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Away Saturday
orning, Jan. 26th,
No tobogganing tins yeur.
Local option prevails in Grafton.
Attend the concert Friday evening.
Geo. Keyneurd died to-day at noon.
Guess zero has left town for the winter.
A November freczo up visited us on
Orders are being left lor sugar-making
fixtures '
Very cheap rates are offered to attend
Ike lecture course this winter.
. Lawyer Dickson says that he is now
'.. i . l.u (U fiarrmii PARR.
tnrougn wnu mo
Twenty-two applications were filed for
the positions in the Bargain store.
The members of the coffee club held their
annual at the American Ilouse Friday
evening last.
lr L.C. Bennett laid on eur tablo an
egofthe Plymouth Bock) measuring
8x5 inches.
So lar as we have been able to learn the
receipts frort sales in the business nouses
here exceed io7.
Our travelingcorrespcndent will pen w
a few notes ol observation on his trip tr
the Pacific coast.
Thanks' to W. II. Fisher, agent of the
Bee Line and F. W. Harmon, agent of the
Yf.&L. E. By lor favors.
a. .nez-lal examiner from the pension
department at Washington, D. C, spent
few days In town iasi wee.
Ice dealers and cold storage men are
getting a Utile nervous over the prospecu-
for ice for the coming season.
w r,,i.lnn. Jr.. has entered upon tit'
.1 a .r in emDloye of the
mtnivKwu"; -
First Nattonal Bank at this place.
tt- m.n of our people will attend the
. t nf President Harrison?
Kates over tho transportation lines will
doubtless be very cheap.
Prof. Melville has a class of twenty-nine
, ,nA ..meets It to fain In number. The
members appear to enjoy to learn how to
trip the libt fantastic toe.
"Forgetting those ihings which are be
hi- .nri wmchlni forth unto those thing
which are before." A good motto to adopt
for 1889 and for all time through lire.
Norwalk has Ave prominent republican
candidates tor mayor at the coming spring
election. Even Bro. Loomls ot the Chron
icle has the mayoralty bee In hla hat
riease remember u when you want
sal bills printed. When joo have any
thing to seU or want to purchase any ar
ticle please step into the Estehpbisb
office and order us to tell two thousand
persons about It. The cost is mere
Marshal Williams thinks he is now on
the right track to catch the clothe
line thieves. Person losing property
should Immediately report it to the mar
shal in order that he may notify the mar
thai In the adjoining own 10 tMUt ,0
catching the perpetrators.
' Grandpa Perry Is able to be out again.
He ba a nice suite of rooms at the Park
house where he can view dally the prem
iaes now covered with, a fine clean town
which were a dense forest when he entered
th tmoshlo In 1815. March 10th will
be hi 99h anniversary.
Don't fall to secure a season Ticket,
only one dollsr. for the People' Lecture
Course. There will be five entertainment,
Including lecture by Gov. Cumback.of
Indiana, Dr. Dowllng, recently of Cleve-
land, an Organ Recital by rroi. renneio.
of N. Y; City, an Illustrated lecture and
an evening of Beading ana unperson-
- ations.
BuDerlntendent Klnnlson wa chosen a
' the awarding Judge at the literary contest
- ild In Norwalk last Friday evening.
' Thl I only one more mark to the credit
'- of the superintendent of our public scooois.
- Norwalk Is well advanced in school work
and It is Indeed a high compliment to mr
Klnnlsonaswell as tho people ol wen-
in.nn fhattlm manscera oi the contest
should select him as awarding Judge,
, ' This winter proves to be a bad -one on
' traveling theatrical compenie.. Three
. wimnanie -that played hurt and -were
billed to be here, disbanded on account of
tfc.lr low state of finance, it it recora
mended that three fourth of the members
ef the so-called troupe lt down
and figure up some othr legitimate way
... of making living,; .cnopping weou,
, or shoveling coal, for instance.
A visit to Norwalk Suturday lound the
city very busy, considering tho condition
ol the roads. The burnt district la being
rebuilt with good substantial brick blocks,
and so far as appearances are concerned,
the blaze would be classed as a blessing.
A fine eatinc house and lunch room is
being erected on the W. & L. E. grounds.
The site where tho depot stood Is being
filled In and a new dopot . will soon be
erected, although tho present temporary
structure is a miserable concern entirely
Inadequate to accommodate the patrons.
Wellington Council No. 03, 0. C. F., In
stalled the officers In their respective sta
(ions on Friday eveninj Inst before many
visitors. On the Councilor' taking the
chair his letter of acceptance was read by
blra after which Mr. Long read a report
giving a history of Wellington Council
Irora date of organization May 28. 1W6, ull
ot which was listened to with marked at
tention. .Others In attendnnce, not mem
bars, spoke highly of the order and recom
mended it to all who are looking for so
clability of the best kind, and for insur
ance which is as sale as the safest, and as
cheap a the cheapest.
