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Tha Dolngjaof a Day . In tbo Buok
- . eye State.
White Cup Notice lit LI in 4.
Lima, Jan. Sl'lio noiilti part of this city
is excited overtho iviwarunco of White
Cup n. tioes aguiu, and the people have made
arranirement for a warm reception of them
when they niuke their appearance. Last
Monday Walter Easton, a curpontor, form
orly id the employ of the Lnfuyette car
works, but thrown out of employment by
rooent shut-down of the works, found a
notice sticking under his door, warning him
to go to work before January 23 or thoy
would pay him a vlMt, It uUo contained
notice for his wife of the same stylo. The
paper was Illustrated with a skull, cross
bono and whips, and written In rod ink.
Mr. Easton placed it lu the hands of a do
teetlre, who has boon working on tho cane,
and by comparison of tbe writing on the
notice and other nanors secured, has ob
tained positive evidence against the writer,
and he will be arrested to-day. Tbo de
tective claims to have positive proof of an
organised band in this county, composed of
leading citizens and will push tho prosecu
tion of them to the full extent of tho law.
Trouble In a Youngstown Church,
Youhostowx, Jan. 22. Itov. J. A. Bnod
gruss. who has boon pastor of the First Bap
tist Church for the past eight years, has
tendered bis resignation and a meeting of
the members of that church will hi hell
Wednesday evening to consider the matter.
. I Tbe resignation was caused by certain
(members making charges that Hov. Bnod
' (grass had been runnlug In debt and had in
duced members to Indorse notes for him that
jie had not puld and by this courso was
wringing discredit on the church. The
phurch is uboutevonly divided In the matter
jknd u lively session is expected Wednesday
night. Tho frionds of the pastor a-sort that
the charges are groundless. Ker. Bnodgrass
askij for a full investigation, No charge
I other than those named Is urged by bis eno-
mles. A If H. Rice, who has been treasurer
(of the church for fifteen yoars, has also pre-
I sen tod bis resignation, and should the eno
ales of tho pastor carry out their schomo
Other woalthy members will sever their
onnectlon with tno church.
A Dangerous l.unatlo in .lull.
Wei.mvi'.i.k, Jnn. 22. A craiy fellow has
en lodged in n lockup for several duys
Waiting hi frieuds to como und take core
him. hunday he was found with a re
river, and wouldn't allow his jailor to
ime near him. He discharged the weaKn
iveral times and It was dangorous to ap
, roach. Friday be called at the United
Presbyterian parsonage and wanted to be
jjmarried to woman whose name be could
P not give, but whom
n Jio told he hod coon at
the minister'! chuTVh. Tlio latter spent
tnreo nours wun tno crazy man ero an or.i
cor arrived and took charge of him.
Desperate fl;ht Hetween llrother.
Yoc.vustowx, Jnn. 23. Four brothers,
named Richmond, all young men, engugctd
in a light yestordsy aftornoon while under,
the influence of liquor, Willlum aud James
arraying themselves against John and Jo
seph, the latter being terribly cut and
beaten. Whon the officers arrived tho car
pet In ono room was saturated with blood,
and razors, pokers and chairs scattered
aronnd tbe floor. Joseph had bis right leg
cot to the bone and John lost a finger, Tbe
quartet were arrested and will have a hear
ing to-day.
An Insane Woman nulrlilee.
Woostir, Jan. 23. Mrs, Dr. Thomas Mo-
Clarrbn, of Wellington, committed suicide
here yesterday with poison. She bad been
released from Newburg asylum on Friday,
and oamo here to visit a ststor.. Bhe lost
her reason some weelsa ago whllo helptnt
to care for an Insane relative. Her hnsbai.il
was, until a few months ago, surgeon ia
charge of the Rosebud Indian Agency In
Dakota. ' Her mind has been- affected by
hardships she soffoard while In the Terri
tory. '
llouglit by III Htamlard.
FiSDiiT, J sni 23. Duke, Conroy It Myers,
who bsve bad a large acreage of valuable
oil land In this and the Wood County Holds,
yesterday sold their entire possessions to
the Standard Oil Company, getting for the
same the sum of f 140,(100. This about cleans
up the large holdings of oil territory in this
locality and places the Northwestern Ohio
petroleum field almost entirely In the handi
of the great corporation,
Keeemed Work.
