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"Wo have a few pairs of LADIES'
. to close
Embroirded Velvet, only
Plush Trimmed Corduroy, only
Beaded Felt Plush Trimmed,
o thU a. in.
Jly valentine.
Beautiful winter weather.
Tim wod famine 1ms been mixed.
Geo Ober at opera house, Fi b. 21.
Stock on the Bee Line advanced to 13c
BHtmday. Tw elve ) ears ao It had n
bidders at 15c.
Ourbdet.ctive"(T) b8secur'dthe ai r.
vices of a blood bound (!) ibat goes the
rouuds with htm and tmcks criminal.
Thlev. .'visited four .tilt-district school
houses In Pittstleld Monday night and
cirri, d away a large number of school
A warrent was IssnedTuesdny bv Max or
Uu-ted for Joi.n Brahany for disturbs e
,t ihe Salvation Army meeting 8und..j
Friday whs funeral day In Wellington
Tlie remalna of Msdames Howk an
Marcy were Interred In the forenoon md
Mr. Sag In ,ue Ae"10011'
Dr Jekyl! and Mr. Hvde."wlth Ge. .
Ober In (he leading role appear at ibi
Opera House on week Irom to-morro.
fVhursday). Prepare to wivnm w
thing fine hy an Alc.mpeny. Ticket u.
tale at Adams' drng store.
. . nrti... nt ' Oreenwlch. will
Stanley nuwi
take charge of the American house April
l.t. Stan 1. one of the old time landlord'
' i lh.CheescClty.be having been land
lord of the same house some year, ago.
The lienevolent societies have been
called upoo to assist a number of fannUee
In town t" the necessaries f-'t sulislstencc.
of te as work has been very a. arce
for laboring men on account of the milk
llng shut down during lbs rainy season.
Jno F. M. Kee surprised the members
of the Sons of Veierat.s while In session
t a regular meeting last week, by pre
,entin them with a finely nnlh. d picture
(16x20) of .he 1-tr Col. W. F. Herrick
The order receive it and tendered John
a vote of thanks.
The property o( A. A W.tbeck will be
.old next Saturday at Sheriff sale. The
property Is well eltnat-d and in good re.
psirVand would make beautiful rest
d.nloranvone Let some one go and
buy it and give a good round price.
JobnRoaerASoo have pun band ad
the east side ol their
present pl.ee of buelue.. with a view of
r - ... tor and
reeling a room ir -
cheese ware room the present .cfon. The
old frame structure which formerly occu-
pled the place is oeing rao. j-
In this Issue will be found tbn-e pectal
communications v.: One im .our spec
ial on hi way to California of hi. novr
vatlon. after leaving New Orlean. in.be
western extremity of Texas. Blanch- our
regular Dakota corre.pot.dent p-na a very
fine letter, also our occasional from
Vienna, Va.Rlve. a lew line, as to how
matters stand in D'xle. '
The Wellington Gas Company sunk the
well on the premise, of J. B. Case to the
depth of sev. -n hundred feet and secured
the usual amount of pressure which I
fifty pounds. The first well put down m
the premises orC. V. Hemenway and the
ln,t one are now connected with piping.
Tb. company contemplate sinking on- In
the east part of lownss soon as a proper
lease can be secured.
An adjourned meeting of the council
was held at the office of JJ. N. Goodwin
Monday evening. Mayor Iius.ed. Clerk
Goodwin and all members of the council
present except Hemenway and Johns
Acting Solicitor Haskell appeared and
.ubmllted the plan and speclflcaliona for
the proposed improvement wb Lb wa.
read and accepted. The committee ot,
ordinances were not prepared t present
the ordinance and a.aed for further time
whiclTwas granted. There being no fut
ther business the council adjourned sub
ject to call.
' The cold storage proprietors and Ice
dealers wore a smile n their cheek, laat
I week. A fair quality"' Jceot ab..ut six
Inches chick was secured. Messrs. Horr,
Warner A Co stored seven hundred and
fifty ton. In their morale room at this
place. J.Roser Son, one hundred and
fifty torn.; James Bhelden, one hundred
Md eighty tons, about lx too are stored
at each factory In country. Walter
Will'am. la filling bl Ice bouse from the
pood with the aid of .team por and Is
likely to lecttre the oiual amount for the
retail trada. : " . '
finturdiiy and Monday were old time
business days lu town
Three large safes that were in use at the
C M. H. A. ollice have been removed.
