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TTftrA wfi n.rft acAin and croincr to stav 30
articlp ml came upon the itite i
OUtnnrj'. anoeared before the audience wltli no
Tnww.r.f Laura A. Kowell was born , embarrassmen' : their gestures
i r.iofl.u Mrwl. Dec 10. 1810, and was . , gnd lUelr movements grace
...wtLvMr. ner maiden name fui.ihMr voices were clear and iholr
...vm Kh m united In marriage to , ., nerfectly audible, so that
manuauu j ..0J r . ., t , I 1 xxvi it v w ucuiu " i - . , m
any way, during that time,' any opempOTglJ QXiQi UPtiCl&IL
Tiiffo.wnen ii " in. it. lviuuiwm, ui - , . , . . a. s sr ssw
. , , r ihut . . .. pnnM irhn roanra nornroino .hist, n run in mi, liic
nnn uu v iud mo .." I ... i . .(... ili .ill luuu v. aw.' www
r : .u. ii. i a ' . .
ii nnft of the pioneers of that c, . WM
-r! what we offer before
reTrlrrr S -- H? Purchase elsewhere. ;
pioneer m-,-" . ... - , M,w. .
.'. Ladies' Heavy Cashmere Hose, 37c worth 50c
w 31c " 10c
" All Wool Hose, 18c .." 25c
" Fancy Cotton, . 19c " 25c
" Black Hose, 8c
Misses' and Children's Woolen Hose Away Down
Gents' Cashmere Half Hose, 37c worth 50c
. a 2Gc " 40c
" All Wool Hose, ., 20c " 30c
" Cotton, 8c to 25c
Fancy Linen Towels, ltic to 25c.
Towels and Towel inpr, Table Napkins, Stamped Line..,
Down to the rock. This line will soon be closed out at
..i...n.. w share. Years wiore
core imiuiunj ,, .
J ..i.nch.nd.- death she has lived
U1U UOt hm.w .
in this village. Infirm in health, grandma
quietly awaited the summons home, nus
and three children having Rone More
Saturday nlghv upon being asked "do you
know us, grandma," she would answer,
"yes," but soon dropped to sleep and in
Uie early morn passed peacetully away.
Say not -good night but in some nnpimr
realm bid me good morning." Funeral
services wero held at her daughter's resi
dence, Mrs. Plus, at Plttsneld. By her
(wnsdectiouapartof the xxlll Psalm
wan mm! ihnsuhicctot remarks. "Yea,
announced bin decMon. Reflector.
No Romano Whitlow Nowadays In Find
lug a Ilasband.
A man asked me the other dav how wom
en find husbands, writes "Bab" In the New
Vnrir Ktnr. It n il auch a nuzzling question
to me that I constituted myself a commit
tee of one and went around among alotet
married women to see how thoir Uv abends
nrnnniwd to them.
Thnro wasn't ono who I'A ovor bad an
absolute romantio avowal of love I There
wasn't one whoso husband had gotten down
on his knees, caught the loved one's hand
and besought ol her, unloss she wished to
see him stark ana cold wun a dtokou bw w
t' rmchi walk through the valley of the that she would wed him I There wasn't one
tnufco i i"' ub ' Who had ever known the rapture of being
shadow of death, I will lear.no evil, f 2; pistol pointed at her head,
thou art with me. thy rod and thy stull
may comlort me."
Ca.d of Tiukis. On accouut ot continued
sickness we have not been able to publicly ex
press our thanks tor kindness and assistance
and now to friends and nelchbors to the order
nf Phrtken Friends and the 1. 0.0. F. v.e ten
der our heartfelt gratitude' lor kindness,
watchful care and assistance during our long
sickness and sad bereavment. Also we sin
cerely thank Rev. W. C Dawsou for his great
kindness and Christian synfrathy and encour
agement. No words of ours can express our
gratitude to the superintendent of our schools,
the teachers and members of the class of 'W for
the touching manner In which they tendered
their Inst sad respects to the memory of our
daughter and their departed friend and school
mate by lovely floral offerings the beautiful
tokens of their love and esteem.
Ma. and Mas. It. II. dorr.
