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J .B .9 WITH .Troprl.tor.
General News Summary.
Interesting Homo and Foreign News.
. The export if cot.ou trom the United
Btates for March last were M3 Nil bales,
valued ut r,0W,!l, as against 8-Jf!,490 bales
In March, 1S8S.
The Comptroller of the Currency has de
clared ase ond dividend ol twenty percent,
infuvor i t the croJitors of the First Na
tional Drtnk ol Livingston, Montana, mak
ing In ull nluety.fivu per cent, on cluim
proved, amounting to f-M.ItH. This bank
failed August 25, ISM.
The following appjlnlmento were made
by the 1'roslilent oo the llith: Lyman K.
Knupp, of Middlobury, Vrt.., to bof.'ovcrnor
f Aliuka; Honry R-Whlto. of Went Vir
ginia, to be Marshal for that State: Suoncvr
Harlwlg, of Covlutton, Ky., special agent
to ttmko allotments of land In severalty to
The total value of the export of beef and
hog prod oil fromthe Uniti-d States during
tb mouth of JUnixh. iskO, wero f8,12S,H;
for the corresponding period last year,
,!ttUM. . .
Coimr.1 !on"rof Patent Mlu-holl ha re-
meted Cuptiiln Jerome n. Uurke, rh of ol
tboGssotte division, Pu'eot Ofllee, und ap
pointed J. W. liabson in his placa Mr.
Batarn formerly tilled too poni'.loo to wbioh
be b bien reapplied. . i .
The B-i-nnd Assistant 1'ost master (Jencral
on thu yi h begun the oaeninir of bid for
carrying the mails oo about I.GOO star and
steamboat rnutos in the country. Dearly
25,0-0 bids hare been reenlve'l and a large
clerical force is busy opening and schedul
ing tho proposals.
The following rpc-elnl mill in tho Gen
eral Lund Office to I vo Vpnto fraudulent
Und entries have b.en :irp lut d by (Secre
tary Noble: W. N. M..rtou. of Toaas; John
Yost f llliuols: John H. Bildger, of Ne
braska, and Hoi. A. If:iwk of West Vir
ginia. W. II. H. t'mlth has teen appointed ohlef
clerk of tho Nnval lisiva'i rf Steam Enet
oe ring, vice Julius J. Keck, resigned. Mr.
Smith was the itnniedlHto predooetmor of
Mr. Peek and wnt out aftr a service of
twenty-three yo.irs tn the bure:ui.
Mr. Keblcer, wife f Admiral Foblgor,
wa thrown from hsr cirrlau-e In Washing
ton. on the llth and seriously If not futally
Hon. John P. Ush.r, who w Secretary
of the Interior ur.ilr I'res'.dent Lincoln,
died at tho Vnlver-itr Hospital, Philadel
phia, mt tho I3ih Ilia result of the removal
of a tumor from his lliroot.
The commission appointed to se'oct a site
for a nnvy vr.rd on the PuclBn coast bare
decided ur-;crt !:i farcrcf a place on Pugcl
Bound, sour Heitilo.
During tho fourteen days Of the present
month 21,00) letters cmiainlng application
and pup rs In rofei-r.oo to appolptmecU for
fnth . - A Tl ! I . ' I . j
ivuiiui:n,i nun i rv-iiurriiui is UJSS.CI.
have beon received In tlio i fllee of the First
Assistant FoslnitsU-r (ienerul. There are
also 401 applicatlms en Jiln In the Popart
meet fiT pH.t.!oi of pO'St-offlce iospectors,
Ud M ppll(utir,u on n!q for like FoclUons
at the Civil Bervk C UnnuiastoD.
Tho President ma.le the following appoint
ment on th ISlhi James E. rHuart, post.
office Inapnctor, with ueadquartr at CUI
oago; GeorR Ml Cbrl-Uan, asiistant mper.
Intondent of the railway mail service,
Wfrr.od to duty lp 'he rmreef the First
Assistant rop'.mastor tleu iM; Mote P.
