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' Personal.
Mr. NY H. Frohllcksteln, of Mobile,
AU., wrltos: I tuke ret plt-asi e In
' reomni-nillng Dr. King' New DIs
cover.v for eoiiiimpiloti, having used It
for n sryere iittnck ot Bi orchitis and
Catnrrh. It give" me Instant Tfllof ami
entirely cuied me ami I Imve not been
affllo.eti "luce, I also big t state that
I nail ti M otliiT n-medles with no stood
result.' H-tve nln u-ed Eloctrio Bitter
and Ur. King's New L ie PilU, 'th ol
which I cm- rcO'-mmt-Hd. Dr. Klntt's
' New Dl-cnvry rorC"nuinp lon.oi)U(ih
and oMh, Is wild on a positive guaran
tee, Tilnl liotlliss free ai Adams' drntt
a ore. 1
Tho Population of Wellington
la about 8,000, and we would say 8t least
one half are troubled with some atfectlun
of the throat and lungs, as those coin
plaints are, itfrording t" stulisllca, more
numerous tlmn others. We would advise
all our renders not to neglect the oppor
tunity to call n ihelr driiKgislB and gft a
bottle ol Kemp's IIiiIhhih for the throut and
lungs. Trial size tree. Large bottles 50c
and $1. Sold by ull druggUts.
Burklen's Arnica Suite.
The best milve In the world for cuts,
bru'scs, aores, ulcers, salt rlieaai, level
ores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblain
eoros and all skiu eruptions, and poaiiive.
ly cure pil', or no pay required. It ii
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, 01
money refunded. Price 28 cenll per box
For Hale bv Wooster & Adams. lovl
That IIicicino Cough can be
quickly cured hy Shiloh's Cure. W
guarantee it.
Sold by F. I). Felt.
Wonderful Cures.
W. D. IIo t & Co., whole-ale Slid re
tail drngglsi ofKniiie. Oh., y: Wv
have bet'- selling Dr. King'- New Dla
eovcry, Elfcrlo Bittefaml BiuklenV
A ulca Stive for two year. Have
nev rhan'ilid reinwllfg that sell as
well, or give uch unlvei-t jlsans'autloii
Tin-re has bfi'ii some mondeiliil cures
effected by these nn'dlclut In this city
Several Cacs of proneunced Coiixtiinp
tion have hee:. entirely cured by unenf
Tew botilesor'Dr. King' Nw Dis
covery, trfkeu In contiH-tioii with Elt-c-trie
iliitiT-. We guarantee them al
ways. Suld H E W. A. ama. 1
Detroit, Mich., March 8, 88.
W. II. IMI&Co:
O'liitleineii I had a very severe at
tack of rheumatism. After taking a
fear ioesnf your Ar-thro-phon l-a, ob
tained relief. II ive taken one bottle
and am almost, entirely cured.
M. SIM 'ar pall, 035, Bngg street.
For Sale atiVelt'a drug store.
Milium a VitalizbhI what vou need
foro MHtlpailo i, low ofapiietlte, dlzzi
ties aoJ all svmptoma of dyspepsia.
Price llf mill 75 cnia per bottle.
Sold by F. D. Felt.
. William Laird.
William Lal'rt, a well known drug-
?-1ntof rtpringrleld, Oregon, write hs
iillitws: "My to.-k ol Vai.WerlV
Cough B iWam ordered from you a short
'time ago I ilinost. e.Faute'l and I am
ph-a-cdrfo n- te tho f -et that It lit glv
en universal natlgfactlon. 1 have nev.-r
hml a hIiitIh boitle returnei . 'I'll'
me. Heine U hoon to mankind. ' Trial
Ii free. E W. Adam tho Leading
English Spavin Llrlment removes all
Hard, Hnft, or Callous-d Lumps and
Blemishes I nun, horses Blond Spavin,
Curbs, KpiintaeS'eeney King-bone,
Siftv. , Spralha, all Swollen Throat,
Coniflis. K'O. Save $50 hy line of one
bo'tle. Warranted. Sdd by W. E.
