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"A. tuber wonilm hil nl-Ci.v..r his
breii iniideaml liml too bv h liuly hi i. us
C"it"i)'. DlKe-iMi laUinil Its idntoies
Inr and for reven ir Slie wi h-
touil its everet i'r. Init her viml
vitaii wore undermined mul de-th
rl.CIIII'll Imilll I'll'. Sll' b Of UK H
Imitlmit' ir. King's New li-cve ry inr
C'-iikiiiikIiI.'ii nipt whs so union reln-tcd
on iHkln first dime th.it rlie hI-i-i hII
Highland wir.h one h -t le Inn b i n m
v.iiil"iiil.v uur-d. H -r name Ik Mm.
Lnthi-r 'I'liim wri v. t;.
Unmrlck & Co., t.f Shelby, N. C. Get h
"free trial iMHtlf nt Ail nn' tlnj stoie. 2
The Population of Wellington
la about 3,000, and we would y t least
one half are troubled with some iill'iclim.
of the tbroHt nnd lunus, as those com
plaints are, iiiToidim t i.tHiiili , iii"if
numerous l It nt others. Wk would adviw
all our millers nt to nejilwi ibe nioi
funiiy to rill on ilielr ilnmiiiHts huiI net
ImitlH ol Kemp's HiiIhiiiii I'll tlie tlnoiil mill
linn.' Trml '. Iiee UiiiM bolllei! fill,
and $1. Sold by nil ilriiunl"".
Hill tlcil'H Annul Salve .
The bcM iwIvk in Mi., v-tu ill I.. i ."
t.ni'in'H, bois. i.U'im's, .it rln' j;.i
sores, letter, chapped li.'uU. 1
c.iiixh mid all hktii wiiiitniuK.'iiii'l I'"--' '
ly-curir pil'-s, or no :i, r i 1 1 r . .
IIUHIKIlletHl III give pel In I Hlllhlil' I. "
lii..ne) r. lini.l.Ml. I'i H e i't 1 1 ii . i
Fui rtule Uk Woo-lai & Ad tin. ' '
Ckuop WuooriNu CofOH Mii.lbro1
eli lie iiiiuii) dm h . I i -v , I hy Slilloli'p
Curt). Sold iiv V. 1), Ken.
Tho Verunt U numinous.
W. I). .Sml , lll'il; fllM. Bl'in-. Ill' I.
t. l'l. : "I i nli lui-lnl i Kl.'e i .
Illit. i a-, il.e wiy i.i-i.i miieilv. Kv n
luililt- i I I lii- t; I v ti i lid el' iii-ve.)
catMt; One III II In 'k i s 1 olt en i.i,i
w a cur .f riii'Uiiia lm ol' 10 ye.fr
standing." A'i.iiIi in I' .1.', ili'-i: j;i 1
It llv II-. O., nlli.lii: -IIh! t -t I
ii k Ml 1 1 it-i . f I Iih e fi'-r IiiiiiiIImiI l
m 20 ye.irt expei hnce, i Kit etrie B i
le.'H.', Thousands nt olli-ia inive aibleil
lln-lr u-s iinouv, ?o th t tlie verdict. I
U llillli.oll til it fcli L'll ic Ullleirt d
C le nil ilireiiM-S ol tliu l.ver, kiilm)
or blond. Only ha f a miliar a buitl.
ac Adams' ili ii store it
Detrnli, Midi., March 8, '88.
IV. II. II II & Co
Gentlemen 1 had a very severe at
tack ol' rheumatism. Alter taking .
few doeiM-y.)iir Ar-tlno-phoii t-a.ub-
ttlned roller. Hive takei e boitie
ftiid am alino! entirely cured.
M.S Carpnil.HX), Br..(g street
Fur (ale at Feli'g di "i lore.
Tint hKV. Oko. II Tiuykr, of Hour
b'in, Ind., iyH,"Bnili inyieltand wlfi
o -ve nor liver to Saturn's' 'onsuiiptio
fJuldby F. D. Fell.
A Grateful Clergyman.
Rev. Tboe. Rlcbey, fornierli priIdliiy
elder tf the North-in N. Y. Confei
ence, itivdt this opinion of a populai
remedy : "1 bave 1'ouim Vti Wei iV
Bilraui to be a wonderful effective med
icine fur the IttUK- I ' avereuuiumeiii"
edit toteveral of my frleoda who i.
Buffering from consumption and almiwi
mtraeulout beneflta have followed lb
tire. I moi of the opinion that II taken
m time It ould affect a cert in cure i-
tniB dread dleae. I would urge all
who are iiflerlng with lung ami throat
trouble t try It. Trial lie free. E
W. Adam the Leading Druagiat.
English Spavin Llrlment removes all
Hird, Huft, or Ca'lons-d Luun.a and
Blemlshea Iroin horses KIimhI Spavin,
Curbs, Siiilma, Sweeney Rlog-bone,
Si flea. Sprains, all Swollen Throat
Couifhs, E'O. Save $50 hy ne of on.
bo'tle. Warranted. S dd by W. E
Adams, Drujubit. Wellington, 0. 44 20.
