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J. II Smith, Proprietor.
Entered kt the p.ist-ollke Ht Wellington as
Second Class mauer, according to Statute.
Onf Year ' w
gll Months TO
Thn.i Months
Advertising flvocnnts per line, each Insertion,
pdnri iwl Column Rules made known on sppll
Tub electors In the territories of Dakn
la Mniitniin and Washington will soon
have h question to vote upon that will not
contain nny poli'lcal odor. It will be to
ratilv 'lie Constitution of tun United States.
FliiniUAUY 21st was the nny sot to vote
upon i lie to cent mllo liillln the General
Assembly' hut theru were jut enough
skcddadlera when the time nrrived tlmt no
vote could be taken Where, oh I where,
are tho.e lovul members tlmt were so
anxious 10 nerve the people limt April by
voting, for it then. If it whs right theu it
is now.
Tuts editor of the Elyrl Democrat
makes the astonishing, announcement tiiu'
Henry B. Pnyne will nec-pt of another
term ns Senator if tho people wunt him,
and in HnotUer etilumn lie advocates
George Washington Ueihlcs, el Mansfield,
for tin1 n iiii" position. It lias been t!e
eidedmmy months ago, Mr. Heefy, thai
Mr Puuie's successor la to be a lull tledg.
ed Kcpuiilican and an editorial to the con.
trary would seem out of place just at
Ox or nbout March 4th, 1881, Benjamin
Harrison wvnt to Washington Irom Iud
anapolis, In J., to take bis s at ana Senator
and tor nix yearn weilded wnnt influence
be had as one seventy-sixth part of the
upper house in the Legislative depart
ment of t!ia government of the United
State March 4th, 1888 he returned to
Indianapolis ns a pr'vato citizen to re
aume his professional work, But now
only two years luter the same Identical
Benjamin Harrison will return to Wash
ington and on and after Monday noon
next tie will be known as one branch of
the government, the. executive instead of
one sevenly-slxth part of one branch of
the legislative department. The will of
the people In a republic bring about won
derful changes In governmental affairs in
very shoit period of time.
A IUIX has passed both houses of Con
grert and km signed by the President last
week !: '."; penni-siou to the electors of
Dakota, M..;it .1.11 and Washington Terri
tories V) vol) upon a constitution and sub
mil it to Congress for inspection prepara
tory to admitting them as Slates into (he
Union. Tim design li to divide the
territory of Dakota Into two slates to be
known as North and South Dakota. This
we deem very unwise. If it has to lie di
vided we suggest thai one part lie called
Dakota and the other Lincoln. The terrl
torv only contains a fraction over 143,000
square miles while California contains
106,000 square miles and is likely to remain
hit et. If the stales are admitted four ad
dlii lUtil stars will have to be added to our
National Flag which will make forty-two
in number. The resources beyond the
Miasisippl have scarcely boen touched yet
and probably before the next ball century
the far went will hold I lie balanea of pow
er in selecting our rulers.
Befoiik unotlmr Issue ol this paper
President Cleveland the executive head
of this government will be nothing; more
or less than a private citizen. Until 13
o'clock on Mon lay, March 4th, he has at
much authority as ho weilded after bis
Inauguration March 4th, 1885. At thai
time every word be said officially was
sought nfier by the press and politicians
all sought bis private chamber In petition
him for favors but when he is dismantled
ol his authority (he tide of public demon
strut ion I turr.sd to his successor. Grover
Cleveland may be classed as one of Arm r
icos favored sons. After obtaining his ed
ucation h tool: up the legal profession
but tailing as It were Id that, be accepted
the nomination of sheriff in the city f
Buffalo; then ho was elected mayor of
the city, and then during a petty quarrel
In our ranks was elected Governor of New
York over Fo'ger in 1882, when on account
of local bitterness almost anyone could
have been elected. In 1884 bis party was
looking around fo some one- that could
carry the stito ol New York in a presi
dential year to nominate for President.
