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'.: j.B.siMTH,rropriet. I ,
General News Summary.
Interesting Home and Foreign News,
The reduction of the (oree at the Govern
peut printing offloo, which usually follows
to. adjournment of Congress, ha begun.
About fifty employes were discharged on
the 4th and more will -follow. - 1,
V Reports made to the Comptroller of the
Correnoy show the condition of the Na
ilonal banks on Fobruary.SB. Among the
ienouroet of the banks are: Loans and
eiacounli amounting to 11,691473,403; bonitt
to secure circulation, ili,72B,&)0; bonds to
secure deposit I4&8tti,000i specie, 1183,
. Eb4.l(oa, aud 4,034.600 in lojral tender notes.
Juinek A. Vol, of liaise, baa been ap-
C" ed appointment elork of the Post-offloe
rtmeut, and Hamilton Reeve, Jr.,, of
Maw York, assistant chief dork of the Pen
sion oiBoo.
On the 5th the President appointed Cor
aelluo VaaOott postmaster of New York
City, and Joel E. Erhanlt collector of cus
toms at that port, . t . .H
Major General Bcbofleld has decllodto
recommend to the Secretary of War that
Major George A. Arms, retired, be tried by
court marllai on cbarirea bated on hit con
duct on Inauguration day and bis assault
upon Governor Beaver. .
' Ctptnln He, bert Beecherj 'son of the late
. Henry Ward Boeober. who for some time past
has boon special aeenl of the Treasury De
partment with headquartors at Fort Town
end, W. T., has been ordered dismissed by
Bcqretary Windom on account of alleged
crooked transactions.
Jamot L C. Christian, acting assistant
doorkeeper of the United Htatea Senate,
died at Washington on the Ctb. Hi death
was the result of exposure during the In-
aornral oercmonlos. .
. W. H. Mairlnnls, of Ohio, bat boen ap
pointed Superintendent of the Railway
alall Service, and assigned to. duty In the
effloa of the Bocond Assistant Postmaster
General. .-,
The Supreme Court bar met on tbe th
ltd nested arproprlate resolutions noon the
death of Associate Ju-tiae Matthew. CuatH
rurtio addresses were made by Sena tort Bd-j
Stand end Kvarte, Ex-uovernor Hoaciiy,
Bx-aenator McDonald and other.
.The lose of tbe United Btatee thipe at
Samoa it being teverely criticised by naval
effloere at Washington, who condemn the
ria of Admiral Kimberley in allowing
vessels to be caught in such a storm
without taking come precautionary meat
area . ' .
The anniversary of the American Tract
, Society, was .held at Washington en
Bit 7th. ; Secretary Shearer's re ports owed
receipts for the year tvoo.000, aavl expn-
01 tores a little thort pf that turn. A boat
HO sew publication have been added. Prink-
log It done la New York In thirty laognageat'
abroad it 159 lauguaget or dialect. Deoe-i
Uoot and leoaciet about 175.000. Over A'.
100,000 pagee of tracts were dlttrlbuted'
gratoltionsly, about 200 culporteuro em
ployed and over 110,000 was tent abroad In
Cash and publications.' .
vi.i - ; i , i
...i-iT , ' J'THt stA8T....f.r. .'. ,
JleV. Dr. 'Edward Beevher, aged eight.;
(Ive years, a brother of the sate .Henry
Ward Beech er, while alighting from njov-
tram, at Brooklyn, K. Y, on the as,
evade e misstep fend fell under the wheels.
JBle left leg waa crushed and he wat other-.
wte lajured. . Owing to bla adyaaced age
tbe accident may prove fatal. ' ,
The mounted skin of the famous elophant,
lembe. which Was presented to the Barantai
mete m ef natural history at Tuft's CoK
Isr, Batten, by P. T. Barnnm, hat arrlvedi
aad been placed In position.
The Pennsylvania Bouse baa defeated ea
tnal pastage the bill to regulate the extent;
ef llab lilies under policies of Inturanee ea
Tbe oomplete vote of Rhode Island for
Oovemor give Ladd (Rep.) 16,(68; Pavi
(Dea.). Sl.atSO; Rlohardsoa (Pro.), 1,611;
Obaoe (T abor), &43S. DavktlaokM8votea
ef an election, but hat a plurality of 4,898.,
For Attorney General, Roger (Dea.) baa.
