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J.B Smith, Proprietor.
attend at tbe Post-office at Wellington M
Beoond Class manar. aeeordlni to Statute.
TXJIttivXS.. .
One Year...,'.., ' "
SUMoathi '
, Ykn Month!
' A4ertltlni P' ,nMrtl0
Sdaceand Colamn Hates mate known onsppll
stlon ' ' ' '
JUstkb and Arlwr days are the next of
importance. -
Ex Prbsibbst Cleveland ha returned
from nis trip to Cnha.
Th rush to the White House to see the
Resident about appointments has some
whit subsided within the part few days.
Ex Prksideht Cleveland did not stop
In Ohio while he was In office, and evi
dently President Uarrlsnn has almost for
gotten that there is such a state as Ohio to
ghe any ot Its people no office.
Tub Cleveland Tlain Dealer says that
Don. D.L. Wadsworth. of Wellington,
will be a candidate for Lieutenant Gov
ernor at the coming state convention. Mr.
Wadsworth received a nice complimentary
rote for the same position at the state
convention held two years ago and hit
chances for the place this time If he de
sires it, Is certainly very flattering.
" Bobolers cracked the vault and safe
by the use of dyoomite in the bank at
Plymouth, one night last wek, and se
cured fiiteen hundred dollars. In their
flight they omitted to secure fourteen
, thousand dollars which was stored In one
of the vaults of the tare. Vaults were
considered a protection against burglars
but It appears they have now becom
maater ot the situation and some other
means must be resorted to If the funds of
.tanks art kept secure.
' i
; The lower house In the general assem
bly has passed Mr. Braman'a bill to com
pel owners of cattle which, are destined
to be slaughtered in this state or their
meats consumed here to undergo inspec
tion. This is certainly meant as a direct
blow to the produceri Irom the west
First if It was for purely sanitary meas
ures the state, city and village boards of
health are already clothed with abundant
authority to prohibit it being placed on
aale or consumed in any way. Secondly
we have not heard of ene ease of sickness
charged as the direct resnlt of eating
these meats. By this plan, meats are
placed on their merits and if the west can
prod oca just as good an article, and cheap
er than it can be dona in the east, bare
the people not the right to make their
own selections 1 Let there be free inter
course between the states unless the peo
pie by petition desiro it otherwise. Mr,
Braman and the balance of the members
of the !ower house probably had good
motives in framing and passing the bill,
but the folly of it Is apparent
Marat Balsted.
The rejection by the U. 8. Senate ef Mr.
Balsted, nominated by the President to
beZovor extraordinary and Minister Flen
ipotentiary of the United States to Ger
many, Is a matter for regret, and intensi
fies a crowing feeling among the people
of distrust for that bodr. A feeling that it
is too far removed from the people and is
made op ot millionaires who are aoie 10
set and hold their places by sheer force of
none?. It is conceded by Mr. HalsUd's
most vigorous ooDosers tbat he is every
way fitted for the place to which be was
nominated. While his friends contend
that his sojourn in Germany and presence
at that Court and friendly relations with
the government during the Franco Ger
man war rendered him peculiarly fitted
for the poet and gave him exceptional
facilities for being of great service to his
country at that court The petty spite of
Ike seven republicans who voted "No" on
kis nomination, will not add to the respect
la which the party would delight to bold
them. We do not employ a teacher, a
a preacher or doctor, because we agree
with them In all things, but because of
fitness in their particular callings.
We regret to see this paragraph In a no
tice of the event In the Elyrla Republican
from the pen of Don G. U. 'Washburn:
There is no question as to his ability,
art the prss generally think his rejec
tion was on account of the scoring he
lave the Senators who voted against an
in vent I git ion ol the methods by which
Senator Payne was elected. Be that so or
not, there are many republicans in Ohio
who will shed no tears over bis rejection.
Be was a mugwump at Grant's second
election, and were Is no man in Ohio
who baa so ably and persistently opposed
very law that has been proposed or
adopted to rid the people of the evils they
have so loo j endured from the unrestrain
ed sale of liquor, aa Murat Oalsted. In
tkle respect be has 'done the republican
party great barm In Ohio, because of hit
abilitv and influence In opposing their
clearly expressed will on the subject of
liqaor legislation." j ,
la all kindness we must be allowed t
ay ttat this hi nnwortby of sir. Washburn.
