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J.B Smith, Proprietor. '
lateredktth Pnt-offlce at Wellington m
Second Class mauer, according to Statute.
IhTht..., M
ill Months W
Aim Month! ..
Advertising It eents per line, etch Insertion.
4dactand Column Rates made known on ppll
Tni: General Assembly will have to
imtle up if they get all of the bill passed
adjourn April 10.
Postmastku General Wanamakeb de
ivered it first-class temperance address to
lis Sunday srhoul hearers lat Sabbath.
rBEsrouNT HAnmsoN is recognizing the
press In electing a number of leading
newspaper men for prominent positions,
both foreijju nnd d 'mettle. Thiit's right.
CoNflltEfiSM.VK WlCKDAM ll of 80036
more Impotence to his constituents this
term limn III previous one. This term be
hw tli- i'ih!ii' )itr"iinge of the district to
look utter, which k eps hlra busy Just now.
Thk .-;. .iiitiiiciit i if Hubert Lincoln as
Minlst-rt i the court of St. James by the
Presid -iii i t lieirtily approved ot.
Mr. Lim iilii h rved itn- country well as Sec
retin' Win (linini tlip ailminlfit rutlon of
PrcM ' '! ""mi ;! his appointment will
be. l.i.i'- ! i- i''i J .v by the people.
Ti r. ' -!!.! i iy Advcntists located lu
the S ii'iw hi imve sent an appeal to
their 1 i-.-n n tlieXorth romplnlnlag
abiinl l ei i; p! ii.l niuler nrreft forjer-
fiiiiM i : ,...11 l;,'orn Sunl'. They
liuve ......... o... . to the higher courts
to-" 1 : i m ciiu he established
which ). it "g tj.-m the right to pertorm
'Otn::i . ' ' . t',.il (lav.
liv tin: jn.i .;i .s fidiii the result of the
ele ti.Mi. v Irtv curlrd the day in a ma
jority f 1 in- principiil points in the state
Columbus ri'iiirm-d to her old time demo.
erntlc mi j.priiv, Nnrwalk deserted the
raiiU m i..c 1 a: y uiid elected a demo
cratii: r.i-. ( ii 1 (Hint of the republican
council nt.-ii)it:ii!i t: pass the tun o'clock
saloon ciiuiiifi oidiimnce and lor various
other gr.ve ii'id Important questions
about of tie siirui tutu re. Tne Nor em
ber elerti mi i i ppionching and we will
then utln r lu our lines.
t cu. am
Itisuii v ubiiul timn to begin to talk
aticut n 1 niM il .tn fur Governor. Ai
math r -ii umi-ii-s. this part of the Bute is
entitle I 1 1 ;u- . :i .dilute this time, and foi
the ii-in hi w' i.uve no other man to en
dorse ut p i-Di-iii Hum Hon. Wm. McKln
ley. The chances would be against him
accepting as belt needed In the Douse
and very likely expects to be railed to I
hlghi r KtA'loti In the near future. Mr Mo
Kinley i In every way qualified for the
poult Ion n ml his nomination would be an
qtilvuli nt 1 1 an election. The Norwalk
Reflect' advocates that quaint old pnllil
cat war Horse W. II. Gibson, of Tiffin.
Is not the purpose of the party to select
men who nre in dotage and one that would
be sure to be defeated. Our lines are well
united and we are sure of the Governor,
General Assembly, and last If not least the
United f?Utes Senator If we use proper
appears to be a few uneasy
senators who are constantly agitating the
propriety nf Holding open sessions for
the ciHitlrmntion of appointments. This
we cousider a very weak point for any
senator to advocate. It Is sufficient for
the public to know who are confirmed and
if they take extra pains they can find out
what appointments were rejected but what
was said In debate we consider should be
beld a secret. With the same propriety
the press iiiinht go down and ascertain
who the unsuccessful applicants were that
applied fur certificates and go to Colum.
bos and secure the names of the unsuc
cessful applicants for admission to the
bar were, and publUh the list, or go to the
county records and secure the names of
the niiiruag.ir and publish them. There
are Mine matters In public that are neces
sity t keep private A lib Just the same
propriety thut luuilly secrets are beld. Let
theaenetecontiuuetnthe old time plan
and keep closed doors when confirmations
of appointment take place.
A I'roHpecting; Tonr, No. XI by 0r
Special CorreHpondent.
