lands.
G10R01 A. PiKKCt. secretary of tho
Planters and Merchants' Insurance Com
pany of Mobile, Ala., is mooo short In bis
accounts and his wboreuboiits is unknown.
Parker Bros., building contractors, who
have been boycotted by the Brleklavers
Union, of Cincinnati, were awarded 1,700
damages against tbe union by a Jury on tbo
AT the conclusion of tbe morning hour In tho
Benats on the Slat lbs Tariff bill was takeu up.
The wool schedule being under consideration,
a number of amendments were reported by
tbe Committee on- Finance and adopt
ed. Tbe debate ront nurd until adjourn
mnt. ...In the House, under the cull
of States for the Introduction of bills for refer
noe. Mr. Vandyre, of California, Introduced a
Joint resolution requesting the President to
open negotiations with the republic of Mexico
for the cession of Lower California to
the United Slates. The Naval Appropriation
bill waa reported and placed on the calendar. A
motion to suspend the inlrsand adopts resolu
tion providing for a Hnu! vote on the Okhsma
mil on ins win. was airreod to. Tha
Home passed, under the suspension of the
ruics, ine o-ii amounting in nvo civilised na
tions of Indian to loase land wltliia their
boundaries for mining purposes, subject to the
approval of th Hm-rftsry nf tlio Interior: also
tne mil to ucmuM- 1110 m-iyimmn of interna
tional mnnrr order from 'li to fMO. Adjourned.
News About Town.
It U tbe current report about town that
Kemp's Balsam for tbe throat and lunfs I
Is making soma remarkable cures will)
people who are troubled with Coughs,
More Throat. Athmu, BronchliiB and Con-
suuiptlon. Any druggist will give you a
trial buttle tree of coat. Ills guaranteed
to relieve and curt) The large bottles are
nuy cents and one dollar.
Cruop WuooriNU Cough and brod-
uhiUs Imme Hut- ly relieved by Shlloh'e
Cure. Sold bv t . U. Felt.
A Oroat Surprise
Is In store for all who ust Kemp' sBl
sain for the throut and lungs, the great
guaranteed remedy. Would you believe
that It Is sold on its merits and that any
druggist is authorized by the proprietor of
this wondt-rtul remedy to give yuu a sam
ple bottle free; It never lulls to cure acute
01 chronic coughs. All druggists sell
Kemp's BaUum. Largo bottles SO cents
and (1.
Why embittirllle by dragging around
with lame back, diseased Kiuueys.uropsi
ual swellings, female weakness, nervous
debility, heart disease snd rheuuiatlrcom.
nlaiuls, when Ur Fenner's money ana
Backache Cure will so quicklj cure? Rev.
A .J . Merchant, Presiding Jiiuer writes:
'Heave me almost Instant and entirely
permanent relief." Superlorto all known
meuicinesin tnvscuisenses. rursaie uy
Siiiuih'b Catarrh Remkdy a posi-
tlve cure. for catarrh, dlpiheria ami
canker mouth.
Sold by F. D. Felt.
Blmolv purilving and cleansing the
blood Is not sutUcieiil. ' It needs enriching
also, the nervous system needs toning un
all of which Is accomplished by Dr. Keve
Hit's Blood and Liver Remedy aud N'erll
Tonic. Use Ins Cougn lloney in as
conghs; his Golden Relief tn nil pains
and stomacb and bowel disorders, hip
Kidney and Backache Cure In lame back
dropsy and all kidney disorders; his tier
man r.yc-suive in sore ryes, crackeu skin
and piles; hi
s Capitol timers tor appetite
and strength.
For sale by druggists.
The Homeliest man In Wellington as
well as the Imndsouiest, snd others are In
vited to call on nny druggist and get free
a trial bottle of Kemp's liulsam for the
luntrs antl turosi, s renieuy tiiat is Bening
entirely upon its merits and Is guaranteed
to relieve and cure all Chronic snd Acute
Coughs, Asthma, lironcliilis and Conuni-
plion. Largo bottles 0U cents ana l.
