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Awful Work of the Reoeut Storm
on the Virginia Coast
Upwards of a Score ot Vessels Re
ported Ashore and the Loss of .
Life Is Appalling;.
The Shore for HUM U Straws with Wreak!
, Md th roll Extent or the Dliuler Ms)
. Wot be Known for Many Days.
Rowolk, V., April 9. The terrible gall
la at an end, The weather U bright and
old, but Virginia Beaoh U itrewn with
Wrecks and many lire hare been lost Th
tour-masted aohooner Berry man F. Pools,
til Providence, for Baltimore, Is aslAre
war Beataok station. The orew were rea
med. The aohooner Emma F, Hart, from
Nassau for Boston, la ashore Are mile
oath of Cape Henry. The orew were
rescued by tbe 8oataok life-saving station.
An unknown aohooner with both masts
gone Is ashore three miles south ot Be.
took. Of ber orew of five there Is said to
be only one surrlror, The steamship
William Lawranoe reports that the schooner
Andrew Johnson, at Baltimore, for Rio, la
shore at York river; An nn known schooner
ts ashore off Old Point, The steamer Chat
bam, from Boston, peeved two miles north
west from Cane Henry lighthouse the boom
Of a aohooner moored to wreckage.
An unknown schooner Is on Willoughby
Point, with the tea breaking over her. The
ehooner Northampton. In Cherry Stone
Creek, with herorewof fourmen was blown
rut into the bay Saturday nlirht and all oa
tjeaxd lost The schooner W. P. Daris is
toacbed on Crane Island and tbe schooner
Charles U. Binnlckson Is ashore at Ooean
View. The tchooner Beater A. Waters la
ashore la the Nansemond rlrer and the
ehooner Georgi W. Corlngton has gone to
teosa at tbe month of she Nansemood. The
onooners Era Osborne and James 8. WaU
sm are ashore at Peg Point. The sohoonera
Emily K. Burton and tbe Blslng Bun were
thrown up high and dry near West Nor
folk. The aohooner Godfrey Is breaking up
la Naasemond rlrer aod tbe Carrie Kay U
ahore at Western Branoh. An unknown
ohoooer with masts only risible is sunk off
Ooean View. Two unknown ressels are
ahore sostb of Bmlthtleld creek. The long
rharf at BewelT Point la entirely swept
way. Aa unknown schooner ts ashore be-
tweea Pig's Point and Crane Island.
The Old Dominion steamer Ouyendotte re
port that when twenty miles off the Vlr-
(tola capes she attempted to secure the
crew of four men laabed to' toe rigging of
a unknown schooner, but eras uusuooesa
taL Tbe men were so exhausted that they
Oould not help themselves aid must hare
. fteriehed soon afterward) The schooners
James Boyoa and Charles H. Brlggs were
Badly damsgod at Lamber Point The
avhooner Fairwood Suffolk, or Salisbury,
to., to ashore In Nansemood river, Two
nnkuown aobooners are ashore In York
rlrer. The schooner Petrel Is sunk off
Hampton. Many buildings at Ooean View
were blown down and the roof of the Prln
' esse Anne Hotel blown off. The steam tug
Ida Ik ashore at Portsmouth and the soaooa
er Watchful ashore at Planer's Point.
. Tbe front of the Naval Hospital grounds
was seriously washed and damaged. Ber-
ral local bridges la Portsmouth were oar-
lied away. "The Western Branoh draw
bridge is gone. Large portions ef the tres
tle work of tbe Seaboard s Roanoke rail
road and Atlantio tk Danville railroad
bridfee throughout the oountry have been
Washed away. The Christian cfauroh In
Berkley was blown to pieces and many
bouses were unroofed and otherwise dam-
awed. Tbe sobooaera Annie F, Clark, Rebel
, Ussier and Mary A. Irriag are ashore
StVws Berkley Flat. The schooner Annie
Is sunk off the flats. Tbe total damage la
this vicinity will aggregate HOW 000.
All the wharves along the Nansemond
Clver hare been washed away. Tbe store
Of W. Williamson at Sleepy Hall waa de
molished and olerk Woodward drowned.
Captain KUJsh J. Berohe and two sons, ot
Portsmouth, are reported, drowned from
their resel The steamer Georgia, whloh
left Norfold on Friday night, put Into fbe
ftappahanook for aafety but returned here
'. late last night with her Joiner work badly
trained, and tbs r easel Is otherwise in
jured. There waa a panlo among her pas
sengers aaturaay nignt,
Will Not Loas by Pratt's Dafaleatloe.
Nsw York, April 9. The Soaboard Na
tional Bank, or New York, the correspond'
entinthUoltyof tbe First Notional Bank
. of Anoka, Minn., will not suffer bv the de
falcation of P. F. Pratt, of the latter
bank. The oaahler of the Seaboard bank
nnounoed yesterday that the Minnesota
bank bad a considerable sum to Its oredlt In
', the Seaboard wben cashier Pratt skipped
the country. Other banks whloh hare bad
dealings with tbe broken bank claim the
same state or an airs.