Mii.es, Jan. 23. The Peacock coal mine,
owned and operated by Oreenwood Bros.,
which baa been in litigation and cense
. quently Idle for a long time, resumed work
' Monday morning. This tnlno employs a
large force of siea and resumption oreatoi
a great stimulus to the Industrie of tn
southern portion of the township.
Ulvon a' Hearing for Chilli Munler.
8TSCHr.xvii.LS, Jan. 23. Peter Itoughor,
arrested upon the confession of his para-
J mour for the munler of his child three yean
I ago, was given a preliminary hearing tail
I evening and committed to jail on the charge
I of murder in the first degroo. The grand
Jury convenes In two week.
I Inctlrteil tor Violating (lame Laws,
Coshocton, Jan Hi Thnmaw Hartshorn,
Caleb Crawford aud W. It. Outer, nil si
Dewcomxr.itown, Tuuuraw.tC iu ity, have
been Indicted by ths L'ushncUm County
grand jury fur (lyiiamil lug tlsh in ths Tus
carawas rlvor. I'rauir Is I lie mayor of Sow-
I comomtown.
i)ortor tiles li a Ml.
Mamtiki l, J.m. 2i. At one oVInrk .VPs-
I terday ufK ri:oon, in .t uFic tmllini; u loolb
iior a patient, Jh-, ;;. -. WhIi ii-o tell In no
Viimid ec c lit m il ii d .' - h -i r Inter. The
Jli' vmoil tVM u'y vi-nr if n! iiml
loavna a wl-ii-w u , -r.-n, ..
A atlaraotnry Test of tha Ztllnskl Pnea.
made Uyaamlla Una What the Weapon
Can Do,
Niw York, Jan. 21. A tost of Captain E.
L Zallnskl's pneumatlo dynamite gun, made
Saturday afternoon at Fort Lafayotle, In the
harbor, wss very satisfactory. Throe tests
at 1,000, 600 and 100 yards wore to have been
made, but tbe programme In this respect
was not carried out, Only two shots were
fired one of a 200-pound shell and the
other of 600 pounds, ohargod, with No. 1
dynamite, and each was discharged at a
point the site of a vessel's deck inarkod by
buoys at a distance of one mile. The ab
sence of an object made -It1 Impossible to'
demonstrate thoroughly the destructive
power of the shots, but It was said that
either of tbe bombs burled would bave de
stroyed any man-of-war afloat
Captain Zillnikl fired the first 200-pound
shell with remarkable precision, but tbe
second was not so accurately guaged. The
gun was of a 15-Inch caliber, and each shot
Leant upward a body of water to a height of
ibout 800 feet Among those who wltaeased
e experiments were Commander Goodrich
id Lieutenants Bcbroeder and Flake, who
institute the naval board, and wilt make a
i port on tba tests, wblob were designed. to
letermlne tbe Federal acceptance of the
dynamite gun for ths new fast war vessel
WASEONGTON. bought by the vanderbilts. . TnTVT?n ttaanvj I . - ... ..
A Plea for tbe Publication of tbe
Naval Heoords
Of the War ol the Kalwlllon Made by Dee.
retary Whitney An Important l)e
, clslon It ndered by the Su
preme Court.
WisnixoTcw, Jan. 23. Becroiury Whit
ney yesterday sent a letter to Senator Cam
eron, chairman of tbe Committee on Naval
Affairs, In which he says: ."I have to ac
knowledge the receipt of your letter of the
18th Instant enclosing resolutions ot tho
headquarters commandory of the Military
Ordor of the Loyal Legion of the United
States, of Dos Moines, la., In favor of the
publication of the naval records of the war
of the Rebellion, and desiring to be In
formed of my opinion on the subject The
Importance and value of this work aro, in
my opinion, Lot open to question. Tbe de
tailed history of the war is a matter of pro
fessional necessity to the navy. It is the
only war in modern times In which naval
operations, on a great scale, havo been car
ried on. It Is the only war in which rams,
torpedoes, ironclads and steam blockades
have boon employed.
"All thut is known of navul war to-day
dates from tbe war of 1801. We need the
information for building our ships, for
tralulng our officers and for administer
ing the navy department In short, we
need it for every branch of naval ad
ministration If wo want to have an effi
cient navy. Tho work should be done at
once, and prosecuted to speedy completion.