A Nasal Injiwtok fr.te wlih ereh
bottle ol Shlluh's Catarrh Remedy
Prltie 50 cents. 61yl-3
. Sold by K. P. Felt.
Bangor, Mich., March 21, '88.
To whom it may concern :
Tblsl to certify thai I have stifl-rei
all winter with aevereaitH.-ktifrbeu
matlsm, and was shout to ask to be ie
lieved from my piwitlon, a I was not
able to work. After try..g mat y rem
cdlen and getting no relier, I Saw HIHV
Ar-thro.phon-l-a advertle'i. I aaken
our druggUt to order aome tor me. I
eommeneed taking-It as per 'ilreo'lour
and received giwMl rfultr from It with
In one week. After taking three bnl
ties I am h .p'py to say I am nearly
cored, although I nball eotitlnu
rntak" Ar thro-phon-1 a until I iirlv
the diaeese out of my rym. I can
Ortaluly recomniend If aalhe bert rem
edy rnrrheumailBiii that I know of and
eannotsay too much li favor of It.
M. Kemlnton,
Agent C.& W.-Jl. R II.
Sold by Fred.D. Felt.
For Drarapeu and nver complaint,
ton have printed guiranlet! on evi ry
baitlo of Shlloli'ii Vltalixer. It never
falls to eure.
Sold by F. D. Felt.
The Handsomest Lady
In Wellington remarked tn a friend the
other day dial she knew Kemp's Balaam
for the Throat and Lunys was a supeiior
remedy as It stopped Iter ciinjfh instantly
wh"n other cough remedies had no effect
whatever. So in prove lli Is and convlce
ynu of it merit, any drugatst will five -ou
a sample bottlu free. Large site 60 centr
and one dollar. ,
Diitrnlt, Mich., March 13. '88.
W.H. Hill Co.:
Gentlemen I have for years been a
sufferer from chronic rheumntUm ; ut
times very everely. During a late at
tack I have experienced more relief
from taking one bottle of vour Ar-lhio-phiui-l-a
than from any reined v I bave
hlthnrtn used. Its action hug been very
prompt, and wlthntit an derangement
of the stomach or other organs. I am
go much plenned with It artlon that 1
ball imntlnue It line when I have the
old trouble to cninbalagatn, and recom
mend It to my friend In like a miction.
Iteanei'tfullv vnnn. .. . v -
8. A. Roblnon,'l5 Bralnard St.
Sold by F. D. Felt. , j l , ? v -T
StriLoii's Cvri will Immodlntely re
lieve cror, whooping cough and bron
chitis. .
Bold ly F. P. F1t.
PhlladelphH Vieitad by a Most
' Disastrous Flro.
Flrom-in Klllml nn.l Niirrnil Ri-rlinnl
Iujur.-il by 1'itltniie Wall, Tim T.itul
Lum lill.n iteil at Over
A Bid IlUfltl,
Pninum, piiia, ji-tb, The most du
strucilvoflfe which lis vhlloJ thl cily for
a Ion? timj brj'.ta out U rily bofovo no o
Sun lay In tin bna u mi .if ttiulur:e bull l
Iuk No. 1.41J unU l-IU Walnut rauL mid
tho WUnlo p.ii!) ,vn l)ilrj, no tlilnu but
the froni. 4U.I rii" Willi b ilu r luft Htund n r.
While tho flromea wire ut w jrk a portion
of the front w ill Ml In.v ir I, killing oni
mniia'i I irla lily I ij irlii,' M) othors.'T n
fiilloivm : ui-o tho n tm.)i of tho killed un.l
injured :
Oeuro Siowira, t'linv-six ynrs old,
unomnti of I5.ii i 'li i hi 7 1. I ln
imulv !:illol. a id ') i-ly l i- n ;-l lioncMih
tho cleb, K .
Abr tli nn f. toy, hoi i n lit o Rn,'ini Co n
p.myNo II) biJ yb-u ul uli'iut "tlio bo.ly
nn-l llmbi. but no b m n Icilt-jn.
Wllli.tm H izjir l, of U i ;lu )C i n wiv Xo.
4, bid y liniiiod nliout tlio i c uiul lei-.
Thn rlrj liroko out uiiJcr fio .In atop.' .f
F. II. M r -skii, loc it'i I .on the Ural floo -f
the W.ilnut stroot front, anil In n very short
lime hul burn j! t'irji -li li l,!n roof. Tie
first floor and biioneutwro ocouii'ol b
thndru sto 'Oiin I tlniM n lin 1 )P by M sir.
Wveth li H -o. as u l.i nut ry fin" t in in i i i
f icturnof itiMji nil iiiii hU. T io fl a
hud ir ii io 1 i rt n 1 1 1 1 1 I in fio iipn -r or.
