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laJ3 JCNTiiJKPKiiiJ!.
sf .B.lattrH, Proprietor.
General Ncyfs Sammary.
Jatcrecltoar Home and Foreign Kews,
GnK.viR. Fob. 5. The Oklahoma bill Farina
em presented, it wss otter a long d"lmt i. to
Hired to the Oommittoo on Torrltor'es. The
iuwe Joint i evolution lor ravinini if 'Nl.ooi
to -he ri'prefoiilatlves of tlie lu e Jinne II.
Urnls was taken up nnd in-s"l. The Legisla
tive. Executive ond Jurilrul A) proi pi nion bill
Attn tiikrn lip. and the amendment) that were
ported from the Conunlltoron Aiproirlitions
wi re airto-'il to, nn-oriR IhiMn I o'm: iltat Increiis
f fftlio spl.i'y of the I'le-Ient 8 private cro
1a jr Iroin f.'l..'."!l 1o '.M) An ni: cuilinent of.
fi red by Mr. Hnwlny to Ivrtii no ihc dorlnil
I'T'e of the Civil SSurvlcCJo" mis'-lon. prove' cd
on? dl'ci RS'on on Vie c;u .-sunn of civ I e vice
' nrm, pur icip-te I In bv M' s ri. 1 a.vlcv.
ri'imh, lo rfti rrd fVeiwr't. Yiilinui dlsp.n
tw of 11:- Ii'll the H n:.t-i ad'twini '1.
Ilors.. Tlio d-iy wns oi nsurre l In orr-My
'I n if lnr co-fc rnpo reK) ton tbp Nl" ra .in
tv I rndult'io t rowhln t rotic'u Imnrcss
v iliikfla urit 1 ev nln.. Tne e rjil f n
n uVvotrd to ti)M ti n i f l'l t n-i of
(oiinibia hvtl'miw. Aiix'ti'-' 1' e hill. p;' rd
Whs the Ft nata I III M rl iiln-f Mu.tsO for
t'l survey of A n nd fnvn the mil of 111'' i.e
Curt lirl.l;e lo Mount Veriinn. Va A O'tin d.
frnvr'K, I". b r. fi'r. (.'handlers ntou'to-i
ftittrui'lli'ri 11 o fVrm' ime on Aipr pr a Ions
1" Invi'Mitutn t' e n.a tor o' inv u o "n rs
eintnis. m i sll il ip ii a, dsca-el lit smie
I- " trth. tint f'tmUy ttfrt oier lih"Mt uc orv
Tln' I.e;.'! !a:ive 1 X'-ouiive rn 1 .'rt! r il 'rpro
yr.'iitlon b'll u II. en 'n' P'i -p 'In1 o':ill ir
tim-n Ion I'i'li u tl.o Mt'i'. nx'i't lo If to "e the
cl r al fi :-c-i f Ihc C 1 fM r H-n Co n 1 siu:i.
Ii iil iuiHion tiii. ed. vli-rii imn'd linn
s' pi y tipni I lie dim 'im: k i f he lo t-onire
Ji. pnr'mrm. Mr. I'iiMoI n't n tlio rl 11
(i-rvfee V stt'iri 't-i f im b' tt ff i n oi'Tiin. l:i
1: P'l'illin'i r:-i ii't-lvijui.T it. Pi n ling
li t i her ik Ik tn t! C "i tv t'fil.iuri, d
Horsa. l-'mt'li H 1 sry va- Kv.ornfnasa
fi f ber of tlio lfciim frira Ihc I'lrft Irdlnna
t 'tnct to nin e nl A 1". Ilovev. Ci n 'I'l'intloti
f' tiie coti'cn nrc ri :i'. t i n tl o Vcn menu bill
n n'nmcd. Mr Xriton. of Vliai'"oia anld
Unit h" conferee hi d nin.le the 1 1 1 worse llrin
It ai when It cpi e Irotn the ricnute. Arpu
Itirnu In fuvorof the bill were made by Hewn,
f'h i' innn (Mich ), Srati il'a.l, (iXell il'n.l,
I' ii-re iKnn I. anil Wlnc'er (A'n I Mr. Clntily
tl en clou d tl.e derate in tupt.ort or til " confer
nie report, it bleb va ejreed t.t yeas 1.7. nava
C . Mr. Uiiv'cy. of Vu ne, n iwrt. d a reaoln.
1i ji culllnR on ti e hrrreiniy rl the Tio .tinry
lor Inlomimlon nt to wri:t ordf r ro Rlron to
the con mMider of lie I'n't, d Flute revenie
Cul'er lilcl'ar.l lintk In tcr.rd lo ihe protection
Cf real flihrnct In llchrlnv l-eii In the iprtngand
innimcr of 1S adopted. The Hone II cntook
itrc until evening. At tl e nltht ten Inn the
fennte bill to rntlfy the nt'reeiient irlth the
t-heabone, Ilunnock and Sheepeatcr Indiana for
Ihc a'.e of a port'i n of tlielr lands In Idaho,
nd the bill for the aale of lands patented to cer
tain Vlatbead Indluns In Montana, were paased
ml the House adjourned.
Hi NATt, r o'i. 7. The conference report on
the bill to Incorporate the Maritime Canal Com
f :ny of NIoarutiKu was atrreed to and the bill
Cow (roes to the l'rrsldont for approval. Mr.
blalr reported favorably s Joint resolution pro-
nn eonstltuilonal amendment to prohibit
e denial by the United States, or any Rtate,
CT the right of suffrare on account of sol ; placed
tin the calendar. The Honate bill to provide for
r tsof error or appeula to the Supreme Court
. tjf the United Sutea in all ease Involving the
tf lestloo of tar jurisdiction of lea ooorts below
'- tnaaed. Cooaklrrntion of the Lerislattra
Arproprtation bill waa rosutned, the question
Celng on Mr. Uawluy'a amendment to giro an
gililillotial olerk to the Civil Hervlee Commission.