Wymaa, of CusU-r County. Montana, avent
for Ui Imlinns of tho Crow Agency la Mon
tana. When the open hearth east teel gun w&
tested at Annnpoli a short time linee a
favorable rcipert was made. Later tnvestl- 1
f ation, it Is claimed, show flaws, and the.
matU-r lis eone bofuM the torrotary for
decision. Naval otllcer Konerul'y are In
clined to believe that a civa stool can not be
made juul to a built no gin.
General F. F. Milieu, the wcll-kbwn
Irish agitator, illid on the 101 b at hi resi
dence la Now Vork City. He ha of late
year been un attoch-: of the New York
President Wilier, of tho Allegheny (Pa.)
Barbers Association, bus Issui-d a cM for a
convention to meet In Pituburchon the first
t uesduy In September to form a national
trade union.
The trunk Hue general paisengor sirnnt, la
seiion at Now York, have granted tho re
anest of dry good inerchunt to make ex
cursion ticket for the cententiial innugnral
food until May 0 so as to give visitor to
New York City ample time to make pur
: 1 noma McCarthy, one of the gang con
nected with the Manhattan bank burglary,
and who afterward held op a train near
Iroy, N. Y., for which he sorred beven
year In prison, wa on the 1Kb sent to
prison for eight years for grand larceny.
Nathan F. Dixon was elected United Htatos
Senator by the Rhode Island Legislature on
the 1 tb. The ballot stood: Dixon, M ; Wet
more, 41; Arnold, 4; Coit 2; Hpooner, 1.
Totaj vote, Vi necessary to a choice, 60.
David A (age, at one time treasurer of
the city of Chicago and widely known a
aou l proprietor, died at Charleston, N. H.,
on the 11th.
At It session In Philadelphia on the IHb
Mrs. M. J. Chase, Of that city, was elected
president of the McAU Mission. The next
meet inn will be Boston in April 1890.
Flra damaged the storehouse of the Ruf
folk Cordage Company at Chelsea, Mass.,
to tho extotil of A0,00i) on the 11th. Tbe
los t eon ered by Insurance.
Tb personal effect of the Into Josiah V.
Wllllamsoa, of Philadelphia, have been ap
DraiMdattt,810.V8.75. John Crosby, of Minneapolis, took the
prise from seven competitor on the 11th at
the annual oratorical contest of tbe Junior
Ola at Yale.
It I ald that M O. or K.OOO worth ol the
good smnggled throngs the New York cus-Um-hnnxe
by tbe firm of Allan! ft Hob, was
innocently purchased by ex-Mayor Hewitt,
Alexand.tr Emery, coffee and spice
dea rr of New Haven, Conn., assigned oa
lb Hth wild liabilities of 130.000 and as
1a gJUXJO. Forty per cent, ba born so
spud by some creditors.
ltd gar Swan, ex-cashler of the National
City Bank, of Lynn, Mss.. on the ltth
leaded guilty to embenlement of f. B.O0O,
aa4 wa seoteneed to five yoars In the I.aw
rsnoe, Mass., jail, the lightest sentence a)
lowtd by law.
A treat Brooklyn, 1. Y., on tbe 11th de
ctroyod the extensive Jnte mill of Bocbsaan
Jl Lysll. enUlllng an estimated loss of IHM,
taa lb three hundred eaip oyes at work
tn the ull at tb time escaped without in
Jory. i
George T. Brown, Democrat, wa on tbe
Utb elected HtaleHenator from ProrideiMA
E. L, by 1 KHI majority ovor West, fiepub
ikM, and Warren B, Pierce riotilbitknlnt.
Tbl complete tbe next (lener.il Assembly,
wnlch now stands forty-nine Democra and
... k,i it ,..nn
During the seven day ended April 13,
tte business f alio rot occurring tbouxhout
th country number for the United States
81 and for Canada 87, ora total of 239 as
against 289 the previous week, and 222 for
the correal-on Hog week of last year.
