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B.SMITU, ProprUtoi.
Fast fulls the event do, 't a ao.
The words wore uitorca sort und low,
The sll d cueelt, the furrowed bnw.
The loclu ull wn te w th w :.t t'b anow,
Thoae, tboio, alas I th y ;o t.fy
Tho evoning of my day la Ly.
I did not tMntt, at dnwnlnj d y,
Bo bw ft tho mo-n woaid f.y awry)
Nor did 1 i ro: m nt rc;:ul uooa
That evantldu o iul .1 earn ) to jod ;
1 d d out era i tlilnlt to le
tM old nod holmes i as you nee.
It aecm'd at morn to very f;.r
Ere I should reach tho evening star;
At noon 1 at 11 f It youny unJ stronff,
All full of hop?, all fu.l of eoig.
And a(;e ioora'il ever f.ir uw. y.
Until I felt its Witoormj sway.
Alas I I find una'. apace hctvoem
Tao mornln? w th ta th jo und shoen
And evenug w th tti i;loomy th de,
W tb all Us loaJ of h tos iloo. y. d.
Ah, he.trt, tho t: ut . I can not b.clo.
Around mo fulls tao i'maito.
Tve almost r inched We r.vcr'a brlnlt,
The co'.d. d :rli rtrcam from wh ch we
Hopo prmntocd nuj'i hut little g ive,
My lorwa d loolt : i ibut.i tho i; uvo;
Xt.it there's a irnr.it .0 I Imv3 huurd
That in my need ibt i a d ulford.
A r chcr pronilu. I : in Bay,
Than ir y of tny early d y.
It noothcs my i. ran l..,o hciU'n:; kulin,
It llllBmy hou!. t ' :b:'i it . al.n:
Hsir w.hnrn p. 1 my fa I a ; a.tfht
Ai crontiilo I: siiud bo I.bjU"
Not like tho rart ant 1 or morn.
When il::y i;nd tyy;a ;:i- ;:::y!y born.
That utiles to i;u e ly (rain Uu k CB,
Wo weep la oar i;w ; r.il i tirpr.se.
I'ut thl,w.ll il ht my pa hway thr ujh,
Tdl I bfh'in l.fe'd:y unow.
Annul). I) it'; r, ii iiralianat Work.
Tbe Mystcr? of Tur?sy's Feint
Alrrnnn or " Wai.tkii h rowitpin n " "tlru
ahd 0 hi:i Stohies.
I Cop-jrVff, ti'j the A. X Et'.lyg I'ewt
pap:r Company.
A ktai:tl::.i1 i:i:vu: ation.
"Now you dosplso mo, don't youf" Bald
the pale bountiful woman, in u voice bo god
Hint it fell liko a funeral tvuil upon his oar.
" No, no, 1 can't say that I " Allen (rroanej.
"llowtould I have boon no deceived I "
" Do you for'ivo mof "
"Yea, yoa, for IIouvcu knows it has not
been your fault!"
"I will cvor ba a nistcr to yon, Mr. Gray,
nd asyouBuvotltho life of my little brother
t tho risk of your own, I shall over bold
you in grateful remembrance" Llko one
tupeflod, Allen Btood leaning ufjalnst a troo,
f-izing at bar and half believing that it wai
Il a dream. At lost ho said :
" Who U your husband f Thut dark wbla
kered maul"
She nodded hor bond in answer. Bhe waa
Tvceping softly.
" Unnt Iltmen! lit her hmhandl" Eo
sjros more than twice as old u she. and
there was nothing oongcnlal in their
She rose to go, but, putting out one hand,
lio gently touched her arm, and In a voioo
f stony calmnoss said :
"No.no, mudame, do not go yet; ills time
that I should bavo uo explanation. I have
been buffottnd about by the varying winds
cf fortune, till I have grown weary of it;
let me know the wholo truth all of this
mystery, and if I have any honor in my
oul, I will Loop your socrct."
. Huo was weeping softly.
Do you blamo me I" she asked again.
"No; you bavo perhaps never (riven mo
any cause to believe you wero sin glo, save
vhen you culled yourself Ccr'.ha Collins.
I Buppusiid thut you wcro Mlns Collins.