. Tbe amendment was finally agreed to. An
ynendment a adopted to Inerease the
ary of the auutant doorkeeper of the Senate
rc.rtt by 0, ao long as vhe position is bela by
Or present occupant (Ur. Baascttl, who bad
wnenln the nervine of the Fennle fifty-eight
fears. Pending further action on the bill the
Senate adornrd.
Hop. The Senate Mil providln? that tbe
futil e land noiv subyel lo private tntry shall
tie disposed of itc.xirdlng to the Homestead laws
iu uken ua, aud after the adoption of a few
apnendmenU waa pa ced. The bill Increasing
he (tension of thu widow of llrtgedlrr (Jeneral
XT It Ktnary from n to K0 per month waa
Ciknn up and pawed. Tbe House then went
d o Conimltldo o: the Whole on the Army Ap
C'optlatlon bill, diruaioB of which continued
allitil adjouraiuiut.
Ft. Feb. .-The Karal a:id Fo tlllratlon
appropriation bllU we-e reportej aal placed
Jh the ealrndiu-. Mr OU nllers tcaolutlon as
t naval olalm i, and In relation to the removal
V crupioyea under Commissioners of the Pis
yiei of Columbia, and the resolution of Mr.
ttiar as to cbitics of rallw y postal e'erks
gme Janu-.rj, l- were a. -reed to The
Douse bill toqiiiettiiletof te tiers on tbe Dei
Wolnea river land! In Iowa was pasted The
legislative Approbation b II was taken up.
tid after rejecting th? nmndnitii lo Increase
tie cl irtc.d Uircv o: ihj Civil Hervlei Commis
t 'to the bil as passe L Tliu dltaurreing con-e-rence
rrport on l!ie fv.uth Dakota admission
fill waa pruaoulod and a new eonf. r-'nee or
j r-d. A niriiB ina the I'p .hleiit on
f tnioan affairj wa read, uml after the passage
Cf a numliergf pr:ate p-nlon lulls thu renato
Hopse liiConwiUteeo'tlie Whole the Army
ppmprlatl .n bi l was u;,n up. HM1 t),0
aPm-narm-nt appropnaiifi' ,n (or the pur
Okm.' of nitislii l was adoptid. The committee
Oien rose and tt.o hill wus puss d Tl.e Atfrt
lillitrl Appruprintion bill wuh Ihen is. .en up
nd Mr, F.iilon. of Tennece, made an iiltacK
Jpon thu syston of dl.trltiullng weds. Ills re
Wutl". t:. -,rr HI iv. i,..t and a mot on
whadi .,- Ii'-.- istr i- out the elmiso was voted
Cowii. 'i Lu oil tt. then li..i d and tbe House
Ciul a moesa Ul 7:.1i p. m. At the evening
COHsion fie House pa;d eight private pension
lulls nnd adlou.-bud.
8i:nath, Feb .-A resolution was agreed to
CJ1I g on the Commissioners of Irish and Flsh-di'-s
or Information as to the salmon fisheries
Bri Alaska. The House amendment to the Dire t
Te Refunding bill was ' on- one irred In and a
pnfe enceakked Thi Fortl'loitlon Approprta-Cl--n
bl! was then ta' en up. o Item of ,m0
Kas Inserted fur the purchase of n ovabe-ub-?
marine torpedoes ! e led and rontrol ed nt
Viil by power frnm shore stations. Theeveru
mend ne ts reported from the con.mi-tee were
ereed to an-l he bill passed. Fena ors Hoar,
Cu o and Cockrell were apiiolntcd wiib the
fr s dl'geBloorMhe Senate committee on the
fh-uguralion enremonles. Coeslderallon of th
1'r.lon Pat iflc Itufurdlna bill was res ime I and
Continued until wl o mment
HorHi. ThrSenati bli: grant log rlrht of war
ftrough the Ftirt Cu-tnr military reservation
w iiiu xnKiiorn rsoiunern rauroao was pnsaea;
I o Henate bill author zing the construction of
at bridge aerrts the Mississippi river at La
Crosse. Wis. Tbo l'oat oftlee Appropriation
HI he then taken np. The debate drifted Into
political discussion, during which Mr. Mason
f Illinois, severely orlllc-lkml Southern election
tne lioda Pending an amendment to Increase
Vie uporonnailoa for pay of post-offlce clerks
U r'M.uuu, uc i louse au ourncd.
Ilie Serretary of War hat nwardod the
I'ni'iiiiiaL'e) liynamllo dun Company the
eintj-:i-: forsoveo Run (or roost dofenae.
1 ho cunti art calls for ttireo guns for Bandy
Hook, tu-!) 'ur Fort Bchurter and two for
Fort Wimvii. llaaa,
, lclurj' i:..yard says thero la no ground
ti il:';iU '.iiitt a peaceful and permanenl
' 1u11um f til-' Butnoan question will bt
'fbo by th i conferenoe to be beld t
tIIu. ,
Tbo rrcMdont ha apiwovod the joint
lolutlon ncc-rpiuig tbe lovltatlon of thi
inlx-rlal O'ni'man i .vernment totheUnltct
flute Ul tcooiim I'orty to the Interna
tCtuutl Oeoioilo Aii'i lutlon.
