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A. Family Newspaper, Devoted to Homo Interests, Politics, Agriculture, Neience, Art, loet
ry, Ktc. .
NO. 14. .
.Win,., i 'i llC.iliw'
, ft ...
V Published every Wednesday, at .
Tenaa ofSubsorlptiont
0 as Tear 1M
lit Months ' 75
. Three Months...... 10
Lonns and Collections mado a specialty
Office la bank omldinjr.
ana solicitor of ' '
American , and Foreign
" t) N. CiiMllkVIN, lucuntno, Aifcnl D(T
Atm Nutaiy ,'ui'iiu. tiuiui-Huiiu, dii. mort.
will. It'll'., common, etc., written Id
n.i hm4 li'wul innniMtr. OlUosnrw Snure'
lil'(iKK KtUIIH n. th. Barber. ip
Vj one of tli uwiMt, mMi uonvoulrnt lUr
wrdboiMlninwa. Only Urstroliwn worhioaa
inulorwt. A full xirtmi'iit of hlr ollt, pi
ra.rim .nrf h.lr nurutlv. Kl"t bath roin
tBwiunwtlcm Hn.t riiriiKlii'ii l nil hour wltli
kt unit iiild whIit Hii'l .ill woi.iwry ooiirjnl
iuw Kimiii. iiri. i I I ii ' !
Hi, IIOI.HIKXIK. Den lint. Offlo ovnr
Hutlwl (tor. In Bank Bulldlnc
Wallliia-uin. Ohio Nltmui oxlil. fa admin
IWr.il fur tt iranttai nt timth
SwtU'i Aft 0lleff.-Pletnresln e
ryttle ana rlsht up with the times
flu iii .ti Miiti.tn n-fcld ta nulartfinff In Oraf on
Ink. or Watur Colors and oopylnx from old
tiaturM. Did n.oitlaa all preserved aaduu-
'pilcstos exn be ha at any time. Oallery over
Vowluy t Uall'S grooery. . ... . i
' Pictures of all kinds. Finest work and latest
styles. Copying- and entarilag In Crayon, Ink
and Pastel. Special attention to the babies.
Orosisr's Black, Wslllmgton, O.
HMtsl dt.staes snd dl.fs.ai of tke ilsddorand
kldo.yi. Pile., ulceration of the mctnm, l.tols
In ano, lunm and all pravalllDg di.eiua of th.
r.ctura troaled Dy an imprnvea .y.uini, wiiuoui
pain or delentlon from bu.lnesi.
DUoaae. of th. bladd.rand kldnejr.treatedonly
after a c.rafal and proper analjrala ol tn urins.
OarpenCr Block - Wellington, O
Orders rcrtv1 at Telephone Exchange
and at r. II. rlt's drus: store.
Orsduate Toronto Veterinary College.elass '47,
; Viterifliry Surgeon ::i Osntist.
Over twenty ore years of practice. Orders
reoelved at Adam.' and IliiuiiliWin's drug
stores, Horse, .till token for treatment St ray
staltls on Courtland avenue. 4-22
J.' H; WIGHT, Sole Agent,
Dealer la Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, BIl
verware, Gold Pens, etc. No. 5, Public
, Squaw), Wellington, Ohio. -v.
zt h
; iTi, . ,m. i -
Livery and, Feed Stable.
Soath Sid" Meohaniq Street, first
door east of American Uoase."
Ths OmnibM ini Transfer line.
Ornveya Passengera and Baggaga to
id from train! or residences , Also -col-'
jets and distributes kxtrssi, doing i
: . meral expressing and packlgrt business
r.aTa orders or telephone American
Bouse. , 071J H. Smith, Prop
CAPITAL $100,000.00. SUEPLUS 6,500.0O.
Does a General Banking Business, Receives Deposits, Buys and sells New Tork
Exchange, Government Bonds, etc. Drafts Issued on all European countries.
S. S. WAENEB, President. E. A. HOEE, Cashier.
WM. CUSHION, Jr., Ass't Cashier. 1
fl. 8. WARNER. ., ' R.A.HORR,
Manufacturer, or and dealers In
ChefHe ii nd Butter Boxph, nil kinds ol
Lumlier, Lath, Sli'nL'lps, Ruiions, Mould-
Ink's and Flooring. Si'linir innde and Sur
lace Plituini? done to onler on h"rt no.
tlce , , . WKLLINGTON.O.