The pupors to be published aro many of
them In private bauds, and every day of
delay adds to tbe probability of their loss or
destruction. It is for this reason that 1
strongly urge Immediate action. The pub
lication of tbe naval rooor is can not be
completed in any reasonable time with tbe
present force of seven clerks and copyists,
and an appropriation of J0.0OO. The amount
asked for by tbe Navy Department falls far
short of that which has been devoted to tbe
army records, but tho department bolloves
that it will be sufficient to prosecute the
"Thowbolo country bus domanded tho
preservation or FarraRUt's old vessel, at an
expenso of (300,000; yet tbe record of Farra
gul's achievements, without which the
Hartford Is only a moauingless relic, Is suf
fered to remain In obscurity for tbe want of
a sufficient appropriation to provide for lu
publication. Tbe compilation of the record
is desired equally by the participants on
both sides in the war, Union aud Confeder
ate, and by people in all sections of the
country, while its Importance to the navy
and tbe Exocutive can not be questioned ;
and for these reasons I earnestly commend
the subject to the favorablo attention ot
Tbe Supreme Court of tho United States
yesterday rendered an opinion In the Im
portant patent case of the Kate Refrigera
ting Company, appellant vs. George Ham
mond & Co., appeal from the Circuit Court
of tbe United States for tbe district of
Massachusetts. By statute of the United
States It ts provided that when a patent Is
taken out in a foreign country and one sub
sequently ts also secured in this country,
the patent shall expire In the United States
with the expiration of the patent In the
foreign country in which It first runs out.
Under the Canadian law patents are granted
for five years with, the privilege of renewal
for two periods of live years each.
Tbe question In this cose was whether tho
lifetime of tbe American patent expired five
years from lis Issuance in Canada or at the
end of fifteen yeara, which is the limit to
which the life of a patent may be extended
In Canada. The Supremo Court through
Justice Match ford holds that the patent In
the United States does not expire for fifteen
years from tho-grantlng of tbe patent; that
is to say, the lifetime of an American patent
first taken out In s foreign country does
not expire until the extreme limit of time
for which an extension of patent may be se
cured In the foreign country. The court,
therefore, reverses the decision of the Cir
cuit Court of Massachusetts and remands
the case to tho lower court, with Instruc
tions to enter a decree In accordance with
the judgment of this oourt The case la re
garded by persons Interested In patents as
one of great Importance. Many electrical
patents are affected by the decision.
The Revolt Against Kenna's Re-el:fltton,
CnARi.ESTOM, W. Va., Jan. 33. -Tbe Legis
lature will go Into the election of a United
States Senator to-day. The Ropublican
caucus hut night nominated ((moral Uoff.
The Democrats have been holding a confer
ence with tbe Intention of resolving it Into
a caucus, but owing to the opposition which
was dovelopod against Benator Konna they
bave been unable to do so, Klght members
are reported as absolutely refusing to sup
port him should be be nominated and a
repetition of tbe doadlock of two years ago
seems Imminent
rrtntlog Company falls.
Cntrsoo, Jan. 23. The Clark dc Longley
Printing Company, of this city, failed yes
terday afternoon, having confessed ludg
menta amounting In the aggregate to ftO,
000, the largest creditor bjing th i Doarborn
National Bank of Chicago for M.0U0. Tba
assets are valuod at about flO.OdO aud con
sist of machinery, paper In stock and valua
ble electrotypes. Tbo tlnnare tho publishers
of tbo weekly papers known as tho Nin th
western Lumberman and tho Orange Judd
Hulclile of a Well-Known Lawyer.
BosTny, Jan. 23. Hon. Charles J. Hnxil;-.,
aged forty-three, a well-known lawyer ol
this city, shot himself do id In the toilet
room of tbo Qulncy Uouso yesterday, owing
prob&bly to financial reverses In a rec nt
hotel venture aud ill heal tit Mr. l)ro.lc
had served In tbe State Senate and wit a
momber of last year's common council, t i
which he was ro-clcctod this year. He lci'
a widow, his second wife, whom he niuri-lei)
about five months ago. K
Grans' Jurors Warned by While Can.
Rockport. Ind., Jan. 33. Cnnsii'ernli't
excitement ha been occasioned h"tt over
White Cap warning received by the grnnd
Jury. The notice, which was prepared Ii.
the usual style, was tacked over tho dooi
of the grand jury room and wnrnod tin
members of that body to "walk straight oi
s" ;. '' - :
The New York Clgarmakers tilrlke.
