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- '
Embroirded Velvet, only -Plush
Trimmed Oordnroy, only
Beaded Felt Plush Trimmed, , -
f Beautiful winter weather. ..
Inspect the bulletin board.
Fa.merare getting ready for sngar
Our teamstors have been feeling Jubl
lentoflate. H ad up Ihe cheap rates offered by the
tran p'TiHiloD 11dm.
Our tinware rm-n are busy manufactur
ing I'hrae factory supplies.
- An unusu il amount ot wood was hauled
Into market last week,
', r Forty ne cheese factorits sre controll
ed by parties residing here.
Titer ha beito no change In the billing
prices o i cbeise for many weeks.
The Horr, Warner & Co., block on Lib
erty street, has become quite a business
Who will be the first Individual to re
port maple syrup of this seasons manufac
ture. The inauguration of the new President
then the slates will be made out tor sprlug
Washlniilon's birthday and St. Patrick's
day In the "inarnln" are the next days el
Pomaster Bush wi'.l bave one more
vHi-fai nerve the DeDle officially and
4 - "
Q ilte a number of choice pieces of
property are offered for sale aud at ex
tremely low (Inures
The piooosi-d improvements In and
round the Bed Line depot were not per
fected last j ear.
? Hp iriing dogs are not of much value In
, ..tills part ot th country on account of the
scarcity of birds.
8.rfUry Couch la looking alter the
priming h ihe annual fair which takes
place heie in August.
Tne Witb-ck property did not find a
buver 8 tiurday aud la sdvertised sgaln In
- this paptr to suit March 23.
The casi agtlnst the C. M. R. A. in fa
tot of the Allyn beneficiaries nas been
dlamiastd for want of prosecution.
All should attend the temperance meet
log at Eyj la Friday who can, as business
of luipuriauce will be Imikvd alter.
Mail reut agent Artz has been com-
- pelted to double bis runs uf late on ac
e tunt of one o;' the agents beiug sick.
VaclnaUd arms am gutting better, so
Mr. Siua.l-poi you will have to call later
In tue season in order to secure a subject
The constable has not been able to And
John Brahany to place him under arrest
for dloturUiiig the Balvatlun Army meet
'logs, - 6'ock oo the Bee Line has advanced to
71'-. The stock on both railroads entering
this place is now considered safe to In
vest to.
- The business houses close at very season
Me hours except Satutd iy evening wheu
it Is exected to keep opeu lute to accoui.
. nodaie the trade.
Cannot a local Improvement committee
belormed Talk the matter up gentle
men and see If call cannot be made In
our uexi Usue.
II. A. Smith, manager of the back lines,
" has recently perfected better arrangements
with tue lallway companies for Ihe trans
fer ol psseugers.
- . Quite number, we understand, are
contemplating visiting Washington, D. C.
March 4th. The fare is very cheap, only
$12.30 lor the return trip.
- Hotel and . boarding bouse keeper
should be sole to create little revenue
this winter as all eatables csn be pur
, chased at reasonable figure.
'.; ' . The dancing master appears to be busy
attending his regular aess'nns, Riving pri
vate lessons, and Inatructlng the young
ladies how to hold receptions. .
. Postmaster Bush reports , ah unusual
' small number of valentines mailed this
year What can be the matter! Are the
k i) s forgetting tbelr best glrlsf
" Public schools bave not been compelled
yet to dismiss on account of any prevalent
disease. Two year previous to this they
wer closed for number of weeks.
Geo, Ober at the opera house Thursday
evening; Will. L'umback Jt the M. E.
church Friday evening ; Wsshlngton Mirth
dsy Hop at the town hall Friday evening.
A dealer in enth' nuiue occupied the
norlliwi st cruer of the square Saturday
and Monday. He sold Ids wares very
cheap and from appearances they were
Mi. C. F. West is circulating a petition
to compel manufacturers f oleomargar
ine to lable It as such hefore Aitpmpling
to dispose of It. It is being numerously
About s i of our correspondents have
something to say about our next post,
master except Plttsneld. The present In
cumbent being a lady and a prohibitionist
she Is likely to remain.
Councilman Lang h is n ever been re
reported as onu uf the atwentee at the
regular, adjourned or special meetings of
the council since the present proprietor
hss imed control of the ENTEiiruitiE.
The First National Bank at this place
returns mutilated currency to the Treas
ury department at Washington month!)
and receives Ihe same amount lii return in
blank bills to be signed by lis ulDcer?,
which become the issue of the bank.
On account ol the unusual number en
gaged In ratalng onions in ibis and othi r
Slates and the extremely Inciemenl
weather for harvesting them In this set.
lion ihe crop was not as profitable a oie
as in former years. Perhaps the growers
may strike luck next year.
