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A Family Newspaper, Devoted to Home Interests, Politics, Apiculture, Science, Art, Poetry, Ktc.
vol. xxin.
man. .
Published every Wednesday, at
Terms of Subscription!
One Year... .....1160
Six Months ; 75
. lUree Yt.ratut. '. M
Loans and Collections uiadu a specialty
Office In bank building. 1
' ' and solicitor of .....
American and Foreign
. X3- TE1TTS .
R. fcoJVHM, Insiirauoe Asrent end
al Notary runne. Imiuranuo, axut. nwrt.
eras;', wills, leHMM. onntracis. oto., wiltten In
a nai hiiiI leval umn cut. Ollloe our Seraae's
bwt unit ihop store. .
CAPITAL $100,000.00, SURPLUS $6,500.00.
. Does a General Banking Business, Receives Deposits, Buys and sells New York
Exchange, Government Bouds, etc. Draft iaaued on all European countries.
s. 8. WAEHEK, President. R. A. HORR, Cashier.
WB. CUSHION, Jr., Ass't Cashier.
8. 8. WARNER
Manufacturers of and dealer In
3Door, Baah, and Blind.'
Cheese and Butter Boxes, all kinds ol
Lumber, Lath, Sb'ntrles, Raliens. Mould.
Inits and Flooring. Siding nuule and Sup
fare Planing done to order on ahort no.
Pratt k Herrick,
Free delivery to any part ol the corpor
atlon. Railroad street, Wellingloo, 0.
TjM'VKK HHIH N. the Barber, keep
J j one or tbe uauleet, rooai oonvunient liar
Sr dhoiMin town. Only flraKiasa workiuoi
employed... A f ull ssaorl mi-ill of hair oil, w
matlas ami huir iwttoi-utlvwa. Fine b ull rci.ini
In connection anil turmaheu at all hours with
nl mid void witter and all neemuwry onnviol-
aliens llfwiiim. Ktiilin .!' l.iia-ny arrmi
T I J. HOI HIIOOK. Dentlat flllli over
j i . Hiisiera store. In Hank Building,
Welllna-ioii. Oblo. Nilrtius oxlila gas admin-
urrn ror in.- evn-aonni or trn
StwteUe's Art O lUor-r.-Plcturea In ev.
ery icyle aud rigut up with the tints.
tspaciai attention ptia to Binarin uiurayou
I u . nr W.ur Colors and copying from old
oloturas. Old nee ttivea all oreserved and ua-
plloittea ean be haO at am Mine. Uallery over
uowiuy uaus grocery, i
Dealers In and Manufacturers of
A Full Line of Goods Always In Stuck,
Arterial Embalming a Specialty.
Pictures Framed to Order. A good vari
ety of Mouldings to select from.
N. E. Corner of sfuuare, Welllimton. 0
Contractor and Builder,
Plans and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. Orders by
mail promptly attended to. 46-ly
Anthracite, Musslllon,
Jaokson and Blossburg.
um ow.
OHlceon Weal Llherty St., Telephone 48
Pictures of all kinds. Finest work and latest
style. Copying aad enlarging In tirayun, Ink
and Pastel. Special attention to the babies.
Crosler's Blook, WeUingto, O.
. Rich) diseases and dlnMuei of theblsdderand
kldMys. Pile, alceratloo of the roctun, Bituli
IB aao, a.i-i ana an pravalllog aiMaaea of Ma
f actum troaled by an Improved system, wllbunl
, pala ordataullon from anslnesa.
Dlavases of lbs blsildr and kldneystrested only
,iur, carvini ana proper analysis Of taa onaa.
Oarpaatar Blook - Wellington, O
; Vetsriairy Surgson and Dentist.
Ordrtrs received at Telephone Exchange
. ann m r. u. reu s aruit store.
Graduate Toronto Veteri narv College, elaas '87.
o. tit,
Meats nn tha td
and lih Wwini
eveninrof i
aeVi iiionlb.