If Mr. Oale'ed was a mugwump at Grant's
second election so was . Wbltelaw Bled.
Without tbe votes of the republicans who
sefaaad to voU for ' Grant at that time,
Brajaaala IlarrLson onld not have been
lecte4 President of ,ths United States.
Doetlh editor rsalljr propose to read all
lb cm who may bars erred In thto direc
wensta ki estimation, out of ths party,
ft ta party quit strong enough to stand
i .u.nffl W (hi nil
so vigorous or wus
our neighbor would scarcely say that he
would not let those men vote our ticket if
they desire to. , Then it romes to this, Mr.
Halsted and such as he, may work for
Republican success as he did work in
1884 and 1888, but he 6hall not nor such as
he, receive any official recognition there
for. Not that we lor a moment concede
that his work or vote was for place or
fuvor, any more than we concede ,tbat the
republican party acts from the grovelling
stand point of getting the work and the
votes ol these men, at the same time pro
posing to keep them out in the cold(j Is
there no respect for other men's opinions?
Sir. WaBhburn's reasons as here given were
not the reasons of the Senate. The rea
sons of those seven Senators were because
they still winced and writhed under the
whip, ol the Commercial Gazette. It is a
ow revenge, one that In our opinion, Mr.
Hulrted would not have paid in kind, any
place within his lft that any one
of the seven Senators was a can
didate for and was peculiarly fitted
to fill would even now be given
to Mm were Mr. Ilaisted the dispenser
thereof There is but one standpoint and
that is fitness, all others sink out of sight
to the full grown roan. '
Mr. Ilalsted Is not an enemy to the tem
perance cause and is not so regarded by
the people of Ohio. He has favored the
present temperance laws of Ohio and
Hboutblsald they could never have
been enacted, foi the republican party
would not have had the power to enact
them and the . democratic never would.
Mr. Ilalsted is the man for the republicans
to place in the U. B. Senate and. thus right
the wrong. We believe H. B. Payne's
seat was corruptly obtained by the corrupt
use of money in his behall. Mr. Halsted
more than any other man has labored to
exhibit tbat wrong. These ssme Senators
who voted to reject him voted to sup
press the inquiry though asked to make
It by the legislature of the Slate of Ohio.
We do not impugn their motives, we do
question their Judgment, and no Investiga
tion was ever bad. The real outcome
would be for the people of Ohio to place
Murat Halsted in the seat of H. B Payne.
We hope the President will again . place
his nomination for minister beTore the
8enate. The new Senators from the
northwest will then have taken their seats
and the confirmation will be assured. He
can decline the position and accept the
senstorship if in bis Judgment be can
better serve bis country In the latter po
sition than in the former. f
I Don't Want Belief, But Cure,"
Is the exclamation of thousands suffering
Irom cvsrrh. To all such we say: Cstarrb
ran be cured by Dr. Sage's Catarrh
Remedy. It Laa been done In thousands
is In delay. Enclose a stamp to the
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
UotTalo, ri. i, lor pampuet on tnis dis
ease. Golden Medical Discovery purifies the
blood, strengthens the lungs and. invigor
ates in wools system. ,
A Prospecting' Tour, No. 12 by 0r
Special Correspondent.
Editor of Tns KsTiaraiss: '
One of the chief attractions to every
tourist who visits California is ike wealthy
metropolis ot the Pacific coast, through
whose Golden Gale there pours so large a
proportion of the commerce oi the world.
The Ban Francisco ot to-day is a city of
830,000, being the ninth city in the United
States In population. It is located on a
peninsula separating the Pacific Ocean
from the bay. The city Is about four and
one-half miles in width by six snd one-
half in length. The bay is a calm and
magnificent body of water surrounded by
picturesque hills and set slong its shores
on all sides with beautiful suburbs, which
with tbelr enchanting climate, beauty of
location, wealth of flowers, air of refine
ment, and their nearness to a great city
with all Its metropolitan advantages make
them the most attractive places of resi
dence, A grand view is presented from
the bills surrounding the beautiful bay.
