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N . l ,V .? , .li - I . 1. - i -n.iM MM ,1,1 ,v.,Hit,"-!"i--'J " -"---i i..v - --
t y-' v-w' r.
O 1 -
.,.n..j ,.., n 1 am to leave Wellington
for the summer sesson.atleast.I would like
i , it a tribute of respect,to say nothing
rf'.ut its K England style of Deal prl
aiehomei and costly public buildings,
especially ts publ'c school enterprise, so
I) otougbly sustained in training the r.s
r ..ii,.B. -nut there is another class
Wch challenges admiration, I mean the
peat number ot hoary-bcaded pilgrims,
i. .liflfl to this on the 10th
lust.. Then so many called to Bee Grandpa
P,rryonhUnlnety-nintD naiau,.
f ' . M Welllneton should be
Lints' Rest, when this class is considered
'.T8 v-irt cltvof the dead
. u.,i.,,w eared tor at the southeast
' TD"r- " , niwims who seemed
ihav collected here in the evening
-S. to rest from theheat and burden ol the
to to which they bad oeeui
aaj . , n the forests and leav
Clo tbclr children healthy and wealthy
finm. have thus moved iu
irf-s and others are coming
o,j0y better church.
. Welcome their com...a, -...j
i,.i,iii in brine with
.w, now the ureater degree ot
. : , .... of longevity
" ... . ...i. ..a iMinnlnpss too. for
Ilt llltU 111 Vf BttllU I I-" .
r . ...-i.nl !. extractor a rart life.
Twirrr . ,..i.ny, vigorous
A yDuvu ... ---- lilmthe g,creto
md man to r,uul j. n
. f)lt" .... 1.1. ,. said the old
trindiriedthe outh'tohls orchard
E l'wLU delicious fruit. ;T r
... 11 eiwlnipn 01 the woini"
llO. "IS MHl. Cl , , ,. ,
1 iaa! indebted for all to
i"e youth by an objection theg.eat
ncrct of a hnppy 01a Ke- t,ESEx
Notes from Other Towns.
The M. K. church choir, assisted by the
Sunday School, have in preparation the
. mat. entitled "The Tillow ot Fire," by
Ceo. T. Root, to be presentea od f .
!.- .-.hk Seventy-seven
.pplicants were examined at the teacher
mlnatiou laslbaturuay
ril bow much louder a whip souou. u -
. s..nHHv than on any other aay
f ibeweak Representative Palmer
O, Tuesday iatwduced bill In the 1 Lesls-latu-e,
Hutliorlxlng the village of Medina
Co issue JOitOO in bonds for the purpose of
Improving the streets. Let the good
orkgoou Florence E.G.llenUn.
wants to be divorced from Frank F. Gall
etiiine and for lhat purpose filed a per
tiiion lo tho Common Tlfas coart of
IWina Co. on last Tuesday. In her
VwdlogsueseUup the fact that they
' lere married In Litcboeld In this couuty
lu 16S4, and that she has always conduct
ed herself a a true aud tulthrul wife, but
notwithstanding the defendant has aban
ti med her nnd has now been absent more
Chan 3 years past. The defendant formerly
k ptn store in Litchfield, but his where-
Htiouis Is no v unknown James
Eenneily, a 1 rotherof Lyman Kencedy of
Cii. vi'.liit-e, w as Instantly killed near his
l,,tue ut Aincourt, Canada, on lnstThurs
lie was helping one of his nelgh
lo,s in moving barn, and while thus
ciij;cd his team became unmanageable,
ctJing th; ro to brake, and a heavy
f iece ot liu.biir struck him on the Bide of
tlio hend, killing him almost tnnttntly. . .
....The O-'-irt Mouse steps looked some
tbii g like a real estate auction exchange
Vv Saturday attornoon. Quite throng
ol people reprewsnting different sections
Ol tho county bad gathered there to see
Sin riff Nichols 'knock oh? under the
fcammcrahalf dozen or more pieces of
t n-ul estate, consisting of opera houses,
, t..ies, dwellings and farms. The bidding
title lagging on some sales, became
.' ijulte animated on others. It kept the
- iberifl busy for about two hours to praise
npihe fine bargains and extract the win-
tome nod ol the bidder An election
held by the Republicans, Saturday, March
S3, in Lodi, to express choice for the next
. gHistmaster resulted in the choice of A.
t JrVuiroyoutof allstef ten contestants.
f Gazette. '
' ; ' OBEBUft.