Deulersln and Manufacturers of
A Full Line of Goods Always In Stock.'
Arterial Embalming a Specialty.
Pictures Framed to Order. A good vari
ety of Mouldings to select from.
N. E. Corner of 8quare. Wellington. 0
' S. F. BLACK,
Contractor and Builder,
Plana and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. Orders by
mail promptly attended to. 4Gly
- . ' " atAMOraCTtlRkU Of '
Pratt & Herrick,
mim mi m flque store.
Free delivery to any part oi the corpor
ation. . uaiiroaa street, Wellington, U.
1 1 C. E. SUTLIFF,
Ant raoite, Maasillon,
. Jackson and Blossburg
Terms Cash and Prices Low.
ORici;iin We) MI'frtv St., Tflppbunf 48
o. tit,
Meets nn the Id
and 4th Wednea
dav erennif" of
eavji month.
Post room In
M. W. Lan(,
. j. T. H.skelt,
From and after May l,trln.willpaa Wellington
as follows :
Standard Tims
No.l-N.Y ABt.L.faatllne l:lsa. m.
No.tS-lnd.and WhmllngKx l:Ua.m.
No. S-Cln.Col'.Kx ,. :01a.aa.
No. B-HpeclalN.Y. Cla.Il.. ls:04p.ai.
No. T-N. Y and tit. L. Ex. ............ 11:44 p.m.
No.t7 Col'. Wheeling Accom.... ft: 60 p.m.
No. Mlajht Kx t :00p.m.
Ho. It -Local Freight 8:1" a.m.
No.l-Bt.l.H.Y Bxpr.....;.,... tll:l5a..
No. S-NlthtRt
No.N-Oauon Clavad Ac. ....... :.
No.l-Hpiclalttt.LoolsNlY.Kx. 4P ".
No.a4-Wheellns.lnd. and Cleve. Kx B:p.a.
No. t Cincinnati ACl.v.'d Kx 8:Mp.m.
NoJs-Local Frsixht... l:4Sp.a.
Noa 1, S, 1, 8, aad 1! rsa dally.
Train, atop on algaal. '
mum i an ii'i iimu,
Cleveland St Marietta E. E.
From sad after Jones, 18. trtlaawlllpaM WeU-
'f I SXtXw KAtTi
. BUndardTlms.
Ifo. I. J.JSB.aa, ,
No.S , ll.uuB.m.
No. T....... ...i 4."p "'
k. (.11 pm.
(Jo.1T Local (.86s.m.
00110 WRST.
. ?'
No. a .onp.m.
No. ( ...,... p.m.
No. IS Local j.iup.m.
Noa. 1,( and (dally; other, dally sx. Snadar.
Fnrth.riufonaatloalategardte this lias Will
befoandoo par.!. ' " ' " .
r .i
L- .... .A
,. . OBKRUN.
Attrrs sally, tio a at. . . " Diart, I :S0 y. sx,
t HUJfTrKOTON, iULLIVAH sad pout .
irrlvs dally, It : s. a. - Depart. I n -
PENFLELD. ' ' '.
rrivs da lly,a.m. Depart lOa.ia
Tho trade i3 gradually
location on
Fresh Groceries
can be found
Fina Dairy Bntter
constantly on hand.
Come and be convinced
that good
Can be purchased at ex
tremelylow prices and
delivered free of charge
within the corporation
What B. E. Cooper, says.
J. E. JacksonDear sir: "I had Bright"!
dlseaae In the worst form. I need two
botllcsof )our medicine, Burdlck's Kid
ney Cure, and it has dime wonders for me.
The swelling has left my body and limbs
and 1 am so well I can walk out again
This is the only remedy that wauld reach
my case. Price 75 cents.
What John L. liases, of Woodbury, N.