The concert to be given at the Cong'l
church. Friday evening, Jmuary 2 Mb.
The following is the progiam :
1. Instrumental, "Profuml Orlentali,"
Chlttl . Florentine Mandoline Quartette
2. Solo, "Come Into tho Garden, Maude."
Balfe Mr. Ben. Chase
8. Selection. "Sim's Little Girl."
; Mr. B. D. Mockabee
4. Solo, "Come where tho Lindens Bloom."
Dudley Buck Miss Alida Thomas
Solo, "A Mariner' home's the sea."
Rondegger Mr. G. Berneike
0. Trio, "Pace a quest' alma oppress:!,"
Campana. . .Miss Thomas, Mr. Chase,
Mr. Berneike.
7. Instrumental, "Fior d aiuore," Lazzerini
Florentine Mandoline Quartette
8. Eolo, "What aretbey to do," Uandegger
Miss Alida Thomas
9. Soliction; "A Model Sermon "
Mr. B. D, Mockabee
10. Solo, "The Watcher," Ucllel
...Mr. G. Berneike
11. Solo, "Amo," Tito Mattel. . . .
Mr. Ben. Chase
13. Instruinental,"FIorentii.ella" Bellenghl
Florentine Mandoline Quartette
Tickets for sale at E. Benedict's.
that will meet with tho approval of tue
property owners. Improvements cannot
nil bo made in one season, gentlemen.
We have every reason to believe that the
Council have tho general welfare of the
town at heart, and if we will do our whole
duty they will aid us to improve the streets
in a way that will be a credit to us ami
tho town.
Deuth of Mrs. T. M. McCIurnn.
Monday ovening a dispatch was receiv
ed from Wooster, O., by Dr. McClaran,
stating that his wlfo had come to deuth
by her own hand by taking poison The
news spread rapidly around town and very
soon many special friends repaired to tho
rooms at the American House occupied
by the doctor and his dumpier, Mrs
Iiosenow, to offer a word of consolation in
this their hour of trouble. The two wept
bitterly for a time and almost refused to
be comforted, but about midnight they
rallied sufficiently to mature plans lor
their departure to Wooster to attend the
luneral and inter tho remains of a wife
and mother. They look tho 8 o'clock a.
m. train over the W. & L. E. The deceas
ed bad bee i in m verv nervous condition
for more than a year past, brought .about
by cireumstur.ee partially over which
there was no central. Alter returning
from Springfield, Mo to this place in
October last, the place where she had
spent the best of her days and the land
she loved so well, It was decided to take
hei to Newburg to be treated. Every'
thing lndlca t a speedy recovery lor one
in her condition and on Thursday last
sister, Mrs. Thos. Aduir, residing In Woos
ter. came to this olace, remained over
night and in compi uy with Mrs. Iiosenow
visited Newburgh to see Mrs. McClaran.
On arrival she appeared so well that they
Insisted upon the a'tending physician to
let ber accompany her Bister home to
Wooster. After some deliberation he con
sented, with good promise from Mrs.Adal
to keep an ever watchful eye at all hour
ol the day and night over her. Mrs. Mc
Claran appeared to enjoy tho trip Irom
Cleveland and her visit, but it i supposed
that she clandestinely secured poisonous
matter fiom a drug store near by ani ad
ministered it by her own band Monday
afternoon. Her remains will be laid In the
cemetery at Wooster by the side of friendr
and kindred dear.
dor small services to one another. A
friendly disposition is everywhere In the
air and In those who breathe It. Socia
bility is tho rule, cheerfulness i conta
gious. Everybody seem disposed to
think well of the world and its inhabitants.
Especially the Indies have a remarkable
faculty for enjoyment, a power of drawing
happiness from simple end innocent pleas
ures. It is proverbial that Americans place
great value on the possession of a geniul
manner. It will win more respect and
attention In travel than any other gift of
grace. This pleasing faculty of our char
acter as a people is acquired largely by
travel and mingling together. We are a
nation of pilgrim ever on the wing to a
better land, where summer comes and the
sun shines hot. We are voyagers on in
land seas, seeking a safe and sheltered re
treat away from the care and conflict of
business life. Again, when winter
comes and blasting blizzards wrap tLeir
winding sheets around our homes, we huve
sought new field and pastures green and
are sailing on the sea of life In a tropical
clime under sunny skies.