Candidates for cashier of the new bank
J ere about as numerous as candidate for
imstmaster. . . .The town Y. M. C. A. made
Clear profit of $178 on the Lotas Club
'Club concert, which will enable bem to
' tuy a plaao for their room, which they
' mve long desired. .. . McKee ft Henderson
. fcave rented the rooms adjoining their
toritlnr denartmenl for the type writing
,-t .hart hand department of the Com-
(cciclal College.... Work on the fixtures
tut the rooms of the Uberlln Bank Co. Is
tn progress at the shop of J. C. Gilchrist
'ft Op. The wood work will be cherry,
irud the model after a new banking house
C& Euclid Avenue, Cleveland Mr-
r:.h nncklns. for many years a promin
ent and influential citizen and business
nan of Wellington, has purchased an ln
in the hardware (tore of O. F.
rrtr. of this olace. and will take an ac
fjve part In the builnees of the firm, the
lUle of which will be Carter ft Bocklns.
air HnrklnswUl be a valuable addition
it.. Mtitta of (he business men of
Drllo. Great excitement prevailed
a... ihla mernlnf at the report that a
' Jil1d murder had taken place not a block
from the business portion of the town.
Sluts India Johnson, a servant at No. 7
Cullege Place, and only seventeen years
...1 a 1,.. nmpl to be the person fullty oi
tho' crime, fjwt Wednesday afternoon
birth to a child, unbeknown to any one
ot the lamllv. Late last evening the ooay
ot the child was iound with a stocking
wrapped twice around its throat, and tied
su fllclently tiRbt to produce siranguiuiiuu.
A poBt mortum eiaminatbn was held this
afternoon by Drs. Bunce, WilBon, Noble,
and Allen and the verdict Is thai tue cuu
met its death at Its mother's band. It Is
undoubtedly a fact that the child was
i,i .n.oeilv after its Dinu
BUBUlGU M11W...J -
CotiKressmHn Wickham has recommended
the appointment 01 j uuge o. ...
for postmaster. JNews, s
.... a . .. n .. .Iaham anil Allllttur
lor the e?r.ni ng September l.t J m.
County, Ohio: . ,,. .aid
port ot their fluancial ''BICV"",1
year enoin ine -,", of
11 Art Willi HlLttUIICU " a - -
our report a?e schedules indlcat n the ex
pend tures from iqi k.wi .. ." -
County Treasury, showing every order drawn
thereon and the purpose ior win -pendltureyM
..j .. ..a..i,.niiin mnrfun nit the sum 01
mm iiiiio-hiriiKiiv "' . . t .
H I 1111 II lMut .
04. TheeM-enditures Ior oriage pur-
P'S l'ws ol llrldues by the good, and destruc-
a much larger outly ot bridge tunds, than
would otherwise have been necessary.
Blnce our last report lucre una -
0110 large stone aren, eeyeu 1
e ihteen wooden bridges, sixty-six t" eu'-
verts We hve also made extensive repairs
'VeXiBve ar'irge amount of stone on the
Bround tr bridge work
( n,.i 11,., i. tin. indr btedness of thetounty
ha been fully paid and the County Is free
irom Hem- H,'uv . .6 vn 1 1 1
H. .... ..l.nJ'1'n.Jui
Commissioners of Lorain couuty.
n,..j irs Tin fl ENDING KHIT-1.
. . . . SUM AT.
i:asn on nana iai wrturmr.. - 7(i
Tax on Duplicate ol lbs7
i.og lax :.; i- mi iw
Mate Common School t-und
tom ::r:::z wn h
I'" lax nit in
m 7
Delinquent Personal rroperiy coi.
Paid by parties Poor Fund
w 49
1,41 27
rain Dy par.ies .inu
Paid by imrtle Bridge Vund..-
Pnld by Kxaiuluers Institute
Hues pntd
Forfeited Bond
Fines etc paid by Clerk -
Tax on Ditch Duplicate
Auction duties and license
Sidewalk Tax -
Fine received of Judge lllninan
Kldgeville Jurors. Mitchell case
Old paper, Ink and Watch sold....
Bale uf Funk bitch Bond.
bale of Scrum Hitch Bond -
Rale of Oaeti Ditch Boud
M 64
M 00
l .u is SO
IU uu
14 60
64 60
S 06
l.tflO 00
010 63
7W 00
Sale of Dal I Ditch Bona
raie 01 iaii mim;u ,;i
Bridge orders outstanding - '7' 01
ToUl ReeelDts -..$377,983 30
. tin txDixo ssrT.l. '8
County Fund Orders Redeemed. 22,W M
Bridge Fund orders redeemed - J."