Hon of tho imiii404 Ik.'ii') fio Di-j:n -n
could b i oi it n t n I ill owl if toi'nln-
H imm inloco it ini ' i o v . i n t'l i II. i n n
(Tilncd upiu th nn ivit'i f lih'.fol r.ipnli r.
Nonrth front of tti i -i tlldi'i f n 'xt tlio riif
wu-t a lurr-i ivnt ir t n't . ; iin-,' oor -fo ir
leon to.u. Tnii wa ti'ii.-til b lar;
'iiultors rutin ton tlio in n i tvils, mil ni
th sob mm wirj wiic-n ii Ii I'ti ll.imoi,
thnivh ill tuintci n i -I i'V i w''i in-ni.
Hy till tint. Ih. i rl -oni 'ii h i I ivm l:.' I tholr
Way lur.m,' Ii thn luu'o do n-vviiy on loo first
floor and two lino, of ho s hud he n Iii iuii
linido. They wi ro niiuincil by six men, all
of wlinui vvoro Hi in dlu if linldo the fro t
wnll. As tho l irire limit foil, a porMon ol
the top of tlio front w ill wm torn loo e un i
full Iniv.irl wittl a or nil. The fa I w.w o
Bild le i and unexpected that thn men Ins d
could not b- warned (it th-dr duiiffO''. 'J hi
whole of tin first floor was at unco en vet
0ied in sinolie from tho burning timber- and
a aloud of dust. There was a sudden da.u
from thoso on the outside and a dozen bi a a
men, led by Di roc tor tknkoly aud l.io to i.
ant Uaiilton, ru.hoi io tho roscuo. (Jno bi
one the Im irhnned mm made tholr esc p.1
or were ilr iifod nut by thoir roscuen and
i the smoke lifted. Lacey w.is found pinned
down to tho floor by heavy timbers.
A stream of water was turned onto the
men as they worked to save thorn from tlie
Intense heat, and after several minui. s.
whloh seem id like houri to thxs on the
Outside, Laoey wis releaseil and carried to
the atreot. A dash wat m ide for the spot
where Hhowers b id been seen out a momsnt
before the wall fell bnt the spot was or.
ered by a miun'aln of bricks, mortar and
heavy Umbers. An attempt was mido tn
rotu h bis body, but after worklug for some
time and not bel is; able to obula sight ol
him he was given un for dead and aa those
at work were la mom in t try d titer of be
lot killed, the sea rob wia abamloied forthi
time, ill body waa reoovorod about Ave
Io the Hotel Stratford, In the same block,
nearly all the room were vacated, and
ladles in their wrap and gentlemen io tbeli
overcoat gathered tn the lowor room ready
to make their esoape a soon a It waa found
to be necessary for their safety. Amoni
the guests In the bonae were a number of
siok person sod they were speedily coa
veyed to plaoe of safety.
As soon aa the body of the dead flremst
was recovered from the burning building
Prof. DaCosta started a subscription foi
bis family. One hund ed dollar was placed
oppo-lte the Professor's name, whicb was
qulokly followed by a similar amount by
Mayor Fitler. The mayor then took the Hal
and circulated personally among hi- manj
friends upon the ground and when hi
.landed it over to Police Burgeon Andrew
it footed up a very bandime rum. -
While engine No. 17 waada hlnguptotht
fire It ilruok a bandanna hone of truck K,
breaking Ita lor. The total loa from th
Are t estimated at fully Unworn, of which
Mes-rs. Wy th & Bra. loss ttOO.OUQ, Th
Bra I uppoe l to bare been caused by sul
phur Igniting In the cellar.
Chiro, IIL, Fob. It. The lumber towhoat
Pearl waa totally destroyed oy tire at Mound
City Hund ay afternoon. She bad ju t com
off the ways, completely overhuulod fot
heavv business in the Ohio river. She was
built four year ago and valued at 115,000.
Thirteen Man Arrn-te'l In Nntlnr Conntv,
l a., fur Making a.id t'lrealatlng gpurl
oas Criln.
PirrsRCRon, Feb. 11. United Plate De
tective Sweony and Denuty Marshal Cham,
bersarrivod in the city Ha'urday with a
gsng of thirteen counterfeiters captured la
vsiioue parti of Butler County within th
past ten day. The gang has bean opemtlng
extensively for a longtime and a large
amount of the spurious coin is believed to
be in circulation. The detectives also se.
cured tho dies aud mold used In matins
the counterfeit money. An Information
waslolged against the nccti-ed nnd a pro
II ml nary tenring will bike plnce early thl
week. In tho moantline tlio prisoner are
in Jail. While th" oti.wa hnve arrested all
tho prinuiti.il muuilu vs'if the gang, there are
eve. al ot'.vir d '-'Ni apprehended. It
took about twirit y-llvo ofil -ora to niako th
arrest, as the uier were considered denigr
ate characters.