Post room In
M. W. Lanr,
o the WEAK and
Permit conscious of ORGANIC
YVK tltrtKN, or iMCapacliy for
acilvs dutlva of Ule, who may tad
or ara suffering Iro in
of nr dspo'lption, cm bo pel ma
neutly t arod by eonulilog
Superior St. nait to P. 0
For Rent:
Two Houses pleasantly located.
Ai Mtni lj Oar S-esiil Corrssssndents.
AH Abont the IIupening and Speciul
Events In their Immediate Vicinity.
February 18. '89.
. The sleighing was Improved to the ut
termot. ' .
TUeJBeptlst Society metal the residence
ol P L Keesler lart Thursday; 08 people
partook of the good things provided and
all were happy,
We iKHH-e: that very many of our staid
and 8Ulttautlal clilzens have had honorary
titles conferred on them : "Colonels, Cap.
tains, Majors, etc.," can be found adlibl
turn adioiimium.
A E biorrow is drawing stone for the
foundation ol a baru that is to be.
For samples of hltih grade perfumery
call on Chapman and Phelon at their farm
iu Brighton.
M las Cora Glllet la stopping inElyna
at present
We bnv not beara any of our towns
men speat of attending the inauguration
of the President March 4th; as Rochester
is flrat, last, and aUays It seems meet that
a delegation should be appointed by his
honor to attend, (N. B )
- Dorsey ! Rowland has hired to lion.
Lucius Herrick foi the next year.
J E Dyer has engaged his services to A
E Biorrow & Co. as foreman for a term of
nine months.
The alieese factories have got their ice
put up and feel better.
Hail Columbia,
February 18, '89.
The meetings still continue In the M E
Church. Toe pastor la looking very tired.
He expected help during the tiaat week
from a minister who Is still holding meet
ings at Bucprus; he has now promised to
come on Monday, Feb. 25, and stay awhile;
defray expenses of setting th.) marble oh.
tallied hy the OAR Post for the unmark
ed wave of soldiers In this place. A good
aitennance; proceeds $29.85. A prize was
offered to married ladles for best cake pro.
duned by them; alo to yoiin ladies
Tliere were only two contestants of young
ladles, anil about SI of married ones. The
prlr.es were properly won by Mrs 0 M
tlinpman aud Mellio Gibson, but M Hie
was not put on the right list and Miss
Edna Iluhler and herself carried off the
prizes. Ilone.-ty Is liest policy ever.
Valentine day was duly observed. Mia
Lulu Gould gave a party to her young
lrlends on Wednesday evening. Puine
eveuing a sleighing parly of young mar
ried people wentlo Maurice Frinks. Lit.
erary Fridav evening well attended.
Mrs Joaepliiue St m, of Savannah, was
vlMtlng her sister, Mrs.C M Chapman, on
Mrs Hooper anj daughter, of Kansas,
are visiting friends in town.
Mrs E Munn vwlied in Spencer on
Fehurary 18, 1889.
The good sleighing which l as rem dned
sohmKisnow all goue aud the mud Is
Mrs Hooper and daughter, from the
West, are visiting friends In town.
The proceeds of the oyster supper given
by the post last week was about $29.
The prize offered lor the best cakes
weretuken by Mrs. Gibson and Edna
Rubier. '
Mr Marcus De Most has purchased the
Congregational parsonage and will soon
move to town. He Intends building on
the place.
George Gibson is seriously ill. A phy.
sician from Cleveland is attending him.
Mr. and Mrs Morroll spent Thursday
night at W A Streaior. It E 8
ttiiirj SngiMul Ut.i
in mi i c, 1 1. el,
From sndafter May IS.tralnswIU pus Wellington
as toiios :
Over twenty five years of nraetlee.
at Anams' and Houxhtun s
toms. Hi.mes sllll taken for treatment at my
table on Courtlaud Avenue. i-ti
OO1N0) WkST.
HtAfldard Time
No. 1 N.T4HI.I,.fa.tllno 1:40 a
No. lU-Ind iud Whcvllug fell 8:11! a.m.
No. lu Al'ul sKi S:lSa.m.