Friends who wish to make inquiries
about California, to be answered through
these columns, can address to Special
Correspondent Entehpiiihk, Los Angelos,
Cal. Please make all Inquiries brief and
to tho point
Administrator Sale.
Jasper O. West, administrator of the es
tate of G. M. Rogers, deceased, will offer
for sale on the premise, of the deceased in
Huntington, Thursday, February 7, com
mencing at 10 o'clock a. m. Span Nor
man gray mares, 1 bay mare, colt coming
8 yiars old, 7 good dairy cows, shoats, 400
bushels of oats, 850 bushels ol com, corn
foJder, bay In barn and stack, champion
binder, buggy, creamery, jogging cart,
cheese vat, straw stuck, harness, truck
wagon and other articles.
TitUJt Mead, Auctioneer.
.rjrr- - ;
Five Hundred Dollars to Give Away
Mr bouse and lot. situated on Forest
Avenue. The lot I eighty-three (83) feet
iront, toe House trame, erectea in ioo7
with all ol the more modern improve
ments, an excellent cellar, lawn and prem
ises In first class condition and the neigh
borhood uuexcelled. On account of lo
cating elsewhere, I am , desirous oi dis
posing ol tue above named premises even
at the enormous sacrlfico of five hundred
dollars below actual cutt. Terms easy.
Call on or address,
A. r. Dimock, Wellington, U.
Oysters, direct Irora Baltimore ut
ger, of Bucyrus, will open ber millinery
parlors in tue Warner biocK, nrstaoor
soutb ot the American House, April 1,
it h full line of snrlnir styles. No old
stock. 4-0
CARDS In order to go calling the la
dies should have the usual outfit in the
way ot curds, in order to have one In case
the parties called upon are not at home
The KxTKiirniHK otllce keeps a full line
ol first-class curds und furnish them ex.
icedinyjy cheui). Please call and see
Pillsburv's Best Minneapolis Flour.
Tlio lust Flour imulo ul Wii.laiiu's.
FOB SALE HOKSES-Jus.t received
and for sale cbcup a fresh lot ot Cleveland
horses mostly mares. Inquire of H. K.
vvaknkr, '., mile south ot town.
LUST Tuesday evening, January 1st.,
a new silk handkerchief. Will the finder
please leuvu it at the post'ofllce mid oblige
Mrs. F. Davison
FOB SALE One of tho finest rest
deuces on Courtlaud avenue. Inquire of
4lf J . If. Dickson.
A beantllul prize with every package of
Baking l'uwder. tall ami sea them at
under way and crowded wltu customers
lih pleasant faces and plcthorie purses.
The ureal success of this popular Institu
tion wherever located is due entirely in
the fact that we are content with small
orotlts. Anions the many bargains lor
the coming week are 000 yards tricot dress
(tunnels In all the popular colors, usual
orlce 50c. sell for 30c : COO yards 12-inch
Oriental lace, usual price 85c, Fell for 2c;
00 doz. fine all wool black hone, usual
price 50c, sell for 25c; heavy all wool
black hotte20c Our barirain counter ur
crowded with lancy goods, crockery, glass
and tin, at half the usual price, 30 days
A complete Hoe of Pickle floods at
Ovsnepsia or indigestion always yield,
to the curative properties of ilibburd's
Rheumatic Syrup, containing, as It does
nature's sniT.itlc for the stomach. tor
sale at E. W. Adams' and F. D. Felt.
Oysters! Oysters!! Oystern!!!
In Can or Bulk at Earnest Lemuels.
Hot Peanut at Willahd's.
Business Notes and Changes.
Wean, Horr, Warner & Co, have caused
a nice new and commodious office with
sky lights to be partitioned off from one
of the room over R. 8. Hollcnbach'i mer
chant tailor More. The firm re now pre
paring onion seed tor market In a build
ineadlnlninff the cooper hop on the
Bee Line railroad ground.
A new millinery store will toon occupy
the room formerly occupied by the C. il
R. A east side of the square.
Miss Edith Omitock, Stella Craddock
and Mr. Harry Morgan have been engaged
at the Bargain store.
Street Improvement.