Adams, Druggist. Wellington, 0. 44-20t
1 j -
Slckpless Night, male miserable
qy that terrible cough., .Suiloh'i Cure
la the remedy for you. ,, . ;- t. v
Sold by F.D. Felt. ,
Bangor, Mich., March 21, '88.
To whom It may concern: , - M
This U to certify tbat I hare suffered
all winter with a severe attai k of rheu
matism, and wat about to ask to be re
lieved from my position, at I wai not
able to work. After trying many rem
odlea and getting no relief, 1 saw Hill'
Ar-thro-phon-l-a advertised. I asked
our druggUt to order some lor me. I
commenced taking it at per direoilou
and received good result from It with
in one week. After taking three hot
tie I am hippy to say 1 am nearly
onred, although I (hall continue
rotake A- thro-phon-l-a until I drive
the diaense out of ray yttem. I can
eertatnly recommend It a the best rem
edy for rheumatism that I know of, and
eannottay too uiucb In favor of it.
M. Remington,
Agent V. A W.M.K R.
Sold by Fred. D. Felt. ,
Catarrh Cured, health and tweet
breatb seoured, by Shlloli's Catarrh
'Remedy. Price 50 cent. Natal In
jector free.
Sold by F.D. Felt.
The Handsomest Lad
Id Wellington remarked to a friend tbe
other drfy that the knew Kemp' Balaam
for the Throat and Lung wa a tupeilor
remedy at It stopped ber cough Instantly
when other rough remedies had no effect
whatever. 8o to prove tbl . and cnnvlce
yon of It merit, any druggist will give von
a sample bottle free. Large die 50 cent
and one dollar.
Detroit, Mich,, March IS. '88.
W.n. 11111 A Co.:
Oentlemeu Ihave for yeartbeen a
tufferor from chronic rheumarltm ; at
time very severely. During a late at
tack I have experienced more relief
from taking one bottle of vour Ar-thro-phon-l-a
than from any remedy I have
hitherto used. Itt action hatbeen very
prompt, and without an derangement
of the stomach or other organ. I am
ao much pleased with It action that 1
thall uontinue It use when I have the
old trouble to combat agatn, and recom
mend It to my friend In like affliction.
Respectfully yours,
S. 8. Robinson, 15 Bralnard St,
Sold by F.D. Felt. ,
For lame back, vide or ohest. nie Bhl
loh's Porou Plaaters. Price 26 cent.
Sold by F. D. Felt.
Preaches a Sermon to the Foes ol
Evangelloal Doctrines.
now Different Ret' -(loos Crec! re Dis
torted by Those Who Do Not Un
- dentand Them Tho Ignoranee '
or the Scoffers A Terrible
i Fluffue.
Rov. T. PoWltt Talmage1 mcont tormos
was on "Blander Against Religion An
swered." His text wan: "And I took the
littlo book out ot the antrol'i band, and ate
It up; and It was in mouth sweet ui honey;
and as soon a I had eaten It my bolly waa
Ditter. And he said unto mo, thou must
prophony npfuln before many pcoplos, and
nations, and ton-rues, and kin?." Rev. x.
10-11. Tho eloquent cllvlno spokoas follows:
Domitian, the Houmn Emporor, hud in bis
rculm a troublc-omo evaneolist who would
keep prenehini?, and so he exiled him to a
barron Inland, ai now the Russians exile
convicts to Biberln, or aa sometimes the
Englkli Oovcrnment used to sond prisoners
to Au-trallu. The island I apeak of is now
called rntmos, and It Is so barren and un
rroduetlro that its inhabitants live by fish
But one day the cvantrellst of whom I
sneak, tlttlnir at tho mouth of a cavern on
the hlll-sido, and perhaps half aslocp nnder
the drone of the saa. has a supernatural
dream, and before him pass, ns In panorama,
time and eternity. Amnnf thestrnntro thlnprs
that ho saw wns an angel with a little book
In his hand, and in hit tren.m tho ovangoUst
asked for this littlo book, nnd the angel
gave It to him, and told him to eat It up,
As In adrcnm things nro sometimes Incon
gruous, tho evangelist took tho little hook
and eat it up. The angel told him before
hand that It would bo very sweet in the
mouth, hut afterward be would be tro lblod
with indigestion. True enough, tho evange
list devour the book and it becomes to h'm
a sweetness during tho tnasticitlon, but
arrerward a physical blt'oruem.