No. 5 HpeclslN.Y. Cln. Ex IcIHd.s
No. 7-N. Y and tit. L. El....... HM4p.m.
No. a? Col's A Wheellug Accuni.... :Sep. m.
No. eNlyht Rx :(p. m.
No.ei-LocalKrright H:Ua.m.
No.d-Hl.L. AN. Y Express t1:ire. m.
No. a Nikbi Kl :vr,m.u.
No.iO Claliiin A Cleve'd Ac 8:13 a. m.
No.lt-HiMKlal St. Louis A N. Y. Ri. I Mo.m
No. 4 Wbsvllur. Ind andClova. Jx 5:80 p.m.
No. S Cincinnati A Cleve'd Kx 8:asip.m.
No.8 Local Vralght 1:45 p.m.
Noa 1, 6. . 8. and 12 run dailr.
t Trains stop on signal.
1889 has arrived and I am still
on hand to furnish the best
J. H. WIGHT, Sole Aent, j
ucaior in uiocks, Watches, Jewelvy, 811.
verware, uoiq r-ens, etc. No. o, 1'ubllt
Square, Wullington, Ohio.
EC. 32. 33arrett,
Livery and Feed Stable.
South Side Mechanio Street, first
aoot east oE American House.
mtmn i m mi mmi
Cleveland & Marlotta R. R.
From and after Junes, 1WH. trains will pass Weir
mgron as ioiiowb i .
AfMKlarH Tim..
No. 1 , g.B.ts.m. ,
No. U.Uda.m.
No. 7 4 Svn.m.
No.t. ,'..8.lpm.
No. 17 Local . . t.DSa.m.-
10 Ma m.
S.nnp.m. '
t others dally ex. Sunday,
laregsrdto this line will
in town at the market prices.
Chicago Beef
ordeied by special inspection, crowd and enjoyed the evening very
. I much. Come again when you want a
JbrCSll JtOrk r good time; you are always welcome.
Before tills run of bikxI ro ids the mill
Pronnron T.nrA boJ't MWwl up v,rT ,0k n i-ir yard-
A now there are
Constantly on hand. One and
all please favor me with your pa.
February 18, 1889.
Warren Flsk has gone t La Orange on
a sawing job, lcavlnv bis wife to take care
his name. I think, URe-ger. The meet- K 'he bal.y while he Is away.
Ings will be continued this week unleas it Mr 0ina, from Huntington, Is alxiut to
gets too. fA)l :.:J v. e: 1 op n r"J7.r Jurt !1,U,D. tl" ctD.
There seems to o quite good doal ol " " "' " B' wovenieuce.
sickness l,.t now. Mra Luke Chanman la Anotuer DOy at All red Mills' last Wek.
very sick with lung fever; Mrs Lawsoo l MrEW Pitts Is not Improving very
tan, out uope sue will as the weather im-
excursion last Tuesday. opnm meeiings at the M E Church
John Morton and blsslster Lottie 8hunk c,,Hwa ww, god resulia. Meet-
visited at Elwood Russell's last week. mn ommence this week at Klpton
Darius Wells and wife visited Flecher irt-rly meeting there 23d and 24.
Ward In Le Hoy last Friday aud Saturday. JlrsiM Plumb, of Oherlin, sup't of
George Robinson and his wife, Irom the department of mother's meetings tor
Centerton, are at his brother's, J B Robin- the Non-paitizan OWCTU, visited the
son. . lames oi . riltstleld on Thursday of !at
Will June and Mrs. Milo June visited I week, giving a most delightful and sug.
in Ashland the latter part of last week. geatlve talk on the privileges and oblige.
Mr Hazelton, Irom Brighton, la moving tlons of a mother and explu(ningthe cause
onto Deacon West's old home farm. ahe represents.
Mr Richmond will move to Pen field. After some discussion It was decided to
The Senior class, Wellington High hold a mother's meeting on the second
School, Improved the sleighing and spent Tuesday of each mouth, the meeiings to
last Wednesday evening with their class- be held in the different neighborhoods ol
mate, Mason Smith. They were a Jolly town. The topics for these meetings
will cover the whole range of mothers
W' ik and all mo'uers are cord al v in.
