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5. Tf ."? '
J.B Smith, Proprietor,
loteredbtthe Post-office at WelllnKton as
Second Class mawer, according to Statute.
. im
nexear . 75
fill Months...., "'"
" Three Month! w
Advertising nveoents per line, each insertion.
Bd.ceand Column Raws mad known on appll
ulon. , ,
There will be a People' Caucus In upper
leoraot town hall. Saturday evening next
J30 o'clock. Following olucera will be put m
nomination.. '
coarotATio ticikt.
Three Conncllmen,
One Cemetery Trustee.
TowxgBir Ticitr.
One Trustee, tor S years
One Treasurer. .
Une Asnrnour. nr.,..
Two Supervisorsof highways, East and West
One Justice ol me reaco.
Br Obdii or Co.
Ex PnBstDEST Cleveland has gone on a
visiting t'inr to Cuba.
nM,nVK-T Hawhihok fails to recognize
the appeal mad the Buckeye boys
for portions of prominence.
' CONOtlHWMAS WlCKHAM la k-pt quite
u tn ctiTtBinlnideU'catlonS ircim
UU31 IJW a a I
dill-rent purl of the district in the Inter
est of T'''U" patronage.
e.,....Tip. lnnkinff ud a site for plant
lng manufacturing lutcrests can do no
i . vUit tliis nlace. The high
Ufliri ISJtaaa .
stamllng of morals that exist, church aud
ch'"l privileges are unexcineu. it-hdm-em-nts
will be held out for en In.
ter-t of the kind locating here with a
, ticwof permrwency;
Foil a successor to the vacancy caused
by the d. nth of Associate Justice Mathew.
we know ot no better man for the place
tk,- m nmlev. of Michigan. Mr.
Cool.-y's abilities as a jurist have been
recognized for many years and as Michl
' ran has not had the honor of producing a
mem! tr the bench, we think it nothing
trntamatierarpollcyto give away our
chances lor Michigan. Mr. Odey is at
wrvsent chairman of the Interstate Com
merce Commission and hit name was
tronitly endorsed for the position when
Stanley Mathews was chosen.
Associate J cstice Stanley Matthews of
the Supremo Coprt, departed this life at
M residence in Washington, D. C, after
l.,ng continued illness, Friday, naren
22, ai 10:15 a. ta. Funeral took place
Monday with very impressive ceremonies.
"His remains were brought to Ohio for
' interment The Buckeye State has lost
' one more of her great men. Judge Matth-
ews won a national reputation at a very
. .: Mriy age and as soon as a vacancy took
place on the bench he was called to fill It
.' In his death the nation loses a valuable
Jurist a good citizen and an upright man.
Previous to the cMl war, Ohio was com
paratlvely unknown at the seat of lovem-
went exoopt In represemauve wj. .
President Lincoln took bis seat he se
lected Messrs. Chase and Stanton from
this state a members ot hla Cabinet aad
account of our domestic trouble then
. listing, they soon cam into notoriety.
Later on Sherman and Sheridan, came
Into prominence as military heroes.
General Grant was also an Ohio man by
birth but of course Illinois claimed him
h enlirted from that-state. In 18TJ
we had the executive, the supreme Judge.
ne associate Justice, the general and
lieutenant general of the army, the secre
tary of the treasury, wide from the num
Vsrleaa subordinate positions held by
Buckeyes. . Therefore within the pasi
twemy-elght years Ohio has furnished
two presidents, Ilayet and Garfield i two
supreme Judges, Chase ana
generals of the army. Sherman aad Bherl
dan. Sheridan only held the position a
few days previous to hit death; two sec
tetaries of the treasury, Chase and Sher
an ; two associate Justices, Woods and
Matthews; one speaker of the bouse of
fepresentatlves, J. W. Kelfer. Hon. Jonn
Sherman has also acted as Vice President
titer the death of Thomas A. Hendricks
But now unless some radical changes take
wn will be unrepresented offlcUlly
for a time at least. No official beads In
either the executive, legislative bt Judicial
oVpariroenta. Evidently Ohio has had
her day. .
A Protecting Tour, No 10 by Oar
gpecUl Correapondent.
Idttor oi Tat Esriaraiss!
Copious showers Lave refreshed the
bilk and vales of the Pacific slope In the
peet few days and crowned, clothed ami
carpeted in living green every part of the
-' ' gVwtnus landscape.
