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A. Family Newspaper, Devoted to Ilome Interests, Politics, Agriculture, Science, Art, Ioetry, Etc.
) (
NO. 5.
1 v 1 rv 1 vs 1-1 . 1
. Published every Wednosday, at
Trim of Subscriptions
)no Year... ........
is Months
;. tires Month ......i
.. 40
Loans ami Collections tnudo a specialty
Office In bank builfrflTg.
A T T 0 R N E Y-AT-L AW,
, , and solicitor of
American and Foreign
V-"rf."iw7SWlJI, Inriranoe Agent and
1C . Hutary Vubtto. Insurance, deeds, mort
!, will", Icujos, cmiliaon, oto., written iq
a D.mi mid leva! manner. Oiilo ovor Bcrage I
boot soil shoe ator.
toi'&KNK iioiU '" the Barber, keep
- j j one of the utatest. m.wt convenient liar
w,r6MM.lnvovn. 0..ly Anti-olas
. iiplnrwl. A full sssortmiiol of hair oil. P'
SmSw una hulr rostnr.ilvo. PI". b-tU-room.
fc .i mid told water and all n.-cemary oonDl.
snees. - lUMiine. rmuiu - -
'if J. ti'.hitiii. hi'DitatT ottios over
II. Hutted flora, in uana minimis;.
Vt olllngtou. Ohio. Nltroua oxlil r Klmlo.
stored for the extraotlott of teeth.
Cmwtalle' Art Gallery. Plcturei In ev
S JrMtylS aud , rlftTl Tuwlth the II met
rl iclal attention paid to enlarging la Crayon
lW. or Water Color and copying from old
' - j-i.j all liMMPVAll tflfl till'
' f lUfYI. Vm UK tail v
i l1teeanbeha., at any time. Gallery over
i.owlby k iiall'i grocery. 1
at, i
Plcturei of alt kindi. Pluest work and latttt
Htjira. Copying and enlarging Id Crayon. Ink
. ill Patl. Bpeelat ittenuon M me oamw
Croal.r'a BlOok, Wlltoftoa. O.
i ! i ji . J . ti.J A I -u ikff th. kld.r&nd
.limyi. riM. Dtcertltoa or id. rci,
ko, and all prevailing dlMawa of the
. .uintrwUrtby aa (mprovtd JiUB, without
no oraeuauoa irom oio.
,Iio.t. of the bladder aad kidney, treated only
u-t a carriai sao oroiwr bu.iti v.
udlce la
rpoaUr Block W.lllagtoB.O
ptoj,.ij5oa ill Mi
TdlOrders received at Telephone Excntag
W at F. D. Pelt'idruR store.
hmn Imm mil JhIW
rjMVIiMilJ lgMH HUH aMIIll
f 'ver twenty
.-.md at
five years of practice. Orders
4 at Adam' and Ilouuhtun a drug
i l on Courtlaad Avenue
R M-s.
it,, r.l --At w",r'"' y
'!. ...... ffi-SK
Ujii. wiuiii', 60ie Agent,
' -r n Clocks, Watches, Jewehy, 811
)'''' ire, Gold Pens, etc. No. 5, Public
Square, Wellington, Ohio.
wm MMeMtaH M k A
XI. Barrett,
i iivcry and Feed Stable.
' ,k Sulo Mechanio Street, first
I rir east of American House.
' :: d huh Line.
y Passengeti end Baggage to
' u trains or residences. Also col
!i(J ; dletrlbulce xxprkss, doing a
i xpresHing and pnckigu buflttesi.
' 'Mors or telephone American
f: S7-ljr II. 8. Smith, Prop.
bul. .. . .
4 .T.
CAPITAL $100,000.00, SURPLUS $0,500.00.
Does n General Bitiiklug Business,. Kocelves Deposits, Buys and soils New York
Exchange, Government Bonds, etc. Drafts
8. WARNEa, Presidont. ' R. A. II OKU, Casliior.
WM. CUSniON, Jr., Aas't Cashior.
8.8. WARNER.
D. L. WAliSWOKTH ft C0
Manufacturer, of and dealer In
IDoora, Scislj. and. Ellzidsj
Cheese nnd Butler Boxes, all kinds ot
Lumber, Lnth, 8b'ni;le, Battens, .Mould-
Inits and Flooring. Siding miule and Sur
lace Planing done to onler on liorl no.
tice w?;llington,o.