Taylor's Veto Condemned.
NigHTiu.n Teen.. Aorll 9. Governor Tar-
, or yesterday created considerable indigne
- lion by vetoing a bill for tbe removal and
rebuilding ot tbe Stat penitentiary. Ha
res rved his veto until both bouses wore
i ready to adjourn, when, for lack of a q ;o-
V rum, no action oould be taken upon tbe veto'
by either house. The Indignant legislators
thereupon voted a recess to Muy 7 Instead
. of an adjournment, and declare that when
' they reassemble they will pass the bill over
bis veto, . .
A rones' Appeal for Mercy.
' HiBMsnoRO, Pa., April 8. Governor Bea
rer has received a letier from Major Armes,
who esMtilted him in Washington. It con
. tains a moat abject spology for his ont
. rageouse ndJct, and begs him to interfere
' at Washington to prevent theoourt-niartisL
' Arms says that rather than submit to tb
dkgraoe of boloa court-martialod he will
commit sulcldo, and pleads that it will dls-
grace his family. Governor Beaver has nol
oxindeioended to notice tbe communication.
A Vary Hratal Scrap,
' WiTiRnusr. Conn., April . Billy Mo
Clellsnd, of Watarbury, and Jim Nelsoa,
of New London, ' fought fourteen rounds
near here IsH night, Nelson being knocked
out and badly used up. Tae fight was t
very brutal one. It was witnessed by MX
persons from New Londw, Hertford,
Bridgeport and Waterbury. Tbe police are
looking for the principals an1 sno nds, and
also hope to capture some of tbe spectators
Terrible Crime Committed by Thieve.
Vismms, Aorll 9. A wine store at Pall,
Hungary, was entered ttundny night by
thieves who plundered the promisee of
very thing valuable The proprietor ot tt
. ' etore surprised tha robbers at their work
ad waa seised and erutbed to death Ins
, trl'ie ores. The thieves afterward got
drank and were la an almost helpless stats
. Ot luebrlty wben few hours later they
: Jrrere arrested. J - 1 V
.' . T Doas Vp fa Want Aeneas.
"" Fall Riraa, Mass., April l-Jack Fairer,
f Prorldenoa. and Jaok atoOowaa, of this
' (isce. fodght here la night with two-onnot
gkrvss for a purse of J. Falrey had aa
easy teak tbreugbsnt, and finished his aaa
la, tbe eight round br threat blow, ( ! t
T ... a w .. W
AN IN8Ar4f WWtrvGSR.
An Ased Lady aad Bflnment
Detained at 'Castle Onraea by Balgra.
' tloa Inspectors.
. NiwsYok, April , Yssterfay, tor the
first time under the nsw regulations ot the
Board of Emigration OommUiloners com
pelling steamship heerdlog offloers to ex
amine first cabin passengers, a saloon trav
eler was detained end placed In oouSnement
at CasVe Garden. Tb prisoner was Madame
Albert l'Homme-Boulingvale, an oduoated
and refined woman of nearly seventy years.
She oooupted one ot (he most costly suites
of staterooms oa the French steamship La
Oasoogna, which arrived from Havre Bun
day. Tbe boarding; Officer's attention was
attracted by the Immense quantity of bar
gage bearing the name "Madame Busaa
Kennedy, Louisville, Ey., 0. & A." Six
teen huge Saratoga trunks, iron-bound and
strapped, bore this stencil.
Inquiry for the owner of this unusually
large lot of baggage brought the lady to tbe
ofOoar. Bhs was preparing to leave the
steamer. Bbe acknowledged the ownership
Of the baggage, but resented all efforts el
the offloial to Inquire Into her private affairs.
After a short conversation with her the
offloer concluded that hsr mind was affected
and took her to Cattle Garden, where Dr.
Vinton proneuneed ber insane iter malady,
the physician said, was laourable. At time
since her arrival the womaa bss been ra
tional and her story to fully credited by Dr.
Via too. Tbe woo an' maiden name wad
narked on ber baggage, "Susan Kennedy."
She Is a widow, her husband, Albert
l'BommeBouUngvale, having died In Parle
tea years ago. Her father, Hugh Kennedy,
for many years resided at Louisville, Ky.
where her three nleoes, whom she was oa
her way to visit, now reside.
Aa Important Land Case OeeUed (a
Mleblajan An Appeal to be Taksa to
MiAaosTTB, Mlou., April 9. The register
and receiver ot the land offloe for this dis
trict hare decided In favor of the scrip looa-
tlons on the lands within tbe indemnity
Units of tbe old Marquette, Houghton ft
Ontaoogoa railroad grant recently de
clared forfeited, aa against tbe homestead
and pre-emption settlers, who claimed the
land la dispute by virtue of actual entry
thereon as soon as thsy were thrown open
to entry, aa against the scrlppere who had
previously applied for the lands. The loeal
officials held that the applications ot tbe
sortppers oonaUtuted an appropriation of
the lands In dispute, whloh took offset as
soon aa they beoaiae subject to entry.