We print sale bills la Just one hour
from the lime the onler Is left ana very
cheap and In addition ihe customer geis
the benefit of our extended circulation by
notice inserted free. Don't fail to call
and order us to do your work. We take
great pleasuie In serving ihe public.
The residence and contents ot Howard
Stroup, three-fourths of a mile south o
the village of Spencer, was entirely con
sumed by fire Tuesday evening. The lain
ily were at the center attending an enter
tainment and reached homo In lime t
wlioess tbelr borne and contents reduced
to ashes. No Insurance.
The Sons of Veterans held an open
meeting last Tburaday night and enter
talned the audience with fine music anil
literary entertainment Literary enter
tainmenta vwere given by the Chosen
Friends at their meeting on Friday even
ing. The subject was Llntolu. Mrs
Wlllard's production was considered the
best of the evening. '
The council met In special session at the
office ol R. N. Goodwin Monday evening
to look after the proposed street improve.
ineoL His Honor, the Clerk, three Com
cilmen and acting solicitor Haskell pr s
eot The roll was called and Councllmen
Follanslieo, Vlsrher and Johns were found
to be absent. There being no quorum
present, nothing could be done, thereior.
an adjournment was taken until Saturday
evening, February 23.
In looking over the dork's books we
And 'bat the amount disbursed annually
for street purpose for Ihe past decade
will average about twelve hundred dol
lars per year. These expenditures will
fool up over twelve thousand dollars and
what better condition are the streets In
for driving over during the muddy season
than they were In 1878. The above Is for
consideration of every citizen of Well-
Alonzo D. Garrett, husband of Mary L
Garrett has filed a petition In the common
pleaa court at El) rla, praying thattie
court grant Dim divorce from
Mary L. Garrett who la now confined In
the penitentiary for lite, and the cusUhI)
of bis Infant child. Across petition will
be Bled by the attorneys of Mrs. Garrett
asking the court to grant reaaonahli
sum for alimony. Il la true that the de
fendant Is sentenced to prison for life, but
still she may regain her liberty and ored
funds for her support. Mr. N. T. Horr.
of Cleveland, also Hied a petition pr tying
ihe court to grant a bill ol divorcement
un account of wilful absence of bis wife
for more than three years.
A recent visit to the public library found
the room In very nice, clean, tidy coo
dltlon under the immediate supervision
of Miss Julia Itodhouse. The number of
volumes on hand at present is two thou- j
sod two bundled. I lie secretary will
soon make requisition lor t number ol
additional volumes of new works. Tbe
following number ol books were drawn out
each month for the year 1888
Jan. 740, Feb. 954, March 930, April 984.
May 910, June 023. July, 840, August 988,
Sept, 90S. Oct. 900, Nov. U05Dec. 1123.
The receipts for rentals $40 S0. Three
hundred dollars are received from the
township by way of taxes levied for library
purr.on. Tbe librarian complain about
the books not being cared for as well on-
V -
der the pietent system as the foi mer one
when each Individual was compelled to
pay rental.
Quite an exciting episode occurred on
laai Thursday evening while Otllcer Will
iams was away at Elyria. His deputy,
Chas. Avery, arrested a man tor stealing a
ride on trsln No 3 and waa ronveying
him to the cooler, but while stop
ping at ihe livery stable to procure a
lantern the fellow took leg ball and come
up LlVrty street at great speed. On
reaching the alley in the rear ot Laundon,
Windeeker & (Jo's he turned up that
thoroughfare with Charles In hot pursuit,
hi(t being a stranger he got lost and was
currelled in Robinson's hennery and was
secured by Ihe aid of the livery employes
who were armed with piU'hlorks, door
bars, revolvers, etc., and placed In the Jut.
The next day be was brought before His
Honor, given some good advice and sent
in his way.
The Kick.
Daniel Williams has been very 111 for
some time past.
Grandma Warner is now confined to
her room with sickness.
Mi Alma Sprague one of the teachers
In the high school is under the doctor's
care at her home.
Business Notes and Change.
Mr. C. A. Bush has purchased the sew
Ing machine business front E. B. Hinsdsle.
The C. M. R. A. offlre is being nicely
roflned and will be occupied by s milliner
The paialess tooth extracting remedy
will hereafter be controlled by jjarth re
siding in Ashland.
Phelps, Bios., consisting of C L and F
D Phelps, bave purchased the Riddle Rim
business of U Wausworth & Boo,' to take
elect Man h. 1st '.