. We bad the pleasure ol a delightful
drive out through the country one day last
week First to the Old Spanish Mission
eliwch at SanGabriel, Dine miles from
lew Angeles, a catbellc mission ereciea
ltby'WlT?8,butitlinn a good state
' !- of pwaervaUoo. The walls are of brick
from threo to four feet thick, This wall
la continued at one end bevond the main
' structure through which are seven open
wefcet, bong with a cbtmo ol bells that
awing to and fro, filling tho vale with
musical echoes. W knocked on the
" ftes7 oak doora and waited, presently tha
great boits turned and e stood in the
BKcred pnw of a Patriarch with long
white : hair and sad grey eyes. 0n the
walls were hung life size paintings ot the
twelve apostles. Copies from the original
paintings In Rome. Thisaged priest gave
iw ii, hlHtorv of iaeh Ht)"8tle as we moved
along the aisles. A flueut and complete
description closing etch time uy saying,
yes.'V Deis a Bhlulng success tn dls
criblng the interior of that ancient tern
Ti..ri. I. . nn nuestion about that.
pm. auw.w -
lie did so well I giw im 1
fseventy-flve ctuU In thanks ana twenty
five cents In sliver). He returned the
ihunks but kept the quarter. We passed
out into one of the oldest cemetery's in
the couutry, where the rude forefathers
of the hamlet sleep. All its surrounuinK
are rich with scenes ol pastoral beauty.
Few and simple are the mountains to the
memory of the departed dead, but this
n,,iot featlnff olace far removed from the
n " ' . .
turmoil and never ending unquiemean ui
the city Is bright the year rouna wun
many colored wild flowers. Here the
light and shadows play among me granu
,.m irB nnd tbe birds till the perfumed
uir with song. When my spirit Is called
Minme." when the l liht Ot Hie expires
and the curtain closes around the last
scene of my existence, may my mortal
hit hnrnn to a resting place line
Ibis, aud make my memorial ol music and
We ride on through vineyards,
oruuge groves and peach orchards in full
bloom j to the lauious rancu owneu uy vun
nl Caliloruia's millionsircs, Mr. E. J.
Buldwin, bctier knowu iu the e8t as
Inckv Buldwin." The ranch contains
08.000 acres. There "are large orange
orchards, grape vineyards, vegetable anu
flower gardens, miniature lukes, shady
groves, great meadows, green pastures,
with an artisian well in every noiu, vis
ing .their liquid crystal ; a wild Jungle
rilled with animals that no mun ever
i. nters: the flutst 'thorough" bred horses
horws in the world with thlrty-twi now
In training, flying over a mile track at full
speed. "Lucky Baldwin's" horses won
over one hundred thousand dollars last
season.. These colts are as well developed
at two-years-old as ours In Ohio at three.
ThL Is owing to a climate of perpetual
summer and continual training. A car.
load of these colts will be shipped east
next month to begin the racing campaign
for tbe season of 1&89. We ride for miles
and miles along this ranch along avenues
wlib rows of trees on either side. There
are field after fields with hundreds of fine
horses, and every kind of animal one csn
think of, and all kinds of fowla of the
air and fishes of tbe sea, pea cocks on the
fences with their beautiful plumage touch
ing the ground. A car-load of oranges
are shipped from here every day.
The Sunset Route or Southern Pacific
railroad crosses the ranch and there is a
town and station one mile trom the
"cottage castle" and Plantation Buildings.
We were told to ge wherever we liked
nnd do whatever we liked but be back for
dinner at twelve. (Mr. Baldwin is not
here be lives in his hotel at San Francisco.)
We could take a row-boat across the Iske
that surrounds thecastle or go out through
ihe flower gardens or down where cas
cades play among the rocks In tbe shade,
or eat oranges on the rustic seals in tbe
orange orchards or psss through tbe
"rvnress vista" and Dlay croquet or see
the colored jockey boys riding the
runners, or hear the plantation melodies
of the colored cooks "but bo back la
time for dinner." I have alwayi had a
good deal of sympathy for the poor color
ed people, but I found tome to4ay that
do not need sympathy much. Tbe best
colored Jockey receives a salary ol Tiu,uw
a year and a present of all tbe money be
wjnsamountlng last yoar to $10,000 more.
Twenty thousand dollars a year. There
is not a white man In Ohio that receives
ranch r TIahas a home in Kentucky,
a pretty little colored wife, two or three
black diamonds with pretty white teeth,
bnt I do not think they need to go bare
footed much.