Who the ingul wns and what the book
was no one can tell. The commentators do
not agree, and I shall take no responsibility
of Interpretation, but will tell yon that It
anrgotts to mo the littlo book of creed
whleh skeptics take ami chw un and find a
very luscious morsol to their witticism, but
after a while it is to them a great distress.
Tho angolof the church hands out this little
book of evangelism, ami the antagonists of
tho Christian Church take it and eat It up,
and It makes thorn smile at first, but after
ward it is to them a dire dyspepsia.
All Intelligent p-onlo hivo creoils that Is,
favorite theorin whleh they havo adopted.
Political creeds Hint is, theories about
tariff, about flnanrn. about civil service,
nbout covernmcnt. r"o lal ereod that Is,
thenri about manner' and customs nnd
rood neighborhood. .TMlKtlcnl creeds
that Is, II -cork' nbont. tr.pestry, nbout brle--brne.
nbout styles of ornamentation. He
liglnus creeds that la, theories about the
Ileity, about tho so 1 nbo t tho great
fntoro. The only being who has no cred
about any thing is the Mint. This seeding
against creeds is alwnvs a sign of profound
Ignorance on the part of tho acoTur, for he
baahimelf a hundred creeds In rnrard to
other things In our time the beliefs of
evamrollstlc churches are under a fuslllndo
of corlcatiiro and misrepresentation. Mon
set no what they call orthodox faith, and
then thev rnle It wlthtHn mnk"try of their
denunrli.il. n. They fe.SIfy what the Chris
tian churchc believe. They ti.lio evangeli
cal do-trinrm ntid sot then in n hnrnh and re
pulsive way and put th-m nut of the asso
ciation with other truths. They are like a
mad anatomist who, desiring to tell w hat a
man Is. dissect a human body and hang
op In one place the heart, and in an
other pi ico tho two lunfs, and la another
I'lace an nnkle bone and snv that i
a man. They are enly fragment of a man
wrenched ont of their Uod-appolntcd plnoe.
Evanpellenl religion 1 a henlthy, vm
metrical, well-tainted, roseate, bounding
life, and tho ca!p"l and tbe disserting knife
of tbe Infidel nr the atheist can not tell vou
What It la. Evnntrellci! rellirlon Is a dlffor.
ent from what it l represented to bo by
theta enemle as the senrecrow which a
farmer put Inti the corn field to keep off
the raven I different from tho farmer him
elf. For IntUncA these enomles of evangelism
say that the Presbyterian Church believe
God is a savage (overehrn and that He made
sons men just to damn them, and that there
are Infanta in bell a span long. These old
slander oome down from generation to gen
eratloa. The Presbyterian Church believes
no such thing. The Presbyterian Church
believe that Ood I a loving and Just sorer
sign and that w are free agents. "No, no I
that can notbe,"ay these men who have
ohewtd ue the creed and bare the conse
quent embittered (tomacli. Thnt Is Im
possible; If Hod is a sovereign we can't be
free agent." Why, my friend, we admit
this la every other direction. I, De Witt
Talmage, am a free ettlzeu of Brooklyn. I
go when 1 please and I oome when I please,
but I havo at least four sovereign. The
church court of our denomination; tbat la
my eoclesia alcal toverelgn. The mayor of
thl city; be is my munlcliail sovereign. The
Governor of New York; lie I my State sov
erelgn. The President of the United Btalei;
be I my national sovereign.
Four sovereign have I, and yet In every
faculty of body, mind and soul I am a free
man. Bo, yon see, it 1 possible tbat the two
doctrines go side by side, and there I (com
mon sent way of presenting It, and there
is a way that Is ropul Ive. If you have the
two doetrlnee In a worldly direction, why
not In a religious direction I If I choose to
morrow morning to walk Into the Mercan
tile Library and improve my mind, or to go
through the conservatory of my friend at
Jamaica, wbo ha flowers from all landa
growing nnder the arches of glass, and wbo
has an aquarium all aawtm with trout and
gold flsrx, and there are tree bearing orange
and bananaa if I wanted to go there I
could, I am free to go. If I want to go over
to Hoboknn and leap into a furnace of an oil
factory, If I want to Jump from the plat,
form of tbe Ph iladolpbla express train. If I
want to leap from Brooklyn bridge, I may.