Wiilioii W. Eldrodiii of Mlcliliran, hai
lxn upiniuted clilof of a (JIvIhIod in the
ofUe i of tho Contptrollor of tlio Cjrrucy,
Vict) A. 0, IJivkerson resigned.
Chhrlcs T. Oriiiiu.!, u t-ulladclphln newa-
boy. lias been utvaritcd a vurdicl of 20 U.IC
(lumi'ces iigalnat tho i'liiludeiplilj Trai-tloB
Comininy. Orli.itin, will o sullin( puiiers,
was either pi.alir-d or fell from a traction
car and h,ul his 1)R cut off.
Thostnitoof etreot our employoa in New
York and Brooklyn en I d on the lltlt tn an
unconditional fui roudoi- of the atrlkera to
tho terms dictated by tho otnployers. The
result Is roardi-d ni n deutli blow to Dis
trict Assembly No. 7." lvtilirhta of Labor, to
which tho s'.rfuco rond cmp oyoi in Brook
lyn bcloit'.'.
An n)c.il wus luluii on the 6lh to the
ponet itl loi in of tho (Supreme Court of New
York front JuhI ice HurreU'g Jud.-m'int dia
solvlnff the Norlii lllvor K tflniin Cotnpnny.
C. M. Te'c'lt, pi-t-tfitm-tit dry poods mer
chiintol Hi rir nl, loiiii.. iiuiio nn nsnlgn
mot t on the 7lli. l.iiiliiliili s (ew.OUO. and
us ( i liuiil hi!f i hut nnioiiiit. ,
Tho All'hi'iiy Vu !oy niilrnml depot at
It cliland. I'u. Inni 'il n t'm 7th. totiotlmr
t ilh th.! ihvttilii"' hoii'-u or Mrs. Wliilonnd
Mis. 1'orior. Mrn. Wliitu tv is so terribly
bur od Hint her lifii is dc paired of. (Jncur
IVliilo was ills i severely linrtieii.
Wiilti rJ. (-'ib-ioti, lyii i eoniinilU'l RtiicUle
nl Huff ilo, M. Y foei'iitiy, ovi lontly In
loin'. ! to I ill lilm:f fur n Inn ; l ioi'!. Hlnce
bin life win in tired for OihO, nearly ull in
h"t' lit uH.uciuiloiis which he hud recently
j, in-,l.
T!ii' !atvcst!iin(,-lulini'of tnaovor mnrketed
ul ci:o limn In tbU country look pluco ut
New York City on tho Mb. The Ira inaction
covered ti ) 1) xos riny-f in y und there
tvero i titer Iota taken it nuiko tlio tot il
p'.irr'l'l-ei cf t'.lll ih'Hcr'plioil fully ,MI,(.0J
Ii xi'-.. .1. O'Diuiftiitin win thu purcliuser
iiml lli tivitie.icliiiii r vir'ieiils lu vaiuu fully
:! 0 Ml.
A CMvn'hYT.u (I'.i.) ill-'iri'c'i auys the
cni;ea!t'ilt.! h is ci'l ipi .1 un I nil tlio wo U-i
ill t (J re ri n liu' nvn arj now In operation.
Tho 'ii!y w.iriis i Ilo on ttmsili with tho
Jitiitouiiiii'd Si n lurd, nnd it tvus lliuu ;ht
tlicy would roiiinu coon,
liimiue.-s fuiitt -oi thnu -li'iiit tin ciuutry
tl':t inu-1 1 o wok ended Fuhruury 8 nninbor
'M iw coiiuuircd with a t t.il of iti the
prc vi .tm week. Kur 111 -c irresimndiiin; wci'i
of liitl year tin) tlurcs woro SS9.
On tint Kth Wra. Emma All house, tho
AUiiM (N. Y.) w.utin'i wlinso ni.vilerious
nmludv lias pti.i i d th,i pliytlciana. awak
ened from a tliirty-lh-c diiys' tranca. She
is mill too we dt to talk. Mrs. Aitliouse
si i p: for tidrty-livo dayi a year a.o, nnd for
half avoir more lias ml l2 -n out of bed.
In that time only wouk co:Ti'oaiid milk have
boeii (jiven her.
At New York City on the 8th Joo E. Bar
hour nnd Frederick Trucsdcll aged olirhtecn
and aevnnte 'n nspootlvoly, woro held for
trial In t-'M for r.tliuing b 'ardlntr houses.
Barbour gave the ofttcera list of fifty bottsei
they had robbed.
The works of the 1'acltlo tiuano Company
at Wood's Hull. Mass., were nttuchod on the
8th and the company aslgned to John
a Hopes, of B wton. Llubllitles about 11,000,
000. A considerable amount of the compa
ny's paper Is hold by Boston banks.
A life-saving telephone service la being
constructed along tho Atlantic coast, con
necting the vari'-us stations.
Cornelius Dolamater, founder of tbe
Delamaler Iron Works, died at hla borne Id
Now York City on the 8th. During the war
of the Rebellion Mr. Dnlamator built the
Iron-clad Dictator and did much other work
for tbe natrjr.
Mrs. R. A. Bate and A. P. Ford, who
were arrested at Boalonon the 8th for arson,
confessed that tbe; set fire to the block In
Wm ertown, Mae., occupied by Mr. and
Hra. Bates as a boarding house. Mrs. Bates
expecting to get 11,11)0 and Ford, who waa a
boarder 1100 of the fil.OOInsuraoce. While
tbe prisoners were being Uken to Water
town, Ford escaped.
