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J. II Smith, Proprietor.
Bntereflkttlw Piwt-offloe at Welllnirton at
Beoond t'lMi mauer, aocordlnt: to Statute.
OnrYnar.... '
91 Mnntht
1 50
, 78
Three Monlh....,
Advertllrg llvsenntf per tins, each lnfrtloo.
edacitad t'olomn Rates made known onappll
An, of the roomii M the holels In Wash
Inifi'in liave sIimiIv benn taken up for the
inimg'irotl'wi we-k.
I 1 .
'J'nit General Assembly of Pennsylvania
hns paei1 a liw to sobmli to thn people
a proli'Miion amendment to Iw voieJ upon
at the coming spring election.
Tim great street enr strike hai ended tn
New York with the usual result. Three
fourths of the strikers thrown out (if em
ployment and the cars equipped with new
men In their placet Such it the folly of
PHEStDESIT-Et.KCT Harrison doea not
throw any light to the politician as to
who h intenila to select for memlier s of
his cabinet. In order In make a fair dl
Tioion he should aim to select two mem
ber from the south, one from the east
one from the northern line of siaten, two
from the central and one, from the ex.
treine west.
Four months have elapsed ince Lord
Sa 'krllle was c tiled home to his native
country. England lias declined to send a
suuctstxir to Lord Suckville and in turn
President Cleveland lias ordered our Min
ister them, Mr. Phelps, to return home
Consequently for thu flrt time in the his
tory of the United States the two great
countries have declined to comply with
the courtesies between n itions.
Wb quote the following paragraphs
from the Chicago Advance with regard to
the Sainnan troubles: "Curiously just
now the eyes of the world are turned
upon tl'at small group of eight or nine Isl
ands in the Southwest Pacific known us
the Samoan or Navigator Islands. Some
of the strongest war ships ot Germany,
Ennl.iml and America are hovering about
the waters there, or are on their way
thither. From the talk in the newspapers
one might almost imagine tliHt there whs
about to be some terrible conflict between
some of the greatest Powers on earth.
Although the Interests at stake and the
principles of International ' comity in
volved are by no means of slight Impor
tance, theie is not tfiiinir to be any war
over the matter. But there will be tome
trenous diplomatic action, backed by ut
le ;S some vigorous show of force. Great
nations show their essential nior-l quality
by the way in which they treat the loser
powers, from whom they may seem to
have nothing to fear.
From all accounts the behavior ol the
German forces at the Samoan Islands has
been enfty and bully lug, wiih a thorough
ly Bismarcklan purpose al the end of It
The distinct understanding on thu part ol
Germany, England and America, has been
that the independence and autonomy of
the Samoan Island should be preserved.
There is at one of these Islands one of the
finest barters in the world. As a coaling
ital loo the place Is one of exceeding Im
portance, and sure to be in the near future
of yet greater importance. The objection
to allowing any one of the foreign powers
to have control there Is obvious. What
appears to have been the defiant attitude
ol the German authorities, in the dom
ineering spirit of Bismarck himself, Is not
likely to be tolerated.
"But to understand clearly the situation,
one needs to know somewhat of the his
tory of the Samoan people and govern-
merit. The population consists of about
83.000 people, about 28,000 of them being
at least nominal Christians.
''For many generations the people have
been under the government ol a reigning
family, the ueneral designation of whose
chief is Malletoa. About thirty years ago,
on the death of Malietoa Mall, the fa her
of the ruler lately deposed by the Ger
mans, there was a dispute at to whether
the kingship should descend to his son,
Laupepa, a youth of twenty years, or to
bis half brother 1'alavou. Although both
claimed the lamlly headship, neither at
tempted to take the throne, and nephew
and uncle lived peaceably together in the
tame house until 1809, when an oflklous
missionary, AVilliams by name, took
Laupepa secretly awsy and bad him
Clowned king. Civil war Immediately
broke out, which resulted. In 1873, In a
compromise, broniht about by Colonel
Bteinberger, a special sgent of tbe United
Stati s, who, with the aid of consult and
miss'onaries, formulated a constitutional
government, under eleven chiefs. Tbe
people, however, soon decided that they
desired a king, and to avoid further war,
In 1075, choae two kings, the one this
young Malletoa Laupepa, (the uncle Ta.