8. lays: J. E. Jackson, Dear Bin "I
bad kidney trouble for years very bad
my palm at times were so great I would
roll the floor. I thought my case a help,
less one. I used two bottles of your med
icine, (Burdlck's Kidney Cure) and now I
can do any kind ol work. I recommend
this to all sufferers. Price 75 cents and
11.23. For sale by Fred D. Fait.
1 . . . '
To The CitLceoJi of Wellington. ,
Fred D. Fell, the druggist, ot Welling
ton, will keep lor sale the celebrated
Indian Pill, manufactured by the eminent
Dr, R. MacFarland ot Oenoa,0. This la
the pill that cures headache, sick or ner
vous, also constipation, and for one failure
we offer $100 If directions are carried oat
We can tell you more, they cure rheuma
tism, sciatic, or chronic, inflammatory. Alt
stomach diseases yield every time to this
great discovery. They will positively
cure all diseases ot tbe urinary organs fl
curable from any medicine. The secret Is
they cure the liver and will not fail. Do
not tall to try this medicine ;$1 a box, 60
pills in each box. Call at Felt's drug store
for them. Felt only keeps them, Well
ington. Ask for the little bonk giving
symptoms. This is the great blood search
er of the world. . . , .i .
N. B. FMt'annlv. .Remember Dr. R
MacFarland's pill Is the only genuine
MacFarland pill on earth. . i-..
"To, th I Rftrroa- Plexus Inform your rend
r llin I hare a poaltlvs remedy for the above
Mitiait dlaraa. hj lu tlnsly bm Utouaands of
1i';lm ac have keen permanently eurad.
I 'i:ill lie KM to send two bottle, of my reaie
djr t hi.k t u.iy ot your readers who have onn
liuiiiiiin If Hiey vlll send me their express
and pont oDliwi sdilri'AS, R-apecl(ully.
t A.SUn;l M,M.C,.lsW v H.,NwYnrk
ii C:'.::::i Our Special Corresuondents.
All Aliont the Happenlnj aid Special
. ...... i . . i .......
Events in their to-mediate Vicinity.
t . ''.'' : ' ' April 1. 89. ,
- Ed Perry, bis father and mother have
gone to Mkblgan.
, LeBlroup,of Baldwin University. Mark
Bnjdi r nrttf Leon Ryan.'nf Olierlln, spent
their short vacation at home. .. I
Cbnrli Nlfh'ila bus iuat closed a sue'
cesaful tJrm of si-lmof Id l he Wheeler dis-
trlrt iinrfia. now eutixid college at B- rea.
t'hrlp Ru'wson did a good Jnh in tlm
fgt bn.lum last week Mondny hi brought
ln4C0d' n, M'ediieedny 42.1 dnzm..
Prf JUers will be intuwato work In
ibe musical line lor iwn wreks, April 15.
Wm Johnson lias lost a valuuble dog
Inst, strayed, or stolen.
.Mi Llillord U about tiunHferring liix
hnnlwaro buslnefs from La Qranjin to Lo
rain.''"' Tbe following is the result of to-day's
e Ift iion; postmaster, O N Snyder TA, F V
8heldoa C3, W F Wolcott 80, It Peahody
80; corporation major, W F Wolcolt, K,
70; A E Maooing S3; council, L Q Purxoiix
I, 75, II Wilkins r. 63, R Kuowles r, 73; W
H Gott d, 80, Alonxo Ryan d. 32, E Oril
Oth d, 28; treasurer, L F Wolcott r, 73, E
J Teamani d, 81 1 street commisslonei, C
Kii owls r. 08, 8 W Kilner d, 87; scaler ol
welglits and measure!, A W Bt n&cboten r,
74, F ColemsD d, 80 Township truatee,
L 0 Parsons r, 167. D Nichols d, 88; Ireas
urer, Geo II Robblns r, 171, DD Ootid,
84 .'assessor, W B Hopkins r, 141, W F
Hubbard d, 113; cemetery trustee, C L
Gott r, 1W, P Uolcomb d, 87.
- ' Yours Dktly
VT" 1-
i if ) )
ii!- April 1.-89,
Mr Calvin Ensign, oor ex-sheriff, was in
town one day last week. , . .