" ily Knglisb enmo is Col.im. tho French
la Collicur, or Do Collio.ir. My lifo has
' Iron such a sad ono that I do not know as
it would Interest you. However, as you have
befriended mo, if you inuint on knowing all,
you Bhall."
Alien won seemingly u calm now as if
ho hail tK-en iu bis tHit-o transacting somo
ordinary businoss. His face might bavo
bown some faint signs of the agony that
was torturing his soul, but could not havo
conveyed any thing liko an adoquato repre
. ontation of the sufferings ho was endur
ing. He calmly bade bor sit down, and ro-took
bis place at ber side.
u Mrs. Collins, regard me as your brother,"
lie with an effort said "as a brother very
far away one whom you will perhaps never
eo again, but one who will never blot your
Image from bis memory. This has, indood,
been sad romance, but it is almost over.
. The curtain will soon descend between my
aelf and bope forever, but before it falls on
the final act I wont the key to this sod
drama, Thamystcrious stone house on the
bill has been a puule to Turlcy's Point for
years. What is In itt Is It a prison-house
for people, home for the insane, or place
- whereia the floods assemble for incanta
tions and unlawful ritosl "
- It is aiL" be answered, her face deathly
white, ...
1 "Tell me all about it"
-1 will," said toe pretty crosuire, witn a
deep-drawa sigh. "Colonel Collins, as he
M known among bis few English acquaint
asoea, Inherited the stone bouse on the hill
from his father, who built il a great many
years ago. When first erected it was In
tended to be the home of the old monsieur,
bat his wife would not live in It My mother
was French woman and my father an E li
ft ashman. There were but ttireo children In
our family, a brother seven year older than
myself and tho littlo boy whom you remem
ber taking to Mllo. Cutnlllo in Frenchtown.
Throe years ngo my futbr was olive, and
wo wcro a happy, prosperous family. Colo
nol Collins, who had been living nlteniBtc.'y
in France and America, a sort of an ad
venturous life, came to our house In Day
ton, O., wliero father was at the timo known
03 ono i f tho wealthiest merchant In tho
city. 1 felt a peculiar diBtruot of the man
from tho Urst moment I ouw him but father
nryl mother. Mi tlio contrary, scented fasci
nated with him.
"My mother, like myse!f, felt un instinct
ive ropu;Tiiu'.ieo toward her countryman.
Ho o ingratiated htosclf into tho good
P'accs of i:jy fat'aer tlv-t poiucUow I never
knew iu n few weeka ho hud coniploto con
trol over hit business affairs. My poor
brother, fuUh;? Into tin nnuro fot for him,
was led ts tho rramiii'T inblo, which brought
about, among nthor sius, forgone that in a
few months ruiucd our family. I can not
enter Into tho full dotal' and horror of tho
few months that followed.
"Toodd to them, no sooner hud Colonel
Collins gained complete control over the
destinies of every member of our family,
than my father und only protector, died.
Bcforoliis death Colonel Collins proposed
matrimony to nu, iiml, knowing that wo
could not Uvo happily together, I refused
bis offer.
"With mot hor and mv littlo nCicted
brother 1 left oi:r homo in Dayton, and
eomo V.V' t to my mint JI'.lo. Camillo, Iu
FrcucliUnvn. Wo wero very proud, und re
solved to keep our degrading misfortunes
toourselvca. My older brother romained
behind. Iiopiug to save Homctlng for us out I
of tho wrtu li of or.i'oueu handsome fortuno,
though mother und i hail in our own names
properly, tho incoir.e of which would be
umplo for our wants. Wo little dreamed
that in coming to i''tviic!itovii wo woro ncur
Ixi tin r.-i.!"".v).i of tho man whom wo
divided hIxjvo u'.l othcri. Auut Lucilo was
plad to receive ii;-. nad efTo.N.d us a homo
viih lien e.l a i luiif; r.u vr3 would accept it
I intended tcuchn r rnuaie, or Roeuring a
position as u govc: :.:n, nnd we thought wo
could oneo more be li: pny. Jiy littlo deaf
brother never soenici! bo happy us ho was
with lay utint, who doted ou liini.