lavnu withdrawing his claims), and an
other party taking Pulcpule, a scion of
tn rival bouse of Tnpua. This arrange
ment proving uneatlsfactory, Colonel
Steinberger devised tnotber scheme by
which a king to rclgn four years should
be chosen alternately from the rival
bouses of Malietoa and Tupua, and he
himself became prime minister. Within
year he was deposed and carried off In a
British ship. Then followed in rapid sue
cession a government by Laupepa, by tbe
eleven chiefs, and finally by the uncle
Talavou, who reigned until 1880, when, nn
his death, Laupepa came again to the
throne. ( 1 v; ,,,'.' i . , ,
"On the 18th ot last December eighty
German tailors were landed at Matalaga
tele, and in conjunction with another lon e
marched upon Mntaufa. tie, knowing
the dangers ol interfering with German
soldiers, retired belore. tlr-m. The Git
mans opened fire upni them, and then,
slier two chiefs and a number of warriors
had tidjcndiie (ire was returned , Twenty
Geimang were killed and the remainder
of the p irty Iwat a hasty it-treat
'During the hostilities tli" h--u-8 of
Americans have been repeat- dly attacked,
and American flags torn down and cut to
pieces. Captain Liarv, of the United
61 ales manof-war Adams, sent to tne
German consul for an explanation but re
ceived no reply. Ho landed a battalion
anil declared his Iritint o.i of attacking
Tamasese, who th reup m precipitately
abandoned his fnrtihV. .tions.
'in answer to protests from our govern
ment, Germany is supposed to have re
turned evasive not to say dotlnnt replies.
No upohuy for insults to the flag have
been made. The men-of-war Trenton and
Vandalia are now on their way to uniie
with tbe Nlpsic, now in tbosi waters, for
the protection of American Interests.
A Successful Physician.
In alargennd Incnlive practice runnimr
throuirh a number of year, my huslia"d,
by UMng Swill's SpecinV, restored healih
to a great many people in whose cases all
IihiI nmven useless. To
five a list would he to write a history of
stulsirn maladies anil remarKanie arm
wonderful cures. I will mention the case
of a younif man afllicted with blond Kion
for live ears. He was helpless for a j ear
was blind (or some davs and his case
seemed incurable for under the usual
treatment lio hnd iimwd worse, until hie
condition was. to say the least, horrible;
rheumatism came on to add to his suffer,
lugs. Dr. Love prescribed Swift's Speci
fic, and by its use the poison was irradual
ly fenced out of 'his system, the siuht re
stored, the rheumatism cured, and to-day
he Is a sound ana neanny inau. .ny nus
band regarded Switi'a Specific as the best
known medicine for diseases which It
professed to cure. Mrs. J T.Love.
Leesburg, Ga., Sept. 20, I0S8.
The wife of one ol my customers was
terribly atUicied with a loathsome skin
thai covered her whole body. She was
confined to her bed for several yeara by
this affliction, and could not help herself
at all. She could not Bleep for a violent
Itching and stinging of the skin. The
disease batlled the skill of the physiciaut
who treated it Her husband liegan finally
giving his wife Swift's Specific, and she
commenced to Improve almost immedi
ately, and In a few weeks she was appar
ently well She it now a hearty, fine
looking lady, with no trace nf the afflic
tion left Yours truly,
J. E. Shahs,
Wholesale Druggist,
Austin Ave , Waco, Texas.
Swill's Specific is entirely a vegetable
remedy, ami ia the only medicine which
permanently cures 8crnfula, Blood Hu
mors. Cancer and Contagious Blobd Pois
on. Send for book on lilood and Skin
Diseases, mailfd free.
Thb Swrrr Specikio Co.,
Drawer a, Atlanta, Ga.
A Prospecting Tour, No. 8, bf Our
Special Correspondent.
1 New Ohlkaks.
Editor ot Tss EvTsaraisi!
There it no place In the union that pos
sesses more attractive and distinctive fea
tures than New Orleans. It It an old city
with a few new buildings and a number
of new monuments. The town is built on
a crescent shaped tract of land formed by
abend in the Mississippi river, which has
given It tbe name of CresentClty. It was
first settled In 1718 by a small French
colony under Bienville and named In hon
or of the Duke of Orleans. The Spanish
took possession ol tbe city in 1700. Tbe
first Americans settled here in 1789, one
hundred years ago. It became the prop
erty of the United States in 1803.
General Jackson arrived la New Or
leans on December 1st, 1813, and defeated
the British on January 8th, 1813. Farra
gut't fleet alter eight day's fighting ran
past tbe lortt near the mnutb of the Miss
tssippl river, In April 18G2, and General
Butler took possession of the city a few
days later, and it remained In possession
of tbe Union army until the close of the
war. The population ot the city at the
present time is 250,000 a large portion
are negroes who speak French fluently.
Canal street It one hundred sod forty leet
wld, and one of the prettiest boulevards
In the country and divides the city Into
English and French paita; although both
languages are spoken everywhere.
Tbe old French market cover three
blocks, It was built In 1818 there It no
other such place existing In all the world
it is the Babylon in business. I know of
no place you can see to many strange
sights or bear so many strange languages,
and one can purchase anything from crabs
to carpets yr caramels. The best time to
visit this quaint concern is between seven
and eleven o'clock in the morning.