But suppose I should go to-morrow acd leap
Into the furnace at Hoboken, wbo would be
to blsmel Tbat I all there Is about sover
eignty and free agency. Ood rulos and
reigns, and be has conservatories and be ha
blast furnace. If you want to walk In tbe
garden walk there. It you want to leap
Into tbe furnace, you may.
Suppose now a man bad a charmed key
with which he could open all the Jails, and
be should open Raymond street Jail and
the New York Tomb and all the prison on
the continent. In three week what kind ol
a country would thl bet all tbe Inmate
turned out of those prisons and poniten.
Us lies. Huppose all the reprobate, the bad
spirit, the outrageou aplrlta, should be
turned Into the now Jerusalem. Why, the
next morning the gate of pearl would be
found off bingo, tho linchpin would be gone
eutot tbe oliarlot wheels, the "house ol
many mansions" would be burglarised. As
sault and battery, arson, libertinism and as
easslnatlon would reside In the capital ol
the skies. Angels ol God would be Insulted
en tbe street. Heaven would be a dead
failure if there were no groat lock-up. li
all people without regard to Uiulr cbaracte
when they leave this world go right into
glory, I wonder if in the temple of tbe skies
Cbarles Gulteau and John Wilkes Booth oc
cupy the same pewl Your common sense
demands two destinies I And then as to the
Prexbyterian Church believing there are in
fante In pordMon, if you will bring "me a
Preshyterlan of good morale and sound
mind who will say that be believes there
cvor wa a baby In the lost world, or ever
will bo, I will make him a deed to the house
I live in. and he can tuko possession to-morrow.
Bo tho Episcopal Church is misrepresented
by tho enemies of evangelism. They say
tbat church substitutes forms and oere-
' tnenloj for heart religion, and it Is all a mat
ter of liturgy and genuflexion. False again.
An Episcopalians will toll you tbat tbe form
and creeds of tholr church are worse than
nothing unle the heart go with them.
6o nlBO tho Baptist Church has beon mis
represented. The enemies of evangelism
say the Baptist Church b-lleves that unless
a man Is Immorsed he will never get into
Henven. Falso again. AU the Baptists,
dose communion and open communion, be
lieve that if a man accept tU6 Lord Jesus
Christ he will be saved, whother he be
Peptized hy ono drop of water on t'm fore
hand, or bo plunred Into the Ohio or Susque
hanna, although immersion Is tbe only gate
by which one enters their earthly com
munln. The enemies of evangelism also misrepre
sent the Methodist Church. They say the
Methodist Church believes that a man can
convert himself, and thnt conversion In that
cl'urcb Is a temporary emotion, and that all
a man has to do is to kneel down at the
altar and feel bad and then the minister
pats him on tho back and says: "It Is all
right," and thnt is all there Is of It.
False again. The Methodist Church believe
that the Holy Ghost alone can convert a
heart, and In that church conversion is an
earthquake of conviction and a sunburst of
pardon. And as to mere "temporary emo
tion," I wish we nil had more of the "tem
porary emotion" which lasted Bishop Janes
and Matthew Blmpson for half a century,
keeping thorn on are for fiod until their holy
enthusiasm consumod their bodies.
Bo all the evangelical denomination are
ml represented. And then these enemlo
of evangel! m go on and bold up the great
doctrines of Christian chnrcbe as absurd,
dry and Inexplicable technicalities. "There
Is your doctrine of the Trinity," thoy sav.
"Absurd beyond all bounds, the Idea that
there is a God in three persons. Impossible.