"Ono ni;;lit tli:'rc cumo a knock ut tho
door, und iny brol her, wild-eyed and hag
I'urd, wus udwiittcd. Ho h.ul only timo to
explain that Ii? was charged with forging a
check on Cihoiu'l Coilin. und was now ily
ing frotn Uii veaL;eauco of tho law, wren
tho door i),K.ii a und Colonel Collins him
self emend. Torltirod by feurs nnd hor
rnrscd by a naa wlnwca fliv.ri'O less than
odeinoii. lay (xmr brother was imbed with
couvulhio.ia, und fur days Ilia lifo was
despaired .f. Colonel Coillns informed mo
thut utilca3 I beeaiao his wlfo my brother,
rejardlei a of rmiilitiou. should bo draped
to priuou. '1 hm would kill both him anil my
mother, end frightened, horrilicd und uu
cui:s''ioii9 it tho uwff.l step I was taking
w..hout loiwultin uny ouo, 1 couiscuted.
1 dared not upiicul to uu o.Tieer to protect
mo from this man; for, bclieviug my brother
to lio a crfcaiimU odeer of tho luw wcro
nic i rt'wt to bo dri-udod.
"1 huvo but u faint recollection of my
marriage-- lur.t us if it was a frightful
drcuin. V.'tieu 1 cumo to reulizo thut 1 was
his uluio.it soul und body 1 resolved thut
I would inuho bim as good a wifo as I could
without loving him, and determined to pro
tect my funiily. lio bad us sccrotly
conveyed to tho stone bouso on tho hilL
There we huvo lived, ho holding as a con
stant menace over mo tho instruction of my
mother und insane brother, who are inmates
of that house. Whilo I do not love my hus
band, and was forced Into murrlage with
him, yet as God is my witness 1 have mode
bim as good a wifo as bo would lot me, and
I shall live and die loyal to my marriage
vows. Uo wanted mother and I to assign
over to bim the property wo hold in our own
names, but this wo refused to do, deter
mined to save It for my ufuicUxl brol hers.
Uo flew into such a rugo at our diobedienoo
that we feared ho would do my littlo dumb
brother somo burin, or send him away where
we should never soo him aguia. It was then
that I, for that child's suite, dared make the
visit to yoa and enlist your sympathies in
bim, as you remember. Yon may think it
unwomuuly, immodest, but If you could re
alize what was at stake you would overlook
the Imprudence of tho act. At my aunt's the
littlo Uiy v.'us among loving friends, while
ut tho old stone house on the hill ho was not
only miserable but in constant dungcr of
bumg taken away from us, where wo should
nover see him again."
'-Mrs. Collins, your conduct on th' t occa
sion U quite praiseworthy, instead of merit
ing censure," assured Alien, "but why do
you livo with such a monsterl The luw will
give you a divorce."
-I am a Cutboiiu," she answered, "and
neither does my religion or my consci nee
npprovo of divorces. No, sir, ny littlo
brother is safe from his persecutions, my
insane brother can not livo Irng end pother
and I will enduro rough usago und imprison
ment until death shall release os from bon
dage. Bho will not lcavo no, for eho thinks
my burden would bo doubled If sho was not
hero to sharo It. 1 promised, although undor
duress, to live wi.b him until death do us
part, end I will keep that prombo." "
Alico's head was bowed upon bis hand.
At last, with a troubled sijjh, ho asked)
"What Is his molivo for this strango con
duct. Is bo un outlaw, as has been
charged f"
"No, sir; bo la astrunge nun, law-abiding
In tho common acceptation of tho term, but
self-willed, cunning und unscrupulous in tho
accomplishment of bis dosigns. In his cold,
selfish way ho lues mo, but his is a love to
blight rather tbun bless. Ills extravagance
ba frequently pccuniarlyonibarrasscd bim,
and It is at such times thut bo does not
scruplo at any means to try to force from
mother und I our proporty."
"What uro those strunge sights and
sounds seen and heard ut the stono houso
on tho hillt'
"No doubt the reports of them have been
greatly mugnificd by persons behoving the
placo haunted. Tho lights are made by a
peculiar maglo lantern with which my in
sane brother some times amuses himself.