A good House and Lot on Tay-
lor street for sale cheap and on hM been ""M g"ln but h lmun,Tm'
I Jerome) Pratt went tn Vlrainia on an
reasonaoie terms. 3Gtf
sfl fif A on -4?U. aTtA
Ik fcJaA.UrEei X VU
given overf by them. The p. ople of the
elpirch are very thankful f.,r the offering.
J Harmon has moved his household
goods to North Amherst and Mr Will
Schmatich has moved into his house.
H's E Blackmail relumed from Michi
gan some daj s ago and is now nuiuhered
on the sick hot
The craty ,Ilcial nt fl Re,fur..
week wh a gUcce8 in everv way. veiy.
one enjoy,. Ilie evening very much aud
tue lihiar as elation was better off by
There will he wood bee -I the 'real,
denre of C Freemen on Wedn. aday of this
week to cut ,or the church. The Ladles.'
Dime 8o. iety will la. on hand lo f.irnlsh
the dinner, ami who wmild like i have
ag.Kaltiniea.id help Ow cl.uich should
not miss this opportunity,
O. B. ,
February 13. -89.,
Tuesday night a party i H M.het's.
Wednesday night a eurpne pa.ty at B.
C Buigen'.
F'lday night dunce at town hall
Th.rMl.,y eV. nlng. the 21m. a crar.yso
clHbleat the residence of Rev. tiflorge
T. F. Kcnney, ol uherlin, was In town
last week.
Miaa May Uoss spent the Subbaih iiU
friends in town. . ,
No. 4....'
No. 8 ,
No. ...
Hod. 1.8 and 8 dallv
befoandoa psrea
Antve dairy, 1:00 a. as. Dopan, I :M p. m.
Arrive dally, 11 :80 a. Dapan. rm- -
Depart I Oa.ra
i:i :::::: and Trinsfcr Line.
Conveys Passengeta and Baggage to
hud from trains or residences. Also col-
octa and. distributes ixraKsa, doing a
'f uneral txhresaino' and nakaff. kn.ln.u
f - . a i o uvow.
orders or -teiephop Amerlrun
Dlaaolntlaa Notice.
VTOTICR Is hereby given that tha firm of
n Krenaa- ntarr na
tills dav dissolved
partneralilp by mutual eontent. w. i. Krehs
being the retiring partner. J. M. Starr will
ii nue business at the old stand.
Penfleld,O..Feb.. M.
W. J. Kaaas.
J. M. Sriaa.
y ' U. 5. mrt, Prop
Dyspepsia or Indignation alwavs yield.
tn the curative ' properties of Hibhard'a
Rbeamatio Syrup, containing, aa it doe
nature's sp,ifl",'f' 'Im stnrr.n". ' Ft
a le at K. li , .V : and IT V lV.t.
To The Citizens of Wellington.
Fred D. Fell, the drugglnt. of Wellint-
fon, will keep lor aale the celebrated
Indian rill.mmuiaciured by the eminent
Dr. H. Alacrarlaml ol Genoa, O This Is
thH pill thai cures heailiwhe. sick nr ner
vims. alHOiiMipaliii, a'nd for one lallure
we oiler Slut) ir directions are carried out
WrcHiili JI you. inbre, tiiev cure rheums
tism, sciatic, or chronic, Inflammatory. All
stomach iIImouvs yield every time to this
great, aiwovery They will positively
cure all dlseaaea ol the urinary nmana Ii
rurable rnmi any me.liclne. The secret Is
they cure ihe liver and will not fail. Do
not lull totry tills medicine; $1 a hox,60
pill- in eacti nog. Call at JTrU'a drug store
lorinrm. ren onty Keep them, Well
Inuton. Ask for the little l k giving
sj inptoms. This Is the great blood search
er of the world.
N. II Felt's only. Remember Dr. R
MarFarlnnd's pill Is the only genuine
MacFnrland pill on earth.