U.OUi Slocom (Rep ), 81,819; Mattering, a.)
Blecum't majority 778.
Commandant H. V. Beeley, of the League)'
bland navy yard, hat received a eommaav
halloa from Becretary of the Davy Tracy;
entering that theorulter Yorktown be made
ready for tailing on April 90. '
A fire at PllUburgh oa tbe 4th destroyed
the machine shop of (Sheriff ft Sot, together
with a large number of valuable pattern,
tie flame spread to tbe Anchor paste)
works aud did tome damage. Lota 165,000.,
Ovtr one hundred milk dealers la Pilta
bmrgh and Allegheny, Pa., have organised,
te fight the milk producers' trust formed a
few dsys ago. They agreed aot to purchase
any milk from the trust,
Ate meeting of the board of governor
ef tbe national Holdlors Home at New
York on the 8d, the resignation of Geaeral
Sfcarpe at gjvernor of the borne at Milwau
kee wat at oepted. General Kllbourne, ef
New York, wat appointed to tbe vacancy.
Tbe funeral of the late Alexandor MoCua,
e4udg and ex-tob-Treasurer of tbe United
Htetet at Now York, took place la Brooklyn
ee the Bib. One of tbe patl-btarert wae
O ' raJ Benjamin P. Tracy, Becretary of the
Navy. , ,
While two officers were attempting to
arrest a Hungarian ooke worker near Mount
neaaant, Pa., on tbe Btb, adoien Ilungtraa
wesson rushed to the rescue of the prisoner
aad assaulted the officers wltb clubs and.
tteaea. The offloert were terribly brolttd
aad would undoubtedly neve been killed
had they not f rigbtened tbe women sway by
dssehar ing their pittols. '
Sarah Gerry, tged eeventy-twe, of BUll
water, Me., while alone In her bouse ea the
.Hh, wae burned to death by ber clothes
The business fsilores thougbout the
ooaairy during tbe seven davs ended April
6 number for tbe United Btatee 187 and for
Canada So, or a total of & as compared
J a total of 940 the previous week and
Ua for the corresponding week of last year.
James Callery, one of tbe wealthiest cttt
ten ef Western Pennsylvania, died tud
' doory ef heart disease at hit borne la Pltle
burgh en tbe 6th.
A timber of oases of tmsil-pox are re
ported at Naatlotke, Pa., eaotlng eootlder.
able alarm. . Tbe oouaoU baa boea requeeted
te close the schools and phteee ef amaae
mant, ead many people are leaving town.
Frederick Friedertetaea, a bone dealer,
svaareebed of 11,899 while aaleep la a hotel
eaSooeeea, N. 1 ea the eta. A ana whe
registered as Will lama Lewie aad eeeopUd
tit aeat room to Friederlekeea,aad le mm,
lac te (opposed te be the tbief . '
Oedrr W. Ward, aseletant poetmitttr s,
Raarra, H. Y., bat disappeared aad tl.000 at
fleiviagtent finds art reported mlstta. ' l
, , Tk w4 wall of lb WwUngbcns tirotrie
UgVt pleat, la coarse ef ereettoa la tat Bast,
lit Ptttsburga, teU witlsout waraitg aw
tla ota, burying three erorbiaea. Tweof
Jhe O'Brle and Willlea Sargeaa,
wserleasly Jf o (alaUy lajured, , ....
Itaae Rich ft Co.,"the oldest fish house In
Boston,. Mate., are financially embarrassed.
Tbelr liabilities are placed at 200,000, aud
nominal assets at tU36,00a ,
Innpeotor Byrnes' detectives :' tiave ar
rested six young men charged with com
plicity In the attempts to burn the Catholic
property In Westobsttor County, New York.
None of them are over seventeen years oia.
Uron the assembling of the Connecticut
Senate on (he 6th, Governor Bulkley sent
In a veto of the resolution passed by both
branches of the General Aawmbly com
muting the death stntenooof lobn H. Swift
The Senate passed the , resolution by a vote
of 18 to 8 over Governor Bulkley's Veto.