Uis shrieks and laughter, which ha driven
so many horror-str eken away, are but the
ravings of a mad man. You know olL Mr.
Gray," she said, rising. "It Is not proper
that I remain longor. Rc-rrots that we bad
not met soonor are useless it is useless
for us to think of each otbor at all. Allow
me to thank you for daring what you did.
My husband was vary angry at you for
thwarting him, lad hr would have killed you
at that time if he could."
'Did he nbuso you for III"
"Not mora than he has on other occa
sions." "Was be Jealous."
"Oh no, be know that my motive was
only to thwart him, and save my unfortunute
little broUter Claude. Now, furowolll Igo
back to my moth rand duty I Ood approve
this sacrifice, I am sorry that I am forced
to complain of my husband, and this story
told for the first time shall nover bo re
peated. I shall remember you tn my pray,
rs .but but we must never aee each
other again farewell."
She sobbed bitterly. Allen took ber
hand, reverently touched It to bis Up, and, I
unable to utter a word, whoukid about and
loft the secno. ' 1
. (XC1.CK1N.
Allen Gray found t'.i n ...
of hi
life at Turley's Point irksome.' ' He kept I
tho secret of tho old house on tho hill to I
himsolf. As bo had no hope of improving !
his business at tho Point, and he found it '
daily growing moro unploasant, ho dotor
mSiod to mul;o a cbango; although be of
fered his press and material vory cheap, no
one could be found to take him up.
Drlvon to duaporatlon he at last bo-
thought him of a scheme, whereby he might
bo able to dispose of the U afem Republic.
Tbo30 politicians and statesmen, Messrs,
Simmons and Btrong, learning nothing from
derout, continued to war upon ouch othor.
Thoy hud audclent money to purchuso the
newspaper, and, as Toncy Barnes began to
evince a desire to enter tho jouruulKtio
field, ho determined to make some usooi
the poet.
"Toney, can't you get Mr. Strong to buy
the IPenUrn UepubUc and put you in as ed
itor!" Allen asked tho ioet ono day, as be
came into tho oflleo with a fresh roll of man
uscript, "I don't kuow; I will see him ubout it,"
said Toiicy,his faco becoming joyfully bright.
It was an easy mutter to sot Miss Hopkins
after Tom Simmons, and when Tom learned
that thci'O was danger of Strong purchas
ing tho paper und using it as a lever to
crush him, be ciado hasto to raise the
money and buy tho concern himself.
Thus released, Allen Orny, unmoved by
tho sighs, tears und delicate Insinuations
of Miss Hopkins, quitted the duU little Mis
souri town, and in Chicago sought now
Holds of labor, with little hopes, howovor, of
driving from his mind the Bad memories
of the past.
Ue soeured a position ua reporter on one
of tho grout city dailies, and for a year his
lifo ran on with but littlo to disturb it
daily routlno. Oao evening ho hud just
come into tho main oHlee, wheu tho editor-in-chief
sent him to tho sceno of a railroad,
disaster, which a telegram had announced
but a moment before his arrival. Tlio wreck
was only a l'o'.v milc3 from the city, uud a
special eur took himr.elf and several other
newspapermen with him.
Darkness bad ulready onvoloped tho
landscape, couceallii much of tho ghastly
horror, when tho sccua was reached. It
was a broken bndgo and thore wcro shat
tered couches und mangled passengers in
tho henp. Tlio reporters set to work, first
assisting tho surgeons and their aids in res
cuing the wouiidcd from the dark mass
of ruins.
Allen Gray dragged from bonoath a
broken car a slight form. That palo face
and thoso long golden trcssos were famillur
to him, und holding the insensible girl close
to a lantern lie gasped:
"My Coil, ItlsBortha!" Gently bo laid
her upon the greensward and called a sur
geon to bor side.
Tho gray-haired man of science bont ovor
her, placed his car to her chest, and said
her heart still beat. Restoratives were ad
ministered, nnd sho began to rcvivo. Allon
turned nway and noted scvoral UfoleBS
forms lying at tho sido of the track. Among
them was t.io dark-whiskered Frenchman,
tho husband and evil genius of llortbo.
Even in death there was a look of fiendish
satisfaction upon his haughty faue.