Toe finding trill be app alad from aod tbe
contest transferred to Washington, where
the settlers will make a determined effort
to hare the ruling of the local offlolaie re
versed. The decision affeota lands on whloh
there Is pine estimated to worth not less
than kf.000,000, while some place it a 13,000,
000, and the oontest will be fought out to the
last The hearing la these oases has ooou
pied tbe attention of the register aad re
ceiver from the 11th of March until the 0th
ot this month, and there have boas not less
than a doten lawyers engaged In oonduot
talk -. :- -
eeored aa Option oa Valuable Btoek.
HAavroaD, Conn., April 8. A apeoial to
the Conrant from Nsw York states that
Philadelphia parties have secured an opttoa
on the controlling Interest la the Paoenlx
Mutual Life Insnraace Company, of Bart
ford. The oompaay has assets of over HQ,
600,00a, aad to controlled by a capital stack
of $100,000. A. O. Goodman, president of
tbe oompaay, has 1100 more than half the
capital aad the report says that his I50J00
of stock is offsred at tS01,UX), pr ten dollars
for one Tbe would-be purchasers ars said
to be endeavoring new to borrow purehaae
money on pledge ot tbe stock. Tbe highest
sale of Uts stock known la Hartford was be
low 100, and la last year's' taxes It waa
valued at Sax Tbe company U la strong
Ananelal ooaiUon, and It to reported bare
that polio jr-holders may resort to the courts
to prevoat tbe asaL which has seen entered
into without the knowledge of the other di
rector! of the oompany.
Prise nkl Wlads Cp la a Riot.
Poaruim, Ore., April 9. During a prise
fight yesterday at Seattle between William
Boott and Frank Brltton, the latter claimed
foul la Vie fourth round, which was disal
lowed, and as Brltton refused to proceed
the referee gare tbe fight to Boott, where
upon Brltton's partlnans Invaded the ring
and a general fight with revolvers snaued.
In whloh Jamea MoOann, Brltton's second,
was perhaps fatally wounded, and two saloon-keepers,
Tom and Charley Claucey,
were badly Injured. Tuny Guthrie, tbe
referee, aad a number of other bare been
arrested, and other participants are being
searched for.
Kihlbltlon Oames Preparatory for the
Champloaihlp Contests.
CLSTBLtHD. April 0. Tbe following
games were ptaved yesterday t
At Philadelphia Athletlo, S Philadel
phia, 6.
At Baltimore Newark, 6s Baltlmoro. 10.
At Cincinnati Milwaukee, 8; Cincinnati,
At Columbua Cleveland, 10; Columbus, 9.
At St.' Louie Pittsburgh, 7: BU Louts, 8.
At' Jersey City New Vork, S; Jersey
city. t
At Brooklyn All America, i; voicago, a
Coal Carrying Roads Keduoe Rates.
BsTRLinaM. Pa, April 9. Tbe several
ooal oarrying roads met here yesterday aad
reduoed the tolls on anthracite to city trade
as follows: From the Wyoming re don to
Philadelphia, ten cents par ton oa prepared
sites, and five to twsuty on poa aod culmt
to New York, fifteen on prepared and five
on pea - Corresponding reductions were
made to Lake Ontario ports aad York State
points, aod fifty to Ohloago. Tbe new sched
ule IS to go into eneot on Apru id.
A Horrible Murder.
HiKBORO, April 9. This city was startled
yesterday by the news of a revolting crime
that waa oommltted Sunday night. A boy
named Btelnfatt, who waa travsllng over
night on one of tbe roads that lead to the
suburbs ot Hamburg, was found murdered
and his corpse mutilated In a shocking man
her. His throat was out and his abdomen
ripped and emptied of its contents.
A Youthful Criminal Arrested,
Boston, April 9. A boy giving his name
as Joseph Wright was arrested yesterday
for passing ralaed checks for small amounts
on local banks. One check was altered from
t to X and another from IIP to 1W).
Keloids or a Knight Templar.
Eaitok, Pa, April 9 Jsoob Bandt, Emi
nent Commander 01 the Hugh do Payea
Comtnaodery, Kalghtt Templar, oommltted
toloida at hie boms hsre yesterday mora
ine by hanging. The act ts believed to have
been dne to meleoeholy over the return of
an old sickness. He was in tbe grooery
business and one of Ess ton's most respected
4 r- fetores Bona Vessels... 1 ??
: Vixsmo iUvB. Masa,' April' 9,-A
beery northeast storm baa prevailed here
for forty-eight hours. . A large number ef
vessels are la tbe harbor, s torsi bound.
The steamer Monobsnsett made a trip to
Nsw Bedford yesterday morning, but railed
l " e. I. f I - . . .
