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"V evrrrjrvv
Mew Goods.
We.have just received a new invoice of
FINE GOODS for Ladies' arid Geqts Wear
' in the very latest styles. Call and examine at .
SEE AG E ' S .;:
4 Monday as toting day. '
This U amusement weak.
It Is now landlord Wilcox.
Time for promenading.
The fish peddler it on Land.
The almanac says it la spring.
Our school folks are rusticating. ..
The Park bouse supnorts a new sign.
Pack up the sap pails and sugar fixtures.
The farmers have sown ihelrettrljr spring
The forest will soon put ou Its summer
t. I- .iiitipllmAll'plcct F. W
Ik IS HUH vvw..
South Main street Is to ba Unproved the
present season.
Dome very fine bred horses have upp. nr
ed oo our streets,
A heavy fall of rain vUltcd us Saturday
night and Sunday.
We now have three cnuncilmen wlo
reside on the same street.
The fur animals can now have a little,
peace until next November.
' Read the pointers given by the buslnexs
men io Ike advertising columns.
' WE. Petrce will preside at the
. helm of Justice for the coming three year.-., j
' Our correspondents have clven the
names of the officials selected In their vl-
clnitle loc the Coming year.
." ThewwUl be walking match In the
town hall Saturday evening for one bun
dred dollars side. Admittance 25c.
' The assessor will be on hand next week
to look alter the surplus wealth. Don't
forget the story of George and the hatchet.
Bulletin boards are distributed over the
icbool grounds inscribed "Keep off the
Grass." The park should be . served
The automatic switch at the crossings
The fast trains are now compelled to
come to a full stop.
The painter and paper hanger are the
tnut at LrrSeot A DUm
ber of rooms will shine with spring goods
within the next fortnight
The regular monthly convening of the
council will net be held until Monday
.tno. Anrll IS. when the new members
' elect will present their certificates and be
worn In.
nnr nannla who have lust returned from
Sfit Lake and points In California report
. k.nlfu1 eonntrv and fine opportunities
to make Interments which, will surely
pay In very few years.
The Are department was called out
Mondny afternoon to answer an alarm
' given from Mill street, but the fire was
. " extinguished before It arrived, consequent
ly their services were not needed.
Button Agent Fisher thinks the proe
nta mod for a new passenger station
house to be erected here this season. The
Mtnnanv are overhauling the one at New
London where they transact about one-
eleventh part as much business as nere.
Attend the concert at the Cong'l church
Monday evening. 1 ,
The usual amount of gas has been found
in the east side gas well.
The milk routers started on their eight
months voyage Mondny.
The roof on the town hull ned3 re
pairing a little to save leaks.
A. D. Gnrrett lias returned to reside on
his farm In Spencer township.
Quite a projection is observed in the
sprint; stjles of lints for the Indies.
Tin new hnck line is cartylng the mail
o und troin tin V. & I.. E. dep"t. ,
We regret to announce to our renders
the d'titli of Dr. James Utt-t. which oc
curred this morning hi 5 o'clock. He
W..s t I'll -ii-li tli iil CV I'-l mtll
ttitli u chill winch d. veiled u pneu
inomi ot su it nx'e-.t u d severity as
pruinlsed to ! 1 M ! "' t f.i-.-t. Tli
).ic'"i' lias t en n f-i 'n' of ' -ilingtmi
from tli ln'iiixii"; f hi- fiivM We, und
lV.it i.e u eiu'tiip-d i.i lie p.uciu! 1 ot ttndl-cin.-f.irVi
H,tt v :: flv ' . In tlmt
rcl.lt I. ,11 lull f. n, -.I nil .'S'l u-!( MCll'talllt-
'mice 'it, d .ndo 1 hi n i!''tOn Urje cir
cle of lliends ll' with US Will remet his
sudden nn I untimely d nrh. IPs family
and f i nd .v l, , ,v,- v.;,; '.ic-er.'st ain
pail y of this entire :uiinuii.ty. I'uDernl
nervifcs will I- held nt his l-t residence,
Kl iit'iy nt 3 p. nt.
B anley Wilcox look charge of the Amer
ican bouse Monday morning at o ocioca.