Calmly Allen wont about the wreck, and,
hurriedly writing up tbo uff.ilr, took it to a
reporter on a rival paper und said :
"Luko, I am In great distress 'o-night,
and I wish to ask a favor of you. You may
think I am asking too much, but wben you
"Mr ood, it is niainu!"
come to learn all, ycu will uot blame .ne."
"What is it, Allen I" Luko asked, in amaze
ment. "Take my rert, aud ut tho first station
telegraph It to my paper."
Tbcy hod now enmo near enough to a
lantern for Luke to boo bis compuulon'
"Why, AUen, what Is tho matter with
you I" ho asked; "you look as if you bad
seen a fjbost."
"I found a friend hero"
"Not dead yet, but c'ao Is badly injured.
Go to tho oilco and explain all to tho editor-in-chief."
"I wUL"
With the first car Allon wont back to tho
city. On tbo scat at his side, her bcud rest
ing on his shoulder, was a palo, beautiful
young woman, her long roldcn hair stream
ing in rippling waves down her bark. Bhe
was under tbe influence of narcotics nnd
groaning with pain.
"Does tho young leddy goto a 'ospitall"
asked tho coachman, as Allen lifted hi still
unconscious burden Into a carriage
"No; to tho Palmer Uouse."
To the hotel they drovo, and socurlngone
of tho best rooms, be hud the most skilled
surgeons called and a nurse engaged.
Much of his timo was spent nt hor bed
sido, and when thoso sweet bluo eyes first
opened Imbued with reason, thoy fell upon
the palo, anxious faco of tho young odi tor.
For days showai too wock to talk, but
when sho grow strong onough ho told bor
all. Sho then Informed him that her mother
and oldest brother were dead, und her hus
band having bcomo unbearable, she was
flying from him at tho timo of the accident.
At the last stop before it occurred, be hav
ing come ahead of ber on another route,
had boar Jed hor car. lie hud Just found
her and swore he would kill hor when there
was a crash as if Heaven and earth wore
meeting togothor, and she knew no more. '
AUon ascertained that hor aunt was now
living at Dayton, and telegraphed ber to
come at onoo to hor injured niece. Tondorly
as a brothor the reporter cured for her
until Mllo. Camillo came. i
Youtlt, health and a strong constitution
wore on Bortha's side, and sho roc.overcd
very rapidly. When Mllo. C'umillo cam
sho brought the little dumb boy, who was
rejoiced to see his sister nnd his companion
on that long dark ride.
Bortha's recovery v. us ho rapid thut toon
after her aunt arrival sho was thought to
bo well enough to go homo with her. When
Allen came W bid her adieu ho said : t '
" I have one request to make of youf , .: .'
'Wlaitl.ilt:"TiltoRikod. '
'Tln'.t yii-KT!uit ne to correspond with
For a i.ioiumit. a look of paiu swept over
tbo pule, beaiitllul fuco, the golden head
bowed in thought, and sh said : ;
' Wait until a yur has elapsed." ' i
"IV u, not before, but remember that I will
evor hold you in grateful romembraneo."
Their porting was simply as frlonds.
Bertha looked vory pretty in widow'
weeds, for she insisted on wearing mourn
ing for tho man who In lifo bad mode her
Allen waited anxiously for the hour whon
all restrictions should bo removed. Moan
while ho was becoming ono of tho foremost
nowspap-r men of tho timo. From rcportor
ho bail reachod tho position of city editor on
ono of tho largoat und most widoly known
dui'.ios In Chicago.
Tho yoar gono by, Allon wrote, and in due
time received an answer. Tho correspond
ence booumo regular, und at tho end of an
other six mouths a leave of absence wo
granted tho overworked city editor, who
biod away to some pluco in Ohio.
Reaching Di.yton, he hires a carriage and
orders the driver to tako him to MUo.
Camlllo's. As tho carriage draws up to the
. i. i. I
fc HUH v3 " V V" v. ir
liftS,. I I '1,'4.,V"'
prolly cottugo gate, thoro standing by it,
awaiting him more beautiful und youthful
In appearance than when ho had scon her
on the bluff bathed In tho golden light of
the sotting sun. was tho samo angelic creat
ure, whom ho had loved so long.