Mr fv-jWcp.inanghy visited friends In
Obe'rlln ioouple ef daya recemfly' ""'' v
Quite s number Irom Penfleld attended
lbs dou'jle wedding on last Wednesday
evening of tits Misses Evs snd Edna
Daugherty at the residence of their par
ent Mr and Mrs J R Daugherty In the
north pari of Spencer.
Mr C McLean snd wife, of Canal Dover,
are visiting his parents and slsU-r and Tarn.
Ily at the home of Mr Isaac Allvshowse.
Rev 8 L Gray, if La Grunge, expects If
all is favorable to bold evening services in
the Baptist church all of next week.
Mr 8 M McLrau expects to go to Penn
sylvania on a busimss engagement this
week. -..'..:
Mr and Mrs 8, McCoy have lately been
to Lattasburg on business at the old home
lead. .i
Mrs George Piper, of Hbelhy, Mlcb., Is
visiting relatives and friends In (his vicinity-
. Born, March 13, to Mr and Mrs Fred
Yost, two babies, a boy snd s girl, but the
little boy died.- "
Snow Friday,' thunder and lightning
Saturday eight with heavy fall of rain,
with a continuance ot rain Sunday after.
noon and nlnht hlch baa caused tbe
river to overflow Its banks agnln and ibe
ground In these parte is thoroughly soaked.
Mr and Mrs McAfee expect to move in
to Jay Uart.s house On the Sheldon farm
In a tew days. ,
We made mistake In our last commu
nication In reference t. Miss Lucy Good
year's returning from Michigan; il should
read St Louis, Mo., instead of Mich.
Mr Orrin White, of Litchfield, has
moved and taken possession of bis farm.
, Robert Denham and family have moved
to La Grange, , i i
' ' .T .
. April 2. 80.
There was no preaching at the Baptist
church last Sabbath. Next Sabbath Elder
Haskell, from Columbus, will preach for
them. ' :
It has been storming most of the time
since last Friday noon ; tbe rain was very
welcome to all families whose cisterns
were nearly dry. The snow, rain and
freeze will make another 'good run of sap,
which will probably finish up sugar mak
ing for this year. .. . .,
Mrs Flecher Ward has a little son. "
Mr Albert Lans Is not improving sny.
Scott McDermott visited a classmate In
town last Friday and Saturday. ,
' MrCbaa E Clark from Warnmsburg,
Mo.', is visiting at M R Smith's, ) . '
J B Robinson has returned from Vir
ginia. ' - '.!- ' !. i ; '
Mrs lisaveratt Clark and her laby and
May Clark are spending this Week in
Akron. .,., . 3, vi .'
A good many from' here went to tbe G
A R camp Are lat week in Wellington
and enjoyed It very much.
M R Smith went to Buffalo last week
with a load of clipped sheep ; It looked a
though they ought to be blanketed to keep
them from freezing. :
Fred West bas gone to Euclid to work
this summer.
School meetings in each district next
Motidav.' . .-.-:.
Election passed off very aulctlv: the fol-
lowing are tbe successful candidates: as-
soesor, Edga'. Baker; treasurer, Walter
Dlrlam; trustee, John West. They were
elected without much opposition.
SULIIVAN, . ,. .
' ''. ' March80.'ft9.
Belle Park, daughter Of Ralza Park.
died Friday morning afioran illness ot
only three days. Her age was cleveu and
she was a very bright Sunday srhix.l
scholar, fort-most as a speaker at all our
public exercise. Memorial services were
held in the school on-Suni'uy,' the banner
oi liurclacs v, Inch she helped u cam lie.
in ili aiml ami the members oi the elans
weai inir badges of mourning.
MrCoiiten whs called to Oberlin lust
week to the funeral of his tather.
Mr UlocKer is qul'e poorly.
A Pamiely went to Llyria on Fl i.lay to
see his brotlit r Aniuudriu, who is in poor
alili Mr Hitter accompanied him us
he works for F Parmely this season.
J E Much, of Granger, visited at his old
homo during ihe past week.
J ( liunilx-rl aiu, ol Olierlln, spent Sun.
d iy in town.
Mis Blanche Rice is spending vaca
tion at home.
Mr Style is around calling on triends.