After lokin; the matter over carefully
tbey .decided to turn a deaf eai tn the
app-als of the statesmen in their party and
nominate a popular man regardless of
any previous political training and Mr.
Cleveland was nominated. As to his ad
mi nisi rut I "ti like nil his predecessors ll in
but human l-i err. In selecting material
for his Cabinet in Ilia beginning two bad
mistakes w.-r1" made; Se:retaiy Bayard
and Attorney General Garland have file d
the positions just ns the better informed
class of people predicted they would, that
Is on the cipher plan. Ex President Cleve
land will retire to New York and engage
with n law linn ns counsellor arid remain
an honored Iti'-u of the United Hiaii s.
A month ago I was havpy!" is a declar
ation of Bry in W. l.rocior the poet. Mo
were lots of other folks, who are now
telling people In decided natural tones:
"Got at-ikI in my head." ilut there is
till hat-dines to lie secured; a bottle of
Dr. Bull's tough Hyrup will cure nnv
cough or cold.
A Prospecting Tonr, Nt. 6, by Oar
Special Correspondent.
Editor of Tbi ExTinraisic:
Los Angeles. Cal , Feb. 21, '89.
The great state of Calilornia Is a world
within ite-lf, probably no other country
has within an equal area, such a diversity
of climate, soil and productive capacity.
Bountiful resources In rich m'nes, mighty
forests, slock and grain farniB, vegetable
and flower gardens, liopieal and decidu
ous fruits. The scenery Is grand, the cli
mate delightful. Snow is seen on tue
mountain tops over half the year, while in
the valleys there is perpetual spring and
summer. Between these two extremes
Here are all shades of lentperniure.
Summer and winter seasons differ but
little. Peoplu wear the same cloihing the
year round and sleep under the same
blanket" in July and January. Sle p like
children and rise in tho morning fresh
and vigorous, the nights are always cool
tne days warm and sunny. The. sun has
smiled upou us twenty days out of twen'jt
one sineo our arrival on the golden shores.
There are usually from twenty to thirtv
days of rain during the winter mouths and
the average Tain fall is about stxtoen
inches, but it never rains here in the Bum
summer, and this is well, lor they could
not be successful In curing raisins und
euro Inn on ninny other kinds of business
tint requires perpetual sunshine, pro
ducts representing a large amount of
wealth and bringing Into this state a large
revenue. The descriptions I have read ot
California are not overdrawn, it Is even
more helitltilul and wonderful even than 1
had pictured ill my linmaginution. The
laet that the population in this stnto has
doubled since 1880, proves its many ad
vantages and attractions. The "boom" has
gone with the speculators and rent estate
gamblers, and those who have come to
huild "homes" and develop the natural
resources have come to stay. II w Cali
lornia grows upon people und entwines
linelflu their affeclious Is testified to by
every one w ho has spent any length of
time in the country. Everyone who
comes to dwell here may live undei his
own vine and fig tree. And the ease with
which delightful home surroundings may
be secured in this fuvored land and enjoy
ed twelve months in the year, is a magnet
of no mean power in drawing people to
this winterless sliinate In the cities are
large mansions in the midst ol spacious
grounds, with walks and drives winding
through floral beauty and hid beneath
bending foliage, the whole adorned with
plants and shrubs Is made a very Eden of
loveliness, and at a moderate expense com
pared with what it would cost where tho
atmosphere is cold and the growth less
profuse. But small Inexpensive cottages
of neat design will make a home no less
charming, nature is as kind to the poor as
those ot larger means, and a cottage borne
may here be made a veritable bower of
content and happiness. '
LosAngeies the"Cily of the Angels" is
called ih strawberries and cream of tho
Golden State, its climate is a'mospheric
perfection, a city of groves and gardens,
fruits and flowers, "Where eveiy prospect
pleases and only man is vile." There are
large orange orchards and vineyards with
in the city limit. The lofty Sierra Matlrie
range of mountains north presents sink
ing sublime scenery while the I in mens
plains stretching away to the southward,
diversified bv rolling grass-covered hills
and lesser mountain ranges. Orchards,
vineyardaand attractive homes, around
which perpetual flowers bloom and the
air as pure as the breath of Innocence
Orange (roes bending beneath their bur
den, rebuke us by their fruitfulness,or lead
us into temptation of taking that which
is not ours. Thousands of acres in lem
ons, peaches, pears, prunes apricots, nec
tarine plums, pomogranlis, and all kinds
of berries. Here are many kinds of nuU,
almonds, pecan, and English walnut trees,
said to be very profitable. There Is a sup.