Its bright unruffled surface Is always dot
ted with the smoke and rails of the smaller
craft which carrv much of the commerce
of the bay and lis navigable streams, and
with scores of great ships snd ocean steam
ers which He motionless at anchor in the
quiet haven. We were ferried over the
bay from Oakland with two thousand oth
r tourists In an elegant steamer that was
built with a view of giving a view of the
city and suburbs. It seemed that beauti
ful morning as if we were crossing the
"Jordon to the celestial city" and what
made it appear so much a reality was be
cause we were so near the "golden gates"
and could see so many Celestial citizens.
We passed out on deck so as to hear the
first strains of masic, but could bear only
the music of the waters and hnm of a great
city. (Tbey evidently bad not heard ws
were coming; well, we sre so reserved snd
modest tbat we preler to avoid great pub
lic demonstrations when It is possible.)
There were many chariots and horsemen
In walling, but 1 noticed the streets were
oot paved with gold, rben there were
crowds and crowds oi people on tbelr wsy
to tbe great revival meetings conducted by
Sam Jones. I knew by this tbs"mlllcn
nlum', bad not arrived. No, this Is a very
wicked city. Moody preached here four
weeks and now 8em Jones is holding the
mirror of truth before the people until tbey
tremble. He announced tbat on Sunday
afternoon at t o'clock he would preach a
sermon to men only and requested allot
the Christian women of the city to spend
the hour between three and lour In prayer
for the blessing of the holy spirit on this
special sanies. Theslt thousand chairs
were all taken at - palf past 8 o'clock and
the doors ot the great pavilion were closed
and locked so as to have it perfectly still
while Prof.;Excell sang "Are you ready
lor the judgment day I". As the last strain
of music died away the great crowd out
side burst in the doors with a crash and
poured into the aisles, Sam Jones sprang
to his feet and slapping his hands shouted,
"Glory to God, there is. hope for old San
Francisco yet; they ors breaking down the
doors to hear the gospel. Come in my
fellow countrymen you are welcome," and
five or six hundred men filed Into the
aisles. The audience were richly dressed,
being composed largely of business men,
bankers, lawyers, merchants and railroad
men. Although they represented the bet
ter class of the city their faces showed
very plainly that satan had lured them in
to many sins, , Some of tbem are beyond
hope, for they have stabbed their con.
sciences with sin until they are dead. Tbe
revivalist said before he commenced to
preach that unless they were prepared to
hear the gospel truths preached ai tbey
had never heard them before they had
better pass out, forbe did not want to have
them come whining around after the ser
vice and say he had hurt their feelings.
His text was, "Flee for your lives." He
preached on the sins of profanity, drunk
enness, gambling and licentiousness. At
first, In order to draw the closest atten
tion, he let his mirth play. ' To Illustrate
his sermon he related seme Incidents tbat
made them laugh while the tears ran down
their checks. Then he let the command
ments of God and truths of the Bible fall
on that audience as it ne ver fell before. I
never saw the power of the spirit beating
st tbe hearts of men as it did there. Some
wept, some trembled, and others swayed
to and fro under conviction of sin. When
he asked bow many would turn from their
ways of wickedness oyer six thousand rose
up, nearly the entire congregation. It was
s scene snd sermon they will sever forget
There sre many attractions in this city
to visitors. Golden Gate Park, compris
ing 1,600 acres, is one of the finest in our
country. A large amount of money has
been lavished upon it. It contains many
miles of lovely drives, walks and bridle
paths. From the elevated portions may
be had a magnificent view of old ocean,
the bay, the city, and acres and acres of
flowers in gorgeous bloom and of entranc
ing beauty and loveliness. Here we find
tbe hibiscus, pandanus, begonla-xerulea,
with many other plants and flowers so
dear to the hearts of all. In an elevated
portion of the park is a large statae sacred
to the memory of our martyred President,
James A Garfield. All honor to his name :
gone from our midst, yet living In tbe
hearts of his countrymen. Here thousands
of miles away a gratelul people perpetu
ate the name and memory of Ohio's nobis
son and Christian statesman.