New Orleant Is very quiet and orderly,
and most ot tbe white people appear tidy
and respectable. It Is handsomely il
luminated at night by gas tndJclectrlclty ;
in this and many other things I tee a de
cided improvement since my former visit
four years tgo. The private residencet
south of Csnal street on St. Charles, are
embowered in orange and magnolia trees,
the former bending beneath their load "of
golden fruit. There are all klndt of trop
ical treet and plantt and running rose
bushes with red, pink and white buds
bursting Into tplendor of color aa brilliant
as tbe rainbow. Many of tbe cotton kings
who have made their fortunes on the Cot
ton Exchange, bave built large mansions
ot granite In this portion nf the city.
The North may learn many lessons In
politeness and hospitality ot these South
ern people-a spirit ol politeness prevails
everywhere, youth gives instant pref
erence to uld ane, and it Is accepted with
old time grace am' a thousand and one
Utile acts of consideration are extended
that make ns. fuel the . warmth of their
kindly . natures. Business men are so
courteous and hospitable to their guests;
they frequently close their nfflce and tack
a ra'd on the door Inscribed "entertaining
guests." ' " ' ' ' '
You want to know about the young la
dies: Well, they have a creamy com
plexion with a faint flush oi pink under
neath, slt dreamy eyes, a round figure,
tiny hands and leet, a tweet voiou and
grarelul manner. It is no wonder New
Orleans ynimg men uru mostly married at
twenty-five, how could thev escape f The
ladles nre not as ambitious, prolessionnlly
as iholr northern sisters, but theie are
many brave girlt with preity faces' clerk
lug in tlio stores and ofilccs. '
To-day we were in Jackson's Square
and saw the famous equesttian statute of
Andrew Jackson. From the base (it this
statute the Mayor of New Orleans linn
the motto, "The Unl in Must and Shall h
Preserved,'! cut away, but when Gen
eral Butler came with his army, he made
him chisel It on again. Adiy was spent
In ihe quaint and queer old cemetery
lhat are so striking in appearance 10 al
visitors, wonderful beyond description an
these delightful resting placet tor the
dead; an and nature blending in beaut)
cherulis and angels embowered in flowers,
amidst groves of orange lad-aied freer
the air fragrant wlth.tbe many sweot per
fumes of spring..
On one of the busy streets of New Oi
lcans I the old Ho'el Royal, beneatl
whose dome millions of dollar's worth !
slaves have been disposed of. As I slam,
hep- and close luy eyes, I imagine I cut
hear the voice of the auctioneer, tin
crack of the whip and tbe cries ot th
children as they are parted from oarenti
for the last ttm, my heart tvais an
blood bolls as I think of the injustice; but
the end came aud peace and frcedon
reigns; and I am the guest of an old
planter who It so generous, and good am
kind to me, I cannot always keep back
tbe tears.
Here In these peaceful, bright, balmy
days, radiant with sunshine and glad
dened with spring-like perfumes, length
ening in rosy dawn, and a sweet twilight
that is musical with tongs of freedom,
we rejoice and are glad, and are much de
lighted with the excellency of a southern
How's This !
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot hi
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure.
K. J. Cheney & Co., Prs., Toledo, O.
We, 'he underaifined, have known F. J
Cheney for the last 15 years and 'Ueliutt
hint perlectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able to earn
out any obligation made by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale. Drugtssts,
Toledo. Ohio.
Waldint!, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, O.
E. H. Van Hirsen, Cashier, Toledo Na
tional Bank, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally .
acting directly upon the blood and mucin
surfaces of the system. Price 75c, pel
Kittle. Sold by all druggists.
Literary Notes.
Near the end of 1802 the opposition of
Chase and the Republican senators to
Seward culminated in-an attempt to eei
the latter out of the Cabinet. "The Life
of Lincoln," in the February Century,
fully details tbe circumstances. Mr. Lin
coln so managed that Seward's resignation
was followed by Chase's, and he declined
to accept either. Say the authors: "The
untrained diplomatist of Illinois bad thus
met and conjured away, with unsurpassed
courage and skill, one of the severest
crises that ever threatened the iutegrity
of hit administration. lie had to meet it
absolutely unaided : from the nature of
tbe case he could take no advice from
those who were nearest him in the gov
ernment. By bis bold and original expe
dient of confronting tbe senators with the
cabinet, and having them discuss their
mutual misunderstandings under bis own
eye, he cleared up many dangerous mis
conceptions, and, as usually happens
when both parties are men of Intelligence
and good will, brought about a friendlier
and more considerate feeling between tin
government and the republican leaders
than had ever before existed."