I a sr. A wk a Ad SHtTWa SV ft W .. . ' " " 1,1 ' "'eanwswawasjsnaawawawaaam l
'I II1I1I1TI1 I lr III 1 1 1 1 Tl 1 1 lei ' 1
The Street ' Oar Employes' Strike
at Rochester, N. Y., '
Eesults In a Small Riot-Many Driven
and Pasaenjjerg Injnred.
Prospeets of a Termlnatloa of the Strlks
at BoSale-A Nlne-Bonr Day Desaaaaoa
by the carpenters at alea, Mass.
Roohistbr, K. Y., April-9.-Anothet
route was opened up yesterday afternoon
by the street oar oompany." There are now
onry two lines tied up. 1 Twenty of the new
drivers joined the strikers Sunday and
thirty eight man arrived la the olty from
New Yprk yesterday morning to take tbe
place of strikers, J There are aoW forty-
three OJri la operation.; Begulariy 123 oare
are run. The aoenes of ; Saturday were re
peated on Main and State streets yesterday
morning. There waa throwing of stones,
stloks and mlssllea at passing cars. ' Great
exoltement prevailed. Three-fourths of , the
polios, force were stationed on. Mala and
State streots. Msny drivers and passenger
were Injured. ' At ten o'olock the exotte
ment subsided.
There wss more trouble yesterday than oo
any day during tbe strike. Hoodlum In
terfered on lines on which there had been
no trouble before. There Is also a deficiency
in polloe protection, so that the oar oom
pany did not run as many cars as It claimed
to bare drivers for. Fire aldermen oalled
on tbe officers of the car company In the
afternoon and requested that they hold a
oonfereaoe on the subject of th strike with
a cmmlttee of the men. Tbe oompany
agreed to a oonferenoe with the actual
strikers, but stipulated that the men die.
ofaarged without any cause being assigned
should not participate. This tbe men re
fused to aooede to and will hold no oonv
fereoce unless the discharged men are al
lowed to take part. This to th status ot
affairs at present, and a ae'tlement seems
as far off as ever. The strikers are still de
termined and ooafldeut,
BovraiA N. Y April 9. The second week
of the big strlks of carpenters and painters
opened yesterday morning with euoourad
lag prospect or a speedy termlnatloa aad
the snocesi of the nine-hour dsy movement.
Tbe striksrs are Jubilant over tbe fact that
six more master builder gars in Monday
morning and two boss painters, At tbe
meeting ot tbe Painters' Union a message
was received from the Muter Painters' Aa
soctaUoa asking for a oonferenoe. This waa
the first recognition of tbe Unto by tbe
bosses and the men were greatly encour
aged thereby.
Forty-eight of the bosses have now signed
the painters' demands and their man will
probably go to work to-day.
The strike of the Erie switohmen I eaded,
Saturday the Switchmen's Union bald a
secret session: The action taken Is unknown.
Bundsy night a number ot the striker
called upon superintendents Murphy and
Van Btten and asked to be taken back. Tbe
result was that about a dot ea old men went
to work yesterday morning, giving the oom
pany full foroe and breaking the backbone
of the strike
' Salbm, Masa, April 9. -Nearly aU of tbe
oarpenter of tula city atmok yesterday for
a Bine-hour day. In one or two oases the
employers allowed their man to ooatiaue
work, and it Is understood that others will
let their men go to work to-day en a basis of
nine hour, with a reduction at twenty-fire
cents per day. The Carpenters' union has
ss yet said nothing aa to wages, but ha
sunply demanded a alne-hour day.
Ohaaneey Bf. Dopew, Mark Twain aad
Other Celebrities Attend a asssut
. Otvea to tbs Chlengo aad All Asnerlenn
Base Ball Clans, ,. . .
NiwYobk, April 9l-Th banquet at Del
monloo's last night to Mr. A, U. Spalding
and his party of American baa ball player
who bars mad a tour ef the world, was a
brilliant suooese. On of th features of
th ooosalon was a witty speeoh by Mark
Twain. LH.TwitcbeU, a graduate of Yale,
said a prayer, and tbe 990 guasta then aat
down to th nine Innings, or oourses, of
good things. At the speakers' table were
Mayors Cbapin, of Brooklyn, and Cleve
land, of Jersey Olty, Chsunoey H. Vepew,
Daniel Dougherty. Judge H. K. Howland,
Erastus Wlman, Mark Twain and others.
Seated among the players at other table
were Judge Ollderaleeve, J. J. O'Doaoghue,
Dlgby Bell, DeWolf Hopper, Surveyor
Beattle, Herman Oelriohs, Theodor Roose
velt, Paul Dana, Colonel MoCaul and many
other guests. Ex-League President Mills
presided. Letter ot regret were received
from Oovernor mil. or new York, ureen
of Nsw Jersey, and Bulkier, of Connecticut,
Mayor Orant and others. All tbe speeches
were In a happy and congratulatory vein.