Tocket Knives,
C00K-Lena Lynch Cook, daughter of V
fears one month and IS days. Funeral Tues
day. January B, at 1:30. Rev. W. C. Dawon
Cabd or Thanks. To our neighbors and
friends we return our sincere thanks for the
many sets of kindness and assistance during
the sickness and at the Interment of our little
daughter. W. UCoox,
AlliiS. Cook.
mii th hrava lover nronounced that, un
less she accepted him, he would kill her
andthon himself I There wasn't one wuo vove tjimccS
had been gained even at the dagger's point, "u'1' 1JI 1-V-B
and not a ainglo wife had been drugged and
mhila In a .nml.congcioUS StatOl
nvuuw. .
Dorothy, I confess to a certain amount ol
disappointment The nearest I could get
.. hn thn nuestion of marriage had
been reached was always that they drifted
Intn it.
This Is dollclouBly vague, but it seems to
mean that they knew the man, that he had
the privilege ot holding their hands and
criticising thoir frocks for some time, and
w. them when there was no special ex-
riiAmAnt in Wall street, a Presidential elec
tion wasn't goingon, nor any thing cise mas
was distracting, they suggested that It was
for them to not married.
This Is the general experience. And I
think It a sin and a shame. Fow women
hairn mora than ono ODDortunity to marry,
and that ought to be accompanied by all the
trill and frivolities that the best novel
writer ever droamcd of. Tho Howolls and
James business in the way of elassie love
making may bo most doslrable lor norvous
Agate Iron Tea and Coffee Pots, 88c to $1.25.
10c to 65c.
Iron Clothes Wringer, (warranted) $1.75
Dish Tans, t15oto30c.
4 quart tin coflee pot, 15c
3 " '".. 12c .
2 quart tin cups, Gc
1 " " 4c
4 quart measures, 17c
2 quart measures, 10c
Pic Plates. 3 for 10c
Kri-w Pans. Cake Pans. Bread Pans, Lamp Chimneys and
vi. ucu uyut u vwa, u.uu ws va " mining IT.Bjf QQ moat uwinmw uui iva - t - . - .
md Allle 8. Cook, of strangulation, Jan. people; it may calm and sootho them, but Wick'S, StOVC and Scrub Brushes, and a thousand Otfier
Oth, at 10 o'clock p.m., caused by "hooping when champagne or love are offered It . . ' ...-.l l,-0 rAA ot 2 thoir vnliip Come
ough. followed by asthmatle trouble, aged S wanU to be sparkling, and It wanU to tasto articles liot mentioned here, SOld at 3 then aiUC Wint
and see us. V e have things you want.
30 Days at the Bazar Store.
Card of ThanUs.
We wIkIi to thank all our kind friends
and neighbors who assisted us during the
sickness, death and burial or our beloved
mother and grandmother.
Mn,& Mus. K. VV. Pitts und family.
Note from Other Town,
Burglars entered the store and postofllce
nt Mallet Creek Monday night, nod also
ivent through the depot at the station. We
have not learned what was taken from the
station, but 11. L. Phillips, postmaster, lost
vostsge stamps, gloves, mittens, and other
tilings amounting to (13 or (20. ...The
following gentlemen were elected officers
of the Farmers' Ins.ituie for the ensuing
year: Geo. Burr, prvsldent; J. P.Redfield,
vice president; E. U.Uridley, secretary;
T. U. Loomis, treasurer. . . .The services ol
installing Rev. Norman Plata as pastor ol
the Congregational Church of this pi nee
were held at the church Tuesday evening,
I irgi'ly attended. . . .Mr. II Irani Goodwin,
clerk ot Medina village, recently wrote to
parties In Marion and Shelby counties,
where macadamized roads hnvo been
built, inquiring as to the cost, etc. We
print the tubstiince ot the replies he re
ceived: Owens & Son, dealets in stone,
etc., at Owen, Marlon Co., said the price
Of crushed stone was S0c per cubic yard
(27 cubic feet) on cars there. An 18 ton
cor holds 11 cubic feet yen's, so you can
estimate how much road a car of cruihed
stone will over. J. W. Williams, clerk of
.Shelby, ssys that village Las about five
miles of pike. It proves very satisfactory.