Tbe bund wai re'nrded as ononf the most
dangerous and most suex-euful In tho coun
try. Thousands Umn thousands of dollars
of the bogu ooln have einpussod In dif
ferent Bute by the t'liinterftdiers them
elves, and many wonks hnva be n ieiit in
unnlmr thorn down. Tho man in custody
sre: James Johnston, John Dawson, Hob
Montgomery, Charles nnd John Woods,
Thorns Htoughton, Pnvld Dunn. Curtis
Fox, Alfred Grossman. Warron Black and
Jumos Tryor.
Mat a Horrible Pmttli.
IxntAXmiiUK, Feb. It. Thoro was a
shocking accident Hnt.irday In the I., 1. le
W, elevator. Workmen wero engngol In
cloanlng out the ihelling machinery, and
the trap-door, looking down into the power
ful teoth of the shcllor, wo open. Into thl
Gardner Ayres, on of tbe employe, '
stepped, while tbe machinery was in mo. :
Uon. He fell, foot flrit. To break tbe ears
of corn, bTjre they pass into the tooth nf I
thn ihellur, are strong levors, revolving
wltb Irresistible .forre. y In a moment his.
leg were tors ititiri taliutd and his body
was drawn down and beaten until it no
longor resembled the form of a man. Only
thead alone remained uninjured. Death
was inttantanoou. The deceased leaves
The trignei Corps of the Army to
a Ead Cond tlon.
Startling Rrvelnllnns of tjoj In tilt
Work on tlie AnnriL ' ni l In
auijural Varm J j-fjr and
VUms X 1.
m 1 1 ..
Capitai, poivos,
WisnixoTost, Feb. 13. The FocrMnry ol
Wur yesterday sout to the House a state,
ment of (Joneral Grceloy, Chief of tho Sig
nal Cor is, which sols forth the very unsafe.
lsNicloi-y condlllon of the .Signal Corps and
the Inefllcency of the lieutenants of that
coi'pi. Ho calls attention to the lnr.ro num
ber of oflleors now in tho corps and recom
mend the roorfrunlzntlon of tho service.
General (irueley fu- lli ir stales that during
tbe lout thren yoars onn-ei'lith of tlio corps
luivo dio l no,! ih it nno-rourili are entirely
untitled to porf.rm the dnttos for which
I liey aro -.iid, and rccninm -mis the p siime.
of the Hi me bill "to iner cis . the oiiloicney
of the Sina Corps of thn ni-.iiy." 'l hu bill
wo i.lo t'l t li i upiio'iitineiiis Nimll b .made
until tho nfi ',c -r I-. cxunlii il an i approved
by a ho i; d t . b c n veuol 1),' I ho ttucretary
of Win-; tho eoimu asi.ino I oRl-orsuf the
service io liavo Ih- pay and nllowniieos ol
Hue I'l'ndo. Ui tho uriiiy, the mijirinnd
rnptalusto bo npp .iuleil from lino otllMurs In
tbe ii nn y.
Tho .tur 1 ist, ovonin'- printed the follow-iii-it
"Startdng revel itinm uro inadii In the
expert V r .porta up m t 10 churaoior of the
Morion tho nq'in loet tinni'l. X'lio extent
or ton f'-iin 1 Is is' in ist b 'yon I c nfoption.
Tli'ieini I I. o Itic.nrmof thi invo tlifft
lion w is in 8'i-ii i i M ind iy roiling i ho re
i n't of the nv) -t, i. T inv iVsjiou'd n st it
Oi I'i'tiennnsi t nil 111 -i-.innn Iteo had no idea
of, noivviiliKiaii llii all tho now pipo" ex
li'isiiro. and t h i facts slated In previous tes
timony. HuniiieiN and linn Ivods of feet 1 1
the masonry nr. - .villi ut p.ii-lciii?. nnd paces
were found in iiniiiy pincos whom a man,
by leaning forward a litlio, could w ilk (or
n linn I.ihI f.'.i1 on ton of tlie hi-iek arch. II
li OHiiin.iU'd lint it will roitnot les-i than
K.ft un to ni.iko Hnyihing out of tlie tunnel.
Hi under-ilool Ih it. tli.i roin nitt io in tholr
report will ho d Major Lyducter rosponsi
It is Rstimntnl t'mt in the lniu,'ural pa
ra ie thoro will bo hotweea f0W and M),(ioC
liersoiu In lin.. The tirst division, which
will escort tlio President and President-
el -t to th i C ipit ii, will bi o.i in p no I of tbe
refill r troops -tntionod nb lut Washlugtoo
nnd tho National Guard of the District, and
will comprise about 1,510 inuu. ' Th3 other
divisions will bo for no 1 In theavenuo an I
rtri.eti abmt tho Capit )l, atii will not move
until the President-elect ha. taken the oath,
when the proce,ilon will escort him back to
tho V bite Housa
The question of tlmbor cutting on tbe
Chippewa reservation within the La Pointe
Acency, was exieeted to come up before s
sub-c immlttoe of tho Konate Committee oo
Indian Affair yettord iy. but Indian Cora
inissloner Oberly' inability to present the
desired correspondence cuus d a postpone
ment until Thursday. An interesting state
of affairs I (aid to exist In thn Interior De
partment over this matter. When Indian
Commissioner Oberly took charge of the
office he directed a suspendon of all con
tracts for cutting timber oo the reservation
tn question, but Secretary Vilas, It Is al
leged, overruled Ibe commissioner's orders,
whereupon a very sharp latter waa sent to
Vila by Oberly. Last apring. after aa in
vestlgatlon of the timber outting contracts,
a rent Gregory resigned, to take effect wbea
hi soocesor wa nominated and conflnnad.
