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J.B Smith, Proprietor.
Entered at the Post-offloe at Wellington as
Seoond Class matter, aeoordlng to Statute.
nothing undone Id trying tbe case for the
interest ol their client and after ten days
of trial belore tbe court, two trip to Co
lumbus and watching the case since Not.
8, 1887, It Ib noi at all likely that tbe com
niissloners ol Medina county will reward
them for . half the amount of setvice
OnYor.. .''...$ M
Sli Months 1
three Months 40
Advertising live cants pur lu, each Insertion,
gdaceitud Column Rates msda known on application.
AnftHMuvrK Witfe made Monday before
tbe Supreme Court at Washington, D,
bv thu defuudunt on nppenl In case United
Slitos va the Mormon church at Suit Luke
to dissolve tho corporation and conflscal
tbe properly m favor of the government,
Tbe court below decided in favor of tbe
plaintiff and appointed a receiver to lake
Charge of tho church properly. The U
clsion of the court is looked forward I
with irront interest. If the defendants
gain the nay, tbe Edmund bill becomes
void aud of no effect.
A law was passed Inst winter by th'1
General' Assembly requiring banks to
make a report of all doposits that have
boeo on band for seven years uncalled for,
to.the Probate Judge of the county, be.
tween tbe first and third Mondays in
January, and tbe penalty lor not so doing
beina $500. Tbe stale proposes to confli
cate all such money to the credit of the
state. Some of tbe Havings and State
Banks have compiled with tbe law as lo
making tbe report, but tbe National Banks
reuard it as unconstitutional and have de.
clined to make a report A lest case will
probably soon be planted against some
National Bank. We visited tbe National
Bank here und was Informed by Cashier
R. A. Ilorr that they had nothing on band
to report. To make a report ol that kind
would appear to be doing nothing bui
justice, but for tho stato to attempt to take
charge ol such lunda we are Inclined to
think the courts will have a jtood time
when they enlorce ihe rule. There ap
pears to be do justice In it
Eight thousand four hundred and sixty
eight and half dollars are disbursed to
pay tbe expenses of delivering the elec
toral Toie from each state to the Vice
President of tbe United Btatee. Tbe
electoral college io each state, selects one
of their number to convey tbe vote to Ibe
capital of tbe nation. The carrtet from
the state of Maryland receives $1060 and
the one from Oregon receiving $750.50.
Ohio's carrier receives $121.75. It would
seem that such an expenditure of money
Is unnecessary at the present duy. In
olden times when they were compelled to
f,o on horseback a portion ol tbe way and
by stage the balance it might answer,
but with the facilities we have for traus
portini( matter by express sncb business
could be done at a cost not exceeding two
hundred dollars and a much more saler
plun than at present The same may be
said of our Slate, the Sheriff of each
county is compelled to carry tbe eb-ction
rctirns to Columbus which costs probably
five to seven hundred dollars which could
be saved in a measure by transporting by
express at trifling cost
Painful Sores.
I have been afflicted with very painful
sores In times post, causing both boils, and
slmwlne-that inv blood was remarkably, I
may say almost incurably, Impure. Alter
usini! a ereat number of remedies wllbout
benefit, 1 at length bought Swilt's Specific
(S. 8. 8) and it has cured me sound and
well. Jons Ttoi.
Nile Iron Works, Ilamiltou, O., Do
cember 7, 1888.
I have been afflicted witb Scrofula ever
S nee I was a siui.ll child. To tell of all I
have suffered would bo a picture too dark
and painful to think ol. Years of misery
I endured, bad digestion, no appetite,
rheumatism In my fn't.all thfse and more
than these have made my life a misery.
For fllteen years 1 followed the prescrip
tion of physicians, which was no more lo
me. tlihn water ponied ou the ground. Two
years ago 1 took S. S S., aud nothing in
hi niv wretclica auu unuanpy mo was
such a blessiuir to me as that medicine.
Alter taking six bottles 1 was a new clo
ture, was tree Ir.im pain, was clear ol
rheumatism, was able t sleep, to eat and
work, and was well and nappy. My rneu
matism has been cured and has never re
lurned S. S. S. has certainly been a won
dorlul blessing to me. Si hik h. Moss.
