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J. n Smith, Proprietor.
Entered i.t the Put-office at Wellington a
Second Class mauer, acoordlng to Statute.
One Year.. J "
Six Mouthi 76
k. Unnlhi 0
AdvortlBlng uvecenti per line, each Insertion,
gdact-and Column Ratea made known on appll
SEXATon-Ei.ETT IIicxiins will do much
to eipvutc the Slate of Delaware from the
eld stereotyped p'n Hint it lias been ope
rated upon during te reign of the Sulis
burys and Bayards.
Nkwrpapkr corresnondenU are work
ing linrd to form a cnblnet for President
elect Harrison. Mr. Jllutne una waeu up
bis residence In Washington for a time,
just the same as ninuy others uave anu
will do before March 4th. Some place
slpniflcance lo the Maine statesman's early
arrival, but there is evidently noining in
it. Mr. Harrison could communicate with
bim just as well at his home In Augusta,
Me., an in Washington. Mr. Blaine Is a
wit man and one of great experience in
both national and International affairs,
but the propriety cf placing lilm at the
head of the cabinet la matter for serious
consideration. ,
We are glnd that the time is so near at
hand for Secretary of State Bayard and
Attorney General Garland to step down
nnd out of authority. Mr. Garland re
mains In his poslilon with charges of a
serious nature hancing over bim unex
plained, and Mr. Biyard has actually
amounted to nothing during his entire
term. Our trouble with Mexico was set
tled on the.scbool.boy plan, that is, settled
itsell. He sent a representative of this
couutry tn the city of Mexico to look alter
the affair, and while there he became o
intoxicated lhat the authorities bad to
take charge of him, and when he sobered
up he le.lt the country in disgust. The
Hshery question is still unsettled;
that is, nothing has been done to establish
our rights In the proper way. The time
is short until March 4th, but very long to
be compelled to suffer such men to re
main at the head of such important, de
partments. It is now evident that the railway pres
idents have become disgusted with the
course they have been pursuing of late
years, In attempting to evade the laws of
the land. They have been practically law
breakers, but have went unpunished.
The presidents of the leading
lines recently held meeting In Boston,
Mass., and it was more after the manner
of a church confession meeting tbao any.
thing else. One delegate said that be
was tired of breaking the law, and so far as
he was concerned be intended to pursue a
different course In the future. The re
sults of such meetings will be hailed with
Joy by the whole people. When large
corporations attempt to evade the law,
and are called to arcount for It, they have
the means of keeping It in the courts for
many years until the matter is entirely
forgotten by the people, and II the com
plalnant geU anything at all it Is small,
not half sufficient recompense for the
Tns finance committee of the General
Assembly are trying to devise some plan
to increase the revenues ( the State. Va
rious plans have been submitted, but
none recommonded yet. One Is to tax all
salaries of office-holders. In the first place
the people are to be censured for permit
ting such vast expenditures of money for
the erection of our benevolent Institutions.
Every one appears more like a palace than
an Institution lor wblcb it is erected
What difference does It make to the blind,
Insane or Imbeciles, whether tbey are
quartered In a palace or a plain building,
the kind which should have been built
Then again it coats an immense sum of
money to operate them. These, with
other things, have caused us to owe nearly
four millions of dollars, and to pay the
annual interest, make a small payment on
Ike principal and pay our Incidental ex
senses on the valuations, at the present
rate ol taxation, will leave ns In arrears
each year.
Under the present system ot book-keeping
we are inclined to think that some of
the offices and clerical lorces could be dis
continued. We have the same number
ol officers now that we did when the
goose-quill pen was in use, and still no
move Is made to reduce the number.
Friday evening last a band of armed
masked men entered theTlllage of Jerome-
vllle, Ashland county, with a view of com.
mittlng depredations to property and
committing violence on the friends of the
Chcsrowes and their property. The law.
abiding citizens feci so Indignant at Ihe
verdict of the jury In acquitting the raur
ilerers that they concluded to take the
law In their own bands The presiding
iodge in the case decided that the writ
lUlhorlzIiig the officer to enter upon the
premises of the accused was drafted in
'awful manner, and to carry out Instruc
tions then was a duty strictly enjoined
ipon bim, and when tie did attempt to
perform bis sworn duty be was shot down ;
ind then twelve men said that be did
willing wrong, and permitted bim to go
ott free, so lar as that term of the Com
mon Pleas Court was concerned. We do
not Indorse any such a move on the pan
of any one. The courts have been ap-
imuImI to and the tribunal said no cause
for actien and there It should rest; at all
events, we are powerless to do any more.