Dealers lu and Manufacturers of
. A Full Line of Goods Alvnys In Stock.
Arteriiil Embalming a Specialty.'
Pictures Framed to Order. A good vari
ety of .Mouldings to select from.
N. E. Corner of Square, Welllnulon. 0
Until Further Notice
I will sell Drain Tile at th following
nrices :
2Xlnch - M-!
3 11.no
4 . is.ipn
6 '
A " 32.00
7 ' . .4UU
8 " ........ ..... MXOO
A eood supplv of Brick constantly on
hand. C. V. II EM EN WAY.
Wellington, O.
Contractor an Boil er,
Plans and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. Orders by
mail promptly attended to. 46-ly
mamufactvbim or
tfeete nn thelV.
and uh KMln-
In. 1.-f.rifiir. it
ea'.'i ii-oiilh.
Post ream In
If. W. Lang,
T. Haiktll,
Ill Will 1 1 1 1. E!
Prom and after May 18, trains will pu. Wellington
as follows:
Standard Time
.... 1:4.1a.m.
9:011 a.m.
No. 1-N . T fit. L. fut line
Ho. 3-Ind.and Wbceling Ex
No. S-Cln. t'ol'.Ki
No. t Special N.T. ACIn. Kx.,
No. 7-N. Y and St. L. Kl...........
No.7 Col's Wheeling Accom
No. a-Nlght Ex
OolNO iT.
No.S-St. L. t N. I Kxpresa
is:44 p.m.
6:50 p. m.
6:00 p.m.
8:18 a.m.
'16:16 a. m.
, e:07a. m.
No. B NlKbi Hi
No.)-Osllon Clove d Ac...
No.lS-HpMlal St. Lonls A N. Y. Kx.
No.t4-Wbeellnr.ind. andCleva. Jtx
No. S Cincinnati Clevs'd Kx
No.B'J-Local freight
Nos 1, 8,6, 8, t snd 13 ran dally.
Trains stop on signal.
8:1. m.
i:e n
6: p
1:46 p.m.
WU9 1 iill till EAIL&OAS.
Cleveland ft MarletU R. R.
From and afterJnnea, 1RHH. tralnswlllpais Well1
uiUUJii.i iuiiui...
Standard Tims.
. g.Ma.m.
,. 4.p m.
. ..BlUpm.
. 9.Ua.m.
No. 1
No. 17 Local.
? A ,
No. 6 a.uep.m.
No a 7.4So.m.
No.UUcal 9.10p.m.
Nos. 1,6 snd 6daiy: others dally ex. Sunday.
VnrthM.lnfitrfn.linrtlnv.ff.rdta this III will
bsfonndon pare! .
Arrive dallr, 6:00 a.m. Depart, 1 :60 p. s.
rrlve dally, 11 :Ma-m. Deptl-
rrlvs dally, .m. Depart lOa.m
V j
Issued on all Enropeim countries .
Pratt k Herrick, ,
Free drlivrry t ' nny ;nrt ol tlir- corpor
atlon. R.'iilrnad street, Wvlllnctnn, O.
Antbracito, Mau'sillon,
Jaokson and TUojHbur;.
Terras C;ihli iintl Prices Low.
OUice on West Liberty 3'.. Telephone 4S
o the WEAK and j
P.moTH eon.elons of OQOA'IC
WKAklNKKS or lncpeUf fori
acllvo duties 01 Hie, niio niay nuan
or ars sufforing from
ef any description, can ba per ma
neutly car4 by oonaultlng
Boperlor St next to P. 0.,
roa Tin laraovaaaxTor south m.is stmssi.
WhsasAS, As the owners of more than two
thirds ol the feet front abiittinx upon South
Main Street have petitioned for the Improve
ment tboreof, therefore, be It resolved by the
commou council ol thevillaxe ol Wellington,
Ohio, as follows:
1. That It la deemed neeemry to Improve
Bouth Main Street by paving the name with
flaa stone IS) el(h t feet long and not leas than
(4)7iiur feet wide and not less than (I) eight
inches thick If of split stone and not less than
(T) seven Inches thick with stone with both
sides natural beds and all In accordance with
the plans and specifications on Ale In the
office of the Village Cleric.