John Ok Carruth ft Co., proprietor of the
Emlnrunoe Mills, Philadelphia, were robbed
of 13100 on the 13th by their bookkeeper,
William W. Hill, who auoceeded In getting
cnt of tho city before the robb-ry was dis
covered. The money t ad been given to Hill
to place In envelopos far tbe woek y wages
Of tho employes,
Walter O. Berlin?, who wu idontllVd
with large ronl estale, b inking and other
intero-its at WilkesbaiTe, Pa., died lu that
city on the IVth, aged sixty-eight yi-ars. He
laid the foundation for his large fortune by
bis luck in California lu 1S4U
Samual Johnson, convlctod of the murder
of Isiiao HharplesH In Delaware County, Pa.,
ha been respited by Ikrvernor Beavor until
June 4.
Georiro CaMi r, Jr., of I.au -astor, Pa.,
manufacturer of cotton goods, assigned on
tbe 12th, with liahllitlos of 15(),u00. Asset
loss than W!,fKl.
Henry O, Miller, aired sixty-eight years.
of East on, Ta., s' arte-1 for hi wood ti'aoi. to
burn biush a few iilxhts a',-o. The next
morning his body wa found in a thicket
burned to a crisp. It Is supposed his clothing
caught fire and heeoud not escape.
Mrs. Olive K. Friend, wbo was arrested
On the charge of larceny In connect 'on with
tbe Electric sugar swindle, atill maintains
that the Is Innocent and that her husband
really pososses the cret of refining raw
ugar cheaply and quickly by means of
electricity. Mrs. Friend la still confined in
tho Tombs, unublo to - mure ball for 17,000.
Tbe Kearney mills of tho Clark thread
works at Newark N. J., shut down for an
indefinite periid on the 13th, owing to the
strike airuinst the Oftoon per cent reduction
in waito.
Henry Damon, ogod twenty-two, of Rrlt
nat ', Mass., was biiten b ' a savu?e dog last
Octobor nt.d died of hydrophobia on the
C'th, after suffering great aor.y.
It is reported that gn at do tiution pre
vail among a largo number of minors in
the Clearfield (Pa.) conl districts. Many of
them hnre .brcn without work i-lnco the first
of the yenr. and .have not tba means to pny
for the commonest fo d and other nocessary
Five burgiars esin"d from tho jail at
Halem, Mnss.,onth-Mtb. I'eforoleavlngon
of tho gang rolilx d the ;a 1 r'g sefu of fWO,
They bad been R mio half au hour be for
their esonp wavdisonvered.
Captain Ord.'n B. Itcid, of the Elovrnth
United Btet s Infantry stationed at the
Plattaburg (N. Y.) barrneks, suicided on
tbe Utb by shooting himself In tho head.
Charles Pokes and Kvan Meddle were
instantly killed by an explosion of cas in
the Grand Turnel colliery at Kanticoke,
Pa., oo tlio 1-Rh They wero expert en
gaged In examining thj mines looking for
dangerous Uows of gas witb a naked lamp.
At Norrlstown, Pa., on the 1:1th, while
Rudolph Hrilelhoffor wa ondcaverlng to
make an opening In a kiln of lime at the
quarries of U. ft W. II. Corson, he fell head
long Into the hot llaie and wa roasted alivs
befoe the eyes of hi fellow workmen,
who were unable to extricate him.
AtteamshluK bk'h arrived at New York
00 tbe Hth from Hamburg reports that on
Apnl 13 in a den e fog, she (truck the pilot
boat Ccniracd ''' Bnteman about amidships,
sinking ber at onu;'i(J drowulng Pilot John
IInlrin and thecpiof?l rook. Harry Hal-
Export of specie from tbe port of New
York during the woek ended .April IS
amounted to 11,366 4N). Tbe import of
speeto during the m time amounted to
Tbe oomm'tleeof sixteen treasury export
tpfolnted by Secretary Windom to count
tbe New York sub-treamry cash before It
is transferred to Mr. Itiiborts. the new As
sistant United States Tieasurcr there, be
gan tbelr work on tbe l'th. It Is exoocted
to ocdupv tbrve weeks' time.