8111PMKNTS fob Wekk Endiso Feb. S.
Cheese 1825 pkgt., weighing 02.100 lbs
Butter 25 " " 2,10
ObioStandard ie
Young America 10
Family Favorite intf
General Produce.
Buttcr,dalry,perlb....$0.00 0.14
Creamery bitter U lb. . . . 05
Chickent,dresscd,perSi. 0.07 g 000
Eggs, per dor 0.13
Beef per cwt 8.00 7.00
Ham, smoked, per D... 0.08 0.10
New Potatoes, per bush . 0 . 00 0. 80
Tallow, per S 0.04
Hickory Nutt 1.00 0.00
Hides, per lb 0.01S 0.04
Round Steak ,., 13
Surloin 14
Shoulder Steak 10
Applet, dried, In quart
ers and cored, per fii 0.03 t...
Applet, tliced 02 : 0.00
Wool 0.18 0.25
Grain. Flour anl Feed.
Flour, per tack (49 Us). . $ 1 . 40 1 . 40
Graham flour, per cwt. . 8.00 ....
Corn meal, per cwt.... ft. 00 1.00
Chop, per cwt 1.25 1.25
Middlings, per cwt 0.00 0.00
Bran, per cwt 0.75 0.80
Oil Meal, per cwt 1.60 1.80
Corn, shelled, per bush. 0.00 0.50
Corn, In ear, per bush, 0.00 O.flO
Wheat 0 00 0.95
Oatt per but 0.t7 0 27
Absolutely Pure.
Tliifunilti iiewi iirn.-s. A inarvi i nl purity,
-in.ix.il. mhiI u'IiiiIi.mi.iii.mii..i.. M(ire ectiunuilcal
ttiHh the nnlintir) Uimlr-. mid csniinl lie void tn I
unnpulitlini Willi iliu iiiuIIiiiiiIi nl low tesi, snnn
uiuln, 11I11111 or lmr;ihtf powders. Sold only iu
mm. itnyul llukluu i'liwder Co.. HKI V all at.
Dr. C. H. MacFarland's
Great Medical Dis
covery. Thl M"d!ctnr will enn 4'timiitc and TnfUinniatnry
Khfumntlm, Nciir kIu. Clintiilc Wnltrla, Dyppvpala,
nit-it Hftulau'ha an -II (1 ! of th I lvr and
KMoyt. Alno ' 1 t'ti'v (MM tii. r-crofula, tialt
-thi'iim, and all d I that arc canard f oin Impure
hiocd It iaoue of th Ik-i III'hmI and Llvnr n-mi-dim
known. It pu aflt-a the Mood, rruatra a h-al-liy
art Ion or the liver and kidnt ya. Urn re, It eradicate
iheae dlwaaiw foin the rvr-trm. Tlioae suuVrinK
wlih tht-ae dlwaai-a. try a boi nf thla icrrnt nidll
dlMKiTory, and lw rnnvlnord of lit im rlta, Kvrry
hoi iriiarantt'-d to arive aHtUfarttnn. or money rv
fundrd. Fifty day tiratint'ttt in earli mix. I'ritA 91
ir Nix, or ulx hoxei tor $5, lie ure yon vet the
ft nulDti
Sold only ia Weill ngton, hy Dt J
W. Honghton.
Hhoald anjr ondealri iheynan ordr direct from
Or C II MarKarlan i. Ohfrlln, O. Thla 1 f ti" Cf It
hratrd m' dlrine dellvcrrd lo terltlxcnaof Wrlllntr
ton lat Fehruary and hoielcforv only brtn told by
the Doctor alObtrlla.
The electoral count
has been settled for Har
rison and so have I set
tled in business on North
Main street where I ex
pect 1 o give my time to
the public in iurnishing
them fir.t-class
The leading brands of
flour kept constantly on
Fresh Butter, Eegs
In fact everything kept
in a first-class grocery
can be found in my store
Farmers will find it
greatly to their advan
tagetocall on us with
1 i
their! Butter and Eggs.
Free delivery inside of
the corporation and
goods handled very
carefully. All are invit
ed to call and inspect
my stock.
Very Truly,
fL.t ' 1 r-i ?" y
' V '
- -.1 ... . . - -
JWe will make
m a
Dress Goods,
In OrdertoReduce Sfoctc
Blankets, Comfortables,
Flannels, ClOakings,
Hosiery, Gloves, &c.
We have made a special bargain counter
for a line of
Dress Goods
That is worth inspection.
We are obliged to' buy
A little earlier than usual
and are now placing them
on our counters.
- BPaM bjh
akrfiaWdtoi WaUWahUabaUJVti
Wellington, Ohio.
a low price on
. . - BtBBta Btaaaal Z Btea
Business I
)0) pi

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