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A Sound Logioal Opinion.
7 E. Balnbrldgo Munday. Esq., County
Attorney, kiv ijoun.y, Texas, says
'Havs used Eleotrle Bitters with most
happy results, My brother was also
'.very low with malartnl fever and Jaun
dice, but wag cured by timely use of
this medicine. Am satisfied Electric
Bltwn saved his lire."
Mr. D. 1. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave,
Ky adusa Utile testimony, saying
lie po ltlvely would have died, bad It
not bono ror ticc'.ric wttra
" Tb is great remedy will ward off, as
well aa cure, all malarial diseases, and
for all Kidney, Llyer and Ptcmacli Die
'order! stands unequaled. Frlee 60 ets
and $1 at Adams' drug (tore. 6
' The Population of Wellington
Is about 8,000, and we would say at least
one-halt are troubled with some anucuoo
ef the. throat and lanes, as those com'
' nUlntt are according to statistics, more
'namerons than others. We would advise
II our readers not to neglect the oppor.
tanltv to call on their drusirlsts and set a
Iwttle ot Kemp's Balsam for the throat and
longs. Trial sine tree. Large Domes duo
andfl. Bold by all druggists. '
BncUea'i Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for eats,
- brn'ses. sores. Dicers, salt rbsjm. lever
sores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains,
eorns and all akin eruptions, and positive,
ly cures piles, or no pay required. It Is
. guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded." Price 20 cents par box.
For Bale by Wooatar di Adama. lfifl
Don't Experiment. -
Too cannot aflord to' waste time In
experimenting when your lungs are in
danger. Consumption always seems, at
Arst, only a cold. Do not permit any
dealer to Impose upon you with some
' theap" Imitation of Dr. King's" New
Discovery forconsnmption.'oottghs and
olds, but be sure yeu get tne genuine,
Because be can, make more pioflt lie
may tell you he his something Just as
good, or Justine same.--uoo'i oe ae
ceieed. but Insist upon getting Dr
King's New Discovery, which l guar
anteed te give reliet In all Throat, Lung
and cheat afleetlons. - Trial bottles free
at Adama' drug - store. 'Large bottle
One dollar.... .
Detrbit, Mich., March 8, '88.
If. H. Hill & Co: V ;.:
Gentlemen I had a very severe at
lack of rheumatism. After taking
lew doses of vour Ar-thro-pbonUa, ob
tained relief. Dave taken one bottle
and aa almost entirely oured.
M.S. 'arpa(l, 635, Bragg street
Fof sale ( reit'i drag (tore. .
A Happy Farmen .
Warren Underwood, a prominent
resident f the village ot Dexter, H. T.
ears: "M wife and I contracted se
vere colds last tall which resulted ' In
terrlblv troublesome cebghs. We tried
.. every thing we rould think or bear of
but were nnawe to get reuei, nntt
two months of snfferlng we were In
duced to try VanWen's Balsam. Bt fore
the third bottle was gone our coo
had entirely disappeared a lid we were
aa well as ever. 1 cannot say wo mucp
Iniiralxeof this wonaerrui remeoy
Trial alzes free. E. 'W.'Adatnl the
Leading Druggist
. - . . .
English Spavin Llriment remove tall
. Ilard. Soft, or Caloued Lumps and
Blemishes lrom bcrrses Blood Spavin;
Curbs, Bpllnta, Sweeney King-oone,
ftiflea. Enralns. all swollen Throats,
Gouchi: Btc. Bave 160 by W of one
tiottle. Warranted. 8old by W. E
. Adams, Druggist. Wellington, 0. 44-Jt
Bangor, Mich., March 21, '88.
To whom It mav concern :
This is to certify that I bave suffered
all winter with a severe atU"oirneu
snatism, and was about to ask to be re
lieved from my position, as I waa not
able to work. After trying many rem
. edlea and getting no relief, 1 saw Bill'
Ar-thro-nhon-t-a aavertisea. i asaea
cur drucglit to order some for vs.
commenced taking It as per directions
and received trood results from it witn
In one week. After taking three bot
tlealam happy to say I am nearly
cared, although I shall continue
rotake Ar-thro-phon-l-a until I drive
the disease out of ray system, i can
eertalnlv recommend It aa the best rem.
edy forrbeumatlsm that I know of. and
eannotsay too mucn in invor oi it.