The tfo k.y sUtcuient of the New York
aMoc-alcd banks, isauod on tbe 1.1th, shows
the following chsnges: K6serve Increase,
1ff4J;5; loans decrease. r3,:iTil'H00; sperie
Increase. t3,?J3,3Q0; lo.al tender increase,
fl,tU3.Si; deposits Increase, :i,.Vie.'J(X); cir
culation docroau, :'i.iW. The banks held
to,0S5i"i0 tn execs of tbe twenty-fire per
eent. rule.
The s'eamer Rio (Irando wa damaged
tAOoo by fire at ber dock in New Yorlon
th 14th.
John A. Kavwin, William Walter Phelps
and George H. Kates, members of the Sa
moan Commission, were among- tbe passen
ger on the Cunard steamship Umbria,
hich sailed from New York oa the 13th.
Rx-Coniiressmaa Simeon B. Crittmden
died on tho Hth at his borne In Brooklyn, N.
Y. HI ago was seventy five years.
Tbe annual statistical report of the Ameri
can Iron and Kteel Association just Issued,
sbows that the production of all the lcullng
forms of Iron nd steel In the Un ted State
In 1KH8, with the tingle exception of pig
Iron, wa less than in 1SK7. Following are
tbe furores In net tonst In 1887, tt,76l,40t;
In Sftir4,8'J.
By a vpie of 73 to 81 the lower house of
tlie Mlssi.nri Legislature on tbe llth passed
a bill fixing a maximum rate of 11,200 per
annum for saloon lloensc for State and
county punwses In all towns and cities ol
the 8UH, and permitting towns and cities
to charge from (100 to f 1.500 for the same
A decision bss tieen rendered by uulted
BUto District JudM Tbaver, of St Lout,
to the effect that stealing packages of postal
matter from the lo;s of letUT boxes I no
offense npnln't the uiail law.
Hon. Wllllim P. Cutler, ex-Congreiman,
and for three tirms a meinberof the Ohio
Legislature, died at hi boms in Marietta
on the llth.
Dh:k Dowell, alias Sheldon, under sentence
of death for murder, who esc pod from
jail at Weston, W.Va in 1873, was captured
recently near Grand Forks, D. T., and ha
been identified.
Tbe steamship Pirn to, Capt J. W. Gra
ham, arrlre l ut Baltimore on tbe 12th, bv
Inffoabosnl a shipwrecked crew of four
men of the sebnonor ltlchard W. Denhsro,
of Bath. Me. The Dnnliam was dismasted
and leaking and wa set on lira whoa
Tbe report recently telegraphed from Id.
dlanapoHs to the effect that Pamuel W.
Myers, manager of th i brunch of th A.
Booth Packing Company of that city, was a
defaulter to the amount of 110,000, la de
nied. .
Oa the nigbtof the llth tie room of the
Horrut Tailoring Company at Detroit, Mich.,
were burelarlsod of (kOods to tb amount of
A mysterious and fatal disease. In some
respect resembling scarlet fever, haa
broke out near Lincoln, III. Horn doien
ease hav been reported, all proving fatal,
Tbe disease usually runs its course wltbtn
thirty-six hours, and so fur has been con
fined to children. r
Trnnk Rlngo, a well-known boll player,
sutcklej at Kansa City, Mo., oo lb IUtb by
taking morphia.
The most remarkable leap on record wa
marie oa tbd V.tb by Mereilitb MUnley, a
well-know athlete and bridge jumper of
Cincinnati. It wa from the famous high
bridge on tho Cincinnati Bonthern road over
the Kentucky river. The height Is 28J feet.
He selected a place where the water was
twelve feet deep, and attired in silk tight
and slippers, leaped into the air and,
doubling up bt bedy like a ball, foil to the
wator, A moment later he came to the sur
face, wheu be was qulokly seized by as
sistant in a boat, Ha escaped without
breaking the skin and the next day claimed
to feel as well as ever.
The trial at Geneva, 111., of Broderlck and
Uoddlng, charged with conspiracy to injur
the property of the Chicago, Turlington &
Quiucy Railroad Company with dynamite,
wa concluded on tbe 13th, tbe jury return
Inn a verdict of guilty. Broderick's punish.
ment was fixed av one yeor lu the peniten
tiary ana uoautng wa liuod tM.