Uo sprang from tho carriage Thoro
being no buri icr to chock their natural Im
pulses, heart met heart in ono long raptur
ous embraeo. Claude camo to shako tbe
band of his friend, und ovon MUo. Camilla
could muster up suQciont English for a de
lightfu 1 conversation.
Allen was so long mlssiug from his desk
that his associates began to wnndor what
was the causo of his protracted absonce,
Tho managing oJitor sccaod to know tho
causo, though ho kept hu own counsel.
At It. t Allen returned to his post, bright,
smiling and huppy. Luke, who was now
associated willi him. on tbo sumo papor,
ssked him a groat many questions in re
gard to his visit, all of which Allen evaded.
A few days later, however, when ho met
tho city editor on tho s'.rcct, accompanied
by the prottiest bluo-eyed, goldcn-halrcd
creature he had over seen, who was intro
duced to bim by bor proud husband as Mr.
Allon Gray, light began to break in upon
his darkonod mind, and ho thought he
understood fully tho causo of Allcu's pro
tracted absence.
A tow weeks after his marrlago and re
turn to Chicago, Allen received a letter
from Toncy Barnes, accompanied by a
poem for which be hoped Mr. Gray would
find a publisher. Toncy stated among other
items of nows that Simmons and Btrong
bad at last succeeded In financially ruining
each other. Tbe WuUrn Republic hod sus
pended soveral months bofore, and Mis
Hopkins bod "married a widower over on
the Island with nlno children." He con
cluded by saying that tho people were all
moving away from Turley's Point, and tl
old Mont home on th hill had long tlnot
been deserted.
A Dying Parent's Kxwllsnt Adiic to His
Korrowlnr Children.
ScU every thing, suffor every thing In tbe
way of deprivation, wa a dying parent'
dvico to children, but keep the bouse to ; I
togorlicr in, whatever bcfalL It wa sound
advice. So long as thoso children, young or
old, had a roof, they could suffer nnd be
strong togothor. Their wants, their dep
rivations, wcro their own, and not pubUo
property. If needs must that they starve,
they could starvo in silence and dignity,
with nono but themselves the wiser or the
worse. All their littlo shifts wore not sub
jects of general discussion; thoir work wo
not on Inspection; strungcrs woro not able
to Interfere among them, or to sow dissen
sions thereby, or to alienate affection.
Close togntbor, in tbe habitual contact of
daily lifo, tbcy could only bo bound the
moro closely Iu habits of thought, in love
and in mutual concern
And tbo roof-tree wo responsible for italL
The roof tree was tbo bond and the pro
tector; It took tho placo of parent; it was e
shield and bulwark uguinst tbo world. No,
the experience of scattered und ship
wrecked fumilios has everywhere proved
thut much discomfort, much misery, might
huvo b-ron spared them hud they clung to
gether in ono homo ; that tboso who have a
home should keep It; it is their safety la
worldly an-J material comfort Purt with
land, pirt with jowcls, part with heir
looms, keepsakes, treasures, but keep
tbe house so long us tho BtlcLs
and timber bold together. It Is a
stronghold ; it h a castle, however poor und
old; Wurwirk Custlo itself no butter for ts
purposes. It is not merely that, " be it ever
so humblo, there's no pluco liko home," but
thut It Is homo, tbo single spot where ono
reigns, whore ono Is unfettered und fully
ono's self, whore ono has cue's tools und
equipments loosely und ut cane about one,
wbero one is at largo liberty, whore ono ex
ists satisfied with tho natural lovo of kin, if
other love is denied one, a place to retire
and withdraw in, to feel safely and protec
tion In, to live in, and at lust to die In. liar
tw'l Bazar.
Gloss and stiffness can be produced on
collars, cuffs and shirt bosoms by first put
ting them through a pretty stiff, clear boiled
starch, and then drying tbcm, after which
tbey should bo dampened with the follow
ing solution: Ono ounce of fine raw starch,
ono-quurtor ounce of gum arable, one pint
of water; beat the water to dissolve the
gum, lot it cool and then stir In the starch
and udd the white of ono egg; boat the
whole well togothor before using. Apply
Vigblly with a sponge und use a polishing
iron properly to dovelop the gloss.
