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A. Family Newspaper, Devoted to Home Interests, Iolitic, Ajfriculture, Soienoei, Art, Poetry, Etc,
NO. 15.
y': ' ''.'" . :; ' v , - ;" ':' ' . :' V " '' - .."' CLEVELAND, o. . r . : ,
"; mti r II -'V .'-"...:..' . . II ' 1 . " : ' v "' .' ' . essoot
; J iiii 10 ' "" 1 . '-. y ,'.. :. , , Immmmmmmimmm
PabllahedeTry Wedneidky.kt
Terma of Subtoriptlont
" lx Month!
lr Month!..
.. To
... M
llTOMMMiW ui loim i
Loinitnd Collections mado apecUlty
Oficelnbank bulldinK.
- - od tolloltor ol
American and Foreign
RU. CMMDWI1, Inouroooo Ag
.oUrPubllo. iMurww 4re.1. orV
mmO, wlll iHM oootraou. oto written lo
rSSond lenl m.DDsr. OHoooror fenco'.
koot ond .ho. otoro.
4jVBM aOBlNN. tko Borbw, toop
H . T .k. -UiMt mnM aooTSDloDt Bar-
Lrl.nv.ta town. Onlr orolM workmoo
rTTT i .rtiuot of hdr oils, po-
ZZSm mo hair ro.tor.tl wo. Wn? bath-room.
CSIbUSm ond (urnlrtedot 1 hour, with
KiSdoold w.tr od all oHHry ooovodI-
J. HOI.BBAOK, Doottt. Offloo. OTOf
U tlaltaWI HSirtB. IB DUI BUHUIUli
lllnrtoo. Ohio. Nitroui oim. too oanuo.
lorod for too osmouoa or m.
S.t.iia'. Art OUor-',l8t0r, ,n
T.JT . VrW7coiood,P,io from - old
ni n...tiM all nruerred ond uu-
l o TbiS BT tfmo. Oollor, yror
. iwuy k UoU'i irooon .
I PtotarM ol oil kind, flnott wort ul totort
Mflot. Oopylnf Md oaurtiat in vrmi,
U Putel. Bpoctol nttenuoo n wo w
CkmIot's Block, WoUlaua. w.
eta! dliauM ad dlMH.1 of t.Moddjrod
ooeuoi trowed by on ImproTed qiUa, without
afVtr earafal oat prop ur
Offlc. is . :
OorpootorBIoek ' Wolllottoo,
W.Hw. -.1 Mt
Ordor rowWod at Tolophono Eichange
nd at F. D. Felt'aarun aioro.
flradoato Toronto Yoterlnarr Coll W.olM 'T.
Veterinary Surgeon nl le&ti.'
Or.r tw.nty dro year, of praetleo. Ord.r.
rooalrod at Adm- ana uouhowb . arm
ItoriirHora.. .till Uk.n for troatmont at my
tabl on Courtlana Areoao,
J. H. WIGHT, Sole Agent,
Dealor In Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Bll
terware. Gold Pen, etc. No. 8, Public
1 Square, Wellington, Ohio.
H. X3- Barrett,
' Livery and Feed Stable.
youth Side Meohanio' Street, first
door east ol American xionse.
Psaseneers and Baggage to
and from trains or residences..' .Also col
lMta:and dlstrlbotes Mxrnast, doing I
erkl expressing and package business.
t-aivf orders or telephone American
Vmm. 871y . '. H. 8. SMXTtt, Prof, "
Next to Otterbacher's, on
open to-morrow,
Ihriiij Mil From
- ....
No eoods will bo ottered tor
.V. m i 1 i -
wft Will D6 DieaSCU tO e
' ' . - . .
ub with a call. Mb. &
Mb. &
J. J.
CAPITAL 100,000.00,
Does a General Banking Business, Receives Deposits, Buys and sells New York I
Exchange, Government Bonds, etc Draft
8. 8. WARNER. President.
8. i. WARNER.
Moaafactiren of sad dMl.n la
Dooxw, Sauna avxicl Jninaai
Diomui and Butter BoiPt. all kinds ot
Lumber, Lath, Shingle, Battens, Mould
ings and Flooring. Biding made and Bur
lace Plan In f done to order on short no
tice , . WELLINGTON, O.
