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i Ceutrd Hotel,
At llnrtford. Conn The UnlMIng Coin
pletelv Wreekeil Nineteen lorpi
. llecovereil from t' ttuliie
llany Injured.
.' Bartvokd C im., Feb. 10. The ahnc't of
tremendous explodon awoke the resident
for blooli around thu corner pf IH7I1 and
.Allyn street .about five o'clock Mm. lav
morning. On that oorner itooj tho Park
Central H lol, a five-story brick strtirtuM,
bo tthiity feei. front an I I0J foot do p.
The first to nrriva on tha iinii rfinnil Mil.
bull ling a heap of ruins, from which IstueJ
moke and stoutn Id donse clouK and the
spectator were appalled by the shriek and
frroans of muny human- beings who were
Imprisoned In the mass of tiuiner an 1 imi
sinry from which flumes were alroudy
A general alarm Immediately summoned
the entire fire department, ami an linrorn e
crowd, attracted by the explosion ami Mm
fire alarm, soon p eked the streets in Iho
v Id 111 1 y. At Aril the fire and smo e en
tirely prevented any attempt to rosoue the
. victims, and it was not until a Hood of
; water had been p turod upon the ruins Urn,'
' the work 0 mid b- pro J-u tod. AfiwdouJ
or dying ersons went tukou from the e l;e
of the debris, however, within an h ur
after the explosion. The force of the ex
plosion throw a bed, with a sl-ieplng woman
upon It, far Into the street, while one of tho
heavy doors of the bouse lunded about a
block away. .
Afc niue a. ul 111a names were so inr sun
dued that rescuer were eniiblel to g t at
some of the victims. Borne were pluro I be
Death heavy timbers upon which rented
nmsesof masonry, rendering the work of
rescue extremely hazardous. The dead bodv
of bwlght H. Buelt, of this cltv wns taken
out al)out ten o'u 00k. The bodies of Louli
H. Branson, move dealer, of this city and
nts wile and child were d covered at ulinut
K10 same time. H irryBtCtti. a co-nmerulul
traveler, of Philadtilphla, win) ro.nn d on tho
third floor, was laken from the ru'us eon
lderahly bralsod, but he remarked that be
was "all right'"
The bouse hud accommodations for about
lOOguost and was a favorite ow-unj iv
topping place for co mm rein: travelers. An
Intending guet who app.ioil fur a room Ini a
Saturday evening was Informed that limy
were full, so It soems probable lh.it ut lent
eighty persons were in the huue at the
time of the explosion nf which perhaps
twenty escaped uninjured. Thesu were
mostly employes, who 00 uplod an iinnex or
wing of the house exten ling to tho cimt,
and which has not yet fallen, ullhough in a
huky 0 inditlon.
Owing to the destruction of the re 'later
of the hotel, the names of nnriv of the
guests can not be ascertained. The catas
trophe l gen -rally sup;K)ed to have been
caused by an explosion of the boiler al
though some doubt ha been expressed on
this point ai the building had been popu
larly supposed to be unsafe It wu built on
"made" ground. The street department
and the railroads have furnished their
forces of laborers with Jacks, etc, and the
work of searching for bodlet 1 now going
forward to a systematic manner.
At ten o'clock 'he military call" wat
sounded .on the Are bell, calling out the
miliary companies to a-sikt In preervlng
order and aaalat In lha work of i-maiia.
. The list of dead taken fr m the ruins I as
.. fAiin.. n 11 t,. . 1 1 j .1 . u.. , 1
George Gaines, colored portor.
3. a. Kagler, drug oterk, Hartford. --
John W. Houseman, traveler for Revere
Bubber Company, Boston.
J. 0. Bill, Buffalo, II. 7., commercial trav
eler. Louis H. Branson, secretary of the HarW
ford xtove Company.
Wlfa and young daughter of Mr. Branson.
' George Ketobum, brother of landlord.
' Eddie Ketohuw, aged eleven, son of laad
loid. t.eorge nr. moo, area sixty, 01 uroexnort,
K. Y. t nveler for Walts. Williams ft Co.,
A. H. TllloUon. traveler for the Merrill
Chemical Company, of Cincinnati.