At Its recent meeting In Now York tbe
American Bible Society granted funds to
the amount of 153,584, (including appropria
tion for forolgn missionary work. . Tbe
cash receipts in March were 74 247.82. The
total issues from the Bible bouse for tbe
year ending March 81, not Including those
Issued In forolgn lauds, were .1,000,774
The extensive axe. shovel and saw fao-
torlo of Hubbard ft Co., on Forty-eighth
street, Pittsburgh, were entirely destroyed
by fire oa the 7th, causing a total loss oi
tOOO.OOOi nearly covered by insurance. .
Tbe Chicago and All-Amerloen base ball
teams arrived at New York City on tbe flth
oe the steamer Adriatic after traveling
8 000 miles and going round tbe world. Tbe
party were given an enthusiastic reception,
and all expressed themselves as muoh
pleased with tholr tour..
Thomas Renraon, John O'uonneii ana
Patriok & Close, members of the Ale and
Porter Brewery Employes' Protective As
sociation, of New York, have been indicted
and arrested on the charge of conspiring to
Mow up Stevenson's brewery, which waa
damaged by a dynamite explosion oa Feb
ruary 8. -' ' I
: The weekiv stntement of the New York
atsocittea oauxs, unuoa on toe mu. suuwi
the following chengest Reserve decrease,
4 040.SfiO; loans decrease, $1,200,300; specie
decrease, 13,119,4001 legal tenders decrease,
89.(189,100) deposits decrerse, 17,006,800; cir
culation increase, $'6, W0. Tbe banks beld
81.409.575 In excess of tbe twenty-five per
oent. rule.
On tbe 21st of last November Leah man
Heilburn.aoatUedealer,known to have 11,000
oa bis person at the time, disappeared at a
ford on Elk Creek, fourteen miles wet of
Erie, Pa. On the 7th his body was found
several miles from tbe ford, with only a few
dollar on tbe corpse. Tbe theory that be
wsa mnrdered for the purpose of robbery Is
'Confirmed. ''
i The barge Sunrise,' for Norfolk to Few
'York with coal, foundered in a gale on Del
aware bay on the 7th. Tbe oaptaln, bis wife
and two children, also one seaman, were
Lewis Hayden, a noted oolored Abolition
1st of Boston. Mate., died at bit borne lq that
city on tbe 7th, aged seventy-three years,
' A few days ago 3. W.' White, iberHfof
McLean County, Ky attended a religious
revival and there confessed that thirteen
years sgo bs embexsled 11,000 of tbe county
fuads. Me paid over tbe money aad prom.
bed to pay the Interest, which will amount
to 8300.
. A collision between freight tralne oa tbe
If aahvtlle ft Decatur railroad, pear Nash
ville, Tenn., oa the 4th resulted In the
wrecking of both engines and six tees ear.
Sraeetu Green ana XL L. Eby, brskemaa.
were killed, and Albert Pimp, fireman, wat
severely hart Tbe oollisloa waa caused by
nlsoBderstanding order.
i The deoree of foreclosure of xoortgiga
against the Wibath Railway Company for
Sums aggregating 830 000,000, la favor ef
James K Jtaaup and other trustees for tbe
bondholders of tbe various branches of the
Wabash system, wat entered la the United
Bute Court at Indian asotls oa the 84.
I Oa the 4th a eeark from a Paul eg engme
fat Are to tbe bara of Daniel Hogee, living
hear Manilla, Crawford County, la., aad It
Wae tea trend with all It content. Mr.
Bogaa attempted to get out his stock aad
while so engaged la bare feu upon htm,
InBIctlng fatal Injuries.
I At Nelson. Neb on the 4th a fire orurin
Sting la a butcher shop, burned a wool
block of fourteen buildings, tnclsalag
total, two drug stores, three groceries, one
Sard ware and one general merchandise
tore. Loss, 850,000.