M. Remington.,
- Agent C. 4 W.M.R B.
' Bold by Fred. D. Felt.
' The Handsomest Lady ..
In Wellington remarked to a friend the
other day that she knew Kemp's Balsam
foMbeTbroat and Longs waa a snpeiior
femedv as It stopped her Cong n insianiiy
' when otbercough remedies had no effect
s whatever. Bo to prove this and convice
you of it merit, any drnggist will give ou
a sample bottle free. Large alze 60 centr
and one dollar.
Detroit, Mich,, March 12, 88,
W.H. HIll ACo.i
Gentlemen I have for years been a
sufferer from ohmnlo rheumatlrni ;at
times very severely. During a late at
tack' I tiave experienced more relief
from taking one bottle of your Ar-thro-phon-l-a
than from any remedy I have
hitherto used. Ita action baa been very
. prompt, and without an derangement
of the stomach or other organs. 1 am
so much pleased with It action that 1
hall oontinue its use when I bave the
' old trouble to combat again, and reconv
. mend it to my friends In like affllotlon.
Respectfully yours,
8. 8. Robinson , 16 Bralnard St.
Bold by r.D. felt.
' ,- Brioht's Diseasb Ctjmd. Three years
ago 1 waa attacked with kidney trouble,
which In a few months terminated in
Brlght'a disease. My physician said my
,case was Incurable. I tried different
things and received no benefit nntll a
friend persuaded me to try Dr. Bnrdick's
Kidney eorav-1 sent and got on bottle
before that was half gone I felt a change.
. One bottle removed from toy body and
limbs fifteen pounds of water, which had
keen very badly swollen. I need twelve
' bottles and was entirely cured, and never
kd any return of the disease since: I
' would recommend this medicine to all
suffering with kidney or liver trouble, to
which fawe my life. .,. ,,.-; -r,
: Respectfully yours,' ' " ' " ' "
Euiaa Jacisok, Woodbury, N. J,
, W eantaena i. r u r. o im .
Itch, Mange, and Scratches en knmao
Of animals cured la 80 minutes by Wool
lord's Banltary Lotion. This never tall
gold by B. W. Adams, DriggUt, Welling,
vast, Ohio. , , saVly
Rev. Dr. Talmatre Preaches a Ser
mon at Bt Louis.
Bow Voonf Man r Lod Into Temptn
Hop by Evil CompsDlona and Ex- '
trvfnoe Tb Oorron or Debt
. . A tank Thlof Better than
- -" Deadbeat.
Rev. T. DeWItt Talmage, D. D., preached
at Bt Lonls recently to a vast audlenoe.
Bis subjeot waa "Tbe Blv gbter," and bis
text, Proverbs, vll, Bl : "As an ox to the
alauKhter." The eloquent preacher spoke
aa follows :
There la nothing In the voice or manner
of the butcher to lndlrate to the ox that
there Is death abend. Tbe ox thinks be la
going to arloh puaturefleld of olover.where
all day long be will revel In the herbaoeoua
ruiuriance; but after awhiln the men and
tbe boys close In upon him with sticks and
stones and ihou ting, and drive blm through
bars Into a doorway, where he la fastened.
and with a well-aimed stroke the axe fella
him; and so the anticipation of the redolent
pasture Held Is oomptf telv disappointed. Bo
Bonny a young mnv bus been driven on by
temptation to what be thought would be
paradisaical enjoyment; but after awhile
Influence with darker hue and swarthier
arm olos In upon blm, and be finds that In
ateadrf making an exourslon into a garden
be has been driven "aa an ox to the alaugh-
First We are apt to blame young men for
being destroyed when we ourht to blame
tbe Influences that destroy them.' Bocinty
slaughter a great many young men by the
bene!, 'You' must keep np appearance
whatever be yon r salary, you must dress a
wen as otners, you mast wine and brandy
as many friend, you must amok a costly
cigar, you must give aa eipanle enter
tainmenta, and you must live In aa fashiona
ble boardiair hoiiae. If yen haven't the
money, borrow. If you can't borrow, make
a false entry, or Subtract here and there a
bill frame bundle of hank bills; you will
enty have to make tbe deception a little
while; in a few months, nr veer or two,
you cm make all right Nobody will be
hurt by it; aobody will be the wiser. Ton
yenraolf will not be damaged." By that
awful proceis a hnrdred thooeand men have
been slaughtered for time and slaughtered
lor eternity.