Poor Fund ordera redeemed..
Ditch Fund orders redeemed.......
Building Fund order redeemed
OIIH'u ruim uranin ,trv,v-.., -
i-tftitn.a w.tn.1 nrtlrft redeemed...... 02
Don Fund orders reaeemeu. "
I nd Soldiers fund orders redeemed- 6 W
.. , , . , - -1 1 ..... a m Irvl. 1R.S.WO HU
PhIH mut treasurer - J?
T' . r..u. n.i.....! u. M,.im niniiHVH - l.w HO
i sm 7
Treas leea on oupncaie ..-..
T ff nn n,.u Tu.
68 88
Trean fees on Bog Tax. ..-.
11 2)
Treas leea on Ditcn lax
Treas lees on delinquent pers prop.
Tirol fees on aideaalk -
Balance on baud - -
1 m
48,484 40
Total expsndltures $377.10 86
kirmniTusts ysou couktv nso fos ths
nil nniMi asrr.l. '88.
Witness fees for state cases
Juatlce and constable fees.
Printers Bills
Treasury examiners ..........
Surveyors aud viewers
Clothing for Insane
he pairs on court bouse and Jail.......
Clerk's fees stats cases.... -
Boroner'a Inquests - .
Attorneys for Indigent prisoners.
Treas of tp for school settlement.....
Probate Judge fees insane Inquest.
Board of prisoners .
Expenses of election.-. ......
Stationery bills -
Fuel aud lights. court house andjall
Personal property assessors ...
11,477 60
464 16
1.SUS 119
at no
M 00
lie. 84
no w
S4 62
72 64
1116 90
t,2 .
1M H7
HI 17 60
2110 uu
Till 06
626 60
1.3)8 60
7H9 15
612 40
1.4S3 66
m 26
unna jury witnesses.
Grand Jury fees
v ana 1 jurors -.
Infirmary Directors per diem.
3 26
416 H6
363 72
Agricultural society .....
School teachers examiners -
Sheriff's fees fnr sum Jury and wit
Prosecuting attorney's salary.-
Prosecuting attorney's assistant
Sheriff's allowance by court.....
M. D. at Jail
Freight, express and postage
Clothing for prisoners In Jail.......
M D lunacy Inquest..........
1,074 93
96 00
131 26
19 69
68 20
46 49
24 00
u ratio jury naiua
Tai refunded..
H2 83
Court bull I (I
Cntndall, commissioner, per dlem.
1'Hiiver, commissioner, per diem.
Burrell, commissioner, per diem.
Wallace, commissioner, per dlem.-
tl....a - --m farm
172 00
671 HO
710 T
443 tfi
245 30
26 W
81 61
W 24
1,016 62
40 .10
AO 00
64 00
4R7 05
124 14
910 00
48 55
10 50
66 70
543 07
SIS 53
16 t
100 00
$ 80
10 27
102 43
15 65
14 00
140 00
48 (10
148 86
13 60
108 01
Wanhlng for prisoners
P J for recording births and deaths
Probate .Indue criminal eases -.
Auditor's fees and salarr, Hoot
Auditor's SHlanr lor year ending
M-r.. 1 'HI4 llnrrlok
AssessliiK railroads
Making roaa aupneaws .......-.
Auditor's fees Dow law
Conveying Insane persons to asylum
Blierln fees circuit co-rt . ...
Reward for horse thieves
Clothing for Ulrls' Industrial Home
Record of Deed -
Posting election proclamation
Conveying prisoners to work nouse.
Janitor -..
Hoard of prisoners at worn noue-..
Meals for Jurors..... .........
Attorney for county commissioners
Kipense soldiers relief commission
Unclaimed costs -.-. . . .
ni...ki ff 4 ff t.A rft.mK
Conveying boys to b and 1 asylum-
nunai oi pauper
Insurance on Infirmary.......-..-.
Rfjinntf rmoher -
Water and gas tr C. II. and Jail
.laneTllie jurors.-.
lona reiunaea..
t2W 00
I S s et MHI
six isrsTa tmAisnas.