John Jackson, president of the Bt. Louis
Grain Elevator Company, suicided by hang
ing himself In the office of tbe company oq
the night of tbe lutb. No motive for the
deed la known. ' ,
At Chicago on the 13th, while Mrs. Ed
ward Gallery wo attempting to take a
loaded revolver from her eleven-year-old
boy, with which he was playing, the weapon
wa discharged, tbe bullet entering the
boys brain, causing lnstubt death.
Mayor-elect Goorge U. Thomas, of Col
orado, Springs, Col., was found dead In bis
barn on tbe tilth with a bullet-bol through
his bead. He sulddod because of heavy
losses on May whoat.
Governor Foraker, of Ohio, has issued a
proclamation designating Friday, April 36,
as Arbor Day, calling on all these interested
to devote it to tree planting, and urging that
It be made a general holiday In Ohio.
Three business houses, fifteen dwellings,
the school liouce and a bridge t Milford,
Ky were denlroyod by fire on tbe 14th.
Los about (40,0(10. .
' A syndicate of rai'tlaH&U from New York,
New Orleans Memphis and Atlanta, have
consummated the purchase nf (Ki.000 acre of
land In Si qimch -e Valley, about thirty mile
from Chatuiniioga, adjoining the city of
South Pittsburgh, Tcnn. Tbe price for tho
proporty, which control coal, Iron and tlm
b r land, was $510,000. ...
President II. H. Hickman, of tbe Southern
Manufacturers' Association, ha Issued a
call for a meeting of all Southern manufac
turer In Acjustiu Oa., May 1, to discu
matters of general Interest to mnnufao
turcr. '
The Balloon Society of Ureat Britain has
beat owe J a gold medal upon Mr. Williams,
of Cincinnati, wno ha given numerous ex
hibitions In England of bis skill In tbe use
of the piruchute lu descending from a
balloon, . . .
An explosion In the Erin pit at Castrop,
Australia, recently, klllo.1 twenty-five per
sons. The committee which has been Investiga
ting M. Pasteur's method of exterminating
rabbits from Au-.1r.ilia, reiiorta that the rub
bits inoculutcd with the virus of chicken
cholera die, but tbe disease was not com
monlcatod from one to another.
Reports were circulated In Europe on the
llth that an attempt had boon made upon
the llfo of the ('ear. and that he had been
Injured by a bursting shell, l.usslon au
thorities are .aid to have don all In their
power to prevent the fact becoming known.
Advices from the Hawaiian Islands state
that the bark C. D. Bryant was seu-od by tbe
nawailan government at Honolulu, March
S3, for smuggling. Blxty tins of opium
wrro found on tne bark by tb: customs
Five thousand three- hundred emigrants
sailed frorft Bremen and Hamburg on the
12th for New York.
Sir Charles Riso'.l closed his speech for
the defonss In the ParaJJy jrlal on the
12lh and ths commlsslo4ilrad until
the Both Inst. . ;. ...
Two tbonsaud emlg"t:.t4lef; Liverpool on
tbe Hth for America m iking a total of 12.-
400 who have sailed from that place during
the past week.
A serious cenfltet baa broken out between
tho blacks and Portugese In Domerara. The
shops of the Portugi s. who are tbe princi
pal tradesmen, have been sucked, entailing
an estimated loss of tlOO.OUO. -
Tbe Court of (Juocn's Bench have decided
that women are not eligible to membership
In the London County Council. The election
of Lady Sandhurst Is therefor declared
void. .
Ovr.n tine hundred old soldier have ar
rived at Wichita, Kan., from Pcnuaylvouia,
Maryland and West Virginia to join tbe old
soldiers' Oklahoma colony. The colony is
la charge of Captain Hall and will locate
soar King Flsber.
Tub largest natural ga well ever struck
wa by tbe Philadelphia Company, near
Belle Vernon, Pa, on the 15th. It Is run.
ning off 40,000,000 foot a day, th pressure
being S09 pounds to tbe iucu.
P. F. Lorxwoon, a wealthy real -estate
dealer, committed suicide on hi cemetery
lot at Minneapolis, Minn., on tbe 15Uu He
was insane.