Tbe bursting of a oontrlfugal machine In
the works of the New York City Tartar
Company on the 9th killed Einll Weber, tbe
superintendent, and Robert Plain, and In
jured two other employes.
The exports of sx-c o from the port of
New York for the woek ended February V
amounted to (177,445. Imports of aKc:e for
the same period amounted to 118.1,103.
A fire In the basement of the large tone
ment house. No. T Hoitor street, New York
City, occupied by twenty families, was dit
sovorcd by bolutcd lod.-e- e.trly on the
morning of the 10th and ntiug.ilshed. I
was found that an attempt hal been made
to burn nnd b ow up tho buildlnif. Bundles
it rugs soakod lu oil, fu3i and Packages of
liowdor wero arranged for the purpose.
Thomas F. Brodonbirx, the Columbia
(Pa.) drugeVrk who caused John Vundor's
Icath by sclliug him morphlno for quinine,
nd who was convict 1 of luva'.unUry man
ihiui;htor, wus on ttia O'.h aoutnc3d to
twenty days' Iniprl-onmont.
Tbe Ilotol Hiimber, a torgt and popular
tuiiitr.cr resort near Citsson Kprlniri. Pa.,
was M illy destroyed by firo on thu 101b.
Iss, f.VI 0 11.
The sheriff i.f llerkj County, Pa., on the
)lh sold leu Mno furnct aifr 'gating nearly
1,000 acres, Iiiriiig the present winter sea
son the alicriff baa sold some twenty other
largo farms, besides farm stock of twenty
tber farmers, all of whom bad failed.
A gang of thirteen count irfuitirs cap
lured In various parte of Butler County,
Pa., were lodged In Jail at Pitub .rgh on the
ho. The captures were ra.ida bv United
dtatea Uctecllvo Sweeney aud Depjty Mar
shal Chambers. The gang bas been op 'ra
ting extensively for some time. A large
quantity of dies and mold) need In making
the counterfeit money were also eeetired.
The weekly statement f the New Yo-k
associated banks, Issued at tbe close of
business on the ftth, sbiwa the following
changes; -Reserves decrease, 14 740,34);
loans Increaao, M. 1(0,9 1 1; spsaie Incr.uise.
I2 8S6,0II; legal tenders di-creaso, 11 4V1,
100; deiosts Incrensn. fl,!sd,4sj; circula
tion deereaats tCl40u. The banks held
114, 162.V75 in excess of the twonty-fl vesper
cent. rule.
Charles Rmlth, the Cannulton (Ind.) mur
derer, condemned to be hanged oo March
22, made his escape from tbe Jail at Evans
villa, Ind., on the 8th. One thousand dollars
has boon offered for bit capture.
Henry Dlookmann.e prominent member of
tbe BL Louis Merchants' Exobarge hue fled
to Canada, leavingashnrtugeof (UMUO. Ills
mother-in-law, Mrs. Wlllielmlua Moyer, is
tbe principal loser.
Ex-Cashier Francis 8. Bernmann, charged
with etnbeiileuieot of 110.000 from the
United BUitos sub-treasury at Ban Fran
cisco, has been acqnlted.
Judge Louis L. Widlams, United flutes
Commissioner at Juneau City, Alaska, em
phatically denies the report that Indian
girls and women In Alaska are subjected te
outrages and abuses by lbs white In that
An immense machine for tbe manufacture
of Ice was shipped at Cincinnati on the 8th.
It weight Is over 80.000 pounds and It re
quired thirteen cars to carry II The ma-'
ohlne was made In Cincinnati, cost (CJQ.0U0, i
and goes to Denver, CoL
George Bchlaael, a Bohemian aged thirty, '
fatally shot Ida Folia, seventeen-year-old
waitress at a botel at MoDlll, s Mburbof
Btevens Point, Wle., nnd ihen blew bla own
, brains out. The aot was committed imme
j diatcly after the girl refused Bchissel'i
' offer of marriage.
I A private scnool at Chicago for theeduca-
' f.l. .1 I --.A J V. . A . V.
. liuu vi tnst ui-ui buu uuuiu, uiiruou uu iuo
8th. The ievoiitsen acholar-sm 11 boya '
' and girls wero roscued safely, but badly
frightened. Loss, $10 00).
Tbe bill authorizing, tho Governor to offer
fo.lKW for the appi ebentdon of any notorious
recent criminals, and which Is designed to
ouver the flu.vtun murder, passed tbe Ar
kansas I.e?isluture on the 8th and has boon
signed by Oovernor Euglo, who ba Ifsued a
proclamation offering that sum for the ar
rentof the as asslnsof Juhn M. Clayton,
At the annual oleo Ion of the Dapartment
ofDoluware, U. A. R., held at Wllitihiirton
ou tne 8lh, Poter B. Ayres wus eloctod De
partment Coinmundor.
E. II. Oldenburg, a grocer sixty years old,
vas niurdored lu hU storo at ChurloBtou, H.
C, on the niirlit of the Oth by two unknown
nogrocs. who entered the store for robbery.
The murdorora escaped with the till con
taining tAJ.
The totul amount of tho defalcation of
Dleckniunn. tlio absconding member of tlio
riLl.oult Moi'clinntB' Kxchunge, wlllnpprox
luiuto i-J.,0,OOJ, reprcsuiit ug tho inherit
ance of Ilia seven Meyer iioirs and the three
Ouye heirs. Ho is in Windsor, Cuu.
The entire plant of the Wisconsin Bui
philo i'llior Coinpuny,. 1 nalod at alonico.
was doitt royed by II iv 0 the (Ilh. entuiliug
a loss, of :i'J0,(K)0j liurunce. 1.000.