Unknown man forty years old, black hair,
moustache and goatoe; weight ab.iut !M0
Two more bodies a man and woman
were In slghtt-Vitiil, 16.
1 List of Injured at hospital:
Helen LeporV. New Britain, scalp wounds
and bruises.
' Rachel Cramer, Avon, braised and
Jacob B. Turpln. colored barber.
Walter M. (Jay .3.tyoQu,,N. J suffering
from exposure.
. A New York agent of the Hlggunum Man
ufacturing Otnpa y.
Henry Bteffet, Philadelphia, commercial
travel r.
Wellington Kelo ium, proprietor of the
botdl, bruised.
! Wife of Mr. Ketch urn, general brulsis.
j Jennie Docker, Unlnnville broken leg.
Vlchsfll L'orrimu. Unlnnville, brulsgd.
En-Jtme a -nl White Star Llue. AH
the above are doing well.
The police did good wor't In keeping order
an II the milltli were called out to re. love
fiein. The lower floors of Jmld & Knot's
wood warehouse were owver'ed Into a
tomnormy morgue, where the coroner,
medical examiner and as.lstant phytH
Irared for the vh-tims until the dead could
beldeutifl dand the Injured roinorod to hos
pitals. The city prov ided c.Kke s for the
unciain ed bodies. Moot of the bodlos bear
comparatively f"w marks or burnt. Death
seems In uioat ca-es to have be in due to
auffiHtntinnor contusion. Tna renter of
the hotel has not been found and night
olerk Perry la buried In tho ruins bute-tl-mutes
agree pretty clo ely that about 11 f y
perrons were In the hotel. The authorities
are overwhe med with te egmms of Inquiry
from peopie In all parts of the country who
fear their frlouds or relative! may have
been In the hotel.
When the explonlon ocouried the whole
fivewtory building collnpxod lut-i a confused
pile of masonry and timbers, except a part
of the rear, wboie a lien f rooiui r. m lined
at ndlng, but with the pa titiont torn away
so that ' he Inter or of the rooms were via
bid. Home of these room afterward crumb
led down with their occupants upon the de
bris below. There were ouly a few shrieks
and moitu herd, then all waa silent, The
flm which began to burst forth waa soon
extlnirukbed by the firemen, -Tha servants
occupied an annex In the rear, and were got
out by ladders from the windows, the stair
cum having bsen demolished by the fall of
tho main building. A few of the more ex
citable employes Jumped to the ground, but
were only sli ghtly Injured. Tho street clean .
lng department soon had ail their laborer
on the spot, helping clear away the ruins,
and the work of rescue went oa steadily all
day and evening. .
1 The cause 01 the disaster was ndoubted
ly the explosion of the boiler In toe base
ment It waa of slxteen-horso power, built
In ltftfi, and waa Impacted and approved laat
August by the Hartford Btaem Boiler In
spection Company. The engtaaer goes away
at midnight, bunking the flree. He has barn
arrested on aohargeof mandntight-r. H.
name Is Alexander T. Buer. It Is onnj ict
ured that Gaines, the portir, may hive
started the pumps and oaused thi exiil slno
by tun.lii roold w.kter lito an overlie ited
boiler, but as he is deal no llg'it U likely to
be thrown 00 this subject . I
The shook was felt all ovir the olty. Win-1
dows for a block around were unmle'd. Out ;
of the fifty Inmates of the hotel It Is thought j
live may have escapid unhurt, leaving I
forty-Hve to be aocounte I fur, The xparl.
ences rol iJ by some of the survivor are I
exciting, Mr. W. M. Gav o.sonpl id a room
next to lun ttord Kotoliu nN fuuiily. When
be awoke be felt the bid ain't u 1 ler him
and then b 'm 1 pinned fast, with 1 10 c ill
lug reating on him and unubli to m ve. Ho
could converse with the K'ltohu in who
were also heln'"s Ha w is 11 1 irly ! nv 1 id
by the water from the e 1 -I tei h f in re
cued. Mr K10 Jt a vv n luti) r tins
seven orelbt hours, but he Is not bud ly
The work of extricating bullei wis con
tinued la-t nl jht with th i alJ of electric
lights. Mary strangers arrive In town on
all train'. Theomwil around the ruiimnre
kopt buc't by the miliiio. Uj ih of the
bodies tuken out are badly d fl ;ured and
burned, but In man.cnei th f ie n e nil.