Where the gutters are paved it Is piked
clear across, but where they arc not it is
put on about 18 feet wide and from it to 10
inches thick in the center, tapering oil to
S or 9 Inches at the sides. They have JuM
.InUhed of the latter 8381 leet at a cot for
Uie stone laid down of (3,030.40, 1054 cu.
yards at $153 per yard. It costs alwut
(l.SOper car to unload, and about the
same to haul and level. They get their
jjone at cither Marlon or Uloomvllle.
When a road is madu 18 feet wide ihey
dig out a trench just thai wldo and from 4
to 5 inches deep, and fill up with stone.
The stone Is btoken Into small pieces.
"Five yeiirs ago,' the clerk tidds, "we hud
the worst town la Ohio lor mud, but I
think wc now have as good rnnds as any
town of our size." Gazette.
The worst feature about ruturrh is its
dangerous tendency to consumption.
Hood's Btnapsrilla cures catarrh by pur
. (Tying tho blood.
The literary contest held on Friday
evening at Gardner' Music Hull, Xor.
walk, between th chosen members of tl e
blgb school classes, supplemented by vocal
music from the Bab-Rosa Quartette, ol
male voices, from Obeilin, was t pleaslag
entertainment all the way through, and
heartily entoyed by the large tudlrnce.
The young gentlemen tod yoang ladies
did themselves Infinite credit, not only In
the matter of com position but In the mao
. net and style of delivery. There were
Uiree prises awarded : one for orations,
one for essays, and and one for reoltatlono.
The following were given the prizes In
the order named, Mr. Clare Loom Us, Miss
Jeu'.e niwted, and Mr. Carl Welwler.
as If such nectar had never been nffored be.
The cigarotte-irabucJ.ivhlte-skluued.color.
less-eyed, smooth-faced young man that Is
so prevalent Just now will never offer any
body any thing but the flattest cider for
champagne, and when it comes to this, I
ay, give me lee water ana piaronio.
Kama Striking ContnuU.
An English huly living temporarily In the
United Slates notices that tho house sorv
anta do a deal more work bore than in the old
country; yet that our servants are relieved
of some work that is necessary there the
taking of hot and cold water to sleeping-
rooms in some houses, and the care of a tire
In every room by reason of no furnace In
the ccllur. She insists upon tho superiority
of stoves here over fire-places In England
In cold weather, und suvs that tbe kitchen
stove here bums much loss coal than it
docs there. The use of bituminous real in
England Is one cause, of some of these
troubles. The Indcncndcuco of the domestic.
servants in America is another noticeable
fact, as might be expected in a democratio i
country. As a sumplo of the greater con
veniences hero, the carpet sweeper is men
tioned, with its dusllcss work, In place of a
broom, which is solely used in England.
SCRAP BOOKS A full line.
PAPETERIES In late designs.
FINE STATIONERY and writing materials.
NEW PUBLICATIONS, selected with reference to perma
nent value and to meet all tastes, .v.
LIBRARY SETS of standard works.
CHEAP BOOKS A large assortment. . ;
and Bageter.
TRATED BOOKS. POEMS m leather bindings. JUVEN
ILE BOOKS in great variety. Optical Goods, Art
Goods, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, and
West Side Public Square,
Otterbacker is headquarters for
everything in the following line:
Now is your time to buy your
Horse Blankets
Wolf Eobes.
To make room for
Not the Pig's Fault.
Wifo "The 25th of next Novomhcr we
will celebrate our silver wedding. Don't
you think wo ought to kill tho fut pig and
have a big feast j" Husband-" Kill the pigl
I don't sea how the unfortunate animal Is to
blame for what happoned twonty-flvo years
BotM-Cutllnc bjr Klectrtclljr.
Removal ot Motions of bone tn surgical
operations hus heretofore been a long, tedi
ous process, effected with a inallot, chisel
gouges, eta It is, perhaps, the most brutal
and unscientific method which could be
adopted, and sounds like the operative
butchery which existed in the last century.
This has all been re formed by an invention
called the eh-clrie osteotome, says the Lon
don BUctrkal Entffnar, which Is an Instru
ment holding a circular saw at Its extrem
ity, revolved with lightning speed by an
electric motor. This, when hold against
bone, makes a clean cut thrmi(;h it In a
few seoonds -, la fact, its action Is Instantane
ous. By holding the osteotome in a slant
ing position, wedge-shaped pieces can be
out out with equul promptitude. There Is
no danger of the saw rutting tho soft parts,
as they are nmtoc-tod by a retractor, aa In
strument which is passed down and under
the bono.