In lbs Concert Court Is a monument to
the memory of the author of "The-rjtar
Spangled Banner.". The memorial Is sur
mounted with a Goddess of Liberty hold
Ing the flag; beneath, In marble, Is the
author holding a scroll In his hands. . On
tablet at the side in gold letters, bold and
bright, are written the inspiring words of
that famous song. Grand band concerts of
a high order furnish freemuslo to the
thousands that assemble here, ana there is
a wonderful display of wealth and beauty
between t and 4 o'clock in the afternoon;
hundreds of magnificent coach teams
driven by coachmen In full livery, the
coaches filled with pretty ladles, poodle
dogs, pinks and parasols, titter and ba ba.
Near the concert court, where mirth makes
love with melody, Is a children play
ground, a perfect paradise for boys and
girls. Goat barn eased and hitched Into
carts, donkeys by tbe dozen all saddlrd
and bridled, teeters snd swings snd spring
boards, s large merry-go-round with boys
and girls on horses and in boats, all tbe
sir musical with mirth and merry childish
glee. The golden-hued sun as it bids
good day to this western slope snd dips it
self gracefully Into its evening bath In tbe
placid Pacific throws it last kisses prior
to Its final dip upon these play grounds,
and tbe first rays of morning smile upon
this loyely park.
Twenty Pieces of Bone.
My little nelce, left me by her mother,
bad one of the worst cases of white swell
ing I ever saw. More than twenty pieces
of bone came out of her leg, one piece be
ing about the size of the small end of s
walking cane, and nearly three Inehes
long. The bole left by taking these pieces
out wss a large a a good aized walnut
Shs was not able to walk a step for eight
months, and was afterwards compelled to
use crutches for nearly a year. The doc
tors said there was no cure, and advised
amputation of tbe limb. This I would mt
consent to, but put ber to taking Swlt's
Specific (8. S. 8.) leaving off all other
treatment It has cured her sound and
well, and I shall never grow weary of
speaking its praise.
Mrs. Annie Geesllng.
Columbus. Gs., Feb. 11, 1880. .
' The World Ought to Xnowflt.
Tbe world ought to know what 8. S. S.
baa done for me In the cure of a malign
ant Cancer, which was so bad as to be
considered Incureable by tbe Dbyslclans
In Chicago, where I went to be treated.
The hospiul surgeon gave me op, saying
they could do nothing for me. One of
my neighbors sent me a copy of 'an ad
vertisement cut from a paper in regard
to Swift Specific, and 1 began taking It
I got relief from the first few doses; tbs
poison was gradually forced out of my
system, and I was soon cured sound and
well. It is now ten months since I oult
taking B. B. B. and I have had no sign of
return oi us oreaiui aiseaae.
- Mrs. Ann Bothwell. .
An Sable. Mich., Dec. l, m
Bend for books on Blood Disease and
Capcers' mailed free.
Drawer 8, Atlanta, G a.,
TT 111'. ftrftnArtTla I. a nAwarfu 1 miA
pleasant remedy for all diseases arising
from Impure blood. F D Felt . .
Absolutely Pure.
Thi.nowflfrnever varies. A tnirrel of Dorttr,
strength aud wboleeouienefti. Mure economical
than tbe ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitude of low teat, abort
weight, alum or phoophnte powden.- Hold only In
c.n.. kojil Baking Powder Co., lot Wail st.
Bit X.
The attention ot the public It called to the
tact that we are now prepared to do
in tbe most
We are making a tpeclaltf ot
Crayon Portraits.
No matter how old th picture Is, we guar
antee a perfect Ukeneas. Call and aee us and
brlni your pictures and you will be surprised
at oar terms. All work will receive prompt
and careful attention. We alio enlarge In ,
W ar also paying all possible attention is
Finishing in Photographs.
Having Instruments that cannot be excelled
Inthlseonntry, we can guarantee fine work.
W have all ol Mr. Bawtellt's negatives that
have aeenmulatee for year and eaa tornlah
duplicate at any time. Again we Invite yos
to call and see us whether yos wish work
done or not.
- " ' -1 THB- ' '
Sawtelle Photograph
A Great Battle.
Is continually going on in the human
system. The demon of Impure blood
strives to gain victory over tbe constitu
tion, to ruin health, to drag victims to tLe
grave. A good reliable medicine like
Hood's Baisaparllla is the weapon with
with which to defend one's self, drive the
desperate enemy from the field, and re
store peace and bodily health for many
years. Try this peeulisr medicine.