W A Bramsn trusts to Nicholas Btouder
lot 54 B s add Elyrla, $1,200
W V Wooster to wm E Miller pt lot J on
Wm A Bramsn trusts ts L Barnes jr lots ,
hik 1J R'i slid Lorain. 11.000
EnnarttoTDosElrklot9, blk 6 D's add
DWSanfordto AnnCulp lot 12 bile 14 U S
mAA T.nrsln. 1230
J 8 Rich to Tsui gutellfte pt see twxiu test
N P Brlis to Margaret Elliott, 107 rods pt lot
8 BldKCvllle, 1326
N J eerhart to John Oerbarl 10 acres Kiar
vllle, $700
C Stone guardian to J H HU1 ao acres Pitt.
field. $1,W m '
John Welcliner to John Werner lot 354
Baseeri add Amherst t0
Alls Altea to John and L Alten a 1-8 acres
Avoa II , M .
Frank S Mack to Ann Kellow lots. &
ailbertHowntoACBliowoltorint Wk
Lorain, $150 , , '
Pherlff toQusrtui Ollniore lot Loraln,$i
Sheriff to Andrew Nufer 75 aeresKaton,
8herltttor.l7hsrd MIIU.M acres. ZfM-
B B Connolly to Allen Banders, tot blk t,
... a j iRit ' 1 ' '
.,..., oil'. oiii. 4.HK).
I D Lawler to D Tunte trustee, pi iov uo-
rain, $4,000.
CEJohnsonu aeo w utosou, iow wu
and pt original lotlO.Oberlln, $1,800.
Geo W Gibson to Geo L Nichols, lot T A add
and pt original lot 40, Oberlln, $l,tW).
J B Tunte admr., to Bevlllo Porter, pt lot 13,
Lorain. $1,40(1. ' ,.,
OHogan to J B Tunte trustee, lots IS, 15,17,
blk 11, H's3dadd.Iioraln.$325.
T B Jones to 0 J MUlei , pt blk 11 Chamber
lain's add, toraln.CT. '
John Achenbach to August Roesler, lot 631
A's add, Amherst, $330.
ADRawsonto Charles Beardsleypt lot 81
130 Rawsonvllle, $850. -t
Frances Neff to Geo Btriokland, 19 acres
Grafton, $950. '!
Frank McClelland to P ana n oneperu, iov i,
F X Thompson to PKneisel 1 acres.Brown-
Wm Gay to T D Phelon halt aore Huntington
two. . ... ,
A J Clark to T II Jones pt 101 a uw . uu.u
U.000. . .. . .....
K P ane J F Reynolds to Loomis Anurui o .-.u
acres Carlisle, Si.euO.
Elizabeth Bommer to N and ma emiinw5
acres Kldgevllls, J2.150.
W 11 Miller to 1 A weoier toi ami a
2d add Lorain. $1M. '4'
Wm A Braman trustee to Vlletta naymono,
lot 13 blk 10 Lorain, $WW. ''j',-
Anniversary Wedding. ..
Thn friends and neighbors of Mr. and
Mrs Hiram Witbeck met at their home
,..;....... M..w.i. on,, 4A'rnphM tn
niosq- ' ;
VUUVJT-1UU1VU iuuhwh-j
........i K.Krlv In the dav a lady friend
..fa-. j ..- . j
(Captain Meiryman) who was Visiting
there expressed a wish to ride behind the
ox team to the sugar camp as she' bad
never visited one. Mr. and Mrs, Witbeck
accomnuiui-d her. Their eldest daugh
ters being the prime movers in the affair
remained to welcome the guests, whicu
numbered about fltty. When the parly
returned from the maple forest as they
nenred the house, imagine their surprise
at seeing people on all sides of It mak-
ing demonstrations of welcome to tnera
In nil forms, even to the ringing of the
dinner bell Borne of the older friends could
pp11 remember when none other but ox
teams were used. When Mr. Witbeck came
in the house Aunt Abbie Btarr re
nt Imled him that he should have
... . it.
n hid wonfiinir vi.ru.cuw aav
VU Ul. " .. . j, B ,
had hut one article left, in the form
of a vest,whlch,when trying pn.lacked sev
eral Inches of battening; he concluded ue
would lay It by for repairs. Of the com.
pany present there were seven persons
nnlv who witnessed the marriage of Mr
and Mrs. Witbeck. Mother oooayear is
their only surviving parent. Everyone
seemed social and friendly. A variety of
music was enjoyed. - Capt's . Merryman,
Wise and Cadet Hopkins favored tue
company with cheering ana inspiring
Salvation Army songs, then dinner being
announced all partook heartily , retiring
to the parlor the 90th Psalm was read
by Miss Allle Witbeck, followed ny very
annronriate remarks ' lrom M. L Btarr,
speaking of being acquainted with the
parents and grandparents of Mr. lioeca ;
Snrillff aild
a. c
Have commenced coming.
of and will be pleased to sec
and as many new. ones an think it to their advantage to
buy their Clothing uf u?. , We shall ever be on the alert
for bargains, and will do. our utmost to clothe the people
to their satisfaction .