Bucta verdicts are an outrage on society,
and there should be some plan dovleed to
rid the country of a repetition, ine
Chesrown's committed the deed, and noth
lug was left for them to do but employ
the best of legal talent and make an effort
to ch ar themselves. Their friends aided
them, nil ol which was Iheir high priv-'
liege, and the band of masked men are
crtninly making a mistake when they
liBturl) them. If any on is disturbed t'-.e
members cl the jury Bhouid be held
strictly accountable for rendering such a
No humbug about Hill's Peorlels Worm
Specific. It is a penuino common scnue
remedy. F D Felt
A Prospecting Tour, No. 2, by Our
Special Correspondent.
Pullman I'alack Cah.
Editor of Th Entkrpbiss:
The whistle blew.a bell rang, all aboard
was said, and we were off tor the Sunny
South, rolling over the prairies at the rale
of Ihirly miles an hour, away from Ice and
snow to the land of sugar-cane and cot
ton, fruits and flowers, where the night
ingales sing in a labyrinth of palms, pal
mettos and magnolias, wuerc the spread.
ing branches of grand old live oaks are
festooned with mistletoe and veiled witli
Spanish moss that swings to and fro in the
balmy south winds,
We are passing through the great prairie
gardens of Illinois, a country rich in ev
ery branch of agriculture. Milk trains
are on their way to the city with the pro
ducts of the dairy districts. The dairies
here contain from 75 to 100 cowjj the
price of milk is one dollar and twent
cents per can of eight gallons. Farms
vary In price, from seventy-live to one
hundred dollars per acre; near the city
they are worth much more, being used for
market gardening. Proximity to market
regulates the value of land, not richness
of soil. Land near some of our eastern
cities rents readily for one hundred dol
lars per acre to skillful gardeners, who
quite frequently makt one thousand dol
lars clear. One acre there is worth onn
hundred acres far away from market.
Horticulture is much more profitable than
agriculture, and more certain of succesr.
The soil is kept rich by fertilizers, moist
by Irrigation, dry by uuderdraining, and
the growing crops cai be protected from
anything which would devour or destroy.
Fruits and flowers are usually cultivated
in connection, and prove quite as profit,
able, notwithstanding all that is said
against specialists; they are the money
makers now. But we surmise the fact
that one must be fitted lor their specialty
by nature and education. Fannie Field
clears fltteen hundred dollars annually on
her poultry farm of sixty acres. A horti
culturist, with Chicago as bis market,
made twenty thousand dollars last season
from one hundred acres ot strawberries,
or two hundred dollars an acre; hit garden
Is In the State ot Mississippi. Dunham,
at Wayne, 111., one of the largest import
ers and breeders of Perchron horses in
America, lives lo a castle and Is reputed
to be worth a million dollars. Be started
In small way twenty years ago and made
horses his specialty.
The State ol Illinois is one of the bad.
Ing corn growing States, and we are past,
ing through fields that stretch away as far
as the eye can reach. The soil Is dark
and very productive, but the country Is
bare of scenic Interest at this season of
the year. And to we fell to studying hu
man nature around us. This is often a
profitable study, if one it able to read
character and, put In practice the lessons
learned. Hera are people from all part
of our country. Conservative New Kng.
land la repiesentcd by several specimens
earnest and upright In character and ot
sterling Integrity, trait ol character much
to be admired. Here are northern cap
Italists, seeking for paying Investments In
the new South, or to restore their health,
more valued than gold. Here also are the
bold cavaliers ol the South with their
brave and beautiful ladies, typical types ol
female loveliness. A little two-year-old
boy banded the conductor his mother's
ticket and said " he wanted to go to grand
papas." This Is about as Indefinite as the
old lady taking bcr first ride on t rail
road. The conductor asked her where she
wished to go, "Oh," said she, "do not
go out of your way on my account; I am
not particular, Just drive along any
where." We crossed Mason and Dixon's Line at
Cairo, and bad ride on one of the attrac
tive river steamers. From the decks we
taw the meeting ol the waters of the
Ohio and Mississippi.
The first we saw ol cotton, " king of the
South," wss soon after passing from Ken
tucky Into Tennessee. The picking It not
all done. Some of the plantation afforded
typical southern scenes of the great In-
dustiy. The toll It red in color, tnd it
looks very singular to northern eyet to tee
black men picking white cotton on red
toll under a blue iky. The present price
ol cotton is 0 cents. It It pressed Into
bales of 000 lbs. each. It is now raised by
colored people at halves principally. One
bile ol 500 lbs. It good average yield
per acre. It it pressed on the plantation
Into cubes about four feet square, and It
compressed by the cotton broker into one-
half this size, so tt to economize space in
shipping. Most of it is shipped to the
eastern factories.