3. That one-fourth of the eost and expenses
of said Improvement shall be levied and ae
sessed by the feet front upon all the lets tad
land abultlngon aald Improvement. aud the
balance shall be levied and assessed upon the
general lax list as an assessment upon all the
Usable real and personal property of said
6. Ibnt the marshal la hereby appointed aad
anthorlied and directed to serve written no
tice of the oasaaxe of the above resolution
upon all the owner of property abutting on
said proposed Improvement who are resident
of thin count
In county.
4. That suld resolution be published la the
Wellington Enterprise for two consecutive
Paseed January 21t. I"".
R. N. (looosriv E. E. IIvitio,
Clerk. ilayor.
Sheriff Bale.
Ohio l unnrn' lusur-) In Lorain County,
anceC". Court ef Common
A. A. Wltbeeket al. ) Pleas. Case No. 'A.
Order of sale foi eclusure of mortgage.
In pursuance of an order Issued from the
Court of Common Please within and for the
County ol Lorain and State of Ohio, made al
the June term thereof. A. D. HHH. and to me
directed. I will offer for sale at publle auctlou
at the north door ot the court bouse, In the
VlllHgenf Klyrla. on
between the hours ot 10 and 12 o'clock a. in. of
wild day, the following described real estate,
to wit:
Situate In the township of Penfleld. County
of Liiriiln and State ol Ohloatid known as part
ol lot nuinlidr eighteen (IS) bouuded on the
north by land formerly owned by U. C. Rock
wood; east by land formerly owned by K.
Lewis and U C. Kockwood. south by section
line and west by township line, containing
fifty-five acre. This deed Is Intended to con
vey and does eonveyall the land deeded by
Abel and Kollln Shepard (by their guardian
Isaao VanDeuaen) to 0. K. and U. W. Starr
and dated Deo. 4, IHfiO, also all the land deeded
byt'larlnda K. and Charles Shepard to O. W.
and O.K.Starr and dated Deo. 2, IBM), and
recorded In records of Lorain county Ln Vol.
1H, I'aiie lit',, and also In Book 16 Page 10.1, In
said record ot d-eds,also one other piece ot
land In Wellington township, Lorain county,
Ohio, and bounded and described as follows:
being one aereof land taken from the north
west corner of what was known aa the. John
llowk farm and taken from original lot No.
twenty-two'l and bounded beginning at or
near the north-east corner of land owned by
Charles llowk: thence south twenty rods:
thence east eight rods: thence north twenty
rods: thence west eight rod t6 iilnee of be-
R Inning. Said botindrle are exclusive of the
Ighway, but the land In front of aald lot to
the center of the highway I Included In thl
deed. .
Said premise has been appraised 1st parcel
at 61.K70.00, 2nd parcel at 64.2TiO.0O and cannot
ell for less thau two-thirds of said appraise
ment. ...
Termsofsalecashon dayofsAle.
L. D. Smith. M. A. POUNDS,
Attorney. Sheriff of Lorain Co., 0
To The Citizens of Wellington.
Fred D. Felt, the druggist, ot Welling,
ton, will keep lor sale the celebrated
Indian Pill, manufactured by the eminent
Dr, II. MscFarland ot Genoa, O. This Is
the pill that cure headache, lick or ner
vous, also constipation, end for our failure
we offer $100 If directions are carried oat.
We can tell you more, tliev cure rheuma
tism, sciatic, chronic, or Inflammatory. All
stomach disease! yield every time to this
great discovery. They will positively
cure nil diseases ot the urinary organs If
curable from any medicine. The secret li
they cure the liver and will not fall. Do
not (nil to try this medicine ; f 1 a box, SO
pills id each box. (Jail at rclt 'a drag store
for them. Felt only keepa them, Well.
Iniiton. Ask for the ' little bonk' giving
symptoms. This la the great blood starch
er nfthe world. '
N.B. Fell' only. Remember Dr. R
MscForland'a pill Is the only genuine
MacFnrland pill on earth. -
mm .
Li 6.M bj DsphcialCorrcsDOBlsDl!.
All About f bo Happenings nnd Special
Events In t,!ieir Immediate Vicinity.
Jan'y 2189.