Nw VoRK, Jan. 23. The 100 clgarmukun
who went out on strike last week are still
out The prospeot for a settlement.' how
ever, are good; most of tbe proraiuent man
ufacturers showing disposition to pay tbe
wages asked by this men. Neither the men
nor the manufacturers are organized, which
makes It difficult to get them together for
Catholic fares ters Condemned.
Vox-rial, Jan. 23. -At St Patrick'!
Church Bunday, Father Dowd condemned
the Cathohe Order of Foresters of Illinois,
eonrU ot wbloh have recently bona estab
lished bera, and eaalioned tha members ol
his ooagrogatioa to bave nothing to do wllD
tho order.
The Hostetter Interests In the Pittsburgh
A Lake Krlo Railroad Purchased by tli"
VamlerUilU, Olvlug Them Control ol
That Line. ' ''
PiTTSiii'iuui, Jan. 22. While thero was
considerable talk yesterday an ong brokers
and bankers In regard to the reported pur.
chase of the Uostuttor interests in tho Pitts
burgh & Lake Erie railroad by the Vander
bilts, there was no special flurry of excite
ment on account of the rumor, because the
Vandorblita had been practically in posses
sion of tho road. President Newell and
othor ofllcli'ls of the line exorcise a typical
railroad retlcenco relating to the oubjoct
Herbert Hostetter Is also non-committal.
A prominent broker, who is very close to
tho Interested parties, said : "The report is
true. I know thut the Hostolter Interest In
the Pittsburgh & Lnko Erie railroad was
bought by the Vanderbilts lust VVednosdny.
The consideration la known only to a fow.
This will Increase the power of the Vunder
bilts. although they controlled tho road be
fore, aud after their winning the 'trust'
suits tbo power thoy possessed was ample
enough to be dictatorial. Tho inside rea
sons of the dolil may possibly never be
known. In all probability, though, it was
simply purchnsod as a good Investment"
The best informed authorities in financial
affairs agreed tint it was simply guesswork
to say what the Vanderbilts would or would
not do with tho Pittsburg & Lake Erie as to
any future possible connections.
Tno annual meetiug of the Pittsburg 4
Luke Krlo which Is to be held to-day, Is prin
cipally for the purpose of hca iug the re
ports of the managers and elecilng a board
Of directors for tho ensuing year.
A Fsltlilris Wlte Mnnlrrs Her Husband
and Sk'pi Out Willi a I'uglllst.
Nkw Yoiik, Jan. 23. A Herald special
from Clio.venuo, Wyoming Tarritory, says:
Calvin Dloodgood was killed at the mining
town ot Bum's Fork, Friday night, by his
faithless wife. Sheriff Uauson, of Uintah,
is on the trail of the woman, who has eloped
with Jack Cushlng, a pugilist from Pitts
burgh, pa. Bloodgood was foreman oi the
big coal mines at Sam's Fork and bis wife
Is a dashing blonde. Cushlng has been
hanging around the mining town and was
made much of by the men. Ho was big and
handsome and qnito a llghtor. Cushlng and
Mrs. Bloodgood eloped on horseback on Fri
day night Dloodgood got a party of miners
together and chased thorn to tbe railroad
station. The husband besought his wife to
return to him and she appeared to waver.
Borne ot tbo party began firing on Cushlng,
who called to the woman to come with him.
Sbe whipped out her revolver and shot her
husband twice. As his friends picked him
up the elopers galloped off. Bloodgood died
in ten minutes. Tbe elopers caught the
eastbound -train, which carried them off
just as tbe furious minors dashed up.
Exalted Over the Immigration Question.