W. W.
The Oliver Sharp Nose Share.
' The great money saving invention for the farmer. It fits all the
famous Oliver Plows. The points are self-sharpening and only , cost
ten cents. The Flows and tointa are Kepi at ., ,
Headquarters for all the latest
tor Bpnng crops, aiy bkxjk au
Warehouse East
Wellington, Ohio.,' ,
of his . purchasing and clearing the
ll,i nnn Wtttto vn AMini in IT til A
he row lives on, erecting the brick
house, of how he and Mrs. Witbeck
alone kn'owing the toll and labor of the
Imnrovements. Mr". Hiram Howk made
a very able prayer, uftcr which Mr. Wit-
beck thanked the friends for the visit, ex
It. ex . I
oressed his eratitude to God for his many
,8 ,0 ,e.t the many friends on Mother
side pf the river, all Joined in singing
"Shn.ll We Gather at the River."' as the
company dispersed. We believe each one
felt to sav. it was good to be there, and if
there were more of such gatherings there
would be more union and love among
our fellowmen
. And when thy so J our us all are done,
And this world you bid adieu,
Mn hnna like ray ot setting sun.
Shine brighter and peacefully tor you
A Goist
eA ... . - vt.irtuPl4.ftft Inform vnur read.
.... r i,.. w.altlvreniAdvfor the above
named disease. By Its timely use thousands ot
ImuoU'HS cases have oeen pormaBeniiy curai.
1 slinll he glad to send two bottles of my reme
dy rit rk to miv of your readers who have con
n'mipHou If Uicy will send me their express
ami !Wt ntnee annrew. ivk..ui,iiiii,
t. -A.MAMJl'M.M.'..lStl -t..N-wo
When Macbeth iron cany asgeu. ;an8t
, kn..w mankind would one day
be Messed with Ayer's Sarsaparllla. In
Diirifvine the blood, this powerful altera-
live eiv?s lone and strenmh to every
VIVO aivrrs ss'IIT" uuu uu va.'"
function and faculty of the system.
It Is that Impurity In the blood, which, ac
cumulating in the glands ot the neck, pro
duces unsightly lumps or swellings; which
causes painful running sores on the arms,
legs, or fecti which developos ulcers In the
snr. nr nose, often causing blindness or
deafness; which Is the origin of pimples, can
cerous growths, or tue many owor nuumcsu.
tinnm nmiallv ascribed to "humors;" which,
fastening upon the lungs, causes consumption
and death. Being tne most ancient, 11 is me
mntt Bcncral of all diseases or affections, tor
very lew persons are entirely tree lrom It.
How Can
It Be
- sVlne. tT'si fiarAflnflrfllo. Which. bT
...... . k. . Mint ni nwuiiu
scmiuio, vv .uiu w w " - .
w; " -
nloos sore neck from the time she was 22 months
old till she became six years of age. tamps
farmed in her neck, and one of them after
growing to the site of a pigeon's egg, became
a running sore for over three years. Wo gave
hr Rood's Barsanarllla. when the lump and
all Indications ot scrofula entirely dis
appeared, and now she seems to be a healthy
child." J.B.CAKl.n.1, Naurtght.H.J. 4
M.B. Be sure to get only
Hood's Sarsaoarilla
a-Mv.n.in,OTita. 1i six for U. PrSDsrsdoolT
O. L HOOD A CO., Apotbsesxlss, Lowsll. Mast
100 Doses One Dollar
Slimmer GoOdS ,
The selections we are proud
all bur old customers again,
ff uxAXi v jm - y
ninthier Hattr aild FumiSflei
UlQUlIBr, natur aau i kumauBi.
Improved Machinery and Fertilizers
jc vvu b.o ft ,
of iPublio Square,
'White Bronze Monuments. On Top."