Curtl. Whitcomb and Maggie Palmer
have concluded to walk the real o lite's
journey together.
John Arodt has bought the Goodyear
property at ibe center and takes posses
sion the 1st.
T Hitrnberger goe onto the Riggs farm,
Will Clark to the Kosht place, Mrs Wells
lo the Mc-Intyre, etc.; in short moving
seems to be the rage this spring.
April 1, '89.
Married, Mr Cartiai Whitcomb and Mrs
Maggie P.ilmer at Ashland, March 10, '89,
both of Sullivan.
- Rarsewinara anoquitn. the rage; one at
WL Clark's; also one at F Park's were
well attended.
John Arodt has purchased the village
property owned by C Goodyear. He will
move In soon.
David Stioe who has been very low with
Inflammatory rheumatism Is better.
While spending the eveuing at a neigh
bors Mr Streator became deeply impressed
with the Idea that be must go home. Ac
cordiujjy he preceded his family by some
time and tound his house on fire. The
dining room was filled with smuke sod
tbe source ot the Are was found under tbe
stove. In a short time the fire would have
been lieyond control.
M J Stiles, tbe former school teacher,
spcut Sunday In town.
W A btreatorand wl s started for Rocky
River this morning to attend a Sunday
school convention held there the 2nd
and 3d.
M B Bromely, of Dayton, paid his sit
ters another fly Ing visit Friday, March 20.
April 2, 1889. :
Tho young people'! musical and literary
association meets at Mrs TS FieldsTburs
day night, April 4.
Tbe last dance at the Hotel de nackM
was tbe greatest success of the season. A
large crowd attended and everybody
seemed pleased with the music, supper,
management. Mr Frank Dagnan makes s
very successful landlord and many ex
press regret that he does not continue in
the hotel. . '
Bom, to Mr and Mrs F Thomas, a girl.
March 25. ...
Tbe dinner given by lbs young people
of the Melbodlst church last Tuesday was
s success financially. '
Tnere was a general moving April 1.
Geo UarrUoo, M tiese, Uesr Boice, ItW
rhelps, F Dagnan, sod Chas Call changing
their places ot residence. ' .
The election last Monday pasted off
quietly and wlih but Utile excitement, noi
much Interest being niaiiWed ' The f.
lowing officers were elect if: Municipal
ticket mayor, Ge.,. uir -. i ; uv,u.rei
H B Beaidley; i l-rh " r ' "..mi; ( oun.
cllmen, M W PIm;,. ; .aicall. M
Gobs, TS Fieh's; mem e m d ol lu
calloit, P L Kessler. W I frmilall, Geti
tiNrrlano, Township ticket trustee, O W
Babcork ; assessor, W M Pln lps, treasurer
MGose. ' .'. , '
The Baptlir ladles leiy meets sm-xi
week Thursday with Mr W M Crasxlall '
( Frank Dagnan has opened a temperance
restaurant and billiard Mom en Railroad
(tract '" ''" ' ' ' '
Landlord M W Phelps Isacaln Mn the
hotel sod promises to entertain his gnesta
with th : hospitality (or , which he Is fa
mous. ..-;;
Tbe Rochester egg and butter market Is
ths best In Northern Oh la - '
. The new members of the council pro
pose to Illuminate the streets of the village,
It Will be the lllltv nl II, .V...I ...
and extinguish the lamps.
a rea not nght ror the postofflce is in
progress, the applicants being W M Crao.
dall. Solomon Phelps, Mrs May Ledyard.
. u aemier, wnose name bag been
mentioned In Ibis connection, is pot can
didate for the position, ,. : ..'
(The newly elected members to tbe conn.
CU belong exclusively to the kip faction,
the bucks having been left out in the cold.
Til A Ta rrn r9 4)1.. . . t . ?
A r,H i tan.
There seems to be the usual nunlber'of
antrcs mis spring. T II (.'lurk will tk
lather's farm : Geo Ckrlr .. r
uniy,0,llB.ton to Hiunington. Wm.
Lv . ... '""'na; U-nry Merrillsto
tncbvillH, KoiH-rt IVoilew io&t,.n.
8 T Klnnev has rent. d his farm to Wra
"UVg, ol Ro--heater.