Injure I and retain no truce nf null Ting.
'1 hree mure bodies had iw n recovered up
to midnight. Thev nre tho-n of M 1 (lulnnv,
pr.prietor of the Ilartf r I H r 1 d ; li s vilo,
and Mrs. Andrew F. Whl Inf. llfi. Whit,
lot's b idv Is burnel to a crion. 't'hi holy
of 8. J. C. Pendleton, of Ind nnai'Oll 1, v ho
was so in'ilig tulmcrlp'lons for the lleud
rick's m num ml, 1. k iown to bi lit the
ruins. A so thu 0 of A. K. U'hlt.u r, nctu
ary nf tho H irtrorl Life 11ml A imilty In
surance Company; Rev Dr.. I.. Hcrrlu and
wife, aud nijjlil clor.i ICd Perry.
Ilayard ny rld r tlm l a Knees.
IUi.TiMun i. Feb. 10. ; ii. S in' W mliin-f.
ton dUp.itcli gives t'M text of n 'utter from
Bi'cn-t iry of Ktate Buy ir I which wl 1 he
real t'l-nh it althi auaitl 'ujitinrof the
Chris' I tn Arbitration an I I'oi" iS c'-'tv In
Philadelphia. Mr. Bavurl stvs: "My pub
lie duties her " 111 not iiormit 111 ' to uliseut
myself from W.idin?ton. b it 1 nm gl.id tn
exprem my full sympathy wl'h the oblectol
the meeting. Within thu latt f) ir ye irs It
has been Ithlii the snip) of 111 nHol il
duty to ai.litln p'nino'.liu ris rt tiar
bltntinn fur tho amid 1,1 a I hid. n i it of in
terniiti'iuul lUnuUji. mid with the mi it
gratifvln rjiultn. Lnng-stmi ii 1 clim!
have thu boen a'ltl -l 111 1 tlio ql Hon
Of nnettlel bnun lanes lit ee,i oiIit
Ktitis. so nfien dirUinltof n II 11 n 1 it a 1 1
w.iich In the pa t have given ri 0 to ex
hausting and bloody cent union hiv) bv
the active luflu'jnce of this 'i-iver unoni,
been q 1 et.ly and si'isf icto 11 ur an -ed
and 11 r i rl to armed f ncJ to e t 'he knot
of difficulty has been stea Illy r leg lei to
Its pro air place the ver l.ut for 0 moder
ation," The Kepubllran l Jurltvln t ie N xl limns
Wasiiinoton, Feb. 19. Tho Buprrme
Court of Tennessee hus una ,lmnnlv de
cided that the Governor can not bj re
strained from Is-ulng an election cortillcute
to Mr. Ivans, the R 'publican camlidaie in
theClialtnnoni'adl-trict ThUisa diotrlcl
that tho Knpub cmnexp cted. but c uld ii"l
feel ab'Olu'ely kureof, as th -e in,iljxl m of
the court is Oemocrallo. Ibis u. re the
Hcpublleanii of a majority In the n xt Hou-h
of at least ,-even at th ftrgntiis itlon, unlets
some of the flfteen R nb leans wbn have
not yet filed their ceriltWta with the clerk
are d 'llnquent The only two distrieia In
which oertiHontes have nit yot bjeu Unn 1 1
are In WoU Virginia, and the Kepnbiica is
have a show of getting one of them, lu tins
case they will have nine of a mnj rity,
wbiob ought to pr -elude any p isnlbilliy of a
protracted deal-lock at tlie oraniiato.
The Oklahoma Hill raviiraltly Itepnrte I.
WasiiixoTOt, Feb. IH Th Kenate Com
mittee On Territories yesterday docidej to
report favorably tba Springer bill to organ
ise the Territory of Okut'ioint, Messrs.