The only Monument
iwnrri fnr ae-fis. "Inscriptions alwavs leffible.M
.. 0 ,
Uuv tne JtJronze as li aoes
UIU1 CJ AII KJt s nr u ' ------
R. N. GOODWIN, Agt. - Wellington, O.
I). M.
wishes to say
Brighton and Vicinity,
That he has on nana a
usually kftpt in a country store, and that he can and will
.n -i. Annnn than Vila fnmi"pt ltorH. in orcier 10
make room for Spring Goods,
Afv pntirn stock of Mens'
Gloves and Mittens, "Woolen Unkerware and Woolen
Hosiery, must have ready pay ior gooau sen at uubu .
HiglGstMet Price girBiM fctas.;
I Mean Business,
Garden and Field Seeds from
Buckoye Binders and Mowers,
UMVA kind of Plows.
LaDow vise Marrows,
Lean Steel Harrows,
Plannet Jr. Cultivator,
Riding and Spring Tooth Cultivators,
Pure Manila Binder Twine,
Chesapeake Guano Co's Fertilizers
LlboOlV uli XUlJO x uucyuow v Uvv Vf w
and Amm oniated Bone Snper PboBphate for epring crops.
t .1 1 r i l frnl1 oclr a nnfinnn.np.A. Htlai4t , .
i am maniuui ior uuow iuyuio nuu " --------
examine my stock before purchasing elsewheie, as I intend .handle
none but the best of everything and at jrices that will defy coinpe-
none Rr.honBeoewrutho Doland'BCamage Wks.
Continued for
40 000 pountls Fenca Wire bought cheap. 1.000 Kegi Ndlla. aought cheap
Will sell Barbed Fence Wire at356lo $3 75 per 100 pounds, .
Iron Natla at 2 per keg of 8 penny. : Steel Cut Nails at I2.M per keg of 8 penny.
Biel Wire at aa
Steel Crow Bars e per pound.
Bench Planes, set of S, at $2- v
Bench Planes, set ol 4, at $3.
Solid Steel Axes 7lo each.
Solid BUel Axes, handled. $1 each.
Pest Bel Slczers $1 each.
Champion X Cut Saws J8 to 80 ets per foot.
Champion Buck Saws 75c each.
Band Saws Wets each.
Blot U6 per bag.
Solid Start Hoes 85c to 30c each.
DalryThermemeters l&cti eaehr
I inch Mill Files lOcts each.
lOlBchMlllFllesl&ctseach. '
Any aurplus goods In stock, at
the above prlcei. s . . :
Wiuaionii, Ohio., March 20tk, 1889.'
1 " I - r
i " x.''.'i!.!.SSl.a IJ A A 1
InRIISINEtl fBUeiTIOII. OBEBLm COLL wmiiMntr ,,v-. w. ....... ..
itm wuniui i 3 OBUIH BUiWESI COLLSBS. sll cont Expend km, Inslroction tboromh,
"P,-W"n"P',M2!?5i-?IJd. MrKKKSUSSUKMaoX Berlin. VM
nacuutHt vmpxw, v-
made that preserves the
, .
not neea replacing.
Over 30,000 now in. use in
this country. The largest yet
made standing in . the Statei
where granite is best known ,
Now is a good time to order.
Send for
Over BOO
Price List A
saiooEFO&T, corn. .
to the citizens of '
iuu une uj uu mhuo wi gvuuo
I will offer until April 1st,
and Boys' Leather Boots,
Call and Sec.
Lid i A
A iha ffillnwini I have a full line of
Minneapolis, Minn., in bulk
1 Rn
natfl. Fertilizers
Wellington, O.
30 Days Only.
per Beg oi o penny.
Breach LoadlngSbot Ouns $10 to $17 each.
Pnre Manila Binder Twine It ets per poond.
Cable Chain with hook, $1, 11.60 and $3 each.
Solid Steel Adte Eye Hammers (Oct each.
" " Shovels and Bpadel Wets "
Step Ladders, $1. $188, and $1.60 each.
Steel Game Traps, $2, and $1.60 per dos.
FlobertRUes,$4to $6.
Revolvers very low prices. ; r
Clothes Wringers verytow prices. . .
Pockot Cutlery, M "' V 1
Steel Club BkaUs, best 76cts per pair. ; ,' .
M " " Klokel Plated $1 per pair. .
Carpenters Steel Squares, 76ets each. .
spealal prlcei.
Do not ask tor credit at
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