The Bawndale Herd of , '
Consisting of 130 Registered Animals
descended from the celebrated A aggie,
Molly Bawn, Lady Netherland, Billy
Boelyn, 8adle Vale, Nundlne, Netherland
Prince, Saapke, and Neptune. Females
offered for sale for the first time. Pur
chssers can aee dams, grsnddams and full
sisters milked before making purchases.
13 yearling bulls lor sale, 9 of which were
sired by the famous milk bull Billy Uawa
all of whose daughters have shown them
selves deep milkers. 60, descendants of
Molly Bawn which gave 16,389 pounds ss
s three-year-old. Send for "catalogue.
Address, C. W. IIORR,
'Wellington, Ohio..
Visitors welcome.
Suipmksts rem Weei Eudiso April 0
Cheese 1590 pkgs., weighing 43,100 lbs
Butter 150 " " 7,630
OhloStandard 19
Young America 10
Family Favorite... 10
General Produce.
Butter, dairy, per lb.... $0.12 0.17
Creamery batter $1 lb. . . . 25
Chickens,dressed,perl. 9.07 0.09 ,
Eirgs.perdos 0.11
Beef per cwt 6.00
Ham, smoked, per ft... 0.08
New Potatoes. oer bush. 0.00
Tallow, per 0.03
Hickory Auts . .: u.oo
Hides, per lb 0.03
Bound Steak
Surloln ,
Shoulder Steak
.. 19
.. 10
Apples, dried, in quart.
era snd cored, per ft 0.08
Apples, siloed. .03 0.00
! Wool. .. 0.10 0.25
' 1 ' Grain, Floor and Feed.
Flour, per sack (49 9s)..f 1.40 1.40
OraJiam flour, per cwt.. 8.09
Corn meal, per cwt.... 9
1 9 96
Chop, per cwt .' 1
' Mlddllngs.percwt 0
Bran, per cwt 0.
Oil Meal, per cwt 1
Corn, shelled, per bush. 0
Corn, in ear, per bush., 9
Wheat 0
Oats per bus. 9
Ever Brought
We have in our store to-day,
; ; , quality," consisting of
Lowells, Hartfords, Bromleys, v
y Higgins, Smiths,
Hartford Body BruFsells, '
; Bromleys Tapestries, Higgins Tapestries, .
Higgins Body Brussells, , . )
Velvets, Axminsters and
est designs and best quality.
We started out with the
C,arrpt. trait in T iwn if r.Jrna
it. We to-day are selling all
than they can be bought for
large lots, 100 rolls at a time,
Vrf f tYi TtPiino q 4" nil rraa nvtrl
UVbbVlU IVI fVVD 111 14, a lyj 11VC3 tlrllVA
cV.AU 4V 4liA ' l.ra. sv-fW n
1 A. 11
guarantee prices against uu
quality anywhere.
,, t, , .' "
..We are Belling Wall Paper, cheaper than ever. We are showing
the finest stock in the County, and are making a special effort on Wall
Paper. Now the difference between prices in this town and the price u
Clereland on Wall Paper is anywhere from 25 to 60 per cent in
faTor of Wellington. , 4
n 6 nave au kinds. r e cannot mention tnem all. IX you want to
Paper your rooms, it will save yon money to inspect our stock before
buying. We say the same about our Wall Paper that we do about
our Carpets, we guarantee prices against all competition. , ' 1
As we are
Clothing &
Goods Line,
A fine lot of
Have been purchased and are
1 t ;
for sale.
The Leading Clothier of
... . . t . . .till ,. . 'I . . '.. ! .,
"Wellington - Omo:
It I t ' t r
to Wellington,
and the stock is pf the best ',
PersianlRugs of the new
determination of keeping the
cfrwlr an A rnnlitr tmi!1 An."
kinds of Carpets at less price'
in Cleveland. Buying in very .
we are enabled to get the'
nrn ftAiir cmr 4-linw- atm ,nmVsv
. 4 .
C vMAVn TV M t
A - A - . " a M 11
competition ox carpets OI HKt -
- ' v
bound to be !
' r v.. .) ' i j -l

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