Tbe euoceasor wa not named until thl ses
aion of Congras and tbe nomination ha
not been reported upon. Commissioner
Oberly baa recommended to tbe secretary
that Gregory be removed and his otfloe be
administered by a special agent of tbe de
partment, but no action has yet been taken
on the reuommmdalion. In conseqnenon. it
la said, the relations between Mr. Vilas and
the Commissioner of Indian Affair are
somewhat strained.
Blsmarrk Walts for Harrlsoa.
Loxdox, Feb. II Telegram from Berllo
indicate that Prince Bismarck is not in
clined to enter into any further negotiation
with tbe American government with regard
to Samoa until after the Inauguration of
Pre.klent Harrison. Information obtained
from official quarters ben induce tbe be
lief that Lord Salisbury bas urged Count
Von Hatcfeld, the German Ambassador, to
permit negotiations between Germany and
England to lie over for the same reason, the
Premlsr believing that aa entirely different
view will bo taken of the Sam n difficulty
by the incoming Prealdnnt and hla Cabinet.
An Unwarranted anlsara.
Ottawa, Ont, Feb. 11 It ie rumored on
good authority thai the D .minion govern
ment will reoe le from It podlion in regard
to the eeimre of tne American aohoooer
Brlditewutor at Shelburne laat year for re
fusing to pay duty on repairs. Tbe matter
has been ful-y considered by the govern,
moot end the Minister of Justice baa made
a full ruport regarding the oo iitltutionality
of the soiture. He conclude, that it waaun
justirtubl ', and in consequence the claim foi
compensation of Captain Allon, ownor of
tbe vessel, Is likoly to be favorably consid
ered. Mot Rnlaasad.
New Tone, Fob. IX Tbe seized steam
ship Curondolot, with ber contraband ourgo,
bos chuo ted her anchorage and la now at
tho ihcet of water d.-al nated for the anch
orage of vosne s containing explosives, with
three representatives of the United Htute
Mamhnl in oharge. Hlnoe the sonure no one
bolony'ig to the vos-vl, with the ex.ptlon
of tlio captain, has gone s hore. The moa
a-.p- ir perfect y sailsiisl w.tb the turn of
afTuT.a. '
.tn Iiiume rrapnr.'s l.aiast Wots,
DMii'KT, Conn., i'nit W. Rev. W. J.
Cmasley, pastor of tlio Unlver a, 1st church
of this place, picltol ion it of bisvalnibles
Bund i.v night ail loft town on tho Wash
ington express. Mr t'r-isslny retigned bis
pualoi'.tto some time a j.i. The cause of hi
dlsapiiearance is due to liortxlitary Insanity,
It la thought he is bound for tho West.
Slormuat Ih-irwti-il. ; '
Oohkk, Utah, F'x 13. In tho municipal
aleellou here vostardav thn (lanilla u.,,!J.
datc were elected." This Is their flr.,t vic
tory over IhcTlonuons and there la ciueb
rejoicing. - :-
, Leglal-itml (lut ol fllllcn,,
Tiivto. N.J. Vfh 11 Th Hn,.in'i..i
nighl, after a heated dob-He isss ut t ie bill
legisn.iingouioi onico Ubarle W. Fuller,
Hupetintnndent of Public Instru ,-tlnn and
piuciug mo appoiiiimiint in the h .ndsof tlie
Governor. The bill will probably pas the
House to-day. It is claimed that K.,l.er wa
elected by a dicker and a deal, and that the
office should rightfully bo tilled by a Demo
crat. Fullor I a Republican. ' t ,-
RrmoTsd for Unbary.
Nfcw Your, Feb W.-rTbeodors A. Hamll
ton,osslstnteonim'unloner of uccounlti, wai
suspended front oltliw yostardsy on account
of evidence given In the West Wabliigton
market tnvestlgntlon, charging blin wltb re
pelvltg bribe from renter of (tills.
A Terrible Rpitleinlo or Yellow Fever,
roiipl-il with n ITin-ht, la Csa-iiig
flrsat Mnrtillty Among tlio IVpl.
itio Jassiho, Feb, 13.-Yo lovv fover Is
milking groat pro-rrcs, and so numom-i
are boe..inl.ig ilia ga,t;'IiJ and other fovor
which have boon tho u-ual procur.-ors of
epldomloln other year thutthe sanitary
authorities are looking forward to on epi
demic The lnr-e arrival mf Immigrants
f rnish tlio pestilence with material foi
slaughter. The Uiver Plate paiier are pub
lishing sensational telegrams of thirty to
forty cases a day In ltio. but theie are ex
agircraliono and tlio mortality In Wo does
not yet roach seven a day.