Buppoit yon borrow. There la nothing
wrong about bormwlng money. There Is
hardly a man In this bue but baa some
Imea borrowed money. Vast estate bave
been built on a bo- rowed dollar. But there
are two kinds of borrowed money. ' Money
borrowed for the purpose ot starting or
keeping np legitimate enterprise and ex
pense, and money borrowed to get that
which ya ean do without. Tbe first is
right the other la' wren. If you have
money enoagb of vour own to buy a coat,
however plain, and then you borrow money
for a dandy' outfit you bave taken the
Brat revotuMoa nf the wheel down rradn;
Borrow for tbe beceesitiee: that may be
wall. Borrow for. tbe Inxnrlee; that tip
year prninret evev In tbe wrong direction.
The Bible dlallnotly aavs the borrower
servant of tbe lender. It I a bad state of
thing wbn yen bave to go down some
ether street to escape meeting some one
whotn yon ewe. ' If y tjng men knew what
Is tbe leapotlsm of being In debt, more ot
them would keep out of It What did debt
do for Lord Bacon, with a mind towering
above the eratnrteat it Induced blm to take
bribe aad convict himself a a erimlna) be
fore all age. What did d' bt do for Walter
BeoVt Broken hearted at Abbotaford. Kept
blm writing nntll hi band gave out In naral-
jrala to keep the ahertff away from hi plot
nret ana ratnary. ' m tter lor Mm if be
bad minded the maxim whteh he had cblaeled
ever tb n replace at Abbotaford, "Wa ts
not, want aot" , i i
The trenble to, my friends, tbe people da
not understand tbe ethlos of going In debt
ana ibbi II you purchase goods with no ex
peotatlon of paying for them, or go Into
debtawhleb-you can not meet, yon steal Just
so mo.cn money, it I go Into a grocer's
store, and I buy sugars and eoffeea and
meet, with no capacity te pay for them
and no lifentlon of paying for them, I am
more dishonest tban If I go Into tb store,
and whan the grocer's face I turned the
other way I fill mv pocket with the arti
cle! of irenonandlse and carry off a ham. In
the one ease I take the merchant' time.
and I take tbe t me of Mi meaner) irer In
transfer Hie goods to my house, while In the
other ease I take none of tbe time of the
men-bant and I wait upon myself, and I
transfer tbe gooda without any tronble te
blm. In other words, a sneak thief Is not
so bad aa a man who oontract debts he
never expect te pay.
Tetln an our eitlea there ars families
that mors every May day to ret Into prox
imity to ether rrroer and me-it ahone and
apotbereriea. Tbey owe every bod within
half a mile ef where tbey now II e. and
next Mav tbey will move Into a dhtant t art
ef theory, finding a new lot hf victim,
Meanwhile you, tbe b neat family In the
new bouse, are bothered day by y ' y the
knocking at the door of dlaapno'nted bakers
and butohera. and dry got ds dealers, aai
newspaper .arriora. and you are asked
where your prdreaor I. Ton do not
know. It was amoved yon should not
know. Mranwhll" your prrdo -pior has
gone to some distsnt part of the ilty, aid
the people who have any thin r to sell have
ent their waro- and atop' oil there to so
licit the "vi luablo" cut om of the new
neighbor, and be, the new neighbor, with
gn-at complMoerov and with an air of afflu
ence, orders the !1n't steaks and lb high
est priced sugars aad thebettof tb- canned
frulu, and, l erhap, all tbe newspaper. All
thedeuta IU keep on aconm latlng nntll
he get his gn da en tta.i &itli of aext April
In th furniture oart
Row, let me aiy, If ttere are snv auoh
person In tbe faouee, If yon fiave any re
gard for your own convenience, yon had
better remove to some greatly diatant part
of tbe city. It Is too bad that, having bad
all the trouble of ronsnmln the gooda you
should also ' bsve the troub'e of being
dnnnedl And let me say that If yn find
that this plotuie'a your own nbobirranh.
Instead of. telng In ohm oh yo i u rlit to be
in tne penitentiary! ho wonder that ae
many of our merchant f in bualnca.