Why Will You cciigli when Slilloli's
Cure will give iiniiiedluierelict. Price
IQcts., 50 etc, anil $1.
Sold by F. I). Kelt.
IimoiiT's OihKAHECuitKU. Three years
ago 1 was uttacked wilh kidney trouble,
which In a few months terminated id
HrlL'ht's disease. Mv physician said niv
rase was incurable. 1 tried aiuereni
things and received no benefit until a
friend persuaded mo to try ut. isuruick s
Kidney cure. I sent and got oic botlle;
before that was hall gone I felt a change.
One bottlo removed from ray body and
limbs fifteen pounds of water, which bad
been very badly swollen I used twelve
ttottlcs and was entirely cured, and never
IikI any return ol the disease since. 1
would recommend this medicine to all
suffering with: kidney or liver trouble, to
which 1 owe my life.
Kespecirully yours,
Ei.mkii Jackson, Wocobury, N. J.
75 cents and $1. V I) Kelt. 4)1 1:1
Foolish People
Allow d cough In run until it get beyond
the resell of meil iclne. 1 bey sny, "Ub, It
will wear away," but In most cases it
wears them away. Could they be in
duced to try the successful medicine
railed Kemp's Balsam, which Is sold on
misltive guarantee to cure, tliev would
1 .7 - : .. .. '. v . -
Immetllateiy see I fie excellent euect aner
takliiB the nrst dose. Price 50c and $1.00.
Trial si.e free. At all druggists.
890 in Six Months.
VanWert Oemlcal Co, Water ton, N. Y.
Gentlemen. 1 take pleasure in in
forming you of the wonderful uiees
we have had with your Lung lisisani.
We have sold In the last six months
HtfO bottles. We bave guaranteed near
ly every bottle but as yet bave had only
four returned. 1 rm In receipt of scores
of testimonials trom the most promin
ent residents of our city which I should
llko to send you. Trial size free. E.
W. Adams the L adlng Drngglste
Yours KcHpectfully,
S. Kelt, Jr, DiujtflH.
A Sensible Man
Would use Kemp's Balsam lor the
Throat and Lungs. It Is curing more cases
of congbs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, croup,
and all throat and lung troubles than any
other medicine. Tbe proprietor has sutli
orlzed any druggist to give yon a sample
bottle free to convince you of tbe merit ol
tbls irreat remedy. Large b.ittles SOc
and $1.
Arctod maoc mlslerble by Indiges
tion, constipation, dizziness, loss of ap
petite), yellow skin ? HlilloU' Vltallzcr
Is 1 positive oure. sold uv 1 , v. ten,
Interested People.
Advertising s rt niedlrine in Ihepe
cullsrwsyln which Kemp's iislsam.lor.
L'oushs and Colds does. It Is Irdet d won-
derlul. He authorizes all diugglsls to
give those who call for it, a sample bottle
tree, that tnov rosy try it oeiore purcn
Ing. The large bottles are SO cents and
Otlfl dollar. We certainly would advise a
trial. It may save you from consumption.
Sav kd Tnis Valub of a Fahm Sellers'
Cough yrup has sttalned a reputation al
most eaual to Hellers' Pills, and more could
hardly be said of any other medicine. The
syrup should be kent In every family
where there are children, and grown up
people find It a most valuable medicine
forcoushs. colds, hoarseness, and throat
and lung diseases. Tba pills ar such
standard remedy in some parts of Ihe coun
try that a family never thinks of doing
without them. Said sn old gentleman in
Esstern Maryland, "Why I have raised my
family on Sellers' Pills, and I consider
them almost as essential lot family ss
bread. In the last thirty yeais they have
saved me enough, in doctor bills, to pay
for farm. Cincinnati Times-Star.