Tea stable of James Miller, a colored
hackmnn. at Louisville. Ky., two horsoa, a
carriage and but colored driver, sleeping on
the second floor, wore burned on tbe 15th.
Miller, a toon a he discovered tbe fire,
rushed Into the burnlnc building to save bis
borso. but was overcome by smoke and
also lost bis life. . '
The workmen it tbe salt shaft at King
man, Kan., struck rock salt on the 15th at
a dopth of 675 feet Tbe salt la as clear a
glas and seems to be absolutely pure. It
is tbe only rock salt mine west of New
Cbaxlcs F. Hitch, president of tbe WU
consln, Minnesota ft Pacific railroad, com
mitted suicide in his oftlce st Minneapolis,
Minn., oa tbe 1Mb, by shooting himself In
the mouth with a revolver. The suicide Is
well nigh Inexplicable, as Mr. Hatch's busi
ness and domestic relations were of tho hap
piest, r
Ioxatz Rkinitz, tbe swindling merchant
wbo defrauded tbe tobacco trade and tba
Commercial National Bank some months
ago to the extent of 150,000, wa locked op
at police headiu arters In New York on the
16lb, ,i
Au.ts C. CHfmiinL, a prominent Re
publican politician and - extensive glove
manufacturer, died at Gloverarllle, N. YH
on tb 1Mb, aged slaty-five years. ,
Ho. Cai.ir Booor-so, one of tbe best
known lawyers In the two Virginias, died In
Parkersburg, W. Va., oa tbe 15th, aged
GxKRasL Ciurlm K. OjiAuiM, ex-surveyor
nd ex-natal officer of the port of
New York, died at Lokewood, N. J., on the
lSlb, HI disease was pneumonia. '
Tax suit to lest the constitutionality of
toe act of tbe late- Indiana Legislator
authorizing a loan of ;ix.ooi) wa decided
oath 1Mb In the Circuit Court at Indian
epolie, Judge Uowlaud, In a brief opinion,
held that tbe law wu unconstitutional. Tbe
cae will be taken at once to the Supreme
Court. .
Fire in a block In New York on the 18th
Whoret James Gordon Bonnett and other
wealthy men keep bachelor quarter wbea
In the city, did no serlou damage hot sev
eral Inmntes narrowly escuped suffocation.
In the case of William H. Robertson, cot
leotor of th port of Now York, plaintiff In
error, vs. Louis A. Halamon and Charle
Balamin, th UnltMl States Supreme Court
on the 15th decided that bean weredutlabl
at ten per ceiil. ns VPifetablo. , i. .
Recommended by the highest medical
and chemical authorities, who testify to
lis aliwilule purity, wholrHOineni-H and
wonderful strength. Every can 'uunran-li-d
to do the work of any other bsktini
powdol- cosllni twice as much. Kverv
rau KimrnnleiKl tn cive sutlKfuctlou, or
purchiiw money nfi'iidiHl.
1 lb. Can. SOtM fi lit., IOt.i 4 !., ne.
H your dmler ilm not kwp Prown. ito col
K-l lltui peniUil.le you ;o 'iltv woiiim older he
elalnm to lu-Jii-l v ';oou, 1 1.1 ui hie: hm.IiI'.v-s
JouV tfVtllm;
'V'GTEUM L'HOW.N li::il.-(l POVDEK.
Bi1vaftnM rl ''Mllisl'"n.,
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ption. Large bottles 50 cents and (1.
Foolish People
Allow a cough t ru until it get beyond
tbe reach of medicine. They say, '-Oh, it
will wear away," but in most cases it
wears them away. Could they be In
duced to try the successful medicine
called Kemp's Balsam, wbicb is sold on a
positive guorantee to cure, they would
Immediately see the excellent effect after
taking tbe first dote. Price 50c and $1.00.
Trial size free. At all druggists.
William Laird.