'One hundred aad fifty boa carpenters of
Bt Lou s oa the 4th oSsred to meet tbe
strikers aad eompromlae oa a bonis of
thirty -Ave cent per hour and eight boon'
work, bat declined to recognize tbe Carpen
ters' Brotberbood. 'Negotiatlone were there
fore broken oft The effeot of the strike Is
Beginning to be severely felt by tbe builders.
i At a meeting ef the Georgia State AUIaooa
n Atlanta oa the 4th a resolution was
adopted that every bale ef eoteoa packed bt
atambere of the AllieaeelB Georgia shall be
covered by eottoa cloth, instead of lute bag'
gin. This action Include 1,000 farmers,
aad will retail la the establishment of cot-
tea cloth factories la tbe Btete.
'It Is stand that lbs Laclede Gat Com
pany, of St Louis, has sold out to a sysdl
cat composed of W. E. VwderbUt, Anguat
Belmont and Laird Brna,, of London. The
prioe to be paid It 83.500,000, or 8140 a there
' A Bible convention, to continue about
sixty days, bogaa la Chicago oa tbe 4th,
Mr. D. L. Moody will have charge of the
Sheriff Green lea, of Granger County,
Tenn., was shot and Instantly killed on tbe
4th while attempting te arreet John Wolf
si barges, an escaped eoavict from tbe
John ' Wolfensbarger,' tbe assassin of
Sheriff Greenlee, of Granger County, wat
ea tbe Btb taken from tbe Jail at Rutledge,
Tenn., by a mob and hauged to a tree near
A Joint resolution has psssed tbetUlnol
Legists tart directing the penitentiary oom
mlasinnere to Inquire Into the advisability
of erecting a binding twine plant la ons or
both ef the State penitentiaries wltb a view
tottse the labor of convicts la an effort to
break up the binding twine trust
H. Llnehard's saw and planing mill at
Vkksburg, Miss., was burned on the 6th to
gether with a large qaaallty of lumber.
Lou, 8)0,000; no Insurance.
Seventca of the Dea Moinee ttver land
settlers whe a few days ego defied a United
States Marshal and posse, surrendered oa
tbe 6th to the sheriff of Webster County. Ia.
Reports from all part of California show
that grain, fruit and feed promise a greater
yield thtn bat ever beea known.
At Frankfort, Ine, On the Btb, William
Pray, a dissolute efaaricter, shot aod killed!
bl wife ead then shot himself, Inflicting
fatal woande. Theoouple lived unhappily
and bad separated some time before.
' Governor Thayer, of Nebraska, has vetoed
the bill repealing the act creating tbe lire)
stock sanitary eommiesloa. HI actios ft
atterely oo adorn oed by a large number ef
demon of the Bute. ,v'
i Aa effloer ass sotted la IHe nam of tbe
eovarsMBsat 5.000, 0U feetf lumber alleged
so bars km oat ea lbt Wltooniln ladiaa
reservation. ., V : - ' :
While Robert Bctifedler and wife were
driving into Itfaaoa, la., Tew dayt ago, a
epark from hi pipe Igaited bit wife's cloth-
lag aad see was buraed toiaselb.: lata
'effort to extinguish the Barnes Sokiedler
honed bit hand to badly that emputaatoa,
was asses tary, aad his recovery Is doubtful 1
; Two. MexJosa, fugitives from Justice
from the City ef Mexico, where they ire
wonted for robbery and forgery to the
amount 'of 830,000 were erretted at New
Orleans on the 8th. LargS turns of money,
bills ef exchange and drafts for several
thousand dollars were found on them.
Two passenger trains on the Santa Fe
railway, drawn by two engines,, collldod
noar Trinidad, CoL, on the 6th, The four
nglnes wore piled in a heap and one of the
express oars telescoped. TwO tramps rid-'
big In the express cars-were killed and En
gineer Joe Hure probably fatally hurt
Joseph J. McDowell, a prominent Iron
broker, was found dead in bis office ftt Bt
Louis on tbe 6tb. Bear! disease was the
uppoecd cause, -- -
A gas explosion on the Btb In the Muddy
Valley coal mine near Duquoia, I1L, fatally
burned two men and Injured several others.