Mr. Perry Wright, of Greenwich,. ws on
hand to look after tbe duties pertaining to
clerkship. Mrs. Dlckerman left for Me
dina on the morning train, she having
served the public for tbe past ,two years.
Here Is our W to the new management
for success.
Mr. M.L.Wadswerthdied at his resi
dence on Tuesday evening about 10.80
His death was very sudden, he being sick
onlf a few hours. He was one of tne old
..t tnh.Mt.nti of this villsge, being 81
years and 8 months of age. Tbe time of
funeral hd not been ennounceu
of our going to press. ,
The town clock bas not been of any
nnt tn tha nubile for many months. Mr
. Wight, the Jeweler, informs os that the
; clock Is good for terty years oi acmai
ifkn runnlna'and properly CMred
for. The council have declined to appro
priate any tunds for the care or It, claim,
log they bad no authority. We hope that
the Incoming council will take the matter
in hand and appropriate money and set
' the clock to goWg. end If ny tax-payer
complains, bis portion shall be remitted
to him. An Intelligent public are not
likely to enter a protest agalnsj any ap
propriation of money for publld benefit
. a Attn .m.il amonnt u it would, re
' quire to keep public timepiece moving
F'riiliiv 6 puld our I'tiuml vWt to
Six t.cei, b t on H cttnt of tin' nvero
Btorm e who Hide to cn'l upon hut
very lew. Since our lt vWt murked
liniiioveuientti liHVe been ti'ttuV. Ine
Union Scb'xd luiildirg with three apar-
mentsund under the tniinedl l" super-
vion t Mr J. M. Heutoii u4 h-.'perlnten-dnnt.
Ua nice cotnmiKllou Imililing with
all of the modern Improverm nts und Is
Indeed n ornament to the town. Mr.
Fred (JtiMslngcrh'is erected a fine busi-
i.AtaM ri.fi.ii ill tile south Went center or tne
sqiiHte, und with this liuiioiiu I 'erorners
of tl.et-qunru nre nil Imltl oi'- .'lr. 0.
Aldiichhnston.pli.ttd h Itte' icsiuence
near tne depot, aside Irom nnm rous other
ImpiovemeiiU whirh we are unmiie to
meuiion. The principal mitntilacturing
interests are C. W. Henn nway on,
hardwood dealers, and Mi lb r & Auble,
flour anu leed. Tlte lormer tlrtn estb-
liKlieil their Dlant seven ye I i.g't and liy
careful and Judicious niHiiageiin nt hive
gradually increasid their business eacn
yeiir until they now reach i.ll of lite Im-
(ortaut clttea In the country wttu iueir
giNKls. 'On account of the timber being
n accessible they were not compelled to
shut down one day on account ol logs
during the recent rainy season. iUtei
Justice Daugherty'e court ws in session
at the town hall The case whs neighbor
versus neighbor about a hotse. We did
not wait to learn the d eel-ion of his
honor hut nrrsume to sv It wms accord-
Ing to the old time freci unn, in isvor i
tbe plaintiff and tbe defendant to pay half
the costs. Notwithstanding tue law sun
ih hnrM was able to tke Its rations on
Saturdy. The post-office pot has liegan
to boll as there are time cmidiuuics in
tbe field and from reports the prospecU
for each Is constantly growing brighter.
The town Is now large eiiouiilt to oe in-
ejiruorated In onler thst new s.d walks
could be ordered cotistruuted mid other
needed Improvements. The Union hotel
unik-r the uiannitemmt of Mr. I. L. K am
appears to be will patronUed. Our visit
was a vertr pleasant one and we hope to
be able to return In the nenr Itiiure, when
the weather Is more favorable for we have
a One lUt of subtMtlihers there now and we
expect to be able to iiicrente the number
Our next visit will be Ui Brighton oo
Friday of thia week
vera about town and to and from the
depots was placed on the road Monday by
8ullff Barrett. .