One whs tiki n to Cl ukuneld, one to the
warehouse of Horr. Warner & Co., and
one to the office of W. R. Wean.
Mr.T. C Harvey the present treasurer
of Aahlund county called upon us last
week. A-hhmd county is democratic by
elaht hundred majoilty and Mr. llarveya
republiran, was clceted lo his present
oositlon by a majority of nearly nine hun
dred, lie is now looking after the nom
iuiition of Stale Trea-nrer at the coming
convention. Mr. Harvey has heen one oi
t le moat su:ci-mrul business men In the
county and his prcccnt popularity in a
0 nii.tv that Is so strontfly democratic will
a id weight to his chances for a higher po.
Church Notes and Announcements
Rev. W. C. Dawson has preached sixteen
U .eriils since Dec 21.
The m ile quartette consisting of W. II.
P..mnAnrf F.vernt Johnson. Carl Rust
nd Mort Wadsworth sing at the Cong'l
. ,nmli fwrv Sunday eveninn. Mrs, J. T.
laskell preMdea at the orgn at preaet t.
Quite Interesting mcetluga ore now be
lot held at the Disciple church.
A tail day. revival meeting is in pro-
-esaalih M E.chitreh. All are t or
d ally Invited. Services every day at 2
a .dTo. m. There will he lino singing
eanheveninir at the opening service, by
a quartette
Uov. Will Cumhark will give his pop
ilar lecture on "The Model llusbund"at
in M. E. church on Friday evening.
Feb 22. Season tirkets or sinnle eveniuj:
tickets for sale at E. Benedict's nd Bowl
tiy & Hall's.
Gov. Will Cnmhsck has been at Mans
field. O , six times and draws a full house
every time.
Mr. Cuniback Is one ol the finest orators
in the Nation, and has many admirers In
Iowa. De. Moines Register.
Gov. Cumhark is a nmn of fine personal
(.re-ence on the stand, is a natural-born
oiator. Hi lecture is one ol Ihe bet and
most instructive ever delivered In Ottum
. Ottumwa Pally Courier
Ex-Gov. Cumback, Indiana's great or
tor. Is a man of national reputation, a
.harming ej)aker, abounding in wit and
humoi. vet keen In analytical po' r nd
oratorical fore .-De Moines Times.
In vlor of thoitifht and eloquence in
delivery. Mr. Cumback stands f coud lo
vety few lectures on the American Plat-r..rm.-AHIam
e (0.) Review.
An a lecturer Mr. Cumlwck has few
equals and no superlors.-Atlanta Daily
There will be a donation visit given
Rev. C. C Erwln at bis residence on Kelly
s-reet, Thur-dny evening. Feb. 14, at 8
o'cha k. A corltil invitation is extended
to the brotherhood and everybody. Come
If ynu cannot brlnii any thing but a smile
if friendship to tho who would do yon
good birth lor lime and eternity. From
n.e aerv.ntof Gai there his leeu no com-
plalni nor has this visit been planed other
than that we may show our apprecou.un
moie lully toward the spirit of sacrifice
..r work or the Master. The ladies of Ihe
Bipllatchurch will also serve their annual
.upper Feb. 22. More will be said aliout it
next week.
The fair and festival given by the ladle
of the Catholic church at 0. A. R. ball
lart evening was a grand success both
x lally and financially. All present were
loud In praise of the excellent banquet
prepared by the ladle.. The tables wen
loaded down with viands which would
satisfy Ihe most faatldloua epicurean. The
nrnnwrf of the entertainment m tled the
hiiiiUome sum f $10. repaying the ladies
lor their untlrlnti efforts, who delre to
express their sincere thanks to all who
....t.,. ,i in n.aklnir the entertainment a
.iiecess and especial thank, to Ihe 0. A
R. boy. who kindly tendered to us the
ue- of their commodious nan. i ne en
tertainment w an occasion of financial
success a well of social pleasure.
im. .ti.kt thlni that ever crew he.
side a human dia.r" was little May, until
... t.K.k lo having headaches for a time
a: xrhMe o7 a a
' - ' . 1 . ami tMaalW
1,.-i h U as sweei anu pretty u
ever. (Only twenty five cenU a bottle.)