Tbey are swindled Intn ban' r iptoy by these
wandering Arab, these nomad of city II:.
Tbey Cheat tbe grocer ont of te green
apples which make them elrk, the phy.lcUo.
who atteada their dlatreas. and ttw under
taker who His them out for departure from
the neighborhood where thoy owe every
body when they pay tbe debt of nature, the
only debt they ever do pay I
Wow our young man are coming np la this
depraved at a of eommercll ethics, aad I
am Mlloltous about them. 1 want to warn
then against being slaughtered on the sharp
edge of daut Ton want many thing yod
bave not, my yonng friends. Ton aball bavS
taent If yoa have patfeeoe and boneaty and
Industry. Certain Unas nf oonduot a. ways
lead out to eertaia aiioo a.
1 Then la a law which controls even those
firing that aeam baobaaard I bave bo
to d by those who have observed that It Is
poadhl to ealonlate Just bow many lottara
will be sent to th deed letter offloe every
year through mladlraetloa; thst it I poaai.
MS to oaleulaU )nt aw ssany letters will
be detained for lack of postage stamps
tnrougn tbe forgetfulness of the senders,
and that it ia possible to tell just how many
people will fall In the street by slipping on
an orange peeL In other words, there are
no aocidonta. - Tbe most insignificant event
you ever board of is the link between two
eternities the eternity of the past and tbe
eternity of the future. Head the right way,
young man and you will come out at tbe
right goaL
Bring me a younor man and tell me what
his physical health la and what his mental
caliber, and what hla habits, and I will tell
you what will be hla destiny for. tils world,
and his de tiny for tbe world' to come, and
I will not make five Inaccurate prophecies
out of the five hundred. All this make me
solicitous In reirnnt to young men. and I
want to make them nervous in regard to the
contra tlon of unpayable debt. I give yoa
a paragraph from my own experience. ;
My first settlement aa poator waa In a
village. My salary wna tbXX) and a parson
age. The amount seemed enormo'is to me.
I said to myself, "What I all this for one
year!" I waa afraid of getting worldly
under so muoh prosperity I I resolved to In
vite all tbe oongregatlon to my bouse
groups of twenty-five each. We began, and
aa they were the beat congregation In all
tbe world, and we felt nothing waa too good
for them, we piled all tbe taiur lea on the
tabic. I never completed the undertaking.
At the end of six months I was In financial
despair. I found what every young man
learns In time to aave hlmielf, or too late,
that you must mraure the alze of a man's
brdy before you begin to cut the cloth for
Whon a yonng man wilfully and of choice,
having the comfort of life, goes Into the
contraction of unpayable debts, he knows
not Into what he goes. . The creditors get
after the dot tor. the pack of hounds In full
cry, and alaal for the reindeer. ..Tbey jin
gle his doorbell before be gets up in -ths
morning, they Jingle bis doorbell after be
has gone to bed at night .They meet hi m'aa
he comes off hi front (tops. Tbey aend him
a postal card, or a letter in curtest style,
telling blm to pay up. Tbey attaoh bta
gooda. They want cash, or a note at thirty
daya, or a note en demand. Tbey call blm
a knave. They say bs Hes. Tbey want him
disciplined at tbe churoh. They want him
turned out of the bank. They come to him
from thin side, end from thst side, and
from before, and from behind,' and from
above, and from beneath, and -be to In
sulted and gibbeted, and soed, aad dunned,
and sworn at until he gets tbe nervous
dyspepsia, gta neuralgia, gets liver com
plaint, geta heart disease, get convnlalvo
disorder, geta consumption.