London, Jan. 23. The proposal on the
part of the United States to strengthen tbelr
Immigration laws by drastic enactments has
stirred up a good deal of feeling on the sub
ject horo, Involving criticisms by no means
gentlo or fair. Not only is the matter
wa ched with keen interest in England, but
tbe question is exciting a similar degree of
concern on the continent Not perbaps as
a meauro of retaliation, but as a means of
purifying tho moral atmosphere. It Is sug
gested that the colonies, Canada In particu
lar, have recourse to similar legislation and
thus close the gates against the only classes
who are llkoly to leave the United States
and who do leave that country both tor tbe
country's good and In ordor to keep out of
Jail. The Globe admits that the bill Is a
natural one and perhups Inevitable, but
thinks It will prove to bj exceedingly seri
ous buslnoss for F.urote, and also increases
the probability that the Chinese' question
will bo forced into unexpected develop
ments, rendering the greatest of all social
problems still more difficult of solution,
fovea Neamen Drowned,
BoiiTox, Jan. 23. Tlje crew of the tug
Morse, ashore and a total loss on Harding's
Ledge, were lauded safely yesterday morn
ing by the Hull life saving crew, except
Herman Carlton, a foreman, who was
drowned while trying to reach shore In a
small boat Two seamen of the barge Jose
phine, which the Morse bad In tow, were
drowned. Captain Leunde, of the barge
Banyan, also In tow, was saved. His crew
of four men went down with tbe barge,
Tbe Josephine Is a total wreck. The cap
tain and mate of the Josephine managed to
get ashore by clinging to fragment of
wreckage. They bad a severe experience.
The rescue of the seventeen men from tbe
Morse makes a total- of fortv-Ava lives
saved by tho heroes of Hull this winter. .
Mrs. Uoold's Will.
New Yokk, Jau. 23. Tbe will of Mrs.
Helen I). Uould, wlfo of Jay Mould, was
tiled yesterday afternoon with probate clerk
Finney. She bequeaths a'l her wearing
apparel, jewelry and silverware to her two
daughters, Helen M. and Anna Oould. The
will seta apart a fund ot KKi.OOO for each of
the children. It is to bo invostvd by the
executors and the securities deposited with
the United States Trust Company for safe
keeping. Tho Income is to bo paid to each
child for life. Upon the death ot either,
tbe principal Is to go to bis or bor issue. All
the real und personal property is divided
betwoen tho children, shnre and shiTo alike.
Womnn RulTrsge Gaining Ground.
Vr.w York, Jan. 23. The Woman Suffrage
parly'a State Committee Is advised from
London that about two millions of women
voUd at the elections for the now county
councils in England, Scotland and Walos
last week. Many rich influential and titled
ladies bave united, with I he Countess of Ab
erdeen at their head, to uphold Lady Sand
hurst, Miss Jane Cobdon and other ladles
who were elected to tbe councils in resist
ing any attempt to oust them on any legal
quibble. It Is certain that Lady Sandhurst
will bo made a momberof the London Board
of Aldermen.
A Dastardly Outrage.
Concord, N. H., Jan. 23. Mrs. David
Call, of Franklin, and a boy, aged sixteen,
attended prayer meeting at Hill, N. H., Sun
day night While returning home In a car
riage three men overtook their team in a
lone'y place, frightened the boy away,
dragged Mrs. Call into the wooda and as
aaultod her. Three men, two of them broth
ers named Ballon, and one named Levering,
agod from nineteen to twenty-one yeara,
were arrested yesterday and confessed tbelr
guilt They were arraigned and hold for
the grand jury. Mrs. Call Is In a precarious
condition. '
nnow Htorm In Canada.
Mostreai, Jan. 23. A heavy snow storm
sot In Bunday night and still continues, the
fall exceeding three foet The carnival peo
ple are again In high spirit, as the weather
and every thing a Is is now favorable. Ac
commodations at the leading hotels are be
ing secured, principally by Boatonlans and
New Yorkers.
Tho "Weel Virginia Daadlaek Broken.
CBAkXsrro, W, Va,, Jan. 29. Last even
ing tha Sonata deadlock wa broken by the
election of R. B.Carr as president, ton Dem
acrat and lx Republican voting for him.
Al soon a bis election was announced the
Senate adjourned tntll ten o'clock to-day;
1'Jrt Iwllotu era takes before taa result
wa reached.
England and America Will Resist
Gorman Aggressions
In Samoa An English Naval Force to be
ent Immediately to the Keen of
Disorder Germany Mast Be
speet the Treaty.