Spalding, Anson, Lynch and Ward re
sponded fittingly to toasts by describing
their trip and giving their viewa Mr. Lynch
said tbe trip waa a fine experience, but
would not be repeated. Hon. Erastus Wl-
msn't speeoh was In reeponss to "Her
Majesty's Dominion," and Mr. Dapew waa
to "Tbs Invailon of th World by th Amer
ican ball players." Mrs. Ward (Helen Dau
vray) and Mra. Spalding, mother ot A. O.
t-paldlng, were present in the gallery,
A Declalon Agalast the Geverameat,
CniOAOA April 9. The Jury In tbe some
what celebrated millinery cae returned a
verdict which waa opened in the United
States Court yesterday morning. The re
suit is victory tor the plaintiffs, Hngedon,
et al. By the terms ot tbe verdict thirty,
two varieties of hat trimmings, including
piece-velvet, double braid fringes, gal
loons, gimp and cord, may be Imported at
duty ot. twenty per oint. Instead of forty to
fifty per cent, aa oollector Beebergor bad
decided. Sash ribbon, tbe verdict decided.
must pay th silk and sstlu duty of from
forty to sixty per ocnt This verdict will
save vnv pimntiu wduhdui ui uuimuw,
Rhode Island Elective.
PaoviDiNOB, R. L, April 9. Greenville
eleoted a Republican Representativ yester
day by 67 majority. Bristol failed to elect
a Representative, there being Ore tickets la
tbe field. Th Legislature now stands!
Senate 84 Republicans, 10 Demoorata, S to
be obosen. Uousa 23 Republicans 87 Demo
crats, T to be chosen. Joint ballot 03 Re
publicans, 47 Demoorats. Kleotions ars to
be held to-day In Newport, Bristol and
uransioa, ;
Cadeelded Whether or Mot to Strike.
Niwibk, N. 3., April -9. Tbe reduotioo
of if teen per cent la th wares of the em
ployes of Clark' thread mill goes Into
Sect to-day. There ha been soma talk of
a strike, bat DO aotton baa yst been taksa
by the employes. . They held a eeoret meet-
lag yesterday, and will, It Is understood,
moot agaia to-day to decide whether or not
B strike shall be ordered.
. , . , ".
red From a Watery Grave
Post Rotal, 8. C, April 9. Tbe ttoamer
State of Texas, from New York, which ar
rived here ysstsrday, picked up Off Frylag
Pan Bhoals, the captain and crew of the
bark Albatross, which was ont adrift In
storm by the tug Alaxaudsr James, from
Testimony In the Stewart Will Oas Show-
ins How Uu -Widow ad the More ha at
Prince Was VletlsBlsed by tha Judge. .
NewYobx, April fl.-Th hearing In th
Stewart will case was resumed yesterday
before surrogate- .Ransom. Mra. Helen D.
Brown, woo teniaed last week, waa the first
Witness. She rocoUooted an addMonal con
versation with Mrs. Stewart in which she,
commenting on torn purchases for tbe art
gallery, remarked i "Mrs. Stewart, I thought
you said you were not going to buy any
more ploturesf" I know I did," was Mr.
Stewart's reply, "bat Judge Hilton want
me to buy, and what eanldol"
Thomas Hope, formerly bead ot a depart
ment in the Stewart stor testified that by
order of Mr. Llbtsy an inventorv of the stock
waa taken one hour after Mr., Stewart died.
Mra. fltewart was always accompanied by
Judge Hilton wben be visited tba store
afteT Mr. Stewart's ds i th. When she bought
goods she waa eharged retail prices. On one
oooasion she bought some tapestry carpet
aod antique lace curtain. She was charged
828 per yard for the osrpet and 917S per pair
tor tne eurtuina Judge Hilton at tbe same
time bought soma of the carpet and wat
oharged f 11 per yard for IL This was th
cost price. Tbe cost price of tbe curtains
was s7 per pair.
la Approvsd by Secretary Ifolila aad a
Haaabar or Democratic Employe of th
revision omee Will Soon be Bonnoed.
WtSBinvTOK, April . Secretary Noble
aid yesterday that there was no founda
tion for the published report that be had
found it neoesaa'ry to lstus an order check
ing Pension UommlslooRrTannr In bison
slaughtonDemoorstloemployesof his offloe.
"Tanner," be says, ''is not a whit more
radical In his politics than I tu." and hs to
in thorough aouord with the commissioner
la tbe matter of ma ting removal ot loooav
Ktent or Inefficient Democrat and the se
Ition Of Republicans. Tanner believes In
turning out ex-Confederates wherever more
competent Union soldier can be employed,
Bad so does th Secretary.
While on thai sublect the Beoretary said
that ISO special pension examiner, all of
whom are understood to be Demoorata wilt
be dropped from the rolls at the end of the
earreut fiscal year, ana th.it tbs work of
turalsf out Democrat would not stop there;
a great many more would go.