If It Is ono God he can't be three, and If
there are throe, tboy can't ba ono." At tho
tame time all of us thy with us acknowl
edge trinities all aro in.l us. Trinity In onr
own make-up body, mind, soul. Body with
which we movo, mind with which wo think,
soul with which we love. Three, yet one
man. Trinity In tho air light, heat, mois
ture yet ono at mo phero. Trinity in the
court room thn-e Judges on tho bench, but
cne court. Trinities nil around about n, in
earthly government nnd In nature. Of
course, all of tho ll'ustratlonrt are defective
for the reason that the nutnrul can not fully
Illustrate tho spiritual. But suppose an
h:nomnt man should oima np to a chemist
nnd say: "I deny what you say about the
water and about the air; thoy are not made
of different parts. The air is ono; I breathe
it every day. Tho water is one ; I drink It
every day.
"You can't deceive me about the element
that go to make up the air and the water."
The chemist would say : "You come up into
my laboratory and I will demonstrate tbl
whole thing to you." The Ignorant man
goes Into the chemist's laboratory and see
for himself. lie learn tbat the water Is one
and tbe air 1 one, but they are made up of
different parts. So bore Is a man who says:
' I can't understand the doctrine of th
Trinity." God says: "You come np here
Into the laboratory after yonr death and yen
will see you will co It explained, you will
toe It demonstrated." Tbe ignorant man
ran not unders'ind tho chomlstry of the
water and tho air until ba goes Into tbe lab
oratory, and we will never undorstand the
Trinity until we go into heaven. The Igno
rance of the mun who enn hot undorstand
the chemistry of the air and wnter does not
change the fact in regard to tho composition
of sir and water. Bocauso we can not on
dertnnd the Trinity, doot tbat change the
fact! :,. ;..- . V-
"And t hero is your absurd doctrine about
Justification by faith," say those antago
nists wbo have chowed np the little book of
evangelism, and have tho consequent embit
tered stomach; "Justification by faltb; yon
can't explain it." I out explain It It Is
Imply thl: when a mn take the Lord
Jesus Christ a bi Bavionr from tin, God
leu tbe offender off. Just a you bare a
difference with some one, be. baa injured
you, he apologizes or he make reparation.
you say : "Now, that' all right; that' all
light." Justification by faltb Is tbl: aman
take Jesu Christ as hi saviour, and God
aav to the mtn i "Now, it wa all wrong
before, but it I all right now; It t all
right" That wa what made Martin Lutber
what be wa. Justification by faith, it 1
going to conquer all nation.
' "There i your abcurd doctrine tbout re
generation." these antagonist of evangel
ism say. What I regeneration t Why, re
generation I reconstruction. Anybody can
nnderstand tbat Have you not seen people
who are all made over again by some won
derful Influence! In other words tbey are
Just a different now from what tbey nsed
to be a possible. Tbe old Constellation,
man-of-war, lay down here at the Brooklyn
navy yard. Famine came to Ireland. Tn
old Constellation wa fitted up, and thongh
it hid been carrying gunpowdtor and bullet
It took bread to Ireland. You remember
tbe enthusiasm aa the old Constellation
went out of our harbor and witb what Joy
It wa greeted by the famishing nation on
tbe other aide the tea. That Is regener
ation. A man losdod np with (In and death
loedod np with life, ltvflttod. Your obser
vation ba boon very small Indeed If yon
have not seen change in character radW
eel a that
A man came Into thl church one night,
and he waa Intoxicated, and at an utterano
of the lulplt he oid In a tubdued tone:
'That' a lie!" A a officer of tbe church
tapped him on the shoulder end (aid : "Yon
must be silent, or yon must go out" The
next night that ttrangor came, and he wa
converted to God. He wa Inth liquor busi
ness. He resigned the business. Tbe next
day be tent back tbe (ample that had Just
been sent him. He began to love that wblrh
be hated. I baptized him by immersion In
the baptistry nnder this platform. A large
salary was offered btm If be would return
to bis former business. He declined It He
would rather suffer with Jesu Christ than
be prospered In the world. He wrote home
a letter to hi Christian mother. Tbe Chris
tian mother wrote back congratulating him,
and said! "If in the ebangeof your business
you hare lack of means, come home; yon
are alway weloome home." He told of bli
conversion to a dissolute companion. Th
dissolute companion said. "Well If you bars
become a Christian, you had bettor go over
and talk to tbat dying girl. She Is dying
with qulok consumption In that house."