ply ot fresh vegetable the table all the
year round. On the market I notice, peas,
beans, tuttice, cauliflower and strawber
ries. We were passing along one of the
avenues yesterday with a slect company
admiring the great beauty aud variety ol
flowers, when a girl with a face like
spring ctme nut ol a bower and gave each
of us a bouquet. We thought this a very
nice act of kindness to do strangers and
were much delighted (I mean with the
flowers). How old she is has nothing to
do with the nnrative, (this is not a love
story), bull will say she was much ad
mired by tho one that has the pleasure ol
making these remarks. For the lover ol
horticullnre and One homes a grander
sight than Is here presented could not be
found. The graceful pepper with spread
log bough and trembling leaf vibrating
with every motion of butterfly's wing In
vites to grateful shades and calm reflection.
The orange ereniilal in its loveliness,
trev of romance in every age and In all
climes, emblem of uuily and concord of
romance and wealth. The maidem dreams
of its blossoms that shall glorify her bridal
wreath; the young man of the prortts thai
accrue from the golden fi disenabling him
to establish his home in comfort and sup
ply his warns with ease. Then there is
the Olive Herald ol peace and reminder
of the mount l swn (1 memory; the lily
with white wings, the radiant rose, the
morn i ni: glories maiding In the passing
breeze, the foothills fresh and vernal
where wild flowers peep from for.y cov
erts. Ships at se in the distance, others
anchored in th hsrlair. All nature as
glad as a song of Joy 'n the morning. All
earth and sea and air and sky conspire to
make this midwinter day as charming as
the mofct perfect June day In Ohio. Speak
ing In silent ebvMieneo r . revW'M
i .. .
Washington Letter.
' From our togular Correspondent. v.,'
Washington, Feb'y 23, 1889. !
Mr. A. P. Edgerion, who Cleveland re.
moved from the Civil Service Commis.
sion in order to appoint Mr. Thompson,
of South Carolina, has written an. open
letter to Cleveland and which has been
enjoyed here this week. Of course, Mr.
Edgerton Is a "sore head," and had he
not been removed from office would never
have publicly expressed such opinions,
but that does not mar tho enjoyment
which the flnying lie gives Mr. Cleclind
imparts to many people hereabouts, par
ticularly Deinia rats in the Sam Randall
stripe The lack of space prevents my
sending the entire let'er. but the followiug
opinion of a Democratic Piesldent by a
Democrat Is ton good to be lout: "Mr
President, with due courtesy to the high
ofilce you hold, allow nie to say that you
are a very peculiar man, a positive man.
positively wrong or positively right, and
therefore, tin unsafe man to trust; and
that element In your characier, I believe,
led to your defeat. You are a mnn who
would not let your reul friends udinonish
you with fret dom and conflJenee, and as
a result you have suffered for the waul of
friends, aud your wrecked greatness has
discoved that there is no true success in
lite without the power and blessing of
friendship You have been taught that
g-eal men wiib destinies are not always
wise, except in their own conceit."
Business in Congress is getting luto a
terrible muddle these last days of the sea
slon and Utile else is likely to be accom
plished, in fact it will not be surprising
if one or two of the regular appropriation
hills fail lo get through.