Believed That BittloB Boil and Other No
Sortons Loaders of the Tribe Will Sign
the Treaty Openlag ap tha (treat Sleax
Bisa anoc Dale, April 9. Tbe report that
the commission would soon be appointed by
tbe President to cooler with the Indians for
the opening of the great Sioux reservation
to received with much Interest among tb
Indiana at Htaadlag Rock, whs are headed
by Sitting Bull, OalL John Grass and other
notorious chiefs. ,
The Indian ars pleased with th action of
tbe Government In Increasing tbe price to
be paid tbea from fifty oentt per acre to
ll.tn, and many of them hare expressed
their willingness to accept tbe terms of th
treaty. Erea Bitting Bull and Gall, who
were so bitterly opposed to the treaty aub
Bitted tost year, have given utterance to
friendly expressions, and there to little
doubt of auooess among the whites who
visit th reservation. A recent arrival from
the Standing Rook Agsnoy says b Is posi
tive that Sitting Ball and Call will accept
to treaty. -
A Destraetlv rtre.
HsKDiasoR, Kr April 9. Prlsoeton,
Ky wss visited yesterday morning by
aautber destructive are. .. At (40 e'olook
the building occupied by Keril Ss. Brown
was discovered oa fire, aad a Prince ton has
a fire department the flame had every
thing their own way. The following war
oompletely burned out; Opera House, In
etodlng Kalghta of Pythias hall, with all
th regaua: aevtl Brown, dry goods; J.
A. Btegar eVCowolothlng; A- a 11 vers ft
Sou, general merchants; Kaufman ft Uold
kamer, dry goodsi Mra Boyd, millinery ; J.
B. Ortffitha, photograph gallery. Several
lawyers' aad doctors' efiHoee were also
burned. , Origin of fire unknown, Loss ea
tlmated at tW,O0O; Insuranoe small.
. Bvll-Dosrs Trapped, .
Plattsbubo, N. Y, April 9. All the dis
orderly bouses In this city and tha outskirts
were raided by tbe po lo last night aod
sight women and two men were ptured
and looked up. They will have a hearing
to-day and will probably receive long sen
tenons aa th eridenoe la overwhelmingly
against them. WU lam Klugman and a lady
detective from Albany, Mrs. Kirby. were
employed by the authorities to procure the
evidence on whiob tbe prosecutions will b
Death or Mrs. Theodore Thomas.
Nw Yoax, April 9. Mr. Theodore
Thomas, wife of tb musician, died in this
Monday morning after a lingerie t and pain
ful llloeas. She bad been confined to ber
bed since last autumn with o form of nerv
ous prostration whloh from the first punled
medical skill, though It was not until with
in a tew weeks of the end that hope of suc
cessfully coping with It was abandoned.
Mrs. Thorns wss a woman of fine intellect
ual attainments and. unusual fore of char
acter. Startling Developments EipeeUd.
Littlb Rook, Ark., April 9. It is ex
pected tbat tba United Slate Court whloh
eonvsned yesterday will take tbe first top
toward unraveling the mystery surround
ing the assassination of John M. Clayton.
Four persons implicated In tho election
trouble at Plummervill will be tried,
namely: William Palmer, Tom Harvey,
Cuarloe Reld and James Luoaa. Tbe con
vlotloa of one or all will. It to claimed, lead
to stsrtllng developments.
Roolog Cempauy rails.
NswYoag, April 9. The Cillenler' In
sulating and Water Roofing Company ot
New York and East Newark, N. J., hat sus
pended operations aod to flnanoia ly mbar
ruijod. The creditors are considering an
extension. The oompany rial med assets of
K27.UU0 last July, of which IXW.noo was val
uation of patents. Tbe liabilities were
placed at ta m.
, . Four Ilea Ulown Into Kteralty.
JuitOTioB Cm, ICr., April 0. Craft's
sawmill, near this city, waa wrecked by a
boiler explotlon yeitorday morning. Chester
Hughes, Jack Shoot, AL Burlpy and Sam
uel Morris were killed.
, V. , i
. Will Have to Hang.
' BtinOBPOBT. : Conn April 9. Th Su
preme Court of Error In the ease ot Jacob
Schlsl, . the New Canaan mardorsr under
sentence to be hanged Msy SS for the mur
der of nonstable Druker In January, 1888,
yesterday aanounoed tbat U found no error
In th Judgment of the lower court, stand
ing three to two sgalnst a a w trtaL ;., '
' ' Aa Cahaowu Man Buleldw. '"'
Nsr Yorc. April 9, Tha deal body of a
young man about twenty -five years ot ago
was found In lumber yard at th foot of
Betkun street yesterday. . There , wa
bullet hole In th abdomen." It ts belloved
to be case of sulclds. There was nothing
found ea tbe oornse by which It oould bt
MoatlSad. , 'i '-' V ! t ;t. .. . ,
' .'. . :':; :' :'.."Y i
Ask For Ayors
Barsaparllla, and b sure yon get It ,
when you want tho best blood-purifier.
t With It forty year
t of unexampled uo
jllf eess In the euro ot
jf Blood Diseases, yoa ,
III can make uo mla-
tak la preferring
to any other. The
fore-runner ot mod
era blood medicines,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
to still tbs most pop
alar, being In great
er demand than all
other combined.