What B. B. Cooper, says.
J E. Jackson-Dear sir: ' I had Origin's
dlaeae in the worat torm. I used two
boiilcaof jour medicine, Burdick's Kid
ney Cdre, aud It has done wonders f, ir ma.
Tne swelling has led my b,Ay and limbs
and 1 am so well 1 can walk mil auli.
This is the only remedy that wauld reach
my rase. Price 75 rnia. -
What John L llaplee.of Woodl.ury, N.
B. suys: 4. IS. Jackson, Dear Silt "I
bad kidney trouble Tor years very bad
my pains at times were o great I would
roll the AtMir. I thought my case a help,
leas one. I used two bottles ol your Died,
klne, (Burdick's Kidney Cure) and now I
can do any kind of work. I recommend
this to all sufferers. Price 75 cenis and
eiJ!5. For sale by Fred D. Felt. .
. For headache, an effectual romedy U
fnnn1 In O'bb'a ,lre rills, ftf rents for
now there are 425 In tha yard ready for
Eugene Brink visited the center school
on Friday.
Mr L A Walker's family all seem to be
oo the sick IN Just now.
Mr. David Lang wishes to take bis
father and mother borne wifli him, so be
Is anxious for them to' sell or rent their
farm. .
Mrs Asbael Aooncy has broken up
housekeeping and is going to live with
her daughter, Mrs Jasper West. Henry
will make bia home with bis sister, Mrs
Charles Bailey. .
How much worse Is It to rents bouse
for a saloon than lo rent it ad sol u ely
knowing that a pool table Is kept running
night and day within - It, thus absorbing
tbe time and earnings of the young men,
as well as men of families who will soon
be calling for help from the charitable,
because forsooth the time thai should
have been spent In earning comforts for
them is worse Iban wasted In a place kept
oien by those professing to be christians.
This s the problem to solve, and please
reason from causa to effect.
Daoiol Chaffee and family, of Kansas,
bui who were formerly residents of our
town, are coming back onto tbe Farnswortb
farm this spring.
Mlas Cnrlnne Rice) Is to . continue her
school as long aa the weaiher will warrant
Mr. Lutber Gould has hud anotherstroke
of paralysis. Dr. Weedman Is attending
him. :
George Lrtbery's child baa lung fever.
N. P Rogers is falling, Is confined to his
bed. Mrs F Rice has been quite poorly
for the past two wtcka. ' ",
Mr. Gibson Is very sick. '
Toesdavevenlns: there Was an oyster
toi'I! .il ,!i- i-v.T , '1.0 I'fCC.Oi i'oiijf)
vlted loaiU'nd. 'The March meeting will
beheld with Mrs E A West,
February 18, m
Mud again followed by a cold wave.
Baptist meetings have closed. Melho.
dirt meetings have begun.
La Grange corporation paid up its last
bonded indebtedness last Saturday night
Elbor Gray has laen unfortunate In the
loss of a valuable cow.
F G Morgan, In the same way. In the
loss of a colt.
John Richmond will soon depart for
Nor.h Amherst to engage in business. I
There was a much better attendance at
town halt last Saturday evening to listen
to ibe Pen field entertainment than was
generally expected. Everything passed
off in good shape aud the nut receipts
were $13.
Yours Dutlt.
February 18,
Auother change. .
Meetings continue at tbe M E Church.
The changing from cuiti to the use of
buggies does not exactly suit all of our
young folks. ,
Mis 8 Fauuie Bartlett and Alpha Ilniel,
of Arroyo Uiande, Cat., are bpcudlug a
number of days in lowu. Ohio lor tiieui,
they say. ,
M88 Mary Duraod, of Monroevllle,
spent a few dsys in town last week.