A .Drlng medicine I. needed by .every
one. Winter f -0.1, largely consfstlng of
.alt meat and animal fata, cause, the liver
to become disordered and the blood in
pure, hence tne necessity of a cleans In.
medicine. The best la Ayer'. Bareeparllla.
nood'l Uaraaparllla cure, catarrh by et
pelllnc Impurity from the blood, which Is
the cause of the complaint Give tt trial.
Our Dakota Letter.
Grand Rapids, Da, Feb P '89.
Editor of the ENTunpitini:
"Wo are n it daad, noryet sleeping," but
busy, very 'xtsy, this iieautitul winter
wexther. Usually, after tho rush of the
summer's work and autumn's harvest, poo-
pin haro have ihe winter for rent, study, or
pleasure, but when the seeding tlin
come this spring many will hardly know
ihey have had any winter, the fine weath
er enabling them to engage in almost any
kind of work outol door. Last winter
Dakota was furious, (as well she might
lie) being d"nied her rights snd ignored
completely by the Chief Executive of the
nation, but site has shown her apprecia
tion of the coming administration by con
ducting hufeelf lu the most exemplary
Our first snow fell January 15. Previ-
ous te that It h id not stormed since Au
gust. November and December were as
mild as April. Many farmers harrowed,
p eparatory to tVe spring's seeding, In De-
cemlier. and some in the first week in
January, and ( hear the, hundreds of
acres have leen sown to wheat, especially
In C iss county, near Fargo, so as to steal
a march on Father Time next spring.
Since the snow fell we have an occasional
"blizzard," the high winds now and then
frolic with the snow until one Is cnated
but they are few and are Immediately fol
lowed by the usual clear sunny weather.
As I write Ihe sun shines through such a
clear, light atmosphere that It is dazzling
in its brightness, requiring the lowering of
window shades to read or write with ease.
Even the "chronic grumbler" Is oblined
to keep silent this winter about the Da
kota weather. What a delightful rhange
j it would be for some of your nilai-niatic
and asthmatic citizens to he alile to Inhale
the "ozone" ol ihe Northwest this winter.
We lorcgo many pleasure, and privileges
which we once so fully enjoyed in your
heautilul little city, for the skeof the
"home-making" we are engaged In here,
hut we are also saved many annoyances
and evils yon have to conieud with. First
and loreniost the hculth ot the people, es
P'dally Ihe children. No malaria to sap
the vitality; very seldom a level of any
kind. Colds nre not unknown, but a
cough Is so rate that it would be noticuble
at once In any audience. The "Mizzaids"
will loe all their terror when the country
becomes more thickly settled. The to
firat winlertispent here here was no storm
resembling a blizzard.' List winter was
terrible, and had It been so in Dakota
alone I dare say It would have well nigh
depopulated It, but go where you will,
even to ihe Eastern Hales or Pacific
Coaat. you are liable to violent stotnisiii
the couiae of a few years, but who would
advise all he people to vacate their homes
and sacrifice their ptoperty on the Atlantic
Coaat on account ol the storms there?
They are the exception, Ini-tcad of the
rule there, and so i hey are here. VV'c cer
tainly have thelaugb on them this winter
Mud Is never known here. Prairie roads
are superior to any I've ever aeen, for
wiille as smooth as pavement Ihey are
soil, elaatic, and almost noiseless, and this
c.outiuues the year through. A llxht full
of snow makes lovely sle'ghlng, the uuly
impediment being the drifts which are
cauid by the depressions aud they are of
snail account this winter.