Wa notice In Uusted's window s crayon
portrait of Amos Foote deceased. made by
Chas. Pyke, successor to Sawtelle. It Is
all band work and most life-like in ex
pression and fine in finish. '
Mlsa A. O. Swancer. of Bucyros, Ohio,
has opened new millinery store io the
room formerly occupied by tha Citizens
M utUHl Relief Ass vlation. The room has
been n-centiy refitted In the ' very latest
artistic style which makes a No. 1 location
for a business roem of tbe kind. Monday
afternoon we called to witness the opening
and found an eleitant line of goods artis
tically displayed and the visitors present
we.-e Improving their time viewing tne
verv latest eaxtern snriaiz styles. Miss
Swiilirer has come to be one of our num
b. r and tht road to succels in business ap
pears to be certain If properly looked
The 1st of April finds ' all ot our manu
fiu titrlng interests running In full blast
and with brlcht prospects for agood tiade
f.irlhe season. The Wellington Bending
Works has been operated with a lull force
during the winter and their trade tor 1888
far exceeds that of 67. W.R. Santley & Co.
were compelled to close up their works
during the rainy season but they are now
runtilna: with a full force with plenty of
orders. Bennett Bros. A Co. are now
hiiKllv eneazed in tbe manufacture ef
brick machines to fill the orders lor the
present season aside from tbe local trade
which consists of all kinds of castings for
general use. The plaining mdl of D. I
Wadsworth has an Increased number ef
orders to fill over corresponding date of
last year. The local lumber trade bis
lust be van to open. n. Wadsworth ft Bon,
lumber dealers and planing mill also
Phelps Bros., manufactures oi name
rims, are runnlni on full time and the
oniaiM-cti are (rood for the season. C. V.
Hemenway, manfacturer of brick and tile,
imm sin Inftff-AAeWfi fore and Increased la-
rll.tiea over previous seasons aa be ex
,. mnii(M.ture half a million more
brick than ever before in the same length
of time.
The Leifal Document" company ap
peared at tbe Opera House Friday and
Saturday evenings with Edwin Barbour
and Miss Alice Kemp In tbe leading roles,
suDDorted by a flue company. Mr Bar
bour Is a Unit-class comedian and as the
city lawyer kept his audience in a con
tinuous roar of laughter.
Owing to a misunderstanding with tne
manager of one ot the Cleveland theaters
tbey canceled their engagement in that
city and concluded to remain with us Ave
nlgbu this week before leaving for Mm
neattolis. where tbey open on tbe 8th. Ac
cordingly on Monday evening they ap
peared before a One audience ln'Mosoua
Whltcomb," with Mr. Barbour as Josh,
and presented it In an admirable manner
and were well received. Tuesday even
ing tbey presented thelrlsh comedy Kath
leen Mavoorneen," with general satisfac
tion. To-night they gie the new drama
tization of Tennyson's beautiful poem
Dora entitled "The uutcasr,"ana nine
Florine will appear in "The Burglar's
Child." Thursday evening they offer the
ladies a rare opportunity. Eacn gentle
man buying a reserved seat ticket will be
given one free for bis lady to witness the
beautiful drama "East Lynne." Friday
nigbt "Uncle Tom's Cabin," In which tbe
two finely trained Siberian Diooanounas
take an active part Don't fall to ice this
excellent company of ladies and gentlemen.
School Report for March
Below will be found our monthly report
nf ik schools for March. It shows a
m arked Improvement over last month in
all respecta.
Bv the report It will be seen that there
..... nrntii Wlnff the month 438
nunlla. averaee per cent, of dally attend
ance, 9.75; one case of tardiness and 853
present every day In the month, as com
nred with 390 for last montn.
Tha averace of tbe term's work, Includ
ing daily recitations, term examinations
and danortment eave first grade or red
cards to 238 pupils, a larger proportion
than usual. In proportion to enrollment,
tha C Grammar school bas first place for
perfect attendance and the A Grammar
for red cards. Uo to date this year, 483
pupils have been enrolled In all the
schools, few more than for tbe first two
terms of last year.
High 8oh(ol.....
A i rmm mftr .....
1) Hrmnmr..M.....
C Grammar........
U llnimmr.........
A r'rlinrT...M-....
n Vrlmtrf
SPrlm'j main bid....
Primary, north
US 4
07 1
Mrs. Asa Pratt attended the funeral of
a relative in Medina last week.
Mrs. E. M Austin and son are visiting
in Ft Wayne Ind.
J. H. Dickson went to St Louis, Mo.
last week to meet a sister who was on
her way from the West, to accompany
her here.