Idltorof TasBiirtaruss: .
oh thk wrao.
i1 hade a reluctant farewell to tbe "An
gel City" at mid-day and boarded tbe 2
o'clock express for San Francisco. Tbe
distance Is 480 miles; the road runsslong
thronuh the valleys, across rivers, aod
within sight o mountain ranges, where
distance lends enchantment vo tbe view."
The 1 irgest town on the way is Fresno,
with a population of ten thousand. This
city s In the center of the great raisin
prodnctng district and is growing rich
mm the fruit of the vine. By careful
Inquiry I gained the information that
ttrew-yeawid vines msy be fairly expect
ed to produce three tons ot grapes per
era. Each year will addon too per
acre to tbe product until me vines are
Uht years old. It requires three tons of
grapes to mass on ton of raisins. Tbe
pi stent price of raisins Is $100 a tonio this
land to, producing from one hundred to
three hundred dollars an acre. Unim
proved Knds can be purchased in this
vallev lor $200 an acre. There are many
places In California-, that hold , out great
Inducements to ''home builders" - to mild
climate permits of out door work, all tbe
year around, The fruit industry offers
employment to women and girls that is
healthful, pleasant, and profitable. With
out in any mauner unfavorably affecting
their social standing thousands of women
have come here trom the East and re
gained their bealtb by exercising in the
open air. Many of them have graduated
from Eastern colleges; they love to culti
vate truits and flowers in this glorious sun
shine. They tip back their sun shade and
tulk in the most charming manner.' Many
times they have led me into deep water
talking about the resources cf "our coun
try." I would not like to see women doing
rough work In tbe fields, though riding on
a Gang plow Is play in comparison with
teaching or running a sewing machine.
Most of tha totalled light occupations
which are generally assigned to women '
are a terrible strain on the nervous sys
tern. I have Just been reading about what
a w..man did beiethis winter, "a. N.
Mead and bis estimable wife have put in
two hundred and forty acres of wheat this
season and are still plowing. ' Mrs. Mead
not caring to do the housework lor a hired
man concluded it wm cheaper to hire a
girl and do tbe plowing herselt. They
commenced about Thanksgiving, both
having a four-horse team and a gang-plow-Mrs-Mead,
who tends to her own team,
bus up to dale plowed and sown as much
as her h unhand. Up to two years ago Mrs
Mead had never been on a farm, having
been born and raised in a city. She is a
refined and intelligent lady, capable of
conversing upon auy subject from butter
making to high art, or tbe political issues
ol the day." She enjoys this out door ex
erslze because it gives health in addition
to wealth, and health ls'the greatest bless
ing excepting the rewards that are given
for rigbt doing.
Tbe peach orchards, a vast sea of pink,
make an impressive floral display, aad I
sm unable to decide which is the most
beautiful an orange or peach orchard in
bloom. Some of you beard a lecture in
Wellington a lew years ago that com
menced like tbis: "This is a beautiful
world to live In; I cannot think of a better
color for the sky than blue, or the earth
than green; the mountains are high
enough, tne valleys wide enough, and tbe
riven that wash the foot hills go singing
along on their way to the sea. Oh this Is
a beautiful world to live In. There are
ten days of sunshine to one of clouds;
there are ten miles of gentle flow in the
rivers to one where the waters dash among
tbe rocks, and so there are ten days of
happiness to one of sadness. It is a beau.
tiful wotld to live in." And so I think,
but I bave noticed it more since Goo gave
me a pure heart. Life takes Its hues in a
great degree from tbe purity of our hearts
and the color of our own minds. Perfect
happiness comes only to the pure in heart
There are a great many happy people in
California now, but the happiest ones I
know are Rev. Dr. Brown, of Los Angeles,
Prot. Excel!, Sam Jones, and tbe one that
ha the honor of presenting to you their
thoughts. The kindness In our hearts, the
pleasant .smiles we scatter, tbe loving
words we speak, tbe generous acta we do,
these make life so bright, homes so happy,
and heaven to near. True happiness con
sists In having tbe heart right toward God
and man. Look n the bright tide, walk
on the sunny tide of the way, believe tbe
Bible, and set tbe promises ot God to mu
sic In your soul. But I am preaching
without a license.