Alias Alice Currie, who haa been re
siding in Elyria fors'ime months past, has
been borne for a week. - She teturos to
day. '',
Mr Koppieberger rled oo Thursday
morning of last week. The funeral Was
held al the M E Church on Saturday, coo.
ducted by Rev English. We have ob
tained no furthe particulars, '
An oyster supper, wssglvoo laat Thurs
day ewnlng by the people of he Wlndtal
district for tbe benefit ol tbe M E Church
of pla-e nod f3-"S et the proceed
Notes from Other Towhk
Mrs. Electa Wa.e.a H.-Un. a former
resident or Medina and well known to
many of our people. : ,,rncr,l divorce)
proceeding In the Cujahog.-, county Com
mon Pleas onhu.1 Saturday ahg tha
her maiden name he restored uml that
she U lorev. r separaied from Oeorg IL
Holmes lor gross ncgM or dntv. They
were married on Oct. 15, 1884.!.... The
Cong'l church will cel. urate ihe aevn.
tieth anniversity of its orgamzaii a on.
bunday next with service, hegini.lng at
10:30 a. m., end 7:00 D.m- In n,a ,n.
log Rev. Norman Plass will preu, 1, w.
nion on ' The Church or the Pn-st and of
the Future- Lnte bcranton U no more;
his earthly troubles ended at Iha rmmtr
P'xaTIiouse oil last Tuesday' nigbl, whett
hi weakened body succumlied to ihecall
o time, and his spirit paased away le
another land. Old age was the cause of
h la death. He was 'about 8.J y cars ol age.
He was one of the strange characters o!
this county ; restive In spi.li ind iwdy,
hi. mind clouded with strange aud barm,
leu hallucinations, he wandered the
country over, stopping for brlel periods at
different places and always cairying his
fiddle with bim, which he wcild play for
hours lor the entertainment i.f himself
and others. . . .Geo. K Pardee, one of tbe
leading members ol the bar nt Summit
county, during one of the cold nights of
list week, having been detained ft tim-n
until after midnight, and alule on I. la
home be became benumcd with cold, and
being somewhat under ihe lollii. nco of
liquor, be fell down and lay in the treeia
seeral hours before he was discovered.
His hands and feet erebndly frost bitten,
but later reports show that his condition'
la not quite o had as at first thorn? bi . and
that amputation may not lie netessiry
.Manatield charges pe.hllr a 11.
cense of $5 a d-y for selling their ware
on the streets. That's right. ItU a nro.
tectlon of Iheiome innrkit Gazelle.
Boow Ml hereon Tuewluy night to tha
depth of a'out an inch. Ihice miha
north it is said that between eight ai d ten
o'clock, it fell to tho depth ol five inches.
Win. Cooley, who for many years baa
been doing business at B.icoii Corner's
Brownlu lm, has made an assignment to
Cyiua Wbliney and Milo Moli..n....If
t)ads were good all the year round, farm
er's can readily see In w much lieiterthey
could lake advantage ol the m .rket in
selling their product, than to he compell
ed lo watt lor good mads and then all 'ry
to sell at the same timo The Second
Cong'l church pased a resolution at tha
bi monthly meeting, held hist Thurxbiy
evening, in favor of withdrawing from the
Cievtland Conference, wlib which the
church has always beea connected, and
Joining the Medina Conference... .Tlie
Faculty committee to co-operate with the
committee of the Trustees in the nomina
tion or a President for Oberlin Collegu
nas been appointed. The membors of
the committee are President Faln hlld.
Professor A. A. Wright and Professor
Ballantlne. News. "
A new bank was organlted iu Ob rliti -
no th 18th, underihename of the Oberlin -
Banking On, with s capital atmk of
V0,000, all snbscrihed. The foltowlnt?
directors were chosen: A. II. Johnson. J.
D. Carpenter, Prof. G. W. Shurtleff. C. E.
Berry, August Btraus, Prol. f B Rice. A.'
Glllett, A. Gilchrist, and Il.iu. J. A. '
Willlamaoa, of Norwalk. At a subsequent
meeting of tbe directors A. H. Johnson '. .
wa elected president and C. E. Berry '
vice president Piobahly no action will
b taken at present reect!ng a cashier.
rue leading businessmen of the city are .
Interested In th new enterprise, and it , '
open promlelng Miccesa, '

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