Row he la dead, and you aayt "Of course
they will let blm alone." O.nol Now tbey
are watchful to see whether there are any
unnecessary expenses at ths obsequies, to
see whether there Is sny useless handle so
the oaaget im whether there Is sny sur
plus plait on the shroud, to see whether the
hearse to costly or cheap, to aee whether tbe
flower sent to the casket hare been bought
by the family or donated, to aee In who
name the deed to the grave la made out
Then tbey ransaok the bereft household, tb
nooks ths picture the carpets, the chairs,
the sofa, the piano, ths mattree, tbe pil
low on which be d'es. Cursed be debtl For
the lake of your earn happiness, for the asks
of your good morale for the sake of your
immortal soul, ror God's sake, young man,
aa far aa possible, trc-p out of It
Second Rut I think more young men are
slaughtered through Irrellglon. fjke away
a young man's religion and yon make blm
the prey ot evil. We all know that ths Blbls
I the only perfect system of moral. . Now
If yon want to' destroy ' the young man's
morals take this Blbls sway. Row will you
so tbatl wen, yon will caricature hla rev-
erenoe for the Scripture, yon wilt take
those Incidents ef the Bible wbloh can be
made mirth ofJonah whale, Samson'
foxes, Adam' rib then yon will caricature
ercentrto Chrlatlana or Inconsistent Chris
tiana, then you will pas off as your own all
thoe hackneyed arguments agalnat Chris.
tlanlty which are as old aa Tom Paine.
old aa Voltaire, as old as sin. Now yon bsve
captured hts Bible, end you hsvs taken hla
strongest fortre-s; the way fa comparatively
clear, and all the gates ef his soul sre set
opeo In Invitation to the sins of earth and
ths sorrows ef death, that tbey may soma
in ana arrre in state for tuetr enoamp.
monk- i .. . . .
A attsmer fifteen hundred miles
shore with broken rodder snd lost compaaa,
and hnlk leaking fifty gallons the honr, Is
better off then a yonng man when yon bave
robbed blm of his Bible. Have you ever
noticed bow despicably mesa It to to taks
swsv ths world's Blbls without proposing a
enbstltntet It to meaner tban to oome to a
slek man and steal hla medicine, meaner
than to come to a cripple and steal his
crutch, meaner than to come to a pan per snd
steal bis crut, manner than to come to a
poor man and burn hla hooae down. It la
the wnret nf all laroenle to ateal the Bible,
which baa been the crutch and medicine and
food and eternal home to so many I What
a generous and magnanimous bualnee ln
fidelity has gone Intel This splitting up of
Ufa boats ana talcing away of lira e ace pea,
and extinguishing of lighthouses I .
I come out and I say to such people i
"What sre you doing all this for!" "O,"
tbey say, "Jnt for fun." It to auch fun to
ChrletlrM try to hold on to their Bibles I
Many of it-em have lost loved one, and have
bren told t'l it. there la a resurrection, and
It to auch fun to tell them there will be no
re urrectlon I Many of them bave believed
that Christ came to carry the burden a and
to heal the wound ef tbe- world, and It la
such fun to tell them they will have to be
their own a . lor I Think ot tbe meanest
thing ym ever heard ef t then go down a
thousand feet underneath It and y u will
find ynurw If at the top of aatalrs a hundred
mile Tnng ; go to the bottom of ths stairs snd
yon wilt find SlHddersthouannd mile long;
then go- to V'O foot of the- ladder and look
off a precipice half aa far as from hare to
China, and you will find the headquartera of
the meanneaa that would rob th la world of
Its only comfort In life Its only peace In
riea h, and Its only hope for ImmortiUty,
Slaughter a young man's faith In God. and
there la not muoh more left to slaughter, -
Now, what ha become of trie ulaughteredt
Well, some of tbem sre In their father'a or
mother's houso broken down In health,
waiting to die; other are In the hosnllal:
others a -e In Greenwood, or, rather, heir
Di'dies are, for their souls have gone onto
retrlbi tlon. Not muoh prospect for a young
man who started life wttb good health and
good education and a Christian example
set him, and opportunity nf usefulness, who
gathered all bl treasures snd put them In
one box, snd then dropped It Into the sea. .
Now. bow to this wholesale slaughter to
be stopped! There Is not a person In ths
booas bnt Is Interested In that ouaatlon.
Toungmm, arm yourself. The object ot
my sermon Is to put s weapon In each of
your ban-le for your own defense. Wait not
far Ton g Men's Christian. Aseoolatlone to
protety.m, or church, to oroteoS von.
Appealing to. God fot halp, taks oar Of
meat, have s rsoav tomewbers thai yoa
m call your own. Whethef it be' th ham,
parlor ot a fashionable boarding-house or a
room ha tb fourth stery s a obaap lodging,
1 cars not Only havs that one room your
fortress. Let sot tbe dlseipator'Oraaoleaa
a sp over the threshold. If tbey eorne np
ths long flight of autre and knock st tbe
door, meet tbem f aos to f aca aad kindly yst
firmly refuse them admittance. Have a few
family portrait on the wall, if you brought
tnem witn yoa from your country home.