The Council convened on call at the
office of R. N. Goodwin Monday evening,
Mayor, Clerk, and all members of the
Council present except Hemenway. A
potition wa presented from the citizens ol
South Main street asking lor Improve
meat as per plun adopted by tho Council
The name attached to the petition re pre
tented more than two-tbird the number
of running feet on said street. The corn.
mlttee on ordinance asked for more time
to draft n ordinance, which wa granted
W H Sutliff wa prcsentand reported tavor
able on the work being done on Mechanic
street, and (be prospect were good lor
getting the right of way. Unfavorable
report were received from North Main
atreev. Some property owner on that
street possessing wide frontage claim that
the amount to be expended for the Im
Drovement would not warrant them in
giving their signature to aid in the enter
nrlse. No report wa received from Lib
erty street, tbetefore, up to the preseo
time only one street has asked for the Ira
proveroent. It was expected that there
would be some opposition, but not quite
to much a l manifested on the part of
portion ot the free holder. The Counr
cannot tubmlt plan that would meet
with the approbation of all, hence all
1 expected oi them to do I Investigate
lad taree upon the best plan In the
Judgment to bring about improvement
and apportion the expense nf tame to a
Dot to be burdensome on the taxpayers.
Four rtreet have been selected to make
Improvement! upon, and when they are
We wish to call
the attention ol
our customers to
a few cases of
very handsome
fancy colored
Faum for Sale 45 acres of good land,
situated one mile north and one mile east
of the center of Huntington. If not sold
bv March 1st, will be for rent.
"51.4 J. H. Dicksok.
ProMpecting Tour, No. 1, by
Special Correopondcnt.
Palmer House, Ciiicaoo, Jan, If),
Editor of Th Extkihisk:
We live In a new and exceptional age
of human progress, ne are leaping the
rich rewards of a free country. In read
ing the hisiorl. t of all gi we are unable
to find t period so much blessed a this,
and I congratulate you that by the provl-
deuces ol God we are brought upon the
ttage of life at the present lime. At a n
tion we are nearing the dawn of a new
administration that fills the mlndtof the
people with confidence, and a general
spirit nf cheerfulness snd good will it t
happy sign of the tendency of the timet
We are filled as never before with blgfi
aspirations and great expectat'ons and
have at this time a prospecting tour In an
tlclpation which Is not to be so much of a
holiday as a harvest day. to garner the
eood and gather the fruit oi the tree ol
knowledge and procure s broader and bet
ter view of our country. Money Is not
the greatest wealth we may posse.
Knowledge of the science of life Isol more
value than gold. It It the quality of hear
and brain that make men and women
milllonaret both here and hereafter. W
are builders of character and framer ol
fortune, and weaversof garments lor glory
W have been contemplating s tout of tbl
kind for some time and bad enjoyed
much in the pleasures of anticipation. Mj
traveling companion Is a genial man, the
beir of good parentage, born with a love ol
mirth and merriment, and had the honni
of wearing the true biue In those dark, sad
days of conflict Our tickets read by the
Illinois Central to New Orleans, the sun
set route to Lot , Angelos ; thence to San
Francisco, and returning by the "Golden
Gate Special" through the picturesque
scenery of the Rocky Mountains, visiting
Salt Lake City, Denver, and other points
of interest.
.. Nothing impresses one more in traveling
than the good nature of the people. , It ex
tend even to those who do not deserve it.
A Western mob sbout to lynch ahorse
thief gave him a drink of whisky before
stringing him apj 'A man Was arretted
and brought before a Justice the other day
for stealing a pair of ptnts,but (he good
nalured justice said he could not make out
i suit against nim because h had not stole
the coat ana vest. ;,.The people take their
Rev. W. Leel I visiting in Cleveland.
Dr. Iloltrook expect to start on an ex
touded visit west in a few day.
L. W. Smith, of Columbiana, O., visited
relative In town Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Brook sr have re
turned from Rochester, N. Y.
Ralph Llnder, a typo of this office, is
resiling with the typhoid fever.
Mr. A Freeman of Schenectady, N. Y,
is visiting her lster, Mrs. Wni. Vischer.
Mayor Hustcd, wife and child, leave
i) morrow for Nashville, Tcnn., to spend
two weeks.
D L. Wadiworth supports a disabled
knee over the result of the recent fire at
his residence.
Geo. Busweli left for Chicago Tuesday
evening. He Is traveling for a cheese
supply house in that city.
Captain Wise, of Akron, is now in charge
ol the Salvation Army at thl place. Lieu
tenant Anderson took her departure with a
view or going to Omaha, Neb., but hat
lince decided to work In the Ohio division.
Mr. and Mrs, Cbarle E. Palmer have
r-mnved to Newburg, O., where he has
accepted a position with Mr. Emery,
Their departure for a new field ol lubor
wa so unexpected just at this season of
the year that their many friends will ex
cuse promised calls.
Wm. Vischer returned from Cansd
very much pleased with his visit. He
says the Canadians feel very friendly to
wards the United States. While there he
witnessed the ritual in Scotlsh Ri'e
Masonry gone through with, which was
exceedingly fine and tar superior to any
thing ever witnessed In this country.