A imtition to (juvcruor Fifur ik bcincr cir
culated in Chicago for the pardon of O-cjr
N. Neolxj, one of tlio unurchists tried for the
liav market consp.ruc.v, and who was sun
toiiceal lo firtccti yeurs lii.pfl-oiiiiienL
All the oiii,'iuoci's on tne Motor street
railway line ut Minnoapiilh, Mi in., struck
work un the Dili.
It Is reported Hint clplit Mexlecn prtuipeo
tors, who succeeded In' means of an ancient
chart In locating u (.'old mine iu Wyoming
Territory which wu work d p.v Hpnoiards
ovir two liutiilrcd yoar-i a jo, liavo b;tuu
niunlurcd by Ainorieau intrulurs. The
latter secured tlio chart after a desperate
li.'ht In which tlio Mexicans wero kil ed.
Thomas M. Nichols, oneo uiunocied with
the ilonCBt Money League of Chicago and
othor political organizations, died in Now
York on tlio loth.
The post-ofilce ut Wutscks, III., was burg,
larbted on tlio ULh of about fj'JO iu stumps
and currency. ,
The lurgo brewery of tin. KUnara Falls
(Out) Brewing Ci iiipany l.nrncd with its
conlonts ou the 7th, caiislnialo-s of f.i0,UXX).
The Theater Royal ul AlilcTnlmt Englaud
was duatroyod by lire on tho Slh. A per
formanco was In progress when the lire
broke out, und a panic onsuod, during which
many persons wero tniinpled upon and in
jured, and Hi ere wore suvoral narrow es
capes from death.
Heavy gales prevailed ou the 81 h on the
English and Iriah coasts. Noar Bolton a
building fell, crushing a number of cottages
and killing six persons. At Pembroke a
ferry boat capsized and nlno persona were
Mrs. McNulty, sixty years old, and Annie
McUulre, aged eleven, were frozen to death
near Ottawa, Ont, during the recent bill
iard. Mrs. McNulty bad started to obtain
aid from a neighbor's house for a sick lady,
aud soon afterward Annie McOutre went In
search of her, but both perished within Sou
yards of their home.
Dispatches of tbe 11 lb report boavy anow
storms in all p irts of Uer nanv. In Berlin
tbe snow U a foot doep, aid in the Bavarian
highlands It has fallen to a depth of dx
feet. Trafflo Is almostentirely aaspended In
Brhleswbr and Jutland.
Tbe value of the plunder secured by the
mob In the recent riot at R'uns la eatlmatod
at 175,000. Tbe Oovernment p svMsaea evi
dence that the anarchist leaders fomented
the agitation.
The Greek Government has arranged for
the conveyance of two loans and has con
tracted a nmv loan of 1.3uo.a0 in London.
During the month of January, as ahown
by the official returns published at Dublin,
Ireland, sixty-eight steamers took 35,000
emigrants to Buenoa Ayres. Most of these
were Irish, but there was a fair representa
tion of almost every other nationality. A
very email proportion of the total number
were skilled workraon.
A ciumoram announces tbe death at
Rome of Cardinal John Baptist Plotra, who
was second In rank In the Sacred College,
till age was teventy-aeven years.
A oniL Ur boiler at the creosntlng works
of Gui d. White ft Gillespie, at Cbattanoo
ga, Tenn., exploded on the llth causing the
denth of Charles Falls and fatally Injuring
blstton. Poth of the men were covered with
coal tnr and the body of the former was
burned to a charcoal
Tun Nary Department la informed that
Rear Admiral ("handler, commanding tht
Asiatic tatlon, died at Honv Kong on tht
1Mb from an attack of apoplexy.
Tni President on tbe llth sent to the Ben
ale the following nominations: Norman J.
Colman, of Missouri, to be Secretary ol
Agriculture; Aildal K. Stevenson, of Illinois,
to be Asaociute Justice of the Rupreme
Court of the District of Columbia, vloe
William M. Herrick, deceased.
Coi-onr.i. Hknrt J. HtmT, governor of the
PoMlrrn' Homo in the District of Columbia,
died on the llth. He was In his sixty-ninth
year ami was aprolnted governor of Ihr
homo about four years ago.
Commandrr Howgtx, fit the Atlanta, on
Janunry 28 discovered a lhren-tnated
schooner, lumber laden on Are about tn
miles from Cape Hatterai. Hhe bad been
doaertod and nothing could be found of tbe
At Mlnot, T. T.. on the llth Are consumed
fix frame bul'dlngs occupied a atorea. Loss
112.000. Three buildings ware blown np to
check the pregresa of tbe fire.
Tngtwo Philadelphia oxperta who exam
ined the aqtioduct tunnel for the Congress
slnnni Invcstivatlng comtnltt-e are said to
have informed the cnmniltteo that an entire
new lining la necessary, and estimate tlx
cost of the work at rrv.noo.
TH the Senate on the llth the Naal Appro
prla'lnn bill was tikennp. The amendmeat
tnrresslng the elre ro lighting plant oa
the monitors, e-nl.crs and ether ves
sis, arprr.piiailig abo-1 Hw 0'. vers
s g-eed to. An Item of H o 000 wsi
Inserted for tbe consirait on of a lullctO
for nsi of fie naval torpedo it ttlm and wai
college oo (oat Island Newport, tt. I. Ths
amendment reported for the ronstruction of two
teel cruisers or gunboats of km or I.9K) tons
d'claeement. lo roat In the aeg egvte (ex.
elusive of armament) not mnro t'ian .',
it of one steel cruiser of aboat I.10 tons,
at a rost of not more than IIW.O ft, and
of one ram 'or harbor defense was agreed to.