A day was passed inspecting the display
ol fruit made by the San Bernardino
Citrus Fair. The building contains a very
fine exhibition of fruits and Dowers, wnn
here and there oil paintings artistically
arraigned, giving a fine effect. On one
side a bank of orange's one hundred feet
long bore the Inscription, "Checks on this
bank are never dishonored." Mrs. Holt,
Cashier, (they were from her orchard), tbe
Washington Novel variety anrpaas all
others in size and excellence ; the Mediter
ranean Sweet comes next . .
The most beautiful town I have found
near Los Angeles Is Pasadena tome eight
miles distant Here the orange groves
and irardens are verv rich and productive
and handsome villas dot the fair expanse
of vallev. Manv fine residences have been
reeled bv eastern Deoole who have come
here In search ol health, and these are
surrounded by groves and gardens, pre
senting perfect pictures or pace ana
plenty. "A thing of beauty is a Joy
' , California Letter. ; Ti
Bam Diego, Cal., March 19, 1889 '
Editor 0tENTKBPRI8!i
Borne years ago 1 wrote some accoum
of San Diego and its great "boom.": Per
haps your readers may be interested to
know what bas happened since, wen
the boom collapsed of natural limitation
and tbe 25 foot lots that had been staked
out for ten miles around the city and sold
at fabulous prices became nearly worth
less, but Inside property maintained Its
truliiM ivm firVablv well, and large blocks
,..,v 1 . -
of brick buildings, three and rour stones
hi.,i, r. .till balne built. The people are
confident of the future, the banks are
.,url with deposits awaiting investment
and enterprises ol great pitn ana momem
are being Inaugurated and completed.
Amnnir those Inaugurated la the Cuy-
amasa and Eastern railroad, which Is being
rapidly built eastward through tbe nean
ol the country nd so on eastward to iorm
another transcontinental line. Much is
expected of Ibis. Of those completed is
the San Diego Flume Company's Flumes,
by which an abundance -ol water ib
hmni;ht from flftv miles. away in the
mountnius where the supply is Inexhaust
ible. This flume is Ox feet wide ana lour
feet high, built oi two Inch redwood
plankB fitted so as not to leak. It can carry
water enough to supply a city of 800,000
people and irrigate 100,009 acres ot lana.
This flume Is carried over deep canyons
on tressels and through mountain spurs
In tunnels cut through rock, so as to
maintain a nearly unilorm grade. On
Febi uury 22, the completion of this greut
work, which had cost a million ol aouars,
celebrated bv a procession and
speeches. The president of the compauy
in his speeeh, among other good things
said, "some say we have no back country,
hut San Diego county Is larger than sev
eral states in the Union, or than Palestine
wheu Solomon ruled over It In all his
glory, or than Greece when Pericles
built the Parthenon."
it t. ..innUhinir to see bow they are
laying sidewolks ot sand and cement
fourteen feet wide, forming solid stone.
They are also paving thestreeta with
bltumiuous rock. This Is a natural mix
tureof sand and aspbaltum, formed In
Inexhaustible quantities in Ban luis,
Obispe county. I think a base of macad
amise is first laid and rolled down with a
heavy steam roller, then the heated bltu
men Is spread upon It sndtne neavy roiio
nmned over It until it cools. Theu car
rlsgea aad trucks roll over it almost
poiseleasly and still there is enough
elasticity lo act kindly to the horses feet
This Is laid at tbe expense of the property
holders ungreedingly as K ennances uie
value ol the property.
We have had abundant and timely rains
so that with the ordinary spring rains,
good crops are assured throughout Cal
ifornia. Tbe winter, on which crops
mainly depend, has been very favorable.
Join Au.T.
Our stock of Wall Paper
Absolutely Pure.
. . . ....... A h.m.1 nf nnrlfT
strength and wholeeomeness. More economical
thsn the ordinary Wno, ena canuoi oe boiu iu
competition with the mtiltitudeof low tet, short
wetKUMlam or phosphate powders. Hold only In
Caul. AOJBl fUH iwnuwi -
Deafness Can't Be Cared
i... .nnl!.tlnni ai ttiA Mn not reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is
' aT
Aug! 28th, 29th and 30th, 188!)
Entries Close April 20th, 1889.