Stomaoh, Liver and other oriraos reaulre
pure blood to properly rwrform their I
functions It can be seemed bv nsinir I
Arthro-phon I-a. F. D. Felt.
A Few of the Great , Marvels of
r Nature and Art. '
The Lara-eat of Erery Thing- In AU Quar
tera or tbo Uloba An Interesting Com
pendium of Historical and
Statistical Facta.
The highest mountain range is the Hima
layas, the moon elevation bolng estimated
at 18,000 feet.
The loftiest mountain is Mount Everest,
or Guarisauker, of the Himalaya range,
having an elevation of 29,003 feet above the
sea luvol.
The largest city in the world is London.
Its population numbers 4,021,876 souls. New
York, with a population of 1,550,000, comes
fifth in the list of great cities.
The largest theater is the new opera
house in Paris. It covers nearly three acres
of ground. Its cnbio moss 4,287,000 feet
It cost 03,000,000 francs. ,
The lot Host active volcano is Popocatepetl
(Smoking mountain), thirty-five miles
southwest of Puobla, Max. ' It is 17,784
foot above the sea level, and has a crater
throe milos in circumference and 1,000 feet
The largost island in the world which Is
also regarded as a continent is Australia.
It is 3,500 miles in longth from oast to west
and measures 1,950 miles from north to
south. Its area is 2,984,387 square milos.
The largest spun of wlro in the world is
iised for a telegraph in India over the river
Kistuah between Bczorah and Hcctau
agrum. It is more than 6,000 feet long, end
Is stretched betweon two hills, each of
which is 1,300 foot high.
The largest ship in the world is the Great
Eastern. She it 680 feet long, 83 feet
brood and CO foot deep, being 33,937 tons
buUdor's, 18,916 gross and 13,844 net
register. BUo was built at Mlllwall, on the
Thames, and was launched January 81,
The largost university is Oxford, in En
gland, in the city of tho samo name, fifty
Eve miles from Loudon. It consists of
twenty-one colleges and five balls. Oxford
was a scat of learning as early as the time
of Edward tho Confessor. Univorslty Col
lego claims to have been founded by
The largest body of fresh water on the
globe is Lake Superior 400 milos long, 100
miles wide at its greatest breadth and hav
ing an area of S3ftu square miles. Its
mean depth is said to be 000 and its greatest
depth 200 fathoms. Its surface Is about C35
foet above tho lovol of tho so.
Tho most oxtensiva park is Doer Park, in
the environs of Copenhagon, in Denmark,
rheinulosure contains 4,300 acres, and is
divided by a small river.
The largest pleasure ground in the United
States, and ono of the largost hi the world,
tsFalrmount Park, Philadelphia, which con
tains 2,745 acres.
The largost cavern is Mammoth Cave,
in Edmondson County, Kentucky. It is
near Green river, six milos from Cave City
and about twenty-eight miles from Bowling
Orecn. Tho cave consists of a succession
of irregulur chambers, tome of which are
largo, situated on different levels. Borne of
these are traversod by navigable branches
of the subterranean Echo river. Blind fish
are found in Its waters.
The longest tunnol of the world is that ot
8t Gothard, on the line of railroad be
tween Lucerne and Milan. The summit of
the tunnol is 9J3 foot below the surface at
Andermatt and 6,000 feet beneath the peak
of Eastclhorn of the tit. Gothard group.
The tunnel is twonty-six and ono half feet
wide and nineteen foet tea laches from the
floor to the crown of the a relied roof. It la
nine and a half miles long a little over
mile longer than the Mount Cunit tunnel.
The biggest trees In the world are the
mammoth trees of California. One of a
grove in Tulare County, according to meas
urement made by members of the Bute
Geological Survey, was shown to beZTUfeet
high, 108 foet in circumference at base and
seventy-six feet at a point twelve feet
above the ground. Some of tho trees art
880 feet high and thirty-live feet In diam
eter. Some of the largest that have been
felled indicate an ago ot from 3,000 to 3,500
The largest inland sea is the Caspian, ly
ing betweon Europe and Asia. Its greatest
length is 760 miles, Its greatest breadth 370
miles, and its area 180,000 square miles.
The Great Salt lake in Utah, which may be
properly termed an inland sea, la about
ninety miles long and has a varying breadth
of from twenty to thirty-five miles. It
surface is 4,100 feet above the sea, whereat
the turf ace of the Caspian is eighty-four feet
below the level of the ocean.