Tbe new oonvert went there. All tbe sue
rounding were dissolute. He told th
dying girl tbat Jesu would sav ber. 1 "O,"
aaldihe 'that can't be, that can't bo I What
make yon tblnk sot" "I have It her In t
book In my pocket" be replied. He pulled
out a Now Testament Bhe said: "Bbow It
to me; If I oao be saved, (how it to me la
that book." Ho Id: "I have ncglecuu
this book a you huve neglected it for many
years, and don't know where to find it but I
know it Is lomewhere between tbo lids."
Thun he began to turn ovor the leaves, and
strange and beautiful to say, bie eye struck
upon thl passage: "Neither do I condemn
thoe; go and sin no moro." Blio said; 'It
Isn't possible that 1 thorel" '-Yes," he
said, "tbat 1 there." He held it np before
hor dying eyes, and (bo said: ' O, yes. I see
It formyself ; I accept tbe promise: 'Neith
er do 1 condemn thee; go and sin no more.'"
Id a few hours her spirit sped away to the
Lord that gave It aad tbe now convert
preached the funeral sermon. The man who
a few day before had been a blaaphomer
and a drunkard, and a hator of all that was.
good, he preached the sermon. That la re
generation, tbat is regeneration I If there
are any dry husks In that where are they I
All modo over again by the power ot the
grace of God.
A few years ago a ship captain came in
hero and sat under the gallery. lie came in
with a contempt for the church of God and
with an especn 1 dislike for Talmage. When
an opportunity was given ho arose for
prayer, and as he was more than six foot
high, when he arose for prayer no one
doubted that ho arose I Tbat hour he be
came a Christian. Ho went out and told
the ship owners and the ship commanders
what a great change had boon wrought in
hiui, and scores and scores have been
brought to God through his Instrumentality.
A little while after his conversion he wua
on ship off Cape Hatteras in a thick and pro
longed fug, and they were at- their wits'
ends and kuew not what to do, the ship
drifting about hither and thither, and they
lout tholr bearings; and the converted sea
captain wont to his room and asked God for
tbe salvation of bis ship, and God revealed
to him while he was ou his knoes that nt a
curium hour, only a little way off, the fog
would lift; and the convurlod sea captain
came out on the dock and toid bow God had
heard his prayers. Ho said: "It it all right,
boys, very soon now the fog will lift," men
tioning the hour. A man who stood tbert
laughed aloud In derision ut the idoa that
God would answer prayer; but at Just the
hour when God had assured the captain the
fog would lift there came a hash of lightning
through the fog and the mun wbo bad Joered
and laughed was stunned and fell to th
d ck. The fog lifted. Yonder was Cape
llattorat lighthouse. The ship was put on
the right course and sal ed on to tbe harbor
in safely.
When in seaport th captain apend most
of his time in evangelical work, lie kneeis
down by one wbo has been helpless In the
bod for many months, and the next day she
walks forth In the streets well. He kneels
beside one who has lung been decrepit and
be resigns tho crutches. Ho kneels beside
one wbo had not seen enough to bo able to
read for ten y -ars and sbe roads the Blbl i
that day. Consumptions goaway, and those
who hail diseases appalling to behold come
up to rapid convalescence and to complete
health. I am not telling you any thing sec
ond bunded. I have bad the story from the
llns f the patients In this very house, those
who wore brought to health of body while
at the same time brought to Ood. No seo-ond-handed
story this. I have heard the
testimony from men and women wbo have
been cured. You may call It faitb-cure, or
you may call It tho power of God coining
down In answer to pray or; I do not cure
what you cull it it is a fact. Tho sending
sea captain, his heart full of hatred for
Chris iaulty, now becomes a follower of tho
meek and lowly Jesus, giving all the time to
evangelical labors, or ull the time be can
spare from otber occupations. Tnat Is re.
generation, that Is regeneration. Him all
made over again,
"There Is yonr absurd doctrine of vlcsrl
eus sacrifice," say those men who have
chewed up the l u book of creeds and have
the consequent embittered stomach. "Vi
carious sucrttloel Let every mun suffar for
himself. Why do I want Christ to suffer
for mel I'll suffer for myself and carry my
own burdens." . Tbey scoff at the Idea of vi
carious Haertlloe, while thoy admire It. every
where else except in Christ. People see its
bsuuty when a mother suffers for nor child.