, During lust year ImtftigrnM n reached the
unprecede -ted ntrur nf VIO.WIO nnd such Is
thetr nnh of the lull x that thonutnb.ir
will probably rench 9H) O K) In this ve ir. Be
fore the extinction of slavery .I'l 03) w.is tho
highest flffure attiilneil. Beiiiles iho Burn.
peon', immigrants from drnuirht. ravaged
Ceurca are arriving nt the rnio of thoimni.de
every month, greatly to the Joy of Ihneoff a
planters, who thus nee thorns dyes released
from dependence on tlio lino r: ain labor of
tho ex-slavrs.
Tho drought in Cenrea Is prendlug to tho
neighboring provlne.u. Already the cuttla
in the vicinity of l'onvimbnoo nro dyin-j liy
thelhousands, tlio roir of Bahl I ia fat
drying up nnd n'l cire nnitii'iees point to u
drought I Urn tlio fital one of lT-si).
Warned by that terrible cx.orlonce, how
ever, tho girtirn no it Is r inovli tho rof
U"oes nf thn Infcirlor to oth -r p-ovincos
with all posiiblo s i v. 1, an I tho N iw York
packet now due lion; h is nli-c idy b ion r qul
sltioned tocon,ey soyoril hurt leal to Hio.
Tiler Ha I .Morn 'A il Than lisrr-t on.
Pavvii.i.i: Hi., Keb. VI rnnuio Munii,'
Annlo le, Dou r as C -do. Jae ill Uriui is and
Wife, Charles liilni 's mid i,ro. of lllnunt
tnwiiship, this county wero b i i'iz 1 1 bvlin
meniion Hiuiday a few miiei west of this
City. Ilev llod :e, of (;tii i, and John 1,! o,
of this city perforin -d tho cero nony. A
lurpo hole had litoii rut in tlio ico mil tho
minister took tho tliiuly clal and shivering
couverta one of whom is a chronic invalid
and another a youn mot or, on i at a tlmo
into the water, which was tlvo fo -t deep. A
Olijmrd an Isnow tonu was rudng mid it
was bo cold that leo formed on top of tho
p il and stiffened their gurinentsas soon as
they enme out "of tho water. On comple
tion of the ceremony they walked in Ibelr
stocking feet a quarter of a mile through
the fields to tho ne.irost residonce to chunge
Colon-l Uhs Lam.int's Future.
Washisoton, Fob. 13. Colonel Lnmont
has decided to accept tho piillon of p -esl-dent
of the Avonuo C railroad In Now York
after tho 4th of March. ! tn i'i arrange
ment si.uio months ao," said Coliaiol La
mont lut night, "under which I am to be
associated after March 4 with Kooretary
Whitney and others in cert kin business en
terprises In whicb he Is an ownor. Included
in these are somo street railroad proiierties
In New York City, In the improvement and
development of which I shall probably be
actively engaged. I shall not, however, be
president nf the Philadelphia syndicate of
street railroads in New York. My business
arrangements referred to aro vory satisfac
tory, without the prosidescy of this syndi
cate." Will Have to Kellre from Hasinas.
Alsaxt, N. Y Feb. 12. Chief Examiner
Shannon., of the State Insurance Depart
ment, bas been making an examination of
tbe melbode of tbe Buffalo Mutual Acci
dent Assurance Company and has submit
ted to Superintendent Maxwell a report io
whicb be aaya that tbe chief object of tb
association la to pay salaries of officers.
He (tatoa that tbe general m inagor, George
O. Ban born, bas agreed to wind up the com
pany's affairs and reinsure the members In
some tespooalble company. If thi i done
at once Superintendent Maxwell will not in
terfere, otherwise the matt r will be re
ferred to tbe Attorney General wilb a re
quest that be commence an action against
tbe company.
Sli-Daf Kaea Itvtween ruinate BlejrellsU.
Nxw To, Feb. li Tony Pastor itarted
tbe female alx-day bicycle race In MuaMaon
Square Garden at three o'clock yesterday
afternoon. Early In the race MisesMc
Bhane, Hmallor and Oskos wore burl by
falls, and were thon.-cforth at a d'.sa I van
tage. Mia Fox fell alck and retired from
the race. But 8.000 poopls were present. In
cluding many sporting men and act ira con
spicuous among them being Fred Gehbardt,
Berry Wall, Dominlck MoCiffray. M uric)
Barrymore, Ed Bloke and Bialtoly Hall
War en Chrlsilsa rlanlUls.