William I.alrrl. a well knnu-n ilrtiir.
gist of Springfield, Oregon, writes'
follows: "My stock ol Van Wert'
Cnnoh Ralsstn onlpred from van a short
time tgo It almost exhausted and I am
IICSCU W ll'-iO IHCI. llllll II UBS Klv
en universal satisfaction. I have never
had a single bottle returned. The
medicine is a boon to mankind." Trial
size free. K W, Adams the Leading
A Sensible Man
Would use Kemp' Balsam lor the
Throat and Lungs. It Is curing more cases
Of coughs, colds, asthma,bronchitis,croup,
and aUtbroat and lung troubles than any
other medicine. The proprietor has auth
orized any druggist to give you a sample
bottle free to convince you of the merit ol
this great remedy. Large bottles 50c
and $1.
Interested People.
Advertising a- patent mediolns tlii pe
culiar way In which Kemp's Balsam, for
Coughs and Colds does, it is Indeed wooo
derlul. lieauthortr.es ' diugglst t
give those who call for It, a sample bottl
Iree, that they may try it before pnrchas
log.- Tbe large bottles are SO cents and
one dollar. We certainly would advise a
trial. It may save you from consumption
Savri tub Vau k or a Fahh Seller
Cough Syrup hat attained a reputation al
mosteqnal toBelleri' Pills, and more could
hardly be said of any other medicine. Tbe
syrup should be kept in every family
where there are children, and grownup
people find Ha mutt valuable medicine
forcotighs, colds, hoarseness, and throat
and lung diseases. -Tbe pill are such a
standard remedy in tome part of tbecoun.
try tbst a family never thinks of doing
without them. Bald n old grntlemtnln
Eslern Maryisnu, Why I havertlsed my
family on Seller' Pills, tnd J consider
them almost as essential to a 'family at
bread. In tbe last thirty yesit lliey have
taved me enough. In doctor bills, tepay
for a farm. Cincinnati Times Star. .
We still hold the
Front Bank
r , -
In furnishing fretlfirnt cluss
and Tobacco.
Fresh Boasted Cofee
By an experienced
hand, always on hand.
Prompt deliveries made
to tho remotest part of
the corporation.
Very Respectfully, '
rv ::,
CM . -' ' - "v. -'..-"-.'. .. ji VK
fTTi f. JL- S-S3k. W' T v. . A V. .
Dr. C. H. MacFarland's
Great Medical Dis
Thlt Mrl!ctn' will mrt Chronic uA Infltmnittirf
lUiDmktlwni. Nrursjl'4. Chronic MvJti 1t(m -pi,
T-lrfc Hftylairbe ud cUl dlMaMi of tti Llvar ud
Kldnryg. Aim will cartj C-urrti, StrofuU, Hit
Ithrara, nod tj um Uiit r esuard from 11 pur
blood. IiIiom ol Un lt Hlootl inel Liver n-me
Air known. H parvlrt the ttkiod, er.lt b-vlthy
aVifoo of Uir liver tod kldnrjr-. Hccn", it erawllrsitpi
thie dlMitvi from the iyvtom. Tboan .wfferlnf
wttti thfe try ft Imi of thlt irrrtt mMtral
dlacorcry, nd b eoofIicd of lu nicrlu, Kvrrjr
voi nvAnirra vo mrn wtiaivciMrn, or wvurj rr
fundd. Fifty dMtrtiiifnt In mvchboi. Mee ft
pr boi, or u buACf for $ Be nure yon get Un
Bold only la WcUlagon, by Dr. J
W. Honghtoxt.
thoslitsnf OBitd-lrp. thyrsa orrt.r dlrert frost
Dr. C. H M.c'srlus. Otxrlln, O. Tbl I iImi-a.
brsld mrdlrln. dr-llrrrnd to tbrtltlicunf Wrlllu
too Istl Kbruirjr snt btieufurc only bars oi4 by
A thoroughly Ivatnl and wholnnme pseparuiiia
for amstlng fermsntaUosi, enabUng one to hitv.