I notice in your last week' Issue, among
your nolo limn Medina, that Dr. Palmer
of LikII, 79 years old, claims to be the
first while child born In Ohio. Allow mo
tocotrect Dr.Piiliner' chronology, lit
Oilo Harmon ivss born In Mantua, Port
are county," Ohjo, in 1803, and were he
alive would tmw be 88 years oM. Also
Rfhercn Culler -whs born in Palmyra,
Portnge county, in 1804, and ir alive
would now be 83 yenriold. the married
Edward P. Sidmnn and resided in
IIuntlnKton. Lornin county 20 a ears and
died tln-rc lu lii-'U. Again, 811ns Piuney
the father til llm subscriber, was born in
Mantiiu, Portnuo county,, in February,
1803, and were he alive now would be 81
years old nearly. ; I can name others who
were born about tbo same time as these,
but cannot now glye the exact dates. .
,, , Geo- Pikkky,
3 January 28, 8D.
Qumu-rly meeting lu the M. E. Church
mi Suturday and Sunday. Elder Hughes
prearhes on Saturday at 9 p. m . and both
tuorninif and evening on the Sabbath, ami
mt-etlugs contluue every evening this
week nt 7 o'clock, and half past 10 every
morning. - - -Another
one of. Huutlugton't old set
tiers, Mrs. Martin Sage, died d'tringthe
past week I tiling Tuesday nicht Her
remains were plufcd In the vault at
Brunswick, snd aou lime in the future
will be placed bes'.ue her husband in our
cemetery. .' i ' .
Since my lost writing Mr. Asa Simon
son Is sickened nnd died. '. He died on
Thursday and was burled on Friday alter
a very short sickness. Fie waa about 68
years old. Elder Wynant preached his
funeral sermon. . i ? '
Mr. UcoAwrjia Hltfe daush
wi win ium aiu
If the enow which is on the ground now
bad come when it waa frozen np solid It
would have made splendid sleighing, but
nnles It freezes np toon it will all be
wealed. , .
The nice new walk around the park and
front of the town hall Improve the ap
pearance of the center very much.
Sirs. Hart has been having company
from Michigan. I didn't learn the name.
Also Mrs. Cyrus Johnson baa bad
nephew visiting ber from Michigan,
QTh boys brought a band full of "spring
beauties" (our early spring flowers) In
from the wood last Wednesday, Jay. l
January 28, 8B.
Geo. W. Mason and family, of Cleveland
are vUltlng friends ln this vicinity aud
are Ihe guests of P. Dagnan, Jr.
' Mrs It B. Boice who was not expected
to survive Sunday, Is now rallying.
The young people's literary and musical
social met at the residence of Mis Dairy
Messier Thursday evening and organized
by electing the following officers: Pres.,
Miss Louie Pond, Vice-Presidents, Carrie
Field and Wade Chamberlain; Treasurer,
Josle Phelps; Secretary, Victoria Scoville
Asst. Sec., Edith Callln; Organist, Cora
Coats; Musical Director, Clayton Dim.
mock; Program committee, Harvey Kess.
lor, Wade Chamberlain, Mamie Crawford,
Daisy Kessler, The social meets the first
Thursday of each month.
ilrs. ft. rainier now 73 years ol age
commenced a course of lecture on phre
nology at Dnucket hall la this village
Tuesday evening, to continue one week.
P. Dagnun, Jr., of tint People's Store,
fell on tbo Ice and batl'y sprained his
shoulder. '
Ladles M. E. Hurmmiical meets with
Mrs, J. Porter, Friday of tliU wot k. All
come. Bon Hommk.
January 88, 181!). '
During the week coimnu:iclji; the lot Ii,
Mrs. Alexander gav physiological lec
tures, illuMmtcd by . it m :t:uki:i, which
were said to he very instructive to those
attending. Prof. Alexander gave a stere
optienn entertainment, Monday evening,
January 2Ut. ;
The Farmcn' Instituto held the 21th
and 25 in this place was co;i.iilereil a suc
cess In every, way, veiy full attenduue-e
and entertaining aud instructive speakers.
Three or four from n dUtance, and our
borne talent was well represented. Mrs.
F. Rice read a paper on "Farmers wives
and daughters" which :is well recoived;
also Miss Nellie Holers on "Fanners
snd Farmers soue." Theec together with
all proceedings of thn' Institute, will lie
published In tlio Ohl'i Finni-i-. A more
extended account wmiM have lieeo re
ported hud not your correspondent been
kept from attending by a severe cold. Ex'
pecttosee nnr farmers profitiiifr by the
wisdom guined at this meeting, elso why
support them? Get out of the old ruts,
and try to make this mans of information
that has been sprung upon you, pay.