Piatt and Butler ls-entlng". Th lattor will
report a subi Itote for th J bill autuorlilni
. . .
tl Government to treat with the Iudlan
nations for the extinguishment of their
tlUes to the lands l iclud 1 1 within the limit
of the proposed Territory preparatory t
the orgauli.ttloa of the Te.rltory. Ol.et
members of the committee were not a to
gether aalUfiMl with the bl.l, but n it so dis
satisfied as to cause them to oppose It
loo.toa Damage liy a To- indii, '
- Birmivoiia. Aia., Feb. 19. A big rain
storm iu buelby County ctu 1 lay iilnt,
endjlwltha tornado yosterd.iv mm nl ig.
T.ie track of the storm is some diitauoe
from any railroad, and the particulars re
ceived are meagre. The path of the torna
do wa twenty ml. e In len ,'th and crossed
a rather thickly settled c-mntry. A Urge
number of bouses w.re unrooted or blown '
down, cattle ai d horn killed and a number
ef people badly Injureii. It is ruiorled thai
five or six p ron wereki 1 d outright The ;
damage la estimated at tilM 0 0
A ktuhliorn Ju lice In Jalt
ri 1 I
'' T uePW
mil, ,
Cnl ed btates Marshal Willis arrived liure
Bunday with Judge Peden, of Bt Cluit '
County, In custody. Beverul months ago a '
warrant waa sworn out against the judge
for rcfu al to levy a Siecla, ut to pay Inter- '
est 011 railroad bonds. He bad many friends. I
and the United btates authorities had
trouble In trying to arrost him. Finally
strategy was resorted to. The Judje waa
Induced to go to a fox bunt and when sepa
rated f ruin his friends the arrest was made.
The Judge la now In JaiL
Exp nrer Mtanley lieporteil Dead.
Pai is, F b. 19. The c irrupon lent of the
relit . 0 . n 11 at rt Bulvador, In the Cong 1
Free t tale says that a courier lia arrlv d at
that p nco fro.n the west coast, woo state
that a report, u current mere that Henry
U. Stanley was kll.cJ In In a tight ult 1 tlie
pa Ives bear M.ingambe. The OuUiler re
porta that evural instrumentt wiii.-h have
been ideu titled a belonging toBfauley have
been sold by the natives. Tho rert i not
credited here.
Ilarrlaoii's Joarai-y to the Capital.'
PiTmntiKOH, Feb. 19. The ach edule for
the special train to oouvey Goueral ilarrl'
on from Indianapolis to Washington waa
made up in this city yesterday. The Pre. I.
doul-eleot will occupy the special car of
President Roberts, of tba Pennsylvania
railroad, and will leave ludlanap lis about
Boon 00 Monday, February 26, passing
through this oity at 9:16 a. ni. February 2ti,
and arrlv at Washington at :iW p, tu. the
same day. 1 ' ,
Cott n I'alane OiMiieil.
! Raw Oat,!s, La., Feb. 19. Th Cotton
Palaoa, oousiruoled under the direction of
the 1 Ladles' Charitable Aid Asociutlon In
Lafayette Square, was - opened last night.
Addresses were made by Govornor Nicho.s
and Mayor Bhakspear and an oration was
delivered by Judge Fennor, of the Btato Hu
rem Court The building Was crowded,
many prominent dtlxens being preseut
Indiana Klaetlen Creoks Amstoit.
iKDiaff apolis, Feb. 19. Deputy United
6tt Marshals returned yesterday from
aeveral eountlea and reported tba following
arras 1st Frank Header and Oacar Bishop,
Randolph County; W. W. Peyton, Jay
County; Samuel Morton, Madl-oa County,
andUaor .e Arnold and Charles W altera,
Marion County. The trial oaaes of aleetloa
law v'.n!aton will hejda, Marob It.
QnneraUy Oonodoi Thtt the Cab
inet Has Been Chosen, -
lllal.iN Wndom, Tiiomts, Noble, Wana
maker, l(ii.k hih! the Two Mill TS
Will Prolmbly Hit at the
Cooncll Board,
Till slath. .