rich, spark ifn older the yar arouoj. Hss bm tm
tb oisiit six ynars, and I Uxlursnl br Uiuub
ands who Iists uswl It. Itthoroufhlrclarlnss.sod
tm parts do forriKa UU. Put up ia bm duiita
ed for W and t0all. packairn, retalltnxu STiand
CO eta. Sold by dealer, or sral by niall oa receipt
Ofprlo. INMAJ B80T raaaitsoUTt, At its, OV
Sold by P. D. Felt. '
D Tasur Owi ljrlBar( at Boos. '
Th r ill dvs vsTTthtnf. Tbsyussoldsmy.
whara. Frt loo. s paeksg. Thtyhsranoaqusl .
for tttranuMi, HnahtDsas, Aasoont la fmcMuf '
or for k'urtn- .if ViAnt. or noH.fs.lluf QusllUM,
Xkf JoiHiimiH: eWs. rorsslsbr
E, W AdamsalsoF.D. Felt s
rMsks Iivttv CoaiDtnxInn. Is a
rI'leuJidl Tonie, aji'l eur Koiln, Plnip-
kirs, ecrotul. nrrewriai ana sn rioodi
rxiM by your UrurxltL C
rSeJIcrs Medicine Co Pitttburgti.Pil
Meflicine intlie Vorlfl.
Ctyeats.and Trade Mark obtained," and a
Patentbuslneas conducted for Moderate Fee
Ouromc Is opposite U. d. Patent 0m5e. wl
have noaub-avHiinlna. all hi,.iiu..,ii... i.
can transact patent bust ueas In less time and
ton .omuwiruui nasuing
tlo'"IW.aL'12J,.'".?r wili! a"""
iV: Ijirfea not due till patent I seoured
A book. "How to Obtain Patents," with rel
c. a. snow & co.f :
" Opposite Pateat Office. Washington, D.O.
City Market,
Is i the best place in the city
togetstrictlyNo.l Meats, .
and Sausage Fresh ' .
and Salted.
Meal alwuys clean. Attention alwaj
given. Pncecalwoj-ffalr.
Successor to
Carpenter Block. . Wellinitton. O
We are now makiug easy terms and el
ceedlngly low price; also show the flnea
stock of Pianos and Organs in tbe Stale
We are the Northern Ohio AgcnU for
Decker Bro's Pianos.
B. Dreher'e "
Kranich & Bach '
Newbv b. Evana
Worcester and Loring & Blake's
New Organs $8.00 per month.
Wrilclorfree catalogue and Information
U7 Superior St.,
im.iorvK?, sick tcradactjk
JJT TJStita TELE esircnai
raxruxo orn rr
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, P.
gjfStn srs of CoCTrrxarxiTS aide Is Ct LoalaC
If J t
lOwlMlMlMIIMtalllW. tI I
i tqmil t wit. PMiimi. um,l I
m Oolm mi, M .larta, Ut
fud An. MWta,
I liw tad ItOHib tiwmUt
Mk, Mf'HM, IH Ml 1 1
IKmlL Bold kildraciMS m vwrr Mil
Si a Ofc, my, nin i Mi '
Til sal Bn Stoew '
Fans. ! '
oh, Imiwrlw and
BiWbnsor fiacMlMo
sa fUKS Cua
Hoasn. W oftw r--vsry
buf sitad of bvrwi
U sstot iMLpuia
fc. Mr bma braMtn .
sssk. Vow prloM, mi
II oa M7 lam
tarf osUtiM frM '
AMnm Unrtf Fw
sum, lUoli, MJch.
Oaly OoaatBie Brmfm of W.ssos , TruMmg.
Foar Hook Irao4l la M roodl.
. til a wmod.rla aarod. -Bvory
ehlU ood ad.lt aroailv ""
Srww iohuiwoi.iho f kmm wpiion.). Ul... i
r-i.iM, lt ooMoos of T)r. tVn. A. Knm
Oioad, Ux world-l.mwl HinolsllM In Mind IW
llul.1 lrM,lori-hnn.MOM.tlt-rM
IA JT. kf. ll.iJ.ln. h.ll..liloroUi. i
$ t
4 . .
Il.ns. tV. W ior,7.Jilllonf Jodoal.
BrnJooilo.od'Oi-rVpol lffm.bf
t ro(TA7XOlik.TTlii 941 rmh A v., X. V.

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