Dealers la sal If anofaetarer t
. A Fell Use et flood aiwrU Btook. -
Arterial Embalming a ApecUlty.
Pictures Framed to Order. Agoodvarl
i : ety of MouiatngitoeweCTirum.
H.l. Corner ot Saamr..
Contractor and Builder,
Flans and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. Orders by
mail promptly attended to. 46-ly
or rvisT BisoRirnoK.
Pratt & Herrick,
mm mi m nm mil,
Free delivery to any part ot the corpor
stion. Kallroaa street, wenmgioD.v.
Anthraoite, Masslilon,
, . Jackson and Bloseburg
TermB Cash and PriceB Low.
Office on Weal Liberty 8t., Telephone 48
Hotloo of Appoiatm.nl.
Estate of Helen Bowk, deceased.
The nnrtnralrned ha been appointed and
?uallAd a administrator ot the eatateot
lelen Howk, late ol Wellington, Lorain eoun
ty, Ohio, deceased. ' . taaa
Uateo Ul imn aey oi nirai, n. u i
. tiK0.ll. NORTON. Admlnlitrator.
CKAI.KD proponal will be received at the
n nfflna nl the Clerk of the Board of educa
tion ot WelltnKton Townitlilp until U o'clock
at noon on the twentieth (20) day of April,
1(W. for building a frame anhool houae, in
dl.trlct No. T, on the lot altuated mile
north on alto ol old arnooi nouan, ao-
eording to tht plan and apeclAoation. on Die
In said oflloe. Kaoh bid mu.t contain the name
ot every person intereeted in the lame, and
to be anoomi.anled by a eufllelent guarantee ol
aome dl.lntere.ted person, that, II the bid I
acoepted, a contract will be euierea into ana
the performance of It properly secured. The
bid lor each kind of material called for by tbe
leotBcatlon mu.t be stalea eparsieiy ana
e nrloe of each given and the price ot labor
muntal.0 be separately itatnd.
None but the lowe.tre.pon.abte bid will be
soepted, and the board may reject alt bids.
By order oi tne noaia oi Kounanon.
Lidministratr'fl Sale.
IH peveuane t an order of th. Probate
Court ot Lorain County, Ohio, 1 win oter
for aal at publie aaoUon, o
8ATUBDAT the Rth day et April, A.D., 1SN,
the following described real estate, altuate In
the aauntv ol Lorain and State of Ohio, to-wit:
being tho aoutk part ot lot number forty-roar
(44) la traei nine wi in uiidddi uwn.nii, w
rain ennnt.. Ohio, and bounded eaat. sooth
and west by the lines .f (aid lot and a tb.
aortk by a line parallel wilB ins .u lia
and far enough therefrom to enclose within
aal himiidf fiftv
A.pialaedatlri'A Term, of kale, one-third
eaah on dav of sale, th balanr in two equal
annual payment leeared by mortgage oa
remise with la Wrest al Xet?,v,iT
Adalalltratet of Iiraei Buraley, dM d
Liberty street, will be
7 to 8:30 DU.
, . . . l i
sale during tne evening, dui
j 1 mi I'
OUU fiuano UilUUS mill VUI uiu
. . r I
Mrs. A. M. Fitoh, '
Mrs. A. E. uamblb,
8. Fitou,
StJBPLUS 18,500.00.
laauec on all European countries. ,
B. A. HOBR, casnier.
Jr., Aas't Cashier. .... W(.
. s -I -..If;:
' STotloo of Appolatm.at.
Xstate ot Daaiol WllUaaa. deoeaMd.
Tho ondonlarned haa been daly appointed and
nnaJinnta. admlnlatratlil with the Will OB-
neimlof tbe estate of Daniel William, late
of Wellington, Lorain oonnty. unio, aoooaaeo.
VBtra toll autn aay ni maroa, n.u., im.
BALLY B. WILLIAMS, Admlnlitratrlx
AMTfOUHOKCirr Of . ,
Aug. 28 th, 29th and 80th, 1889.
u 1
Entries Close April 80th, 1889. '
Ho. t-JrwoTOU-oldo-Foal of 1897: Mil kmU
ortllal. Bnbacriptioa 10, S of whlck
But aeeompuy wteb aomlastloa oa ot
iMfor April tXh, 189S, tSptyabl Jun lOtk,
' " balanee. $A parable An. Mtk, t added.'