We have arrived at Oakland. It it a
city ol beautiful hornet and ita thorough
fares are rendered very attractive by lines
of shade trees and borders of luxurious
gardens, violet and lily, camlllla and mag
nolia and their train of brlgbl-bned blooms
bave all seasons for their own. It is a
progressive city with a population sixty
About four miles from Oakland upon the
bills above Fruit Vale, the poet of the
Sleirat has bis home. Joaquin Miller has
148 acres; it looks to the south and tbe
setting sun. He says, "I bave traveled
over most ot the world and I find no spot
more beautiful than lies at my feet." The
bouse it rustic and unique, the interior Is
plain ; on the wall is pasted or pinned pic
tures and photographs, and to one tide his
copyright or "the Danltes of the Sierras"
Is tacked. Here also Is a "general creed
ot faith" aa follows: "Mao as a rule it
good or trying to be; the world isbeaatl
lul or trying to be, and man's highest duty
if to make other men better and the world
more beautiful ; where there It a weed In
the heart of manor mother earth try to
make a flower grow." In front of this rus
tic cottage Is a little porch, where, In a
rocking chair, hit good old mother may
sit and see the beautiful picture below, A
picture that presents tbe beauties of the
earth, the charms of tbe sea, and tbe glo
ries ol the heavens.
A Lncky Fellow. '
' There It an old saying, "It Is an ill wind
that does not blow good to some one." The
wind baa blown and E. E. Goodrich with
bis customers are receiving the benefit. A
short time ago the firm ol Tucker, Galder
& Co., who were so well known to tbe
irade for manufacturing fine clothing, dis
solved to reorganize with new partners
and all of their Immense stock was sboved
no tbe market at about two-thirds cost of
manufacture. - Goodrich being one. of
their best customers wa given notice.
About ten thousand dollars in value cf
this clothing came to Wellington and Is
now on sale at tbe Goodrich Clothing
House. This Is one ol the opportunities
of a life time and any one la need of any
thing In the clothing Una cant afford to
mist uiu great aale. ;
... i
The old New York Clothing House oa
Liberty street next door to Otterbachnr's,
will be opened in a few dtys with a com
plete line of Fashionable Clothing. litis
and Furnishing Goods. . Every article
will be strictly new and oi latest pattern
and style. .The busings will b conducted
upon tbe only fair system of doing mer
chandising, to-wi: One Price and for
Cash Only. We were the first clothier of
Lorain county to adopt the one price sys
tem, and after twenty year j experience
we still think the best way it as good as
any. Many times we have felt chagrinad
when parties have left our store, gone
elsewhere and paid Irom ten to thirty per
cent, more for the tame or Interior goods,
because a tew dollars were thrown off
from the price, which had been fixed Just
right for a bantering customer, but plain
figures that all can readt and lair dealing
without legerdemain are appreciated by
candid men of good sense. Therefore, we
shall mark onr goods at low as legitimate
business wl'ljustify, and tbe prices will
be guaranteed. Should any clerk resor
to any trick to make a aale, or permit
himsellto be Jewed, bis resignation will
be called lor, and we shall have an open
ing for a new talesman.
We are often approached by parties who
want their goods at reduced prices and want
a com mission on goods sold to their friends
with whom they bave "great Influence."
TVy get commissions .elsewhere, and
want us to buy their influence also and
charge It to their "Iriendt" by way of
extra prices. We want it, distinctly un
derstood that we never bave and nover
will employ any pimp, and that no sly
per cent will be addtd to your bill fur tbe
benefit of your "friend." Tbe public will
always bear from us through legitimate
advertising channels. Having bad over
twenty years expe.ience and having two
large stores to buy for, wa promise our
fiiends that we will do as well by them as
we know how to do. Tbe Wellington
store will be under the supervision of A.
E. Gsmble, a conscientious talesmen of
long experience, and my son, Nelson H.
Fitch. Salesmen in tbe Elyrla store, next
door to Savings Bank, will be John Ever
hart snd Ross Fauoer.
Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher,
Elyrla and Wellington, O.
Cabd or Thanks I desire to thank the
members of tbe I. O. O. F. and neighbor!
tor their ministrations of kindness and
substantial aid during tbe sickness and
death of my husband.
Mas. J. Joyce.
Deafness Can't Be Cured
by local applications, as they can not reach
the diseased portion of the ear. rbere is
only one way to core Deafness, and that
is by constitutional remedies. Deafness
is caused by an Inflamed condition of tbe
mucus lining of tbe Eustachian Tube.