A posse of three hundred men. under
Sheriff D. E. Jsraett, has been organised In
Rutherford County, Tenn,, to search for
George Duneway, the man who reoently
killed his node and ravished hie niece la
tbe Laaoases neighborhood, that county.
Tbe Cincinnati Southern railroad depot at
Somerset Ky., was destroyed by fire on
tbe 6th. Tbe fire crossed tbe street and
burned tea business and dwelling housea,
Including MoCab's hotel ToUl loss 875,
000. Ex-Governor Porter, of Indiana, reoently
appointed Minister to Italy, was on the 6th
reported seriously 111 at his home to Indian
apolis. ',, .. , ... r
r. F. Pratt, cashier ot tbe First national
Bank of Anoka, Minn., has skipped to
Canada wltb 6100,000 of the bank'a funds.
Tbe bank olosed its doors oa the 6th, ... .
At the Mormon conference in Bait Lake
City oa the 7th Wllford Woodruff, who has
been president of tbe Twelve Apostles siboe
John Taylor became president of the Mor
mon Cburoh, was elncted to succeed Taylor
President In hit Inaugural sermon
Woodruff declared that all other religions
were decaying and hat .the BalnU would
yet triumph, , . ' ,
John Lee West the New Orleans defaulter
now in Toronto, bas consented to give up
the money stolen and wss released oa the
Bd, the charge of bringing stolen money Into
Canada being dismissed.
The French Ministry has asked the Cham
ber of Deputies to sanotlea the arooeontlo
of General Boulanger and hae submitted a
statement reviewing tbe General's career
sinoetheCommune and charging btm with
attempting to destroy the fiepublla 1 .1
A nephew of Gutmaa Blanco, sx-Prttldent
ef Venezuela, who committed forgery te
the amount of 838,000, has beea aires ltd
while trying to escape to the United Btatee.
The report that Henry M. Stanley and
Emla Pasha were marching toward Zaoit
bar It credited ia official circle at Brussels,
but surprise le expressed that Emin Pasha
should have abandoned the lake provlnoos.
The ivory la possession of the party le esti
mated to be worth 8,000,000 franco. :
Electrons for the repeal ef tbe Scett Teav
tmrance act were held In the following
plaeee la. Canada on tbe 4th end tbe repeal
was earried la ell ef tbemi Uaeipb sad Bt
Thomas dtiea sad Lennox aad Addlngtoa,
Ktot Northumberland aod Dorhsav Vie.
to ria, Freotenao, Wellington, Lanark, Brant,
Carletoa, Ontario, Feterbore and Lincoln
eeantiee in Ontario, and Cofcheeter County,
NovaBeoUa. . ., ....
Since the suspension of the Work ea the
Panama eanal over 8,000 laborer have beea
expatriated from tbe Isthmus, i A oonsnlar
lavesUgatloa shows that there) are still eve
8,000 on the line of the works who are la a
daetttute condition. - Borne deaths from
starvation have already beea reported.
' The estate of the late Job- Bright I
valued at 750,000, walob, by the terms of
hit will, Is divided among a large Qsjber pf
psmss,vm nn antaai reinive botig re
aaamawiwi.: r; ! ' '
( Oa the eight of the 6th masked -robber
eatered the efooe ef tbe Canadian Pad to
Exprete Oompaay at India Head, Meat-
tab, ptaeed a revolver at the head of W. H.
Host, operator la eberae, ead demanded tbe
moaey la hie keeping. Rose suddenly blew
out tbe light and opened Ire with bit ewa
revolver.' The robbers made off without
getting any booty,
A dispatch frost India says that hundreds
ef house hsve beea destroyed by Ire at
Sunt The loss placed at OOO.OOU
Da. 3. H. Kibdbb, of the Smithtoalaa Itv
Utnte, didoatae8sh at ate beaelu Wash,
bagtoa. Dr. Kidder served as a sorgeoa hi
the aavy entu twelve jeare ago, tlnoe
which time be has been eonaeeted with tbe
scseaCfle braaohef the Gonrerament service.
i A peraonva switch derailed the four rear
coachee of aa laward-boaad Baltimore ft
Ohio passenger train at South Chicago oa
the 7th. Tbe coaobee were thrown against
several ell tank ear standing en tbe side
tracks and broken to pieces. One nan wse
killed sod a doses ethers lajured, two or
taree oi toem aenoniy,
. Tat hard fought legal contest Instituted
by tbe beirs of the late Dr. Boott Stewart of
Philadelphia, to break hie legacy of about
8X9,000 for establishing a hospital of the
Mothodist Episcopal Church, was brought
to a close oa the 8th by a decision of tbe
Supreme Court la favor of the trustees of
the hospital.