People see it beauty wben a patriot suffer
for Ills cr.uutry. f t-opln sou ita beauty when
nma duniM bunsclf (or a friend. Tbey can
nee to- lioauty of vicarious sucridce in every
one but Christ
A yoiiHir Udv In one of the literary Insti
tutions wo a teacher, bbe waa very reti
cent and retired In her liublta, and ahe
formed no companiousbips in tbe new posi
tion she occupied, and her dress was very
plain sometimes It was very shabby. Al
tera while she was discharged from the
p ace for that reason, but no reason was giv
en, in answer to the lot i or dl charging ber
from the position, she said: "Well, if I have
failed to pleaje, I suppose it is my own
fault" She went beie and there for em
ployment and foond anno, and In despora
tl n and In dementia she ended her life by
suicide. Investigation was in ado, and It waa
found tbat out of her smull means she bad
supported her fstber, eighty years of age,
and was paying tbe way of her brother In
Yale College on his way to the ministry. It
was found tbat she bad no blanket on the
bed tbat winter, and the had no Ore on the
very coldest day of all the season. People
found it out and there was a lurge gather.
Ing at the funeral, th lurgest ever at any
funeral in that place and the very peop.e
wbo had scoffed ca las and looked upon thst
pale face of the martyr, and ail honor was
done ber; but It was too lata. Vicarious
saeritioel All are thrilled with oeb in
stances a that But many are not moved
by tbe fact tbat Christ paid his poverty for
our riches, his self-sbnegalion for our en.
tbronement and knelt on tbe sbarp edges of
humiliation that we might climb over his
lacerated shoulder into peace and Heaven.
Be it our to admire and adore these doo
trlnes at which others Joer. O. the depths
of the riches both of the wisdom and knowl
edge of God I How unsearchable is HI wis
dom, and His way are past Boding outl O,
the height tbe depth, the length, the
breadth, the Infinity, the immensity, the
eternity of tbat love! I-etour earnest pray
ers go out in behalf of all those wbo scoff at
these doctrines of gruoe. When tbe London
plague was raging In the year 1065, there
was a hotel near the chief burial place tbat
excited much comment England wa in
fright and bereavement The dead carta
went through the streets day and night and
theory: "Bring out your dead I" was an
swered by the bringing out of the forms of
the loved ones, end they were put twenty or
thirty la a cart, and the wagon went on to
tbe oemeUtry; od these dead were not
buried In graves, but In greet trenches in
f raat pita, in one nit eleven hundred and
onrteen burials I The carta would oome o p
with their great burden of twentv or thirty
to the mouth of tbe pit and the front of the
cart wa lifted and the dead shot into tbe
pit All tbe churches In London were open
for prayer day and night and England wa
in a groat anguish. At that very time, at a
hotel, at a wayside inn near the chief burial
place, there waa group of burdened
men, who sat day after day and night
after night blaspheming God and imitating
tbe grief-struck who went by to the
burial place. These men sat there day after
day and nlgbt after night and they scoffed
at men, and they scoffed at women, and tbey
scoffed at God. But after while ooe of
them waa (truck witb the plague, aad la
two week all of th group were down In
the trench from the margin of whleh they
had uttered Ihnlr ribaldry. My friend, a
greater plague I abroad In tbe world. Mill
too have died of it Million are smitten
with it now. Plagu of sin, plague of sor
row plague of wretcbednoss, plague of woe.
And consecrated women and men from all
Christendom are going out trying to star
the plague and alleviate tbe anguish, and
there 1 a group of men in tble country base
enongh to sit and deride the work. They
scoff at the Bible, and tbey scoff at evan
gelism, and thersooff at Jesus Christ and
they sooff at Uxl. if these word shall
reach them, cither whllo they are sitting
here to-day or through the printing
press, let me tell them to remember the fat
of tbat group In tbe wayside inn while the
Slogu apraods it two bluett wing over the
oomed city of London. O. instead of belug
scoffers l)t ns b disciples! " Blessed is the
man that walketh not In the counsel of tbe
ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners,
nor ilvtelh in the et of th scornful."