Iiujatou. Fob. ID. There Is every
rea on to believe thatOeuerul Harrlaon will
no1 Di ike pub, le the names of his Cabinet
officers un il after tils innngiiralion. Undor
these clrcuinHanooa 110! hing of un ofll lal
character can be obtained. ' Tliereare excel
lent grounds for.Uting howe or, that lha
flight exivulive olUcera have been decided
UKin, and Ihut, uuiow It Is deemed advisa
b e to change the list bitwoen now and
Murch 4. lh nomination of the following
Daiued wl I be. sent to the Bonnte:
For Becivtarv nf Ktal. .lamos G. Blnlne.
Trouury Wlluiu Wlndoin, of Uluufl
so'a. War Jeremlnh Rusk, of WlHconiln.
Navy JotinR T .oiii'8 (ifllllnnls.
Iulorlor J. 11 . Nub e, or Misouri.
Attorney lioi.urut W. U. U. Millor, ofln
dlmii. J'lislmn-iter Genorat John Watiarauker,
of I', inm Ivnnhi.
Agr 1" ll iir, Warner Mil cr,of Now York.
I' iends 01 1 lio President-elect bolleve that
tills in the lint to-d.iy a d thnt it will stand,
uaii n Mr. Mill .r declines 1 ho Agricultural
The Neivt, i-cferrlng to ihu ll'tas given
tbivn. si.vk: I hisis tiie Ciiblnot of the
l.urri.Mi A Imini (.ration. If it appea a
v 'lhln tho next lew d ivk that there U any
fi :.! re is hi ,vhy oneor two of the men who
t'.iv ' boon en , ;n sho ild not be tiken Into
tho cl elo nf t,.o I're-l.loutlal udvl urs,
Chung h in iv lu 11 d h it it l 111 lerstood
at 1 his 1 1, im iiftir h ivinf c ireful ly cnsid-
re I t I l,i 'o m il on c u ruing them that
could bj obi.iinud, that it Is not the Inten
tion of lha Pros dunt-ulcct to make any
Changes. However, It Is still within bis
power 10 le ivu out any or nil of thoin named
-excepting Mr. Blaine without breaking
nil V p' iiis04. and all off -r of Cubinot po
sitions wl.l. it Is sa d, be held under his con-
irl fur a fjw d i.s inngor,
It is with this
4 of his Inten
re ervalni t iat liitlioutio
tions have heeu co n'uuuiciiol to the gen
tlein n wit 1 liae b,)on ch ihoii un 1 1 1 their
I ieii.lv In m iking his se'octions General
I! m lion has beun extremely cautious, but
Still hd h .4 l sregardod Hiitlcal influences
and con Ider.i Ions thai w m d hnvo hud do
teriniiiin;; fmcc with other men. Bock Of
the 1 alii iet there Is an pi 10 nod to lie an Idea
pccullur.y licneriil Harrison's own, and tn
t ul Ho 1 ther W u prin l,'!o. The key to It
all will be f ai ud In Ills inaugural address,
In which ill bj very strongly emphasized
thecivl. sirvleo prlnc pie wiilch.lt has been
delcruiliicd, shall ch.inieterxe the adininis
' tratieu ihrougii ut, from tli.i Cabinet down
to the lower branchei of public service."
Mheel-nen In Cnnv atlnn,
Nnw Yoiik, Feb. 19. The National League
of Aiueiicuii Wheehnnn bjgau thjlr annual
aess.on yesturday at tba Grand U11I00 Ho
tel. This orgau xation hus nearly 18.UO0
members and Is represented U every Btate
aud Territory. The fol owing officers were
elected fur the ensuing yeart Charles H.
Luso imb, of B ooklya, N. Y., president;
James K. Dunn, of Ohio, vice president
William Brewster, of 8t Louis, treasurer;
A. Bassutt, of Boston, secretary. After lha
election, retiring president Klrkuatrlck
read a brief address whlco was a recapitu
lation of the league's history since be was
elected. Hocretary Baaiett thea real his
annual rop irt which showed a remarkably
fllourl blng condition of uff.tirs In every de
partment, The rep irt of the treaiurer fol
lowed and the maetlag a-IJourned.