No. l-Two-year-oldn-KoalB of 17: Mile hunt
hnicinl. Ruhrcrlntion 110. :i ot which
mnst accompany each nomination on or
before April ah, 18S1, $9 payable June 10th,
balauco. f i, payable Aug. 21th, aililud.
Nomlnatlona open to all.
No. S-Tlireo-ycar-olds-Fosle of IWfi: Mile licfll(
I hMlSlnS. RubocrlDllon 810. 83 of which
mnst accompany each nomination on or
before April Mh, 1889, $3 payable June 10th,
balance, ft4, payable Aug. IMth, $' added.
Nominations open to all.
No. 8 Four yoar-olde Foals of 1885: Same con
ditions, payments and added money as
Stake No. f.
f3T"Program of other race published later.
President, Secretary,
Wellington, Ohio.
Lorain County Fair,
SIFT, 21, 25, 26, 27,
? ' r t.l. ..! nf 1flft7 mllo hftfltft I
best 3 in 8. Uubncrlptlon $10, J ol which mint
....mlnu tlf.n n nf lipfiin,
April 1.1, liwt; n payanie Juiy
Stock Farm also adds M, to be given the elt
-i J a. f I VUI 1 . kr I vliu kiiat nnstlrlnfl III
nirtm uj rLii mn wsi ns r...........
tliiiru'. provided two or more of blyrtai
colli iUrt, or to one starter If he wins th nice.
I a Ua L'I.,.U kil.utlr Vatvm tint tA Anlll.
pew tor vn is 9uu, uor w w wuumc v
WO IWrffl' m I
No.a-Thr-jerolds( (oali of m. mile
heats. Dene 9 ino. punwriuunn viu. v vi
which muflt accompany eaeh Domination on or
Comprising all of the Newest Styles, Patterns and Designs
in all qualities of
Gilts, Satins, Metals, Micas and Plain
Grounds. Some of the Patterns are special to us, we
controlling them in this market. Our line of
Is very large, consisting of two, three and four border.
AVe have an elegant line of the designs of thi
springs manufacture. -
Call and see Before Purchasing,
only one way to cur Deafness, and that
Is by constitutional reiuouies. uwiu
is caused by an Inflamed condition of the
mucus lining of the Eustachian Tube.
tin. i,i. ,,7l InflamiiH nn hare a
II iKU WW J"- - J -
rumbliuir sound or Imperfect hearing, and
a. .1 S - J T..faa ( Vl A
wnen H is entirely cioacu ueam w
result, and unless the inflamation can be
taken out and this tube rertored to its
will ha destroy-
ed forever ; nine cases out of ten are caused
by catarrh, which is nothing but an in
o.mui .int Itlrtn nf ihm mtinia aurfaf.ea.
We will gle Une Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by Uatarrn)
that we can not ctira by taking Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Bend for circulars, free.
F. J..CHKNKT & Co., Telodo, 0.
CTSold by Druggists, 75c
Ber. L. B. Fayce, Agent and Trna-
tee of the Orphans'e Home at
Macon, Ga, Wrltei a letter
Dated Tebruary 6, 1889.
T tv htmn uanlnr Hwlft'a SneclflC
with tbe children ot the orphan's home
under my cnarge wiui mi ue ui n-ui
I began it use between nine and ten
years ago. and bae seen many remark-
I auie resuiia,
r..li - ..mIia rt tti. .1,111rn nan
constitutional blood disease resulting
from the sins of tbe parents and every one
of these children was cured of the tor.
T'v. nvA I.... aLaIiaa,, imtm nf rhllr1rn In
the Institution whose system (they having
been mostly without the benefit of parent.
1 care) were enervated by dirt eating
nrf ntlisr fonl nractlttcea. Evert one Of
.1.... nkllHran ! tkan R. rt ft and all
have been signally benefited by it. All
nave Deencureu woo oave vaaeu euuuMu
of it We have also two inmates ot the
I borne, subject to painful recurring attacks
erysipelas, neunerooe improveu unun
ndt,a1 ttir that Hiaaaaa Whm
all other medicine was discarded and
thry took 8. 8. 8. the 'cure in each case
was quick and permanent, fur thay have
been well for five yeara and there has
been no return of the disease. I could
nt.ink Mnn nt tia rmrka)ilA nurea
1 1 ... - - ' '
ot blood disease by 8, 8. b). for I bave
seen It used and know IU valne.