U one Is plentiful, wolves, loxus, mid
Jack labhiis are numerous. The chicken
la for'ilds the slaughter ol the grouse and
prairie chickeu, of w bleu mere are huu
drds. The Top this season past was In some
parte of Dakota simply lininento, while lo
other parts it was acompletn failure, so
while some lariiurs realized almost a for
tune, with a No. 1 quality auda No, 1
price (it reached $1.11) at onetime), others
are atill hoping that another year Ihey may
be more foitunate. This difference was
caiia-d by tho severe frotmhlcu visited
us (unaeked) August 17th. Thousands of
acres were wholly ruined In the northern
counties. A pattof this county escaped
almost entirely, but late sown grain, or
that ripening slowly on new ground, was
damaged more or less, so we had a vaUcty
of tirades here,
Stock raising la rapidly becoming one of
the leading Industries wt this section and
It Is marvelous tke strides It I. taking. It
i iuii, $4,000
I ftl thtmtlit hhr1 alwtlr vac t
w smwi wMytuvsi m msv ah vi VUlUlUg !(J V'
DakoU weekly during the fall. To .how
lo what extent this industry ha. reached
lo an few year. I quote from the assessors'
returns of "88, that Dakota has 175,000
bead of sheep, 174,039 head of swine, 208,'
410 horses over lyear old, and 097,808
bead of cattle over 1 year old. When yoa
consider that mora thaa one-half of these
are thoroughbred or high grades, you can
see that their valuation would be of do
small amount. Stuck do so well here,
Until Ihe snow o January 15th our. were
grazing uam the , rich prairie grass daily
and young rattle were I ill enough for txe
with no other feed P' rcherons, Cljdes
dale, and English-shire horses predomin
ate, as there is always a itreat demand for
heavy draft horses in this country Short
horn cattle for beef and the Ilotsteln's lot
dairy take the lead. There were 17 cream
eries started last spring In North Dakota
hy Davis & Kankin, ol Chicago, and then
sold to stockholders residing near them.
Tin y were nol all success ul and some
complete failures, as Ihe cream had to be
gathered at too great a distance, but the
one located in our county, at La Moure,
did well by the patrons, nol giving less
than 14c per gauge for cream.
Some real estate is changing hands snd
a great deal of inquiry for Improved (arms
from the East Every available piece ol
broken land will be cropped the coming
year and all new lnnd broken that can
possibly be handled by man and teams.
Division and admission are assured and
the high price, are nearly as certain. Da
kota and her plucky people are looking
forward hopefully to a new era of pro.
perity. Now if any of you good people
Imagine us with ''icicle, from our eye.
and earclcles Irom our ears" let this disa
buse you of that Impression.
To be continued. Bi.AMcm.
Miss Jennie Frizzle, of Savannah, O.. Is
visiting at J. B Vermllya't.
Mr. Ida Stewart nee Coinstock viaied
ber parent, over Sunday.
Mayor Husted and wife returned from
Knoxville,Tenn., 8aturdi.y afternoon.
MKses Fannie and Nina Benedict of
OU-rlln, spent Sunday with their parents.
. Mrs. J. L. Foote, of Oberlin.'ls In town
looking after business matters.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Houghton, ol
Cleveland, are visiting in town.
II. B. Hamlin, of Wadena, Minn., is
visiting In town.
A beautiful young lady became o sadly
disfigured wild pimples and blotches that
it was feared she wouhl die of grhT. A
frind recommended Ayei's Sareaparllla.
hlch she took, and wss completely cur
ed. She Is new one of the fairest of the
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Wbaa Bby was sick, ws gara ber Cutoria.
Wben shs was a Child, she arlrd for Castoria,
When she became Wis, shs ohing to Castoria,
mm she had Children, shs (rare them Cut or! a.
We have everything In Decorations for
side walls, for parlors, for ceilings, lo the
iuich style anti designs.
Latindon, Wlndockerdb Co.
Five Hundred Dollars to Give Away.
My house and lot. situated on Forest
Avenue. The lot Is eighty-three (83) lee
front, the bouse frame, en cted in 1887
with all ol tlit more modern improve
nienls, an excellent cellar, lawn and prem
ise In first class amdillon and the neigh
borhiNKl unexcelled. On account of 1"
cating elsewhere, I am desirous ot dis
posing the above named premise evei
at the enormous sacrifice of five hundred
dollars below actual cott. Terms easy.
Call on or address,
A. P. Dimock, Wellington, O.
The Capital Prize In the Lottery.