Uallatin, Teun., Dec. 13, lew.
Last rear niv little boy John bad a
breaking out witb sores all over his body,
which was painful and troublesome. Alter
using other remedies for several mouths,
wiiiie Hie sores grew worse, i was in-
dused to cive him Swift's Specific. He
lieiran to Improve at once, iind after Ink
log three Unties the eruption was gone,
and the child was altogether healed.
J. r. toes.
Albany. Ga.. Sent. 20. 1888.
Swill's Specific is entirely a vegetable
medicine, and is the only medicine which
has ever cured Blood Poison, Scrofula,
Wood Humors and kindred diseases. Seud
lor our books on Blood and Skin Diseases,
mailed free. Tub Swin Specific Co,
Drawer 3, Atlanta, On.
R Era Ke rotative B ha hah has forward
ed us a copy ola bill as dratted by Mr. Try
on, to create the office ol township supervis
or snd the letting of certain portions ol work
by contract The bill provides that the
trustees shall appoint a supervisor each
year to have Jurisdiction over the entire
township except where a town Is io tbe
township and Incorporated. Tbe appoint
ment ol a supervisor would meet with
serious objection for be should be chosen
by the electors. Then again there should
be a bill passed authorizing tbe township
trustees to appropriate so much money in
each township for the erection of a proper
building for the storing of property that
belougs to the township, and the road
supervisor should be compelled to render
a sirict account each year to trustees of all
property entrusted to his care and tbe
condition of same. More tools are dam
aged by being left out In Ibe weather dur
ing tbe winter months .than the use of
same on the roads. There are fifteen
hundred townships Id the state and we
venture to say that If bouses were erected
for tbe storage ol property and the tools
properly cated for, the expense tor tbe
purchase of same would be reduced one.
half within live years.
Governor Foraeer has complied
with the recommend of tbe Board ol
Pardons in tbe case of Mrs. Mary
L Garrett to commote ber sentence to
imprisonment for life, and if ahe accepts
of tbe new situation of affairs tbe em ex
to Ibe prison will soon loose sight of ber
and she will be conducted In the grim de
partment for tbe females where she will
be relieved of the care and custody of her
young babe. Some one will be delegated
with authority to take tbe little one from
its mother, and althongb she stand as
condemned criminal before tbe law, sym
petby will be extended to her when tbe
lime comes for the separation. The board
of pardons censure Mr. Gsrrett for not
looking after tbe cirls before hedld. It will
ie remembered that be was not awakened
until about Ibe time Mr. Dlmock arrived.
The coomunlcation of Jodge Lewis to
.be Governor is a queer piece of composi
tion. Why the learned Jurist should pen
men a communication is beyond the con
ception of Our pea. The attorneys in tbe
ease, Messrs. E. G. Johnson, ol Elyrla,
and J. II. ' Dickson, of this place, leit
The State Boatd of Pardons commenced
their January session at 2 o'clock tbl
afternoon, there being a very large crowd
in attendance. Tbe meeting was to have
taken place this morning, but on account
of the non-arrival of two members it was
postponed until this afternoon. At th
time mentioned alt members were present
As soon ts President Hsgeity called the
board to order, Attorney E. G. Johnson, ol
Elyrla, began presenting the case for
Mrs. Garrett. He traced the history ol
the circumstances surrounding tbe crime,
this occupying some lime.
J. II. Dickson, attorney for Mrs. Garreti
followed Mr. Johnson and made a state-
mcnt which although brier, covered all
the material points in the rase. The claim
was made that Mrs. Garrett is not cuilty
but is Ihe victim of circumstance. Mrs
Wright, of Cincinnati, a lady interested 1
a case, pleaded lor mercy to tbe cod
urmned woman and produced petition
from women's temperance societies and
ihc woman suffrage associations, beside
petitions from other organizations, they
all embracing thousands of names. Keii
reseiibillve liraman, of Lorain county,
spok'i of the public sentiment io Lorun
county and also that In Medina, saying
Ibat everybody wished a commutation ol
Messrs Johnsen snd Dickson also pre
sented petitions for commutation of sen
tence, these being signed by the jury
which convicted ber, and nearly all tbe
prominent citizens of Medins. Other pe
titions from varlons part ol the state were
also presented.