J. M. Crabtree will pay the highest
market prices lor livo and dressed ht
veal calyes, dry and green hides and pelt.
m m
To those that Intend putting tip a white
bronze monument before Decoration day
we will say that during the whiter months
is a good time to place your order for it, a
lew having already done so.
K JN . UUUDWia, Agl.
MONEY TO LOAN -On long time ai
moderate interest on good farm security
Enquire ol Oi. aire & Uo.
Mr. Lee Moon bavins purchased
Laundry business f Wing Sing will con
tlnue to serve the public- I am now pre.
pared to do up collars and cuffs by new
patent process, rrieps iuo uic us my
predecessor. Please favor me with your
palronaee. sot
just received.
Two lines are
particularly at
tractive. One an
invisible stripe
in all colors, the
other a fancy
J stripe in cloth
shades. T n e
width of each is
40 inches and
per yard.
for Samples.
Dr. E. M. Oberniilltr. from Toledo, O, i-K RA
will I at the American House. Welling- L11H Ul lUty UXJ ULH.
. V.... T.I. t.. Kll. Tan (Ilk Vih Rtli I -
Murcrt Hth. i-omo
TJr. (J. K. Ulsev. ol Ashland, O.. ha I
opened a permanent office in the Wad
worth building, leeio exiracieu wiuiou-
nalnbv the use of Hurd's vitalized air
and all work warranted to please. Sign ol
the gold tooth.
What B. B. Coopor, says.
J. E. Jackson Dear sir : "I had Bright'
disease in the worst torm. 1 used twi
bottles of ) our medicine, Uurdick's Kid
nav Cure, and it has done wonder tor me
The swelling ha left my tx.dy and liml
an.1I am so well 1 can walk oul again
This is the only remedy that wauld reaeb
mv case, frice 70 cents.
What John L. Ilsides. ol WoodLUry,
8, say: J. E. Jackson, Dear Sil s "1
had kidney trouble for years very nan
my paint at times were so great I wouli
roll the Iloor. I inougui my ense n uei
lest one. I used two bottles ol your meet
Iclne.fBurdick's Kidney Cure) and now I
can do sny kind of work. I recommem
this to all sutierers. rnco .i cenis an
$1.25. For sale by Fred D. Felt.
Crovj &
"rounded up" in good thape others will
doubtless receive the necessary attention troubles lightly and are ever ready to ren
; Advartlud Laitart.
Tb following It a Hit of sneltlmcl letters
malnlDg lit tbt poitofflct at Wtlllngtoi, Ohio,
January HI. IBM).
Mrs. May Beall, Mr. Tinner.
Pentont calling for the akove please say
Gio.C.Beia.P. M.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Wbea Baby was tick, w. far hr Castoria.
Wtwn tb wu Child, tb oriad for Cajtori,
Wbn th becam Xltt, tba oluog to Cutoria,
When sba had Chlldrw, th. gave tbem Oattorla,
Will Yon Bum wlthdyspcpslaand
liver oomplatntf Sbllou's Vltallzer li
guaranteed to cure you.
UoldbF.D. Felt. ......
roa rut mrBovMEKTor south naix stiht.
Whim. As the owners of more Ihnn tw.
thirds ot the feet front abutting Uxm 8oull
Main street nave peiiuonun inr me improve
mrnt thoreof. therefore, be it reiolvert hf tin
common council of the village ol Wellington
Ohio. n follows:
1. That It l deemed necessary to Improv.
Bouth Main Street by paving the nm will
flnz stone K) eight teet long ana not urn limn
(4) four feet wioe ana not less limn 111 elglii
Inches thick II or siiut stone ana not lest mm
(7) seven Inches thick with stone with bo'l
lues natural oeue nn an in .cconmnce win
the plun and speolllcittlout on file In the
office ot the Village Clerk.
2. That one-fourth ot the cost and expense
ot tald Improvement shall be levied and as
essed by the feet front upon all the Iota anil
land shutting on aula Improvement, ana Un
balance shall be levied and assessed upon th
general tai Hat at an assessment upon all the
umuil rest ana personal properly oi tain
I I. - That the marshal Is hereby annol nted snd
autbnrtied and directed to serve written no
tice of the paassge ot tne above resolution
apon su tne owners oi property motting on
tf this count:
Whit marsh
and 6 Euclid Aye.
Cleveland, Ohio.
aid proposed Improvement wbo are redden ts I
4. That (aid resolution be pnbliahftd In the
Wellington Enterprise for two conaecuUv I
l'unoed January flit, 1889. '"
R. N. OooBwis, K. B. BojTtn

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