Homlnatloa opoa to aU,
BCOkU iat,
Ho. f-Thrae-yrarolda-FoaU of 1884: Mil. keata,
boMtla. Snbocrlpaon $10, S of which
mart accompany oack Bomlaatloa oa o
befor April JOia, 1889, S payable Jan iOtb,
balance, , payable An. Mta, B added.
Nomination, opaa lo all.
. . ' THIRD DAT.
Ho.S-Fontyearld-FolofUS5: Sua con
dition., payment and added money
tr Program of other nee. puhlUbed later.
Praddent, Secretary,
Wtlllngton, Ohio.
Lorain County Fair,
.EFT, :i, 25. 23, 27, 1839.
No. 1 Two-yer-old, foal of 1887; mile heat
beat! In 3. Bubaciiptlon 10, 3oI wblob muat
accompany each nomination en or before
April u, laW; St payable July l balance. M.
Buyable September 24, tJi added. Tbe Klyrla
took fcarm alao adda o, to be given the eolt
aired by KLVRIA taking tbe beat position In
thl.raoe, provided two or moreol Klyrla'
eolta atart, or lo one starter li newinatneraoe.
Colu Inim the Klrrla Htock Farm not to com-
Kte for thla $60, nor to be counted to make
n BtartKra.
No.2 Thrde-year-oldi, foal of W: mile
beats, best .1 Inc. 6unnrlptlon till, 1,1 of
wbloh must accompany each nomination on or
before April 16. lm; tS payable July I, balance
HiPsynblerleptemberM; S added.
No. a Kour-vear-old. foal, of liftf; same con-
dltlom, paymentasnd added money aaatake
no. i.
awProeram of other race nnhllshrd later.
Kntriea to be matfe with 0. HOOT, (Secretary,
Elvrla 0. 1U-1
. To Tbe Citizens of Wellington.
Fred D. Felt, the druggist, ol Welling
ton, will keep lor aale the celebrated
Indian 1111, manufactured by the eminent
Dr,R. MacFarland ol Genoa, 0. ThUla
the pill that cures headache, sick or ner
vous, alio comtipatirm, and for one failure
we offer a mu it directions are carried out.
We can toll vou more, tbev cure rheuma
tism, sciatic, or chronic, Inflammatory. All
etomach dlieases yield every time to this
great discovery. They will positively
cure all disease ol the urinary organs u
curable from any medicine. The secret 1
they cure tbe liver and will not fall. Do
not tall to try this medicine; 91 a oox, ou
pill In each box. Call at Felt' drug store
fortbem. Felt, only keep lham. Well,
lnkten. Ask for tbe little book giving
symptom. This I the greet blood search
er of the world.
N. B. Felt's only. Remember Dr. R
MacFarland' pill Is the only genutne
macrariano pmon earth.
To ths Bditob Pl.aa. inform your read.
r that I have a positive remedy for too above
kerned disease. By It timely as thousand of
bopolea earn have boon permaaeatly cored.
I nau a gut to aond two bottle, ef my
dy tsaa to any ot your reader who have
sumption it they will send see their eiptwee
and post office adore.. Keapeetfally,
T, A. SUX.UM. kt-0,ieil v auNawVerh.
L :;;::!ltj Oar Special Corrssnoadenti.
AU About the Happeninjrg 'and Special
I .,.'-, ....
Event la their Immediate Vicinity.
. ' April 8, W.
HA UZoll.of Michigan, tod Lorry
Mar.n f Wiwt Vlrtrlnl. ara .l.ltlnv
" ' i - a
wendt in town,
u T v.. x
k-vi-u- viijuw inunniuum
r I I . . fM i, . .
malnder of her life Id her old home, Lb
Mist Chamberlain enjoyed pleasant
octal time with her echool at her board-
sng place last Tbnraday evening.
MIm Edith Humphrey hai retimed
from an extended trip through the Wert.
J B Gott and family, of Elyria, have re-
turned to La Grange for good.