ClnirPe Whiiinlenn l w,f., i v-...-..iu
-. .1111 nit,..
spent theS .lilmili at his parents.
way.ou ueii an.t Wm French art con
flui d to tho bouhe by kickness.
Later-Election passed off quietly, the,
following, ,fi,.,rs being elected: George
I'rosser iiuatee, DM Hall treasurer, L W
Hart ai-sessor. the onlv .iriiv. i-in.
trustee, which vote stood George I'rosser
v-i. ifouu joroon .1:1
, April 1, '89.
Miss Emily Johnson, of Sanduhky.is
visiting ber sister Mrs Richard Duugher-V-
R Hart will move Into II Naylor's house
at the center and he will move onto his
Print Thomas and wile, ol Gulion, spent .
s few days In tows last week.
MrsFKtedman,of Lorain, visited her
brother Fred Gardiner and others last
Mr and Mrs Frank Daugherty, of Berea,
are spending slew week! with Mr and
Mri John Pittenger.-
Mr A Naylor will set up a pool and bil
linrdroom In the building which WJ.
Fulks formerly, used as a blac.lajimtth shop. -
Such places are bad enough when run on
s strictly temperance plan, but tbe good
citizens of . Spencer may have sufficient
reasou to believe ibat such is not the case .
in the one already run by Charley Bemout 1
Two billiard rooms are sliogetber to many
for Spencer Tbe young men bud far bet
ter spend ibelr lime and money In better
ways, lo say nothing or tbe habits they
form at such places, snd Ibe fathers If tbey
care nothlntr lor themselves cert..lnl
should fur their sons, and those surely are
not the places to learn them habits tber
should torm.
K lection was oulet with but fewcandL
dates In the field.
The double wedding of Mr Geo Stafford
snd Miss Eva Daugherty and Mr P O Lee
and Miss Edna Daugherty, daughters of
Mr and Mrs J R Daugb?rty,of Spencer,
was the social event of the past week.
Both btidea and grooms have a large cir
cle ol friends and acquaintances. The
marriage ceremony took place at the home)
of tbe brides on Wednesday evening In
tbe preaence of about eighty guests. Rev
Q H Norton being Ibe officiating clergy,
man, assisted by Rev Snyder. Tbe par-
lore in which the ceremony was performed
were tastl'ully decorated for the occasion
with floral and oihor ornamentations, con
spicuous among them being s horseshoe
of red snd white carnations suspended
over tbe place where the bridal party stood
during tbe ceremony. The brides were
tastelully attired In cream colored lace,
nan's veiling trimmed In lace and aatln.
Tho tables were loaded with good things
for tbs inner man and the bride's cak
was s thing f beauty If not s joy forever.
The presents were elegant and serviceable
and Included mahogany and upholstered
rockers, glass water sets, les sets, piano
lamps, silverware, aud many fancy novel
ties. A Guest.
' Poisoned by a Calf. 1
My little by broke out with ulcers aad,
n a, the results of ths saliva-from th
ail", ninnili coming In contact with a cut
'inuer The ulcers were deep and very
sinful, and showed no Inclination to
.ml. I d quite a number of remedies,
4-lth nn weaefli, tint gol Swift's l'eclflc,
nd lm improved with the trst lew cWawis,
intl in a shimt time was ssmnd and well
4 poison, aad kit. general health mnch
Improved .. John T 1 J card. i
Auburn, AVla., sen, jo, ieo. - .
lu 1883 I -wotrat led Blood Poison of
ad tpe, and was treated with mercury,,
aHaah aad aaiaaparitla mlxtiura, growing
inoraoall lb lime. I took seven small
bottles 8 a S. wblch cured me entirely
and n) aigna of tbe dreadful d,seHss has
retorneU. - , . llcbbyvllle, Ind, Jan,
10, 1889... i ; JCHancs . ,
8 wilt's Hneclfto Is entirely vegetable.
and ourrs blood Poison by lore ing the.
laint out throOsh the nores of the skinj
Send for treaties on Biood and Skin dia
ease, mailed free.
TU1S owirr si"ii.t trti;
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Gs.
t- -

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