Itch, Mange, snd Scratches' on human
or animals cured in w wnutea- oy worn.
ford's Sanitary Lotion.- i ins never isii
Sold by K. W. Adams, Druggist, Welling.
ton.Qhio. ,-iy
Headquarters For-
TTirocVi Pnnetprt PriiTpft
r TeSU rVUaSlCU jV11VV,
" Oysters,
" Groceries,
" Fruits,
" Provisions,
" Candies,
Smoked Meats
And In fact everything in our line is
On account of the vol
ume 01 business done
KoksreUle StockAccrues
On our hands. Deliv
eries made promptly by
pnnrfoniio onH o'rofnl
driver. Thankful for
past patronage weask a
continuance of same.
Very Respectfully,
For Rent:
Two Houses pleasantly located.
A good House and Lot on Tay
lor street for sale cheap and on
reasonable terms. 3Ctf
Sage & Co
I Weekly Edition of the Commercial Gazette.
The Foremost, Freshest, and Fairest
Weekly newspaper, published near Ibecen.
ter of the population of this great Repub
lic and mailed to any address for less than
two cents a week, by the year. This pa
per advocates with the strongest emphasis
American idkas In the conductor all our
Government affairs, tbe elevation ol our
people, the betterment of their financial
and social conditions, and the purity of
our Americas IIomks. Tbe Weekly Ga
zette Is a Republican paper to the core and
stands bv the United States Constitution.
It is, strictly speaking, a Family News.
PAr-KR, and should be In every Ismily In
this broad land during the next twelve
months. The Weekly Gazette is a great
educator, and every department Is full of
Interest to old and young. The news Is
given from every part of the civilized
globe, in proper form. A variety ol
sketches nf travel, adventures, long and
short stories, appear every week.
Send for Sample Copy. Price! I a Year,
or Six Month for 55 cents.
The Semi-Weekly
A fifty-six column paper, . published
every Tuesday and Friday, and contains
the general news at heme and abroad.
Price $2.40 a pear, or Six Montlm for
11.25. Sample Copies Free.
The premiums offered with Weekly nod
SernKWeekly Gazette are valuable. Ad.
RICHARD SMITH, Vic Prsldnt. 47-12
D Tnr Owb Ixlna;, at Hom.
Th-v will dv tvarythlnr. ltiey re sold vrf.
srbT. Prloi IO. a pMkaf. TheybaveDeequsI
for Htrenr-S, bnlitoss. Amount la Pwksna
or for fsstnrss of (klur, or non-f din Qualities.
Tbeydoniitenwkersniiit; SOsolera. JTursalebi-
X, W Adams slsoF.D. Felt
Caveats, and Trade Marks obtained, and 1
Patent business conuucicu ior njuuernvr it
Our ofllce is opposite tl.S.fateutOaice, V e
have nosub-agencles.allbuslnessdireet. bent e
can transact patent business In less time ai d
at less oust than those remote from Washing
rJend moaei.arawmK, orpiiow witu urai-rip
tlnn. Weadvlself patentable or not. free o
charge. Our fee not due till patent is secured
A book, "How to Obtain Patents," with ref
erences tn actual clients in your State, county
or town, sent free. Address
C A. SNOW & CO.,
Opposite Pstent Office, Washington, D.C.
1 r
City Market,
Is the best place in the city
togetstrictlyNo.lMeats, (
and ISausage Fresh
and Salted.
Meal always cTeon. Attention slwsy
given. Pricehalwajfalr.
Successor to
Carpenter Clock, Welllncton.'O
Almost as Palatable as KilU.
Ro rflsrnlasd (bat it cats be taX-cn.
'..r.fn, md oaslmllalrd by the inu.
...iiiUlvo slomach, whan tha plaits t'l
-,,..,( Im lolarBtodl aud br the ccci-
sinallnn of the oil svlth lh bypstptisw
lailkc Is uinen more tursuion,
Euuikatle as a fitsh prodactr.
Pcrsois rjsb repldly wullt'UVlag It.
SC0TT8 EMTJITON Is acknowledged by ,
T", ..Q,io,. in tu ttiA FinRst and finst rjrutio
i oiou in the world for the relit f aud cure 0
Tht grtcA remedy Jar Cbmuuiffatt, and
tyottinn in ChUdrtn. SJd bu a!l Dnujglsta.