When thlsiube gets inflamed yon have a
rumbling tonnd or Imperfect bearing, and
when it is entirely closed Deafness is the
result, and unless tbe inflamation oan be
taken out and tbla tuba restored to ita
normal condition, bearing will be destroy
ed forever ; nine cases out of ten are caused
by catarrh, which Is nothing but. an in
flamed condition of the mucus surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by Catarrh)
that we can not cure by taking Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free,
F. J-Chenet & Co., Teledo, O.
tySold by Druggists, 75c.
Tbe Bawndale Ilerd of
Consisting of 130 Registered Animals
descended from the celebrated Aaggle,
Molly Bawn, Lady Netherlsnd, Billy
Boelyn, Sadie Vale, Nundlne, Netherlsnd
Prince, Baapke, and Neptune. Females
offered for tale for the first time. Pur
chssert can see dams, granddams and full
sisters milked before making purchases,
18 yearling built lor aale, 9 of which were
ilred by the famous milk bull Billy Bawn
all of whose daughters bave shown them
selves deep milkers. 60 descendant of
Molly Bawn which gay 18,389 pounds as
a three-year-old. Bend for catalogue.
Address, C. W. HOUR,
Wellington, Ohio.
Visitors welcome.
!Mi;;tifEdj hU
of eight voices, assisted by
Mrs. J. B. Minler, Contralto Solobrt,
Miss Anna E. Hunt, Violin and Piano
will appear in concert at
.ssjretis&il Church, Wil!ia;toa, i
Monday, April 8, 1889.
Seats lor sale at Adams' drug store. '
Motloo of Appointment.
Estate of Daniel Williams, deoeased.
Tn i undersigned has been duly appelated and
qualifledas administratrix with the will an
Til!?? '.he e,,t,t?l InlH Wllllama. lata
0,rv . ,ilnff.t0.r,ln """"-V. Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 30th day of March, A. b., Vm.
BALLY B. W1LLIAMH, AdmlilstiitrU
NoUm of Appointment.
m- Estate of Tlelen Hows, deceased.
The undersigned basbeea appelated and
qualified aa administrator of the estate of
Helen Howk. late of Wellington, Loral q coun
ty. Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 16th day of March, A. D., 1MB.
UKO. H. NORTON. AdmlSstiitor.
SEALED proposal will be reed red at the
., oD!c2,0he.clBrJ? 01 Bon' o' Educa
tion of Wellington Township until U o'clock
' "n 1 !'. wel,'"h day ot April,
law. for building a tram school house, In
diatrlot No. 7, on the lot situated 1M miles
north on site of old school house, ae
cording to the plans and speoldcatlons on HI
In said office. Each bid must contain the name
of even person Interested In the lame, and
to be aooompanled by a lufflolent guarantee of
some disinterested person, that, If the bid I
accepted, a contract win be entered Into and
the performance of It properly secured. The
bid for each kind of material called for by tbe
neclncatlons musts stated separately and
the price of each given and the price ot labor
must also be separately stated. -
Nose but tbelowMiruponaable bid will be
aooapted, and the board may reject all bids.
By order ol the Board of Education
EltEDlrt, Cliii.
tsK""i '
Absolutely Pure.
This powder nover varies. A tnsrvel nf purity,
strength sud wbolesonienusi. Mom ecouomlcai
thsn the ordinary kinds, sud cannot he old In
competition with the mull nude of low test, short
weignt, slum or pniwpnste powders. Hold only in
cans. Hoyal Baking Powder Co., in w all at.
n. i.
Aug. 28th, 20th and Hflth, 1SS0.
Entries Clse April 20th, 18S0.
He l-Two-ycar-oMJ" Foal of 1!-.'T: V."x li-t -.
bettglnS. HnWrlitlon fjlii, $;; uf v. I -.1. Ii
must scrompnny enrti tioiniiniiioii on or
before April Suh, 1KMI, :i,:iwn ,1ih:- ll'tli,
hslancn. 4, pnjrnhle Aug. Stih, jJ.'i m'.iail.
Noinliistioni optu tu all.
Ho. 8 Thrue-csr olilFo!il of IWC: Vile li. utu
bests in 5. HiiWrlptlon $10, . of whirl!
must acconiHiiy i-ncli iiiihilnniiiMi oh or
before April Jlih.lftbll, $:!miiiM ' J uih- li ih,
balance, tl, psynhle Ann Wth, ndrivd.