Mlsa Irma and Fern Smith are visiting
their grand parents in Greenwich tbls
Frank Vaughn of Columbus spent Bnn
in town.
W.'PCnrtiss,of New London, was lu
town Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gibbf of Pittsburg
Pa., were In town over Sunday.
Mr. W. V. Rood of Akron, O, is rust!
eating in Marietta Ga for a season.
Miuea Jennie and Eva Brown, are vis
iting friends in Akron and Cleveland tbls
Ad Wadsworth occasionally condescends
to stop In town a few days.
Miss Kittle Powers was taken to Cleve
land Saturday.
Mra. T. C. Kjreleston and two little
daughters will leave for the west In a few
days to spend Ihe summer rusticating.
II. ff . Fuller, tha proprietor ef tbe bar
catn store' left for New London Tuesdsy.
Dr. Biggar, of Cleveland, was called Io
see Dr. J. Rust, Monday.
1 Chaa. Hlckok and sister, of Cleveland,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. r. a
Serage this week
Mrs. II. Weldcman has one to Cold
water, Mich.
Miss Cora Marshall Is entertaining her
friends the Misses Alice H. Blakeslee,
Carrie Anthony and Saldee Wlsner, Irom
Gold and Silver Tipped Umbrellas at
Harvey's. . .....
, The Nickel Plate Ueittanrant
Has been refitted and dcimed up and Is
now ready for the reception of boarders
and lodgers. Csndies, Confectionery,
Tobacco, Clears and Ice Cream a sMcinll y
Meals at all hours. Your pativnHgo u
solicited. Ananias Haiu'kb, Propr.
FOUND, MONEY A roll of money
near town, owner can have by proving
amount, date ot loss, location, etc., and
paying for this notice.
I THE BE8T place to buy tinware, bird
cages, fancy baskets, express wagons and
carts, doll carriages and cradles, dolls,
base balls and bats, ruutier bulls, combs,
mouth organs, vases, stamped linen Hoods,
wash silk, toys and novelties. W. II
Townsknd, Bazar Store, Htroup's block,
next to livery stable, Wellington, O. 13-2t
I A line of Linen Collars 5c to close.
, W. W. Hakvbt.
ANNOUNCEMENT I have opened a
new meat market on North Mnin street,
next to T. Doland's carrisge works, where
a constant supply of frexh Chicago meuts
ot all kinds will be found.
FOR SALE, CHEAP A thoroughbred
Ayrshire bull, eligible to record, perfectly
gentle and quiet 14-2t A. Q. 6mitu.
Bazar Store; fresh seed in bulk or pticx
ages 13-2t
Haisequil to the nsti-l $1 and the beet
wo Uats you ever saw.
W. W. Hahvey,
A living One Wee Clothier.
Bl-Pn prVTATflVH rtnantv nf (tuhrpn
for sale by D. West, one door n"rth of Slur
Bakery, North Main street, Wellington.
Hams sliced at Wilder's new im tit mur
A fla-.1(iaea Puttrr lino Ph'( se IIKI'I
wanted, inquire at ll-ysc & WyiserUr'a,
XI r.UClia Ave., ucvcihiiu, whim.
All kinds of fresh meats ttt Wilder's.
Garden Seeds! Garden Seeds! !
In (ml n and bv Ihe nickiiiri' 'ut LiiuuiIuii.
Wlndecker & CVs.
Garden Seeds I All new Peed'. t
Laundon, Wlndecker & C'o's.
Wilder keeps notlilnir but the best uvuls
that can be found in the uturket.
Baby Carriages! Ruby Curriers.
A full line of Child's Currises can le
seen at A. G. & U. L. Couch's
flntnV. T TJnniXSnVN ami tret a
Cigar and a Breech Louding Shot Gun for
a nickel.
We have a nice lot of Baby Cnrrlni. es at
very low prices. Cull and se them.
A. G. & O. L. Couch.
We kive just
receive d an ele
gant aosoiimeiit
Tntala 428 911 I 152 238
R. II. KlKtiMON. Supt
Tbe Caucus and Election.
Church Notes and Announcement
Our divines have been dtucusslntf the
subject of a perlect man of lute. There
certainly could be no moto proper subject
to dltcusa. If we are perfect In tbe
sight of our maker thai Is all that will be
required nt us
Bragldter Brltton, of Cleveland, will
visit the Salvation Army here Friday
evening. A good attendance Is dealred.