The Omnibus Territorial bill has at last
passed, und has now gone to the Presi
dent. The people of Son'h Dakota under
this act, will on May 14tli,.v..to upon the
adoption of the Sioux Falls Constitution;
also the location of the capital. On Ihe
same date the citl.i7.ens of Noth Dakota,
Montana und Washington may vote for
delegates lo constitutional c inventions
and for State officers. On the first Tues
day in October the people may vole upon
the constitutions proposed by the conven
tions, and if adopied, alter the President's
proclamation to that effect, the Goverunis
of each may order an election of members
to the legislature aud of Representatives
in Congress. The legislature may meet
and elect two Senators each, in time to
take iheir seats at the beginning of the
first regular session of the Fifty fimt Con
gress, at which time the Representatives
shall also be admitted to seats.
All hope of any legislation at this ses
sion looking toward a settlement of the
indebtedness ol the Pacific Coast rsilrords
to ihe Government, has been abandoned,
and Senator Stewart has offered a resolu
tion authorizing the Stnaie committee
having the matter Iq chsrgeo sit during
the recess. It seems to bo an impossibil
ity for Congress to make these wealthy
0 r "'rations pay Uncle Sain what they
owe him.
I he Direct-tax bill, ader muny tips and
downs, has passed Congress, and is now
In the bands of Ihe President Owing to
the delay in agreeing to toe conterence
report, which was Meinlngly intentional,
many people believe that the measure Is
to get what Is known as s pocket veto,
that is, it nisy fail to receive the Presl
dent's signature before the 4th of March,
which would effectually kill it Others
believe that he will veto It and take the
occasion to say n few farewell words po.
Representative Butterwoith has Intro.
duced a resolution to appropriate f 150,000
for the entertainment of the members ol
the Canadian Parliament on their trip
through the Slates. He thinks great good
would result from such a visit.
Success results Irom merit Hall's Veg
etable Sicilian Hair Keuewer Is placed
More the public solely on its merits. Il
success is Indisputable
For a weak stomach, impaired digestion
and all disorders of the Liver, use Ar-thto-phon
l-a. It acts like magic; a few doses
will be found to work wonders on the most
important or-nn in the system. F D Felt.
The W. and L. K. Uy. Co.. will sell
round tripexcurslon tickets at one fare,
(1210) lo Washington, I). C. Feb. 28 lo
M iicii U; good returning until March o
Home over the reliable 1'enu. Co. or B. it
O. I.'y. from Pisttehiirgh.
F. W. Hakmo, Agt.
Nherin-f Male.
Ohio Farmers' Iuiur-) In Lorain County,
auce Co. vs 0., Oourt ol Common
A. A. M'ltbnck et al. ) fleas. Case No. ''.
Order ol sale lot nelosure ol mortgage.
)u pursuance ol an order Issued tmm Ihe
Court ol Common I'luase within and (r tlio
Comity ol Lorain and Mats of Ohio, made at
the June term thereof, A. 1. lHsH. and lo me
directed, I lll offer for sale at public auction
at the north door of the court house, In the
village of Klyrta. on
between the hours of Id and II o'clock a. m. ol
said day, Hie tallowing described real estulo,
to wit:
Rltuate In the township of PenOeld. County
of Lorain and HUttn of Oliloaud knowu as part
of lot number eighteen (IS) bounded on the
north by land formerly owned by li. C. Rork
woodi east by land formerly owned by B.
Lewis and U. C. Hock wood, aoutn by soctlon
Hue and west by township Hue, containing
fltty-dve acres. This deed is Intended to con
vey and does convey all the land deeded by
Abel aud Kollln Khepard (by their guardian
Isaac Vanlieusenl to O. K. and (I. W. Ktarr
and dated Dee. 4, 1HW), also all the land deeded
byCliirliida K. and Charles Mhepardto a. W.
audi). K.ritarr and dated l)eo. 2SI. ISM), and
recorded In records ol Lorain county In Vol.