An inveterate buyer of lottery tickets
once dreamed that lie came home at a late
hour from a debauch. He carefully open
ed the door of his wife's sleeping room,
hoping to find her ssleep; but like Mrs
Candle she sat upright In the bed with a
lecture ready for ber erring lord. To hi
amazement, however, be discovered that
on each one ol ber chik. was painted a
larue number; nn the right oi 6 wa. num
ber two and on the left one nmnlier seven
Th lecture he received he soon forgot; not
so, nowevsr, the mvstorlous numbers, upon
waking next morning, be hurried to the
telegraph office Snd at once wired the
lottery managers to send him ticket No.
27 which accordingly was done, to his
utter Iwwlldorment, however, he discover
ed when the drawing was over that he
had ma.le a fatal error. No. 907 wa. the
lucky number, he had overlooked hi.
wile's mouth. If, instead of i and 7, four
and five had appeared, our friend would
have read It 403 which la the number of
the great Oliver Steel Plow, the capital
priio piow oi ui world, it la lor aaie,
together with a full Una of the wmiilna
Oliver Chilled Plow, and Slip Noae Shear.
at w. a. iownsena s, Wellington, u.
For lama back, side or cheat, use 8M
loh's Porous Plaster.. Price lloentt.
ooia Dy jr. v. roll. .
LOST A gold band chased ring, be
tween Laund-w, Windecker l'o' stoie
and my resilience. A liberal reward will
be paid to the tinder hy leaving with
P. 8 Buink.
If ynu want to see a fine stock of Wall
Paper look at ours.
Laundon, WIndecker fc Co.
BIG BARGAIN HTORE-80 day. only.
Among the many bargains for the v ek
'Ocome, 10 pieces morn of those double
width Tricot Dress Flannels sold every,
where at 00c, our price 80c; 50 dozen
Udles White Merino Vests cheap at 75c
ell lor 45c. Our bargain cuntM are
crowded with Cna kery.GlasBaud Tinware
ai nan tue usual price.
The finest assortment of Wall Paper can
be found it .
Laundon, WIndecker & Go's.
PUBLIC SALE Geo. Ellenhims will
offer at public auction on his premises one
mile south and one and one half miles
west of the center of Spencer, Saturday,
Feb. 23, at 10 o'clock a. m.. 1 twoyiaroid
aelding, 1 yearling, i yearlimr bhiod
Jersey, 8 shoals t;hainp on mowing ma
chine, sulky hay tae, double and stuule
harness, heavy wagon, spring wagon top
and open hiivrnles, 100 sap pailaunil spiles,
corn fodder, household (multure aud other
artlclea. Ed Cass, AucU
Now is the time to paper your houst.
Our stick is very full and very cheap
Laurdon, WIndecker & Co.
To Farmers
I have on band and for sale 7 Ions seeds
consisting of
Mil let t, Huiifiarian,
Orchard, Blue Grass,
Red Tp. Timothy,
( lover and Pea Vine. J. I'URLEY.
Our slock of Wall Paper Is now com
plete In all itHdeiaiiiiietits.
Lauuunn, WIndecker & to.
II. Tbwott, Tailor.
I wish to Inform the nubile and n-v cus
t"mera that I have received a nice hit ol
spring samples Come In'and see me lor
prices. 1 win also lunge and trim suits at
lowest prices for cash. Ladies can send
in patcbea and have buttona ninde to
match, 7 2t
To The Public.
On and after M on tiny, Frh. 18th, we
will occupy the oil siand now occupied
by 0. A Sptcer on Prospect street, where
we will ba pleasi-d to seive nil ot our u il
customer, aud as many new ones as wi,l
tavor u. with their patmnaue.
Our stock ol Wall Paper never was en
full nor as cheap as now.
Laundon, WIndecker & Co.
DOWN TO $4.000 On account ol lo
cating elsewhere I will offer my residence
onCourtland avenue at the astonishing
low figure of $1,000. Anyone desi imr to
secure one ot the finest residences in town
for a small amount of mone should call
ot once and secure a bargain.
W. F. Hawtkll.
Inquire of J. H. Dickson or Mrs. Bawtell.
Park House.
The Park House always h . the clean
est and the finest lahle the market affords.
Qnod feed barn in connection.
L. C Bennett, Prop.
WANTED Situation as nurse girl or
second girl. Address box 222. Milan, O.