Evenlna service In the churches will
now commence at half past seven o'clock.
Business Notes and Changes.
A. M. Atkinson la assisting at R. B
a. P. Dlmock will occupy A. n. Pal
mer's old grocery stand with his cigar
Burt Daugherty Is with L. H. Davidson
hardwate dealer, Cleveland, . for the
present''!',". ' '
F. B. Wilder will open a new meat mar
ket la th room recently vacated bj C. A.
Faxon on North Main street.
A bran new hack Use to convey passen-1 very tame
Saturday evening quite large crowd
convened at the mayor's court-room to
place In nomination suitable persons to
fill tbe various offices for tbe township,
corporation and union school district.
Mayor Husted waa called to the chair and
U. N. Goodwin was chosed secretary. The
lollowlng named gentlemen were nom
inated without any opposition: Tbe
township. Trustee, U. Allyn ; Ai-sessor, R
N. Goodwin: Treasurer. Calvin Save:
Justice Peace, W. E. Pelrce; Corporation,
Cunncllmen, M. W Lang, V. W. Bennett,
I U Oil. ,lhr . Pm, lrl TrllftM Wm.
Vlacherj School Board, Wm Cushion, Ir,
& Wlndecker. The result at the polls:
Allyn 228, 0. Sage 227, Goodwin 824,
PairM 9) tip siiiruipwiauirfi nntfl tlllWst
21. M L Busb 15, Lucius Derrick 8, L F
( IIITord 11,11 O Bariier 1, R 8 Peck 4.
School Hoard, Cushion 212, Wlndecker
218. Corporation, Lang 228. Bennett 143
lli,..k..,l...1'(l Vlu.k991t
Tttcre belntf do chotcw for mptrvisor
tk. sm.(. en.UI ttenhal.lif anivilnt
" Tber wrr sixty two vtH cut for
O.N. Christie tad B. B. Emartnn for
lUrui'lDlai ui luo wuuvii iaa ytmsm v v na
bacherand Bennett but only fifteen of
. . a I m At. I
mmwkm nf kiA e(ir4 . V.vw . att.
v( u lis 1 vi a aav eivvti tvij fiww
thuslasra waa manifested during tbe day
i tv -in. .1 . : , co ... -
FRESH FISli by the old reliable
dealer. Lew Elt.
Garden Seeds! Garden Seeds all kinds
at Laundon, Wlndecker ft Cos.
WAWrvn A onfA irtrl to An ffunerml
housework. Inquire at tbe Nickel Plata
FOR 8ALE 40 yards Rag Carpet by
the ladies of Disciple church. Enquire ol
Mrs E. Lambert oh
Mrs. W. H. Beskett.
Baby Carriages at A. G. & O. L. Couch's.
FOR RENT DeriraWe rooms to rent
house keeping or office., enquiro of
TV IT. 11A11VE.I.
FOR RENT House and lot on Tlor
street. Enquire ot Mrs. a. yvattkhson
If you have neuralsla. cold, sore thrnl.
etc-use rraus ramtiy i-iniineni. wm
by druggists.
TO FARMERS We have just received
a supply of Evergreen Sweet Seed Corn
for fodder purposes.
Laundon, Wlndecker fc Co.
FOR PRIVATE 8ALE -78 acres ol
good farm land, a ell tented and watered
Good house, barns and other buddings,
flrstr-classorrhatd.elc Ey terms. At)
ply to G. C Cliffoid, l4 miles west nd 1
mile south of Wellington, or to R N.
Goodwin. 1l-4t
nill'a Peerless Worm Specific Is a sure
cure for worms. Try a bottle. No cure, on
nav. - F D Fell.
Hill's Sarsaparll'a I a powerful and
pleasant remedy for a'l diseases srislug
from Impure blood. F D Felt
Pratt's Rbeurytlc Liniment bents them
all. Sold by druggists.
klTHWPV W A VTF.rt A t nnr Iter.
vrau." ,".
manent position ihe year round; aood
weekly pay auarnuteed; no experience
nAnA .ml" (ptwvt ftir.'lf.r m,H wlltlnif
V. , .....j .
ness to work required ; outfit free; send for
terms ana commence mt. nitre rtrtiie j
Austin Shaw A Co., Huisemncu
Rochester, N. Y. 10-18
TW Prft'. rtnrui T.tnlmAnt ftup rnr
for all Diemtanes. tyun ny aiuggtsis.