Bt direction of the President tbe Becretary
of War bas ordered that tbe new military
poet near Denver shall be known as Fort
Logan to honor tbe memory of the late Gen
eral Job o A. Logan, .....
: A wtaaoor In the York River brsnoh of
tbe Richmond ft Deaville railroad otused
the wreck of a freight train near Weet
Point Va.,oo the 8tb. Aa engine and seven
freight cars plunged Into a ditch, killing the
fireman and brskemaa and seriously Injur
ing the engineer.
Tea boiler of a steam launch upoa which
six young men were taking an excursion
Dp tbe Kansaa river oa the 7th, exploded,
demolishing the craft and throwing tbe
party Into tbe river. Three were very
seriously Injured, eve probably fatally. ,
BsrsbrtG. Svonr, a railway mail clerk oa
the route between St Paul and Council
Bluffs, Is-, ws arrested oa the 6th, charged
with stealing letters containing money
from the malls. lie admitted bis guilt and
that tbe peculations had been golngoa eight
At Rochester, N. Y oa tbe 7th Ana Mc
Carthy, tged twelve years, fell over the
river bank at the lower falls, a distance of
nearly aoo feet When ploked up she wee
conscious, snd pbyticlaus say her recovery
kf probable.
Am examination of tbe poll list shows
that ever 8,000 women voted for school
officers at tbe recent election in Detroit,
If lob. ' 1
A London jMrfereh of tbe 8th says' ei
Intimate friend of Miss Jennie Chamhaa.
lala, the Anwiean beauty, announces on bar
authority that she Is engaged to be married
te Captain Laytor Leilaad, of the British
srsty, . i. r
Mia Tbkidou .Tnoaua, wife of the)
muslcisa, died at her home In New York
Pf f An tt, at
Tsui WoaMt'6offrage partv Is rejoicing
ever the actio of tbe Uaitod States Court
sf Claims ia appointing Mia Kary F. Bey
mott, of Raw York, a court oommlasloner
lor the whole eoaatry. They calm that toe
aort,'ha'tbaa eetUed that wwmtaoea
legally held
Recommended liV the hlirtiMri: medical
and chemlenl authorities, who testify to
iui aoHuiuLo pumv, wnoieNomeneHS ana
wond(;rful strength. Kvcry enn gunran
teed te do the work of nny other baking
powder cowling twice as much. Everv
ean guaranteed to give satisfaction, or
purchase money refunded..
i ra. caw, ae.i a u-, ioci x iku, v.
T uniiw dau lap AnMm tin 1r nan . -aH a
let him nemuadP too to hnv fotn ofhrr hn
clatmii to lv jtiflt tmsoocl, buiiuk; hJw tooblls
you by (EetilDg
pTETEtt'0 pJROWN BAiXIrTp I'OwOlca,
r,t af mi I4iiisvii i-aiw.
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leople who are trouoiea wun iougnt
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trial Dottie tree oi cost, n is guuraunjou
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Foolish People
Allow a cough ie rua until it gets bevond
tbe reach of medicine. They say, "Oh, It
will wear away," but in most cases it
wears them twsy. Could they be In
duced to try the successful medicine
called Kemp't titlstm, wblcb It sold on a
nr.altiv ensrantea to cure. thev. would
immediately tee tbe excellent effect after
taking the first dose. Price 60c aad 81.00,
Trial size free. At sn druggists.
William Laird.