Pending dsbate or furthiT ame dmrnti to ths
bill, the Henale ad ou nod ....Tne House
passed tbe Senate bill auiho lib g ths eon.
tiueilon of a brld e i cross the Missouri
river at Leirnnrla. Kan. lhe busnesi
of tbe Committee nn ths District of
Columbia and the I'm-nice Appropna
lloa bill were loth antanonlxed by . Mr
Crisp, of Georgia, with trie Hinalls-Kilott ooa
tested election ease. Tiii Bousi determined-
yeas 131, nays to eonsl ler the eleetloi e.ise.
Twemy four Democrats voted with the Repun,
llcans la the aUrmatlre. Mr. Crisp then took
Ibe floor for tbe presentation of the ease la
favor of Elliott, a- d was followed b Mr. Howell
of Illinois, la opposition. Pending further ds
bate the matter went over and tbe Bouse ad
News About Town.
It lathe current report about town that
Kemp's Balsam for Hie tlinmt unci ImijfH
is iiiakln Hume reiiiHikutile cures wiib
people wlm are troubled' with - (Jouglia,
Mure Tli rout, Ai-tuiim, Uroncliliis hihI Con
gumption. Any clruggisl will give you a
trial botile tree of coal ll is guaranteed
to relieve and cure. The large bottles are
lllty cenlb aud oue dollar.
Ark You madk mlalerble by Irnllxew
tlmi, lioiigilpalloii, Izzlnes", loR of h
pelite.vt'liow -kliif Slill..li'- VltaHzt-r
8 i positive cure. Sold by F D.Kelt.
A Great Surprise
Iu In store for all who ust Kemp's Bui
Bain for the throat ami iuiik, tne great
guaruuteetl remedy. Would you believe
tn ul it m sold nu its nierits and tlmt any
druggisl i iiuiliorUed by the proprietor of
lliib woniUrlul remedy lo give you a am
plu botile tree? Ii never lulls locine ucutc
oi ulironic oougliH. All (IruggiftB sell
Kemp's Balsam. L irgu bottles SO cents
un $1
Wliy.emliiriililc hy drugging around
wiib limit liack, ilisenst d kiiliiet.droisi
caNwellinga, feiuiile wi'iikiiifc, nervo'is
,leliilit .lieiii l ilii-eire and rln'iiiiialiccniii.
iiIkIiiIh. when Or Keiiner't- Kidney ami
Hiicksx'lir CIui'i will Hoqtiickh ciiri-y Rev
V J . M rchiiiii.PieMiiibir KliIeK writen
"It gave me alumni iiiBtunl anil entirely
;i,. iiiiinenl relief.'' Superiol t" all known
medic.inei-iu tliepcdiBeHBcg. 1 oi sale oy
Wiiv V I. Yottc(.ngl( when Slill Ji's
Cure a'ill iive Imiiiio Han- relict. I'l'lcc
III els., ou'el , mil .
.Sold tit F. I), Fell.
tjiuil "piirihtiig and cleatiBing tlio
nlnoil is not siillicleiit. It nei d eiiricliiiig
alfo.llie uervniiMtvitieiii needs toning un
ullol wliii'li iBaccoinpliBlied by Dr. Fcve
pi r's IJIooil anil Liver Hfinedy and Nerll
rmiic. Use bis CiHirli lloniy in im
i nnjjIiB: hits (ol len Itellef in nil paiiis
ind Btoiiiucli and bowel disorders, liip
Kidney niitl Backache (,'tne in lame hack,
iropy and all kidney disordere; his Oer
man Eve-Salve ill note t yes, cracked skin
md piles: liln Cnpitol Diners lor appetite
,nd Btrcnuih. For sale by druggibis.
The I'onieliesr man In Wellington a
veil na the lianil8oiiiHi.t, hiiiI ninprtt hip In--lied
to call on nnv tlruggU and tret free
. trial IwiiiIp of Kemp's Balsam f'T Ilie
'iinH anil llirmil, a reito dv that is telling
ntirely upon Its nierits and is guaranteed
ii relieve mid cure all Chronic nnd Acuie
,'niiu'liB. Amlnmi, Bronchitis and Coneum
ilo i. Large bottles 00 cents and .
Suiloii'8 Catarrh Remkdy ii pii
tlve cure for catarrh, dlpihurla uud
canker montli.
Sold by F. D. Felt.
BitioiiT' DikkabeCohed. Three year
ago 1 was attacked wilh kidney trouble,
siilch la few months terminated in
Bright' disease, ily physician said my
ease waa Incurable. I tried different
things and received no benefit until
friend nerauaded me to trv Dr. Burdick's
failoty cure. 1 Sent and got oie bottle;
oefore that was halt' gone I felt change.
One bottle removed from my bndv nod
llmbi fjfh-en pound of water, which bad
been very badly twollen I used twelve
bottle nnd waa entirely cured, and never
littd any return oi the disease since. I
o ild rcommend thin medicine tn all
offering with kidney or liver trouble, to
which I owe my life.
ltespectfully yours,
Emu ft Jackson. Wnotibury, N. J.
75 cents and $1. F D Fell. 451m
Foolish People
Allow a cough In run until it get beyond
the reach of medicine. They say,-Oh, Il
will wear asy,"bulln most cases It
wears them sway. Could they be In
duced tn try the successful medicine
railed Kemp's Balsam, which is sold nn
poalllve guarantee to cure, they would
Immediately see Ihe excellent effect after
faking ihe first dose. Price 50c nnd ft. 00.