Wellington Monumental W
J if,,
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of evory
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IVwM flM wMlMl
row mrmr
-i vita ! MWI
Itwlr iw and rv paoor.
AaklnrltavriHf M R A H auciaa and tak mo outf. if ynmr Piorfikpac 4m4
, tervl Mr r1vftpn v oUlotTtut
Maws nn Inactive liver snd a
tvmputlii-tic or unnntural ac
tion of ilic stomach, bowel
nnd kidnevs, and as a result
it- smptoms are draws).
e, tack of ery, nain InklfeM
rlm. kaitowiies. of kin, &y&IHM 4
furred lonpie, generally attended with mdunchoiy and
To cure Uieee disriset nunns to restore the action of the
IU. r and o'her organs, and to till Ik foinm In llir blood.
A rcinvdv containing Mandrake, Culver Root, Burdock
nd Casern Sngradn, acting csps-ctally on tlic ilvrr,
stomach, kidney and vcat glands, 1 the proper one.
restore action, kill malaria and purifies the blood.
Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup
ik ii . ?i nm t Itlsaeafis Family ttrdl.ln hrsusc It mntsin m swiliu.a or npb'W
............ .......... mmunm win niMi 11 uia ism Bwilkine rl Innlc lIK-y nut -us.
shoiil.l h. without ll. Alwsvi lnu.is.in. ."trine. Sutimer. Animmm mnA Wmlir.
U VM cannot proem h ol your J
pour druggist wml dirw4o us. I'ricc a t hotdi-s f un PI
Fur ovtr twenty yean 1 hsve hern s gmt mincm
rrnm the tlfccU of a ditcurit Unmach, ni tot tlirs
Jfturs asst havs Kpn nannls to do any business
Willy able to mnvt about. Two yean s-o my rass
yrss pronounrnl hy Dm best mnliral skill iarumbls.
I sillied dlllrruit water eurcs and Irk-d dlftisvilt
climsun, but a. no s-.d. Uat tunc 1 brrui aaint;
llilibsnra Kmuirullc Syrup and at ones brtran to
Irsl twiurr. I luvs usnl Uurtm boll Irs, and an s
wall man. Kowasn Hsarn,
Master Merhantt saa Rlarkemilh,
sot Jarluoa blrert, Jackson, Mick.
j j3t j
etyie uua vurieij. i.,e
luuu uramto a specialty. Call and e
aa bofore purcliubiug. We DO JitiT
deal in the (so culled) everlabtiDg W hifc
liruuze. It will Btain, rtibt uiid irat h,
Jo not take oui statemeut for it Lijt
jome witk ua and we will ebow yon Hip
nn"h will 1 fiven to hit
o -a g?i
Call and see them.
Doors, Beth. Blind, Mouldings, efts.
nro or rvMwr mat TtaFIffll fttAJs)l)U?KFrl
anti will k tmi Art In tho ar1st atonoJ
to A J TWPK Hi fUn
nPL jfielnn J
pi IE process oi digest).
l assimilation and
needs the healthy safcsoiJ
the liver, pancreas and Kkm
which sunply the bile jU
oilier nulds, tn order to
uiaie them to proper
combine all the best mrl
cincs,xs Mandrake, CuNa
Root and Cascnra SngrsAt,
with tonic to restore all srsnsr-
tion and supply the rwsifcfc
action. After Inking t;w
bottles nature completes, flan
Pfcsfcra i
Doth mvarir and wit hsvt been wirtTa-fn- si
Rheumatic Smp this fall and winter with ears'
aume. We think it a frvnx ithiIhukl rae.ejMje
stinntlon. dyspepsia or iiMjiycttiuri it nurMf,-( M
otliers thst we have ased. I.. t;. Krfsess.
brand lUplua, tilth., Kith, t, V'SS. t iutmm..
So remedies knrm-a so hiehly rnnWarrT rv
Soma people, la Uw trealmtm tm Kheum'-tisre SNat
all blood diseases. Our medical p.imf4iM, Irvjaaasff
on all dleru.es, sent free on esi1'1"1"' a
Rheumatio Smuf CO-. Jackoon, hT' - 4

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