To TH Editoh-Please Inform your read.
ir that 1 have a positive remedy for tUealwvs
named disease. Ily Its timely use thousands of
hopeless cases have been permanently cured.
I shall be glad to send two bottles of my reme
dy frkr to any of your resders who have con
sumption If tliey will send me their express
snd Kit nfflro address. Itespectfully,
T. A. SLOCl'M. M. C. 11 -t H..NwYork
My Stock of .
Harness, Saddles and Collars,
Is complete and prices complete.
Please Examine Goods Before you Buy..
Superior Street, next to Postoffice, Cleveland, 0.
Successfully Treated npon tbe Latest Scientific Principles.
A full line of
Always on hand.
Has attalnsd tho most wonderful shomh in tht trMtmaatl
f to.eus to wblen a aote tiliimcni .ii.niiua. hui
throats years of pMirat labor and research, n. ha dis-l
oonrad to. most infalllbl method of ounof sm.ibI I
inwolnnl.r dUabinis. hapxit.neT. B.rr.as-1
nss. eosfttrloa of Msa. palplUtloa of th. bwt, timidity. diMasss of throat, now and
, .- .:.'... ii. .7"?.. l7..k ..4 tww.L ihnu urr k . disorders arlsini from soliUrr
bsbiu "fliatS-iad eeeniVraetsces. uuku. hi. a muerabl.eiuWD0.an4 rmd.rln mamae
. , Thou snff.rlnt from
EM C TV O U 8 K.rroos Dabillly, th.
. . . symptoms of which ar.
Debit itVsi duU " ",i.D
swmiiisji which onB- (ben for
performing thttr basioM. and soetal dntlest
msk.luPDrmrriMlmpoblLdUtrM th.
1DM Ol
notion ol
heart, uosint tab
1 heat.
Acprestlon of spirits, tU f srabodint. ow.rd
?., fear, dra.ms. short brealhitur. Snslan-
,fti immii fflf MBMBiiDd .in a uin-
ren4 to b. alon.t fniinc 0. Und In th.
clioly, tin
mornins as when rtlirintt
loit Dsnhoodt
Whit. boo. depoiiU la th. arm.. DervoutnM.
crcmbliDi, ooDlmiouof thoughts, waury ana
weak 7s, drip.psia, eanstipation. palneM.
oain and wtknt In th. limbs, .to., should
oont.lt DU. ALHEUT ImoMdiaUly and
b. rottorad to helth.
rVlna.inna Marrl prons or
mQrriQCe.Touni men oontom-
pltitins marrim..,-'awM. of pbrsie.1 weas-
qcm, Inc. of proeri. power.. rnw,
Irltk.. jA.i(AMtlAM anaedilv relieved.
ii.ahAnlu.Mhim.(.ndrth.oar of 1H.
ALBKRT.myoonnd.lnhif honor a a eo
tlemsn.andennOd.ntlTrelron his skUl as a
je.rs" .xrri'neo In hospitals and print
practle. snd is ' ' ! or the i most emhMnt
frdiealL'olli... 'I:na rww.
TmDedUtely cored snd I
full Tiior restored. 1 his I
iilP.I . dutreuiD. afnis-l
w e a k n e ss.ik whcb rnd.rs
liLabuKleaaod eod martis. buiioMibl.-1
Is th. penalty paid by th. victim of improper I
inu If rQoe. ine moei cn..'ie nen Kim.
ed. Ihst th. puaioo. sr. th greet niixpet
it which th. whole world is sttnetod. Io
stray them and what bar. w.T Km U so
lonmr interMied in th. oppo.it. sos; th In
ful rvpos. wh kb attracts I
world. .lists no
hat Gnd m.d. him ; I
th. world is no Ions or Int.rutinc to biro, and
re nil cvuiiaiiis
ItEKT t one. I
and interests th whole world, .nsts.no
lonsert man oease. to be
vwmoree sod dlatuoiot,n.nt .