William Laird, a well known drug'
gist of Hprlngdeld, Oregon, writes at
follows: "jay stock ot vanrrerri
Cough Balssm ordered from yon t short
time sgo It iiDiost exhausted snd I am
pleased to n"te the fct tdat It hss civ
en universal satUfactlon. I have never
had a tingle bottle returnee. The
medicine I a boon to mankind." Trial
site free. E W. Adams the Lesdin
A Sensible Man
Would use Kemp't Balsam tor the
Throat and Lungs. It Is curing more cases
Of cougbs, corns, asthma, oroncbitlixroop
and all throat and lung troubles than any
other medicine, lit proprietor has sum
orlred any drugglHtto give yon a sampl
bottle free to convince you of the merit of
tblt greet remedy. Large bottles 60c
snd 11. .
- - as. m
Interested People.
Advertising a patent mediclnsthece
cullar way in which Kemp's Balssm, for
Coo phi aod Colds does, it is Indeed wono
derlul. He authorizes dmggistt ta
give those who call for it, a sample bottl
Free, that they may try it before purchss
Ing. The large bottles are CO cents and
one dollar, We certainly would advise
trial. It may save you from consumption
Saved Tits Valtji of a Farm Sellers
Cough dyrup has sttalned a reputation al
most canal te Hellers' Pills, and more could
hardly be said of any other medicine. The
syrup should be kept in every family
where there sre children, tnd grown np
people find It a - moat valuable medicine
for congas, corns, noartenets, ana threat
and long diseases. The pint tre tacb
standard remedy In tome parts of thecoutv
try that a family never thinks ef doing
without them. Said tn old gcntlemm In
Eastern If aryland,"Whj I htvs raised my
family on Boilers' Fills, and I consider
them almost at essential tos family at
bread. In the lest thirty yean they have
saved me enough, ia doctor bills, tepay
for t firm. Cincinnstinmes-oisr.
' We still hold the
Front Bank
in furnishing fresh firrt-clBM
Fruits, '
By an experienced
hand, always on hand.
Prompt deliveries made
to the remotest part of
the corporation.
Very Bespectf ally,
fciito.t .0
Dr. C.H. MacFarland's
Great Medical Dis
covery. .
ThU MrfJ'clDf will f art Oironte tnd UfliimaittAry
Bh am tt lam, Ntartlglo 'Cbronlc MiUtrlt, )yffm.
hie llrmduha mA mil dlH-fttvt of th Livar d
Kldtien AIM will car CtUrra, Scrofal. Plt
KJieam, im all atttuej uat are cnin from Mipura
blood. It Is out of if beit Blood aad Liver rrm
dtpalcnowB. It piiriflN lh brood, create a tv-aUtoy
act(oo of tbe II far and kldncya. Heaee, tl trasilcatft
thraa diaraaea from ib tyittm. Tboaa anfffirlD
wltb tbrae dlataafa, try a boi rf thia irraat Drdlcal
diaooTcry, aod be convtaord of u BierlU, Every
iw RHaraniffa w Rira amtaiiartioD, or none m
fundrd. Fifty day a trrataif nt la aacbbol. Price 91
per boi, or all boica for 90, fi aim yoQ gat Uta
fcnuloa ,
Sold only la WUlagtoa, hf Dr. J
W, Uoagatoa.
Bbooldany onadftlre, thfycaa order direct trim
Tr. C H MarKarlanrl. Obcrllo, O. Ttali ta tha
brated mcdlcinfi drllvcrftd to UivthUfnaof Wclllnc
lio laat February and livreWfora OaJy been told try
ninrn innan's pebfeci
A tborouiblr tested snd wboieaom preparaliol
for arnstiiit fennoatation, enablln m to hav
rich, spark l(u(t cklnr tbe yaar around. Haabseaon
tb market six years, and ta Indoned hr Uious
aadswbobaTanmdlt. It IboronKhly clarturf. and
Imparts no CoreHrn taate. Pat up In boina desalt
ed for M and 60-irall. paekat-ea, rstalhnK at SSood
U eta. Sold by dealer, or sent br mall on receipt
Of price. INHAN BR0 S, Iuatuonrst, Aart. S.
Bold by F. D. Felt.
! Tear Ovraj DflB: at ifesa.