Mr Frank Arnold, a licensed German
blacksmith, will occupy O W Horr'a shop.
on South Main street See bia card in
another column.
On amount of increased demand for
Wellington brick, Mr. C. V. Ilemenway is
perfecting arrangement to manufacture
one million and a half of brick the coming
Tbe principal product of the Welling
ton Flouring Mill are forwarded to points
In the Eastern States at present. One
year ago they were shipped to Scotland
hut better prices can now be secured In
Church Note and Announcements
Meetings continue at the M E Church
this week.
Miss Lilian Dyer will preside at tbe
org in at tbe Congregational Church.
Tbe ladles ol tbe Baptist church cor
dially Invite all to tiieir annual Chicken
Pie supper at their place of worship, Fii-
'ny evening, Feb 2J. Hour from 4 to 7
o'clnrk. Price 25 cents.
Permit me through the columns of your
paper to express the sincere thanks ol
myself and family to the kind Irlends who
with the memlier of mv church came to
my home on Ihe evening of the 14th Inst,
bringing with them provisions and money
God bless these kind doners.
' C C. Erwin.
Don't full to secure tickets to Will Cum
back' lecture ou "The Model Husband'
it the M E Church next Friday evening at
7:30. It will be a rare treat Let sll the
ladies come snd bring their husbanls.. If
they have no husbands, let them come
and lesrn what th "Model Husband" Is,
and where be is to be found. Tickets on
sale at E E Benedict' and at Bowlby &
Jno. F. McKee spent Sund iy In Green
Mrs. A. Freeman returned to Scbenect
ady, N. Y., Monday. i
C. E. Burtch, of Greenwich, was tin
guest of J. T. Haskell over Sunday.
William Vlsrher Is In Cincinnati tali
week attending the Scottish rite reunion
Stan Wilcox of Greenwich, drops Into
town occasionally to look after the com
ing landlordbhlp of Ihe hotel American.
Mrs. W. H. Sage left for California for
the benefit ol her health. She was sc.
companled by couslo of ber's from Troy,
Mrs. T. R. Herrick hat returned home
from tbe Huron street hospital, Cleveland,
and 1 slowly recovering under tbe treat
ment of Dr. Blggar. .
Dr. H. J. Holbrook left for an extended
visit In tbe west for the benefit of hi
; '
- $1.00
- $1.25
health. Mrs. Holbrook accompanied him
to Indiana to visit Irlends.
E W Chamherlaln, of Oberlin, and R
Mills, of I'l'tafleld, boarded tbe Bee Line
tnln bere Tucs ly on their way to Buoy,
ru to attend a special meeting In the
interest of mutual fire Insurance.
Mr W. F. 8awtell ha decided to set
tle In ' Tocoma, Washington Territory.
Mr. Bawtelle will l-ve bere to accom
ptny him as soon as she gets her business
mailer arranged.
Hon. D. L. Wadsworth and wife went
to Columbus Monday Mr. W. attend!
the director monthly meeting of tbe In
stitution for the blind, and thence to at-
tend the Scottish rite reunion at Cincinnati.
Rev. N.S.Albright was In town s few
dajs ago shaking hands with bis old
friends. Mr. Albright has fully recovered
hi former good health and Is now nicely
located in Mansfield and lake full charge
of Hie pastoral duties uf the M. E. church
at that place.
Mr. W. W. Hall, of Cleveland, spends
Sunday every fortnight with bis children
who are vpplog f 1th their grand parent
o i Pruipect street. Mr. Hall is one of the
manager of the stock yards at Cleveland.
He say that the cattle trade there has
almost become a thing of the past on sc
count ol tbe market being supplied with
beef from tbe (laughter bouse Id Chicago
and Kansas City.
Two great enemies Hood's Sarsaparllla
and impure blood. The latter ia utterly
defeated by the peculiar medicine.
Waoted I Everyone to know the value of
Hill's Sarsaparllla. Try it on our guar
antee. F D Felt.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
"x ; :
Wbaa Baby was sick, ws ts her Caatorla.
When she waa a Child, sb rid (or Castoria,
Wbea she bsoaos Uim, she otunj to Castoria,
Wbaa she had Children, ths gave than Castoria.
As a blood purliler. Ar-tbro-phoni-a
stands above all others. Consult your
own Interests by trying this great remedy
ana you win oecnnvincia. r l reit.
The Dramatic Success ol two Continent.
One Night Only,
Tteflay, Felii. 21,
Under Direction of Brady & Garwood,
and MR. HYDE
Dramatized Iroin Robeif LouisStevenson's
: Weird Novel
By Mrs. Adelaide Ober.
Bherlff's Sal.