I nnlag aad Klrhlag Marler-r's Cnrpee.
n. ... Ul 1 ft. ,1ft IHL . . -
ui,aaTii.i.a, otiuu., rou, iv. i ao uouy ot
Joseph Cbemeleke, the Bohemian, who,
Friday night, killed Mrs. M. L, Chemeleke.
bis half brother's wife, her two daughters,
aged six and eleven yesrs. resecilvely, and
then coin milted suicide, wat taken to bis
lather's brlme Bunday night Anmberof
the former friends of the dead man gath
ered about the body. Home of them man'-fe-ted
their dlui proval of the orlme by
muttered cursos, while 01 hers attempted to
kio the body. The only cause suggested
for the murder Ii the faet that one of tho
murd red girls had testified aguimt Cheme
leke In a recent law a,.tt It la belioved
that the murderer bad an accomplice. It la
reimrb-d that the partner to the crime la
known and that bla arre-t will soon follow.
Reducing the Iron Workers' Wage
Rxaoino, Pa., Feb. 19. Notices of reduc
tions 111 wagesof Iron workers to take effect
about March I, having recently been made In
Read ng Hnrrl-burg Pnltstown. Pottavllle. '
. . ... ...
Blnlnboro and other places, 11 is said that a
joint m.-etlng of delegates represuniiiig all
the Iron worker all wted In these citie will
lie he d shortly to detdde whether or not to
aocept If the reduction It made It will
brinir uuddleia' waget dowu to tS and KL25
per ton, which is lower than for many years,
and all ther employe will be reduced from
even to ten per cent The employes uffoetod
hy the notli esof reduution number between
8,IXM and 4.000.
III marok's Ha-nosn Poller KefenrUrt. '
Lomdox, Fob. 10. The Coloime (iaxette,
In an elaborate article on the White Book
r -O'titly Issued, declare that Independent
reports of three Uermsn consn at Hamoa
prove conclusively thatth 8 m tan trouble
w m brouht about by the illegal aa I over
buurlnif aetion of the Americans ther and
claims Ih it the Intervention of Oerminy
has really brought peace lo the Island.
The arllc.: characterise th White Book aa
beiirlntf striking testimony to th wisdom
and moderation of Prince Uhmsrck and
a o.vlnif that l.ermany has orespinslbillly
whaUoever tor th disorders la tba Bamoan
A Kew Railway Sys am.
Nkw Tohr, Feb. 19. C P. Huntlnirtoa
withdraw from all hi rullroad properties
east of th Mltalsalppl shortly, retalnina;
00 ilrol of th Bouihern Paulflo only. Tba
N wimrt New A Midsslppl Val.ey, th
Chesupenke ft Ohio, the Cleveland. Colum
bus, Cincinnati & Indlauapoll and the Cln
Bitinatt, Indianap II. Hi. Louis ft Chicago
road will be consolidated Into a new sys
tem of which President IiiKall, of th "Big
Four," will probably be at the bead.
Hhorl In Ills Aeeoants.
Bt. Loot, Feb. . H -ary VL Wheeler,
for the past lght years freight claim agent
of the Wabash railroad, ha disappeared,
and It I alio red that he I short In hi ao
counts, though to what amount can not be
ascertained. Vic PresldentHow decline
to say mor than that Mr. Wheeler baa bona
removed and that hia accounts ar being ex
amined. ! , CnlorMl Oanbler Killed. 1
1 CniCAOO, Feb. 19. Lather Reynold,
jroung colored nan, waa shot through the
heart by Walter Boott, soother colored ma a,
daring a q larrel over gambling ga e la
tba basement of, Leroy Clark's saloea, m
But street tbout aooa y terOay. Tlx
Ifattle Ktephenaan, a Tnaag Laity Km
ploy d In the Fost-olHot at WelUvllle,
)., Arreatiiri for Opening Letters and
flailing money Therefrom.