1ft. l'ttite im. and also In Book 15 Page ltd. In
said record ol deeds jilso one other piece of
land In Wellington township. Lorain county,
Ohio, and bounded and described as follows:
being one aere of land taken from the north
went corner of what was known as the John
Howk furm and taken from original lot No,
twenty-two (Si) and bounded bealnnlng at or
near the north-east corner of land owned by
Charles Howk! thence south twenty rodst
tlieneerast eluht rods; thence north twenty
rodsi thunce west eight rods to place of he-
J Inning. Hnld boundrtessre exclusive of the
ilghwav. but the land In front of said lot to
the center of the highway Is lucludrd in this
Hsld premises has been appraised 1st parcel
at tl.KT0.U0, 2nd parcel at U.WM aud cannot
sell for less than two-thirds of said appraise
ment. .
.' vile M-.", u:i iyi.fs"le
. i.. ........... .u. A. fOUMHt,
I Attorney. Fberlff of Lorain Co.,0
- inn M a I
Absolutely Pure.
Thlsouwdei utiver vsriun. A inuriel ul pant),
strunutli ami wliok-Homeues. More ecouomU'.i.
than the orillm.n kliiils, mid cannot he i-olll li
competition with tbt miiltititdnol low tccl, short
weight, ilium or plmnphnte ponders, Hold only ll
run.. Uoyul Making I'ow.l.-r Co., lull Wnllst
N. I.
Wo EtUl hold tho
Front Bank
in fifni-'iitig Iresh fiist-cluss
and Tobacco.
By an experiencec
hand, always on hand
Prompt deliveries madt
to tho remotest part o;
the corporation.
Very Respectfully,
"Golden Days"
Handsome Klxteen-Pnge Illustrated Weekly
Tfci Liuest d Fissst h.ailt Publi:i.::t
Its reading matter Is of the best and meets
the entire approval, as Its great success clear
ly denotes, of parents and teacuers. and all
those wbo have the moral welfare of children
at heart. TKR.M8:
Subscription to "nmnrs Dvs" S.100 pel
anuum. jit.n r.i, tnoo.'v, runiisiier.
1'hlladelphla, I'a
Smipmrxts Kon Wkkk Endi.io Feb 27
Cheese VXi pkgs.. weighing 3o.'172 Hit
Butter 142 " " 7.0117
OblublanUatd 10
Young America io
Family Favorite
Qnovrul rrtxliti-t-
Butter, dairy, per ll..... 0.13 -i 0.
Creamery hitler (' It)....
Chickciie.ilreased.pcrtt.. I.07 ( 0
Kgga, pel do.
Beef per Ctrl
Ham, smoked, pur IT. . .
New Potutocs, per bush
Tallow, per 11... .
Hickory Nuts
Hides, per II
. 0.00
llonnd rtrwk
Shoulder Mek
Apples. dried, In quart.
, era and cored, per It. 0.08
Apples, sliced 02 I
Wool ... O.lfl I
Oralu, l-'lonr mii1 F-n
Floar,persack(4.)..IJil.40 1.
Fresh Roasted
Graham flour, erci
Corn menl.percwt....
Chop, per rwt
Middlings, pnrcwi....
Bran, per cwt
Oil Meal, per cwt
Corn, shelled, per bush
. in i-.r, ;-i.f li'i!. .
Wut .. .... ......
Oats per bns
,' .00
, 1. 00
, 0.00
, 0.00
n rn
, 0 .0U
Thirty Days.
Wc will make
Dress Goods,
Blankets, Comfortables,
Flannels, ClOakings,
Hosiery, Gloves, &c.
We have made a special bargain counter
'or a line of '
.Dress Goods
That is worth inspection.
We are obliged to buy
A little earlier than usual
and are now placing them
on .our counters.
a low price on
ft w
Business !
Wellington, Ohio.
. . . .- -. : i

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