Londox, Jan. 33. It I staled upon most
excellent authority that the English gov
ernment has decided to uphold the treaty
by the provisions of wbloh European pow
ers are precluded from obtaining or at
tempting to obtain dominance in Samoa
England bus been fully Informed of tbe
views of tbe American government on tbe
matter and is In full accord with the opin
ions bold In Washington. Tba two govern
ment are agreod that tho action of the
agent of Germany la Samoa is opposed to
the letter and spirit of the treaty and also
violates diplomatic etiquette and endangers
tbe good relations so necessary to tho pres
ence of Amor leans and Europeans when
dealing with semi-barbarous nations. DIs
patches bave been sont to Berlin couched in
language conveying the foregoing sonso of
the situation. - ,
Tho latest news rrcolved by 'Lord Salis
bury from Apia is of a menacing charac
ter and the admiralty have therefore-ordered
tho strength of tbe Pacific fleet to bo
Increased Immediately by at least two pow
erful vessels. Count Von Hstzfeldt, the
German ambassador, had an Interview with
Lord Salisbury yesterday afternoon after
Mr. Phelps bad consulted with Lord Balls
bury. WAsniNUTOX, Jan. 22. It was said at the
Navy Department yesterday that It will take
six weeks at least for tbe war ships Trenton
and Vandalla to make tbe run from this
continent to Samoa. Thus tbe Nlpslo will
be the only vessel representing this govern
ment at those Islands from this tlma until
after tbe 4th of next March. The Trenton
sailed from Panama about a week ago, but
the Vandalla, which sailed from San Fran
cisco Sunday Is a fatter vessel, and will
take a more direct route than tho Trenton,
and will probably reach 8umoa about as
soon as the latter ship.
Christian Scientist Goes Crasy.
SnARo.x, Pa., Jan. 23. For months past
the doctrine of Christian science ha been
growing In this vicinity, and the band of de
votees Include many members of tbe most
cultured society In Sharon, One of the be
lievers, a lady, has for the past few days de
veloped every sign of Insanity, and is now
raving mad on the subject Bbe has thrown
away her false teeth, asserting that tbe Lord
will provide ber with a new set and talks
continually of nothing but glorification,
purification and other theories peculiar to
tho sect Sbe has been In such a high state
of montal excitement that tbe continual ef
forts of a physician have been required to
put ber to sleep. This was accomplished
only after most powerful sedatives had been
administered under false pretenses, as tbe
woman refused any material aid, relying on
tho Lord to relieve her. She imagines that
she Is in constant communication with tbe
Lord, and repeat tholr converartka to all
who calL
A Terrible Crime. .
PiTTsntRrt, Jan. 23. Bridget Kelly, a
young woman of loose morals, died In the
Control station yesterday from tbe effects
of ill treatment received at the hands of
eight men. Sbe wa found In a stable on
the South Side about daylight in an uncon
scious condition, and died shortly after
being removed to- the station bouse. It ts
stated that she wont Into the stable while
nnder the Influence of liquor and was
brutally assualted by the eight men. Five
of them are under arrest and the police are
after the others. The voung woman was
nineteen year of age and quite handsome.
Indianapolis Drops Out of Base Ball.
iNiiuxAroLis, Jan. 23. At a meeting held
ye.terday afternoon, tbo directors of tbe
Indianapolis league Base Ball Club decided
to surrender the club's franchise and Presi
dent Young wss formally notified of their
action. The club officials bave been trying
to secy re an extension for another year, and
hod obtained the consent of all but two or
threo creditors. A threatened suit for fore,
closure by one of lhco brought matters to a
crisis and forced the club to withdraw from
tbo League. Tb liabilities are about f 19
mo and the League I pledged to return $15,
000, which was paid for tbe franchise.
Crooks Arr. sted.
I.'iuxroi.i, Jan. 23. Two well-dressed
men, who so mo duys ago registered at the
New Denlson as Charlea. Howland and
Charles 8. Thompson, were arrested last
night and tbe police believe they have made
an imiwrtant capture. Tlioy woreobserved
loitering about the Indianapolis National
Bank, and tbe bank officials, becoming
slarniod, notified tbe police, A defective
has recognized ono of thum as "Dutch
Lou," of Cincinnati, forAorlyof Pittsburgh,
a famous bank crook who belonged to the
PaUoy Uanley gang.
Had Accident.
St. Paul, Miun., Jan. 23. Frederick Hoi
bert a aevcnteen-year-old boy, living wltb
his mother at 414 Ashland avenue, accident
ally shot and fatally wounded himself with
a toy rifle last evening. The deceased was
studying for the ministry and a few min
ute before the shooting bo hod passed a
most successful examination. He wa a
nephew of the late Uoscoe Conkllng and re
lated to other prominent families in New
Fatal Knillng or Practical Joke.