Cwvkusd, Feb. 19.-Hattl8 A. Stephen,
on, a well dressed young woman, waa
brought from Wellsvllle, 0 Mauday morn
ing by Deputy United States Marshal George
R. McKay on the unarge of robbing the
..mils. Miss Stephenson was chief olerk In
the Wellsvllle post-offi -e, where It la aald
she robbed letters of checks and money ag
gregating some t'lUO. The affiir first came
to tLe notice of tba poilal authorities
through the management of the Columbi
ana Mutual Iusurauoe Company, of New
LM1011. bevural policy-holders had inullud
remitUinooa ut Wellsvllle which fulled to
reach their de-dtnut onr
Inspector Hal nun and Hol nos were do
tallei to wor'c up the case. They soon dis
covered Unit Mhs Biephenson was gulltv
and during the reneut mm on of the United
8tutsgr.ini jury an Indicimeut wu,t re
turned agiiinst her. The chief of polloa of
Wellsvllle was wired toarrojt the woman,
and depu y Mi K ,y went down on a lute train
ISalurduv, . Jll.n Mtepheuson was out of
town, but he' father at.ured McKay that
she would b 1 forthoo ning on .-iunday even
ing The ii, p.ity . Mist HtepheuHon and her
father and brotner ca ueto Cfev duud to
gether and 011 arrival she was releaned on
el, U l hull until tliourriv.il of Judge Welki r.
Mr. Miupiieu oa Is a ineruluat at Wo U
villo. an J is 0 le of ti) uitt retiu iuil o.li
whs of the place. Min Htiphjnun hus
hitherto boruea p tless rirord uud ber
t ieuds are in deep sorrow over ber siluo
thiii. Miss Btophonson was taken bofore Judge
Welker ye tor 1 ty a tomoiin, when she
pleaded gu l y to two indictin -nts fo' rob
bing the in ills. 8lie was all iwe l to return
home uu tl.UJO bail pending sentence.
The Cyil lie's Work In (leer -la.
Atunta, tin., F b. 19. The southeastern
part of B uk County wa visited by a ter
r tie cyclone before daybreak Monday
morning. The house of Tuonui Stovemon
wax blown to pi -ex and the who,e family
were llfU'd up and carried high Into the air,
BtevoiHon and on nf his sons were blown
into a tree and klllel. Tho remainder of
the fuuiily we e seriously. It not fatally In
lured. 1 W. M. Mii.il h mi wan similar
ly torn to pieces, aud both Meadors aud his
wile were killed by f.il lug timbers. Twelve
other persons wore hurt bv flying timoers
uid being blown against troo and houses.
The storm passed on to Nu'holson. a place
in the (aliievllle ft Jefferson railroad,
where a dozen bou let w.ire t rn from their
foundation, aud sc it tore! lu all directions.
Verdlet Avalnat the Itefrlgerutnr Car Trust
Nkw Yokk. Feb. HI. Tho stilt of George
M. Rollins iigainstthii Chicago Hcfri -eitttlng
Car Coiiipunv, which has been on trial for
ten days before Jus ice Andrews and a jury
In the Supreme O urt, euded yesterday, the
Jury giving 11 vorlct for the plaintiff of
(7,114. The defendant controls the Tiffany
patent for the manufacture of refrigerating
cars. The plain HIT claimed he had b en em
ployed to establlxb a car trust, and that be
obtained for this purpose 10I,0X) from Post,
Martin ft Co., or New York, and fMI.OJO
from E. W. Clark, of Phi adelphia. Mr.
Rollins demanded a commi-slon of five per
cent under an agreement with the presi
tent of the company. '
Met W lib a Warm Itaeeptloa.
Ikdiaxapoms. Feb. 19. Charles Hani
(Carl Pretie ), of Chicago, who want to
b Governor of Ala.ka, was here again yes
terday presenting his otalios for the position
and rc emendations and letter from vari
ous persons. Colonel Smith, of tfw Mixloo,
and J. H. Cheney and Riv.J. W. Dlusmora,
of Bloomlngton, III, also oall d 00 Oaneral
Harrison to pay their ra p let. Mr. Ulna
mora l th m m that denied th cory dar
ing the oaiupaign that General Harrlaon bad
denounced th Irish la a speech at Bloom
lngton soma years before. The General
gav Mr. Diaamor a warm reception.