Mia Hattle Greene is tIi (ting Mends in
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Bohool meeting to-night
Last year 138 votes were east; this year
88, ot which D 8 Miller tor re-election re-
celved S3, scattering t.
A quiet school election this time, for
which Yours Dryly is profoundly thank
1 , c i '
;. i-Au! ktiPiow. i
i-i i.-- . April 8, 1899.
The rftads are Improving.
''Basinets is flourishing.
'. Peddlers and egg wagons are plenty
this spring. '
Mr and Mrs James Anderson, ol Toledo,
0, are U town.
Ed Tenant has been quite sick foraev
ersJasys. !;
Bell ringers at the hall Friday night
Mr AlvaTwinlng's little) boy is very
sick with pneumonia
MrsCT Buckley, of Oberlln, wu la
town Friday. '
The fmaenl aervlces ot Nicholas Shef
field were held at tbe Disciple church Sun.
day afternoon at I M. Mr Sheffield was
born March W, 1830. in New York 8Ute
died April 4, 1889. at hU late residence la
m. . . - r , . . .... 1 1 .
- U..S,, '. J 111 h Wa-.ll. tnl
our loss Is hi gain. He bad made that
, aooaauuy preparation for death years ago
and wu ready when the master called.
Rev Damoad, former pastor of the Bap
tist church, will be here next Saturday and
Sunday. ' J '
The ladies oi the Disciple church win
give an orange festival at Breckenridge's
ball Tuesday evening, April 9. All arc
cordially invited.
Charles Caven haa been on the sick list
for several days, but is convalescing.
' A number of Klptoo school teachers at
tended the examination at Elyria Satur
day. , fil i -
Hugh Moaher wu in town Saturday
looking hale and hearty. ' C L
; ". ' ' BVMTIHOTOW. 1 '
' ' April 8, '89. .
Roads are getting paesable sgaln. We
have bsd all kinds of weather during the
week pt-ww, win, ice and mnshine.
four weeks from last Saturday and Sun
day. Mr Palmer Btedman la vltlting friends
In town.
' i B Robinson and Keut .pent Sunday In
. Mr George Sumner and bis family have
have been visiting at A J Burrell's.
Mr Albert Noooey ha been quite alck,
but is improving.
Frank Richmond and hi wife spent
last Suudnyweek In Penfleld at hu father.
George Robinson and his wile, from
Centerton, hsve moved into tbe north part
of Will Smith's house.
The principle stock changing hands
this iprlng seems to be calves.
. Who ever knew eggs to be only 9c per
dozen before Easier
Darius Wells looked quite fatherly last
Sabbath with hla two little nephews from
Akron at church with him.
Lucius Wslker, Jr., I suffering a good
deal with a very sore finger on his right
hand. '. '
Mrs Elwood seems to be Improving very
slowly; she only she np a lew minutes at
a time. .
Mr Lang remains about the same.
- April 8, '89:
- Moving the order of tbe day.
Wheat In this section It not looking any
too well. -
For accidents on the quarries this prom
ises to beat any previoua season. .
.. Farmers are anxloualy waiting lor the
ground to dry sufficient for sowing their
oata.- . ' " .
J B Plumb, of La Grange, wm In town
on business recently. -
B Gibson wu in Cleveland one day last
week to purchase goods. V,
; Mr and Mrs , D J Dulmage, of ; North
' :;ti.' '-
Amherat, called on Wall street yesterday.
Hiss Jennie Axtel, formerly at this
place now in Cleveland, visited relative
here quite recently.'
Mr and Mrs Garland are happy ia wel
coming a little stranger to their heme.
Miss Nort Peabody has gene to La
Grange to spend few weeks.
Herbert Durand spent a few days with
friends here last week.
MrsWmEngle has been numbered on
the sick list She is convalescing quite
rapidly now.
Mr Kane and family, of Brewnhelm,
visited at Wm Engle's yesteiday.
AKelley Ml quite distance while
working on the quarry slew days since,
striking on the solid rock and hurting him
considerably. He was obliged to walk to
his home mile swsy after it too. It is
rightly said that they care no more for a
man on the quarries than a dog. He is
treated little better thin such anyway. Mr
K will soon be at work again.