After Ibis hearing President llagertt
announced that tbe board would consider
tbe case in executive session to-uigbt.
Tbe following letter was submitted to
the board :
Mkdwa, O, Nov. 26, 1888.
Gov. J. B. Forarer. Columbus. ().:
Dear Sir UI have been requested to
write you concerning the commutation of
tbe sentence of Mrs. Mary L. Garrett, who
was convicted of the murder ol Anna Oar-
r it at tbe September term of tbe Medina
Coun y Common Pleas Court, and senten
ced to be executed January 24th, 1880. 1
am in favor or tbe commutation of tbe
senteneefu imprisonment for life for the
reason that in the case ol Mrs. Garrett the
proof was so clear and convincing and the
murder that she committed so brutal and
borrible that I am of the opinion that it
will never be possible to elect a governor
at tbe time ot the fire. It was clearly
proven by the State that there was coal oil
on the floor of this room, but no lamp or
oil can could be found anywhere In the
room or under tbe floor. It seems to us
that Mr. Garrett was as much at fault in
not seeing that the two lmblciles were
rescued as was Mrs. Garrett, the condemn
ed. The case was taken on error to the
Circuit Court, who decided that a fair
trial has been given Mrs. Garrett, nod that
there was no error la Ihe records. There
comes to us a recommendation from the
trial judge, the prosecuting attorney, aad
Judge Hale, who was appointed lo assist
the prosecution, and the jurors who tried
the case in Ihe Court of Common' Pleas,
and all of the circuit judges who heard
the case on error, all of ths officers of the
county In which Mrs. Garrett was con.
vcled, and most of the people of that
county. Altogether there are several
thousands from there and other parts of
the Stale who have petitioned this board
lor a commutation in this case. From an
examination of all of Ibe testimony (4
th's sad affair, and from tbe fact Unit all
Ihe testimony is circumstantial, and in
view ot the almost universal demand for a
recommendation lor clemency in tlii
case, we recommend to tbe Governor
that tbe sentence ol dath passed uj on
Mary Garrett be commuted to Imprison
ment for life." Columbus Dispatch, Jan
Uary 18.
In accordance with tbe recommemla
tion of tho Board of Pardons, and for tbe
reasons therein stated, Governor Foruke
to-day issued his warrant commuting thi-
sentence of death passed on Mary Garreti
by tbe Comt of Common Pleas of Mcdinii
county, at the September, 1888, term, to
imprisonment for lite.
Warden Coffin, soon after Ihe Governoi
announced his decision, visited the annex
where Mrs, Garrett was confined, nni
acquainted her with tbe action of tbe ex
"It Isnt what I deserve," she answered
and then tho tears began to trickle down
her cheeks. "It I bad eyer thought of
such a thing I would feel that I was pun
isbed. I ought not to be here at all."
The warden began playing with tbe
baby, which was about half awake by this
time, In alliW Mrs. Garrett to compose
"You were wltbiu two days ol your exo
cution," be finally said.
"What day is to-day V asked Mrs. Gar-
The twenty-first, and you would have
been exected on Thursday, before 3 o'clock
in the morning."
"I have not kept count, so you see how
much interest I had."
"You know whether you are guilty or
Yes, I know, and God knows," and
she began crying again. She then related
ber history as connected with the mur.
lend step-dauybters. She bid never ob
jected to them, but her bnsland did not
want to keep them at home. L"er siopsnn
filled their minds with all sorts of things
that made them wild, and caused endless
trouble. The woman denied any knowl
edge or tbe door being bolted when the
Are started. Mrs. Garrett will remain in
the annex for several days until a cell caa
be fixed for ber in the female department
She will be allowed to keep her baby until
the board meets, when they will make
such disposition of tbe little one as they
see fit. Leader, Janusry 21.
' fell
Absolutely Pure.
Thianowaernever vanes. A marvel of purity.
Strength snd wholcanmennaa MnM urAnnmim
than the onllnnrv kinda. and cannot he anlrf In
competition with the mnltitudo of low tost, short
wuixut.aiuiu w pnoapnaie powaers. sola only id
Royal Baking Powder Co., 106 Will it.