Blood Pnisaa.DlMsw of KMoTS.BlllsTnIMbro
(sns,V.ikuMW,NsrSTus U -III' 7. Lost MsnhiKKl r-S
sal is of Krrorsln youth rrMIni! ponnsoonl l
cnnsl. Oon t.tlon snttrst.su-s.ililr-onf mU.. ,
Vlans dju QHlRDLi. 171 w. una b. w sat
mum & uee mi railroad.
TIME TABLE Ib Effect Nov. 25, 1BB8.
cssTBiLSTAausan Tiaa.
1. m.
10 10
11 on
11 ft.
It 40
1 su
1 V
fefil II Lf Sit-
D, HI. D. HI. D. BI.
no 4&u 745
107 1 46 10 00
8n (iu
m 40 e6
104 (4U s. n.
8 SO 6 68 II Oft
140 7 17 t 17
4 SO t IS ftft
6 17 i 14
k& ( 60 4 10
1 m
1 06 I S6 I tft
(46 7 18 7 IB
46 7 18 TIB
7 (J 7 16 7 Sft
7 Ml ) 8 10
7 48 8 40 8 40
8 00 too t to
8 0m 9 11 (SO
8 I6 9 SU 980
Tolado Lv
0k llsrbor.,
yremoat ....
Monrocvill .
Morwslk ....
Kavarr 1....
Valley J station Lv
Nw CanibrlBd...
Bowersloo Ar
Csnsl Povar t 63
New Cemarslowo 8 86
Csmbridg 4 94 ....
Msckstiurf 8 W
HarletU Ar 7 08 ....
p. m a. m a. m
WEiTWATtD. No"to8N74 Xo
a. m. p. m. a. n. a. m
Msrlotts I.V 46 11 60
p. m.
Macksbnrg 7 67 I (X
Cimbrldg 9 87 98
Nw C'omerslown 10 18 8 16
Cnsl Dover 10 66 8 67
Bowersloo 10 46 8 60 6 66
Leesvllle 10 6H 8 67 tu
Rberrodsville 11 Oil 4 08 910
New C'nmberlsnd II IK 4 17 899
Vslley Junction 19 1 4 86 9 46
rtsvsrr 19 46 ft III J r, ......
Massllloa 1 06 ft6 81m -
Orrvlll Ar 140 6 06 8 so
' lv 145 '8 Sft 918
Creston lv 818 7 04 941 ....
Wellington...-. 806 7 48 U8g ....
Norwslk 8 66 ll III 7 8ft
Monroevillc 4 07 ( 1146 7 96
Bellevn 491 ..1 46 1I6U 7 It
Clyde 4 89 JO Oil 1916 8 0
Promoot 4 55 .1017 1990 8 U
Oskllsrhov 6 til 19 69 8 4s
Toledo Ar 9 90 11 15 1 60 I !
p. ra. p. ns. p.m. s. m
XORTaWABO. I 96 I 97
Moneoetille lv am 8 90pm
Norw.ik ;;;.;;..-. ,i lu
Mllsa Ar 7 10 4 90
Prlese landtnf 7 99 4 99
Huron Ar 7 40 4 60
ItaronLv..,. ; ... 886am 8 80pm
Prlese Landing 9 10 5 46
Hlla 9 98 8 08
Wn.,b i Ar 9 59 r 89
Worwslk j La w ,
Monroevllle Ar 11 46 8 40,
'. ' Dllv. '
Thlstnad 1 snow opes through from Toledo t
Bowerstowa connecting witb the Pennsylvania
Hystsmforallpolnts East - . , .
thboosm oAasiavica
BtweenToldo,C'smbrldgeand Varletl .
" " Dd Howers town .
. and Akron, Vonnistswi. Ad
. Cklgo,Aavoa,YoangstowraB8 rills
knrirh .
ea'J Hssisf , tia'l Pwts-. Af

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