Bave a Bible on the stand. If you oan afford
itaod you can play on one, have an Instru
ment of mualo, harp nr flute, or cornet, or
uraivueuu, ur ywiin, or piaoo. fivery morn.
Ing before you leave that room. orav.
Every night after you oome home In that
room, pray- Slake that home your Glbral
tar, your Bebaetopol, your Mount ZIon. Let
no bad book or newspaper come into that
room, any more than you wonld allow a
cobra to eon on your table.
Take care of yourself. Nobody else will
take care of you. , Tour help will not come
np two or three or four flights of stairs;
your bolp will oome through tho roof,
down from Heaven, from that God who in
the aix thousand year of the world'a hla
tory never betrayed a young man who tried
to be good and a Christian. Let me say in
regard to your adverse worldly circum
stances. In passing, that yon are on a level
now with those who are finally to succeed.
Mark my words, young maa, and think of
It thirty years from now. Tou will find
those who thirty years from now are the
mlllloaalroa of tbe country, who are the
orators of the country, who are the poet a
of the country, who are tbe strong
merchants of the country, who are the great
philanthropists of tbe country mightiest
In church, and state sre this morning on a
level with you, not an inch above, and yoo
In straitened circumstances now.
, Berechel earned bis living by playing a
violin at parties, and In the interstices of the
play he wonld go out and look np at tho
midnight heavens, tbe fields of his immor
tal conquests. Goor e Stephenson rose
from being the foreman of a colliery to be
the most renowned of the world'a engineers.
No outllt no capital to start with I Toung
man, go down to tbe Mercantile library, and
get some books and read of what wonderful
mechanism God gavo you In your hand, in
your foot, In your eye. In you rear, and then
ask some doctorto taks you into tbsdlaseot.
ing room snd Illustrate to you what you
havs read about and never again commit
the blasphemy of saying you have no capital
to start with; Equipped I Why, the poor
est yonng man in this house is equipped as
only ths God of lbs whole universe could
afford, to equip him. Then hla body-te very
poor affair compared with' bis wonderful
soul oh, that Is what makes me solid tons.
I am not so much anxious about yoo, young
man, because you bave so little to do with,
as I am anxious shout you because you have
so mncb to rlek and Ions or gain.
. Thar Is so class of persons that so stir
my sympathies aa young men In great cit lea.
Hot quits enough salary to live on, and all
the temptations that com from that deficit
Invited on all hand to drink, snd their si
bauated aervooe system seeming to demand
stimulus. Their religion caricatured by the
most of thseierksln ths store and most of
tbs o para tires In tbe factory. The rapid a
of temptation and death, rushing agalnat
that yonng man forty miles ths hour, snd hs
fa a frail boat beaded np stream, with noth
ing but a broken oak oar to work with. Un
less Almighty God bslp them tbey will go
under. - -
Ahl when I toll yon to take care of your
self yoa misunderstood me l( yon thought I
meant you are to depend upon human reso
lution, which may be dissolved in the foam
ot the wine cup. or mav be blown out with
the first guat of temptation. Here to the
helmet the swori of Lord God Almighty.
Cloth yourself in that panoply and yon
aball not be put te contusion. Sin pays wall
neither In this world nor the asvt, but right
thinking and right believing and rhiht act
ing will take yoo in safety throogh this Ufa
and In transport throogh th next
: I never (ball forget s pmyer I beard a
young man make some fifteen years ago. It
was a vary abort prayer, trot it waa a tre.
mendous oraysri "O Lord, help us. We
find Imp vsry saay to do wrong and o hard
todoiigbt .Lord, help us." mat prayer.