Erie, Pa., Jan. 23. As tbe inmates of the
Pennsylvania Soldiers' Homo wore sitting
down to supper lost evonlng, John Quinlun,
of Philadelphia, pulled the chair out from
under Louis lUlcblor, of Muhonoy City,
who fell heavily upon the floor, blood
gushed from his mouth and nostrils and he
died in a few minutes. Qulnlan is wild with
grlof aiul has been placed In J.ill to provont
him from harming himself.
A Desperate Wrestling Match.
BCHAXT63, Pa., Jan. 23. Pierre defeated
Borakichi by two out ofhree fulls In
catcn-as-catcncau match utst night Tho
contest was a desperate one, the men strik
ing each other blows in their anger. Pierr
choked tbe Jap In the second bout till blood
came from tha nostrils and these tactic
weakened Borakichi so that he lost both this
and the third round. -
Mrs. Garrett Will Mot be Hang,
' CoLl'MHi's, O.i Jan. 23. In accordance
wieh tbe recommendation of tbe Board of
Pardons, and for the reasons therein stated,
Governor Foraker yesterday Issued his war
rant commoting tha aentence of death
passed on Mary Garrett by tha common
plea court ol Medina County, at tbe Sep
tember, 18S!), term, to Imprisonment for life.
Death ( a Veteran of tke first Umpire,
Fort Wains, Ind., Jan. 21. Xavler Van-
gier, a native of France, died yesterday
morning ot heart disease at tha ago of
ninety-five. He. wa on of the pioneer
resident of this olty. ' Vaugier participated
In tha last campaign of Napoleon L, and
used to relate many personal recollections
at n f i ret wonsui.
Best of All
Cough medicines, Ayer'a Cherry Pec
toral I in greater demand than ever.
No preparation lor Throat and Lung
.Trouble Is so prompt in Its effects, so
agreeable to the taste, and so widely
known, as this. It ia the family medi
cine in thousands of households.
"I have suffered for years from a
bronchial trouble that, whenever I tuke
cold or am exposed to Inclement weath
er, shows itself by a very annoying
tickling sensation in the throat and by
difficulty in breathing. I have tried a
great many remedies, out none does so
well a Ayer's Cherry Pectoral which
always gives prompt relief in rettirus of
my old counlulnt.A Ernest A. Ilenler,
Inspector of Public Roads, Parish Ter
ra Bonne, La.
" I consider Ayer' Cherry Pectoral a
most Important remedy
For Home Use.
I have tested its curative power, In my
family, many times during the past
thirty years, and have never known it
to fall. It will relieve tbe most serious
affections of the throat and lungs,
whether in children or adults." Mrs.
E. O. Edgerly, Council Bluffs, Iowu.
"Twenty years ago I wa troubled
with a disease of the lungs. Doctors
afforded me no relief and considered
my case hopeless. I then began to use
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, anil, before I
bad finished one bottle, found relief. I
continued to take this medicine until a
cure wa effected. I believe that Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral saved mi llfo."
Samuel Griggs, Waukegan, III.
" Six fears ago I contracted a severe .
cold, which settled on my lungs and
soon developed all the alarming syinii
toms of Consumption. I had a cougii,
night sweats, bleeding of the lungs,
pains in chest and sides, and was so
Iirostrated as to be confined to my
led most of the time. After trying
various prescriptions, without benefit,
my physician finally determined to give
me Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral. I took it,
and the effect was magical. I seemed
to rally from the first dose ot this
medicine, and, after using only threo
bottles, am as woll and sound as ever."
Rodney Johnson, 8prlngfleld, 111.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
racrasKD r
Or, J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Matt.
Bold by all Druxglits. Tries II ; ill soules, .
Let us reason together.
xwm mm ttm.
Always carries a full line
oi all classes of goods.
Till 1
itHcus ijoousas cheap or
cheaper than any other store
within a radius of fifteen
miles. It will duplicate pat
terns of any other dealers
Biiniples for less money than
offered. It pays the very
highest prices for butter, eggs
hides, poultry and country
produce, generally. It stands
by the farmer and protccU
his interests and asks his pa
tronage because he will be
benefitted by doing his trad
ing with it.
It defies and delights iu compe
tion. Therefore, its customers
come from every direction and all
distances. We invite yon who are
now reading this, especially, to
come and see as and be convinced.
P. L. XESSLER.lManager.
American E::::, Willis, 0,
From 11 a.m. to I p.m.,
The third Thursday of
each month, for the
purpose of treating
Rectal Diseases
Brink erhoff System
Examination and Consulta
tion FREE.