The largest Empire in the world Is that of
Great Britain, comprising 8,567,668 square
miles more than a sixth part of the land
of the globe, and embracing under its rule
nearly a sixth part of the population of the
world. In territorial extent the United
States ranks third; containing 8,581,243
square miles, including Alaska. In popula
tion it ranks fourth, with its 60,000,000 of
people. Russia ranks second, having M53,
940 aauare miles.
Mot the rig's Tmui.
Wife "The 25th of Mxt November we
will celebrate our silver wedding. Sal
you think we ought to kill the fat pig tad
have a big feaslt" Husband" Kill the ptgl
I don't see how the unfortunate animal is to
blame tor what happened twenty five yeart
Pnn-MBNTs for VYbkb Esdino Jan. 29.
Cheese 1000 pkgs., weighing 33,713 Hit
flutter 85 " " 2,290
OhloStandard ' 19
Young America 10
Family Favorite .' 10,j
Genera) Produce.
Butter, dairy, per B.... 10.00 3 0.14
Creamery batter "ty lb. . . . aft
Cblckena,dressed,pern. 9.07 (it 000
Eggs, per dox 0.13
Beef perewt 6.00 7.00
Ham, smoked, per tt... 0.10 0. 1 1?
New Potatoes, per bush. 0. 00 0.80
Tallow, per lb 0.04 i
Hickory Nutt 1.00 0.00
Hides, per tt . 0.08 0.04
Wound Weak 13
Surloln t. 14
Shoulder Bleak 10
Apples, dried, In quart
era and cored, per B 0.04 ...
Apples, sliced 0.8U 0.00
Wool 0.16 0.33
Grain, I'lour and Feed.
Flour, per sack (49 lis).. $1.40 Q 1,40
Graham flour, perewt,. 8.00 ....
Corn meal, perewt.... 0.00 1. 00
Chop, perewt 1.25 1.35
Middlings, perewt 0.00 0.00
Bran, perewt. 0.75 0.MO
Oil Meal, per cwt 1.00 1.H0
Corn, sholled, per bush. 0.00 0.30
Corn, In ear, per bush. 0.00 0.M'
Wheat 0.00 O.Oi
Oatt per but 0.27 0 27 .
Absolutely Pure.
Thispowflernevor vanes. Amnrrel of purity.
struDgth and wholisoinuiiuMs. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot he sold In
coniiftitlnn with the inultiimlr of low tut, nhort
weight, alum or nhoKphnte powders. Sold only In
cans. Itoyal Baking Powder Co., lit) Wall St.
Dr. O. H. MacFarland's
Great Medical Dis
covery. Tlili Mp(i:clnr will ri'ir rlm.nlc (ind Inflammatory
Itltcumiclmn, NettruijilUj Clirntilti Malarias, Dy'popt,!.
Htrfc Headache airl i II ill of tho Uver and
KMney. Alio wl'l mrr Catarrh. (Scrofula, Salt
K Ileum, tnd all dlwanet time arx routed ( om Impart
hluod. It done of ih" bu t 1WI and Liver n-me
die known. It piirnflri tne blood. tMiui a healthy
art Ion if the liver and kltlDfyo- Hm, It eradicate
Uiim dlarancf from Hie -yttcm, Ttioe mffrring
with th'.) dliwMca, try a box of thla trr at me tiled!
dlttcovrry, and te convinced f H merit. Every
box ruarvntf d to plve antl-rariton. or money re
ftindt-d. Klftydaya trcatmci.t in each box. Price 91
per box, oralx boici for $ lie auit you get the
Sold only In Wellington, Dr. J
W. Houghtoa.
ShooM any one drains, they can order direct from
Dr. C. H MacKarlan l. Obrrlln, O, Thla la the cele
brated medicine delivered to theclllztma of Welling
ton laat February and hjietoforo only been sold Uj
the Doctor at Uoerlln.
The electoral count
has been settled for Har
rison and so have I set
tied in business on North
Main street where I ex
pect to give my time to
the public in furnishing
them first-class
The leading brands of
flour kept constantly on
Fresh Butter, Eggs
In fact everything kept
in a first-class grocery
can be found in my store
Farmers will find it
greatly to their advan
tage to call on us with
their Butter and Eggs.
Free delivery inside of
the corporation and
goods handled very
carefully. All aro invit
ed to call and inspect
my stock. ,
Very Truly,
v 'yd
In Orderto ReduceStoclc
AVe will make
Dress Goods,
Blankets.' Comfortables. -
We have made a
for a line of
Dress Goods
That is worth inspection.
A little earlier than usual
and are now placing them
on our counters.
a low price on
Hosierv. GIovps. fro
special bargain counter
fir nmxxTTPTD
Wellington, Ohio.

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