Macakoos.-Pound flue the meat of
hickory nut and add ground nutmeg and
spice; make frosting n for cakes, stir In
tbe meat and ipioes, putting In enough to
make' it convenient to handle; flour tbe
bands, make the mixture into boll tbe (lie
of nutmeg, lay them ea buttered tin, giv
u.g room to spread, and bake In a quick
oven. .
Toe Increase of money circulation in the
United States since tbe resumtlon of specie
payment m 187V I ftt3.488.8tx3, exclusive of
gold and ailveronrtiflcato and legal teader
in Government vaulto. .. ,
The Oldest Furniture Store in Town,
Having had 36 competitors and still lives.
Furniture of all designs can be
had at our rooms at living prices.
Undertaking attended to with the usual
promptness, accompanied by a Funeral
A. G & G. L. COUCH.
Now offered by
The West Side Grocer.
Regular 60c Golden Syrup 42c per gallon.
Extra fine cooking Molars at 50 &60cpergaL
Case's clean sweep 40o Tobacco at 32c per lb.
The best flDur in tb.3 wnrld at ordinary pric33.
The finest prizes with 3 iking Powder ever offered
Also Fresh RDisted OoTje, Fre3h Oysters, Fresh
Groceries and Provisions of all kinds at the low
est living prices.
Goods Delivered Promptly in the Corporation.
KEW aOGr&rxrG? cart?,
Is the best Cart in the market and will ride as
easy with a boy weighing 25 pounds as a man
weighing 250.
Druggi3t and Optician,
SCRAP BOOKS-A fall line. ,
PAPETEBIES la late designs.
FINE STATIONERY end writing materials.
NEW PUBLICATIONS, selected with reference to perma
nent value and to meet all tastes.
LIBRARY SETS-of standard works.
CHEAP BOOKS-A large assortment.
1 and Bagter.
TRATED BOOKS. POEMS m leather bindings. JUVEN
ILE BOOKS in great variety. Optical Goods, Art
Goods, Perfumery, Tm'M ArhVles, and
West Side Public Square,
Power Cutter with
' A dbw Invention tor cutting, splittlnxand thoroughly rtlilnteirniflnu corn fodder, nd cutting
baT.strsiv t,i,i ,-i
7 r . V-A that thoroughly outa and sun
J r II ",r'' fodder, either liunked -
y it If 1 I I juhusked. Eoouoin is wslt
f If Vk I 1 1 1 will list fou to cut your lo
A " ' tier on a Tornado. Cuttle wl
XZT II M f f 1 1 est It up entirely elxsii, tin
M" . i 11 I J - "'-if much wsate, hnalrt
. i I V V avoiding troulilfsonie unrotti
, ll.T (lorn vtHlks Iu the manure ull
of tOO revolutio,.., per nin.u.. .iihki... iiieTornsdo the fBBteat cutter In the world, rodder
cut on this machlue Is not left In pieces with stmrp corners or edges, to chub Bore mouth, but
Is thoroughly pulverized, avoiding all such danger. Atrial will convince you that you can
ave one half your feed by ualna a Tornado Cutter the only perfect cutter In the msrket.
Special discount to the trade. Now lathe time to arrange for territory. Write lor Catalogue
giving prices and full description. Address, W.K. HAKhlSON A CO.. Canton. 0. ....
fl WfflC
l.w'.eW".t1 MHiww rmiwwnwiwwt nrjs
"""i l abtawlr r wl rtoor. an wlU kH. yea rTU
I nm ntM. i0 u.' rnH H4I0 mjo.. oj uk. eix. If yt
VftTTiir. ItiiTn.a .ki.p'i. mm tr 4.rrlMlv rmWiii M A J. towph. jn Klmmn.
Elevator Attached.
mull iimiiU siae, tu a Ihivb meant
i'iwrnize The only machine
l'h (olio lug eut below repre
shta our Cutting Cylinder,
which eau be run ud to a speed
UU ErcrKaie.
th. h.nlMl Moral
I '.
..... . . v. ..-.-'.rH-'. il,. -
,111 in H I 1

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