A Cure Guaranteed for every Case or
ie w: ft A
Try the Cure
Ely's Cream Balm
Cleantea) the Nasal Paaearea. Al
laya Inflammation. Ile&la the Sore.
Restoroa the Sons of Toeto, Bmoil
and Hearing. - - -
' A aarttrW h alle4 lata aaeh SMatrll a4
Is asrreeakle. FrWeAOe. at Urteu mr ky
saeiL ILLY BMOOmbAM Waneo., Tors.
sra n aaa hi n m i na- k t'r - w j i
1 1
in u
tf,-?y l
I iv"r uul
y - '' i
We are now making easy terms and ex
ceedingly low priced; also show the finest
stock of Piunos aud Organs in tbe Slate.
We are the Northern Ohio Agents for
Decker Bro's Pianos..
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Write tor free catalogue and information.
147 Superior St.. CLEVELAND. OHIO
Best Cough B;rnp. Testes good. Dss
in urse. WMnnyonKKw
I believe Plso's Core
for Consumption aaved
my Ufa. A. II. Dowkll,
Editor Enquirer. Etlon
ton, N. C, April 23, 18S7.
The bfjit Cough Medi
cine ia Piho's C'CRR or
Consumption. Children
take It without objection.
By all druggists. 25c
miHia sjh(U( All HS I AIUL
tcougnarmp. Testes irnoa. use
lime. iviwiuniffKLB,
TITK, taal Listless stad n sable to get throturh
four dallT work or social ajofmrats. Life
will bo burden to joa.
W1U ear jvm, drtre tha POISON oat of
Kir system, and make 70a serene and well.
e ooatonljr (5 centa a box and mar earo
fxrux Ufa. Cam bo had at mnj Drug Mora.
Ae" Beware of Courmrxrrs made In 8t Lools.'Va
Perfumes the Breath. Ask for it.
FLEMING BROS., - Pittsburgh Pa.
When I ear CtrnR I do not mean merely to
stop tlu'tniurstiine.sml then bsve them re
turn sirnln. I Mkan a HAUICjU. CLIUu.
I have mads Uia dlieaea of
A llfs-lonir stailr. I WAUKAT mj remedy to
CDHM theor..t U ..,." others hare
fsileil Ismtronwn lnrn.,1 .uwru-elvinsaeara.
heml alon.-e fur a I rent o u.v! a Kris Iiottlb
ot mjr iNrAi.iiHLH hBMKUY. Give Kinross
and Pot OMre. It eo?j yon nothing lor a
trial, and it will core yon. Address
H.O. ROOT.M.C, l3Ptl8T.,NrwTK
VwPARKKft'B OINnSt TOMI0 wftfvttjt tfela
ft nu ii.t-.j jiaI raniiMMii.T ihM cuivs tvnaiiliHawfaiti.
lannirrd itM worm-Mof rotiVh.Wtj( Lunif. asibra,
n1lKttift, Inward I ftin. F.iltaUMtlnQ. Itunjitahi fu.
CfcftlinfttKi, rVrrmlr. VrkrMav umJ a pallia rsi dl
Pf(kr v( Utu Mutual. aVixl liowaiaw AUk tvl brtUu.
Tli 9 . nirtwt ruMl bt cirt forCcrm, Jtrtninr,
lk i-e all puiii. krrni rm comfort t the rrrfc Kwfr imiU
luvuiv. U uunU al iJrittMtoLa. Iliwxa et OO, X J .
A thoroughly tested sad wheieseme prepare lot
for arresting fermentation, enabllne one to ban
lich.eparklluir okler the year arouai Hasbeeaoi
the market ail yeara, and Is Intoned br tlioua
anda woo hare used M. It thoroughly elarloes. ear
Imparuaoforekrausla. Put op la boies d4a
ed for Bt and Wsall. paohairas. retailing etao ami
0 ota. Bold by dealers, or seat by mall on renin,
Of prioa. INUAH H0 , Paasjucurss, Aires. 0.
Sold byF.D.Fell.
BclantlncCemnee Sees
Treatment far Piles, end
sll dlstssttofth. fteiti'B-
TJ.nd Aaas, wltheot thr
seel sntleor lirsture. Rarely HMerferlar
I, with Its patient's erdieary duties ant.
yrastieally painless..' A. M.tel JOP. V
I. IK IIMtHOX, m. II, ,
J u y

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