Raw Touk. Feb. 13. A w rof d ctors 1
going oo la MaaactiU4ei.t botwoon ttid reg
Ular licensed physl.-lans on one side an
bealer of all other sehnils on the othei
Tbe attack is espooldly a.-ilnst the Cbria
tlsn sclentiats, or faith euro ie ipla. Tbt
latter have empl yo.1 lawyers and propose
if a law la piuuod aaiust lliom. to test it
tbe United State buprojio Court tho right
of tbe State to prevont them from curlus
Aeol lrntsliy Nlin'. I
NrrwpoRT, R. L, Fob. 13. Twj young men
William Boyd and John Krancis, residing u
Newtown, about nine miles from hero, Wert
Injured by tne acviduntai discharge of
shotgun while shooting on the east shore u.
tbe island Monday. Francis W4s allot la tbt
arm and Boyd In the h J. Tho shot nar
rowly escaped passing through Francla
body. Uoyd la seriously Injured. Both men
Went taken to the hospital.
M" Arrest for Violating Klrrtlnn Lawa,
IxpiAlApnu, Feb. IZ It was late laai
evening before a quorum of the Federa
grand Jury reported and the examination ol
witnesses was postponed until to-duy. Dep
uty marshala returned from Northern Indi
ana yesterday and reiorted ulna arrusta, all i
of them rb'tiublicana, for various uffouse
aguiiiit the election j,iiw.
Arrestail fur the tiam'-ler'a Mardrr.
WsTSKnCHr, Conn.. Fob. li Joseph
Ppblumor, a oolorer in Baker's bat factory,
wasarrosted yeter.lay afternoon for Ibe
murder of Slinou J. Dillon, the lianbnry
gambler, early Hunday oioi-nlng. Bpblnmol
wa one of the four licrmnus whoso quarre'
With Dillon msnltrxl In th murder.
Hard l.lnra.
Pi.ATTsHCBon, N. Y., Feb, 11 The fathoi
of Uroenwnlt, Ibe Brooklyn murderer, ended
a (even year' term in Clinton prison foi
forgery yesterday, and will go at once tt
vu.lt lils . n, who I to behaii(,od thl week
Alt tUml for the Knr.
Chic aoo, rb, 11 The indioallnn noa
are that the MoAuliffo-ilyer light wlf
Ink place to-night or to-morrow morning
Alf Kennndy. the backer of Myers, arriveil
last evening and posted bis final 11,000 Witt
the stakeholder, lie afterward met Billy
Madden, who arrived from Beluit, Wia..
lata In tbe evening. Tbe entire 0,000 itakr
ha now been posted. .
Death of IUnr Aninlral Chandlnrt-
WAsniMoro. Feb. II The Navy Depart
nient ycstenlay afternoon received a dl
paleh aiiuoiinciiig the deatb of hear Ad ml
nil Chandler, commanding the United Htatm
nival squadron in Asiatic .waters. Hit
ilmlh oss urred H inday at Hong Kong, fron
ajioplixy. , - i
"Wellington Monumenlal Works.
5" Granite Monuments iP Tombstones.
- -.v-v k 4-1 f -'fc'"3 ---
I. i. ZZ.'j:.X ...... ,i--,.;cir r - ..,.1
of evui -
Imi.l Mi
. .a. . i iiimia u oyr-ciuil-y , Villi U11U DCS
L V-yilN vS1tt8 before purcLuniug. DO KOT
21-ly defects.
A present of $500.00 ill Cash will be given to anj
portion who will show us a Monument of Aniericiin Granite
wo have furnished that is crumbling or show s signs of decajr
Is ngeut for the celebrated
sy- nrrr .. !;
;'-.:- . - . -,' :.rr-' - rT,K.:A-- , ,
-v:- -.tx'jiixsneiisuK aai s i.. mniw.iti .ini.j-trinri i jjti--.ju.'
I' 1 i HI1 f ,, l ... . m .imiium ,i fcM.
Which is by far the cheapest on the market. A
person can learn to write very quickly and much
better than the old way.
Prices from $10 to 15. Call and see therix
Hibbard s
.CKCrUU undoubtedly
" ViuT IT It had it origin
ricitoet among the
II UCtM IT. poorer classes
In re iv countries where water
wj- tind, miasma prevnlent,
fm; with litllr variety, cloth
, b insiillicicnt, and rxpoMirc
t. cold and wet common and
fl -(UK'Ht.
V. c Uiicvc it Io bo the cause
U..,.L 1l l. .i: .
v- Mvwiij Mil tniuiiH. uinvuncA, .1 ..,
- DMher ivllh
nV?PFPRI A green, diuretic, healing and invinrntinjr, it becomes
U t J tr CJIh tne -rrini-dy of all remedu-" for tin. 1110M common and
ALWAYS YIELDS- insidkws enemy of man' ind.
Btnme It r.,ntiin. nn pol.nn or nplalrs. Cliiklrm, Invs'l.ln and dvlia c pvt mil liml It beat
rm-,11, inc- ami l.in- Ihcy tun iik, Nu Iiuuv huiii4 ba Hl.buul it Alway. in teuton, .". -Sssnur.