' Tb yatlldrtsvirrtlitnf. TbiysssoldsvmfT .
wbsrs. Prlea IO. a paokait. Tknbavsnosoa! .
for Bsramrlk, llrwhtnoaa, Anoont I Paokaia
or fa? rmw or Color, or aoa-radtafQnatiUe, :
Tt do or wiinti eJonlora. lofial. br j
E, W Adtmialio7.D.Ftlt.iiLiji.!)t
and Tobacco.
. i it
Caveats, and Trads Marks obtained, and a '
fateDiousinessoonauctea tor Moderate ree s ,
uur umoe is opposite u.D.racentuuioe. wo .
avenosiib-aeucles,allbuslnessdlrect. hens
oantratuftct patent business In less time and
at less oosttnantuose remote from washing
tie no meaei, a rawing, orpnoio. wun aescrip
tlon. We advise II patentable or not, tree o -ebarge.
Our lee not due till patent is secured
A booK, now io uotain raieuis, witn rei
erences to actual clients In your State, county'.
onown.senuree.. aaress ,
a A. SNOW & CO.,
Opposite Patest Office, WssblngtonTD.C. ' '
Ia the best place in the city
to get strictly No. 1 Meats,. ,
j.' and Sausage Fresh Vt .
; ' .and Salted. ".
Meat always clean. Attention alwij
given. Prtcetalwaysfair.
' - - 8ueeestr to .
Carpenter Block. WellinKton, V
We are now making easy terms and sx
eeedlngly low price also show the flBNt
Stock of Pianos and Organs la the Btstt,
We arethe Northern Ohio Agents for , " '
i . Decker Bro't ' Pianos. '
B. Dreher'a . . " , ' '.
Kranioh It Baoh ' .
Sterling Y.tX' f..V , ;v
Newby It Ivans . :: :,
Worcester and Lorint; ft Blako'a
! v, ,,. PALACB OBGA.NS. ;. .-' . . .
' New Organs 18.00 per month. '7
Write lor free' catalogue tnd Infprmttioa ,
. B. DEEHER&80N8, ,.
KT Snptrior St., CLBVtLAND, OHIO
;.Xl.i.'..'.".IOU JLi
Vl kis I Utnmi LNw Is to at enos tales proej
SMaus to cure 1C Tb function th Linr Is B
Blgara ta Mnbna, and oa Um mralar exsssil
hkh ineai aot only ta marai heaUh of D
ly, kat tht powsrs of tb Sttmmch, BotrM
la, an tb vboit aamnt srstem. sbowtJ
Vast aad TtuJ IsTportaaos to hmaaa
sXooM ron On rtmk for I thirte Say of tert't
this hnportant erxan, bat should promptly gt a ( m.
f Dr. C McLaWs OUibrsled Ltrar PUin,
aud by FLtMLNO BROS, ntisburrt, Ps, ai-i
aat aooonUng ta dlrectloD they will eon yoa
rasipUy aod permanently. Around each box ia
vrappsr giTlng full deaert ptlon of the tjxaploamM
adlsiisssa lint. Tkeysan U had of drutjlaU.
r FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, jj
Pcivuiks TMt Breath. Ask foa it.
"Makes a LotsIv Corjinl.vlon. Ta a
Splendid Tonic, snd rures Boil. Pimp-J
am. eeroruia. Merennal and all Bloody
rutssases. Cold br rour Drunlst, f
'Sellen Medicine Co, Pitfjborgh.Pa'
iisi Hows mri
Vtrsa, Savaaiiaa
POM, ImporUrt and
BrMOvraof Fsaoaaao
aad Vasto Com
IloaiM. V onv f
vary Urvaaud of Ima
Io SBtoct froai. ranu
Im oar horSM brMd.it
aks low prtoaa, ant
nil n ar? uma
Urn eatalotos trm
Addran laTai. A rat"
Oalr Oesnla AratM efMiiststy Ti stasia;,'
n , vw bmoIi baarao la r eiati
Vary fblld aad adalt btmiIv 'rt
, nuaiiwu. inta opbiMnS of Irr. Wa. A. Haas. - I
ErnsMauaAfloUtH, tawt iwt fn bf
fii7aUij.iiiurjM '

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