Three new membera were received into
the Disciple church, last Sunday.
Dr. Weedmun goes to see Etta Smith
occasionally, also Miss Gray. Mrs. Harris
la quite poorly.
Severol business changes are looked
for in tho near future.
Thanks fot Christmas remembrance.
. Januory 28. 89.
The entertainment given a few evenings
atro in the Coiigreeational Church was
well attended and gave good satisfac
Mr. II. A. Wbltbeck was quite seriously
hurt a lew days ago by being kicked by a
Mr. Milo T. Jackson, our mail currier,
met with quite a serious accident a few
daya ago. On hla way from Wellington
his horses became unnianagable, ran
away, threw him out onto the frozen
ground, hurting bis arm and shoulder to
some extent, aud breaking the buggy in
several places.
Mr. Ira Foster, of Michigan, has lately
been visitlnt Mr. Lyman Foster snd
Miss Nora Long returned Wednesday
from her visit of several weeks with
friends In Gallon.
Mr. H Stchrlbt had his foot seriously
hurt some time ago, and is not able to at
tend lo his outside duties.'
Mr. Bobert Lowe, W. J. Krebs and J.
II. Gardner were in Loci I the lore part of
last week.
Mr. Fred Dupae's mother, Mrs. nuv.
ler, snd s cousin from Suffleld, Portage
county, have lately been visiting ber and
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Long went to Gal
ion on Saturday to visit their many
friends there.
Mrs. Charles Lang ia convalescent.
Mr. Dick Gibbons and wife, and his
mother of Pittsffeld, visited his sister,
Mrs. Lyman Foster, on Saturday and
Sunday. ..y. .,.. v
The remains of George Reaouard, a
former resident of Penfleld, were brought
here and interred last Friday.
The weather for the past lew days ba
not been an improvement in any way lot
of rain and mud, traveling almost Impos
sible but yesterday was ushered in with
quite a snow, snd we sre looking lor a
change. Jakb.
January 27, 1889.
On the evening of the 15th ult .the
8unday School class of Mr. R. T. Weeden
and other friends numbering over 60, made
him a visit (a surprise) snd spent a very
pleasant evening, though the going was
anything but good.
The fellowship meeting at the Cong'l
church announced for 16th snd 17th intt
was closed the first dsy ss the weather
and the roads were about as bed if not
worse than Ihe worst of the season.
The farm of Mr. 1. E. Whitney two
mile west of the center Is sold to a Ger
man. I cannot spell bis name having
never seen It. Consideration filty dollars
per acre.
Beautiful snow. Sleds going with log
maklag sawmillers heart glad.
The Walt farm sold In two lots, purchas
ers R Merriam the back lot, H. Mills the
old homestead.
Our ntlghbor, Flsk, who moved to
southesstern Virginia, near Norfolk, writes
he has about work enough, sawing, to Inst
him a year. He does not teem to be
euumored with the place, but if be gets
what sawing and grinding he can do. meat
likely he will stay awhile. M.
January 29, '89.
A change snow storm.
Soou listen to the bells, merry bells.
Farmors have nlreudy begun to draw
Considerable interest is manifested in
the meeting now being held at the Baptist
church. Elder Early, or Camden, is as
sisting Elder Gray.
The entertainment given at town hall
Saturday evening by G. A. It ami W. It. C
wu u decidoil success. Nit receipts
Rhetoricals of the lower schools Friday
evening. Yoiiis Dryly.
It was the pleasure of aliout thirty rep
resentatives of the O. A. It., W. K, C. awl
S. of Vs. of Wellington to be present at
mi entertainment Riven by the G. A. B,
l'oiit of Lad range at that place, on 8utui
j d iy evening last. The evening was made
tho occasion of lue unvoiuug or tlie altar
for the G. A. It. Hall. This altar Is a
beautiful piece of workmanship, made and
presented by Mr. Miller a member of
II:utiug l'osl. It Is ot wood and the
mouutiugs ure of bras. The entertain.
incut consisted largely of army scenes,
many of them represented by tableaux so
nicely arranged a to briog vividly to the
iiiiudsof the old soldiers similar scenes
which they had witnessed during the dark
days of the late war. The different acts
of unllmbering, louding and firing ennnon
were represented by throe different tab
leaux. There was a hospltlul, a camp and
a prison scene, a shsm battle and a sword
drill, In fact so many things so nicely ar
ranged una represented, that It Is Impos
rlble to single out aud say of any one,
tuis was very fine" or "that was the best
thing on the program," f..r all was so well
done that persons could only soy. It was
in all lu de'ails, a spleobid success. Duets
were sung and the time occupied In the
srranging of tubleuux, etc, wa made
pleasant by music from the orchestra.