I warrant you, reached the ear of Cod, and
reached Hla heart. And there are in this
bouae a hundred men who havs found out
s thousand young men, perhaps, wno navs
found eotthat very thing. It ia ao very saay
to do wrong, and ao bard to do right
I got a letter, only one paragraph of which
I shall read: "Having moved around some
what I havs ran aoross many young maa of
Intelligence, ardent striven alter mat wui-
o'-the-wtip. fortune, and of one of the I
would sneak. Ha waa a young Kngilsnmaa
of twenty-three or four years, who came to
new Iora,wners ne naa acquaintauam,
with barely suffloleut to keep blm s couple
of wseks. He had been tenderly reared,
perhaps I should say too tenderly, and was
not used to earning hla own living, and
found It extremely difficult to get any posi
tion that he waa capable of filling. After
many vain efforts In this direction be found
himself on Bunday evening In f-ooklyo,
near vour ehnrcb, with shout three dollars
left of hla small capital. Prevalence seeny d
to lead him to your door, and be determined
to go in and hear yon.
"He told mnU going to near yoa that
night waa undoubtedly ths turning point ia
bla life, tor when be went Into your church
he felt desperate, but while listening te y ur
discourse his butter nature got tb oastery.
I truly bollev from what this young man
told me, that your sounding the depths f
hla heart that nlirht alooa brought him back
to his God whom h waa ao near leaving."
1 be echo, that la. of multitudes in tne
bouse. I am not preaching an abstraction,
but a great reality. Obi fiiendleaa yonng
man. Oh I prodigal yonng man. Oh I broken
hearted young man,dlscouraged young man,
wounded young man. I commend yoo to
Christ this day, the bet friend a mau ever
bad. He meets yoo this morning, xou
bave come bare tor this bleaslng. Despise
not tnat emotion rising In your soul ; It Is
divinely lifted. Look Into the face of Christ
Lift one pray to your father'a God, to your
motber'a God, and got the pardoning bleaa
ing. Now, while I speak, yon are at the
forks of the road, and th la la the right road,
and that la tho wrong road, and I see you
start on the right road.
One Sabbath morning, at the close of my
service. I saw a gold watch of ths world-re-jtownsu
and deeply lamented violinist Olo
Bull. You remember beaiea in nis isjana
borne off the coast of Norway. That gold
watch be bad wound up day after day
through bla illnesa, and then he aaid to hla
companion,- "Now, I want to wind this
watch aa long as I oaa, ana tnen wnen i em
f one I want you to keep it wound np until
I gets to my friend. Dr. Doremus, ia New
York, and then be will keep it wound op
nntll Ills life I done, and then I want tbe
watch to go to hla young son, my especial
favorite. " "
Tbe great musician, who mors tban any
ether artist had made the violin speak and
alng and weep and laugh and triumph for
It enemsd when be drew tbe bow aoross tns
string aa if all earth and heaven trembled
In delighted symps'hy the great musician,
in a room looking off upon in ea, and fur
rounded by hi favorite tnstrumeat of
music, closed his eye In death.. While all
the world wa mourning at hi departure,
Ixteen crowded steamers felt into line of
funeral proenaalon to carry hi body to the
main land. There were fifty thousand of hi
countrymen gathered in an amphitheater of
the bllia waiting to hear the eulogium, and
it waa aaid when th great orator of the day
with stentorian volos began to speak, tbe
fifty thousand people on the hillsides burst
into tears.,
Oht that waa thd dose of a life that bad
dene ao much-to make tbe world happy.
po aave to tan : yoo, yonng man, ti yoa
Mv right aad die right, that waa a tame
aoeae eomoarad with that wblcb will treat
you when from the galleries ot Heavsa the
one nunareu ana lony ana uouuna saau
accord with Christ In crying) "Wall dons,
thou good snd faithful servant."' v . I
Aad tb inBnani that ea earth yon put
ha mction will go down from easraMos to I
raneratios, ths Influence you, wound np
anded to your children, and thlrlnflu4ns
Wound up and handed to their oblldran,
ball! watch and oloek are ao more needed to
mark ths progress because Urns Itself shall
bsaskmgsr. . i
T1 ......
. or
. The Estev Piann snd fi
m i v ,cwi aiv Riiwwii ia every parr' or
the civilized globe and . while other instrument arc soli
claiming to be , . ,
"JUST as good
The hardened mortal hn
- - --v .svai Ksuuu iu nay no K)
prepared to furnish a euperior. " '
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we have furnished that is criunblin nhows signs of docnj
President's Proclamation:
. W her tot, From day to day
vat numbers are being
stricken down with the fell
disease Rheumatism, which
scents to bo greatly on the
lite re ate.