"Ayer's Barsaparllla to selling faster
than ever before. I never hesitate to
recommend it." George W. Whltruun,
Druggist, Albany, Ind.
" I am safe in saying that my salss ot
Ayer's Sarsaparilla far excel those of
any other, and It gives thorough satisfac
tion." L. H. Bush, Dot Moines, Iowa,
"Ayer's Sarsaparilla and Ayer'a Pill
are tne best selling medicines in my
tor. I can recommend them conscien
tiously." C. Bickhaus, Pharmacist,
Roseland, I1L . .
"Wo bare sold Ayer's 8arsaparllUt
here for over thirty years and always
recommend it wben asked to name tne
best blood-purifier." -W. T, McLean,
Druggist, Augusta, Ohio.
" I bare sold your medicine for tb
last seventeen years, and always keep
them In stock, as tliey are staples.
' There to nothing so good for tbe youth
ful blood' as Ayer'a Sarsaparilla."
K. L. Parker, Fox Lake, Wis.
"Ayer'a Sarsaparilla giro the beat
atlsfactien of any medicine I have In
stock. I reoommend It, or, as the
Uoctors say, 'I prescribe it over the
counter.' It never falls to meet tha
eases fot which I recommend it, erea
where the doctors' nresariptions have
beea ot no avail." O. r. Calhoun,
Monmouth, Kansas.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
rxinxBD bt
Dr. j. C. Aysr ft Co, Lowell, Matt,
Frio tl; six bsUUs,- Wsrth t a bottle.
American lDisrJi.l'o.J,
Fromlla.m.tsipm., ' .'
The third Thursday of
each month, for the
purpose of treating , .
Rectal Diseases . J
Brinkerholl System
. . 1 ' 1 n-nasaaawainnfnss
Examination and Consult a
, tion FREE., '
A Care Guaranteed lor every Case or
, THMIT-lfilGl
Ely's CrcamBalm
riniirmfKi tlie ITaaal Paasajroe. AI
fays T"rtammn.tinn- Hesla the SOTOS.
Boetorea the Bensea of Taste, 8meU
A swrtJefekawHed IsMSaebiMMrtl aad
bsirmtlo. PHm t IrmK;lM hrf
saaiL KLI hHCrmXM&M Wm m-JtewTork,
&The Greatest Blood Purifier i
KIMUWrs. "
Thl Great Urrman Medicine Is
nhpn pent and beit r3Xdooof BlL-
one cent a aoc 11 win cure um
wont esses of skin dlaeaeo, from
a common pimni on me laa
to that awful dlvAne Scrofula.
MULfHUK DIlTKIta la tix-
beat metuclne to uae la
canes of sunk stubborn naWYoar Kid
uo arnicu m Avovaeyaareoat
uo ever un ATof order. Uw
- , .v . j m mm 1 -1 r.nn. 11
ly. 1'Iaco jour truHt
uis purest ana best
nuxucine ever msae.
ar' Bitter. 1
wnnsysiiowsuety-r uon-iwaiinmi yon
ulMtaoeer lsyourare unable to walk, or
breath foul andar flat oa year baok,
offensive r yourJrbutgetaomatOBos,b
touMoh Is eutwlll cure you. Sulphur
or omer. uuesrs is
ffimnr IaTUlft Frlead.
tmoMrUtirTr(w.assjredaBd tot-
1 jvur v-m taring are aoea suae wou uj
In UUckiuuae. Bemember wiaU yen
roPT.K-read bees, U auy save. year
u has savsa nnaareus.
waasuUtatsrrrr j-
f Trf,fi Bottla T(rUy I
1 vnn lM.anlriii and weak.
War ..IMii trom the enrMM" Ol
rroathi if Ji, atxpuua aviNiuta
1 ud a jmt a A-r.uiwwaviui
latUaMatnnr beat snwsjkd ,
... UtJ.
Try the Cure Jm
id be
r AT life
Almost as Palatable as Milk.
to dlsa-nlxd tha tt be takra
dlCMtad, ad n taallat.d by tha
hiiIUti sonmaehy whavn th plala mil
ennnet be telerniedt and by the eaan
binntlra mt tke all wlta, th hypopans
anite ts nasvsni nare ntannslssis. .. ..f
' Kraairtisle M ttak peeaeer, .