A few more healinir slovi s Very cheSD to
. .It T.
Close oui. rv. Li. reircs.
Cll and sea tha Inner snrv dishes: a
crate jum to. n . c. n iree.
Parti Houiw.
Tbe Park House always h s the clean
mi nd th fln.t IhIiIc the market afford
Good feed barn in connecti.H,
. ti. U DENNETT, rrp.
3mA received, something m w In cnak
ery. W. ti. I'kibce.
1 1 - '
In all the new
shapes. Come
and see.
here. The spring election ot 18Stwas a
ail air.
Mr 1 fl flrtrrir. will offer for aala fiflt-
iHi.v Anrll nt 10 o'rlnck a. m tm hla
premises ooe mile west of Brighton. 6
r m A 1 i v-l A
dairy cows, o s-year nm nenera, Jr"'
lings, 0 annate, wagons, pair oooa, vuiu-
vaiors, harrows, mowing machine, fanning
... , . . . ....... i i
OQIII wool lame, torn iu vnr, ubih iu uiu,
UOUsenoia gnoas ana outer amcici.
1 . n. uerbice, Aoctiunoer.
rolWTPn AliA Park TTnnui nnn
man aged about IS years to do chorea.
rt rt . rt
. i v. sattaETT, rropr.
O W rinrVa tru1armA llnla.Aln ITrlnal
an bull, Billy Bswn, is fast gaining first
place among the great milk bnlls of tre
U. D. fcvery on a oi dib uanifrnera cava
. h tn iImH flMlllrAM V.,tl nt iKiim
JJHITQII W f Wl HIII..I U U . W. ...
as three-year-old, are now giving ' over
SOIbs, ot milk each day, on dry feed.
Mr A V ' Wmvtrnff nt TW1w.ro (Y.
wss stopping at the American House
Knnt tmn Baoka itneai. and waa azner.
. . LI. f.L LI. J -- 1 . Ik
tencing irouoie wuu uim uwnni
n, T W MnfTlarmn Mferrad him to Dr.
Hlsey in order that they might be ex
tracted without pain, with Odontanalsreslo
Ik. u I, MlflMt MA anitfrh. THA HTM.
UI. unn umv.w.i - w
tors office and a day was Sied upon to
have tbe work done. Mr. Woodruff ac
complned by his wife came here Monday
ot this week. (Mrs. W. comint at his re
quest to take care of him) and hid ten
teeth extract ea witnoui peia
Ovsters. direct Irom Baltlnwre at
A CARD Look out for the new tepait
aika-i anv katai frmn V 1 ilaili.l ' U u tl All tllOl
all kinds of furniture tepaiied t.mt simie n
. Jt . ... f.T .
to looa as ooa as new jm oi ui-
to order. Sas filed and nhhkI.Iiis dot..
Woik done at r-sidences If d-hbeil. O
dm bv mail urommlv it'eedul l
G ve me a call. . U A b.NAi 1'
J. M. Craljtree will
IINI the hi, I t
market prlot s lor live and' dre-eil h i
veal calves, ory ami irreen nine- nihi i
M0NEYT0L0N On hn. urn-
moderate interest on irood fHtm wnm
Enquire ot C Have de Co.
Dvsnensla or lndluetiun hUium ! Ii'
I- Ik. Ait .1 llfi. hhtli..lLu ..I U'tl.!.....!!
Kneumattc Dyrup.coiuainina, mm u oner
nature S specinc loriue snimai e. ; ri'l
sale at E. W. Adams' and F It Felt .
Children Cry for Pitcher's CastorU.
Vbab aha baoaae Klaa. aba ahuc ta Osatorla.
Whw she had Children, ah cave thMOastorta.
1 ami 6 Euclid Ats,
Cleveland. Ohio,
V i : :
) i.i it.
1 ! N- ..
wpi';" 1 ;"r: -ut
. v'l! -iv-i" i-. K-v'"v
, ''. s

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