LB Payne.
Treaties on Blood and Hkin Diseases
before April In. SWi 13 payable Julv l.balauce
No. j-Kour-year-oldi, foala of 1U85; same con-
.1 (j, o r uur-ir.i-viu.i h'.i" v.. . . "i i "
dltions, paymeDUand added money aastake
No-X . .. ' ... . ,
aj.DaATMn ai Atneiv raiwa niimiirisn initr.
Elviia O.
The attenUon ot the publle is called to the
tact that we are now prepared to do .
la the most '
: autistic m aid nm
We are makinf a specialty of
'Crayon Portraits.
No matter bow old the picture is, we guar
antee a perfect likeness. Call and see us and
brine yoor pictures and you will be surprised
at our terms. All work wilt receive prompt
and earetul attention. We also enlari In
We are also payim all possible attention tv
Finishing in Photographs.
IlavlnB Instruments that eanaot be eicelled
Inthlseoantry.we can guarantee fine work.
You hear any one
inquire for
For Children
We have all of Mr. Bawtelle's negatives that
have accumulated for rears aad can furnish
duplicates at any time. Again we Invite oi
to call and see us whether you wisn wore
done or not. v
Sawtelle Photograph
IIORR MARTKLLB-On the 11th Inst at the
M. K. cburcb, Ban Diego. Cat., by Kor. H , D.
Cothrua, Warner M.Uorr.of Wellington. 0 ,
to Minnie B. Martelle.ot DaUvla.H. Y.
BODINSON-POST-At the If. 1. Parsonag
In PittsDeld, by Rev. U. Richards, Mr. Lewis
D. Robinson, ot Wellington, to Mrs. Kattle
E. Post, of Klpton.
I fraa
drawer is, AUaota, ua.
SEALED proposals will be reoelved at the AdlHlfliStrfitOr 8 DalC.
Welllnirton Township until 11 o'clock
tifln Of ,-.,u, h (9(11 d a! Anril.
f.aS. building a frame school bouse, In
L. .'-IS Mo. 7, on the lot situated l4 miles
diatrlot . ia .chooi . house, to-
In Kilts, Blouse Waists, or
Please refer them to Goodrich.
He has just received as fine a lot
as can be found in any city store.
Advertised Letters.
The following la a Hat of aaelalmtd letter r.
ainlog ta the postoffle at Welliagtoa, Okl 0
March r, 'N. ,
Ulaa Lnalla Bailey. J. B. Pratt,
Mrs. Ida Williams, Frank W. Collins.
Persons ealllni for tbe above please fay
Oso. C. Buss, P. H.
JLih a alu of 0,4 achool. house, ae-
noIi?- ?a tha nunaand speclrlcatfona on tile
f "'.S'Jai? Viff hl eonUin the name
In said ofllte. Kaon o" . ,...
of every person in-r- ,.. .ll,.,1tw) of
tobeaccompaniraDjaau". . ,7 hld Is
L dlsliiteretd person, that. ' J!
ioAepted. a eontrwl will be entere- R'
the performance of It properly screa. The
, bid for each kind of material 1 called o' by the
,l(l.catlon. must I be atatet maf-U . an
seincauonB i aaj .
thepriee of each given and the price of labor
oat also oeaapajmieir """ulij -nt he
None bat the lowest rjsponeeble bid . will "
None mn me iow pp. . -awsepted.and
the board may reject all "
March J0th,m
By order ot the Board ot Fi1''?"
rd of En illation.
I. L BK2JKD1C, Ciaaa..
Iv nnrsuanee of an order of the Pronate
Vourt of Lorain County, Ohio, I will offer
for sale at puouc aucviou, n
mTimniV theTTth da Of April, A. D., 1889,
DAA V - - 1
Atll o'clock, forenoon, upon me pmniam.
the following deacrlbed real estate, situate In
thJ county ol Lorain and Htate ofOhlo. to-wlti
blnl the aoiun panvi i'uiu""
ud weatbf thellnesol aald lot and on the
north by a line parallel with ths.sonth line
and far enough therefrom to enolot wttbln
aald bounds nfly acres of land.
ppnileed at 22W. Terms of sale, i one-third
eash on oay oi saie, n i. .
annual payment secured by mortgage oa
premises TwlUi Interest at per eent .
. Administrator f Israel ijnraiei.deo'd.
i mxmvrn
Wellington, - - OMo.

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