Trial size free. At all druggists.
896 in Six Months.
VanWert Ccemlcal Co, Watertnn.N. Y.
Gentlemen . I fukr plea-ure In In
forming you of tin- wonderful auierS
ww have bml with vonr Lung Balaam.
We have aold In Hi-: la't six months
n6 bottles. We have "ft' antced near
ly every bottle nt a yet have liud only
our returned. I rm lo receipt of score
of testlnioolal-Irom Die moat promin
ent residents of our city winch lehoulri
ike to send von. Trial sir- free. E.
W, Antiis the L aduijf DrugUte
Yours KefirtTilnlly,
8. Felt, Jr, Drujtfiat.
A Sensible Man
Would use Kemp's Balsam tor the
Throat and Lungs. It Is curing more cases
of coughs, olds, asthma, bronchitis, croup,
aud all throal and lung troubles tlinu my
other medicine. The proprietor has nuth
nrlied any drugglrt lo give yon a sample
bottle free to csowlnce nti or the merit ol
this great remedy. Large botile 50c.
and 1.
Interested People.
Advertising i ale Pi" Il I e 'l hepe
cullsrwsyln which Kemp' BaUam.for
Coughs and Cold dnes, It is li-dn d won
derlul. He uthorl7.e dmgglsls lo
give Ibose who call for It, sample hoiHe
tree, that thev may try it before pnrcljas.
Ing. The large bolth s are 50 cent snd
one dollar. We certainly would sdvlse
trial. It may ssve you fpm consumpiion
Saved tiie Valtjb or a FARM-8llers
Cough Syrup has attained a reputation nl
most equal lo Sellers' Pllls.and more could
hardly i said of any other medicine. The
syrup shonld be kept In everv family
w here there are children, end grown np
neopleflnd It mct valuable medicine
for cough, colds, hoarseness, and throat
and long diseases. The pill are och a
standard remedy In some parts of the conn
try that a family never Ihlnksnf doing
without them. Hnld an old gentleman In
Eastern Marylsnd."Whyl have raised mv
family rmrelllm PIH. and I com-idrr
them almost as essential family as
had. In the last thirty yesia tbey have
Mved m enongh. In doctor bills, te pay
for a farm. Cincinnati umcs omr.
Itch, Mane, and Pcrutcliea human
or animal cured In 80 minute-, hv S.
lord's 8-olllary Lotion. 'l, rieii.r H
Fold by K. V . A.l mi". Iff ugfiiu. "eiutig.
A4 1y
Headquarters For
Fresh. Roasted Coffee,
" Oysters,
" Groceries,
" Fruits,
" Provisions,
" Vegetables,
" Candies,
Smoked ...eats
And In fact every thing io our line is
e aUjQii
On account of the vol
ume of business done
NoUnmsrchantablG Stock Accrues
On our hands. Deliv
eries made promptly by
a courteous and careful
driver. Thankful for
past patronage weask a
continuance of same.
Very Respectfully,
For Rent:
Two Houses pleasantly located.
A good House and Lot on Tay
lor street for sale cheap and on
reasonable terms. 36tf
Sage & Co
1839 has arrived and am
on hand to furnish the best
m- - . JfBBBB SKstSBBl "
BMEFs, '
in town at the market prices.
Chicago. Beef
ordeied by special inspection.
Fresh Pork HP
Prepared Lard,
Constantly on hand. One and
all please favor me with your pa
tronage. 0. A FAXON.
To Tho Citizens of Wellington.
Fred I). Felt, the druggist, of Welling
ton, will keep lor snlo the celebrated
Indian PHI, nmnulnclured by Ihe eminent
Dr.R. MacFarllmd ol Genoa, O. This I
the pill that cure headache, sick or ner
vous, alao constipation, and for one lallure
we offer ( 100 if directions are carried out
We can U-ll you more, they cure rheuma
tism, sciatic, or chronic, inflammatory. All
stomach disease yield every time lo this
great discovery. They will positively
cure all diseases ol the urinary organs ft
curable from any medicine. The secret Is
they core ihe liver and will nctt fail. Do
not tall to try this medicine; $1 a box, 60
pills in each hog. Call at Fell's drug store
for them. Felt only keep them, Well.
Iniitnn. Ask for the little hook giving
symptoms. This Is the great blood search
er of the world.
N.B. Felt's only. Heimmitxr Dr. R
MacFarland'e pill is the only genuine
MscFarland pill on earth.
i vj; rcA iflornAT vmu. mnpidir
IP'', i iuj unr new riiuiy (t ?' cigmr. W
s if miri4 i onto, irilvr 1 oO ol thm. 1
;i of 'it elitnr tHrh ITKsV.K U mnj Pom or
.tn, fiftko tn thn U. r. Alto " yturi mmb
ti t i,.ilti i-onttmifl t T?hm UtiiinaT mpma rv
i mvi' ujiit init rcarimia lurutst pop
Wrlta Dsimsi nd
Ii. U'.
n .Jl-4 pi m nl. KmlC bf ritUrMl
pi HI
out it nil
nnd ftdlristiiHine
t AUiLL A CU,t 63 Stat SL, Chlciao.
Oaveata.auU Trade Marks obtuiucd, niid al
I'ati-iit Uunliiehseuiiiluctt'ii fm A m tn ti J res
Uurllivelsiiiioslti t . S. I'Htem Uflli-r. We
liavt iHisulj-Hueni lti-,nll hunliiehnlln cl. heiife
uitiitraiiHHcl imlvni IjunlnesMi- less time and
at less oust than those reuigtt from Washing
ton. eeiid mmlel.drawlnK. or photo with descrlp
tlmi. We advise If patentable or nut, fi re o
charge. Our fee nut ilue till pntent In set'iired
A lunik. "Ilnw to Obtain Patents," with ref
erenei tn actual client, in yourStnte, county
( i town, sent free. Address
C. A. SNO IV fc CO.,
Opposite Patent Office. Washington, P.O.