There will be quarterly meeting service
at the ME on next Sabbath morning. Rev
McCasky,of Lorain, will be present to
conduct the service.
Rev Dr Hoyte will preach at the ME
on Friday evening oi this week.
April 8. -fit.
Miss Almeda Hart attended the teacher.'
examination at Elyria Saturday,
Mr Mann Walters has greatly improved
tbe way for the lootmaa by putting down
a new walk before his premises. If other
property holders on the south street will
do likewise many a man will rise up and
call them blessed.
The next important event will bathe
election of a new member of the board ol
education. Let all turn out and see that a
man interested in school matters is chosen
Mlaa Parmenter, teacher in the primary
department of our schools, is organizing a
select school for the spring. Thus far she
has met with encouraging success.
Master and Miss BuSenmeyer, of Ash
land, nephew and nelce of Mr and Mrs A
T Yanvalkenburg have been spending a
few days in town. ' ' ' ,
The case of "neighbor vs neighbor, la
regard to a horse," will be continued be-
I " - ---r--- - .
The Method 11 ladles gave a sugar oat
the other night at the town hall. At any
rate tbey showed their intention by bring
Ing tbe sugar there, but as there ws no
one there to eat it they did like the King
of France "marched (down) home again."
Cause, bad weather and lack ol advertise
The Baptist Sunday sch.wl reorganized
Sabbath morning. The following are the
officers: supt,Frsnk Gannett; east supt,
Urdus Monoemith; Secy, Bertha Hart;
tress, N Ingraham ; librarian, Sibyl Strouo
Tbe ladies aid society of the F B church
give s supper st Oakley's hall, Thursday
Mr John Giar will go to Cleveland the
coming week to work at carpentering.
The high school pupils contemplate giv
ing sn entertainment character not yet
decided about the 1st ii May.
The many friends of Dr Smith, of Wel
lington, In this place congratulate him up
on becoming grandpa.
April 8. D9.
After many gloomy days we agsin have
bright weather.
Mrs Hoses Ballou Is quite Ul with pneu
Dr Gregg wu called here on Friday.
Mis Celia L Pritchatd returned the 5th
from Cleveland, where aha has been visit
ing since she came from the South.
There will be a lecture at tbe town hall
Wednesday evening; subject, "Go West
young man."
A P Mann and wile were In town Satur
Geo Smith's little boy la very sick. An
other cue of pneumonia.
Tbe ttate of this place I deplorable;
there Is not money enough in town to
change a twenty dollar bill (T) ,
' Apr'19,1880.
Died, on the 4tb Inst., Mr Eiaatua Camp
bell, Sr., aged ti year. Tbe deceased was
born In Rutland township, Rutland co., Vt,
March IS, 1797; came to PHtefleld over 20
year, ago and hu resided wltn his son, E
Campbell, ever since; Tbe remain were
taken to the place of bi birth lor inter
Election passed off very quietly owing
to the absence of aay exciting question.
Harrison having been elected and lnaugu
rated that seem to settle the public mind.
Mrs Young Is on the tick list and hu
been quite ill, but Is aow somewhat better.
Frank GUIett bu returned, to Delaware
to continue his studies. , ,,, , ,' ; . ., v
Rev Olds gave a very instructive lecture
oa Sunday evening on The Being ot God."
., Adam Beard titer fixing Up his fans at
the center hu movad to Uvtrpool lot tht
aeaaon, working at making cheese.
Sugar makers are drawing np their flx
turea, tbe season hsving closed.
House painting is now tbe order of the
day, . k
April 8. 89l
Mr Fender and family from Foatoila.
have moved Into town. 1
M J Burrows has moved Into his house
at the center.
Sale at J B Griggs on Saturday well at
tended. , , .
From all appearances our new creamery
Is receiving a greater amount of patronage
man the factory. . .
. On Thursday evening the neighbors and
friends of Mr sad Mrs T H Clark entered
their house, throwing off overcoat and
bonnet, building fires, etc- completely
surprising their host and hostess. A very
pleasant time was reported.
Our sick are improving.
Lrov. '
. : April 9, 1889. :
Mr. H. Converse hss moved his family
from Wellington and aow occupies the
house belonging to Asa Mann.