.nhnL IVinuK Iik. XL!
and ou will 4 nd the sjmpathy and relief that
solitary vic-thst dreadful snd destructive I
,mkit. shlnh unuiillrnHH to sn UDllmelv I
treve, thousands of youns m.a ol exalted I
taleatsndbrillisnt laullwt, may cell with I
DR. ALUEKT adJreews all Ihoee wh. Vsro I
iniured theuiselres by improper Inilulscneo I
and solitary bebits which ruin both Bind I
and body, unfitting uiwalor Dullness, staoy,
Mi.tr or merrwae.
, at
Isrnlnrt hand. Oldrb-haul. Kvrrvrredn
le rnipl'ivrd. I'.lit nslarint. l.w Tuition,
tlnlrk wi.rk. TU'.roiiirli Instnivilon. Typi
wnunii end IVnmnnlili. tinder Uie pcrmmel
niwiuK.Tiifiii f . W. WIMIm. Isle I'rlveie
Mhurl-lis'Hl llirlMiir ll.rti. J. Werrrn Kvller,
ri"iM'k'r Uiwi.r llmlm. lit fungrrre.
f'ntHltta'ir ii .indent. !r. Artnrow,
Usal Bssm fUaek
r.rss. Biv..F.
Import? ftnai
of Piioiiiiifiii
end rasnca Co4ta
Houn. W. oSer .
try lergettod of heme
I eelect from, goenin.
set breedera,
Biw lew prloM, .nd
Mil e Hrr Itrna
Lerge estelogM trm.
Addreas Bevsge a Tar-
Ban, iwuwii, siwb.
'Ifeka. a Loe.lr Cefanleilon. Is a '
frtpleodid Tonie, and eur. Boil), Pimp
Vim, norotuU, Mrmirtti sri'i an oioo
liisnMS. Bold by your Jrurgtst.
rSeJien Medicine Co., Pitttburgh,Pa 1
Cri I n n c v Positively Ciirto oy
Of KltS 1iflMrthod,anrl6uarar3-
hi A Cures beta niDlected
or sjnskilliully treated. Ne experinuatt
For the Latest Improved
Ensilage and Fodder Cutters,
1 and 2-Horso Tread Powers,
Corn and Cob Feed Mills,
Peed Steamers,
Beet Corn Shelters on the market. Improved Grass Seeders,
SowerB, Clover, Flax, Oats and Wheat, $2.75 each.
Call on
Wellington, - - - Ohio
A Perfect Restoration Guaranteed.
ho n.ilimrnl nretmders who kren trillii
l....M mnnlhm'lrt month. SlvllJ. UoiSOnOUB Snd
Call or wnw, nutwaoropwiuie, ui in
DR. ALBEiK i f liieveiana j
utervi.W pr.Urred.
Address, with Poetate,
a ,.rro nf treatment with full
CvF tlons will be sent to any part of the
u United States, securely packed, free
from observation, upon receipt of Five Dollars,
With a guarantee that r resuira ara nut 3tL.a-
factory. money wm t miw.vi..
5a Wv!ifejKCf KqtTJ2g Ifij-AiaJrlMM UpinKamh
''Vr-.MrV-., ......
r l-TiiaaiMrtiyT---n --i eiiiiiwi - ..- - u .
' J
. .a aleA Uaari '
i.nliliiiBH enmoTiAH AOCDI III COLLE0I WRIIINti Btr I, D"ui evnv w
iniiujii..,. Euuwilivn. v., . . mng - f 1 HOUSES HTW, rMininiOll uwnru,n,
S.TrP..niliN0.rf0BEm BUSINESS wu tM,tm, ht.
end couraes complete. Circulars free. Address Mem
rtsca t Awtr to gt a good Bon" afl
Uoll. Irern nrln lnni.n.hlp or Bliorthend
"no Typewrt tne l .1 U S.PKSM kl L "IS,
irWroiAsiK. .s.sivs.l.asiis.
".hidln let.. 1 he TlT HrrntalrttnoOolir.
Nii the oLDnrr. lABoeirr and ooeomen-iel
rhool. S superior teecbrra. foftnrr pupile.
sai raaioa
More students ennuelly the. ell MUe """V"
m, r, M mrMsn.Bm m -
-Call on t
For yonr
Tlic Etey Piano and Organ arc known in every part of -the
civilized globe and while other instruments nre sold I
claiming to be ; - ; . ,
"just as aobb as the estey," j
The hardened mortal has not been found to say he h
prepared to furnish a superior,
r. sc. aKiit'Sus. i
: -I' it

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