1889 ha9 arrived and I am
on Land to furnish tbe best
in town at the market prices.
Chicago Beef
ordeied by special inspection.
Fresh Pork
Prepared Lard,
Constantly on hand. One and
all please favor me with your pa-
To The Citizen of Wellington.
Fred D. Fell, the druggist, of Welllnf.
ion. will keen lor salo the celebrated
Indinn rill, manufactured bv the eminent
Ur.R. MacFarland ot Genoa. O. This Is
tbe pill that cures headache, sick or ner.
vous, also constipation, and (or our failure
we offer 100 if directions are carried out
we can tell you more, thev cure rheuma
tism, sciatic, chronic, or inflammatory. All
stomach diseases yield every time to this
great aiscovery. iney w 11 bos it velv
cure all diseases ol tbe urlnarr ortrsna II
.. 1. 1 r .. i , . , ,r.. . . I
;iimuio nuiu may uieuieiue. 1UO Secret Is
tbey cure Ihe liver and will not fail. Do
not tall to try this medicine; fl box, 00
pills In each box. Call at Fell's drag store
for them. Felt only keens them. Well
Ington. Ask for the little book giving
juiiiuius. t mi u me great oioou search
er oi me woriu.
H.U. reltsonlv. Remember Dr It I
MacFarland's pill Is the onlv Ft till I HA I
If J . -I J fc.fi I .1. rf .1
jnauruninu pui on carta.
Be Sure
If you have mode up your mind to boy
Hood's Sarsnparllla do not be Induced to take
say other. Hood's Barsnparilla Is a peculiar
medicine, possessing, by virtue of Its peculiar
combination, proportion, and. preparation,
curative power superior to an jr other article.
A Boston lady who knew what she wanted,
snd whose example Is worthy imitation, tells
ber experience bclows
To Get
"In one store where I went to bar Hood's
Barsaparilla the clerk tried to Induce me bar
their own Instead of Hood's; be told me theirs
would last longer; that I might take It on ten
days' trial; that If I did not like It I need not
pay anything, etc. But be could not prevail
on me to change. I told him I knew what
Hood's Barsaparilla was. I had taken It, wss
satisfied with It, and did not want any other.
When I began taking Hood's Sarsananila
I was feeling real miserable, suffering
a great deal with dyspepsia, and so weak
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and bad for some tune, Uke a person In con
sumption. Hood's Barsaparilla did me so
much good that I wonder at myself sometimes.
and my friends frequently speak ot it" Hbs.
Ella A. Qorr, et Terrace Street, Boston.
SoldbyanarniHs. fU six for fl. Prapand only
by O. L HOOD CO, Apothecaries, LowaU, MM.
IOO Doses One Dollar
Thirty Days,
rder to Reduce
"We will make a low price on
Dress Goods,
cm fortables,
Flannels, lOakings,
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for. a line of.
That is worth inspection.
o the WEAK and
Dont fflve that cold a start Inn nu 1Iill.
reeriess iongn Pyrup. Ho cme, no psy.
a vi Bm
Shipments tor Week Emdimo Jan. 22.
Persons enntttoul of OHOAC
WKAKNF.NK, or capacity for
active duUea of llle, who may find
or an tuSerias from
of any deerption, eu be perma
nently cure by eonuilllcf
Superior 6t neit to P. 0.,
Huei-llTf Sal.
Insur-) In Lorain County,
0 Court of Common
) Pins. Case No. i'.a.
Hire of mnrhrairfl.
of Ohio who with the record of tbat case I Cheese 2300 pkK... weighing 81.200 C.forcroSS.r.l.d'TJ? I!',.
Oblo Farmers'
ance Co. vs
A. A. Wltbfckrt al. I Pins. : K i:m
urotir oi saie ioifcioaure or mortgage.
Business !
We are obliged to buy
be f oio him would grant ber a pardon. I
therefore recommend tbe commutation ot
tbe sentence to ImprUonment for life,
bellenug as I do, that to her case Impris
onment for life will be the greater penalty.
Ho person In Oblo erer deserved banging
more than this female flend. But hang
ing In her case Is too easy, too light Let
ber life in prison be long, without hope of
pardon, and with tbe memory of tbe mur
der of ber two step-dsughtcrs ever before
ber, and something like an adequate pun
lshmcnt will bejnfllcled in her case.