FOR SALE OK KENT. The llunt-
tlngton hotel with four acres of lund, good
barn and the house is at present ttointr a
good business, 'lermseasy. For further
particulars call on or addr ss,
J.T. Haskkij, Wellington, U.
I have always been much annoyed bv
neuralgia anil headache and 11 1 ally ileler
mined lo try Salvation Oil. I m ulad to
recommend It as It made a perfect euro li.
my Case. Nark New,
02 Alsqufntli St., Ualti re, aid.
FOR JIENT. The Lawrruce Fool.
farm of atom Ml aires, two ni'lea wist ol
the village of Wellington. Good location
convenient to church and school. Good
liuildinga ami well watered. For terms
all on or ai litres-.
J. 1. Hash KM., Wellington, U.
Oysters, direct Irom Baltimore at
A CARD. Look out for the new re pun
hop acnias from T Doland's wa.on shop
all kinds or lurnllure tepalred ami staim d
to look a. good as new. New work made
lo order. Saw. filed and varnishing done
Give me a call. II. A. Knait.
I'lllshury'a Best MlutieatHjIls Flour
The Is at Flour made at Wn.iaiiD's.
Ar-thro plion-i a will cure Ihe most oh
sinatecaesof const ipatiou, whh h. If Iohl
continued, causes IiIinkI poison. F 1
FOR SALE One of the finest resi
lences on Conrtlniid avenue. Inquire ol
4tf J. II Dickhon.
A beatitllul prize with every pack aire o:
Baking Powder. Cull and see them at
Constipation Is nuickly re
retnovnl by us
Inc Cob . Little PiH.'. F I)
A complete line of Pickle Goods at
Oysters I Oyaterall Oyster!!!
Id Can or Bulk at Earnest Lemuel.
Ye, we can) supply everybody with
10 h n'aUogh Ba.am tome on. 23c.
F 1) Felt
Ilot Peanuts at Willahd's.
J. M. Crabtrea will pay the blub
market Drlas lor live aud d reused bitrr
veal calyes.dry and green bides and pelta-
To those that Intend putting up a while
bronze monument lielore Uecoratlon da
we will say tbat during ihe winter miNitbr
I. a good time to place your order for It,
tew having already done so.
R N.Goodwin, Agt
MONET TO LON On long time
moderate interest on good farm seen r it j
Enquire ol I, age Co.
Mr. Lee Moon havim onrchased tin
Laundrv business ef Wing Sinn will con
tlnne to serve the public- I sin now nre
pared to do op collars and cuffs by new
nstent Process. Prices the same as iH
predecessor, riease isvor ma witn your
pslronsie. 8-5t
Dr. E. H Obermlllrr. from Toledo. O
will be at the Amerlcao House. Welltnir
too, Nov. 7th, Dec. 5th, Jan. 9th, Feb. 6th
Uarcn out. , i-oinu
Dr. O.K. Ulsey.of Ashlsnd, O., ha
opened permanent office la tho Wad
worth building. Teeth exacted wlthon'
nam by the use of llurd's vitalised air,
end all work warranted to pleaae. Blgo ol
IM gOM loou.
Don't You Recollect
That just after Christmas
we advertised that we had
purchased two large wliolcs
sale stocks of Ladies' aril
Children's Garments? Well,
we did even thongh yon
don't recall it and now 5TB
want to make it known fe
all that we have sold out tfca
cnlire purchase, except a feyt
hundred garments. The trans
action was a fortunate otfij
for us, and we guarantee ii
was equally pleasing to our
customers. AVc made an ex
cellent margin on all the gar
ments already sold, and ate
now prepared
To Almost Give Away till
During the next ten days
we Bhall close out our entires
Cloak Department to inaka
room for other department
Every Ladies' Garment
and every Child's Garmcjal
must go, and at once.
Ltdies' Garments Bold for
$20 n nd $15 will t
thrown away at $10 each-
Children's Garments soli
for $G, 8, ltf-and 12 will U
closed out at a tremendous
Our Cloak Department will
be crowded daily. Come antl
nee what we havc,cvcn thougli
you don't buy. "We shall con
si 'er it no trouble to nhojt
you the goods .
Grow k
i and 6 Euclid Ate.
Cleveland, Ohio.

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