Ohio Parmer' Iusur- In Lorain County,
ance Co. v ()., Uourt ol (Jommou
A. A. witiMca el si. ) fleaa. lae Ho. WS.
Order ol aale foieclosure of mortiran.
In uursuanoa ot an order Usued from the
Jouriol Couimna Pknse wlthla and for the
.iiuulv ol Lorain aad rtlate of Ohio, made al
the June term tlitrauf. A. D. IHhH, and to me
arreted. I will oiler lor aale atpiibtlo auctluu
tl tbe north door ot to court house, In tba
viuaaeoi aiyria,n
uetween the hours ol 10 and 11 o'clock a. m. ol
said dai, the following described real eslale,
(o wit:
Situate In thf township of Pfnfleld. Count j
uf Lorain audHlaleo! Ohio and known ai part
of lut number eighteen (IS) bouuded on the
north bi laud fornisrly owned by O. 0. Rock
aroodi east by land formerly owned by K,
Lewi and tl- C. Rock wood, south by section
line and west by township line, containing
SIty-Sve acrs. This deed la Intended to con
vey and does eonTayall the land deeded by
Auel and Hollln Hnspard (by their guardian
Unas VanlieusenUo U. K. and U. W. Starr
nd ditted bee. 4, Iwn, also all the land deeded
hyClarlnda B.and t'harlea rthepardtn O. W.
udU. K.btarr and dated Deo. !W, im, and
recorded In records of Lorain county In Vol.
in. Pave loft, and also In Book IS Pane 103, In
said record of deeds, also one other piece of
land In WcillnRton township. Lorain county,
Uhlui and bounded and described a lollowsi
being one acreof land taken from tbe north
west corner of what waa known a the John
Howk farm and taken from original lot No.
twenty-two Mi) and bounded beginning at or
near the nnrth-eastcoruer of land owned by
Charles llowki thence south twenty rod si
thrnoeeast eight rods) thence north twenty
rod; tdeuce westelKht rods to place of beginning-
Sold bouudrtesare exaluslve of the
highway, but the land In front ol said lot to
the center of the highway Is Included In this
Katd premises has been appraised 1st parcel
at fl.M7U.0u. 2nd parcel al M.0.00 and cannot
sell for less than two-thirds of aaid appraise
ment. Term of sale cash en day of sale.
1. B, baiTH. M. A. POUNDS,
, Attorney. Bheria el Lorain Co., 0
A Stick of taffy and a rluonio given for
every oasgei reiurueu tins week
N. P. Kobinson
ANNOUNCEMENT Notice la hereby
given that I have leased the brick black.
smiih (hop on Merbanio street wh re I
will be pleased to serve the public In my
line of occupation. II-tw sho inir i.
specialty. Cuas Lyman.
BIO BARGAIN 6TORE.-80 dnys only
bargains In everything, every day, tor x
Ihe people. Among the many bri.'altir
ior tup weea locme are ou oozeti l.aon'i
All Wool Heavy Black Uim, usual m ice
wc, sen inrzucjow yarns uoutile width
h'-avy si'k Yeillnir, usual price 60c. ml'
for 20e; 100 pieces Llneu Torchon Laces
at ball the usual price.
Dr. W. L. Hlrook. brother to Dr. If. 1
Holbrook has taken charge of the l itters
omce. ur. tl. waa compelled on ai coum
ol ill health to give up the practice ot
dentistry for a time Dr W. L. Holbrook,
has been in the olllre w ith him since Iim
July and iaa skillful di mist of 14 eai
experience. .Mrs Holhnsik will he in tne
oflle and will be plea d to soe all tlieii
irienas. w. L. iiolukook.
We have everything in Decorations 'or
side walls, for parlors, ror Ceilings, lu llie
latest style and d' signs
Laundon, VV inileckcr & Co
FOR SALE A car lond of very choice
vou nii dairy rows at the premises of A. D
Sheldon, mile east of W llington.
Tbe finest display ot Raking Powder
Prizes in town at N. P. Robinson's.
PUBLIC SALE.-Fnnk Ward will sell
on l lie Samuel Karusworth farm two mile
north and one mile west of lite center ol
Sullivan, Monday, Feb. 21, at 10 a. m .
21 dairy tows, D yearling lieifors, sheep.
pan gewinjjH, harness top nuggy (ie)
tOO bushels oial'es, 20 tons timothy hn
u. w. I'owEit, Auctioneer.
LOST A guld band chased rlnir. be
tween Laundon, Wmdeckerds Co' Btc.r.
snd my residence. A Iib ral reward will
be paid to (he tinder by leaving wiih
1'. B UK1NK.