A nd wru,The nation has
within a short time been
called upon to mourn ths
sudden loss of many of our
public men, such as vacs-f res
ident Hendricks, Gen. John
A. Logan, Sec'y Daniel. P.
f waa rutin thewrht bv a-brokm bottle, rrnm
winch I tufkml avtrema pain. 1 atlas a doctor,
who proBoanod H (ciatk rheumalUm. Uj rij(ht
rlOu hocanM paralyiad, Ira- and arm trnjly withered,
my Joiata wen ultl OuU ttKre wot but Mui
actio In them. .About tlx wcvlta aao I briraa
tatn; llihlurd'f hhrumalic Sjrnipiriln marvektoa
riuul:. Since then I hsva left bfl die uie of cnitchoa
entirety, and only hh arane,aad far tne peat few
Aty I often fbrrat It aad walk without any aid. To
eov the! It hat freauy benefited me hot poorly es.
piMs my Idea of your Shcuni.bc Syrup.
. . Dealef 1 General Orocariea, !
Jickaoa, Mich.
a O. tnO li ma well know la rhl ema-
munitT, aari waa probably the wore wreck phyal
cally of aav aiaa Uiii onuotry ever eaw. He waa
raniWud from rheumatic pcaann, and as one ever
eanrrled he would recover. Me U welL and tt ae
aiaintv tmrvelatiB. Slim I. Rmiw
" SUM vt WMare, jackaoo. Mica.!
H i bbard's R heu matic Oy hYp
i , , , '., "'r""'oi"a),mraaaa It coruiae ao polaua or opta-trja,
t liBilrw., ln l.idfVlk-stapvPMnawiU and it the beat medidna and knk aVey eeaavnm3
ShuKid be w.,!rtul II. AU..V. araawh Xtrmr. Smmmtr. Amtmmm d WUuT wfv -S
. U you uMMut procuie It of our druraat. eand dtreot to ua. frka io; bottles IS-OO-' Plaaaert, yj
L1 :
your '
as the estey,"
risMefl loEiMyii lit
. ...... 100
'. ' ' ' t on ; ,
flrat time in magazine literature
a r 1. I
........... .
iti before Durc'LUbiuc. We DO NOT
the (so culled) everlasting "White
: It will btuin, rust and crack.
take om Btatement for it bnt
-ime with us and we will show you the'
defects. .1. . . :
Casll v'i 11 be given to .anj
1 Manning, Gen. McClethoa,
and many other. Jf
Nn tktrtfor, I do by vaV
tue o( the knowledge poav
scssed by me. proclaim arut
- recommend Hlbbard'a Rhe
matlc Syrup to be a reraodv
. of great merit, both lor RbeaT-
matism and all lood Ul
ars, 1 ' t
AnifuHkw, TUatthlsmeaP
Iclne be adopted sa a twborasl
remedy by alL ,. ,, '
Signed by the Pressdct
it j daughtar Maud had tnfUnwnatory rkuumatiajay
llerlinil). were badly awollva. She waa In SerriTB
ae-neiy. khe haa beea takiiur IthenaiaBc Syrao a-jl
usinf; your Plutera, which haa broken It an. 1
Syrup coniTted her Inllireatloa, cleaaaed Shiej rheo
malic poison from her blood, aad aha it aow able y
be around the houao. ' We oonelder Itihonreaii
Rhevmatic 4lyrup aad Plaetere ttaaeuV ot' (-rro
mmiU Itav. L RoaaaTa, .
ratur tun i. e. vnnrca, rm
Laat winter and prinar I waa a etrrltihi aaftrWO;
from rheiinurtiam ia my teri ahoaidee and arm, aeii
frrlny the moat excruciatioa; pain. Two) hotteeaM
Hihhard'i RheumaUc Syrup cured ma. IcanwJVt
canSiteiira racomieend it aa aS wka aa nftk
with rhniinahr dittkulty. aVav.Jia Bui.Yr; '
.w,attteyMlJ. .
No vrmedte known
So htcalV eatoonHkl htt tt .
Sreataieol f ltbanu,H-j
omnia, la
and all Blood diaeaaea. Our Medical t an,blL .
treatlnc on Rheumatiin and all Blood and taoM
Diaeaaea, aetu free oa applkathaa,
XbsaiaMU atyrsp Cataaasy, JslUba,B!sl

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