KOUlillHtlOlllMipi-ll to nil,
Tlllltn DAY.
Ho.S Fonr yearoMs-Foiils of W:,: R ime eon
dltlons, payments snil t'luil mwry i;
Rtslcx No. t.
Program of other races puMtf.hrri' Inter.
M. L. BL'SU, ci:o. 1.. COI CH,,
President, becietury,
Wellington, Ohio.
pm&h t; m im
Lorain County Fair,
- s?pt, :i, ::, ::, 11
No. 1 Two-year-nlds.fontifif W: mlleheat
best i In S. Kubscriptlon 8iu. Sluf Khlch must
accompany each nomination on or before
April &, 189; H payable July I; Imlanee. tt,
Salable Seitember U. sildeit The Klyna
tock Farm also adds tM. to be given the colt
sired by KLYKIA taking the Uii position lu
this race, provided two or nioreof Klvrlu's
colts start, or to one starter If he wins the nice.
Colt trom the Klyrla ttoek Farm not to com
pete for this 141, nor to ba counted to make
two starter.
No.a-Threa-year-oldi, foals of lfl: mile
heats, best .1 In 6. KuhsTiptlon 910. (3 of
which must accompany each nomination on or
before April 16, lnW; 1.1 payable July 1, balance
H, Payable September IM: JJf added.
No. J Four-year-olds, foals of IMS; same con
ditions, payments and added money a stake
No. 1.
-Program of other races published later.
Entries to be made wltb O. KOUT, Secretary,
Elvrla O. 10-11
The attention of the public Is called to ths
fact tbat we are now prepared to do
in the most
imiicsiM mi
We are making a specialty ot
Crayon Portraits.
Ho matter bow old th picture Is, we guar
antee a perfect likeness. Call and see as and
bring your pictures sod you will be surprised
at our terms. All work wilt receive prompt
and careful attention. Wa also enlarge In
india ink,
pastels and
""water colojbs.
We are also paying all possible attention ta
Finishing in Photographs.
Having Instruments that cannot be excelled
In this country, we can guarantee fine work.
We bave all of Mr. Sawtelle's negatives that
have accumulated for years and can furnish
duplicates at any time. Again we invite yoa
to call and see us whether yon wish work
done or not.
Sawtelle Phqtograph
Administrator's Sale.
IN pursuance of an order of the Pronste
Court of Lorain County, Ohio, I will offer
for sale at publlo auction, oa
SATURDAY tbe 37th day of April, A. D., 1889,
At 11 o'clock, forenoon, upon the premises,
the following described real estate, situate In
the county of Lorain and Bute of Ohio, to-wlti
being the south part of lut number forty-four
(44) In tract nine () In Camden township, Lo
rain county, Ubio. and bounded east, south
and west by the line of said lot and on the
north by a ilne parallel with tbe south Hue
snd far enough therefrom to enclose within
Bald bounds fifty acres of land.
Appraised at f 2260. Terms of sale, one-third
cash on day of aale, th balance In two aqua
annual payment aecured by mortgage on
premises wiu into rest at s per cent,
D. M. 9 ALT,.
Administrator ol Israel Bursley, dee'd
XAt A t t
Our stock of
l;nmnriS1110' nil nf f hn ATnirncI
i-...tJ v, ,uv in inoi uirico, x ULLUrillS U11U JJeBlff
I Gilts, Satins, Metals, Micas and Plai
Grounds. Sonic of the Patterns are special to us, we
controlling them in this market. Our line of
Is very largo, consisting
"We have a.i elegant line of the designs of this
springs manufacture.
Call and see Before Purchasing
I can't make a great big
JM either will NOISE
alone do anybody
any good.
My greatest efforts will
be to supply my customers
that is right at prices that
are right and when I have
done this am
e t onnnniPM'--:
ild e,d wwuEiiyuiiyp
Wellington. . ; - - Ohio
" , ' '.''-': ft f.- i -; - ' ' !. I . ,,,xi .I.'
I-" 1 ' ' ' ' . !. - , t . , ' ' V i ; '.' , . .. v t , I , i . ,,
Paper !
h it nr
Wall Pape
Cinlnn TA J TV
in all qualities of ' - , '
of two, three and four border.
s,r;iY4.,k. rA l 'i -' tj

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