Herb Goes, who ha been home for
sometime, intends going West acala
Harvey Hall and wife, of Mansfield.
have been visiting relatives In the village..
U.K. Johnson hu finished his tub In
New London Township, and Is movlng-
hia saw-mill some place west, where he
baa another Job.
A petition is being circulated by the
friends ot Miss May Ledyard, for her
appointment ss poet master.
A business meeting will be held at the
Baptist church next Saturday night
l&e umpire Manufacturing Co, hu en J
gaged the service of Wi. Crandall as their
agent In this place for tbe coming season.
Deafness Can't Be Cured -' "
by local applications, u thev can not rauk .
the diseased portion of the ear. Them u
only one way to cure Deafness, and that
m vj coaautuiiunai remedies, jjearnesa)
is caused by an Inflamed condition of the)
mnens lining of tbe Eustachian Tube.
When this tube rets Inflamed von h.v .
rumbllug sound or Imperfect hearing, and
wnen a is entirely closed Deafness Is tan
result, and unless the inflsmatlon can bn ,
taken out and thla tube restored to its
normal condition, hearing will be deotroy.
ed forever ; nine cases out of ten are caused i
dj catarrh, which u nothing but an la-v
flamed condition of the mucus surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for .
any case of Deafness (csused by Catarrh)
(hat we can not cur bv takina Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. ....
F. J- ChKNKT A Oo- TeleHn f
WSold by Druggists, 76o. .1
News From the County Seat. J
1 Walter McRoberta vs Charles Cornell.
Money only. Appeal from J. P. by do-
fendant '
Joseph Baldwin vs John H Morse et aL '
To quit title. :
Evallne Sampsell executrix of tbe will '
of P W Sampsell deed ys J II Tart. Money ,
only. ' - ,
Wm S Wallace vaJC Hill et at Money :
and equitable relief. .
L B Smith vs Levi Dickenson et el.
Money only.
L B Smith va Anton Rothgery et aL
Samuel Kendelgh vs James Jackson. '
Money only. - ' .
Bailie E Williams appointed adminis
tratrix of estate of Daniel Williams, de
ceased, lite of Wellington.
Last will of John Heusner, deceased, 1
late of Russia, admitted to probate and ,
widow elects to take under the will. -
Geo W Brown appointed .administrator
with will annexed of Margaret Regal, do-'.
ctased, late of Brownhelm. , . 'I .
Mike Gripahle arralnged on a charge of
carrying concealed weapon. Plea of
guilty entered. Sentenced to pay a fine',
of one dollar and cost and stand commit '.1
ted until line and coat are paid. .
' John Brolnbridge appointed admln!-Vi
trator of estate of E Bralnbrldge, deceased' ',
late of Ridgevllle , jr
Alfred Gillette appointed guardian' of
Stella Hutchinson a mirror. - ' -'
Richard Hicks appointed quardiaa of.
Dennis Dyer, Oeo Dyer and Willie Dyer,
minor. r . '
For the cur ot cold, conrhi. and T
derangement of the respiratory organal ,
no other medicine la so reliable as Ayerl '
Cherry Pectoral. It relieves the asthmatlo '
and consumptive, even In advance stages '
ni dikes, and has saved innumerable
lives. - . '
" tVhatB.B. Cooper, says. V ;"
J. E. Jackson Dear sir 1 "I hsd Brlehfs
disease in tb worst form. I need tw-
bottles of our medicine, Burdtck's Kid- ,
iiey Cure, and It hu done wonders for re.
The swelling bu left my body and llrabe "
ana 1 am eo wen 1 can walk out again.-''
This la the only remedy that wauld reach '
mv case, tTio ia oeota. - 1
' What John L. Hsds, of Woodbury, tt. -1 '
9.. saysi' J; K. Jackson, Dear 81imI'
had kidney trouble for year yery bad 1 '
my pains time were so great I Would
roll the floor. I thought my ess help-,' ,
leas one. j I used two bottle ot yonr rued. "
lclne,Burd!ck's Kidney Cure) and pew f
ean do any hind of work. I reoomw r4
this to all ' sufferers. Price 75 cents and T
m. For sal by Fred D, Felt. - ,vy'
' ' t-
4 :

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