Oity Markot,
Is the liCHt plnoe in the city
to get strictly No. 1 11 eats,
uud yiiUBiige 1'ii'bh
nnd iSultcd.
Meat iilrtute clean. Allrtitioii filwsy
ijlvcn. Pncenilwajflr.
Successor to
Cnrpeiitct Block. - 'Wellington, O
Almost as Palatable as Milk.
So' aUsf nlsd tbstt tt earn M tstheav
llgosted, astd a.tBBllatrt by tbe sbsmS
ensltlve stomach, vh.s the Bbtlas U
assut be tsl.ratstst svosl by ibe est as.
tinaiUai mt the all with the hyy phe
bitM is SBtiek amare fficatcsosu,
Keairkislt u leik BrWuer.
Fexieai gala rspUly vklte UXlag It,
- BC0TTS EMULSIOK is acknowledged by
Physicians to be the Finest and Best prepay
ration in th world (or the reiki and eon of
Th gnat remedy or Oonimptia and
Watting in CKUdm. Sold by all DrvjgitU.
lanisMlintiviM, Nsruus ! -ill r. Lost ManbHd. rs
suits of Urmn i Youth ar apawdtt and punrjaoantlr
uraH. Con o tion unii irtMt ewtdwil Hi lr b? mU.
aVUmw B.0sUJII)lXmW.Utl.8L.JItIrk.
TIMXTABLK-In Effect Nov.B, 1888.
cixTSALSTaaDsan via.
a.m. p. m. p. m.lp as.
roledo Lv 1 4ft I In sol 7 41
Uak Harbor Ar 8 41 tOJ 6 45 10 Of
Fremont 3fl 10 .. ....
Clyde tU 411 4.
BeUevae 9 S7 8 04 tins. B.
Muuroevills Lv (M H II 05
Norwalk 10 III S 10 7 17 t IT
Welliugton 11 00 4 tn km t
Urestuu Ar 11 51 6 17 ( I 4t
Orrvllle Ar IXJO 6 41 6u 4 10
f S Bl.
Orrvllle Lv IK 40 8 05 d ltd 6 85
Mas.lllon Ar 1 i 1 41 "i IH 1 18
Lv 11 4i 7 18 7 18
Nsvsrre 1 6 7 ou Is 7 85
alie) Junctloa Lv (Su 7 i 81 6x0
New coniberlsnd IW 7 481 . 8 4o 8 40
bberrod.vills 8 4n Hoili 't(4i f 10
L.o.vllli- t.Vi llr li hlifl
Buwcrslun Ar 8 &H 8 li W 6 8
Tansl Dover "Tm ....I
New Canierstown s 86
CsmliridK. 4 H4
Mscksburg A 5-J
Msrletta Ar 7 W
p. a a. ni. s. at,
W KTVVATtD7 j Ko6 No8 No4 ol
a. m p. m. s. ro.ls. aa
Marietta Lv 8 45 11 50
p. m. ,
Mscksburg 7 57 1 Oil
CambrlilK t 7 8 m
New C'onierstown 10 18 8 IM
Csnsl Ouver 10 5.1 8 57' ... . ....
Rower.tnn in 45 8 N) 6 15
Leesville 10 Sii 8 57 HI
Hherrndsvllls 11(0 4 in 10
New Cnmhrrlsad II IU 4 17 614
Valley Junction 18 1" 4 8.1 15
Nsvsrre i 45 6 III 745 . ....
Usui Mod . . 1 05 61 6 III
Orrvllla At 1 40 sin Mh
" l.v 1 45 ' 6 85 tin
Creston Lv 118 7 04 III ....
Wellington 8 05 7 48 11 ts ....
Norwslk 8 55 8 80 1110 7 8
Vnernrviilr 4 D7 8 40 1145 71
Brllevne 4 It .1 45 1159 7 6
five's........ 410. lion 1f15 8 0
Krrmnnt 4 55 .1017 1W St
Oak Hsrhor 5-m..... 1S5-I 8 4
Toledo Ar SWIMS 1 50 9
I r in. p. m. p.m. s. n
I 8b I 87
Moneoevilli Lv,,
Norwslk Ar"
Milan Ar..
Krlese Lsudtug.,
Huron Ar
. am 8 tnpm
a ou
8 66
4 80
4 8
i4 50
6 45
7 10
7 ti
7 40
HO j 88
IlnronLv , ;
Priest Landing
Norwslk ;
i 1
i, 8 45 ;.'"
88 6 OS ' ' ',
.. t 55 .f BO !'.''.
.... 11 fin iff- : t
...-Ml an ' sn'l ' -
(1 '
Thl.rosd Is nowopsti tbronj t from Toledo ' '
Rowerstowa cnanectln wltl the Peiiosy Ivsa ''
System foral'pelnl' Ksst .
viiaoooa o asaaviei - . '.
BstwsenTol.do tsmbrlrtfi sod atarlstl
" ' ' snd Hnwsrstown '
" , and Akrna. fosBistewa, as
" I'ltt.barah . '
Chlcsre.Akroa.Teangstowiasitf Plfls
koreb .
.u. vr uoorviu', a mr w m .aia 1...
si, Oaa'lPa.e.4 V
. vvs t asiqsi

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