Revivalists Crtte Troahla.
Oixni Fall, N. Y Feb. 19. Two reviv
alist named MoLoan and Willi have been
holding meeting here for the past tlx
weeks, and hav stirred up a great deal of
excitement In religion circles. Their un
sparing criticism, upon the ordinary meih-
! ods of preaching hav caused the regular
pastors much annoysnnn. Rev O. I Coll
yer, of the Methodist church, read bis res
ign ion at the service on Sunday saying it
bad been intimated thnt ha waa tandlng In
the way of the 450 00 iveru (aid to bav
been made by the revivalist. Other minis
ters may do likewise.
Louisiana Invites Immigration.
NiwOai.BAX. Feb. 19. A convention of
former eitlseo of th Gulf, Atlantic and
MlddleSlatea, now resident of Louisiana. ,
was held at Bu,ton, Llnooln parish, yoster- '
day, with a view to the encouragement of 1
Immigration to this State. Hon. Allen :
Barksdale, formerly of couth Carolina, pro- I
sided. A number of Interesting addrewn ,
j were made and several proposition, made
1 looking to the dissemination of stalUt cat
and other Information for the purpose of in
duclng residenta of other Slates to locate la
' Louisiana,
Kenna-Uon Senntorlal Contass.
CnAHi.asTOM. W. Va., Feb. 19. There were
two ballots taken Monday tor United Stiles
Senator. Tba Democrat broke badly, elev
en of them leaving Ken na, six of whom
voted for Wilson. The closing vole stood:
(Joff, 40; Keniia, 89; Wilson, A; rest scat tar
ing; ueoeasarv to a choice. 41. There was a
rumor latt night which gained credence, lo
the edict that a aecrot arrangement bad
been made whereby the three Labor mem
ber will vote for and elect Uoff to-dav, and
that Carr will then be elo le.1 Uovernor.
Slivers' Crime Keinalnt a Myslery.
Tiovmsim, Mich.. Feb. I9.-Krank Mllver.
Who murdered hi wife end two daughter
and then (hot himself Saturday night, d ed
Mond iy morning not having uttered a word
since lb shooting. In a letter, whicb Wu
found yesterday, Silver dlreclod the oity
marshal to diKj of his pmperty and to
erect S monument to hliusolf and family,
but gav ao reason for his horrible crime
further than that It wa S mystery that
would remain unsolved.
It yolone In Alalia i.
Birmikoham, Ala.. Fob. 19. It I reported
that a oycloue passed through Bibb County,
fifty mite south of here, Bunday night, do
ing great damage to property and causing
the 104 of several live auj injury to inau y
Caa't NagotUSe Their 0a Treaties.
Ottawa Out, Fab. 10. A lively debate
took place In the Uou of Commons yes
terday over th motion of Blr Richard CarV
Wright that tba Interests of Canada req lire
that treaties In which (he It Interested be
aegotlttod bv ber and not by KnglanJ. The
MlnUUrof Floanoe, Mr. Foster, denponoed
th notion aa disloyal. It wa defeated bit
majority of twenty-fir vote. . , . W
BtelUrwortk' lavlutlaa Ika Oaaaeka,
Wishiotoi4, ' Fb. 19. RnprMenUtlv
BntUrworth will latrodno a reanlutlo la
IkoUouM to-day rqustlng tba Praeldeal
to lavlU th members of to Caoadlaa Par
Uamant to visit ta Ualted BtaU In May,
aad atmroprlat liW.OOU for Uetr eaUrUia
m V i .
Rich and Poor.
Prince ami Peasant, the Millionaire ami
' Day Laborer, by their common uxe of
this remedy, attent the world-wide rep
utation of Ayer's Pill. Leading pliy
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Neuralgia. They are sugar-coated ; con
tain no calomel ; are prompt, but mild,
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German Remedy.
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ilood when ynii em
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ouraged; UwUlcurell
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