Anlumn mma W tklre. ' ' 1 '
II vm otnms imsiirr It ol your drowcl.t, snj Jirrct to us. Price $1.00; 6 latlr. $ ;.ii riuitcts ?.
Post Bimon. N. V. I hive hren d.ici.wing f(
Oirec m Umt ..rs with diffVrrnl phyairiitn., Inr
sopiilula, hul fuuud u relief unlil I cununcarcd tnk
Itia yiMir SvnitK Cnntinutnr In uar It 1. 1w
I I. mini 111VKII' riirril. 1 bclicv. 11 ia ba Ilu. hml
wilicinv Ui Ua- wu Ut.
Mas. William Stsako,
Nn n-mH Iniw. m h,,.!,iw MtnHJ 1.-
people, in lbs trentmrnt nf l!h umntiia and sll
lllo.l IHiwaMIS. iir M.ili, Jl I'.innlilrl. Irratimr
a Khtumaii.mancl all Biuodaml f smals biauscs,
ai-nt traa na applk-alian.
Rheumatic Svru Co., Jackson, Mich.
'y-oiaen Days"
n a
niuidsome Slxteen-Pare Illustrated Weekly.
The Lirzest d Pinsst J reaili Fablic-ticn
Itsreaillngmattet'lkof the best and meets
the entire approval, aa Its ureal success clear
ly rienutea, ( parents anil tracuers, and all
the who have the inor.il wrlfare of children
at heart. TKIUIS:
Suiiscrliitl.in to "iloLn-x ria" Sinn per
annum. JAMfcS KI.VE t ON I'uiillshpr.
' Phils')''"!.'-. r.,
y otl uud vttriiity. xnoiv ug-
- ..,, It., .,...,. ,,'..U.. "!.. 1 1 1 ...
Jeul m the (so culled) eVeilnbtiuy Vi Litt
.irouze. It will stain, rvibt tiiitl cmcL
Do not tiike oui btuteuit uc for it lut
come with us aud we will bhow you th
Rheumatic Syrup.
TREATMEHi-in this, the
1 diet is oi importance, ao4
the hygiene not to te neglect
ed. 'Kresh air, exerciM: and
abundant clothing are all im
portant. Hibbard' Rhea
matlc Syrup is tlie only rent
ed v.
, ,. -, ,
Sltrh rfmfillfA PnUn RurtifL Um.
Col. F- S. V si.it.it, Wm Ilinoii, ni.
Ilili'wrd'. Klieumiiiic Srup Hiitl J'u I.T4 hTat
ilonu tnnrt fis- n. than unv nthrr mi-ilinnt Ui4 I
huvr svrr takrn. Il l Iho Vrrali .1 r. an ilv for in)
purr UIoihI, ami (, a dv-in-pt-,- or a oi.li nUd nrr
un It aamu In hate ro tuaL HI. ar M.111I ine batl
a wan suulca. '.. H. W a a 0n.
Ltlx-rl)', Tss.
Gmit.--I rrrclvrd ths abmr It tcr this mtirnin--.
It-lliink.it is lhu yn abul nN-illrirai in Uui wur...
Il kaa Ivsn vnlirt- ..Ualat".i,n 10 nli Hiv trade.
I in- K S. W . sua.
' r
What B. II. Cooper, says.
J. E. Jackson -Dear sir: "I had Brigbfi
disease In the wnmt form. I used two
untlli s of jour medicine, Burilick' Kid
ney Cora, sad it bss dona wonders for roe.
The swelling bas left my body and limbs
and I am so well I can walk nut again.
Tbi i ibe only remedy that wauld reacki
any can. Price 75 onls.
WhalJnhD L llades,of Woodluryl N .
S. saya: J. E. Jackson, Dear 8li : "I
bad kidney trouble for years very bar)
niypnln t times wero so great I would
roll iIih fliair. I thought my cass a help,
lea one. I nsd two Untie nl your med.
hrlne,(Burdick'a Kidney Cunt) and now I
can du any kind nf work. I recommend
Ijl to sll sufferer. IMce 73 cents tad
91 23. For sale hy Fred D. Felt.
r i Ringing Noises ', -
In llif ear, aome times a rnsrtnir f,iiln.
sound are canned hy catarrh, that exceed-
ease. Lmis of amell or hearing also result ,
from catarrh. Iloon's earsujiarllla,. the
great blood purifier, Is a peculiarly suc
cessful remedy lor this dlseas", which it -aires
by purifying the blood. If voo aufTVr
front Catarrh, try Hood's Ssrsnparilla, the
peculiar medicine.
For headache, an effectual remedy la
round In Oobtr Mule Tills. 23 cents fur
40 pills. FUFi-it. -
Containing the medicinal
v,r,ue of CfTt ,in 4f ana
' ?iKiV Wf'' RooU oi known ""erative
and Depurant Haturr: to-
. :
1 '

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