0. W. Lewis.
Judge .Second Subdivision, Fourth Judi
clal District, Ohio.
Tbe following Is the report ol the board .
"There was testimony to show that tbe
Imbeciles were of filthy hablls, and not of
kind dispositions, and In many ways very
offensive, but It does not appear that tbelr
stepmother, Sirs. Garrett, bad ever sbown
any particular onklndnesi toward them.
The Are undoubtedly originated in tho
room occupied by the imbeciles and there
Is no doubt tbat tbe one door leading to
tbat room was bolted on tbe Inside. There
wss one window In the room, which seems
to have beeo closed and the blind drawn
Butter 20 " 1.600
OhloStandard ig
Young America iq
family favorite iji
General Produce.
Butter, dairy. per 8.... 10.00 a is
Creamery batter lit ft ojt
Chlckena.dressod.Derflb. 0.07 a Ann
J . .
eggs, per uoi
Beef per cwt 0.00
Ham, smoked, ner lb... O.10
New Potatoes, per bush. 0.00
Tallow, per tb 0.04
Hickory uts i.oo
1 J I . ) n n n M W .A IX .
Round bteak
Shoulder Bleak 'V .
Apples, dried. In quart
ers and cored, per Ib 0.04
Apples, sliced 0.81
Wool 0.18 "
OraloFloar and Feed.
Flour, per sack (4S it. 40 a 1.4(1
Graham flour, per cwt.. 8.00 ....
Corn meal, per cwt..... o.oo l.on
Chop, per cwt 1.25 1.25
Middlings, per cwt 0.00 0.00
Bran, per cwt G.71 o ho
Oil Heal, ner cwt 1 mi 1 M
Corn, shelled, per bush. 0.00 0.RO
Corn, la car, per bush. , O.Oi O.WJ
Wheat ,.0.00. 0.B5
Osu per bus.. 0.87 0.87
. 12
. 10
County ol Lorain and Mate nt Ohio, mails at
the June term thereof, A. l. Inks, anil to me
directed, 1 will offnr fr sale at pulillo auction
at the north door of the court house, In the
between the hours ol 10 and 12 o'clock a. m. of
said day, the tollowlug described real estate,
to wit:
Pltuateln the township of Penflcld, County
of Loral ii and htsu- of Ohlnand known as part
ot lot numher Wghteon (IHj bounded on the
norm oy laun lormeriy owned by u. (;. Kock-
wooui rnn iit una lornieny ownea bv fi
Lewis and (I. C. Kockwood, south by section
Inn. containing
ll tended tn enti.
vev and does convevall the land AwArA .
iit-i u Winn, r,i-jrnru uj tlicir Ellflrdian
laitao Vanlieusen) to O. K. and G. W. ritnrr
ana natea i;eo. , iww. also all me land deeded
bv Clitrlnria K. and Clmrlea Hhenard r u w
andO. K.Hlarr and dnted I)ec. 2u, ISfiO, and
recorded In record of Lorain county In V.
IS. Haaa !(. and also In Hook 1A I'aua Int. In
said record of deeds, also one other piece of
land In Wellington township. Lorain county,
Ohio, and bounded and described as follows:
belnioneacreof land taken from the north
wet corner of what was known as the John
llowk farm and taken from nrlnlnal lot N
twenty-two (tan and bounded bexlnnlm at or
near the north-east corner of land owned h
Charles llowki thence south twenty rods;
thence east elirtit rodsi thence north twenty
rods: thence west clRht rods to place of be
ginning. rald houndrles are exclusive of the
liluhwuy, but the land In front of said lot to
the center of the blirhwav Is Included in tbia
Hald premises has been appraised 1st parcel
atll.s70.no, 2nd parcel at W.IVI.M) snd cannot
sell for less than two-thirds of said appraise
ment. '
Terms of sale cash on day of sale.
L. b. Semi. M. A. POUNDS,
Attorney. Sheriff of Lorain Co., 0
ffl lrt 4ft
A little earlier than usua
and are now placing them
on our counters.
i ar I
'''''' , '
Wellington, Ohio.

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