The members of the LaGrange Post are to
no congratulated, not only on the good-
home talent thev nosKess hm nnnn 1bv
pleasant manner In which they brought It
out for the entertuininent of their friends.
January 23, 8!.
Rather good prospect for some sleigh
Litchfield youths put In full time on
the ice during the lute short season of
Win. Thorp, of Cleveland, is visiting in
Chss Turner visited last week with his
son, F. 8. Turner; of North Baliimore.
Mr. Houser, special pension examiner .
Irom Washington, D. C, was in town last
Wm. Lincoln and wife visited with bis
parents last week.
No telephone yet
Mr. Johnson and family, who have been
visiting for some time past In Huntington,
have returned to their borne.
Mr. P. Starr is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. Nichols, of Medina.
Dr. Carpenter visited last week in Gal
ion. George La rice will move next week with
hia family to Akron, where be bos ob
tained work In a match fi ctory.
The young people ot Litchfield have
organized a literary society. Meetings '
are beld at the high achool-reom every
Thursday evening. The entertainment
consist ef debates, recitation, essays, etc.
Everybody who. wishes to take pert In
such exercises, or who In other ways de
sires to acquire knowledge and accom
plishments, are cordially Invited to Join.
No admission Is charged, ss spectators are
not generally admitted.
This ha been one of the dullest winters
Litchfield bu ever experienced since we
bsve known ber. No soirees, charivarles,
nor even bueelng-bees to gladden the
heart of the young lolks. What, oh what
Is the matter with our people'
News wu received here last week of
the death of Edward Bperry, who many
year sgo wu a resident ol this place.
Ed. 8 tons end wife are visiting at ber
lathers, M. M. Gardner. '
Henry Kruger Is visiting friends .
town. Cab.
Notes from Other Towns.
Last Friday wu divorce day in Com
mon Pleu Court. Two decrees were en
tered, something unusual In the way ot
number, as the divorce docket has been
quite large heretofore. The couples made
happy by the judicial event were Betsy
Lamb, who wu cut asunder from N. E.
Lamb, snd Clara Palmer, who bad ber
nuptial obligations severed Irom Samuel
Palmer. The two fair complainant felt
u bappy u two happy brides-msids in
the glow of the morning The second
annual Lincoln Banquet will be beld at
Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 12, 1889. Several
of the most popular orators in the country
will be present, and everything will be
conducted in flrstclosa style The
person who makes it a practice ef borrow.
Ing a neighbor's newspaper is engaged In
a very bar) business, especially if able to
subscribe and pay for a paper No
stopping off at Graftou now for a glass of
lager, while waiting to be bitched on to
the Cleveland train. At the village elec
tion held there on the 13tb, for or against
saloons, the vote stood for saloons 33,
sgslnst 80 Mrs. Belle Whitfield, who
I on a visit to her father's from lows, bss
with ber s Hit's dog which she has trained
to perform s variety of cute tricks with
the gravity of a judgo on Ibe bench. It
will waltz, dance, run around after Its
tall, He down a if dead, shake banda with
all four feet, one after another, walk across
the floor on Its bind feet, jump through a
hoop made of it mistress's arms, snd
many other little tricks which show won
derful canine cunning Go and oil
are lound ln large quanlltiea in many
localities In Ohio. The discovery of gu
and oil In Fmdlay ha developed a mar.
velou growth. An old town that bad
nearly reached the limits of its growth
has indderly, by the development ol id la
new element of wealth, iprung Into the
proportions of a bustling city of the sec
ond :lass. Million have been added to
her wealth wlihin a tingle year, and many
more will coins to ber coffers the coming
year. North Baltimore and other towns
In the northwestern part of the State, by
the development of gas and oil, sre rap
idly springing up as active buslnes cen
ter s. and the old fofy town are being left
far In the reat. Gar-eite.
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