If vou want to see a fine stock of Wall
Paper look at ours.
i,aunaon, iv inner ser ,s (.0.
The finest assortment of Wall Paper can
be found it
Laundon, Windeeker & Co's.
Now Is the time ti paper your house.
Our tck I very full and very cheap
Laundon, T Indecker & Co.
To Farmers
I bave on hand and for sale 7 tons seeds
consisting of
Milieu, Hungarian,
Orchard, Blue Urass,
Red Top, Timothy,
(lover and Pea Vine. J. TURLEY.
Our stock of Wall Paper is now com
plete la sll its departments.
Laundon, windeeker & to.
11. Tbwott, Tailor.
I wish to inform the public and try ens
turners that I have received a nice lot ol
spring; samples Come in and see me for
prirea. 1 in also make and trim suits si
lowest prices for cash. Ladies can send
In patches snd bave bullous made to
match. 7 2t
Our stock ol Wall Paper never was so
full nor as rheap as now.
Laundon, Windeeker & Co.
The best is the cheapest. II ill's Peer
less Worm Hperlfl : is both the best and
cheapest. F I) Fell.
DOWN TO 14,000-On account of lo
cating elsewhere I will offer my residence
on Courtlaud avenue at the astonishing
low figure of $4,000. Anyone dealing ti
secure one of the finest residences In town
for a small amount of money should call.
it once and secure a bargain.
W. K. Kawtem,.
Inqulro of J. II. Dickson or Mrs. Saw tell.
Park House.
The Park House always hi s the clean
est and the Burnt lable the market affords.
Qnod feed barn in connection.
L. C. Bennett, Prop.
WANTED Situation as nu-e girl or
second girl. Address box 223, Milan, 0.
tington hotel with four acres of land, good
oarn anu tue nouse is at present uoing a
good business, 'lermseaay. For further
particulars Cm ll on or ddr ss,
4 8 J. T. IIahkki.l, Wellington, O.
Don't lose sh-ep with a tickling cough;
take Rim-hart's Cough Balaam. 2oc. F
D Felt.
FOR RENT. The Lawrence Food
farm of aiaiut HI seres, two miles west ol
the village of Wellington. Good location
convenient to church snd school. Good
buildings and well wate.cd. For termr
call on or address,
J. T. IIabkei.l, Wellington, 0.
Oysters, direct trom Baltimore at
A CARD. Look nnt for the new repaii
shop sen from T. DoUnd's waton shot
all kinds of furniture lepalred and stalled
1 1 look as good Ss new. New work maiie
to order. Sas tiled and varnishing done
n...- . 1 1 tr . l'
woo iiic w tan At. a. xvflArr.
Pillsbory's Best Mlnne. polls Flour,
The best Flour made at Willard's.
A oeautllul prize with every package ol
Baking Powder. Call and see them at
A complete line of Pickle Goods at
Oysters I Oysters II Oysters HI
In Can or Bulk at Earnest Lemuels.
. Ilot Peanuts at Wiixahd's.
J. M. Osbtree will pay the highest
market prices lor live and dressed bogs
veal ca1ves,dry and green hides and pell.
MONEY TOLON On long time at
moderate interest on good farm security
Enquire ol C. SageA (Jo.
Mr. Lee Moon having purchased the
Laundry ousmeas er vt log mg will con
tinue to serve the punlic. I am now pre
pared to do up collars and cuffs by pea
psient process. Prices the same as lay
predecessor. Plcaao favor me with rxi
patronage. . , , . &5t
Dr. K. M Obermlllf r. from Toledo, ().,
win oe ai me American House, welling,
ton, Nov. 7th, Dec. 6th, Jan. 9th, Feb. 6th.
March 6th. 41-5mt.
Dr. 0. K. Ilisey, ol Ashland, O., has
openea m permanent omce in tbe Wads
worth building. Teeth extracted wltbon"
pain by the use of Hord's vlullwd air,
and all work warranted 1st nlut Rl.n,l
lb gold tooth.
New Goods! ;
New Goods!
We take pleasure in catt
ing the attention of oar cus
tomers to an elegant lino of
just received. They come 1rt
patterns of9J yds. and tiro
price is $13.75 per ' pattern.
The colors and designs are
the very latest. Send for
samples and make your go-'
lections at once.
We call attention to a
special sale of
Nottingham Lace
Curtains and Heavy
Turcoman Curtains
At very low pricee. Pat-
tics who anticipate purcha
ing if unable to come to otrr
store can send their orders
by mail and we will mafca
special effort to please then.
4 and 6 Euclid Art.
Cleveland, Ohioi

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