, Ptnoaj gall npUlr wUi taUaflt. '
800TT8 EMTJL8I0N is aoknowlodgea bj
PhvaiciauB to be the finest and Beat prepay
ration in the world for the relief and ears of
Th oreof remedy for CamtmrwRm, and
Wasting in ChOdrm. Sold by aU Druggist
Wben I ssy Otma I do not mean merely t
p then tor a lime, and tbea bsr them re-
tare again. I MBAM A RADICAL CUKsL
l nave mao to mes n
A Ufe-kmg study. I waaft myressedy w)
rtnua nr-, f . Uf'UIM Othr UlS
failed Is BO reason (or not um referring a ear.
Benu atoeee ior a vwu. aou -1 L a
of say Irvalliblb Umbdt. Give KxpreU
Foat Ofaoa. - It Oeeta yoa aouung so: a
M.I and it will enra von. Address
H.O. ROOT.M.C IMrlT,llnfriM
TIatITABLl-InBffectHov.15, IBM.
a. ni. p. bj. a. si. p. as
T olsdo Lv lu Uo iio III
Oak Harbor Ar Sti to? Il 10 aV
VraBoat 36 til (10
Clyds iU tit tt
B.U.VB tIT tM 4US. BJ.
KooroerlU Lv M f to tin I C
Norwalk 10 10 1 40 T IT I 1'
WlUngtoa. 1100 410 Bit 161
Creaton Ar II tl IT to 14-.-
Orrvills Ar UM Its to 4 l(
OrrvID Lv 1140 05 'tis
Msssulea Ar 10 t 11 T 1:
Lv 1 0 f 1H Tli
Mtvsrrs lit To Its Tt
VsUey jBoctloa Lv 10 T J4 10 II
flaw CBSjberiand Ill T i 14
Bkmdvlll 1 41 I SO lot 14
Leeavllle lit 8 OH IB) I t
Bewerston Ar III) lit lai II
CsaslDever.. ID
Mew Cenetstowa li
Csajbrldg 4 14 .... " Z..
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MarlstU. ......... ...At T at .... I"
P- s s. at. s.
WgBTWABD. Nol Mol Mo4"Wot
. .' . a. si. p. at. a. ss. s. as
riU- Lv I u 11 M .. .
CaobrtOgs 117 l '
Kw Comentowa 1011 III
Caaal Dovsr 10 M 1 17 .".
New Csnterland.,
10 4S
10 M
11 01
11 It
a aoi
4 05
4 17
II 10
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T 4
Orrvllls ,
4 0T
4 US
Creaton ,
Wellington ,,
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s. I
10 IT
Oak Hsrbor
Tolsdo ,
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11 IS
I so
p. at.
MoneosvllleLv am I 0pn
N.r..,k I
MllsnAr... tio 4 so '
Y rleas Landing 7 4 n
UsroaAr - 740 4 so
sopTuwAaB. I at I at
HnronLv.... ISSsmlsOpt
'.', L,B'"lf ,10
Milan....... lit ot
Norwalk Af ' '
I LA 1110 15
MonroovllleAr n tt 140
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Boweratown seBnectins wltb the Pesaavlvi
8ytemrorllpolntsK..t reB.ylvi
BetwecnToleUo.Oemhridgrsnd alsristlc .
,, ' 'nd llowiretonn
roB, ToBSgstotrt, i .
li Plttabnrgb .
o 1 iiesgo A kroB.TeBngatow rs a d P 1 1
tii irm,,
' PAHPCCrt'8 OlMOIK TON lO wHtwat dUf.
A nue) bi44'tUjUu)fe,MHind (atu ounst rbrtei avli tsmtiitx
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;.)dljs-nlit, .IlWavrrl ItUm. Kirafcnwsi)L l-vmiusWw fat
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iLJ.fimiiUlirn, lmevls Wmkntja,
04 tit, 1 04 lht gUMAntcii en4 Heentts. jgs. m lmSMt,
I Ail I
r I.' slu psun. tMurm oofutan to mrjfs 11f ew
tlttU. VOUUUaUJIIMat UiLIJUA; 4 OO. M. la, .(
muinmim Of t- W. WllilM. Ul frlvale
' BtioSaiKllUiierUrelHoa.J. Warrea alr.
1 Hpk.r U Moum of Conarf-m.
CirtHl"' J .lndnj-. fr. Artiinm, " ' '
CISSA8E3 op i:h c:;ly
SnW-v,k Km" iMUIiiir.LaM Uuhw4 te
oluat krror la toak am,n4llS miMliitl
asaVOUUiLa, la W. Wfc. w Irk
patlsnt's ardlaary
pinctUatly palnleaB. 'i A, M. I BVM l.
"'D iJV Eti hDMOl, BL BL . A
fMs I fsctonWfic.CemasaleaB.
Hi I sl V Tr.etaj.atle IK.aat
VjJ I LlsW stilelMMsssftMltsts.
y , sra1' withsat tar
Q , v. ui kaie et lifatur. Kamly lal.rf.ciM
' wllh tk na'tlsnt's ardlaarr datiee aac
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